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‘’Don’t get any wild ideas.’’

A/N: My first ever Au! I just love this idea and I can’t help but run with it, please give me some feedback (Good or Bad) to keep me motivated and hopefully get back to love writing as I did. I really hope you like this!! Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: Bartender Au / You’re not sure what started it but one thing is for sure, Bucky Barnes is a person you can’t stand and he’s not particularly happy with you either. What do you do when your feelings towards your annoying coworker during the preparation for your best friends’ wedding suddenly shift to a different direction, leaving you terrified.

Warnings: Language, alcohol, mention of cigarettes

Word count: 1417

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It was a relatively quiet hour at your work, a refreshing change from the usual busy atmosphere. Your heart was beating to the sound of music, the air smelling of alcohol and cigarettes while you mixed another drink behind the neon lid bar. It was a saturday night and you knew that soon the place would be crawling with people in search of more drinks, and other ways to put the seriousness of their lives on hold for a few moves on the dance floor. 

‘’Someone’s in a good mood tonight.’’ Your sister in life, your best friend, Natasha remarked as she scooted past you in the narrow bar in search of a bottle of whiskey. You swayed your body in line with the music, giving her a flirtatious smile in response, which she only returned with a giggle before returning back to her station. A couple of hours passed and soon the place was packed, heading into the dark night. 

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A/N: When I started writing this it was not supposed to end up this way, I prefer it though lol

Pairing: Theo Raeken X Reader

Summary: Reader fell in love with Theo way before she knew who he really was, he has just come back and she realises that he can’t know about how she really feels about him.

Warnings: Swearing, angst, fluff

Word count: 2.7K

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Meeting Peter Parker in a Bookstore
  • Peter would be there just minding his own business, wondering through the shelves when he catches sight of you.
  • His jaw drops, and he’s all wide eyes and lost puppy dog looks.
  • Basically the angel boy’s a goner already.

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anonymous asked:

lol at that anon. glee and more specifically klaine helped me accept who i am and my own sexuality, and i know i wasn't the only one. "gay shows" help me see the representation i've never had.

Kurt and Blaine are Glee’s legacy.  They showed LGBT+ youth that gay kids can have everything they want- friends, a career, a loving relationship, marriage, and kids. That there others out there just like them.  That it does get better. 

Further, Klaine showed so many others, who perhaps had not been exposed to many LGBT+ people in their communities that in fact Kurt and Blaine were people just like them. They laugh, they cry, and they love just like every other human.

Because of Klaine, and in large part because of Chris and Darren who played these characters with heart and soul, we saw that Kurt, the boy we grew to love over a season and a half, could have a crush on a beautiful boy, get his hopes up when he learns that Blaine knows his coffee order, just to have them crushed. And then to have said boy say “I have been looking for you forever” after which they shared a first kiss that was in my opinion one of the best first kisses ever portrayed on TV because Chris and Darren wanted to tell this story in a true and genuine way:

In an article published by AOL Entertainment,

“On last night’s ‘Glee,’ the New Directions won regionals after hitting the stage with a pair of original songs – a first for the series – but that isn’t what anyone is talking about this morning. After months of hints and winks, fans of FOX’s hit musical finally got what they’ve been waiting for: The characters of Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) kissed for the first time. And it wasn’t a peck. It also wasn’t overtly sexual or desperate, it wasn’t rushed or clouded with turmoil, and it certainly wasn’t played for laughs, the way many kisses between men are on TV. It was perfect.

“It’s hard to overstate the significance of the kiss between Kurt and Blaine on ‘Glee’ last night,” Michael Jensen, editor of Logo’s tells PopEater. “Even better, it wasn’t the sort of kiss we saw back in the 1990s where the guys pecked each other on the lips – or worse, the camera cutaway – but this was a real kiss that hinted there is much more to come in this relationship. If we still needed proof how far gay characters have come on network TV, 'Glee’ just gave it to us.”

“’Glee’ has raised the bar of what it means to be inclusive on TV, and viewers are tuning in by the millions, sending a clear message to networks that Americans not only accept gay and lesbian characters, but they are beginning to expect them,” GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios tells PopEater. “It’s stories like Kurt and Blaine’s that continue to remind gay youth everywhere that there’s nothing wrong with being who you are.”

Glee then went even further and tackled the issued of Kurt and Blaine losing their virginity, a story line that paralleled Finn and Rachel. Making the statement that Klaine’s first time was just as beautiful, just as relevant, just as significant, and just as full of love as the heterosexual couple on the show. And Chris and Darren’s scene was perfection:

Thanks to Glee, we saw Kurt and Blaine navigate high school, long distance relationships, angst and heartache. The show often got it wrong, but when it got it right, it do so spectacularly. And never as amazing as our Klaine engagement:

And while the wedding certainly left a little to be desired, Glee still allowed our beloved Kurt and Blaine to declare their love to the world and state their vows, at at time before same sex marriage was legal across the country. A time when they had to cross state borders to tie the know and make it legal. And while the creators of Glee left a lot to be desired, as always, Chris and Darren took what they were given and displayed nothing but love and happiness that they were finally husbands:

In 2013, Klaine was named the Greatest TV Couple of all time by Entertainment Weekly (X)  The article that accompanied their win described their relationship as:

a timeless, groundbreaking TV love story

On the morning of the finale, in an article entitled “The Gay Legacy of Glee” Klaine was described as follows:

In season two, Kurt met Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss). Not only did he get a boyfriend, but a bonafide, epic love story that’s spanned the remainder of the series. Blaine’s dreamy debut,  is the kind of hearts-aflutter teen romance usually reserved for straight kids on TV. They’ve made-out, broken-up, lost their virginity, gotten engaged, broke-up again and eventually got married. They’ve evolved into the central relationship and one of the greatest young love stories in mainstream television. (x)

Another article, written in the Fall of 2016 entitled “The Cultural Significance of Glee” stated:

This character [Kurt] attracted many people in the LGBTQ community in which many found comfort in the character, knowing that they are getting some representation.

The couple [Klaine} became one of the most popular couples on television. The couple go through the same obstacles than any other straight relationship would have, creating the image that there is no difference between a straight or gay relationship. The couple broke up twice, causing an uproar of extremely upset and mad fans. By the end of the of show’s seasons, the two end up marrying each other. The couple known as “Klaine” has been “leading TV’s gay-teen revolution”(Entertainment Weekly). The actors have claimed that they have received hundreds of letters from fans both gay and straight saying that the couple has changed their views positively and helped them to keep an open mind. The phenomenon that is “Klaine” definitely has a positive reaction on the majority of viewers. While these two characters are not the only gay men on the show, they have been the most impact.

Kurt and Blaine made a profound impact on society and greatly influenced how people saw members of the LGBT+ community. And that they play a significant part in enabling LGBT+ youth to know that they were not alone.

For everything Glee got wrong, it will always have its legacy- Klaine.  And that is mainly thanks to two extraordinary men who fully committed to their roles, Chris and Darren. 

And for anyone to minimize this, to state that Chris is not proud of what he and Darren accomplished on screen, clearly knows nothing about him.  And that is heartbreaking.

Request: hi! i love your scenarios so much honestly♥ so if you feel like it could you maybe do performance unit as friends please? (i really loved your bf series too ♥) thank you so much!!
Members: Hoshi, Jun, The8, Dino (svt)


  • The aggressively supportive best friend
  • Tells you to work hard but also texts you with a million and a half exclamation points if you wind up staying up late to do exactly that
  • And then he whines when you nag him about staying up too late to practice 
  • Him: But I have to practice!!
  • The kind of best friend who will let you practice makeup on his so long as you SWEAR you won’t tell the boys or take pictures
  • But of course you creepshot a few and he just scREAMS while you cackle 
  • If you send them to Seungkwan he’ll get real damn dramatic about how wow,,, he can’t believe you,,, his own very best friend,,, betrayed his trust like that,,, how dare you 
  • He pouts at you a lot with big-ass puppy dog eyes to try and get you to pity him 
  • Wants you to pity him so you’ll do something for him, which half the time is just you buying him food when he’s too lazy to pick up his phone and order takeout
  • A lot of the time it’s also helping him with his chores BUT THOSE EYES NEVER WORK WHEN IT COMES TO THAT GET REAL HOSHI YOU’RE NOT GONNA MOP FOR HIM
  • Probably wants to do those super lame bromance jokes lmfao doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl or something else he WILL make you do them
  • You: do you want a protein shake bro
  • Hoshi: nah bro, you’re the only strength I need bro
  • You: bro 
  • Hoshi: bro
  • Minghao, somewhere in the background: I want you both to shut up 
  • Gets you guys matching hats that say “best” on one and “bro” on the other
  • But half the time you guys switch places and wind up spelling out “bro best” instead LMAO
  • Gets you autographs of all your favorite idols 
  • Probably wants to send you memes but doesn’t know how to get them
  • Gets frustrated when you send him memes until he realizes he can just steal them 
  • Likes taking selfies with you where you guys do the little finger heart
  • If someone upsets you BOY HOWDY does his temper flare like someone better hold him back cause he has an image to maintain,,,
  • It’s just??? You’re his best friend??? You’ve always been there for him and you’re someone he wants to meet his future spouse and be the godparent to any of his mini Soonyoungs
  • And now someone was daring to mess with you??? He thought the fr*ck not bitch
  • Hoshi is the ride or die best friend 
  • Demands that you push him around in a shopping cart whenever you guys go shopping
  • If he sees a cute girl and you start pushing him over he’ll panic because he looks five years old BUT THAT’S ALL THE MORE REASON TO DO IT
  • Mess with him just do it HE NEEDS TO BE MESSED WITH 
  • You keep him in check really?? The members feel blessed he has a friend like you for this because they can’t always but they know that you and Soonyoung have each other’s backs


