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We Won- Barry Allen Imagine

Rating: G

Warnings: pure fluff

Summary: You have superspeed, a friend/ally, and an entire family. Wha more could you ask for? Well… There was one thing.

Word Count: 1285

“Robbery at Bluebird’s Jewelry. Two metas, one telepathic and one telekinetic.” Cisco giggled. “The teletwins?”

Caitlin, Barry, and you responded, “No.”

Cisco clicked his tongue. “Yeah, wasn’t my best.”

Barry met you along the way and smirked. “Ready?”

“Always am,” you replied with a smile. Barry and you sped across town, reaching the family-owned store. The two of you slowed down only slightly, assessing your surroundings. Barry and you nodded at each other. Barry sped around the two metas, distracting them. His red lightning was very distracting, anyway. You zoomed around, white lightning hugging your figure as you kicked and punched the criminals in the gut a few times. Barry took one back to the lab, and you took the other.

Then, both of you went back to fix the jewelry store. Finally, you two rushed to STAR Labs and hit the table at the same time. “I win!” you both shouted. You stared at each other for a second before bursting into fits of laughter.

Cisco jumped out of his seat. “New record, guys.”

“What were the times?” Caitlin asked.

Cisco drummed his hand against the desk before throwing his head back and announcing, “Four minutes thirty-two seconds!”

The four of you smiled and high-fived each other. It had been two years since Barry and you have been struck by lightning and went into a coma. It was the craziest time of your life. Your friend, Caitlin Snow, found out about your condition and personally saw to it that you were taken care of. When Barry and you woke, the super speed, well, it appeared, and you had to learn how to deal with it.

You went through a lot with Barry Allen. You were there every step of the way for him, and he you. You both battled the most challenging metas. You both were betrayed Dr. Wells. You both went back in time to reverse your regrets.

Safe to say, you were the best of friends.

You twirled around with giddiness. “Oh! that was exhilarating! By the way, love the new addition to the suit, Cisco. Really helped.” You whipped out a protein bar, courtesy of Caitlin Snow, and munched on it, already feeling energy flow into your body.

Barry’s jaw dropped. “You upgraded her suit?”

Cisco stuttered, “N-No. What? I wouldn’t upgrade her suit without upgrading yours!”

You rolled your eyes. You dug through your bag and grabbed an exclusive comic book. You handed it to Cisco. “Here’s payment.”

Cisco froze. He only moved his hand to grab the comic book and place it under his laptop. He exclaimed, “It’s limited edition! In mince condition! How could I not?”

Barry shook his head with a smile. “Well, maybe that’s why it was a tie.”

You gasped. You poked him in the chest playfully. “It was a tie because I am not faster than you are, and you will never, ever, be faster than I.”

“The ‘never ever’ was unnecessary.”

You shrugged. “Added for emphasis.”

“What did you upgrade anyway?”

You pointed to you boots. “Slips off way more easily than last time, and way easier to compact.”

“Cisco? You wouldn’t do it before?”

“He wouldn’t do it because he complained that we might be stuck in that scientific-word-that-I-can’t-pronounce-thing.”

“Causal nexus,” the three of them answered.

You muttered, “Too smart. Too smart.”

Caitlin laughed. “Well, don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to shine. Remember what today is?”

The four of you looked at each other and shouted. “Speedster Day!” You all shared high-fives and hugs. Cisco pulled out his smoothie and shouted, “The Flash and the Bolt!”

“The speedsters!”

You laughed, pulling your mask over your face. Barry pulled his mask over his face as well. However, some of his hair escaped and hung awkwardly over his forehead. You giggled. “Barry…” You pointed to his forehead.“

Barry pushed his hair back, making it stand up.

You smiled and stepped forward. You gently pulled the mask and brushed his hair underneath it. You pushed down the butterflies in your stomach and stepped away from him. "You don’t wanna look like an amateur.”

Barry gulped before nodding his head. “Of course.”

