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Moonstruck: Chapter 5 (Final)

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Genre: fluff with some angst (Jungkook x OC)

Word Count: 3.1k

Summary: You and Jungkook have been best friends for as long as you can remember. But when he starts acting strange, you begin to fear the worst. You hope that tagging along with him and his family for their annual summer trip might bring him out of his slump, but things quickly get messy as you start to question where both of you stand in your relationship. 

again i really wanna thank @boymeetsfiction and @taeklings for being so supportive towards my stories, especially this one you guys kinda gave me the motivation i needed but ANYWAYS…

The week is coming to an end.

If you thought Jungkook shutting you out was painful before, now it’s just torture. Thanks to the hell waging on outside, you’ve been stuck in the same building for three days. Three days of Jungkook barely acknowledging your presence besides a brief glance or head nod. At least before this mess, he still talked to you. Now he doesn’t even attempt to make polite conversation with you anymore, although you aren’t sure how you would react if he had.

You were beginning to miss the small things you about him. The way his slightly calloused palms feel so strong in your hand, making you feel safe and protected. How his beautiful chocolate eyes sparkle with excitement when he’s telling you a story. Things that you never knew you were taking for granted, but now you do.

You saw Jungkook just one time earlier this morning. He’d been sitting on the same stool in the kitchen, but upon seeing you enter, he offered one awkward nod as a greeting before retreating upstairs with his cup of coffee. That was about four hours ago, and you haven’t seen Jungkook since. You’re getting worried.

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Undertale OST asks:

Once Upon A Time: Earliest childhood memory?

Your Best Friend: Have you ever been betrayed? 

Fallen Down: What’s your favourite thing about your mother? (if you have/had one)

Ruins: What relaxes you the most?

Enemy Approaching: What’s your favourite thing to do with your friends?

Ghost Fight: When you’re sad, what’s the best thing someone can do to cheer you up?

Determination: How do you respond to failure?

Home: Favourite thing to do when you’re home alone (be PC and SFW please)

Home (Music Box): What helps you go to sleep?

Heartache: What’s something you wish you would have never said/did to your mother?

sans: Other than sleeping, what do you like to do when you’re feeling lazy?

Nyeh Heh Heh!: What is your catch phrase? (If you don’t have one what is your favourite?)

Snowy: Favourite thing about Winter?

Dogsong: Favourite breed of dog?

Snowdin Town: Kindest thing a stranger has ever done for you?

Shop: Coolest shop you have ever seen?

Bonetrousle: What is your signature dance move?

Dating Start!: Ideal date?

Premonition: Biggest lie you have ever told to someone you love for their protection? 

Waterfall: Favourite weather trope?

Quiet Water: Favourite kind of Tea? (If you drink it)

Memory: Saddest memory?

Pathetic House: What’s the longest amount of time you have spent with a friend?

Temmie Village: Ever had the urge to do something really stupid?

Spear of Justice: What’s the worst thing you have ever done to someone who was hurting your friend?

Alphys: Favourite anime? 

It’s Showtime!: What’s your favourite item of clothing?

Another Medium: Hot or cold temperatures?

Hotel: Ideal Holiday Destination?

Confession: Hardest thing to confess to someone?

Spider Dance: Are you scared of spiders?

Wrong Enemy: Worst situation you have accidentally gotten yourself into?

Oh! One True Love: Do you have a crush on anyone atm? Are you following them on Tumblr?

It’s Raining Somewhere Else: Nicest thing someone has ever said to you?

CORE: Do you love science?

Death By Glamour: What kind of makeup is your favourite? (If you wear it)

Undertale: What makes you sad the most?

The Choice: Hardest decision you have ever had to make?

 Bergentruckung: Favourite thing about your father (if you have/had one)

ASGORE: What’s something you wish never said/did to your father?

Your Best Nightmare: Biggest fear?

An Ending: When you finish a game, do you feel happy or sad?

Here We Are: Most fucked up thing you have ever seen? 

Don’t Give Up: What gets you through the day?

Hopes and Dreams: Favourite Colour?

SAVE The World: What would you do if your friend was in danger?

His Theme: What’s the weirdest reason you have cried for?

Reunited: Is there someone out there you would most like to meet/see again?

Bring It In, Guys!: Best gift someone has ever given to you?

Battle Against a True Hero: Worst injury?

Power of -NEO-: Coolest thing you have ever seen?

Megalovania: Have you ever betrayed someone you love?

