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Seriously guys, I’m incredible happy! This is an amazing way to finish this year, thank you so much for the support; reblogs and likes ❣️// You guys really made my year better, specially those one that take time of their day to chat with me, you guys really helped me to go through everything and I really appreciate that💗. Also want to take advantage of this to post my summary of all the colorings of this year!😋

And even if it’s early, I want to wish you all a happy new year! If this one wasn’t the best, I bet you’ll work so the next one will be better! I hope you guys have a great night with all your family and friends to give the welcome to the new year. Everyone take care, and again, thank you so much!☺️

Bunch of hugs and kisses, love y'all!❣️

Also, I would like to add a follow forever to this post as well because why not? I’ve met and seen wonderful blogs here and everyone should follow them because they are awesome! Also, I’ll tag here people that were always putting a smile on my face with their reblogs/post on my dash and also appearing on my notifs all the time and also amazing artists here too!❣️

Bold - mutuals/faves🌸

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If I forgot someone, I’m so sorry! I hope everyone have an amazing 2017!🎉❣️

honestly, i just want to thank everyone who follows me. like you guys make my day 100000x better with just a simple message or reblogs & likes. thanks for making my life so much fun. 


8 weeks of improvement

A big sorry for the lack of art on this blog and sometimes even weeks without a new upload! I may not churn out as much content as I’d like to, but painting all of my stuff allows me to improve faster, even tho it’s pretty time-consuming and sometimes a bit nerve-wrecking (I have no idea what I’m doing like 80% of the time haha… but I’m getting faster).

I gained a lot of new followers recently and wanted to thank yall for your supportive messages, the tons of notes and your lovely tags (I’ve read every single one of them)! It motivates me to no end and makes me work even harder. So thank you for your support, it means a lot to me!!!

Safe blog!

Okay frens. I need to know if your blog is a safe place for new fans of the clique. But not just safe… I need to know if you are willing to help them if/when they need.

I want to know this to add you in my “List of safe blogs”. I’m doing this because I created a page and tag in my blog for the new fans (X). And I want to add a list of blogs that the new fans can know and talk to if they want, asking for help etc. 

So if you are a safe Twenty One Pilots blog (you don’t need to be a blog exclusively about the band okay?), like or reblog this post and I’ll add you in that page. (if you guys reblog this post it would be better to spread the word).

Thanks. And stay alive frens.  |-/


one hundred marvel ladies


illyana rasputin (aka magik)


Um… wow! Hi friends!

So as my following grows I am increasingly aware that I represent only a very small part of the community. I’m glad everyone can relate, but I want to know if you guys want better. I reblog posts occasionally, and am happy to reblog your spoonie humour posts if you let me know that you want to be reblogged via message (if you could tag your illness too that would be amazing!). I’ll trawl blogs and if there’s enough interest in this, I’m more than happy to welcome submissions.

As always, please let me know if there’s anything I can do to increase accessibility, and always feel free to shoot me a message.

I’m so glad you’re all hangin out here!

Love and spoons