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welcome to astro-writes! here’s a little guideline handbook on what you guys can request!


  • send in a prompt for eg. “could you write a scenario/reaction of astro trying to wake you up in the morning??”
  • this applies to all members not only specific member

2. ASTRO AS _____:

  • send in a prompt simply saying for eg: “astro as brothers”
  • be creative cause i love crazy ideas!!


  • send in a prompt for eg: “preferences of astro for their honeymoon location”

4. DRABBLES (not open to askbox yet!!):

  • this is only for a specific member!!
  • send in a prompt for eg: “a drabble for date night with jinjin”

some things that i’m uncomfortable writing about are:

  • smut - as i believe astro are still very very young
  • triggering content such as abuse - i want this place to be a safe place for everyone :)


this is actually my sideblog dedicated to just ASTRO and i’m the one and only admin here so please understand if I can get slow responding to the requests sometimes >< but don’t ever think i’ll ignore you guys requests!! pardon my english mistake as well if i do make any :)

don’t hesitate to strike up a convo with me since tbh i don’t have much mutuals here on tumblr! ask me anything alrightyyyy!

-admin bel ^-^


thank you so so so much alex and dana for one of the funniest streams i’ve been to in ages and i can’t believe you guys got $25,000 in donations! 

the requests in order were: mcgucket showing disgust in bonding with the shapeshifter, stanchez, stan and ford doing the iconic titanic pose, dipper meeting morty, a sweet picture of ford huddled around with the family reading his journal, a horrifying (CANON) human bill cipher, and dipper and mabel as teens (dipper is more paranoid and has seen some shit, mabel is going through her goth phase although she’s peppy as ever)


make me choose meme

— Lavi or Allen (asked by anonymous)

— Lavi or Kanda (asked by @ranpohedogawa)


Kuroo Tetsurou Mobile Wallpapers [540x960] requested by the cuties kkeijis & koganegawa ♡

[Feel free to save and use but do not repost or claim as yours]


i remember watching this episode for the first time thinking it’d be really good because of the fact that it started with true american but then it ended with my heart being ripped out so, what’s good, new girl writers? wanna repair my heart in these upcoming episodes?


Snape with a few hairdos, the manbun, the bowl cut, all the classics. 

OTP Questions

yay 2,000 followers!!! Thanks for following you amazing lil beans, I love you so much. Oh and I’m gonna be doing these every 250 followers, instead of 500. 

1. Who laughs when the other falls over before helping them up?

2. Who is scared to tell everyone they’re dating? 

3. Which one sleeps till noon, and who gets up at the crack of dawn?

4. Who snores, and who tells the other to shut up?

5. Fuck or make love? 

6. Who goes overboard when taking care of the other? 

7. Which one makes playlist for the other, and who cries when receiving the playlist? 

8. Who points to everything and says ‘that’s you’? 

9. Who wakes up on top of the other?  

10. Fancy dates or lazy at home dates? 

BTS Reaction to their daughter bringing home their best guy friend

Anonymous requested: “Annyeong , can you do bangtan boys reacting to their teenage daughter bringing home boy best friend ( & they’re like reaaaly close ) ?”

A/N: LMAO enjoy


Jin looks at her and shoots the we-are-going-to-have-a-talk-later face whilst smiling at her best friend. It’s a bit too forced so it’s more on the creepy side and he greets Jin who is still being lowkey protective as hell.

“So, best friends?” Jin asks his daughter.

Her best friend laughs. “Yeah, for about-”

“- oh that’s wonderful.”

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Yoongi looks away from the TV for a quick second to see who it is- a new face. It just so happens to be a male as well. Her best friend greets Yoongi and he only responds with a low wave before resuming his activity. Awkwardly, they both walk around her father who doesn’t particularly care too much about him unless the dirty happens

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Hoseok freezes what he’s doing when he sees your daughter and her best guy friend walk through the door. He stiffly smiles at the both of them, “Nice to meet you… uh.”

“Oh,” he casually says and points at his daughter, “I’m her best friend.”

“That’s… nice.” Hoseok says with an awkward smile that is supposed to be welcoming

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Namjoon sets his book down and walks over to his daughter and her best friend, wondering who the new face is. “So!” He says a bit too happily, sounding a tad fake. “Welcome to my household, who are you? When did you meet my daughter? How-”

“-Dad!” She interrupts his line of questions.

Her best friend laughs, “It’s nice to meet you too Mr. Kim.”

She leads him away from her father’s deadly glare and to her room.

Namjoon mutters. “He didn’t answer any of my questions.

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Jimin was on his way outside to meet up with you until he saw his daughter open the door with an unfamiliar face. “Um, hello.” Jimin says.

Her best friend looks at him and back at her who is motioning for him to say something to her dad. “H- hello…” He says shyly.

Jimin smiles, “Welcome. I’m going to be out for two hours,” he turns back to his daughter, “I’ll be back sweetie.”

It didn’t sink in for him that he left his daughter with a friend of the opposite sex alone in his house until many moments after.

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Taehyung happily greets the two when he comes home, finding both of them on the couch playing video games. Lowkey wanting to create a distance between the two of them, he sits in the middle and grabs the controller from you. “If you can beat me, I approve.” Taehyung lowly says.

Her best friend laughs and looks at her, “Let’s hope I win.”

“Let’s not.”

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Jungkook watches the two of them from the kitchen, taking out the food from the to-go containers and setting them out nicely. He wants to do something to disrupt the mood, but another part of him is yelling for him to trust you. But his little girl… with another guy? Who she claims to be her best friend?

Jungkook would have walked all the way over if it wasn’t for you coming home at the perfect time.

“Oh, nice to see you again.” You say to her best friend.

Jungkook bites back his comment and welcomes you back instead.

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mship  asked:


THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! (I’m gonna be answering a few asks in a while)

HERE”S THE LINK TO @show-your-fandom-side ‘s Atlantis AU ( ITS SO FUCKING GOOD)

BTS Reaction To A Guy Touching You Inappropriately

Request: Can I request a bts reaction to a guy touching their gf inappropriately?

Request: I was wondering if you could do a reaction where their s/o gets cat called and the person takes it too far ? If that makes sense ? I love your writing!! -shy anon

Namjoon: “Get your hands off of her,” Namjoon forcefully grabbed the older man’s hand and pushed it back. “Don’t you dare touch another woman like that again.”

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Taehyung: “You have two seconds to leave before I break that hand of yours,” Taehyung said in a husky voice ready to launch after the guy.

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Hoseok: “You have some nerve to be doing such an inappropriate act. Does this mean I have to teach you a lesson so it can get engraved into that pathetic excuse of a brain you have?” Hoseok asked grabbing the neck of the guy.

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Jin: “Didn’t your parents teach you about manners? Maybe I can help you remember,” Jin said going closer to the man, who was already on the floor.

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Jungkook: “I’m going to have to make sure you don’t touch another woman like that every again,” Jungkook said rolling up his sleeves.

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Yoongi: “You’re going to regret doing that,” Yoongi said as he got closer to the older man,”You’re really going to fucking regret it.”

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Jimin: “You think it’s fine touching woman like that? Men like you disgust me,” Jimin balled up his fist preparing to swing.

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