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This blog is super popular and im real happy for you guys keep up the great work and thank you for this

thank YOU all for submitting and participating in the discord and generally being awesome folks, and as usual a BIG thank you to cas, who i could literally physically Not handle this blog without.
im honestly still so bewildered at all the love n support we’ve recieved for this project (which i was sure was gonna flop at the beginning). it blows me away but im so glad. thank u all again

-val from non-human resources 💖💖💖

“I…” He trails off “I want to give us a try.”

I freeze. Stunned for a moment because I’ve been waiting years for this moment. “Seriously? I waited 4 years” I say frustrated.

“I know” he says blowing out a breath.

“No you don’t. You were always pushing me away then pulling me back; just to date other girls then ask me for advice later on. 4 years of crappy relationships waiting for you to finally tell me how you felt.” I say as the anger builds.
“But then again you did whenever you were drunk. Remember that phase? And then you’d act like it was nothing. Playing with my head over and over.” I say looking at him as he looks down at the ground.
“Now after I finally find a good guy that I love and you want a chance? No, you don’t get the right to ask me that.”

right now, all these people are like OMG, TWO GUYS FINALLY BECAME A CANON COUPLE IN A SPORTS ANIME, THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!!!!!! and yes i get their point but

don’t forget about… this, you know???

(hint: “this” = makoharu, hello, this is a makoharu blog here. XD)

just because they weren’t as blatantly physical doesn’t mean there was not a TON of meaning and depth and words and beauty and emotions and just… so much stuff. seriously!! wow!!! makoharu is mind-blowing!! i’ve been stunned and blown away over and over again by this ship. there are so many reasons why makoharu is canon and i don’t want people to think that it’s not that much, or it’s something less, or something not as real, just because it’s not portrayed/expressed in the same way as other ships that people are getting excited about and saying “this type of thing has never ever been canon before and blah blah blah”

and it’s weird because i actually like that ship and really do understand why people are saying this. but still, IT MAKES ME KINDA SAD OKAY. XD i have mixed feelings. like do you have to say it as if every other sports anime male/male relationship didn’t get very far and doesn’t mean much?

i… i’’m getting a little salty over this lol

I was tagged by the lovely @morgondagar  ♡ ♥ 

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1. Do you have a favourite book? Or multiple? If so, which one(s) and why?
The Red Queen series is definitely up there. Especially the first book. I just love VA’s writing style, and the characters and the world building blow me away, and the plot twists are so amazing and I’m just…I want to write like this one day. I want my writing to make people feel like Red Queen made me feels.
Also I just really love VA so there’s that.
I also really like Carry on By Rainbow Rowell. It was just such a soft story…reading it made me feel warm inside.
I’m also a huge fan of the Lunar Chronicles, specifically of Cinder. Again I love the writing, the characters, the world building…and Cinder and Kai just had such a wholesome relationship…idk
I love so many more books…honestly books are amazing there are too many good ones out there and I’m sad that I don’t have time to read the all

2. Favourite song/artist?
I love music, but I don’t have either. I’m sorry.

3. Pinapple on pizzas, why is(n’t) it bad?
No. Because Pineapple is disgusting. 

4. Do you use Farhenheit or Celsius? Do you understand the one you don’t use?
I use Celcius, but I kind of understand Fahrenheit since I spend six months in the US. But tbh, Fahrenheit is a really pretty fucking dumb system.

5. Favourite scent? Where is it from? Why is it your favourite?
Again I don’t like choosing favorites…but I love the smell of the ocean because it brings back good memories. I also really love lavender, gasoline and the smell of our basement for unknown reasons.

6. Favourite memory?
I don’t like sharing them…idk, I’m sorry, it just makes me feel weird. 

7. Can you say a sentence in a language you have never studied?
I can say Thank you in Finnish? Kiitos for tagging me m8

8. Opinion on James Charles?
I don’t really have one, since I don’t know much about him. But I envy his make up skills.

9. Ever kept a diary? How did it go?
I tried like 500 times, but I could never keep it up for more than one day.

10. Allergic to anything? How did you find out
LMAO so much shit mites and cats are the worst, but then also dogs, guinea pigs, tomatoes, nuts (esp peanuts), and a bunch of other annoying allergies esp some pollen, but I forgot which ones in particular bc I last got tested ages ago but if I forgot to take my medicine for too long I’d probably have to go to the hospital bc my mites allergy is so bad lmaooo

11. Have you got a life quote that you try to live by? Why is it your life quote? What does it mean to you?
I don’t. I can’t remember to eat how do you expect me to remember inspirational quotes.

