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You woke up lying next to someone, spooning to be exact. As you turn over you notice that it’s Dave who’s holding you in his arms. You shake him a little to wake him up. When his eyelids are fully open he smiles. 

“Morning.”he says while looking at you.

“Dave what happened last night?” You asked ashamed of your situation, you have never had a one night stand and you definitely didn’t expect to have one with Dave the most popular guy on campus.

“Well y/n, I think it’s pretty obvious what happened last night.” He sits up smirking down at you.

“Yeah but why, I can’t remember anything.” You exclaimed feeling embarrassed.

“You like me, I like you. It’s really not that complicated.” He laughed.

After he stopped laughing he looked deep into your eyes. Slowly he leaned in pressing his lips on yours. The kiss was gentle and sweet at first but soon turned into a fiery and passionate make-out session. Your tongues were fighting for dominance however his soon won. Moaning into the kiss your arms found their way around his neck pulling him closer to you. However before anything could happen Dave pulled away.

“y/n as much as i want this right now, i would rather take you out on an actual date.” He said tracing his lips.

“You mean this is not a one night stand.” You asked him mildly shocked. he sighed looking down then back at you again.

“Iv’e liked you for some time now and I would really enjoy it if you would go out with me.” He said while laughing slightly nervously.

“YES, OF COURSE” You exclaimed while wrapping your arms around his neck again, while he wrapped his around your waist.

After a few minutes you both got up out of bed and went downstairs to make yourselves breakfast.

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Thank you for my friends request! She likes it :3 can you do another? TFP Breakdown and Knockout, Mtmte megatron, and tfp predaking's cybertronian s/o find an orphan sparkling and wants to keep it, the guys reactions, what their s/o do to make their spark melt at the sight, and their reaction when the sparkling says their first word.

Yay! I’m so glad she enjoyed it :)


  • Will definitely want to keep the sparkling with you and does everything in his power to protect the smol from the war.
  • He’s actually always wanted a sparkling.
  • He loves it when your rock the sparkling to sleep, and will hug you from behind and sway with you. 
  • Breakdown straight up cries when the sparkling says their first word. Doesn’t even try to hide it.

Knock Out

  • Doesn’t want the sparkling, but still wants to keep them safe. You’re mostly responsible for the baby.
  • Regular check-ups. All the time. Also, he hates giving little baby shots. It kills him.
  • He likes to see his you play with the sparkling, so he can pretend- if just for a moment- that there is no war.
  • When the sparkling says their first word he’s internally squealing. On the outside he just smiles warmly.


  • You really want to keep the sparkling, so he let’s you. Only for you, love.
  • He becomes attached to them, like he knew he would. Soon the baby is like his very own flesh and blood metal and energon.
  • He hides you and the sparkling from Megatron. He is extremely protective, and is already making a plan to escape the Nemesis.
  • At night he wraps both you and the sparkling up in his wings while you recharge, guarding you all night long.
  • He is the proudest papa when the baby says their first words. That’s his little warrior. They will grow up to be strong and intelligent, just like their parents.

MTMTE Megatron

  • Is overcome with emotion when he sees the sparkling. He wants so badly to keep them, but he’s scared of hurting them. For a long time he doesn’t hold them.
  • Finally, you convince him that it will be fine. He’s oh-so-gentle and loving as he cradles the child. He gazes at them for a long time, optics misty.
  • He thinks it’s the most precious thing when you play peek-a-boo with the baby. It brightens his day 100%
  • When he hears the sparkling say “Meh-meh”- trying to say “Meg-meg” which is his name when you baby talk- he freezes. Then he laughs the most joyous laugh of his life and carries the baby around the Lost Light, getting everyone to listen to his sparkling as tears streak down his face.
Modern Au Part 3


Pups and Boom Boxes

           What did you even call a guy who you were sort of dating but not really? Cause it sure as hell isn’t boyfriend. Boyfriend is reserved for the guy who you’re sleeping with, or the guy who you let hold your hand when you’re walking around with him. Cal wasn’t that, at least not yet. We had hung out more since New Year’s, but we definitely were past the friend’s stage. So what did you call the stage between those two? We hadn’t… slept together… which meant it wasn’t friend’s with benefits, so what the hell were we?!

           I climb up the stairs to his apartment complex and buzz his room. He picks up a few buzzes later, and breathlessly says, “Get up here as fast as you can, I need your help with something.”

           With a sigh, I yank open the door and then head inside, pulling off my hat and undoing my scarf. Whatever he had done now, I didn’t really want to know. I had come over to have coffee and a serious talk about our relationship.

           As I walk down the hallway toward his apartment, I hear something crash and then him letting out a string of curses. At that, I break into a sprint, thinking somethings happened and he’s hurt. I throw open the door and am greeted by a bunch of mud on the floor, and all over the walls near the baseboards. I raise my brow and then shut the door before calling, “Cal? What the hell-“

           Before I can finish a small object comes sprinting out of the living room and leaps at me. I let out a shriek of surprise and back against the door as a tiny puppy jumps at my feet, and tries to gnaw on my boots. It barks happily and then grabs one of my shoelace and yanks, completely undoing my boot.

           “HEY!” I shout at it, and it freezes for a moment, looking at me with wide surprised eyes. Then Cal comes around the corner, covered in mud. I glance at him in surprise and the pup barks happily and then takes off for him. He smiles wickedly and then says, “Now I’ve got you.”

           It sprints between his legs though and continues through the apartment barking its head off. I stay pressed against the door and whisper, “Why is there a dog in your apartment?”

           Cal pushes his hair out of his face and then sighing, he looks at the disaster that is his hallway and says, “It was sitting in a box in the middle of the park. It’s the runt of the litter or something, cause some asshole just left it there with a sign that said to take it.”

           “SO YOU TOOK IT? Cal, you can’t even manage your own life let own a dog!” I cry as it comes barreling in from the bathroom with one of his shoes in its mouth. Cal let out a groan and then takes off after it, completely ignoring my comment. I follow him more slowly and see him cornering the dog in the living room. It growls playfully, with its butt up in the air and its tail wagging dramatically. Cal crouches down then and grabs it. Immediately, it protested, yipping and howling.

           He shushes it and then carries it toward the bathroom. It’s only then that I notice that it’s covered in mud. Cal holds it out so that it doesn’t get mud on his shirt anymore, and then smiling at me, he says, “Do you want to help me give him a bath?”

