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New trend: start sending Kayla anonymous love because we love her

Just got done reading hundreds of messages and now I can’t stop crying. 

Over the weekend I was terrified to even open my ask box for fear of what might be in it, but today I was reminded that I’m apart of one of the greatest communities on the Internet and that I have a ton of incredible, loyal people following me. Words can’t even describe how much I appreciate you guys. I really don’t deserve this much love, but I am so very grateful for it. Thank you.

So yeah, I’m back.

Fixing the Broken (Part 1 )

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New fic, probably a long one. Let me know what you think by stopping by my ask box! I am an absolute mess rn so ignore if there are any mistakes, enjoy.

Summary: Lance and Y/N are going through a divorce, but can their son change the route of the future?

Lance Tucker x Fem!Reader (I’m still working on gender neutral writing guys,give me time)

You were outside the entrance of the kindergarten, waiting for your 5 year old little boy to come out. It had been a busy day at work and you were ready to forget everything and spend time with your little one. Life was no easy, especially now that your soon to be ex husband had moved to his friends’ place.  He always made sure to spend time with James, your son, but he avoided you. It wasn’t that you ended your relationship with a fight, it was just an awkward and uncomfortable tension.

You heard the bell go and kids starting to run out of the school. Your lips twisted into a smile when you saw James walking slowly towards you with his backpack bigger than himself.

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Got7 as things me and my friends say
  • Jackson: "I'm 14-a-lingual"
  • BamBam: "okay I'm not basic but-" *flips water bottle and dabs*
  • Yugyeom: "I honestly don't understand why you guys roast me all the time"
  • Mark: "Okay but people are annoying....Id rather be an antelope....They can jump high I think"
  • Jaebum: "Why are you calling me daddy"
  • yes im tiny, yes im sparkly, and yes i have a squeaky voice, so can you fuck right off and stop calling me cute
  • im a fairy, not a pixie, dont even call me that those guys are assholes
  • my fairy dust allows you to fly, but its only for a while and you constantly come back asking for another fix, what am i man, your drugdealer?
  • im your gardener to this exotic wilderness behind your house and you constantly ask how i manage to keep them all so healthy and i always say its ‘love’ but really its my bloom magic
  • people think im really badass cause i got this wingspan tattoo on my back but its just my real wings, im such a fraud i know i know
  • i accidentally walked into some weird ingrown tree house and stumbled upon a very serious looking fairy meeting, jesus fuck guys your magic looks more satanic than witches
  • fairies are really connected to the moon apparently so whenever theres a new moon you freak out and panic so bad because you think it’s gone forever and aw sweetie its gonna be okay
  • additionally, fairies are also very good friends with werewolves thanks to this fact, so dont be confused when you see a swarm of fairies riding a giant dog on a full moon
  • AND, fairy x werewolf for adorable innocence and curiosity about everything they come across together
  • i was running away from my friend and accidentally bumped into you and you crashed into the wall and diSAPPEARED IN FRONT OF ME JESUS FU—oh wait you just turned back into your tiny fairy form, okay—DONT DO THAT TO ME
  • listen, i understand you and animals are very connected and they are attracted to you, but you cant have a deer and five squirrels living with us, please put the rabbit down—no, the birds have to go too, please babe—pl—
  • say what you want but fairies party hard as shit, how the hell do they manage to drink a whole keg with their tiny little bodies omfg
Frog GC #3
  • Dex: Guys, Justine from Econ just told me that Frank Ocean makes her "pop her pussy" and I really don't know what to do.
  • Chowder: say yah, me 2 ho.
  • Nursey: shit frank ocean make my pussi pop too foh
  • Chowder: that was cait!!
  • Nursey: c why the fuck u lyin
  • Dex: She asked me if I was "hittin' that" (she was talking about Nursey.)
  • Nursey: now wait a gotdamn second
  • Dex: And I said yes.
  • Nursey: of course you did
  • Chowder: nursey!!!! i would never call a girl a ho :o
  • Nursey: deceit. stop cockblocking me dexy
  • Nursey: fake youre both fake
  • Dex: Don't pop your pussy for other guys, Nurse.
  • Nursey: i can do whatever the fuck i want, poindexter you dont own me
  • Dex: You sure act like it.
  • Nursey: now what the hell does that mean
  • Chowder: uh if im completely honest idk if ur being serious right now,,,
  • Nursey: my pussy is my property
  • Dex: As I recall, I won custody in court.
  • Chowder: thank fucking god
  • Nursey: this violates my rights
  • Dex: Pussy Property is my new name. Justine left after I said that outloud by the way.
Fanfiction Starter Sentances