  • Takes a LOT of selfies with you 
  • Always posts them like “hanging out with the best bud” but also takes a lot of creepshots of you just to make you s u f f e r 
  • If he sees someone taking a picture of the two of you he does the bunny ears behind your head because he’s actually a child
  • You guys are always ready to judge the crap out of someone else together 
  • Like you two have mastered the subtle looks and eye rolls whenever someone is acting like an idiot 
  • Always consults you on your fashion choices 
  • “No no you can’t wear THAT shade it totally clashes with your pants”
  • “Jun we’re literally just going to the grocery store”
  • “Yeah but you know they have that one cute cashier who usually works Tuesdays”
  • “Hdsdjfhej You Right what would I do without you???”
  • “Go out looking like a walking child’s coloring book now change into your one sweater we bought last winter-”
  • Writes on your arms a lot 
  • Sometimes it’s little doodles (he’s gotten outrageously good at drawing flowers through this)
  • Sometimes it’s words written in other languages (“Jun I know what that means stop writing it on my arm”)
  • Sometimes it’s reminders for you (one time wrote your entire grocery list on your arm and you were like wtf how do you know what I need and he was just I raided your cupboards again not sorry)
  • And it’s just like a cute lil bestfriend thing and one time to get back at him for writing a dirty word in Chinese on you, you wrote every swear word you know on his neck when he fell asleep at your house just before he went to schedules 
  • Jun: There’s revenge and then there’s just pure evil
  • You: I regret nothing 
  • The kind of friend who hugs you a lot and, when you’re sad and feel like your whole world is falling apart, kisses your forehead 
  • And there’s nothing romantic about it, it’s just a safe place for you to land when you need comfort and reassurance 
  • He always knows just how to cheer you up and the right things to say 
  • You mean a lot to him; you’re the first person he introduces his new relationships to, and he tells everyone you’re pretty much his sibling because to him you’re family???
  • Again, there’s no romance there but there’s still a bond that’s as strong to him as his bond with his family members and members 
  • Shows up at your door at like 3 am with slushies like “hey the members took over my bed and Hoshi keeps kicking me in the face please let me in I brought sugar”
  • Tbh that’s the only bribery you need lmao but you both know you’d let him in anyways because he always pays for your snacks


  • The real mvp who takes nice photos of you when you aren’t looking so you look naturally wonderful
  • And he’s so good at photography too like have you seen their instagram??? So you always wind up coming out like some unearthly beautiful being???
  • We all need a Minghao in our life tf
  • Pats your head a lot and he literally doesn’t care if you’re shorter or taller He’ll Always Find A Way And An Excuse
  • Nags you a lot, Minghao more like Momhao
  • We’ve seen Minghao scold the members when he gets all fired up like that’s him @ you every time you do something dumb 
  • But you’re so used to it you usually just laugh or something and he’s like TAKE ME SERIOUSLY DAMMIT
  • Late night sleepovers with him and sometimes Jeonghan and Jun where you guys wear face masks and talk shit about anyone who’s bothering you and watch whatever kdrama one of you is hooked on 
  • He always has the best comebacks so if anyone dares mess with you when he’s around, savage The8 comes out and the person winds up running off with their tail between their legs and he’s just “damn right”
  • Fully expects you to run every decision by him and acts offended when you don’t
  • Also expects you to update him on everything
  • He may leave other people on read but not you because what if someone hit on you or what if you forgot something at the store??? He needs to know these important updates especially ones like the former 
  • If you even breathe a word of complaint to him about being single he’s gonna try and set you up
  • And half the time it’s with these drop dead idol level gorgeous people and you’re like “dhjasfhe MINGHAO I CARE BARELY LOOK THEM IN THE EYE”
  • And he’s just “um??? Only the best for my bestie you should be thanking me”
  • No one messes with you when they learn Minghao is your best friend because 1) the boy can serve a comeback like nobody’s business and 2) he has demonstrated his martial arts techniques and everyone is pretty sure he can suplex them and 3) he is an idol with connections dammit
  • To him, you’re his rock really, he wouldn’t date anyone you didn’t approve of and if someone had a problem with you, he’d choose you in a heartbeat
  • Because anyone who didn’t understand how important your friendship was to him wasn’t worth dating??? He wanted you to be his friend forever, by his side through every step of his life, from when he got married to when he had his kids and vice versa
  • Him: I know I’ve found the one when they become your best friend too
  • You: that’s cheesy but also Accurate love u bro


  • Goes on late night convenience store trips with you
  • You guys decked out in hoodies and caps and arguing about which instant ramen to get 
  • “Chan it’s 2 am and you picked last time AND you got to pick tonight’s movie let me pick the damn ramen”
  • “The ramen you pick isn’t spicy enough”
  • Grabs a bunch of snacks and puts them on the counter when you’re digging around your wallet for money 
  • You glare at him but he just grins cause he knows you’re gonna buy them anyways 
  • Wants to battle you in pokemon whenever he has a free moment cause you keep beating him and it’s sO ANNOYING 
  • If you rub it in his face he will Fight You but playfully of course
  • Him: I need to get stronger so that I can carry you and put you somewhere else every time you annoy me
  • You: W o w 
  • Steals bites of your food all the time and you always try and whack his hand away with your utensil BUT IT DOESN’T STOP HIM 
  • Also shares drinks with you but neither of you give a hoot and a half about that it’s just a natural friend thing between you two 
  • Probably made a secret handshake with you tbh 
  • Believes in solving debates on what you guys are gonna do today with rock paper scissors 
  • “I wanna go to the amusement park”
  • “I wanna stay home and watch Moana again”
  • Once tried to implement spock and lizard into that game, it turned into a hellish moment and you agreed the classic is better 
  • Leaves you notes but they’re not cute 
  • They’re things like “lol I stole the last of your whipped cream so I could write “Loser” on Hoshi’s forehead while he takes a nap sorry” 
  • Complains to you 25/8 when the members baby him too much and then complains even more if you baby him as well to tease him 
  • “You’re supposed to be on my side I can’t believe this” 
  • Playfully bickers with you about s o   m a n y   t h i n g s 
  • Panics a little when you get upset because he’s still young and doesn’t always know how to handle it but he always sits you down and listens to you and offers to kick some ass because you’re his best friend who dares mess with you??? 
  • He has an arsenal of scary and strong hyungs at his disposal and that means so do you 
  • Occasionally when it’s really late at night he’ll text you reminders like “hey I know I don’t say it often but thank you for being my best friend you mean a lot to me”
  • Follows it with “don’t tell the members I said this tho they’ll tEASE ME”

Requests are open!!

soulmate! Seokmin (pt.2)

anon requested:  Hi! I recently got into Seventeen and woah did I slipped into the diamond life so hard ㅋㅋㅋ I really like your blog and I’m hoping for a part 2 for Seokmin’s Soulmate post. Than you so much in advance!

