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Girl Code || Part 3

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y/n likes harry. so does y/f/n. so who’s going to be the first one to break the girl code? 


“Y/N, you know you’re one of my best friends, and I don’t think I could ever hate you, but.. What the hell kind of game do you think you’re playing right now?” You couldn’t help but roll your eyes as Y/F/N brought up the whole Harry situation for what seemed like the millionth time that afternoon. It had been, what.. Five-ish days since the incident? Y/F/N claimed she was ‘like, so over it’ but it was pretty obvious that wasn’t the case. 

“I’m playing a game called ‘wiping down the counter’. You should try the spinoff called ‘mopping the floors’.” You quipped, stopping your movements to look at your clearly flustered friend before turning back to work. Christ, it had been nonstop yapping about how you weren’t listening to the ‘girl code’, or how she had set her eyes on him first and how she thinks Harry could be the one for her. 

“Don’t get sassy with me, you boyfriend stealer.” 

“There was no boyfriend to steal in the first place, honey.” (You really weren’t in the mood today. So what if your sass was dialled all the way up?)

“Oh my god, Y/N! What’s wrong with you? You don’t have to be bitter when we’re talking about boys. I know you’re still not over the whole thing that happened in high school with-” 

“You stealing my date and telling me it was okay since I was apparently ‘not even his type, so really, I’m doing you a favour, Y/N’.” You snapped, rolling your eyes once again. “I just think it’s funny that you like to bring up this dumb girl code all the time that seemingly only applies to me, and never to you. That’s all.” You shrugged, running the towel under some water before wringing it out and tossing it onto the counter. 

Y/F/N was obviously shocked at your sudden outburst, her eyes wide in surprise. There had always been a power dynamic in your guys’ relationship. Essentially, she was the super hero, and you were the weak little sidekick. That lasted all throughout middle school, high school, and even up until now. But with this new situation of Harry.. Things were about to take a turn. 

“All I ask is that you back off, okay? I already told you I was interested in Harry, so you have no right-” 

“I’ll do whatever I damn please, pal.” There was a moment of silence before Y/F/N let out a heavy sigh. 

“Little girls get their fingers burned when they play with fire.” Y/F/N warned, her brows furrowing in frustration. 

“You’re all bark and no bite.” You hissed, feeling your blood boil just staring at her face. Who did she think she was? Telling you that you couldn’t like someone just because she liked him. You knew for a fact Harry maybe kinda sorta liked you back. Probably. You’d figure it out - You’d do anything to wipe that smug look off Y/F/N’s face. 


“Are you sure you don’t need any help? I can totally, like, spot you, or whatever it is you guys say.” Y/F/N cleared her throat, following Harry like a lost puppy as he moved over to the weights. 

“I, uh, I think I’m good for now, love. Thank you, though! Real sweet of you t’ offer help.” Harry smiled politely, running his fingers over the weight plates to see what he’d be lifting today. It was a chest day today, so maybe he’d go for the-

“Or do you need another towel?” 

“You.. You’ve given me three towels in the last hour. I mean, I sweat, but I don’ sweat tha’ much.” Harry laughed lightly, turning around to face Y/F/N. He wasn’t going to tell her, but she was getting a wee bit annoying, following him around and pestering him about what she could do to help. (She could help by leaving him alone.) Y/F/N immediately bursted into tears, reaching over and slapping Harry’s bicep playfully. 

“Oh, you’re so funny..” Y/F/N giggled, glancing over to see you working the bar. You were in the middle of cutting up some fruit for a smoothie, so you weren’t paying attention. You were doing your job - Which was what Y/F/N was supposed to be doing, but of course she wanted to spend as much time as possible with Harry. “I can get you a smoothie!” 

“Y/N’s actually already taking care o’ tha’ for me. And she knows jus’ how I like it. I’m sure your smoothies are jus’ as good but I wouldn’t want t’ bug yeh with makin’ a smoothie when Y/N already knows my schedule.” Harry smiled sheepishly, watching as Y/F/N’s smile dropped in less than a second. “You know wha’ would really help me, though?” 

“What’s up?” Y/F/N grinned, immediately perking up. 

“It would help if yeh.. If yeh could fill up those shampoo bottles in the shower room! Yeah, yeah. I always forget to bring shampoo, so-” 

“I’ll get right on it!” And with that, Y/F/N was whizzing towards the bathroom, but not before passing by you. “I just wanna let you know Harry just personally asked me for a favour. Filling up the shampoo bottles for him. Y/F/N - 1, Y/N - 0.”

“Really? I think I deserve a point cos Harry just asked me to help him stretch before he begins lifting.” You pointed over to Harry, smiling as he waved at the two of you before gesturing for you to come over. “But you have fun with the shampoo, yeah?” 


yikes part 3 took a while!! writer’s block is not fun yo 

also this isn’t the greatest but i wanted to get something up for y’all 

i promise the next part will be better i already have some drama planned out woo!!!

A Royal Commission (14)


Prompto’s bent over a client, a headband holding back his hair and the gun buzzing in his hand, glasses in place since he had a late start. The bell over the door chimes but he doesn’t bother to look up, just calling a quick welcome as he works the finer details of a wing.

He pauses, wiping away blood and excess ink, allowing his gaze to flick up enough to register unfamiliar boots and their position before he starts working again.

“You can take a seat or look around, someone will be out in a sec.”

The voice the answers makes him freeze, lifting the gun slowly, glad the guy’s he’s working on is too busy messing with his phone to notice his tension.

“Oh? I do hope it’s my other wayward child.”

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The Birth (Ella/Kit)

Author’s Note: This fic was requested by several people, and yet again, I cannot find any proper message about it but I swear this was requested :P Why am I so dumb? Anyways, I don’t know if this was what you guys wanted, but I like it, at least a little. P.S. I have a chronic disorder of messing up titles, which is why all the fanfic titles are absolutely horrible, I am so very sorry. You can also find the fic here! Enjoy :)

“Do you remember when we first met?” Usually the sound of Kit’s voice was the one thing that would surely bring Ella back from her daydreaming, but today it was not working. And to be honest, no one could blame Ella.

She was sitting on their bed, clutching onto the sheets, her legs wide, screaming in pain. After a nine month long wait, it was finally time. And Kit was almost as nervous as she was, but he kept putting on a brave face and holding onto her hand, no matter how hard she squeezed it.

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