           I purse my lips and then look the dog over. It twists its head to the side at that, and then opens its mouth so that its tongue hangs out. I shy away from it a little bit and then say, “Sure, I guess… but Cal-”

           “Great,” Cal says as he starts toward the bathroom again. I shrug off my jacket and shout at his back as he goes farther into the apartment, “But afterward we really need to talk.”

           He starts humming a song as he goes into the bathroom, and I sigh when I realize he’s ignoring that comment on purpose.

           The puppy was by far worse than a toddler in the bathtub. It cries for a solid ten minutes while Cal gets it wet, and then yips and barks while I help rub shampoo into its fur. After that, it tried to leap out of the tub, and once it succeeded, only to land in my lap soaking wet. Cal laughs the whole time though, like this is all some fun game. I grit my teeth and pretend like it doesn’t matter, he’ll get rid of it as soon as he can. Cal knew he didn’t have time to take care of a dog, besides, he really only stays in the apartment half the time anyway.

           As soon as the dog has been washed three times, Cal scoops it out of the tub and wraps it in a towel, talking to it like it’s a child. I sigh and then sit back on my heels while the tub drains. I’m soaking wet, and my hair is a mess, and honestly I was peeved that he was trying to ignore my comments about talking seriously about our relationship.

           He carries the dog out into living room and then sinks onto the couch with it, laughing as it tries to climb out of the towel to lick his face. I stand in the doorway to the living room then, at the end of my rope. I straighten my shoulders and then say, “Cal, we need to talk right now, so stop ignoring me like a two-year-old.”

           He glances at me then with a raised brow and then says, “Okay, start talking then.”

           I squeeze my hands into fists at his cavalier tone, and then inhaling slowly, I go to say what’s been on my mind but I freeze when I realize I have no idea how to talk about this. All of the speech starters I had planned seemed corny and stupid now that I thought about them. He continues to watch me though, his brow raised as he waits for me to speak. I throw my hands up then and shout, “Can you stop looking at me like that? Like you’re expecting something!”

           “You wanted to talk, I’m waiting to see what you want to talk about.” He says carefully as he continues to rub the dog dry. It lays in his lap panting and looking absolutely blissful. God dammit, even the dog was in a good mood.

           “I don’t think we should do this anymore.” I say suddenly. He stops rubbing the dog, and its ears quirk up in curiosity before its head rotates to look at Cal.

           I cross my arms defiantly, and then say, “We’re not dating, we’re not just friends, I have no idea what we are. We’ve dug ourselves a hole, and I don’t want to get stuck at the bottom of it.”

           He sits there, frozen it seems. The only thing that moves is his chest as he breaths slowly and carefully. Eventually he looks down at his lap and then says, “I didn’t realize we weren’t dating, I figured we were just taking it… slow and steady.”

           “Slow and steady? SLOW AND STEADY IS WHEN YOU’VE KNOWN SOMEONE FOR YEARS! We’ve known each other for mabye five months!”  I shout as his comment completely taking me over the edge, making the dog turn and bury its head in Cal’s stomach. He shifts the dog onto the couch and then stands up and says, “We’ve been talking and hanging out. I mean you kissed me on New Year’s and said you liked complicated!”

           “I was in the moment!” I shout back, and the dog whines at the volume of my voice. Cal looks taken aback and then stepping toward me says coolly, “And what about all those times I picked you up and we got food, or that time we sat on a park bench and talked for three hours? Was that just living in the moment?!”

           I glare at him and then say, “That was me trying to figure out what the hell you wanted!”

           “What I wanted? I wanted you to be happy! I wanted you to be give me a sign that you felt the same what that I do!”
           “Ugh!” I scream as I dig my hands into my hair and pull at it. This was a mistake; I should have just broken the connection slowly and taking myself out of his life little by little, instead of this abrupt argument. Now I would leave him on a sour note.

           “What do you want Mare? Just tell me and-“

           “I WANT YOU TO SHUT UP AND LET ME THINK!” I scream, and he freezes. In my distraction, I hadn’t seen him coming toward me slowly, his hand out stretched to touch my arm. We both look at each other for a few seconds, me with tears in my eyes, and him with a look of utter pain. I back away from him then and whisper, “I just need… I need space, and time… just… leave me alone for now.”

           He stands there dumbfound, like I just slapped him across the face. He swallows a heartbeat later though and says, “I don’t understand.”

           “I don’t know what I want, maybe I wanted the stupid eighties romance, where you pick me up the convertible after my sister’s shitty wedding, but you weren’t… I just… ugh! I honestly don’t know!” I cry as I turn and storm toward the door. He doesn’t even follow. He’s so shocked by my confession, or maybe he was trying to piece together whatever I had given him. I grab my coat and my shoes and pulling them on though. I grab my bag and then slam the door behind me for good measure when I leave.


           No one in my family asks why I came how with red eyes, and they especially didn’t ask when I slammed my door shut and didn’t come down for dinner. I had made a huge mistake. I’d realized that on the subway ride home. I shouldn’t have said those things, I should have just kept my mouth shut and tried to piece together how this whole relationship with him would work. All he had done was just try to keep me happy, and I had thrown it back in his face. Burying my face in the pillow I try to hide the next round of sobs that rise up.

           The door to my room opens, and Gisa clears her throat before saying, “I think you should look out your window.”

           I lift my head and glare at her. She simply nods to my window and then closes the door. I sniff and wipe at my nose before glancing at the pouring rain outside. Sitting up, I push my hair out of my face and then look out at the street below. My eyes shoot wide open and I throw open the window before screaming, “What the hell are you doing?!?”

           Cal smiles up at me and then shifting the boom box to his shoulder he shouts back, “You wanted eighties romance, I had to catch up on my movies before I tried this!”

           He presses play on the machine and then sits there with a shit eating grin on his face as he shouts, “I meant to find a convertible, but the weather kind of screwed up my plans to take you for a drive over the Brooklyn bridge to see the city lights!”

           I sit there for a second, completely shocked, and then I blink and realize he’s soaking wet, and sitting at his feet is the little dog, happily wagging its tail. I slam the window shut and then grab my jacket off of my desk before sprinting out of my room and through our apartment. My mother barely avoids me in the hallway, and demands to know where I’m going, but I throw myself out the front door and down the hall to the stairs. I can feel all of my family’s eyes and then, I can hear them all shouting about following me or not.