  • you thought you had seen it all
  • thought you could predict it all
  • working with celebrities everyday and just being all around busy as ever when filming for MBC music
  • you really thought the world wouldn’t be able to surprise you with anymore happiness
  • lol were you wrong
  • because there was Seokmin in front of you
  • your actual sunshine
  • standing in front of you, holding flowers and a plane ticket
  • pulling your suitcase
  • “Seokmin what are you doing here?”
  • you had been absolutely ecstatic knowing that MBC let you film a special of Seventeen’s Diamond Edge World Tour
  • which meant you got to travel with them at their concerts
  • and you were leaving tonight to meet them at the next stop
  • but the best part had been hearing you would be able to spend time with Seokmin
  • you had both called everyday, him generally from a different country
  • “I can’t wait until you get here and we can go on dates.”
  • “When I get there Seokmin, we can do it all.”
  • and you had felt his anticipation through your shared emotions for weeks
  • but you never expected him to meet you from the airport
  • with not only your ticket but a ticket for himself too
  • “Let’s fly together and go together”
  • he reached for your hand
  • “You’re actually flying with me? You’re actually here? I thought you were with the others.”
  • he gave you his light laughter that never failed to make your heart flutter, the smile that always lit up even the darkest of places
  • “Yep the company let me fly back here to pick you up and fly with you to the next world tour stop.” He pulled you into a hug
  • you hadn’t seen him for what had been the longest 1 month, 4 days, and 3 hours of your entire life since you last found out he was your soulmate during the last filming for show champ
  • yes you kept count
  • yep you were that girlfriend
  • hey that’s what happens when you find your soulmate, anytime spent apart felt like forever
  • seriously the time dragged on without him
  • you never really noticed how much you missed him
  • before you had seen him often on music shows
  • now of course you hadn’t seen him for a while cause of the tour
  • but he was always on your mind
  • and now he was in front of you
  • holding you in his warm embrace, an actual person, not just a face or voice through a phone
  • you hugged him tightly, sighing slightly at how comfortable it all felt
  • “We’re going to miss the flight lets go!”
  • and you both took off towards the security station to check your bags -until you both settled into the plane seats
  • him giving you the window spot so you could look out
  • you excitedly looked out the window into the night sky, the lights along the takeoff platform flashing
  • grabbing onto Seokmin’s arm tightly when the plane took off
  • and him laughing at your reaction and taking your hand in his
  • drawing little hearts on your palm while you asked about the concerts and about how he’s doing
  • “It’s tiring but I had so much fun and I’m so thankful to all our carats!”
  • or him asking about your life
  • even though you guys call everyday and talk
  • all the tiny details flew out of you as you talked about the prep for the Diamond edge special and how you selected the crew specifically
  • and as you talked about how you had filmed some carats who had seen the diamond edge in Seoul
  • you hear heavier breathing and feel Seokmin’s head fall on your shoulder
  • his hand still holding yours in his
  • his breathing slow
  • “Guess you must be tired.” You giggle
  • and you ruffle his hair a bit as he sleeps on your shoulder
  • before you fall asleep too
  • the both of you sleeping on the plane side-by-side
  • his head gently resting on your shoulder and your head resting gently on top of his
  • the flight attendant walking past the two of you thinking you’re both the cutest couple she’s ever seen
  • the whole filming process and the concerts felt like a dream
  • the two of you walking in a foreign place trying all the different foods
  • holding hands wherever you go
  • looking at all the local shops for little keepsakes to buy
  • you getting to film parts of Svt’s concerts
  • but mostly you just staring at how incredible they were at performing
  • but especially Seokmin
  • and when it was time to go home
  • you didn’t want to leave
  • didn’t want to leave the walking the streets of foreign places
  • the late night runs to the hotel’s vending machine for snacks
  • and all the giggling at the other Svt members sleeping
  • but Seokmin was going to go back with you and you would have a whole week together before he’d have to go to the next leg of the tour
  • and so in that week
  • you both tried doing it all
  • literally having all the dates
  • going for boba tea every afternoon in one of those really cool boba tea places
  • where they have board games and Jenga to play as well as popcorn chicken, waffles, ice cream, and ramen
  • stealing sips from each other’s drinks
  • “hey get your own!”
  • “yours tastes better though!”
  • “it’s the same thing Seokmin!”
  • holding hands to walk into Starbucks in the morning to buy coffee
  • taking cute selcas together even though you can’t yet post on SNS
  • “What did the company decide about the soulmates?” You say nonchalantly stirring your tea
  • “well now that everyone’s found theirs, they’re going to have to make a press conference for all of us. We have to tell the fans but they’ll understand, our carats are the best.” His eyes sparkled talking about his fans and you loved it
  • “Won’t your fans rampage, I mean since you’re super good looking and you got stuck with me as a soulmate.” You laugh
  • he grabs your hand tightly making you jump a little in surprise
  • “You’re beautiful and amazing ok? Our fans understand, after all they all have soulmates out there too.”
  • he must have felt the insecurity you felt behind your joking comment
  • but the added empathy and feeling of happiness when he told you that
  • made the both of you smile
  • “Plus you’re so pretty how could they rampage?”
  • “Mmkay Seokmin, whatever you say.” You laugh
  • you hadn’t met all the members’ soulmates then though you knew you were the last in svt
  • you and Seokmin weren’t together as long as the rest of them, but you felt impossibly happy
  • every piece seemed to click
  • and you were happy to finally get time to spend with him
  • walking along the streets to look at all the stuff for sale
  • you trying on a pair of sunglasses that makes him smile brightly at you in the way you love so much
  • “I’ll need these sunglasses if you keep blinding me with that smile Seokshine.”
  • “Stop omo, y/n.”
  • buying matching sunglasses
  • until a shop plays boom boom
  • and you both burst out laughing and he pulls your arm and starts teaching you the choreo. In. The. Middle. Of. The. Freaking. Shop.
  • pumping his chest at the chorus “boom boom” part
  • making you bend over with laughter
  • and the shop owner to come over to the both of you
  • “You guys are such a cute couple!”
  • “Thank you.” You hide a smile
  • “Do I know you from somewhere?” She asks Seokmin
  • and you both laugh
  • “I get told I look like that Dokyeom guy from Seventeen”
  • you smack his arm, dying
  • the shop lady just winks at the two of you and turns away before the both of you break into a fit of giggles
  • you both wander from shop to shop looking at stuff
  • “We should get those keychains that I promised last time.” You smile at him while linking your arm with his, a skip in your step
  • “I have a better idea”
  • he drags you into this tiny jewelry shop on a corner
  • “What the heck Seokmin?”
  • he laughs ignoring you and turns to the staff there
  • “I called earlier about my order?”
  • “Ah yes sir please wait a moment.” They go into the back room
  • “What order Lee Seokmin?!?!”
  • “You’ll see.”
  • and you watch as the employee brought out a pair of matching rings from a display case in the back
  • placing it in front of the both of you
  • as you look closer you see they’re couple rings
  • one is a crescent moon with your initials on it
  • and the other is a sun with L.S. Engraved on it
  • Seokmin lightly takes your hand and the sun ring, gently helping you put it on your ring finger
  • and he puts on the moon one with your initials
  • “Look they match and everything!”
  • he smiles at you shyly and you feel the nervousness he’s feeling
  • wondering if you’ll like it until it feels like his heart might burst
  • trying to scan your emotions for your response
  • until he feels the immense amount of happiness as you look down at the ring and start tearing up at how pretty it is
  • “Seokmin…”
  • “Do you like it?”
  • “Of course!!!!”
  • “Good because no refunds”
  • “Omg stop!”
  • “Hehe I got the hyungs to help me pick it.”
  • “When did you…?”
  • “yesterday morning when you were filming something.”
  • “It’s beautiful thank you.”
  • “not as beautiful as you.” He laughed
  • “Staaaahhhpppp!”
  • “By the way this isn’t an engagement ring no, that ring will be different.”
  • you blush, smacking his arm flustered
  • “YAH!!! You!!!”
  • “I’m just joking.” He chuckled pulling you in to hug you
  • “Don’t look at anyone else now. Even all the cute idol boys who will call you PD-nim and noona.”
  • “Yah Lee Seokmin, I’m not that old!”
  • he pulls away to look at you before placing a kiss on your cheek
  • “You’re mine though.” He says giving his signature smile
  • and you both wear the rings out as you walk
  • holding hands and talking about anything and everything
  • the sun starting to set in the evening as you walk towards the Han river
  • “Oh one more surprise!!”
  • he pulls you over to an area by the Han river
  • where there’s a picnic blanket and food packed
  • “Seokmin when did you have time for all this???”
  • “Well I’m leaving soon again for diamond edge and I wanted to make the most of our time.”
  • he pulls you down to sit next to him on the blanket
  • “there’s kimchi, kimbap, anything you want to eat.”
  • “Did you ask Mingyu for this?”
  • you giggle and unwrap some of the plastic wrap to eat
  • and you both eat the food happily while looking up at the gradually darkening sky
  • “The fireworks show should start soon.”
  • he points out toward a barge and the crowd of people sitting by the river
  • and you rest both your hands on the blanket and look up at the stars
  • and he scoots closer to sit next to you wrapping an arm around you
  • and that moment is when the first brightly colored burst of firework sets off in the sky
  • and you gasp at how pretty it all is and point up at the sky
  • leaning yourself against Seokmin’s chest
  • just enjoying the beautiful scene and the fireworks booming and exploding in the sky to the time of your rapid heart beats
  • and you turn to look up at his face
  • and you reach gently to kiss his lips when he turns to look down and meet your gaze
  • your lips meeting right as another round of fireworks goes off
  • your heart rapidly beating in your chest rivaling the sounds of the fireworks
  • and both your emotions just being a happy mess that can’t be described in words
  • as you stay there in that blissful moment
  • lips gently on each other’s with the sky lighting up in colors above you
  • until you pull away blushing snuggling up into his chest again
  • your emotions you both felt from each other explaining more in that moment than talking ever could
  • it was perfect
  • the sky was bright with reds, blues, yellows
  • fading gently