Cisco and Caitlin smiled at each other. Caitlin clapped her hands together, making the two of you jump. “You guys better run along. The ceremony will start any minute now.”

Barry cleared his throat. “Yeah. We got to get to that.” His unsure expression vanished, and a bright smile appeared in its place. “Race ya!”

“Oh, you’re on!”

The two of you sped out of the cortex and through the streets. The music was already starting. You arrived there right as the mayor took the stage. He smiled. “The speedsters!”

Barry and you waved and smiled at the crowd. The mayor motioning for the two of you to stand at the center of the stage. You bit your lip before standing behind the podium they set up. You allowed your vocal chords to speed up before speaking, “Hi, Central City.” You laughed as they cheered. “The Flash and I, we, we are so grateful for everything you do. Really, this city is our home, and knowing that you appreciate our efforts, it makes me want to, well…” You sped around the city twice before stopping and standing at the back of the crowd. “To run!” you shouted.

The crowd cheered. You ran to the stage again, standing next to Barry. The Flash smiled and continued your speech. “Bolt! You took all the good things to say!”

You shrugged.

Barry laughed. “But, she is right. We are so grateful. We have been blessed so much. Not with the metas, but with the great city we have the privilege of saving. We, personally, never thought we deserved any of this. We are just ordinary people who have witnessed extraordinary events. We are ordinary people who want to do the humane thing. We are ordinary people.” Barry shrugged. “We are truly and forever will be thankful.”

The ceremony ended. Barry and you walked around with your masks on, enjoying the festivities. Barry even won you a Flash t-shirt. You got him to wear a Bolt t-shirt after that. As the festivities came to an end, Barry and you volunteered to clean up.

“Race ya!” Barry smiled.

You smirked. “You’re on!”

The two of you bolted around the grounds, packing anything and everything. You stopped abruptly. “Done!” You smiled. However, something was off. You were staring at a replica of your suit, well, a t-shirt of it. You peered upwards.

Barry was blushing red and his jaw had dropped. He closed his mouth and cleared his throat. “I, um, I think I won.”

You gulped. Before you could come up with an excuse to leave, something, well, someone, pushed you.

Barry caught you immediately, holding you tightly in his arms. You held your breath and, slowly, your eyes trailed upwards. Barry’s eyes caught yours. You felt his heartbeat and you were pretty sure he could feel yours. Something happened. You aren’t really sure how, but you ended up leaning leaning in. Barry did so, too.

By some miracle, his lips finally met yours. The superhero sighed into the kiss and held you tighter to his chest, his hands gripping your waist. Your hands traveled from his chest to the back of his neck. Every thought you had vanished. All you could think was that Barry, the Barry Allen, was kissing you, and you loved it. Your body tingled as that thought repeated itself. You smiled.

Your lungs started to burn, so you pulled away first. Barry gasped and rested his forehead against yours. “Fine, you win.”

You laughed. “Flash, I think we both won.”

Heyo! I wanted to get this one out, cuz…. I am going to be studying really herd. My chem ap grade is low, and I need todo something about it. So hopefully… Iit can go up so I can post more!!!!

I hope you guys like the fluff!

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Can you do a reaction where they're hanging out with another members gf (they have a sibling-like relationship) and a guy starts flirting with her and being obnoxious or aggressive about it, so she asks him to intimidate/scare the guy off?

Jin : hides you behind him “you better walk away right now”

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Yoongi : looks at the guy. Guy runs for his life

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Hoseok : trembling with his whole body “y-you better w-wal-k away r-right now dude ! O-or els-e …. you w-will see”

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Namjoon : “leave it to me”

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Jimin : “I wouldn’t touch her if I were you… She’s Yoongi hyungs girlfriend” yes, Yoongi can be scary

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Taehyung : whispers “you know I have no intimidation power… So I suggest we both back up slowly and start running okay ?”

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Jungkook : he has fought Yoongi… He can fight anyone

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