           I can barely hide my own smile as I shove the front door to our apartment complex open, and sprint out into the rain. Cal sets down the boom box just in time to catch me as I throw myself into his arms. He presses his lips to mine, and spins me around slowly. The dog barks at his feet, trying to nip at my shoes. I wrap my legs around his waist though, and push his soaking wet hair out of his face before I choke, “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I wasn’t thinking-“

           “You were right though,” he said with a smile as he wrapped his arms around my waist to keep me balanced, “Neither of us really knew what we were doing before we jumped in.”

           I wipe some of the water off his forehead, and then with a small smile, I shake my head and say, “You’re going to be the death of me.”

           He smirks again and then reaches up to press his lips against mine. I cup his face and let him, my heart rapidly pacing in my chest as we do this. Without a doubt my family was watching this, and trying to figure out what the hell I was going to tell them. I hadn’t really told them about Cal, or that I was even really seeing him.

           When we pull away from our kiss, he lets me slide down until I’m on my feet again. I keep my arms wrapped around his neck though. He smiles down at me and then pressing a kiss against my hairline he says, “If you want space, I understand. Just tell me.”

           I shake my head quickly and then say, “I was… I was just frustrated today, and I wasn’t really thinking about what I was saying. I don’t want to step away from you, or whatever the hell this mess is.”

           He laughs at that and then bending over he places his forehead against mine and whispers, “Then are you willing to place a label on this whole thing?”

           “I’m good with hot mess,” I say with a laugh. He laughs as well, and then pressing another kiss against my lips he says, “Hot mess it is then.”

PART THREE!!!!! YAAAASSSSS!!!! AAAAAANNNGGGSSSTTTT!!! I’m so sorry, but I’m also not sorry, cause I can never stay away from it. (: Anywho, part 4 will be a cute little valentine’s day thing, I’ll see when I can get that up. (:

You just know that Sirius Black was definitely that guy that would flirt with everyone and sleep w/ a different person every weekend. But he can’t be considered a modern era fuckboy because you also just know that he still treated everyone with respect and if he felt he was making anyone uncomfortable with his flirting, he would stop immediately. Finally, you just fucking know that once he found the right person, they were his entire world and no one else mattered…so really what I’m saying is you just know that once Sirius finally realized how in love he was with Remus, he went to extreme lengths to make sure that he was always happy and that he always knew how much he loved him. His days of being a flirt were long behind him the moment he told Remus how he felt because he only had eyes for his Moony

Title: Deal with the Devil

Pairing: Oswald Cobblepot x Female Reader

Summary: You want Oswald to stop asking Jim for favors, but what the Penguin asks for is completely out of line. You won’t do it. Will you?

Warnings: None I think. Just fluffiness and mild making out.

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The tea is good, you think to yourself. It’s somewhat surprising although you can’t figure out why. You just don’t have Oswald pegged down as a tea guy. Or any guy really. He’s more along the lines of… an annoying fly that you keep swatting at but it always circles around the room and comes straight back to you. Or a stray dog that follows you around hoping for a favor or a handout. You spare a look at Oswald over the rim of your teacup. His eyes are wide and bright, cheeks colored pink. Definitely more like a stray dog.

“You know,” Oswald says putting his own cup down. “When Jim Gordon’s sister called me wanting a favor, well, my curiosity peaked. What could I possibly have that you would want?”

“My brother’s balls for one thing.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“You heard me.” You put down your drink on the bar and slide your gaze from Oswald to Fish’s club. Oswald’s club now. Workers mill around like ants in an ant hive, moving tables and booths. Some are putting in new light fixtures. You have to admire how quickly Oswald’s moved. The club hasn’t even technically been his a day and already almost every single trace of Fish Mooney is gone.

“I can’t say I understand what exactly you’re getting at, friend.” Oswald drums his fingers nervously against his thighs, seemingly oblivious to the way the word ‘friend’ makes you flinch. It’s the first sign of any emotion he’s shown since mild pleasure at your arrival. Now he’s fidgety and you love it. Nervous people are easy to… persuade.

Persuasion has always been your particular gift since, unfortunately, Jim wasn’t the one to inherit the Gordon charm. That was you. You with your pretty eyes and nice smile. From a young age you learned how cranking up that charm to a twenty could get you things. Some Christmases it got you a brand new bike or a doll from your parents. There were even a couple of (alright, a lot actually) birthdays where your charm earned you gifts from people at your father’s workplace. Yes, charm always got you exactly what you wanted and you’re sure it won’t fail you right now.

“Oswald.” You hop off the barstool and move in closer to Penguin, making sure to flip your hair so he gets a strong whiff of your perfume. His nose twitches and his eyes glaze over for a moment. It’s not as big a reaction as you’d hoped, but it’s good enough. You slide your hand up and down his arm while batting your eyelashes. “We should really just talk honestly.”

Oswald swallows the saliva pooling in his mouth and answers, never taking his eyes off your hand gently stroking his arm. “Agreed.”

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Sex with Jasper Hale would include...? Thank you!

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  • Although I don’t think he’d be that kinky, he’d still be kinkier than Seth, Embry, or Quil.
  • You guys would definitely not have sex if you’re human bc he’d be too afraid of hurting you and he wouldn’t know if could control his thirst (for blood, incase I have to clarify)
  • I read on a blog once and I can’t remember which one, but Jasper had a split personality and his other personality was called the major and you bet your ass Jasper loves it when you call him Major in bed
  • I can see Jasper definitely being a dom now that I’m writing about him
  • I would say the slow and passionate sex to rough sex ratio is 50/50
  • I can see Jasper being to biting or leaving hickey on his partner
  • he probably likes it when someone see hickeys that he left(I know if you’re a vamp too, hickeys wouldn’t really work, but just pretend dammit)
  • I can imagine him smirking when he sees someone looking at them
  • He can and will get jealous
  • which leads to rough sex
  • he’s also great at giving head
don’t leave  ♡ ethan

– requested by anon

“I can’t believe this.” Ethan says, running his hand through his hair.

Ethan was pacing in the living room in front of you, looking very angry. He was accusing you of cheating on him which you definitely did not do.

“Ethan calm down!” You say, but he doesn’t listen. Instead he gets even angrier,

“Calm down?” He laughs humorlessly, “I’m not going to calm down when I know my girlfriend is sneaking around with some other guy. Who is it, Y/N?” He turns towards you, looking at you with cold eyes.

“I didn’t cheat on you Ethan!” You yell, standing up in front of him.

You were not going to let Ethan yell at you for something you didn’t do.

“Then who are you texting all the time? Why are you being so secretive? You’ve been distant lately.” He accuses you and you look at him, disbelief written across your face.