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The Seventeen Soulmate Series

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi / Pt.2 || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin / Pt.2 || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||


~ admin jess

Y’ALL….. I’m utterly and completely astounded by the reception I’ve received since revamping last year. I joined the RPC five years ago around this time with a skeleton of a muse and no idea what I was doing. I’ve made some incredible friends along the way, friends that have shaped me as a person. You guys have kept me sane, made me smile, and been with me through some of the toughest moments in my life thus far. I adore each and every one of you. You are all so amazing and I can’t put into words how much you mean to me.

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                                                          a portrait of your muse drawn by yours truly~

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jealous | chapter six

pairing: baekhyun x reader x chanyeol

genre: angst, fluff, smut

word count: 1,587

summary: baekhyun is heartbroken after you leave him. he decides to start over and try to get over you by moving into a new apartment building where he meets chanyeol. what he later finds out is that chanyeol has been your boyfriend for the past month.

pov: baekhyun + chanyeol diary entries

rating: whether you’re an underage hard stan or a legal soft stan, reader whatever the hell you wanna read.

↠  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |

[21:17] Being friends with the guys. It’s amazing. You know that group of friends that you have that always brighten up your day even if it sucked completley? Yeah. I finally had that.

Area 51 was an amazing group but Minseok was closer to Jongdae and I to Junmyeon. But now, we’re nine guys who chit chat all day and night. It’s weird that we never stay silent on that group.

Chanyeol and I have been… kissing. It’s not really a friends with benefits type thing because we just kiss sometimes. He’s still with y/n and he still loves her. He confuses me so much but I won’t complain. What if I lose him?

I don’t hate y/n. In fact, I still love her a lot. But I also like Chanyeol. So what’s up with all of this?

[13:00] nini__: we should go on a camping trip.
[13:00] bbh1738: you fucking genius i’m down.
[13:01] xing21: yah! when?
[13:01] satansoo: lets do it this weekend.

[13:01] real__pcy: cant. I have plans with y/n.

[13:02] oohsehun: that’s still a thing?

[13:04] nini__: my thoughts exactly^

[13:05] real__pcy: what?? why wouldn’t it be?

[13:05] nini__: ur usually like blah blah y/n blah blah

[13:06] real__pcy: oh.

[13:07] bbh1738: lol good luck sweetie

[13:08] xing21: baek have you ever had a full conversation with y/n?

[13:09] bbh1738: ah loey didnt tell u? i dated her/ for. seven. years.

[13:10] marshmallow: you have the patience of a god baek.

[13:10] nini__: what?????????????????????? seven years?????????? what????

[13:11] oohsehun: yeah… i think it may have slipped his mind…

[13:12] jongdinosaur: she was SOMETHING

[13:13] kjunmyeon: my bet is one more month.

[13:15] real__pcy: its MY job to like her not yours okay? okay


[13:18] kjunmyeon: $20.

[13:20] satansoo: im giving it two more months. youre on.


[13:21] real__pcy: we’re off topic. why are we off topic?? yeah I cant this week

[13:21] oosehun: bring her

[13:22] bbh1738: that seems unnecessary.

[13:23] xing21: HiGHLY unnecessary.

[13:23] satansoo: we don’t know her that well lets invite her

[13:24] nini__: guys, think about it. this could potentially be hilarious.

[13:25] kjunmyeon: he has a point!!

— nini__ added girlinluv —

[13:30] bbh1738: bomb ass username

[13:30] oohsehun: send nudes

[13:30] oohsehun: send nudes

[13:30] nini__: DoEGOPPA NEOUI OPPA

[13:30] jongdinosaur: LMAOOOOOOOOOOO YOU DICK

[13:31] oohsehun: send nudes

[13:32] real__pcy: are you five??????? Sweetie don’t mind them.

[13:32] girlinluv: hahahaha I won’t!

[13:33] bbh1738: oh wow I thought I was ur sweetie.

[13:34] girlinluv: Hey Baekhyun

[13:34] bbh1738: hey love

[13:35] jongdinosaur: I thought I was your love??

[13:35] bbh1738: baby shhhh

[13:36] girlinluv: You like boys now?

[13:36] real__pcy: y/n!! that’s his business

[13:36] girlinlove: True…

[13:38] xing21: lets get back to topic. y/n, jongin was saying how we should take a camping trip buuuuuut chanyeol said he couldn’t go because you two had plans. We love yeol. We want him to come. Do u mind moving ur plans lol theyre ruining the trip

[13:39] marshmallow: What? I thought we were inviting her?

[13:40] real__pcy: YIXING???? THAT’S NOT WHAT WE AGREED ON SAYING??? Baby he’s asking if you want to come. Please?

[13:40] girlinluv: Camping? With a bunch of old dudes?

[13:40] oohsehun: …we’re daddies.

[13:41] bbh1738: …you act like I haven’t changed your diapers.

[13:42] nini__: holy shitttttt lmao tell us everything around the campfire.

[13:43] bbh1738: HAHAHA, sure jongin.

[13:45] satansoo: u guys its time to stfu. So here’s the plan. On Saturday we’re meeting up at baekhyun and chanyeol’s at SIX IN THE MORNING SHARP. make sure to bring a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow, extra blanket,sunscreen, toiletries, soap, flashlight and BATTERIES CAUSE IF YOU BRING A DAMN FLASHLIGHT WITHOUT BATTERIES YOURE GETTING SMACKED. we’ll drive to the wilderness store to get a trap, pad repair kit, maybe a mini stove, first aid kit, A MAP and if anyone has a prescription med bring it cause no ones driving your dying ass to the hospital

[13:50] oosehun: what the fuck

[13:50] real__pcy: I got it!! we’ll make sure to get our shit kungsoo.

[13:51] satansoo: good.

November 8, 2017

[19:00] I’m back from the camping trip to write what happened. On the day of the trip, everyone was at my door on time except y/n. She was keeping everyone from being on time since she couldn’t be bothered to wake up. I couldn’t stand her this weekend because of the annoying things she was constantly doing.

At 7am, she was knocking on our door. “It’s about fucking time, what the hell? It’s going to take us double the time it was supposed to. Have some consideration, Y/N.” Yixing yelled. He wasn’t the angry type so this really must have pissed him off. “I am so sorry, I overslept.” No one really acknowledged her and just walked past her to get to the cars.

”Alright! who wants to come with me?” Jongdae asked. The rest of Area 51 (minus myself) and Kyungsoo walked up to his car and got in, they were on camp supply store duty. After arguing and yelling, I ended up with Chanyeol in his car with the rest of the luggage. Chanyeol had made a mean comment about her being late so she wanted to be with Yixing, Sehun, and Jongin and I didn’t complain. “See you guys at the camp sight.” Sehun grunted, obviously disliking Y/N’s presence.

An hour and forty-five minutes had passed while we were still driving in silence, was he mad at me? Out of nowhere, Chanyeol pulled to the side of the road and turned the car off, “What’s wrong?” I asked him. He looked at me and said, “Are you okay with Y/N here? Please be honest.” he blurted.

I sighed and fiddled with my fingers, “It’s fine, Chanyeol. She’s still my friend, I still love her a lot. But, I think I would’ve enjoyed it more if it was just us guys, you know?”

“Listen, Baekhyun. I want you to listen really fucking carefully. I’m just going to say it. You’re confusing me. You’re whole really-smart-and-really-short-art-critic get up? It drives me fucking nuts. When you were those round glasses with your little barét? That too. The moles on your temple, hand, and ear. Fuck I would do anything to kiss those moles. I’m with Y/N but I have no idea what I want. I want you so so fucking bad, but I also want Y/N. I don’t know what’s going on with me, I-I-” he was in tears.