All lines taken from various fanfictions

  • “Your eyes are fanfiction blue”
  • “Now, at least untie me. Wifey.”
  • “Are you okay? You look troubled.”
  • “I can understand that the last few years have been traumatic for you.”
  • “Promise I’m clean.”
  • “I like… chips.”
  • “Stop insulting my precious angel-kins!”
  • “We are all very proud of you.”
  • “And now I’m here. Eating dinner. Or breakfast.”
  • “Watch me attach swiffers to my feet and slide down the aisles!”
  • “Honestly, I’m more of a French Toast kind of gal/guy”
  • “This has been fun! My mom got hit in the head with a rock and two women are fighting over their horrible sons!”
  • “It’s a fucking Sunday.”
  • “Okay, someone’s been in the Mary Jane.”
  • “You have to wear this thing every day until the New Year.”
  • “There. Don’t you look adorkable.”
  • “I dunno, I think I look a combination of tough and sophisticated. Like I’m gonna go file my taxes but also kick a guy’s face in. I’m tough-isticated.”
  • “You. Me. Super-secret grungy rock concert.”
  • “She/he got a phone number! From a really cool girl/boy”
  • “I don’t know. I’m tired now, aren’t you all tired now?”
  • “I used the door, you idiots.”
  • “You ought to wear it to our lunch date.”
  • “So our first topic will be; ‘Who raised a better son?’”
  • “I wish I had some popcorn.”
  • “A horrible introduction for a horrible person.”
  • “Your turn; what’s your worst habit?”
  • “What’s your ideal date?”
  • “Instigating fights isn’t exactly ‘pacifistic’
  • “I’m not sure if you’ll be-leaf me, but you’ve got a little something on you.”
  • “I hate him for it! How dare he still like her!”
Happiest Place On Earth

“Hi guys!” I wave towards the small group of youtubers gathered, feeling odd as I recognize a few from having watched their videos. “Welcome to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland! I’m Y/N, I’ll be your guide for the day.” I smile at them, stopping briefly on one of them, feeling my heart skip a beat when I realize who it is. Joe Sugg.

I had been watching his videos for almost two years, and had developed a small crush on him. But now to have him here in person, I could feel myself growing flustered.

“If you any questions, feel free to ask them. But as for now, let’s just start walking the park. We can stop at any ride or in any story you guys want.”

There’s some small cheering, and a few of them pull out cameras as we begin to walk.

A few minutes later, one of them comes to walk beside me. I look up to see Caspar Lee smiling down at me.

“So, Y/N.”

“Caspar.” I reply, returning his smile.

“What would your favourite ride in the park be? My mates and I are curious.” He gestures behind us, where Joe, Jack, and Conor are walking. Joe is watching me, and I meet his eyes briefly. He offers me his signature smirk, and I look away quickly, watching the path in front of me.

“Well, what do you guys think it is?” I ask in return and Caspar’s face turns to one of contemplation.

“One second.” He replies before falling back to the other boys. I let out a soft giggle as I notice them start a discussion. We are walking into Adventureland when Caspar appears at my side once again.

“Alright. They are thinking it’s those spinning teacups.”

“You don’t think so?”

“Caspar does too! He just doesn’t want to be wrong!” Jack calls out, earning a glare from Caspar.

“Unfortunately,” I stop at the entrance to a line, turning to face the four boys. “You all got it wrong.”