My questions:

1. How many stuffed animals do you have?

2. Do you collect anything?

3. What’s your favorite foreign snack, if you have any?

4. Favorite Make up Guru?

5. Is there a story you are dying to write/draw/get out there somewhere? Tell me about it! What is it about? What do you love about it? How did you come up with it?

6. Dan or Phil?

7. Do you believe in Aliens? 

8. What’s the most interesting Tv Show(s)/Movie(s) you’ve ever watched? Why was it so interesting?

9. How do your bedroom walls look like?

10. Thoughts on Polaroids?

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SHIT MAN I REMEMBER FIRST FINDING DW OVER A YEAR AGO AND COMMENTING HOW MUCH I LOVED YOUR WRITING BUT DIDNT CARE FOR LEVI/EREN AS A SHIP BUT NOW YOURE GONNA DO VIKTUURI? marry me pls, I'm so happy I found your posts floating in the tags because NOW I KNOW and your writing is probably going to blow me away *again*

<3 <3 thank you, sorry for being one of those writer’s that hordes the one ship XD I can’t help it!

But I love viktuuri so much and can’t get the idea of them as wild fishes out of my head, so you guys are in luck!

I recently decided that I hate the way the first chapter turned out so I’m reordering everything and doing rewrites in the coming weeks, after I get a couple of assessments out of the way. So it might be a couple of weeks before I post that, but still soon :)

“So it was, like, very late at night and I was very, you know, pregnant. Had curlers and the whole thing in my hair, getting ready to go to bed. And we got a call, ’Merry, there’s a group of guys in town. The Rolling…Somebodies, and they’re from England and they need somebody that will sing with them.’ They picked me up with silk pajamas on, a mink coat, and a Chanel scarf on my head. […] And I said, ‘What? ‘Rape? Murder? It’s just a shot away’? I started to sing…with Mick and he said, ‘You wanna know another one?’ I said, ‘Sure.’ And I said, ‘I’m gonna do another one. And I’m gonna blow them outta this room.’ I went in again and I did that pass on the part that says, ‘Rape! Murder! It’s just a shot away!’ So I had to go another octave.”

A tribute to one of rock-and-roll’s underrated voices, Miss Merry Clayton.


Seven years ago this amazing community started to make it’s emergence, but it wasn’t until 2010 that I decided to dip my toes into the storytelling side of the berry sweet universe. To be honest, I was terrified! I’d shared a few short stories and a few machinina in my Sims 2 days, but this somehow seemed very different.

I remember those first posts and all the amazing support and feedback I received from the community. I was blown away. You all inspired me to continue down the rabbit hole and that’s when these two really came to life. Their love and hardships fueled my need to share their story. It made us mad and sad and a gambit of emotions along the way. By the end of Splash of Color you guys took my little Sims story to new heights and my wordpress blog surpassed 1 million hits! (this still blows my mind) it was then that I began the journey to paper and again you were there to offer words of encouragement as the goings got rough and I more than a few times felt intimidated or inadequate for the job. Low and behold I made it to publication and you supported me yet again.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… this community means the world to me. You have shared and loved with so much passion. You’ve helped me through hard times and enjoyed the good times too. 

Thank you for everything. I’ll never be able to express how much you all mean to me. Truly.

I love you guys ♥

Much Love, Berry ♥

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Hi! It's me, again. Can i have an iKON gif reaction after your first night together? Thank you <3

Happy to!

Jinhwan: *still feeling the passion*

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Yunhyeong: *sitill can’t believe how amazing it was*

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Bobby: I hope I made it good for you! *innocent*

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B.I: *is happy he finally got you*

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Donghyuk: *sees you in a whole new light*

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Junhoe: *newfound confidence*

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Chanwoo: Did I do good?

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I await the day they have a song that blows me away, but I’m sure that time will come soon enough. Either way, they can be some fun guys, I’ll say that much. I’m glad that you have been such a avid follower of my blog, and I can always count on you for good reaction requests. Also, I’m sorry for the 2NE1 news while I was away, as they were one of your favorite groups. I give my condolences to you specifically, as it is sad to hear. Anyways, I hope you liked this reaction and I hope you have a good day girlie!


That time when there was a Sing Off in China, and PTX was performing, but the Chinese crowd were blown away when Kevin started talking in Mandarin. 

Host: Do you guys like China? Kevin: [in Chinese] We really like China.