“Seriously, Ethan?” You say and he looks at you, waiting for an answer, “You want to see who i’m texting, here, take my phone. You know my passcode.” You tell him, giving him your phone.

He takes it and unlocks it, scrolling through your phone and you scoff,

“You actually think that I would cheat on you Ethan?” You say, feeling really hurt.

You knew Ethan got jealous easily, but you never thought he’d think you cheated on him.

You start to walk away, grabbing your jacket and your keys, leaving him to look through your phone. He wouldn’t find anything on there worth knowing, you knew that much.

Right when you were about to exit, you felt Ethan grab your hand.

“Baby, please…I’m sorry.” He attempts and you rip your hand out of his, holding it to your chest as you hold back tears.

“Sorry won’t fix the situation Ethan.” You tell him and look up, and you could tell he felt really guilty.

“I know, Y/N. I’m sorry… Don’t leave, please. I’m just scared…” He tells you and you narrow your eyes at him,

“Scared of what, Ethan?” You ask, tapping your foot impatiently and he looks down at his feet,

“I’m scared that you’ll leave for someone better. You’re too good for me, I know that…” He trails off and you look at him in shock, 

“Ethan I would never leave you!” You tell him and he looks up at you, “I love you, and trust me, I’m and not ‘too good for you’” You laugh, “I wouldn’t cheat on you Ethan. Actually, I’d be more worried of you leaving me.”

“That would never happen,” He replies and you smile, tracing his jawline with your finger, “I’m sorry, Y/N” He repeats and you sigh,

“I know,” You say and lean forward so that your foreheads are touching,

“I love you,” He reminds you and you smile, placing your lips on his.

When you break apart you see Ethan with a grin on his face, making you put down your jacket and keys, and walk away into the kitchen.

“That doesn’t mean you’re totally forgiven!” You yell and see him pout, but you turn the corner and open the fridge, only to feel Ethan’s arms wrap around you from behind.

He places light kisses on your neck and you tilt your head to give him more access.

“Woah woah woah,” You say, turning around, “I know what you’re doing!” You yell and he smirks,

“What?” He asks innocently and you laugh,

“What?” You mimic him and give him a quick kiss on the lips, knowing you were completely head over heels in love with this boy.

a/n – AY NOT TOO BAD OF AN ENDING. anyways, I think this is the last one i’ll be posting today- because I have like 20 pages of reading to do and yeah. i’m a procrastinator. whoops. 

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The Mukami's reaction when they see a male classmate asking Yui out to the movies? This makes Yui surprised, then perplexed and then thoughtful. And she has an expression which says "He's so kind to invite me out to the movies and I really want to go, but those guys (Mukami's) will definitely not allow me. Wait, it actually doesn't matter, they only see me as food. So they wouldn't care who I hang out with like Kou does with his fans". Do you think you can do internal monologues?

Ruki: That face… It seems like she does know her place, but it would be better if she were to say no. Such a troublesome Livestock, must I train her again?

Kou: Eh… M Neko-chan looks like she might agree to this? That’s not fair! I’m the idol, and the only one that is suppose to ask her out though…! Argh…!

Yuma: Why the fuck is she looking at him like that? Is Sow actually gonna say yes or some shit? Like hell that will happen… Tch, what does that guy have?

Azusa: She… Eve-san is… She isn’t going to say… yes, is she…? I would take her out… if she wants… but why isn’t she answering… him yet…?

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Hello ^^ I'm not sure if you have a character cap as I'm on mobile and couldn't find a rules page but could I please request first date headcanons for Tsukki, Noya, and Tanaka if that's okay? Thank you very much, I love your writing <3

YES YES YOU MAY:) thank you so much! I don’t think you guys realize how happy your compliments make me<3 and the character cap for hc’s is 5 per request, though the more that you request the shorter the hc’s:)

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-this boy is the definition of tsundere so he’ll probably think you’re cute but will die before he says so

-teases you a lot, though you don’t hate him in fact you eagerly wait for him to say something rude so you can fire back your rebuttal

-you would probably have to ask him out and he would respond with a blush on his face

-“I guess, If I don’t have anything better to do”

-this salty child would still show up at your house super early to pick you up for your date

-you tease him about it and he just blushes and grumbles at you to shut up

-you both walk to a small café not too far from your house

-the walk there seems a little tense but you aren’t as nervous as you thought you’d be

-seeing the usually sarcastic blonde nervous somehow made you feel more calm

-café date!!

-fortunately your usual witty banter is still present as you gently tease him as he opens the door for you

-“wow so chivalrous, you’re just full of surprises aren’t you tsukishima?”

-he returns the favor as you nearly trip whilst walking through the doorway

-“good to see you’re as graceful as always.”

-he orders for the two of you as you find as seat

-you find a table for the two of you before spotting a small checkerboard in the corner

- snag it and lay it out on the table

-he brings back your drinks and one strawberry shortcake, informing you that it was the last piece

-he offers it to you

-how polite

-but no, the winner will take the cake

-you challenge him to a game of checkers

-the winner gets the treat

-he promises not to go easy on you

-you’re winning at first, then he’s winning

-a lot of witty banter being exchanged with each move

-your drinks are being drained but you’re way too entertained to notice

-a lot of time passes as you continue to rematch each other the cake being forgotten in the process

-after about 6 games of checkers and hours’ worth of charming conversation you finally forfeit

-he smirks and makes some smart ass remark but you aren’t having it

-swipe your finger through the frosting and smudge it on his face

-he’s taken back but then he laughs about to wipe it off with a napkin

-kiss it off his lips


-“you had something on your face” you retort slightly out of breath from the kiss and frosting visible on your face

-he smirks at you


-he won but you end up sharing the cake

-once you’ve finished he offers to walk you home

-you two don’t hold hands as you walk but you know he’s happy

-once you reach your door you turn back to say thanks for the great time


-“you had something on your face”


I already did first date hc’s for Nishinoya, so I’ll put a link:)


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-not as shy as asahi but not as confident as noya so it’ll probably take him a little while to ask you out

-he casually mentions that he has tickets to one of your favorite bands

-doesn’t mention how long he’s been saving up to pay for them

-you flip out and are ecstatic to go see your fav band perform but also to go on a  date with your crush

-he shows up at your house and your probs decked out in merch

-you have to catch a train to the concert so you are both rushing to make it to the station on time

-when you finally make it to the concert its packed

- you two have to hold hands just so you don’t get separated;)

-when your favorite band starts playing your both screaming and jumping along to the music

-you may even start singing along off key and outrageously loud but he thinks its absolutely adorable and laughs

-he came surprisingly prepared with water bottles and snacks for you when you get hungry or thirsty

-you both purchase matching concert merch like tshirts

-the concert sadly ends and you realize how tired you are

-gladly offers to carry you on his back

-you excitedly ramble to him every event that occurred during the concert and he listens intently even though he witnessed it himself

-he just likes hearing you talk

-he carries you all the way to the train setting you down on the seat

-you cuddle up against him and thank him for such an amazing time

- he smiles when he sees your eyes close and you drift off to the steady whirring of the engine on the train

-Admin Honey<3


Soulmate AU (the one where you see all colours except the one of your soulmate’s eyes with a little twist) requested by Anon

“Dean, I told the guy with the Continental he can come to pick it up today, are you done with it?” Bobby says as Dean’s putting on his work coverall.