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TOTGA ba tawag sa guy na pinakawalan mo kasi he’s too good for you, yung he’s too nice na di mo siya kayang abusuhin? Yung sobrang fragile na tao na di mo kayang saktang yung tipong he loves you at your worst and he brings out the best in you? pero diba dapat accept the love you think you deserve? Paano ka magiging deserving sa taong sobrang halaga para sayo pero di mo naman ma-feel na worth it ka para mahalin niya. Gusto mo siya ayaw mo siyang saktan pero di mo makita yung sarili mo na enough ka sa lahat ng kabutihan niya? For me, mas mahal mo yung taong papakawalan mo kasi you know na he deserves someone na masusuklian lahat ng kaya niyang ibigay. Ayaw mo maging selfish kasi alam mo sa sarili mo na he deserves someone better than you. You may be the right person for me but Im not for you.

Forbidden Fruit (Ch. 1)

Step Brother Series

A Dylan O'Brien fan fiction

A/N: Hello guys I’m back from hiatus and starting a new series. It was a random idea that came to mind while I was at work and I decided to bring it to life. I have loads of chapters planned and a lot of twists and turns. Also smut in the future so leave feedback if you want me to continue and if you like the first chapter. ❤ (Posted from Mobile)

Chapter 1

What was supposed to be the best summer of my life turned out to be the worst. Instead of spending time with my best friends I have been packing up to move all the way to California. All thanks to Patrick. My mom’s new boyfriend. He seems like a nice guy when I met him but I hate the fact I have to switch schools. Oh and to top it all off he has a son who I know can’t be thrilled about a woman and her daughter living in his house. 
“Sweetie please tell me you loaded the last few boxes in the truck. We have to hit the road by 5!” My mom yelled from the bottom of the stairs. I was standing in my now empty room staring at the barren walls already missing my once called home. 
“Yeah mom I’m coming just grabbing my purse and jacket.” I replied. We both exited the old house, hopped in the uhaul and started our journey. Driving from Salt Lake City down to Hermosa beach California was around a 10 hour drive. We stopped to eat a few times but didn’t rest anywhere. My mom was eager to make it to Patrick as quick as she could. 
“Oh Y/N I miss him so much. I can’t wait to finally be with him for good. His visits were never long enough. Are you sure you like him honey? Be honest.” My mom asked with a hint of worry in her voice. I know she really cares about this guy and as long as he’s good to her I am fine with it. 
“Yeah mom Pat’s nice. He has a cool job and he can cook really good so I like him. Plus he makes you smile a lot and I have never seen you so happy. I definitely approve. ” I gave her a huge grin and noticed she had tears brimming in her eyes. 
“That means the world to me Y/N. It really does.“ 
The last 3 hours were spent singing along to an old 80’s CD while laughing and munching on sunflower seeds. I couldn’t wait to make it to the beach and see the water. I hadn’t been to the ocean since I was a little girl so it was giving me motivation. I didn’t want my mom to think I was completely miserable. Finally the Welcome to California sign came into view and just a bit longer until we made it to the fancy neighborhood with huge houses. My mom had memorized the address and found the O'Brien’s home with no issues. 
"Yay we are home!” Mom said with a child like squeal. I smiled at her then jumped out of the vehicle to stretch my legs. Patrick came into view. He was almost jogging down the steps as mom ran to embrace him in a hug. They kissed for what felt like a century until I cleared my throat. 
“Oh I am so rude Hi Y/N! I hope the trip wasn’t too bad. How are you?” Patrick asked while patting my shoulder. 
“It was tiring but not as bad as I thought. I am just glad to move my legs around ” I replied. 
“Well on that note let’s start moving some stuff in. I’ll get Dylan to help us. You haven’t even met him yet? He loves your mom. Dylan! Come outside son and help these ladies with their stuff!” Patrick yelled into the door way. A boy came onto the porch. He was tall and had dark brown hair almost black that stood in a perfectly styled quiff. His skin was tanned from the California rays. A few moles adored his face. They were actually cute. His eyes warm like dark honey. 
“Dyl this Y/N. Marie’s daughter. She is going to be your new roommate. So grab some stuff and show her where she’ll be sleeping. ” Patrick instructed his son. He walked up onto the porch to join my mom. 
“Hello Y/N. Nice to finally meet you. Hmm I have to say you look different from what I had imagined.” Dylan said while giving me small smile and lifting a large box onto his shoulder. 
“Nice to meet you too. And I honestly pictured a bleach blonde surfer boy. So we both are guilty. ” I confessed. He laughed and shook his head. 
“Nah I couldn’t pull blonde off. And surfing isn’t really my thing. I prefer baseball. ” He said. 
“Well I used to play baseball as a kid back home so thats good we have something in common. But if you don’t mind me asking how did you picture me? I’m curious. ” I asked boldly. 
“I didn’t know you would be so damn pretty. ” Dylan said with a wink. He walked away to carry the box inside. My face flushed bright red and I had to take a second to process what he said. 
“Come on and I’ll show you room. ” Dylan yelled and I walked towards the house trying to regain my composure. I followed behind him up the stairs and down a long hall way. 
“So this is my room. If you ever need anything feel free to stop in. And yours is next to mine. ” He pushed the door open to reveal a huge room that had a day bed in the window. I was blown away. This whole place was so much bigger than the small house I had back home. 
“I love it. Such a gorgeous view. ” I said looking back at Dylan. He was grinning. 
“Yeah I know I’m fun to look at but the view out onto the beach is even better.” He replied smugly. I smacked his shoulder and laughed. 
“You are quite the cocky one aren’t you?” I said biting my lip. 
“Well only around really attractive girls. I have to make you blush some how. ” Dylan said touching my red hot cheeks. 
“Yes you are very good at that. Now stop it. Our parents will think something is wrong with us. You are kinda like my stepbrother now. Wouldn’t that be weird? ” I asked making the last part a whisper. 
“I don’t think so. We aren’t even related. Even if they do get married it doesn’t make us blood. But I do think they would flip their lids so I’ll lay off if you really want me to. ” Dylan said with a frown. His big brown puppy dogs eyes made my heart sink. 
“What if I don’t want you to?” My words were now low and seductive. Now it was his turn to blush. 
“Then I won’t. I’ll step it up a notch and see if you can handle it. ” He spoke in a whisper, his lips brushing against my ear. 
“Let the games begin. ” I said with my hand against the crotch of his pants. I brushed down gentely and noticed a quiet moan escpaed his lips. I giggled and started to walk away. He cleared his throat and spoke up.
“You win this round Y/n. But I will catch up though. Just wait.”