“Then tell us, what’s your favourite ride?” Joe inquires, that smirk still on his face. Meeting his gaze full on, I smile sweetly.

“The first one of the day. Indiana Jones.” I gesture to the ride behind me, and there’s an excited chatter amongst the group, Joe simply lifts his eyebrows in surprise.

“That’s surprising.” He comments.

“I’m full of surprises. Now, I hope this ride isn’t too scary for you. Just let me know if you need a hand to hold.” I tease, winking at him before I spin around to lead them in through the exit. I can hear the other three boys oohing and teasing Joe, but I’m preoccupied with catching my own breath, surprised at my burst of confidence.

Following that ride, and through the rest of the day, Joe ends up spending most of his time by my side, asking me more questions; both about the park and my life. I in turn ask some of my own questions, having always been curious about the life of a youtuber.

Talking with him makes the day fly by, and before I know it, we are drawing near to the park closing.

We had all just settled in to our reserved seating for the fireworks, the final event for the night. I’m sat on the ground, and Joe shuffles over to sit next to me, leaning in close so we can talk over the noise of the growing crowd around us.

“Thanks for today.”

I turn my head to look at him, the twinkling lights reflecting in his eyes.

“You are most welcome. I hope you enjoyed exploring Disneyland.”

“Oh, I did. I’ve been here once or twice, but this time was different.”

“A good different?”

“The best.”

We sit in silence for a short while, just looking at each other.

“What are you doing tomorrow, Y/N?” Joe asks suddenly, lifting a hand to brush his hair back.

“I’m actually off, so nothing.”

“Would you like to hang out with me? And the boys.” He adds the last part on quickly, almost nervously.

I smile and nod, “That sounds like it could be fun.”

“Really?” Joe’s entire face lights up, and I can’t help but let out a small laugh.

“Yes, really.”

“Great.” He looks like he has more to say, but the first firework shoots into the sky, and we turn our attention back to the castle in front of us as more follow the first trail of light.

At some point, I feel Joe’s fingers brush against mine before he laces them together. I smile softly, keeping my eyes trained on the sky.

Disneyland truly was a magical place.


nothing can stop me from bringing this back hahahaha I GOT A JAR OF DIRK I GOT A JAR OF DIIIRK!!! Ok! now that i have that out of my system, i made my own version of a jar of dirk! it has a lot of ikimaru‘s dirk designs and a few canon ones, even ask-oppositestuck‘s dirk. I really hope you guys like it :)

so like. i just wanna clear one thing up

cause i keep getting asks about it

yes. i have a boyfriend. no, i’m not going to give “juicy details”.

i would very much appreciate if people would let me choose which parts of my personal life i am willing to expose to the public. i dont know why this sort of thing is something that everyone has to know about.

the most i will say, because i’m getting a little tired of people making their own unfair and frankly slanderous assumptions about my situation, is

my boyfriend i are in a polyamorous relationship. and we’re still trying to find someone to fill our relationship circle.

now please, PLEASE stop asking me about it. i make a very very strong (and wise) effort not to share too much of my personal life online, and i really hope you guys can respect this. i will not say anything more.

thank you.


A week later, you opened the door to the house as Seokjung stood there nervously.

Hey, how are you? You asked and Seokjung looked around.

If this is prison, I can see why Jin likes it. He chuckled and walked into the mansion. Oh my, this entire place is theirs? He asked in awe and you shook your head.

Oh, no. It’s the government’s. You said but Seokjung laughed a little harder.

No, I know that, it’s just seven guys stay here? Now that is crazy. He mentioned and you nodded.

Let me go get Jin. You said and Seokjung stopped you.

I need a moment. He said and you looked over your shoulder at him. Do I look alright? He flattened his tie and you smiled.

Of course. Seokjung oppa, Jin is just as nervous to speak to you. You tried to calm the older brother down, but he still seemed nervous.