“Yeah, I want to give it a few finishing touches. When is he coming?”

“He said he’d like to come during his lunch break.”

“I’ll be finished by noon then.”


Dean likes to say he loves all cars, some of them just a bit more than the others. The tan Lincoln definitely isn’t one he would choose for himself, but he worked on it with love and made sure it would run smoothly.

He wasn’t very excited about meeting the owner, because let’s be honest, he expected a pimp not a… tax accountant. That’s the first thing that comes to his mind as he sees the guy walking towards him. The tan (seriously what’s up with that color) trench coat looks too big on him as well as the suit underneath and his tie is backwards and blue. Well he guesses it’s blue, because he’s never saw the color before. He looks the guy in the eyes and wow, they are blue too, but a different and much prettier shade.

Dean throws his head back and for the first time in his life the sky isn’t gray. He let’s out a surprised chuckle and only then does he realize the guy was talking to him.

“Are you okay?” he asks now, a hint of concern in his deep voice.

Dean looks in his face, it’s an unusual face, but very attractive. Dean smiles for himself.

“Yeah, yeah, I guess. You?”

The guy’s eyes narrow as he tilts his head.

“Why shouldn’t I be okay?”

Because you just met your soulmate and I know I’m not much but shouldn’t you be at least a bit excited? Dean thinks, but doesn’t say anything out loud because the guy continues impatiently.

“Is something wrong with my car? I was told I could pick it up today.”

“Yeah uhm about that-” Dean rubs the back of his neck and looks at the car.

“I’m sorry but as I was doing the final check out I found there’s something wrong with… with the breaks.”

The guy’s frown deepens.

“There’s something wrong with the breaks?”

“Yeah, you’re really lucky I noticed. But you need to understand I can’t let you drive off like this.”

The owner sighs and runs his hand through his hair. It’s thick and looks soft and Dean wonders how it would feel under his fingers and whoa. He stops himself right there, shaking his head.

“Can you fix it until tomorrow?”

“Yeah of course.”

“Alright then, I’ll come back tomorrow at the same time.”

“Sure, I’ll be ready. I mean, the car will be ready,” Dean says with an awkward smile.

The guy just nods and walks away. Dean watches him leave. He feels confused and a bit hurt.

He pinches the bridge of his nose, realizing that even his damn coverall is blue.

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anonymous asked:

what do you think of arcane warrior anders sparring with fenris for training or idk for reasons?

Man but what if it doesn’t start as sparring, it starts with both of them fighting (yet again) and the argument gets pretty goddamn intense and someone (probably Anders lbr) makes it physical (throws a punch? grabs Fenris?) and Fenris gets defensive with his sword (because of his training? out of habit?) and Hawke is like “THIS HAS GONE TOO FAR EVEN FOR YOU GUYS” and tries to intervene but before they can do that Anders fucking whips it out (the fade sword, not his dick) and they actually GO AT IT

I mean Fenris probably bests Anders because it’s been a while since Anders actually fought with like his arcane warrior abilities (it’s what Anders says but Fenris is definitely a better sworder than Anders, come on) but then Fenris is probably like “Hey we should do this again sometimes” and that’s how they start training with each other

Hawke needs special alone time after watching that

Okay, so I know Matthew Morgan’s disappearance was crucial to the series and that it was the big driving force throughout all six books that that without it nothing would’ve been the same and Joe wouldn’t have taught CoveOps and Cam never would have met Josh and she’d never write about the circus but I just get so angry when I think about the spy world with Matthew Morgan in it.  Like:

  • Joe Solomon walking in on that first day and Cam writing a letter home to Matt saying, “idk Dad this guy’s pretty shady” and Matt writes back like, “Yeah, he sounds pretty evil you should definitely do that thing I taught you with the honey to catch him and interrogate him.  Definitely.”
  • Joe telling Matt about his stupid kid and “God she just vanishes. I can’t teach her anything if I can’t see her Matt.  Matt?  Are you listening to me?  MATT.  This is your fault Matthew–stop teaching your daughter things before I teach them.”
  • Joe telling Matt about his super mega talented kid and “I don’t know how she did it.  Honest to God.”
  • Abby and Matt knocking each other around in the P&E Barn.
  • Rachel and Matt getting caught making out in the P&E Barn.
  • Joe asking Matt for help with the CoveOps final in LYKL and Cam fighting her dad.  Snide remarks would ensue.
  • Joe setting up Cam and Zach in DC (bc Joe Solomon was the biggest Zammie shipper in the whole series–do not even get me started) and Matt in the background like “idk, Joe.  Zach is a little too rugged and handsome.  What about that Jonas kid?  He looks nice.  Why don’t you have him tail her instead?”  and “Quiet, Matthew.  Let me do my job.”
  • Matt seeing Cam in that red dress.
  • Matt seeing Cam in that red dress.
  • Matt stopping by the Gallagher Academy to see his girls and Cam walking in on Matt and Rachel mercilessly making fun of Joe.
  • Alternatively, Cam walking in on Joe and Matt making fun of Rachel (but Rachel definitely heard and now someone is going to be put on dish duty, Joseph).
  • Matt helping Joe with dish duty
  • Prank wars.  So many prank wars.
  • Papa Matt so damn tired of the Circle messing with his family, like, if Matt had been around the Circle would have been taken down in two days, honestly.
  • Matt crying as Cam walks and moves her tassel to the other side.
  • Matt freaking out because ‘Is that a grey hair–Rachel, that’s a grey hair” on the same day Cam comes home from her first mission.
  • Matt laughing when his daughter tells him “its classified”
  • Godfather Solomon.  Why in the HECK didn’t we get to see more of Godfather Solomon?