Ch. 2

who you should fight in game of thrones (alive or dead)
  • jon snow: you could fight jon snow if you wanted to. it's a 50/50 bet. but why? just look into his eyes. he's so sad. protect jon snow.
  • arya stark: do NOT fight arya stark. are you kidding me? she's killed like 4 people so far. she's small but vicious. so vicious. if you value your life, do not fight arya stark.
  • brienne of tarth: oookay buddy. it's your life. she will win, and it will be brutal. don't come crying to me when she beats your ass. actually, you probably won't be able to, seeing as she might just kill you. do not fight brienne of tarth.
  • jaime lannister: go ahead, fight jaime lannister. you'll probably win, since his good hand is out of the equation. he's a good guy, but a bit full of himself. it'll knock him down a peg. fight jaime lannister.
  • daenerys targaryen: there's no winning a fight with dany. you might win today, but she's coming for you. it might be years from now, but she will find you, and she will kill you. do not fight daenerys targaryen.
  • sansa stark: DO NOT FIGHT SANSA STARK. holy shit. the girl has seen too much shit for one lifetime. you're going to lose, like, a hand or something. did you see the shade she threw at myranda? stay away from sansa stark.
  • tyrion lannister: you can try to fight tyrion lannister, but odds are he'll talk you out of it. you'll probably end up having a witty conversation over wine. fight tyrion lannister. it'll be a nice afternoon.
  • ramsey bolton: don't be afraid of ramsey bolton. he's nothing without his cronies or flaying tools. he's also weak and pretty much the worst. beat the shit out of ramsey. bring sansa with you, too.
  • cersei lannister: hmm. you'll probably lose this one, since the woman has basically nothing to lose at this point. but she's not had the best track record for imprisoning and punishing people. proceed with caution.
  • stannis baratheon: you will win this fight. but don't be afraid of the consequences. he'll probably give you props for bravery and shit. commend your grammar. he's a weird guy. fight the mannis.
  • joffrey baratheon: hahahaha. fight him. please. invite me over when you do it. no, invite everyone over. you will win, and it will be awesome.

“Dean!” You called out to your brother who was walking ahead of you. “Dean, I’m trying to talk to you!” To no avail he kept his head forward and got out his keys to the Impala.

“Y/N, I’m sure he has his reasons for doing what he did. Just let it go.” Sam said making you stop to look at him.

“No, I won’t just let it go Sammy.” You replied furrowing your eyebrows and shaking your head. You sped up to catch Dean before he got in the car. Grabbing the back of his arm, you pulled making him turn around.