Hyung? You heard Jin’s voice cut through the empty room and Seokjung smiled. Jin walked up to his older brother with a wide smile on his face. The two embraced and Seokjung looked at you from his brother’s shoulder. Wording a simple thank you. You nodded and walked away from the two. Something in your heart fluttered to know that the two of them still loved each other after all of these years. As you went on with your day, you could hear the two of them laughing and recounting various stories.

Before long, it turned to night and you heard Jin saying his goodbyes to his brother.

Hyung, you must visit more! He exclaimed enthusiastically and Seokjung smiled.

Of course, but you have to cook. I want that stir fry dish you used to make when we were kids. He mentioned and Jin looked at him, his smile reaching his eyes.

You remember that? He asked and Seokjung chuckled.

Remember it? I crave it every Friday! He poked his brother and Jin hugged him once more before the two parted ways. You snuck your way back into your office and before you could sit down at your desk, you heard the door open. Without warning, Jin grabbed your arm and turned you around. You felt his lips against yours and your mind went into a frenzy. Breaking the kiss, he looked at you with the most loving gaze.

I want to make myself better and your one of the main reasons for that. He said before adding. But that’s just a taste, first I got to get out of here before we continue this any further. You laughed as he skipped out of your office as if he was on cloud nine. Touching your lips, you groaned and hoped for time to go quickly so he could get out of there sooner.  

An Encounter Pt 3

My husband had reserved a room at the hotel “just in case” something happened. We had said if I wasn’t comfortable just give him a sign. I guess I didn’t give a sign. We’re in the elevator and I’m a bit tipsy and worked up when the guy asks if he can kiss me again. My husband agrees and he looks me in the eyes and asks “would you mind”? I’m not sure I spoke before he pressed his lips on mine. Wow! My head is spinning. He doesn’t stop until the doors open. Both men take my hands and walk me to the room. Once inside he kisses me again and his hands grab my ass. Now, I have not had sex with another man since We were married. That’s many years. This was crazy. This was happening! He started to take my clothes off and I simply let him. I knew I was safe. My husband was here. I got a bit brave and unbuckled his pants. I admit I wanted to see it. But before I could he turned me around and put his hands in my panties. I know I was wet. This guy was gorgeous. I was able to put my hand on his crotch and it felt huge!! I turned towards him and reached in his pants. He slid his pants down and I nearly fainted. I’m fascinated by big cocks but I’ve never had one like this. I just stroked it while he kissed me. It’s like I couldn’t let go. Then he lifted me up and sat me on the bed. The monster cock was right in my face. I grabbed it and put it in my mouth. It was go time for this girl.


Going from “I want to draw them in school uniforms” to “why did my brain think this was a good idea”.

I blame @ocean-kun for this–look at what you made me do I couldn’t stop thinking about Frisk in seifuku–

Okay now I can go crash :D

EDIT: Also here’s the sketch because for some reason I really like it haha–

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Girl. Sooooo, I followed advice from suger baby tumblrs (I tried to, at least) and made sure that a POT I've been talking to felt "wanted" and "desired." So when he asked me if I wanted photos, " replied, "Sure, if you're comfortable with that". Now, he's emailing me dick pics and I'm just so not turned on by it at all. What should I do? Tell him to stop? Ignore it? Ugh please help me I'm stupid.

Askfjskjsha girl that is the worst. When a guy asks me if he can send a pic I either say he can if he pays for some of my nudes, or if he’s super desperate I literally say he can send some if he sends money too. Honestly, now that you’ve said he can send some, I’m not really sure how you can tell him to stop without hurting his feelings. If I was you, I would just send a quick “😍” or whatever when he sends a pic and move on with your day.

Prayer Request Please :(

A couple months ago my dad and I found my brothers stash of marijuana. I thought he had stopped since my dad told him to respect his house and the talk, but today my dad told me he’s using it again, and has been, that he never stopped and it breaks my heart because i know what marijuana can do to someone in the long run. Ive seen it first hand and i can’t believe he’s doing this to all of us, to himself more than anything. I know God will heal him. I have faith!! But i also know that prayer has power! He use to go to mass with me, and now never wants to he has completely stopped going to church i always ask but he always says he’s busy or he doesn’t want to. So i kindly ask that you keep him in your prayers please & thank you. & God bless you guys always. 