But think about it. Neither Sting or Rogue has EVER shown any interest in girls, EVER. In fact, the only interest either one of them has shown in anyone at all, has been for a guy. Sting with Natsu, and Rogue with Gajeel.

Now, Sting didn’t really seem to have a crush on Natsu. Rogue DID say his only interest was in Gajeel, which, if course, could basically be explained the same way as Sting with Natsu.

(If we want, we can also take into accountability that there’s a thing that says when guys wear an earring in their left ear it’s symbolic of being gay ^v^)

You could, if you want, say Sting was attracted to Minerva, but I highly doubt it. It seemed more like just admiration towards her. (And let’s admit, Minerva is definitely something to admire.) It’s very possible that he DOES love her, (it’s one of my biggest headcanons, in fact) but as a sister. Seems plently plausible to me. Same with Rogue and Yukino. You never see them actually interacting with each other, and definitely not anything that could be called “romantic.”

And pleasepleaseplease let’s not go to the boob grab thing. That was, in my opinion, just more of Mashima being pretty fuckin awful to female characters. If Mashima was trying to go somewhere with a relationship between the two, he pretty much killed it by never giving them any other interaction.


It’s painfully obvious, even from the start, that they are at the VERY least, close friends. Sting doesn’t treat Rogue the way he treats everyone else, and vice versa. Sting is usually cocky and arrogant and a pretty big asshole to people (in the beginning) whereas with Rogue, he’s kinder. And the same with Rogue. You see his character as pretty silent and terrifying, and even though he’s still pretty silent and terrifying with Sting, it’s a big fucking jump from the way he treats everyone else. Even if they don’t “love” each other, they obviously feel SOMETHING.

As the GMG goes on, things start to go to shit, but once all the shit is out of the way, we see both Sting and Rogue have somewhere in that timeline have developed as characters, and are more “team friendly?” I suppose. But, as the open to others, they open up twelve times more with each other. We get to see more of how much they care about each other. Sting reminding Rogue that they’re partners, and Rogue literally saying that Sting is the light of his life and that he trusts that Sting can save (kill) him if the shadow takes over.

And then, in the very, very few times we see them after that, we get to see them with each other, taking care of each other, always making sure the other is okay. And yes, all of that can be explained as “oh they’re rlly rlly gud frends wat do u expect” but it’s a helluva lot more than they give ANYONE else, sooooooo…

Basically what I am trying to come to a conclusion with is this: Both Sting and Rogue are gay. For each other. Bite me.

hello, after 2 months

Hellooooo everyone! First of all, happy new year (can’t remember if I’ve wished you guys but okay) and happy /belated/ valentine’s day! I hope you’ve all been well, eating healthily, studying hard, and of course, anticipating got7′s next comeback! 

I definitely owe you all an explanation as to why I’ve disappeared off the face of the earth for the past two months so… 

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Monsta X Reaction When You Talk About Another Guy

This is pretty cute and funny tbh obviously these are from my own imagination but hopefully they fit their personalites


He isn’t the kind of person to say who you can or can’t hang out with so he tends to keep his mouth shut but he’ll definitely give off body language that says he’s uncomfortable. He’s probably thinking about how much fun you’re having with this other guy and wondering if he makes you that happy ever. (Poor baby, he’ll always be #1 to you, he just always sells himself short ;n; )


“Um, who told you it’s okay to sleep over his house?” “Hoseok, he’s my best friend, why wouldn’t I? I sleep over my girl best friend’s house all the time and you never care!” “Yeah but there’s only enough room in your life for one guy best friend and that’s me” He’d pout a lot and then once you give in and tell him you’ll refrain from sleeping over his house and agree that’s he’s your main man, he’ll turn on his smug charm again and probably try to have a quickie to make up for it


“Uh, who’s Mike?” “Oh he’s this cool guy in my class who’s gonna tutor me.” “Oh great, when? I’ll bring coffee for us.” You laugh, “You wouldn’t like it Hyungwon, it’s book work plus you gotta be up early.” He’d cringe at the thought of losing beauty sleep but he’ll give it up if it means he can chaperone this so called “tutoring session” with this Mike character.


You’re talking about the recent club fair at your school and how you joined the Photography Club in hopes to find some interest in the art when you suddenly start rambling about the club president who happens to be a guy. “You’ve never mentioned this guy before, and it seems like it’s something important to be telling me.” “He’s no one Kihyun, don’t worry.” You’d shake it off. “I’ll be the judge of that baby, when’s the next meeting? Looks like I’m going to be taking up photography.”


“Haha, wait, Jonathan…. that sound’s suspiciously like a boy’s name!” He’d hold in a laugh “Um that’s cuz it is, Hyukkie.” “Oh. Well he sounds like a nice guy. But if he’s ever too nice, you let me know! I’ll teach him a lesson or two!” “Yeah okay Minhyuk whatever you say” sassy


“Wait wait wait, I don’t like the sounds of this ‘Rafael’ guy.” He’d start. “Jooheon calm down, he’s just a barista at the coffee shop.” “Yeah, but he memorized your order? That’s pretty creepy Jagi…” “I go everyday during his shift, it just becomes motor memory.” You’d try to explain but he doesn’t change his feelings. “How about I get your coffee instead? So then this Rafael guy can memorize what your boyfriend looks like?”


You kept going on and on about this great guy who you met at the library when you look over and see Changkyun staring intently at you. “Um, is everything okay babe?” “Yeah no, I’m peachy. Keep talking about this guy like he’s some god.” You’d chuckle nervously and try to explain he was just a friend. “No I believe you baby girl. Besides, you’ve fangirled about him enough that I’m pretty sure I can pick him out of a line up by now. Get the picture babe?” He’d threaten, though you know he wouldn’t do anything, you agree to limit your meetings with him and how much you talk about him.

I own none of the gifs!

“Hurt Me, Heal Me” Lay/You

scenario: ER visits are literally the worst but maybe you’ll end up thanking baekhyun and tao anyway..

rating: pg-15 for: swearing, dumb baektao, dumb everything really, nurse!Lay  a/n *fans self because of nurse Lay, like wow* 

You don’t really have time to look up as you focus on getting Baekhyun over to an open bed surrounded by curtains. Zitao shuffles behind you silently, but he’s not on his phone, which is a first tonight. The guy takes Baekhyun’s other side, helping plant him on the bed without much fuss.