“Didn’t you hear me? I was calling you!”

“Yea, I heard you.” He replied rolling his eyes.

“Then, what the hell?! I had that vampire Dean, you didn’t need to kill it for me”, you yelled at him.

“Just get in the car Y/N.” He opened the back door annoyed.

“No Dean,” you slammed it shut, “Not just today, but for a long time you’ve always taken over my hunts. It’s friggin’ annoying! Dad taught me all the same crap he taught you both and goddammit if I can’t use my knowledge and ideas around you guys I’ll just start hunting on my own.” He stared at you not saying a word, although his eyes were saying everything. You opened the door to get in, but this time he slammed it.

“And what exactly are you going to do when something like this happens again, huh?! When a vampire grabs you from behind and you actually don’t have it under control? Me and Sam won’t be there to help save you. So maybe instead of bitchin’ at me, you just say thanks and that’s it… Now, get in the car.” You both stood there glaring at each other before Sam cleared his throat getting the attention of you and Dean.

“We gotta go before someone shows up.” He got in the car and adjusted himself when he sat down.

“Just lay off Dean, I always have reasons for doing what I do. You know exactly what dad would say if he knew you were doing this, right?”

“Oh yeah, what’s that?” He asked sarcastically sticking his head out to hear you.

“You three are always going to have different strategies”, as soon as he heard these words his face softened, “But none of them will work unless you all work together.” Dean’s eyes shot to the ground as he thought about what your dad had told you all. You playfully punched his shoulder and got in the back seat. He stood outside for a little while longer before joining you and Sam in the car. In no time you guys were on the road again driving to the next hunt. You had fallen asleep with your headphones in while your brothers stayed awake.

“She’s just like dad, huh?” Sam asked finally breaking the silence.

“So much, it’s scary.” Dean replied keeping his eyes on the road.

Sam let out a small laugh nodding before positioning his head on the window and falling asleep. Dean moved the rear-view mirror to look at you; his little sister. You were 24, but in his eyes you were always going to be the little girl he protected from everything. He always knew you were best at what you did, but he’d never forgive himself and he knew your guys’ dad wouldn’t either, if something happened to you. He turned on the radio to hear anything, but silence

And she’ll promise you more than the Garden of Eden

Then she’ll carelessly cut you and laugh while you’re bleeding

But she’ll bring out the best and the worst you can be

Blame it all on yourself ‘cause she’s always a woman to me

Ohh—she takes care of herself

She can wait if she wants; she’s ahead of her time

Ohh—and she never gives out and she never gives in, she just changes her mind

She’s frequently kind and she’s suddenly cruel

She can do as she pleases, she’s nobody’s fool

And she can’t be convicted, she’s earned her degree

And the most she will do is throw shadows at you, but she’s always a woman to me

“Hell of a song,” he spoke quietly to himself before looking back into the mirror and smiling at you.

Arrow - The Climb - Episode Review

If there’s one thing we need to learn from tonight’s episode, it would be that no matter what, a TV show can always surprise you and bring your emotions at their maximum. All of us pretty much knew what was about to happen. The likelihood of Oliver dying was so high that it was almost an expectation. What we didn’t expect is the intensity, the pain and the beauty of a final scene that we somehow foreshadowed. The same way Oliver climbs this mountain, the Arrow Winter Finale brings us to a peak of emotion.


Oliver is used to seeing people coming back from the dead. Sara, Slade, Malcolm. Maseo coming back in the LOA in comparison is a light surprise for Oliver. As the episode remains really vague on what happened to Maseo’s family, we have all the reasons to believe that his family or at least his wife has been murdered by China White. The second half of the season will show us more of this but for now, we can only expect the worst for these people who have been for a few weeks Oliver’s family. Pain and revenge look like obvious reasons for Maseo to forget his name and give his soul to the demon, creating an antinomy with Oliver’s persona. Maseo remains one of these characters that we can’t yet categorize. Is he evil or is a part of Maseo still alive? My bet is on him being our hero’s best chance for the rest of season.

Malcolm Merlyn showed the amplitude of his manipulative talent tonight. This man is capable of using his own daughter to get what he wants. He doesn’t hesitate to make her a murderer, to kill a friend, ruining her soul in the process, to get rid of Ra’s-Al-Ghul. Malcolm doesn’t care about anything but himself. He may love his daughter somehow but just like he did with Tommy, he needs her to be on his side, she needs to be part of a bigger picture to actually have a reason to be. As opposed to Oliver, who doesn’t ask anything to his sister but to be loved by him. Like Maseo, we are clearly not done with Merlyn. When Oliver faces the fury of the League of Assassins for protecting Merlyn, this one doesn’t hesitate to send Oliver to a predictable death. He has no honor and will have to pay for it. We are seeking revenge.