“Look at me. Chanyeol look at me.” he had burried his face in his hands but was now looking up. I wiped away a tear and leaned into him. “I’m just as confused as you are. I sometimes think I want her back, but then I see your big gorgeous eyes. Those beautiful doe eyes that look straight into mine when we speak. I think about you late at night. It pains me that your hers and not mine.” I said against his lips, holding back my tears.

Before I knew it, his lips were on mine, kissing me harder than he ever has before. He grabbed the collar of my shirt and dragged me towards him and in a few seconds, I was straddling his lap.

“Chanyeol. I wish you could kiss me forever.” I gasped in between kisses. “Me too, baby. This kiss is nothing like the others. This one is meaningful.” he moved down to kiss my neck and I couldn’t help but moan out loud. “Why are you so beautiful?” he moaned, I couldn’t help but giggle.

In a matter of minutes, my shirt and pants were already off and my chest was bruised because of his sucking and biting. “Let’s move to the backseat, Yeol.” and he threw me to the back, crawling to me. He took his shirt off while I layed on the seats. He came closer to trap me in between his arms and moved down to kiss me more. I was already so hard it hurt me. Why was he so good at this?

Moving down, kissing my body, he reached my waistband. He looked up at me for confirmation and I nodded, giving him the go ahead.

He took off my boxers, freeing me from the constriction. I let out a moan and he grabbed me. His hands began going up and down, making me feel good. His eyes were on mine and it was so sexy. I felt his tongue touch my tip and couldn’t help but gasp. He began licking me and bobbing his head up and down. He was so good. Better than anyone I had ever had before. He sunk his head down until my entire length was in his mouth before releasing. A trail of spit from his mouth was still attached to my cock and it was the sexiest view ever.

After giving me a few more licks, I had to cum. “Wh-where do I-” I managed to say before he cut me off, “In my mouth baby, always in my mouth.” I released into his mouth before he swallowed my entire load.

“Let me return the favor.” I said, getting up. “Babe, this wasn’t a favor. I wanted this. Now get back in your clothes. They’re going to wonder where we are. Try not to think about anything too much. There’s always time to talk after our little vacation.”

I’m out of breath writing this. I’ll finish soon.

A/N; I’m sorry this is so short!!

(Request: heey, could you do something like very sad angst with Daryl? I’m in the mood to get my heart broken lol)

Note: i hope you’re still in that mood cause here it is!

Warning: death, blood, scary negan, angst, pls dont hate me for writing this I dont wanna break your hearts, love u all :)

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“You don’t have to go” Daryl said.

He had been trying to persuade you for the last hour not to go to the sanctuary with Rick. No one else had volunteered to go so you stepped up. You knew what the risks were and you were ready to take them, but Daryl had other ideas.

“But I want to”

“You know what he’s like (y/n), why would you wanna go see him again?”

“If you haven’t noticed, no one has stepped up to go with Rick. You think he wants to go see Negan after the shit he’s been through? If something happens I can handle it and stand my ground!” you snapped.

Daryl looked to the floor one last time, knowing that there was no way to change your stubborn mind. He sighed and gave you one last hug before you left for the sanctuary.

Daryl spent hours pacing around your house, waiting for you to get back. He was worrying about all the different outcomes this meeting could have. You were the first person Daryl felt like he could really open up to after Merle died, and he didn’t want to lose you too. He would have nothing left. He moved his pacing to outside and he hoped that you guys would return soon.

You stood in front of Negan with your head hanging low. This meeting wasn’t going well so far, Rick was answering all the questions in a tone that Negan didn’t like.

“The fuck do you mean you don’t have my stuff? I thought the whole point of this meeting was so that you could bring me my shit!” he shouted. He swung Lucille over his shoulder and you flinched at the movement.

“Supplies have been scarce recently. We’re barely even getting enough for ourselves” Rick argued back.

Negan took a deep breath in before speaking. “So, you think that getting supplies for you is more important than getting them for me?”

“That’s not what I-” Rick was cut off by the sound of gunfire.

You heard it too, and it was only until Rick looked at you in shock that you realised the bullet had entered you. You looked at Rick before dropping to the ground and coughing up blood.

“Simon! I didn’t say shoot!” Negan shouted to the man next to him.

“Sorry boss”

“You better get back Rick, remember, the less people you have the less hands you’ll have to help find supplies” Negan’s spiteful voice rung in your ears as you started to see stars. You don’t know what was going on but you assumed you had been carried to the car by Rick as you heard the rumble of the engine and the car start moving.

The journey felt like it took hours, your vision kept going black and you often heard Rick trying to talk to you. You didn’t know where you had been shot but you guessed it was around your chest area as there was a deep and agonizing pain there.

“We’re nearly there (y/n), just hang tight a little longer” Rick said. You let out an inaudible groan before you felt the car speed up.

Rick shouted for help as he tried to carefully drag you out of the car. You dropped to the floor and lay there, worn out. So many people had approached you but you didn’t see the one person you really cared about.


You opened your eyes to see Daryl had kneeled down next to you, tears in his eyes. You felt your eyes burning too and you finally let the tears spill down your face.

“I’m sorry” you said before coughing up more blood. The movement hurt your chest even more and more tears fell.

“What the hell happened” Daryl asked frantically, trying to cover up the bullet wound with his hand to stop more blood flow.

“Daryl stop” Rick whispered.

You felt your eyes rolling to the back of your head, it was getting harder and harder to focus on one thing when everything kept merging into one big mess. You felt cold, and tired, like you just wanted to sleep forever.

“Daryl? I’m so tired” was the last thing you said before closing your eyes and leaving this life to rest.

“(Y/n)? No, shit no (y/n)?! Rick do something help her!” Daryl was shouting like a maniac while everyone stood back and lowered their heads in respect for you.

Rick placed a hand on Daryl’s shoulder while he too shed a few tears. Daryl stayed still as he looked at you, memories from the day you both first met to now. He remembered how you too clashed at first, always bickering and arguing, but then you became close after Merle died and he had opened up to you. He didn’t realise the tears were falling down his face until Rick spoke and he quickly wiped them away.

“Do you want to do it? Or should I?” When Daryl saw the knife in Ricks hand he knew what he was asking. He didn’t want to do it, but out of respect and friendship he did. He took the knife from Ricks hand and slowly watched as he entered the blade into your skull, killing you forever.

katanacupcake  asked:

yo fam i read ur grifnut/rvbnut tags,,like just make a post, i want to reblog this

OOH u mean my tags on this post yea? i’ll just make it THIS POST 8))) i was just gonna screencap all them juicy tags but since rvbnut [best term ever thank u for that] is otp, i will retype for better readability + i thought of some extra things to throw in, so here we go:

  • as mentioned already, there’s donut’s super secret diary where donut describes"gazing silently into each other’s visors” and feeling a connection, as well has having sat in grif’s lap”. i very much believe donut had a crush on grif at some point
  • there’s some PSA or something that for the life of me I can’t remember the name of, and it might just be a dvd extra cause I found it on youtube not through the rvb channel, where the reds are getting on motorcycles to go somewhere and grif has to share w/donut, and hes Very Hesitant and i dont remember what exactly donut was saying but it was Very Suggestive how he was telling grif to get behind him and hold on tight or w/e, and when grif didnt wanna get on it with him he was like 
    “whats wrong ;(?? dont be shy~”
  • ive pulled out my book now and donut describes the play they put on for tucker as being about “the band of handsome male survivors braving the elements together” so, donut thinks he + the other BGC members are handsome
  • “The first thing the doctor did when we got him back over to our base was pin Sarge against the wall with the Warthog. I always thought if anyone was going to ram Sarge up to the wall, it would be me, seeing as how I’ve been angling for a promotion lately” -another entry in donut’s diary. i honest to god have no idea how this could be taken as an innuendo, bc it straight up sounds like donut wants to fuck his way to the top
  • also in the book, simmons’ self insert fanfiction “Hero In Maroon” has… a special scene with “Donut the Enchanter,” who is “spreading his temptation magic through scandalous dancing.” This is SIMMONS writing this, and simmons has himself say “Tell me what you know about Sarge, else I will have to run you through with my long sword” and, sure, he has donut speak in innuendos and reply to that line with “I like where this is gong. Maybe I’ll keep you here… FOREVER!” but like, simmons literally wrote himself throwing an innuendo to donut. then you have the next few lines “DONUT USES OFFICER HOT PANTS HANDCUFF ATTACK” “”Oh no!” Simmons exclaims. A bed appears behind him. His hands are cuffed to it.” And while the next line is just donut laughing and saying “Now you must watch my rendition of the musical CATS” so while donut wasnt gonna do anything creepy, this really sounds like simmons writing a self insert fic that includes a provocative donut flirting with him while talking about musicals…. simmons dont repress ur crush on donut
  • ^not to mention the officer hot pants comes from donut having dressed up and jumped out of a cake for sarge’s birthday……..
  • at the finale scene of s13, donut says “I love you, too, Lopez”
  • Donut lived offscreen with Doc in valhalla, and then was dropped back off there to continue living in valhalla with doc (and lopez’s head) (i could talk for 60 years about them but anyone who’s followed me long enough has heard it all before and i’m tryin to keep the points b r i e f lol)
  • church has said “I like donut. He’s pretty harmless, man. I-I don’t think he’d hurt a fly.” and upon finding out donut got crushed by a spaceship, he paused his snarking to say “Oh, wait, the pink guy? Oh, I actually liked him!” to which grif replies “Seriously, what’s with all these feelings for donut?” 
  • tucker, thinking donut was a girl bc pink armor, asked donut if he “wanted to date one of us” and then called donut a “tease” when he said he wasn’t a girl
  • donut polished tucker’s codpiece 3 times when he and caboose were helping tucker get the black gunk off his armor, saying something along the lines of “a 3-coat waxing is just my way of saying I Care :)”
  • epsilon!tucker, while not canon to actual tucker, is implied to have jacked off to donut bc he thought he was a girl 
  • seems to be implied that tucker and donut were both assigned to the same desert location when everyone got split up, and donut passed out from thirst/exhaustion trying to get tucker’s distress call to the others
  • in The Best Red vs Blue DVD Ever of All Time, there’s a scene where tucker and donut are introducing “best couple.” Donut goes on about romance, while tucker says couple doesn’t necessarily mean romance, and  that “you[donut] think everything is romance! last week you called it romance when i accidentally took a bite of your sandwich” “was it really an accident tucker? was it?” “YES!” “time will tell” “ugh, whatever-” dudes, donut totally had a crush on tucker at least once
  • i dont have a good source but i remember seeing in a post a while back that there was a scrapped plotline that was gonna be a love triangle between donut, a “confused caboose”, and an unknown third party
  • i’m willing to bet the confused caboose bit is because caboose seems to have thought (and maybe still does? who knows) that donut was a girl, likely because of the armor. in caboose’s mind, donut’s a girl who says things like “I love caboose, and yet, I’m still afraid of him, he’s so scary :)” [cause he seems to think of himself as intimidating to the red team lol], and then in Head Canon, caboose!donut says something like “i like [something] almost as i like to paint my nails and not talk to boys. i would never talk to boys, especially not caboose for some reason!” which… is hard to make sense of tbh lol, but since everyone in caboose’s mind is how caboose perceives them, it maybe seems like caboose doesnt get as much of donut’s attention as he’d like?? lmfao, it sounds like “not caboose for some reason” means caboose doesn’t really understand either. 
  • donut tearily said to caboose way back in KITBFF: “ Mister Caboose, I just want you to know that even though we are on different teams, and we may never see each other again, whatever happens out there today, I’ll always remember the moments we shared together. You are now, and forever will be… my friend.” very emotional if i do say so myself
  • there’s this reconstruction deleted scene where i guess donut had gotten transferred to doing special agent stuff w/wash’s division or something (wash calls him Special Agent Donut so, i guess lol). Wash speaks in donut innuendos the whole time he’s talkin about donut [”He’s a back door expert” “if there’s an unsecured rear entrance, he’s your man” “legend has it he can get through even the tightest cracks-” lmfao and they address each other by name, so i like to think they’ve worked together and donut’s… mannerisms… have been Rubbing Off on wash ;p
  • ^also in that deleted scene caboose goes “DONUT! :D” when donut appears and talks, so he’s clearly excited to see him!!!!!!!!! 

ahem. point being: the bgc needs to embrace the donut love and i firmly believe that if someone didnt have a crush on donut, donut had a crush on one of them at some point in time

Voltron Singing Headcanons

-this is based off how their voices sound in the show and what strengths and weaknesses might come with it.

LANCE: I see a lot of headcannons with him as a shitty singer, but there are many different types of singing. I think his area is more soft singing. He’s the type that scream-sings as a joke while listening to Shakira or Adele on full volume, or shaking his hips in Keith’s face for a reaction…

but if he really tried, he would be laying in the corner of his bed, with a makeshift guitar Hunk put together (bless him), softly plucking the strings and singing ‘can’t help falling in love’ by Elvis Presley.

Just imagine that, Jeremey Shada’s voice softly singing to the sound of a calm guitar in the silence of a dim room, blue hues from the lights casting on his face. Of course, I don’t think he would do this in front of the rest of the team because he’d probably feel weird about it, so instead he scream-sings in their faces while intensely dancing to ‘hips don’t lie’ through the castle halls because he feels obligated to be the one to rise spirits in dark times.
(Feel like I went too deep)

(Oh and also Jeremy shada sings like go check out on YouTube it is stunning oml ahH)

PIDGE(eon): Pidge, if you don’t know her well, is underestimated on a lot of things, singing is one of them. Due to her boyish voice (somewhat) she seems like she wouldn’t be that great, but I honestly couldn’t agree less like guys guys gUys nO.

If anyone knows Veronica Sawyer from the musical Heathers, that’s how I imagine Pidge’s voice to sound like (more or less). If you don’t, look up a song like “dead girl walking” or “beautiful” from heathers. If she really brought out her voices full potential, I really believe she’d sound amazing with such a unique voice…

However, singing is not Pidge’s priority, and I don’t imagine her ever really wanting to sing or be a singer because she believes it’s not her area of expertise.


HUNK: Oh. My. God. Guys. Hunk is just oh my god. So people with a bigger build usually have stronger lungs, vocal chords, ability to hold out a note, etc. so not only would Hunk be a superb tener opera singer, (I bet he does that to annoy the others randomly without notice and laughs as they all jump out of skin as he sings ‘dON GIOVANNI’ BY MOZART CAUSE IT SOUNDS LIKE A DEATH ANTHEM AHAHA) but he would also, like Adele, be able to sing loud and full with a lot of vibrato, the opposite of lance. I imagine him as a male Adele.

He can also do soft stuff, he does a lot of humming as he works on stuff, usually unintentionally. He just loves to sing everything, and everyone knows it. (So sweet aw)

KEITH: Keith is a tough one. He wants to sing but he thinks he can’t. He wishes he could sing to himself because of a distant memory of someone singing to him, but he believes he can’t, and he’s never tried.

He sounds like Shawn Mendez and Ed Sheeren combined, but a fuck ton better. He has a more cleaner tone, and it’s less rough, he’s one of the breathy singers that have voice cracks but the voice cracks are on purpose and sound amazing. His voice would be absolutely beautiful, stunning.

He’s more of a soft singer, but he could totally pull off something like 'Symphony’ by clean bandit, but with a lot of practice because he can’t sing too high or too low (based off of his voice in the show).

But of course this would all be true if Keith would just tRy to siNg uGh.

Just search up a video of his voice actor Steven yuan singing I swear to god it is the most godly beautiful shit I have ever heard please please look that shit up.

SHIRO: his voice is very fluid. What I mean by that is his words string together like music, even when he speaks. Going off of this, he would be an astounding jazz singer.

Just imagine him singing 'sway with me’ or 'dream a little dream of me’ or 'L-O-V-E’ by nat king cole guyyyys.

(Also the voice actor (Josh Keaton) sings too so go look that shit up he was so fucking good)

(Also he was the singer for Hercules in the movie Hercules like holy shit guys that was HIS VOICE)

I actually imagine him as someone who adores jazz. He’s the one listening to Tower Of Power, Diana Krall, Louise Armstrong and Nat King Cole. His voice is just so soft but firm at the same time. I don’t think he’d enjoy straining his voice and going high, I mean even his screams are super low. Jazz just fits him so well.

ALLURA: so I’ve noticed that Allura’s voice is kind of scratchy but not in a bad way. I mean in the Jennifer Lawrence way (you can reference 'hanging tree’ from the hunger games if you don’t know what Jennifer Lawrence sounds like).

So if you put together Allura’s normal voice, plus a British accent, plus the Jennifer Lawrence/ Ed sheeran scratchy tone, plus lots of strength in her voice, you get Allura’s singing voice.