“Thanks, you’re a…” you trail off, meaning to maybe say lifesaver, but definitely not hottie. That’s not appropriate. You can feel the end of your response on your lips, but the next breath that hisses past your lips kind of sounds like fuck so you click your jaw shut.

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EXO and their kinks (smut)
  • Chanyeol: Dirty talking, there’s nothing else that turns him more than this. Just imagine him biting his lips, all turned on and dirty talking to you...
  • Kris: Everything related to BDSM. Be careful, it's not just a game; for him this is something serious.
  • Tao: Banging you from behind. This can turn on any guy but for him it would be a condition. There’s no sex without it.
  • Sehun: Cosplay. Imagine all the different characters he would be. Sexy police officer, a hot CEO, or whatever your imagination says ;)
  • Xiumin: Sex toys, specially swings. You know hot it is having sex on swing? Well he would definitely show you how great it is.
  • Kai: Exhibitionism. He won’t care if there’s a lot of people around you, it doesn’t matter if it's in a dark alley or at school. If he wants it, he gets it.
  • Baekhyun: Ripping off your clothes before having the best rough sex of your life. You should buy a new closet.
  • Luhan: He is the role play kind of guy. Cosplay is not enough. He wants to live every situation.
  • Chen: Bondage. Pretty similar to Kris. He would enjoy giving you pleasure: pain and pleasure come by the hand and he would definitely take you to many places with this.
  • Kyungsoo: Marking you and grabbing your hair. Just imagine the sexy scene where he is biting your neck, and running his hand through your hair, pulling it a little. The closer your body is, the better.
  • Lay: Definitely making you cry out of pleasure. And passing out because of it, makes things even better. Pleasure is his middle name.
  • Suho: He likes it sexy and his weakness would probably be his girl wearing stockings. He would do it really slowly but with a lot of force. Don't underestimate him “Oh yeah babe”
18. Who’s She? Part 8. (JokerXReader)

Hi guys! I’m back again with part 8 of Who’s She and I just wanted to say a few things before you start reading the new chapter. :) 1. Thank you all so much for all the great and beautiful feedback you gave me, you are all truely amazing! <3  2. After a lot of people asked me for it, I can finally say it: Yes I will write a part 9, definitely! :) 3. Now some sad news, tomorrow for me starts school again, that means I won’t be able to be as active on this blog as I was in the last few weeks. I will still update the blog so don’t worry I just wanted to say, that I will probably update now only two or three times a week, but I will absolutely update it. So don’t be surprised if I can’t answer some messages directly or if some chapters will be up a little more late (I will try to avoid that, but sometimes it will happen), anyways I hope you’re not that sad about it and I’m really sorry, but as soon as I have more time left, I will be more active again, but I think you will recognise that. ;) That was everything I wanted to tell you, now enjoy the part 8, hope you guys will like it! <3   

Who’s She? Part 8.

„This god damn freak“, Laura said sitting on her couch in the little apartment you shared with her for six weeks now.

The Joker was in the news again, since a week now he had began to destroy half of the city just to find you, the police thought he was after something really important, but they were speaking about weapons and money, not about a young girl.

If they had only known what this really was all about.

Some kind of ache showed up in your chest for a few seconds, but you tried to ignore it.

You knew what it was, it always came directly from your heart and just in time when he was on the news again.

But that was ridiculous.

He killed your mother and your best friend in a paroxysm of jealousy, you couldn’t miss him.

That was impossible, no normal human being would miss the murderer of their most beloved people.

But why was your heart aching then?

And why does it always makes you a little more mad, when Laura called him a freak, everytime she saw him on the news?

„I hope they catch him and lock him away in a cell, where he can rot until hell takes him back“, Laura said, as the news reporter explained what J must’ve done this time.

Yes he had murdered a few people again, but … the aching in your chest was still there and it seems that it grew with everytime someone mentioned his name.

It’s clear now, (Y/N). You must be completely crazy, you thought all by yourself.

He was still searching for you, after one month.

You thought he would’ve replaced you easily, but he didn’t seem to care about anyone else (not that he ever cared about someone).

But you … he really seems to care about you.

„What has this city ever done to him? Why is this psychotic antisocial freak always killing innocent people?“

„Could you please stop saying that“, you said now really annoyed of Laura’s hating.

„What?“, she asked irritated, as she looked at you standing in the kitchen, snipping some fruits for a smoothie with a knife.

„Calling him a freak, it’s annoying“, you said.

„But he is a freak! Haven’t you seen what he has done again?“, she asked.

„Stop calling him like that!“, you suddenly yelled at her, your hands were trembling as you continued the snipping of your strawberries, just to avoid the awkward silence that now took over the whole room.

You felt your cheeks burn, while Laura was staring at you and you tried to suppress the tears, that were trying to form into your eyes.

You don’t miss him, you don’t miss him, you don’t miss him … Yes you do …

„(Y/N), what the hell …?“, Laura said before she fell into silence.

„No … That can’t be … Tell me that this isn’t true“, she whispered and stood up from the couch, walking up to the kitchen, to look you in the eyes.

„What?“, you snapped.

You wanted to sound calm, but you couldn’t take it anymore, all the things she said about him, over the last weeks.

You never admit it, but it hurt you.

„You couldn’t have been so stupid, I don’t believe that“, Laura said, standing now directly besides you.

„What do you mean?“, you asked, stopping in your move, leaving the half cutted strawberie on the cutting board.

„You never talked about your ex boyfriend, you always said it was better for you. It was him, right? The Joker? Also you always said I should calm down, when I was swearing on him at the TV“, Laura sounded like she would throw you out of this place, if you would answer the question with yes.

„That’s disgusting. (Y/N), this man killed Freddy! Our Freddy, did you knew that, when you were with him?“

You weren’t able to answer her.

Yes you knew that, but this was also one of the reasons you had left him.

„Oh my god …“, Laura said in disbelief and throws her hands up in horror.

„You don’t understand that, Laura. Yes, I was with him at that moment, and I knew what he has done, but this was one of the reasons I’ve left him“, you explained.

One of the reasons? How many people had he murdered, before you finally realized that he’s a sick bastard, a fucking freak?!“, she screamed the words directly in your face.

„Shut up, you don’t know anything about him!“, you screamed back.

Yes, he wasn’t a good person, and he had more flaws than anybody else you knew, but he was always good to you, he cared about you and maybe he was loving you in his own twisted way, he wouldn’t have killed all this people, if you wouldn’t mean something to him.