As Felicity is Oliver’s light, Sara was Nyssa’s. Without her, our favourite member of the LOA is nothing else than a cold-blood killer, seeking revenge and death. Her entire humanity is now gone and she doesn’t even care about honoring Sara’s memory. She represents the path that Oliver decided not to choose. Oliver chose love, Nyssa chose death. They loved the same person but Sara’s impact on their lives has been diametrically different. The friend she could have been to Oliver is dead, replaced by the stoned-face and determined heir of the demon.


This is the biggest surprise of the day! Well, almost the biggest surprise… Thea being Sara’s killer. My first reaction was denial. How can someone like Thea could kill Sara? Oliver was right, she’s a liar and she’s now close to Malcolm Merlyn but she is NOT a killer.

Thea showed us at the beginning of the episode a genuine surprise when learning about Sara’s death. This was the sign that she was the killer. I couldn’t help but letting out a “no, please, you’re not a killer” while watching the cemetery scene. Why would the writers bring her at the cemetery and meet Laurel if it was not to give the viewer the tool to believe that Thea, despite all the evidence pilling up against her, was not Sara’s killer. Not intentionally at least. The writers helped us thinking further than the obvious and to believe that Thea still had this innocence in her. They emphasized it with the Christmas spirit taking over Thea. How can this lovely girl decorating the Christmas tree for her and her brother be able to kill someone in cold blood? It was kind of one of these moves that makes your brain go crazy and your heart explode.

Unfortunately, the reality can’t be changed and Thea is Sara’s killer. She’s not the brain who thought the murder but she’s the arm that shot the arrow. She is physically responsible for her death and sooner or later, she will have to face the consequences of her act. She took a life and this has impacted her soul. I’m somehow glad that Roy and Thea will have to face this together. Both of them have a really similar path this season and I’m eager to see how they will help each other and get closer through the acceptation of being responsible for someone’s death. Neither of them were themselves when they deprived their victim of their most precious good but both of them lost a bit of their soul doing so. Hopefully, their love for each other will make them feel complete again.


Being a hero doesn’t necessarily mean saving the city. Beyond that, Oliver is tonight a hero because he’s willing to save what’s the most important to him. His family. His sister. Oliver is a hero tonight because he puts his sister before himself. He forgets what he is and what he represents for a lot of people and focuses on saving one person. For love.

Even if the evidence pile up against Thea, Oliver does not believe she’s a killer. He chooses not to believe the members of his team, his closest firends - creating an inevitable tension between them – to believe his feelings and emotions instead. When a lot of people see this as a weakness, I think this is Oliver’s strength. Oliver shows us here that he’s not the Arrow. That he is still human. That he still wants to believe that there’s good in the people he knows and loves. Oliver shows us that his family allows him to stay alive. This and Felicity… but Felicity comes later… hold on to it!

Even after his confrontation with her sister, the realization that she’s not what he thought she was, he still believes she’s worth fighting for. Because of love. Because she’s his sister.

She lies to him. But Oliver lies to her every day. This doesn’t mean he loves her less because of his lies and his own experience makes him see further than her own betrayal towards him. She deserves to be saved because her only goal has always been to protect him from what she has become and keep him safe.


This episode is clearly Oliver-centered but if you look closer, there’s a massive learning curve for Felicity regarding love. In this episode, Felicity faces how painful and intense love can be. Her first experience will be through Ray’s own suffering. His love for his fiancée (I was right about that – my theory was that he lost his wife somehow… I almost had it right!) made him look for something else to be. Be a stronger person to help people around him, to prevent people from losing what’s the most important to them. Ray is a good guy. He might be socially awkward, border line creepy but there’s good inside him. The worst in life brought the best out of him. Remind you of someone? Yes, I know… Let’s go back to Felicity. Through Ray’s story, Felicity foresees what Oliver tries to avoid. Losing the person you love, losing a part of yourself and losing yourself at the same time. The disastrous experience of love ending in the most violent and definitive way : death.

I’m almost afraid to admit it but the writers are creating parallel here. On top of the one developed around Thea and Roy around murder, the writers are developing a really similar story for Ray and Felicity. Ray lost the love of his life. Felicity lost the love of her life. I’m afraid where that will lead, I’m afraid they will share the same pain, I’m afraid that will bring them together. I’m terrified guys. I usually don’t bring too many emotions in my writing but this time, I have to. I’m not ready for this. Just like I said, the worst things can bring the best in people. Felicity and Ray would almost be able to build something beautiful out of their respective pain and loss. Blew up by Oliver’s return for sure but real nonetheless.