Bucky x Reader (Night Owls) *Part 1*

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Summary:(I’m sorry I’m really bad at summaries.) You can never sleep. The nightmares were always too much for you. So one night, you decide to go around and stop at your grocery store for a reason you did not know. But what (or who) you find, will change your life forever.

Word Count: 1,032

A/N: Hey guys! Its been so long since I posted something new! I’m just dealing with a lot of stuff in my personal life right now. But I hope you enjoy it and message or ask me if you want to be tagged in future parts! 


You woke up, tossing and turning in your bed. Your sheets completely soaked with your sweat. You breathed in and out slowly, trying to regain control of your breathing again. You sat up and turned your head to face your alarm clock.


You groaned for waking up so early. You were so tired, but the nightmares you were having made you incapable of sleeping. You pulled the covers off you, twisting your body to sit on the edge of the bed. You reached down and grabbed your robe from the floor and presumed to wrap it around yourself. You made your day way to the bathroom down the hall. You made an effort not to make any noise, for you didn’t want to make your neighbors in the apartment below yours angry. You splashed cold water onto your face, and dried it with a towel. You grimaced at your reflection in the mirror. You looked horrible, you felt horrible. The dark circles under your eyes seemed to grow bigger and darker. You slapped on some makeup, trying to cover them up, but they still showed through. After a couple more minutes in the bathroom, you walked towards your closet to grab some clothes. On nights similar to this one, you liked to get up, get dressed and cruise around in your car. You’d turn the radio up as loud as it would go and just scream, not caring who heard you. You grabbed your keys and gently closed the apartment door behind you. You snuggled into your jacket until you reached your car. You turned the key, roll your eyes when the car did not start. You turned it once more, sighing in relief when you heard the sound of the car rumble. You drove down the vacant street, your headlights being the only thing to light up the starless night. You turned on the radio, raising the volume at a gradual pace. You sometimes wished you could get away from it all. From life, from what you were feeling deep inside. But it wasn’t possible. You felt alone. All of a sudden your stomach started to growl, causing you to wrap your arm around yourself. You hadn’t eaten that much that day or before you went to bed, so you could understand why you were hungry now. You hadn’t been driving for a while, when you spotted some sort of grocery store on the side of the road. You were surprised it was open so late, but you turned your car around and drove into the parking lot. Slamming the door quick, you hustled into the empty store hoping to avoid the cold as much as you could. You smiled at the rush of the store’s heat. You looked around the store, to see it was nearly empty. The only person you saw was the obviously tired cashier behind the register.

Can I help you with something?“ The cashier yawned.

Oh,” you stuttered. “No, it’s fine. But thanks for asking.” The cashier nodded, going back to what she was doing. You walked from aisle to aisle, looking through the shelves for any food you might have been in the mood for. But no matter how hard you looked though, there was never anything you’d want to eat. You’d just put stuff in your cart and they would sit and spoil at your home. Something caught your eye, but it crossed to the other aisle before you could get a better look. The wheels over your cart squeaked as you turn from one aisle to the next, looking for what you thought you saw. After searching and failing, you decided to just go back to your grocery shopping. You took a box of cheerios down from the top shelf and looked at it. You never liked cheerios when you were little, but know they were one of your favorite things to snack on. You looked around to see if anyone was looking, until you realized it was almost three in the morning and no one was here. You opened the cereal box, and scooped out a couple cheerios, cramming them into your mouth.

“Aren’t you supposed to buy those first?” You heard a man’s voice behind you. You turned swiftly to face him, still crunching on some of the cheerios in your mouth.

You swallowed hard, “I- I was gonna pay for them.”