„I know (Y/N), that he is a murderer, a bad man and I can’t believe you fell for someone like that! You knew about all this things before you’d met him. What the fuck brought you to being with him, after all he had done. And how could you dare to show up at Freddy’s funeral with me, when you exactly knew what happened to him and that it was your sick boyfriend who killed him?!“

„Did you helped him? Come on tell me, did you helped him, killing your best friend?“

„Shut the fuck up, I didn’t know anything about it, until it was in the news! And J just wanted to protect me, he wanted me to be his property that was all!“

„That was all?! Do you hear yourself talking, (Y/N)? He murdered him! He murdered him just because of you … It’s your fault that he’s dead. If you weren’t with him, Freddy would still be alive! You know what? I think you should go back to him, you two deserved each other. You’re at least as sick as him, if you can look about all this things so easily“, Laura hissed.

„Go back to your psychopath, I bet you’re also the reason why all those other people in the news had to leave their lifes.“

„You don’t understand anything!“, you screamed in a rage and suddenly the knife you still had in your hands, from snipping the fruits landed directly in Laura’s stomach.

Her eyes got wide, as the blood was soaking her blue shirt and she stared at you again in disbelief.

„You sick, bitch …“, she whispered and broke down to the ground within a few seconds.

You were just standing there in shock, as you saw how all the blood was running out of her body.

„Laura … Laura … I’m sorry I don’t wanted to do this … please … you just screamed at me and … it was an accident believe me“, you sobbed in panic, while your were crying.

What have you done?  

„Laura, please I’m so sorry.“

You tried to stop the hemorrage with your hands and some cloths from the kitchen counter but it was already to late, she was dead.

You just killed one of your best friends …

Your breathing was heavy as you crawled away from her body, in the next corner of the living room, where you thought you could hide out for a few moments.

Your hands were full of blood and also your clothes, they would arrest you.

You’re a murderer now, even tho’ you didn’t want it.

What would happen if the police finds her?

You had to get rid of her, but you couldn’t even move, you were shocked from what you’ve just done.

And you couldn’t do different, than sitting here and crying.

Just a miracle could help you now out of this.


The frontdoor clicked and Joker sat up in a half of a second to point a gun at the one who was interrupting him, in his despair.

But he put the gun down slowly as he saw that it was just Frost again.

„Boss, we’ve found her“, he finally said.

Something inside of Joker’s body was jumping up and down, after he heared the words that came out of Frost’s mouth.

Six weeks now, six weeks had gone by, since she left him, six weeks in which he never stopped searching for her, and even if he was drunk and mad, laying in his own circle of weapons that he had builded up in his apartment all around him, since she was gone, he always had sent his henchman to look out for her.

„Where is she?“, he asked with an even deeper voice as usualy.

All of the emotions of the last six weeks layed in this one question.

„She’s staying with a friend of hers, the girl’s name is Laura, she owns an apartment in the Lexington Street, fourtyfive. (Y/N), lives with her there since she left.“

Fourtyfive … how funny … the same two digits, that also were the two last numbers of his old cell at Arkham …

„Bring the car. We’re going for a ride“, Joker said, before sinking down to the ground again, where he bursts out into joyful laugther.

He found her, finally.

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anonymous asked:

Maybe can you make some Monokuma cubs headcanons ? I hope I don't bother you

Of course I can do that! You’re definitely not bothering me either - these were really fun to make!

  • Basically, when they’re away from Monokuma they act almost like a normal bunch of siblings - Monokuma brings out their bad side
  • Montaro can be a bit arrogant because he’s the eldest, and therefore the leader - he likes bossing the others guys around, and he gets super mad when they ignore him
  • The others ‘like’ him but generally don’t listen to him because of his smug attitude, which sucks because Monotaro is probably the smartest Cub, or at least the one with the most sense
  • Like Monosuke says he’s got common sense but that boy is just a goddamn little kid when it comes down to it
  • Monosuke and Monokid fight ALL THE TIME, it’s honestly ridiculous at this point
  • Monofunny tries her best to break it up but one of them yells at her and she starts crying… luckily Monodam is always ready to help her when that happens
  • Monodam is actually super sweet and caring, it’s just that he holds some serious grudges against people that bully him (read: Monokid) and he’s trying to impress his dad, who is, y’know, Monokuma
  • So Monodam really doesn’t have a lot of good influences around him
  • Monokid actually really likes and relies on his siblings, but he’s not very good at showing his affection so he bullies them instead, ESPECIALLY Monodam
  • Monosuke occasionally joins in, but he’s genuinely trying to imitate Monokid and isn’t trying to be malicious either
  • Not that either of them would ever admit it
  • Monotaro tries to shut it down but he cares a bit too much about his image to do that
  • Basically the whole family is just trying to figure out where they fit in place and they do it in the WORST WAYS POSSIBLE
  • But deep down they still love each other, maybe
  • But Monokuma is the one thing they definitely, absolutely love, and they’d do anything to impress their daddy

Thank you for the prompt! Sorry it took a bit longer than expected, haha :))

Your feet were absolutely killing you but KC insisted that you wear these god awful heels tonight. Not only were they four inches tall but the strap on your ankle was rubbing a blister there. You’d rather be reading a book, preferably fantasy, in your room in your soft, plush pajamas with your hair up. Definitely not in a face full of unwanted make up, a tight dress you could barely breathe in, your hair in your face all night, and once again these shows made by the devil himself. “KC I really don’t like these shoes” you whine. She rolls her eyes and goes to say something sassy to you but before she can you hear “I think you look fit love” from the stool to the left of you. You slowly turn and take in the guy sitting there. His black skinny jeans and white button down didn’t so much impress you as his face did. His sensual lips, his narrow small nose, his almond eyes with the breath taking blue, shaped by long eyelashes. Those bushy somehow great eyebrows. All framed by disheveled brown hair that perfectly placed everything. “Did I ask for your opinion?” You ask crossing your arms. “No I guess you didn’t” he says after slowly taking a sip of his beer. He smiles at you and says “Van and you are?” You look at him with an unimpressed look “none of your damn business” he chokes on his drink and chuckles at you. “I think I like you none of my damn business” he replies. You try to stop it, but a smile slowly creeps onto your lips making your face lighter and more inviting. “Heels suck” you say trying to get back to your original point. “Well then why don’t you take them off and join me for a round of pool?” He says as he gets off the stool and extends a hand. “That’s the best idea I’ve heard all night Van.” After undoing your shoes and finally giving your swollen feet the rest they craved for. You turn to him and take his hand knowing this night might be turning out better than your novel at home.