My heart broke a little when Felicity let this out : “I can think of one [who regrets kissing me]”. Dear sweetheart, he doesn’t regret kissing you. He regrets he can’t be with you. He will never regret this kiss. He thought about your kiss in his last moments. You brought life to him through this kiss, Felicity.

I’m not sure I’m ready to comment on this Olicity Scene… Okay, let’s do this.

The writers chose to set up this scene in a familiar environment, where Oliver and Felicity got to get closer, got to know each other and to fall in love with each other. Their entire story belongs here but it’s surprisingly enough the first time they express their love in the Arrow cave. The Arrow’s life and Oliver Queen’s life merge together when it comes to Felicity. There’s no one without the other.

As the Arrow or as Oliver Queen, our hero still can’t lie to Felicity. She sees clearly through his lies and she can see the danger he’s about to get exposed to. She knows she’s about to lose him if he doesn’t win. To save him, to allow him to come back to her and to build a life he would have ever dreamed of, she gives up on her biggest battle: She wants Oliver to kill Ra’s-Al-Ghul. She wants this over. Marc Guggemheim teased that this scene would be OOC for Felicity. I don’t think it is. She wants to save the man she loves, she wants him to be away from the danger and she knows there’s no other way than killing Ras-Al-Ghul to achieve this purpose. She shows him all her support and all her love at this critical moment, proving him that she will never doubt him. By doing so, she admits that there’s only one person she loves. HIM. Not the Arrow, not Oliver Queen. Just him. Just the man he is, somewhere between the two, somewhere where their love and humanity is. Oliver himself doesn’t know who he is. But what defines him is love. Love for his family.

And finally his love for her. When Oliver approaches a dual that could lead to death, this is how he defines himself, though love. He’s not the Arrow anymore. He’s a hero.

As a hero, he gives up everything that he could aspire to to save his sister. He limits himself to a forehead kiss.A long, painful and meaningful forehead kiss but he doesn’t go any further. He limits the physical contact with Felicity when he could take it all and cross the limit with her. He doesn’t. Felicity either.

I can understand why some of us could be frustrated by the lack of reaction from Felicity. This was my first reaction too : “do something!! Fight for him!!”. BUT think about what Felicity just said : “I’m not gonna ask you to stay”. Oliver is facing the most terrifying threat, he needs to be focused at 100%. He needs to go without any regrets and Felicity understands this. She won’t hold him back. She removes herself from the equation. He’s going to fight for Thea. This is what he’s fighting for. He can’t fight for Felicity. If he did, he would realize what he could lose by losing the dual. He could lose a lifetime with her, he could lose her forever and this would lead to fear sneaking in Oliver’s heart. He doesn’t need any fear to cloud his judgment. The risk is too high. This is the reason why Felicity doesn’t do anything. Because she can’t weaken him when he needs her to be strong. For him. For a them to exist eventually.


The battle scene is by far the most painful scene we have had to watch in Arrow. We fear for Oliver, we fear for his life, for what it would mean for him to lose. We suffer as he does, we always have and we always will. Unfortunately, there’s not a single moment I actually believe Oliver could win. From the beginning, it was obvious that Ra’s-Al-Ghul was the strongest and that Oliver would not win this one. I hoped, I prayed for him to escape, to find a way to stay alive. There’s no way out with the League of Assassins.Your soul need to be ready for the worst. Because the worst happened. 

Oliver is defeated. His humanity failed him. His face is full of rage and anger when Ra’s-Al-Ghul is impassible. There’s nothing human left in him. Oliver hasn’t reached that point yet and he’s the weakest.

As Ra’s-Al-Ghul run his sword through him, Oliver holds on to his humanity one last time. He holds on to the light for one more second. He holds on to what matters to him : His father, his mother, his sister and finally Felicity. He holds on to love, love that has defined him during his entire journey and makes him a hero until the very last moment. 