Host: What? What? Say that again. Kevin: I said I really like China. Host: Your Chinese is so good, and yet you had me making a big effort to speak English. Kevin: I spent a year and a half in China learning Chinese at Beijing University and Tsinghua University. [They’re the top 2 colleges in China, so everyone is impressed.] My time in China left a deep impression on me, because I took advantage of a great opportunity and got to experience China’s culture, entertainment, music, and many other areas. These things were a good influence on me. So we’re very happy to come here and perform for you. It’s an honor to perform here. Host: What do I call you? Kevin: My Chinese name? My name is 陆佑乐 Lu You Le. 陆 lu from 大陆 (da lu / mainland), 佑 you from 保佑 (bao you / protect), and 乐 le from 快乐 (kuai le / happy). Host: [jokingly] He’s too infuriating. Okay, you host. I’m done. So awesome. Give a round of applause to Lu You Le and his fellow group members.

Kevin: Thank you, thank you.

Host: Other than you, can anyone else in the group speak Chinese?

Mitch: I speak a little bit of Chinese.

Host: And I can speak a little bit of English. Mitch: [in Chinese] You are prettier than a beautiful flower. Host: Okay, you know what. That’s just for girls, not for guys. When everyone heard you were coming, we were all very excited because we love your songs. Just listen to their applause.

PTX: Thank you! We’re excited to be here.

Fic Recs

I only started reading fanfic around a year ago, and boy had I been missing out. I’ve read some truly incredible stuff since then and its hard to express the gratitude for the hard work you guys put in. I’ve recently started writing some fics myself (which you can find here) and I know how much I struggle so seeing what you guys produce, well it is just blows me away. You’re all amazing <3

The first few are pretty much my favourite authors and they’ve got quite a few works I’ve just fallen in love with, so I’ve rec’d my uttermost faves but I highly recommend you check out all their stuff cos its a goldmine of goodness. 

The others are are in no particular order and again I highly recommend you check out all of their work as I may have not read it but if its anywhere as good as what I’ve linked on here it’ll be amazing.

It’s mostly Stucky but there’s also some SNK & Evanstan thrown in the mix.


rocksaltandroll // ao3

Stucky / Marvel

The President’s Son 

(60k+ words - completed)

Agent Steve Rogers is assigned to protect President Barnes’ son, Bucky - a troubled war veteran with a penchant for causing havoc. Bucky is a war hero but keeps veering to the path of self destruction, and Steve is sure as hell doesn’t want to get fired over this shit. His job is to protect Bucky, even from himself.

> Cake Walk 

(65k+ words - completed)

Steve Rogers runs a small bakery in Brooklyn with his friend Peggy. When his neighbours Natasha and Sam announce that they are getting married, Steve is immediately commissioned to make the wedding cake. He’s more than thrilled, but gets more than he bargained for when asked to co-ordinate with Bucky Barnes - Natasha’s highly attractive and charming wedding planner.

> Undertones and Overtures

(106k+ words - completed)

In which Steve is deaf and Bucky is an amputee.Bucky Barnes is studying for his masters in Music Composition at Juilliard when he unexpectedly meets skinny little artist Steve Rogers in a book store one Saturday. They both have their issues and it’s going to take a lot to understand each other, but with a little help from friends and family, they might be able to make this work.

> Not Your Average Hook Up

(33k+ words - completed)

Bucky Barnes is home from the army on two weeks R&R and going crazy. His friend Natasha suggests that he get laid and convinces Bucky to get the Grindr app. Gorgeous tiny blond artist Steve stands out among the profiles and, as nervous as he is, Bucky goes over to his apartment. But he’s pretty sure that Hook-ups are not meant to be like THIS.

SNK - Attack on Titan

> Cold Winter Nights

(2k+ words - one shot)

Winter is a long season for the Survey Corps and the nights are dark and cold. Of course Erwin, Hanji, and Levi have had a few years to perfect the best method of passing the dull evenings.

> Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

(10k+ words - WIP)

After their children get into a fight at Kindergarten, Mike Zacharias and Erwin Smith sit down over coffee and arrange a playdate so the kids can sort out their differences.

> Temperature

(1k+ words - ficlet)

It’s a hot summer’s day and Levi helps Erwin to cool down, but things end up getting super-heated instead. 

