you guys cheer me up

Ok so my birthday ended up a little bit not as great as I’d hoped due to most of my school friends forgetting about it and my little sister feeling the need to disrupt the family time by being rude, pointing out all my acne, telling me i’m obnoxious cause I’m too loud and too feminist, and storming away before I could even open her present… So maybe could you guys send me some casual asks to help cheer me up? I don’t want to cry myself to sleep on my birthday lol. Thanks for being so nice today. 

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Hey, maybe someone else told you something like this before(or you already did it??? I have it pictured so clear in my head) but I've been thinking about you and lacie it just struck me - you guys as paladins! Btw you are adorable and your blog always cheers me up. :)

little do you know I think about this a lot

I was halfway thru drawing this before realizing I don’t actually know if Lacy would have a gun but I’d already drawn it and I didn’t want to erase it. also I want a bow

bonus klance outfits

My Dearest Inquisitor,

It came to my attention early this morning that you were not at my side when I awoke. As your military advisor, I must inform you that this action has dealt a significant blow to morale.

Indeed, I fear that your Commander is quite beside himself. He continues to sigh and gaze at the drawbridge as if doing so will magically bring about your appearance. There have been multiple attempts to console him, but I believe his condition to be a serious one—one that will only grow worse until he can hold you in his arms again.

To ensure proper time to recover from not being able to kiss you before your departure, I have formally submitted a requisition for two full days of your time in which the two of you shall be entirely alone.

I highly recommend that you fulfill this requisition at your earliest convenience. 

Sincerely Yours,


I’m really sad so I’m gonna share some stories with you guys. So I was a manager at Papa John’s for 2 years and after you’re there for a while you recognize the regulars. You get on a name basis and you get to hear/make some really great stories. Here’s some that will hopefully cheer me and you guys up.

1. Great clips gal: She worked next door and was absolutely gorgeous. The guys at the shop always tried to score her number to no avail. When she let me exchange a pizza for a haircut we devised a scheme to get them to stop. Next time she came in we fake flirted it up and gave me her number. The boys backed off, she became a very good friend, and I was a legend in the shop.

2. Calzone Christy: ok her name wasn’t Christy but it sounds cooler like that. The friendliest woman I’d ever seen. She was a long time customer so we’d make her calzones even though they weren’t on the menu, and in return she’d bring us some stuff from the store. Candies, sodas, donuts, just random stuff. She was always so happy and funny just a big ol ray of sunshine and if the calzone guy wasn’t there she’d just order a pizza and give us treats anyway. She always made my day.

3. Hello kitty girl: this little girl and her father came in roughly once a week maybe two. Everytime the little girl demanded she gave me a hello kitty sticker. Over the months I had quite the collection saved up on a label in my wallet. One day just the dad came in and gave me another sticker, explaining that she wouldn’t let him leave without it so he could give it to the ‘pizza lady’

4. Tee shirt girl: Her mom worked at the copy place a couple stores down and the girl would hang out there with her mom after school. Shed come in a couple times a week and always order a small half pepperoni pizza. One day she looked sad and I wanted to cheer her up. Noticing her killer tmnt shirt I drew Donatello on the box. The next week she came in with an elephant t shirt and explained how much she loved the drawing and she wanted me to draw an elephant next. I obliged. Every time she came in she requested a drawing of whatever was on her shirt. Anything from flowers to dinosaurs. After a few weeks her mom came in with her to show me a picture of her bedroom wall with 6 or 7 of the pizza box halves hanging up.

That’s all for now kiddos. Keep you’re chins up. There are so many great things in the world and I promise even the little things makes the bad stuff hurt a lot less.


Thank you a lot for supporting me and like my works;D

 200 is really really a little start, but you guys cheer me up and give me the power to draw, create and show people what i’ve done ( I admit that i’m such a girl who needs appreciation from others to be confident ⊙◇⊙ )

Enjoy and have a nice day~

Wow, so many kind words! Thank you so much everyone, this means a lot to me ;w;

The past weeks were really bad and stress overflew me, but now I’m feeling much better, sorry if I made you all worried. You guys are awesome, thank you for cheering me up ^^

i was tagged by @goodnightjohnny and hi!! thank you???? 💙💙

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favorite season: autumn

favorite book series: damn,,,i love a lot of books but probably the crucible by davir r george iii or pratchett’s wee free men series

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favorite scent: eucalyptus, mint, and lumber

favorite color: white, grey, silver

favorite animal: love cats and reptiles, esp snakes

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: green tea and black coffee

average sleep hours: depends, usually around 6

cat or dog person?: both

favourite fictional characters: god there are so many,,,but you can bet i’m a fucking sucker for tall, dark, and sad. current ones that come to mind include tony stark, alexander lightwood, spock, nick miller, joyce byers, dorian pavus, bellamy blake, credence barebone, moana, alexandria

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The sound of the summer rain that began to fall, and the sound  of stepping on fallen leaves,  it was you who were listening to it besides me.
I never crave the affection of a guy sexually. I just want you to make me laugh and cheer me up. I don’t want you to kiss me or say you love me. Tease me and laugh at me. Just be my friend and make my fucking day.
—  Classy
The Day Trump Won

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I may or may have not rewatched the portal musical remount twice this past week ahahah.... really, it does actually cheer me up during bad day. <3 Thank you for everything you guys do!

It cheers me up too! <3 Thanks for the kind words!

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