7 things Your Mom Is Right AboutBy: Maria

The minute you hear any of these phrases coming out of your mom’s infuriated mouth, you can’t help rolling your eyes at her for the billionth time. Motherly wisdom is every daughter’s (and son’s) worst nightmare, for no one enjoys being lectured on the same topics, involving such cliche statements as “because I say so”. But come think of it, the majority of your mother’s rant isn’t totally uncalled for and in the right context could prove the best advice you’ll ever receive. So brace yourself and listen yet again…

  1. Don skip breakfast”: We know, we know, you don’t have time; frankly no one does. On the other hand though, making a smoothie, having a yogurt parfait or even going as simple as bare milk and cereal won’t take more than 10 minutes-which you can surely save up by waking up a bit earlier than you normally do. Not one to sacrifice your sacred sleeping time? Just cut down other parts of your morning routine such us straightening your hair or checking your phone. Your mom will undoubtedly have lectured you about the vital importance of breakfast so there’s no need for me to go beyond reminding you that people who have breakfast deliver better, are more alert and in a better mood. Are you still considering it?

  2. Tidy up your room”: Probably a mom’s most common rumble, you can’t go by a couple of days without hearing this odious phrase. Truth be told however, your life balance is 100% better when you work in a clean, tidy space. If you devote as much as 10 minutes a day, right after you get home or before catching up with your homework, to tidying up you won’t need to spend half of your Saturday morning, trying to declutter a weeks-worth of junk. For me, cleaning up my morning mess is part of my afternoon routine and I’ve long discovered its beneficial effects. I have immediate access to everything I need, which means no more expeditions to my wardrobe for my textbooks, plus my bedrooms gives off a calming, cozy vibe that is so lovely, especially now in the winter months. Not to mention, no more mom yells!

  3. When in doubt, always carry a jacket”: Seriously though, if I had a penny every time my parents told be to carry a jacket, I could afford a Givenchy coat at last. But in light of a recent experience of mine, maybe they’re not that wrong altogether. It’s better to be seen carrying around a cardigan-which you can rock around your waist like a true fashionista- than end up getting a frost bite and spend the following week with a runny nose. Props to mum for that as well!

  4. Concentrate on your studies”: As much as it sucks to admit it, our performance and overall outlook on school during our mid/late teens can dictate our college, and as a result our career, prospects to a worrisome degree. So make the pledge to really immerse yourself in your studies now that it counts and I promise you’ll see it paying it off in the long run. Even if things don’t work out quite as you’d envisioned them you won’t have to live off with the regrets that you didn’t do as well as you know you could have.

  5. Pay attention to the friends you make:” Being carefree and at times even reckless is one thing and involving yourself with people who bring the worst out of you is another. Finding people whom you genuinely care about and who appreciate you back should be one of your top priorities. I feel blessed to have found my best friends and, having been associated with the “wrong people” for quite some time as well, I can honestly confess how greater a person I am with the former. Don’t get me wrong: a parent’s definition of the “bad crowd”, as in people who smoke, are sexually promiscuous etc, doesn’t always meet with the aforementioned “wrong people”. To me, these are the girls or guys who are literary poising your every move, by peer-pressuring you, harassing you, judging you or in any way bullying you. Boy, must you stay away from them. Instead be kind and open enough to detect people who will stick by in the good and the bad times alike. Those you can pour your heart to, you can be yourself around at all times, those who make you comfortable in your own skin.

  6. Don’t waste your money”: I don’t know about you but I’m constantly reprimanded for spending my money irrationally, which I nearly always regret: By the time I finally locate something that makes my little shopaholic-driven heart skip, I’ve splurged all my pocket money on unnecessary things. What I’ve discovered is that the best method to avoid this horrendous situation is to prioritize and shop accordingly. Write down all the things that you’re eyeing, their approximate prize and number them from the most important to the least. Think to yourself: “Could I get this for cheaper” (online/ on sale/ thrifted etc)? If yes, weigh your options, always baring in mind “quality over quantity”. If you learn how to manage your money now, bachelor life won’t be any trouble since you’ll be familiar with saving and budgeting.

  7. Cherish your adolescence”: My mom has been claiming that her high-school and university years were her best and I’ve always been repelled by the idea that what I’m experiencing now might as well be the best it gets. I still maintain this belief to some extent but with a brand new approach. I can’t change the sucky parts of my teenage years or ease the burden of school, however I can try and make the most out of every experience and I’d advice you to do the same. Make friends, go to cafes and concerts and clubs and deserted alleys; Take a million pictures, break into each others house and eat pizzas for breakfast if that’s what you want. Because you can.

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I fully understand my privilege as a seemingly healthy-ish on the outside, young woman (healthy in terms of weight). I’m not fat, but not skinny, kinda in that zone where I have extra body fat and rolls but unless I’m nude or in a bathing suit I can keep covered and most don’t notice.