> A Brief History of Reluctant Heroes

(20k+ words - completed. Part 1 a of series - WIP)

Exhausted and numb after witnessing the deaths of his friends, Levi now has to struggle to rebuild his life within the Survey Corps. As much as he hates to admit it, this life suits him and before long he learns to trust the unlikeliest of people - a reckless young soldier with a passion for science and knowledge, the man Levi tried to kill who isn’t as stoic and serious as he first appears, and a guy who can smell danger from a mile away.

infinitygauntlets // ao3

Stucky / Marvel

> All Night Series

(30K+ words - completed)

Sam had warned him to be careful who he talked to.

“Prettyboys like you goin’ out alone on that side of town and lookin’ as sad as you are get attention from a very particular type.”

Prostitutes. He had meant prostitutes.

SNK - Attack on Titan

> Ailes de la Liberté

(85k+ words - completed)

It’s 1942 and the Nazi occupation in France has led to the growing force of the French Résistance. Erwin Smith, Austrian army deserter, works among these soldiers for freedom. On their nights of temporary freedom, where they relinquish their self-appointed duties to the liberation of the French state, they waste their hours with drink and entertainment at the Ailes de la Liberté, a cabaret and club. It is there that Erwin Smith meets Rivaille, the sharp-tongued, seductive, mysterious star of the show, who Erwin finds himself too curious to know.

> Belong

(1k+ words - one shot)

This isn’t an isolated incident.


thebestpersonherelovesbucky // ao3

Stucky / Marvel

> Of Broken Dreams and Mended Hearts 

(235k+ words - WIP)

When the House of Barnes is left in massive debt after the death of George Barnes, their oldest son and heir, Bucky, is forced to sacrifice his own hopes and dreams by entering an arranged married to Steve Rogers.

> Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked

(121k+ words - WIP)

Steve’s just moved back to Brooklyn after spending ten years in California trying to make a life for himself as an artist right after high school. Having escaped to the other side of the country following the sudden death of his mother, Steve feels guilty about abruptly leaving all his friends for so long, unfulfilled, scared and nervous about started college at his age, and unbelievably lonely. So when he meets Bucky Barnes, a young sex-worker, at a bar the night before his first day of classes, temptations might be too high to resist.

> Heat of the Night

(186k+ words - completed)

Steve is a cop. Bucky is the kept boyfriend of the super rich bad guy. Bucky doesn’t really have any information because his sole job is to look good when they go out. But he gets Steve’s card and he calls him and Steve meets him for lunch and coffee and dinner and Steve knows this could be a bad thing. He knows Bucky could be a trap. But the way he talks, how he smiles at Steve, laughs like it’s a sound he’s not used to making…Steve thinks he could be worth it. Steve thinks he could be worth everything.


ohcaptainmycaptain1918 // ao3

Stucky / Marvel

> Little Lies to Get Me By

(228k+ words - completed. Part 1 of a series - WIP)

Forced into a traumatizing situation that neither can control, Bucky and Steve have to confront their feelings for each other. It’s a long road ahead…

Is It Pretending If I Already Want You?

(85k+ words - completed)

Basic Steps to Getting Yourself In a Pickle With Both Your Family and The Guy You’ve Secretly Crushed On For Five Years (A Guide):STEP 1: After being perpetually single and constantly making up excuses to your family, give in and lie about having a boyfriend.
STEP 2: Agree to bring said boyfriend to the family cottage for a week so he can be your date to your parents’ wedding anniversary party.
STEP 3: Panic.
STEP 4: Say ‘yes’ when your best friend and closet crush - who you’re convinced isn’t interested in you that way in the least - offers to be your pretend boyfriend.
STEP 5: Try your best not to fall in love with them during the trip.
STEP 6: Fail miserably.

> Buck Me

(32k+ words - completed)

Steve’s been friends with Bucky for fourteen years. Unfortunately, he’s also been in love with him for nearly just as long. He’s been pretty good at hiding that over the past few years - until he follows a porn link one night and accidentally discovers that his best friend is secretly a camboy. Steve really shouldn’t watch those videos… Not with the filthy things Bucky does to himself that gets him screaming every time he comes…He shouldn’t… he really fucking shouldn’t.But Steve’s only human.

> First Kiss

(6k+ words - one shot)

Prompt: Steve’s and Bucky’s first kiss as teenagers, preferably with some sort of Spin the Bottle inclusion, with a happy ending please - since you usually are all angsty and stuff" (That’s so true, by the way; can’t deny that.)Steve’s fifteen, and though he’s never played this game before, he’s pretty sure this isn’t how the rules go.