You heard him chuckle, “Alright, I believe you.” He started to walk towards you making you a little nervous, until you caught sight of his eyes. They were so blue. So mysterious. They were the only things you could look at. Suddenly you realized he was now only a foot away from you. You saw that his lips were moving but heard no words coming out.

You shook your head back to reality, “I um- I’m sorry. What?”

“I said,” he smiled. “My names Bucky. And who might you be, besides beautiful of course.” He sent you a wink, causing to grow weak in the knees.

Heat started to grow at your cheeks “I’m (y/f/n).”

“And what brings you to the store so late at night?” He grinned, taking a peek at his watch.

“I’m sort of a night owl I guess.”

“Same here.” He couldn’t stop smiling at you, making you blush even harder. You raised an eyebrow at his saddened expression when you looked to his phone.

“I’m sorry, I have to be going. But-”

“But what?” You asked.

“Would you liked to meet me back here tomorrow night. Same time?”

“Like a date?” You giggled, surprised at what he just asked you.

“Yeah,” he spoke softly. “Like a date.”

You bit your lip with anticipation, still gazing into his beautiful blue eyes. “Okay, I’d like that.”

“Great.” He replied. He looked to his right at the exit of the store. “I’m sorry but I really have to go. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He nodded, then rushed to the door of the grocery store.

“Okay!” You called after him. “Bye Bucky!”

“Goodnight doll!” You laughed at the nickname he had already given you.

You looked down at the cheerio box. “Bucky,” you smiled big. “Can’t wait.”

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April fools

Ok guys. With April fools just around the corner, there’s some things I’d like to ask of you.

As someone who suffers from anxiety/panic disorders and ptsd, I’m begging you guys not to send/post screamers. They can trigger panic attacks. Like… bad ones.

Also for anyone who follows me and I am also following back; I have a heart condition. I have an irregular heartbeat and sometimes under stress or if I’m startled it can stop for 2-5 seconds. Now I haven’t gone into full cardiac arrest before but the doctors say that’s still a possibility.

So please just don’t. For everyone’s emotional state and health, just don’t. It’s not ok. It’s not funny. Please guys

Today in Spanish class

Some of the boys who hang out in the back of the class were Fucking around and being loud like usual. At one point the boys got on the subject of sex. One of them said something about facials. Then a girl asked what a facial was and some boys snickered and laughed and some boys said look it up. But the girl said “why can’t you just tell me now”

A boy who also sits in the back of the class but he’s really quiet and pays attention and he’s does his work , stopped what he was doing and just straight out said “it’s when a guy comes on a girls face” with a straight face. just like that. Unfazed. He didn’t laugh or smile just flat out like he was answering any other question.

Weird meeting/failed first impression
  • “I know you’re looking at me through the window cause I’ve been looking too.”
  • “I know we don’t know each other but what do you say about throwing water or something on those guys downstairs ?”
  • “How can you come in the wrong class EVERYDAY ? Stop waving at me please people are starting to think we’re dating but I don’t even know your name…”
  • “My friends and I approached you but then all that came through your mouth were swear words. Wow your personality really doesn’t match you style.”
  • “For once you missed your bus and I’ve been meaning to talk to you for a while now. So hi there what’s your name?”
  • “You were that annoying client who kept messing up and now you forgot your things so my co-worker asked me to go after you”
  • “I heard your music because you’re sitting beside me and I MUST talk to you about it.”
  • “You thought I was being attacked one day and not only did you intervene but now you’re playing bodyguard. They were my friends you know ?”
  • “I was walking home late when you suddenly jumped in my way and scared me (/tried to). What a way to make a first impression.”
  • “I don’t know why I took an umbrella but now I’m kind of happy I did because we’re having a good time. By the way I’m sorry I hit you with it.”
  • “I’m here because I heard there was a party but for some reason it seems nobody’s there but you. Hi ?”
  • “I thought you were someone else so I came to you to say hi but then I somehow hit your head I’m so sorry !”
  • “I was in my room when you suddenly showed up at my window and started talking to me. Who the hell are you ?”