I imagine her singing to songs like “youth” by daughter, or “thinking out loud” by Ed sheeran (he’s mentioned so much in this lol I don’t even listen to him that much) so her voice would sound great in soft indie music (I mean guys just imagine her doing “bloom” but the pAPER KITES AHH) but also I feel she doesn’t want to sing love songs or soft songs, she likes singing songs that have deeper meanings than just your average love song. The ones about grief really get to her when she remembers her father.

CORAN: guys I lied this gorgeous beast was the hardest of them all.

Ok so I imagine him to be the one uncle with the over sized park ranger hat, sitting at the camp fire with all his nephews surrounding him roasting marshmallows while listening to folk songs and tales he sings with a ukulele. His accent gives them all mysterious auras and honestly just works with the music style.

Also I bet he could sing opera (even though it’s highly unlikely) I just want him to waltz in singing something in ancient altaen in opera, and then later when someone asks him what it meant because it sounded so deep his answer would be that it was an improv he made right on the spot dedicated to his mustache.

We already had a sample of him singing “CORAN CORAN the GORGEOUS MAN” so I’ll leave it at that, assume what you want about whatever the hell he sings lmao.

He’s to good for us.

#60 - i said get rid of it

this wasn’t requested because all of my followers aren’t active but i miss writing so here’s this imagine :)

you were absolutely furious, it was taking all of your will power to not start throwing things and knocking over chairs. you were running around your small apartment that you shared with your boyfriend calum hood that was right outside of you both’s campus, looking for any other of the death boxes.

ever since you were a young girl you had always been informed about how horrible smoking is for you, that it can lead to lung cancer and several other life damaging diseases. after you heard that your grandpa had struggled on and off with risks of cancer you had promised yourself that you would never get into the habit and would never be with anyone who was a smoker.

so when you found out freshman year of college that the brunette australian boy you had been dating for a few weeks smoked, you quickly ended things. your friends called you crazy, saying that you should have waited to see if he did it frequently or if it was a rare thing.

but you had made up your mind when your grandpa had a possible lung cancer scare. his doctor told him that a tumor he had was most likely cancer and right after that he quit smoking cold turkey. however, he got lung cancer about ten years later. knowing how much pain smoking had caused your family you didn’t even want to spend time checking in on him.

after what felt like hours of waiting and waiting for your boyfriend of nearly three years to come home, the door finally opened. you ran to the door, ready to say the speech you had been preparing for ever since you saw the cigarettes hidden in the back of his night stand.

in fact, when you went to meet calum at the door you had already started your monologue.

“what the hell is wrong with you!? when i decided to get back together with you to help you quit i never thought that you would fucking go back to it!” you yelled, remembering when you had finally caved and got back together with him.

when you paused to collect yourself, you looked up to who you thought was going to be calum. however, it wasn’t. it was ashton, one of his best friends, and yours.

“woah y/n, calm down. it’s just me. were yelling about how calum started smoking again?” ashton asked you. as soon as he asked that your mind jumped to the worst case scenario, assuming that all of the other boys had known about him getting back into the life ruining habit. you didn’t want to jump to that conclusion, but god damn it all made sense.

your voice rose to a scream, “did you know about this!? was i the only one that didn’t, or did my boyfriend decide to just tell one of his friends, who also happens to be my best friend?”

flash back time bitches

“hey ash?” you asked your best friend ashton since your seventh year of primary school. at the moment you guys were on the couch together, two weeks before you both went off to college. you are both going to the same college, but your extended friend group was not.

“yeah?” he said.

you sighed, “are we going to try and make a whole group of friends, or just go stag throughout the campus together?”

“i actually mean to talk to you about this forever ago, but i’m joining a frat. so i’ll have them” he looked up at you as if he was scared you would run away at any moment, “i’ll still spend basically all of my time with you though.”

ashton saying that made a choice you had been struggling with for a while very easy to choose, “that works perfectly! i was thinking about joinging a sorority too, i’ll only do it if my roomate does though too.”

ashton was apart of the same fraternity as calum, so that and you being in a sorority too made it a very easy greeting. you don’t know it, but if ashton had a say in the meeting back then, and still now, he would have never let you met him if he knew how serious the relationship would go.

end of flashback time hoes

“no! of course not, you should know that i wouldn’t hide something like that from you.” he yelled back. right after he said it he wish he could take it back, he could tell that the last thing that you needed right now is getting yelled at by your best friend.

“hey, you have to listen to me okay? i know that right now you don’t want anything to do with him, but i bet he’ll have an explanation. okay?” he said, not using the same harsh tone as before. his words calmed you down.

finally, calum unlocked the door and came into the flat. he looked even more tired than when he had left this morning. granted, it was a 7 o'clock class.

his eyes lit up, “y/n! oh my god you have no idea how jealous i am of you for having later classes.”

when his eyes fell on ashton he visibly stiffened. you were oblivious to it all, the way that you mainly saw ashton when calum wasn’t around, the way calum happens to plan hang outs with the boys when ashton can’t, and mainly the way that every three or four months they would have a huge fight about you. about how calum doesn’t like ashton hanging around you when he isn’t home, and that ashton can’t keep using the best friends card. because everyone but you knew that ashton had been in love with you far before calum had ever met you.

“hey ash, didn’t see you there.” calum said, not looking at you or ashton.

“yeah, i’ve been meaning to come over to help y/n and you set up the sound box.” he replied. ashton saying that should have made calum feel better, it was the truth, but it didn’t. he no reason, but it just didn’t. maybe because it was something that he wasn’t able to figure out.

after less than two minutes of conversation with any of the three, you couldn’t wait any longer.

“calum, i found your fucking cigarettes. i can’t believe you, i said get rid of it years ago! how long? how long have you been hiding these in my home?” you attempted to yell. the more that you looked at him and tried to get angry again, the more you started forgetting. the more you felt yourself thinking that you didn’t care. that you didn’t care that he hid them, that he lied about it, that he had picked up the habit that caused you to break up with him in the past. you didn’t care because all you could feel was love for him. and you were mad at yourself for that.

“they aren’t mine, i promise!” he yelled back. you were surprised that he so able to get so mad so quickly, like this is something that you pulled out of your ass, something that didn’t make any sense.

he turned to ashton, “was it you? did you point her to where they were? you must have known by now. hell, you were probably the one who made her so quick to think they’re mine!” he yelled. you were shocked at why calum thinks calum would do something like that.

not letting it get to him, ashton remained calm, “wasn’t me dude. she found them herself. i even told her that there’s an explanation to why you have them. so instead of accusing, get explaining.”

damn it calum! stay calm around him when y/n is around too, one day he’ll do something that you can call him out for, calum thought.

“they’re michaels. well, his girlfriends. she smokes and he’s trying to have her quit. she’s telling him that she did but he’s finding them hidden around there place. so we’re keeping them here. we agreed to not tell you because we knew that you wouldn’t want them around me.” he finished explaining. even though it was an elaborate plan you probably should have doubted or thought through it longer, you didn’t care. you believed calum.

“i believe you. i wish you told me, but i get why you didn’t…i most likely wouldn’t have let you keep them here. you can now though, i trust you.” you smiled up at him. you took his hands and wrapped them around you, feeling the guilt from accusing go away.

calum was so happy, standing there with you in his arms. for a moment he had thought he ruined everything. that ashton had. but no one did, you were still his. he was still yours.

lol sorry this is really long and still shitty. i want to get back into writing, so send requests. i write the maze runner, 5sos, shawn mendes, and riverdale. also, i’m totally down to write some ship fluff and imagines too. for arrowverse tv shows and riverdale. like olicity and bughead. so send requests for all of those if you want. like, reblog, and follow if ya like this, i hope to get back into writing soon! also, i’m going to try and link the prompt list somewhere here, i don’t know if it’ll work because i’m shit at html but i think i linked it as a source. anyways, love y'all!

JakexMC Playlist

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1. First Time: Lifehouse  

   Looking at you, holding my breath/ For once in my life, I’m scared to death/ I’m taking a chance, letting you inside

2. Clarity: Zedd (Covered by: Sam Tsui *Low Pitch*) 

If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy?/ If our love’s insanity, why are you my clarity?

3. Locked Away: R. City ft. Adam Levine 

If I got locked away/ And we lost it all today/ Tell me honestly, would you still love me the same?