Legs As White as Sugar, Candy on the Window Sill

(15k+ words - one shot)

Steve’s a fucking little tease. The worse part is he knows it.‘Cause Steve’s still got those fucking black-rimmed glasses on, but the beanie’s gone and his hair is perfectly styled like one of those rich kids whose parents could afford to send them to prep school. Bucky’s zipper scrapes against his sudden and uncontrollable erection when Steve walks onto the stage wearing a motherfucking schoolboy uniform – white button-up tee shirt and tie and fucking crest and everything.

> After Hours

(228k+ words - WIP)

Steve wishes Bucky wouldn’t look at him the way he does – a deliberate gaze, subtly digging his top teeth into that pouty bottom lip; following his every move like a lion watches a gazelle. It’s been going on for months, perhaps longer… Steve talks, and Bucky listens. Well, that’s the point – Bucky’s supposed to be listening. Steve’s just doing his job, after all… No harm in that.The problem is that it’s no innocent gesture, the way Bucky will have the top of his pen tracing the outline of his mouth… It’s also not innocent at all when Steve turns to look out at the sea of heads while he’s speaking and catches the quickest glimpse of the brunet sneaking a peek at his ass. And Bucky doesn’t even pretend to be bashful about it. He just meets Steve’s eyes and smirks – just the tiniest hint of a thing.Even bigger a problem than all that is how absolutely wrong it is. There are a million and one reasons why Bucky’s behavior is inappropriate, and why the way it makes Steve feel is even more inappropriate.For starters, Steve is Bucky’s teacher.Secondly, he’s only seventeen.



> Snake Eyes - boopboop

(121k+ words - WIP)

There’s a lot of expectation attached to Steve Rogers’ name. It’s taken him years to prove his own worth - that he’s made it so far in the USNA on his own merit and not just because of his father. He’s close though - there are only a few more months until he graduates and gets to stand on his own two feet. It’s taken a lot of effort to get there, and a lot of sacrifices.Bucky’s beyond the point of expectation. When your father and grandfather have both been President - and your mother nurses political ambitions of her own - brilliance is a foregone conclusion. He’s just counting down the final months of his confinement to the glass cage of the White House and he’s determined to put that whole world behind him.But as the days standing between them and their dreams dwindle, Steve comes to realize he might have made one sacrifice too many, and Bucky learns that his freedom comes at a cost he’s never going to be able to pay. Marvel/Political Animals AU


Turritopsis - LaLaCat1

(85k+ words - completed)

HYDRA goes too far and injures the Winter Soldier beyond repair. They turn to a dangerous new procedure to reverse the ageing process and, hopefully, the harm they have done to their greatest weapon. Fast forward thirty years to TJ Hammond, a late night kidnapping, and a blond man who feels like home coming to his rescue.


> Welcome to the Jungle - neversaydie

(44k+ words - completed. Part 1 of a series, WIP)

“What do you think about guy-guy scenes?“He was too self-conscious to act, modelling didn’t pay enough, and time out of school for the medical trial that fixed his body had left him barely scraping a pass on his GED. He shared an apartment with a burlesque dancer, and she’d talked him into it over a weekend and way too much tequila.Three pictures and one embarrassingly short amateur jerk-off video later, and here he is."Gay scenes?"His mom can never find out about this. 

(part 2 also complete)


> Meet-Cute AUs - 74days

(41 works - WIP)

A series of meet-cutes. I’ve pretty much loved them all.

Schrödinger’s Romance - the-stonedsoldier // ao3

(133k+ words - WIP)

"It could be a relationship, it could not be. You can assume either until you see for sure the results."We all know those moments. Those moments when your family all gathers around you and asks "So, do you have a boyfriend yet?”. Bucky knows these moments all too well and, quite frankly, he’s sick to death of them. Unfortunately, being a 21 year old college student makes it harder for him to come up with excuses, and with Christmas coming up he needs to think of a way out fast. A chance encounter with a stranger through an old library textbook could just be the kind of miracle he needs to make it through the holidays with his last shreds of sanity intact.



> Just Say You Do

(63k+ words - WIP)

Steve just wanted a job. He wasn’t expecting a marriage proposal. And he certainly wasn’t expecting to accept.


(29k+ words - completed)

SHIELD discovers that HYDRA took a DNA sample from Captain America and a DNA sample from the Winter Soldier and tried to breed a perfect supersoldier. Steve and Bucky suddenly find themselves the parents of a three-year-old boy who won’t speak.

