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My Fan made 40k Narrative

I have held back mostly on my feelings regarding the current direction of the in game lore of Warhammer 40k, because honestly I don’t like to be that person who complains about something without having a better something to offer.

So then with that in mind, here’s the skinny. I fucking hate the current lore of 40k. To be honest I have found very very very little to my liking since about the mid point of 4th edition. And coming from a guy who has been playing since the twilight years of 3rd, but made the effort to go back and read all the lore and weird side stories and dark corners of the game from before then and since then, I can honestly say the grimdark 41st millennium is not at all very grimdark anymore.

However, I’m a fan. I think true fans (NOT FANBOYS) of something take the bad with the good. Fix, ignore or try to change the bad and enjoy the good however you can if you really like something. And I do so far very much like 8th ed rules, and I don’t think I can every fully dislike 40k. Just…wow the lore has gotten so watered down. Its gone full blown cliche sci fi, with unjustifiable PC bullshit whiting out the stuff that might be considered not commercial enough for special snowflake consumption. And all this in the name of appealing to the all coveted, mythical and powerful “Wider Audience”.

And as I am not, nor will ever be an official author or creator for official 40k lore, all I can do is create my own pocket universe for the game. And since my small group of 40k pals and I have decided to kick off 8th ed with a living campaign, I have decided to create my own 40k lore narrative. 

This fan narrative will basically discount most of what has been written in game from about the ending of 3rd ed-ish through parts of 4th. It will borrow from certain new events I feel have a real place in the 40k universe, but remade to actually be something less…ridiculous and honestly neither scary or grim.

This post is of the beginning intro (Which might still have lots of editing to go through as right now its just me working on it) for everyone’s interest. I plan on posting sections at a time as I finish the overall narrative for the major factions of the 40k universe, and then perhaps to an extent the lesser known factions of the under belly of the game. Enjoy, and keep it TRVE GRIMDARK.

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I hope this doesn't come off in a rude way because that's not my intention but, I really do not understand how it's okay for people to be pro naruhina and anti sasusaku but NOT pro sasusaku and anti naruhina. Why get hurt when hinata isn't included in an edit?? There are plenty of fanarts and things where Sakura isn't included. It's just weird you guys pretend nobody has a right to dislike your ship or character. Many people will, just focus on your own fandom.

You missed the point. Please refer here and here.

We don’t care about the actual edits. We have better things to do with our time. It’s when you’re spiteful on purpose and whine like a victim when people call you out on your shit is what pisses people off.

You can be anti-this and pro-that. But if you don’t want to be a target then stop being a hypocrite and ignorant. Also anon, care to show me edits that exclude Sakura from her family on purpose and with spiteful captions?

Oh and don’t make an edit with Naruto’s “precious people” and exclude his wife. She’s more precious to him than everyone except for his kids, who are on the same level. :)

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Thank you, friends!

Today I hit 3,000 followers. And yeah yeah, ‘shut up kam’. But honestly, I really wanted to make a video expressing how much I love you guys + this community + this game. I feel like I’m not really saying much when I simply make goofy edits/memes. Even though making weird stuff is my absolute favorite thing to do for this fandom, this game has changed me in so many awesome ways (including helping me cope with mental illness) and I really want to let you all know that as heart-to-heart as I can. I know I’m kinda awkward on camera, I can’t maintain eye contact with a shitty webcam lens (my real camera…malfunctioned) - but I’m ignoring all that. This is me, this is how Life Is Strange has made my life a whole lot better. And I just want to say thank you to all the cool nerds that have been a joy to ride with this whole time. 
Stay strange