But it pisses me off how some black women automatically are like “Because you are not really fat, you don’t have problems with your body” like guys, I still HATE my body. I have to stay home for days at a time because of my Crohn’s disease and I look damn hideous because my skin under my chin, arms, stomach, thighs, knees, breasts, and ankles are covered in a total of hundreds of scars from surgeries (yay tumors), self harm (yay mental illness) to just in general awful situations (yay getting stabbed). Yes, I have privilege in many areas lf my life and you bet your ass I stand up for you guys, but this isn’t me bringing up the bs “skinny shaming” or crap, this is me saying it is an equal opportunity body-hating world out there especially for those of us with chronic illness. I don’t even like looking at my body in the mirror. I can’t stand seeing the hundreds of lines and I really feel gross in the worst way. I already feel physically weak a lot, but the visual aspect of seeing my skin which looks damn awful for the most part is hell. I do my best to only look at my face in the mirror and not the rest of my body because I cry nearly every time. Trust me, the only “But you’re pretty"s I get are when I cover up and people only see my face. I worked so hard and used all my energy over the past year on my own to try out for the swim team, but I’ve seen people stare when I get out of the water and look horrified so I decided I wasn’t emotionally ready to try out. I think my body advertises to the world “HEY! LOOK AT THIS YOUNG, BLACK WOMAN! ISNT SHE MESSED UP? WHAT KIND OF WOMAN WOULD DO THAT TO HERSELF? IT LOOKS LIFE SHE GOT KNIFED!” well partially because I’ve actually heard people say that stuff to me before. That self-love stuff is bs for me. I’m supposed to be a “Queen” and I can’t get out of bed a lot of the time and I’m freaking hideous. The problem is not weight, no matter what I do, this stuff won’t fade. 2 to 6 inch surgical incisions all over among others. I see a lot of men go onto less scarred, prettier girls who can eat whatever they want and have energy and not be bedridden and the girls show their skin and no parent tells them “Don’t grow up to be like her” and honestly, I’m jealous and hurt and it’ll always be that way. Just be mindful of other kinds of body problems, ladies. Not that it in any way minimizes your struggles, but there are also many other ways of having shit bodies.

My sisters and I are HUGE fans of Idina Menzel and we were so excited to see her perform at the Oscars on Sunday night. She didn’t do so hot and, the worst part is, you could see that she knew she didn’t do so hot. So my older sister is friends with a guy whose boyfriend is friends with one of Ellen’s people. (I know that this sounds like “she said, he said, she said,” but please bear with me for a minute) This woman told her friend how Ellen always brings her team whenever she does anything, like hosting the Academy Awards. Her team watched this all go down.

Idina’s day didn’t start out the best. They wouldn’t let her in to the Academy Awards. I don’t know the reason exactly, but she had a hard time getting into the venue where she was PERFORMING. Eventually, she was let in. Then the Academy’s producers made Idina rehearse “Let It Go” FIVE FREAKING TIMES FULL OUT. Idina, being the trained professional she is, said she would sing it out once and then half the other time. They said NO. They wanted her to hit each and every note 5 times. They threatened that if she couldn’t do it, then they would get Demi Lovato to do the performance. FUCKING HELL NO. I love and adore Demi, but they threatened a woman with someone who is 21 YEARS OLD.

Well, Idina rehearsed five times, full out, then cried in her dressing room (aka a tiny bathroom they put her in, but hey, the acoustics must be awesome, right?) for an hour. When she did perform, her name was butchered by John Travolta, and she didn’t hit any of the notes WE KNOW SHE CAN HIT. Like, come on. This is IDINA MENZEL. She is a queen! She was just so nervous and the music was rushed, so then she was rushed. The performance was just a disaster.

I feel for Idina so much. The thing that makes me feel a tiny bit better, was that Ellen’s people were trying to help Idina as much as they could. Ellen really does surround herself by the best people.

A lesson the Academy can take away from this is to NEVER force a TRAINED THEATRICAL PERFORMER to do something that they know absolutely shit about. Should’ve listened to Idina.

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I love klaroline 😍 do you think they will be together sometimes? I mean Stephan and Caroline are cute but not like klaus and Caroline :(

Yeah i love Klaus and Caroline way more than her with Stefan. I think Stefan should find a love interest outside his circle of friends because Caroline should be with Klaus. I swear i’ve never seen so much chemistry between her and a guy ever ! And when Klaus came along it was just perfect ! It’s like a line from Gossip Girl “He brings out the worst in me and weirdly i bring out the best in him” (Blair about Chuck) and that’s how i feel about Klaus and Caroline. They complete each other perfectly !