> Milestones

(77k+ words - completed)

Continuation of “Shyest”; all the important steps in life with two super-soldiers raising a kid.


> Normal On The Outside - JaqueDark

(28k+ words - WIP)

An accident caused by some bullies leads Steve Rogers to make the greatest discovery of his life. At eight years old he finds an abandoned lab and finds a little brown haired boy in cold storage… a little boy who thinks Steve is the best thing since sliced bread and who just happens to have super human strength.


> You Could Go Blind From That - shanology

(15k+ words - WIP)

Post-WS Bucky hasn’t been getting himself off, and somehow Steve has noticed. And decided it’s something they should talk about. Awkwardly, in the middle of meals. Poor Bucky is now sexually frustrated, embarrassed, AND hungry. Not to mention way too turned-on by his roommate.


Kryptaria & rayvanfox

> Claws and Cannolies 

(22k+ words - completed)

Cats. Can’t live with them, can’t let them live without you. Is it possible to be an unwitting partner in a cat timeshare? Not without meeting the other person who has stolen her heart…

> Unwanted Celebrity

(72k+ words - completed)

Fifteen years ago, a skinny kid from Brooklyn went to an arts summer camp, where he met child movie star Jimmy Barnes. Their unlikely friendship faded as the years passed. But now, a threat to Barnes’ career brings Steve back into his life, in the most unexpected of ways.Or, the one where Bucky is a smooth celebrity, right up until Steve the snarky photographer shows up, and Bucky’s whole world gets blown to pieces.


> Fix It - Osidiano

(11k+ words - complete)

An “I’ve been breaking my phone on purpose just because you work at the help desk cell phone repair store” AU based on a tumblr prompt (whoo popping my AU cherry in this fandom).Bucky didn’t mean to break his phone in the middle of a lukewarm date with the guy Natasha’s trying to set him up with. But that guy points him to S.H.I.E.L.D. Repairs, and the guy who works there is downright sinful. The first time he busts his phone is an accident. Every time thereafter…? Ye-ah, not so much.


> Laughs in Flowers - castiowl

(4k+ words - one shot)

It’s gotta be some kind of cosmic joke that the guy most likely to be allergic to air gets stuck over a damn flower shop.


> Brooklyn Animal Rescue - ShowMeAHero

(1k+ words - oneshot)

Steve has some promotional work to do at Brooklyn Animal Rescue, and Bucky tags along. They are absolutely not there to get a dog.


> If You Can’t Stand The Heat - TheMeaningOfHaste

(56k+ words - completed)

When Captain Steve Rogers left the Army he fell in to a life of cooking. He never expected it to lead him to become a personal chef for the Barnes family, one of the most influential families in Washington D.C.He certainly never expected to fall for their playboy son


> First, Do No Harm - BarqueBatch & SkyIsGray

(77k+ words - completed)

James Barnes should be just like any other patient Steve sees in his Brooklyn clinic, but the mob enforcer bleeding all over his waiting room chair apparently didn’t get the memo.


> Slowly, And Then All At Once - celestiasexual

(2k+ words - oneshot)

Bucky starts adjusting to his new life, while living in Steve’s apartment; Steve starts realising he may have a bit of a crush on his best friend.



> Sugar Daddy - whatthebodygraspsnot // ao3

(91k+ words - completed)

Sebastian is a broke and abandoned college kid trying to scrape up enough money to pay for rent and tuition. When he meets Chris, an accomplished architect who takes him under his wing, he doesn’t understand what his friends keep calling him until he looks it up for himself.Sugar daddy (n) is a slang term for a man who offers to support a typically younger woman or man after establishing a relationship that is usually sexual.


> Apple of My Eye - lovealetterbomb & superanarchy // ao3 & ao3

(103k+ words - completed)

For 18 year old Sebastian, school is more like a punishment until first year teacher, 24 year old Mr. Evans takes over teaching his math class. Sebastian has to live up to his reputation of being the class troublemaker, but the trouble he has planned for Mr. Evans is a little different than his usual sort.


SNK - Attack on Titan (Eruri)

> New Routines - Reeseykins

( 1k+ words - oneshot)

For the prompt “First Time” for Bottom Erwin Week 2k15 on tumblr. Shameful PWP of Erwin’s first time bottoming with Levi. Canonverse, desk-sex because why the hell not.


> Luxuries - Vee

(17k+ words - one shot)

I’m going to tell you a secret I’ve never told anyone.


I guess that’s it. I’m probably going to add more at some point.

Please always feel free to rec fics to me at any point.