4. Say You Won’t Let Go: James Arthur  

I knew I loved you then but you’d never know/ Cause I played it cool when I was scared of letting go

5. Monsters: Timeflies ft. Katie Sky

 I’ll be your lighthouse, I’ll make it okay/ When I see your monsters, I’ll stand there so brave/ And chase them all away

6. Home: Daughtry 

I’m going home/ Back to the place where I belong/ Where your love has always been enough for me

7. Angel With a Shotgun: The Cab

 They say before you start a war, you better know what you’re fighting for/ Well baby you are all that I adore/ If love is what you need/ A soldier I will be

8. I Won’t Give Up: Jason Mraz (Covered by: Christina Grimmie) 

I won’t give up on us/ Even if the skies get rough/ I’m giving you all my love/ I’m still looking up 

9. Over My Head: The Fray

 Everyone knows I’m in/ Over my head, over my head/ With eight seconds left in overtime/ She’s on your mind/ She’s on your mind

10. Can’t Help Falling In Love With You: Elvis Presley (Covered by: Haley Reinhart)  

Take my hand, take my whole life too/ Oh for I can’t help falling in love with you

(I had to save this one for last cause it’s like, one of my favorite love songs in the world and I had to include it ;) 

Tell me which is your favorite down below!!

Hana Oboro - Route reviews

Hana Oboro is a game with a lot going on all the time meh. Overall the writing wasn’t top notch but I thought it wasn’t too bad. As with wartime games though there tends to be a lot of jumping from battle to battle, or having to read monologues describing what happens in this battle and that. Most of the place names flew over my head since I’m not familiar with sengoku period history lol. 

Anyway I decided to write how I felt about each route in a separate post because it’s lengthy. I’ll still do a review of the game. There are some plot spoilers here and there, though I didn’t go into specifics. The various sections are sorted according to the order in which I played:

Nagamasa > Hanbei > Nobunaga > Shingen > Katsuie

*spoilers after the cut*

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Behind The Story - Pt.11

Summary: The reader is Jensen’s girlfriend (fiancé) and also a cast member of the show. Discover their journey to parent hood and marriage as they go. 

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 900+

Warnings: Fluff.



A/N: SO. MUCH. FLUFF. But that’s nothing new with this fic lol ♥


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There was nothing in the entire world you enjoyed more than having the people you loved sharing the same space at the same time. All you wanted was this type of moments that you cherish and wanted them to last forever. Jared and Gen laughing at Tom’s and Shep’s occurrences. The winning full of life laugh of your mother when your father finally shared his dessert with her even though she’s on a diet. And last but not least, the way Jensen gazed at you with his green eyes. You didn’t need for him to say ‘I love you’ when his eyes shouted it before his mouth could.

Everyone gathered at your favorite Italian restaurant in Downtown, Austin to celebrate two special occasions. Your birthday and yours and Jensen’s 5th year Anniversary.

Jensen have always been great with surprises, since the beginning of your relationship and even before both of you were an item. He would surprise you with the little things like showing up in set before a scene with a red rose or just bringing out your favorite candy. You didn’t loved the material things, you loved Jensen’s intention, his creativeness and spontaneous ways to make you smile.

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Klaus FanFic #1

Length: 1,423 words

Summary: Your first time meeting Klaus Mikaelson.

Warning: I guess it gets a little gory?

A/N: Aye, it’s my first fanfic! Finally lol. It only took me forever to get one out xD. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it! I know it’s really not the best but if you have any helpful suggestions on how I could improve my writing, I would love to hear your guy’s opinions. And as always, feel free to request!

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This took a while to finish since exams were on… but still…. I hope you get well soon! You gotta take care of yourself better since a lot of us gets worried when things like that happens! (Imagine all the Mamahirus up at Discord worried sick of you! xD). Rest up and recover now! =w=)/


I KNOW I PRAISED THIS IN THE DISCORD CHAT TOO. BUT I HAVE TO PRAISE IT HERE TOO!!!!! OF COURSE. AHHH ITS SO BEAUTIFUL AND JUST LOOKS SO NICE. I really do love the glowy effects and purplish and pinkish lines~~ Ahhh you guys made this day back absolutely wonderful! I feel 1000 times even better now~ THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH REI AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (●♡∀♡)

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  Now excuse me I’m just gonna latch on to this art forever now lol~ I hope you all know I save anything ever that is made for me. CAUSE THAT’S HOW MUCH IT ALL MEANS TO MEEEEEE. ALSO BLESS ALL THAT YOU DO GIRL!!!! Keep up the great work too!! 

You and I// A.C.
  • Summary: You and Aaron have been Best friends forever but what happens when he doesn’t want that anymore?
  • Disclaimer: Gif credit goes to owner
  • A/N: This is my favorite imagine I have done
  • Word count: 1034
  • Masterlist

~Phone call~
Aaron WAKE UP!!
Me  ughh why its Saturday
Aaron Im about to film a new video
Me well when you put it that way Ill be there in 30 minutes
Aaron You betta cant keep the fans waiting
Me Bye A!
Aaron love ya
~end phone call~
No Aaron and I are not dating. I wish we have been best friends since we were 3. I got out of bed and walked over towards my closet.After about five minuets I decide just to wear my light high waisted boyfriend jeans, dark grey almost black halter top, black fedora, and black ankle booties that lace up. I still had time left so I left my hair in the tight curls they are naturally and applied mascara and deep red lipstick. I grabbed my keys and I was out. It only took about 15 minuets to make it.
I Unlocked the door with my keys. I had one made a couple years ago. “HONEY I’M HOME.” I Yelled through out the house. “Hey Y/N” I heard mama Carpenter reply from the kitchen. She must have known I was coming cause she made me food. Ah I love it here. “Hi mom.” I said when i walked in the kitchen, I saw her making… WAFFLES. I was oh so rudely interrupted by me best friend grabbing me and spinning me whilst screaming. “Y/N I MISSED YOU SO DAMN MUCH” “language” Mrs. Carpenter scolded. “Dude calm your tits its only been 16 hours.” I informed him.  "Mom why does Y/n get to say a curse word?“  Aaron pouted. I had to stifle a giggle cause he looked so cute and adorable and attract- "Because she is my favorite.” She answered honestly. “whatever lets go film.”
He sat down and I looked around his room deciding where to sit before just sitting sideways on his lap. He already started the camera. “Hey guys so i just tweeted out for you to ask me questions using the #ask Aaron so lets get started.”  he went through some answering and stuff  ya know the normal. “okay @magcon4eva asks why is Y/n always in your videos?” he look a little up from his phone and switches it to the arm that’s holding my waist, and looks at me as though he wants me to answer.  I sigh really loud and face the camera “As most of you know we have known each other since we were young grasshoppers, well ever since then I couldn’t really go to long without him…  and he usually takes forever to film and I always sit near him or in the shot cause then its a better view” i answered honestly.
Its true out of all of his videos hes ever made I’m in every single one. I love him and have some bad separation anxiety but we have always been like this so it natural for us.
“okay last one says I dare you to kiss Y/n” he said with a devious smile. I looked up at him and he grabbed me from my neck, gently, but kissed me roughly, full of love and desire. When we finally had to breath 4 minutes later we looked at each other and smiled goofingly. He turned to the camera quickly said goodbye and turned it off.
Now i’m sitting in the middle of his bed sitting criss-cross looking at my lap. What if the kiss didn’t mean anything to him? What if he only kissed me because the fan asked? Will things be awkward now? How will I- my thoughts were cut off by Aaron placing his index finger on my chin and guiding my head up. Inches. We’re inches away from one another. I’m staring so deep into his hazel/green eyes I think I might get stuck down a rabbit hole.
“Y/N I love you, I have and always will. When your focusing on something and you start to squint, which then causes an even more adorable crinkle in your nose. I love how you don’t have to dress up to be beautiful. I love how good you are with kids. I love that all my fans love you. I love that my mom and the boys love you. I love that im always the first person you come to if you need anything. I love that when its that time of the month i get to cuddle with you while we binge on Ben and Jerry and Netflix love how we always penny board together everywhere. I love how when guys hit on you i get to step up and protect you. I love when you get sassy. I love how stubborn you are. I love how smart you are.I love when you sing to me and only me. I love watching you play volleyball and track, and lacrosse, and soccer.I love how you fight for what you believe in. Hell, I even love when you beat me in video games. There isn’t one thing I don’t love about you. Your perfect in my eyes, and while it has been the greatest honor to call you my best friend for 15 years. I want to be able to call you mine for the next 70. So will you  Y/N L/N be my lovely girlfriend?” at the end of his speech I tears all i could do was nod my head like a maniac. Aaron grabbed my hips and kissed me sweetly and strongly. “ I love you too.”
~Time skip about 2 hours~
//Still Aaron’s house//
Me and Aaron have been cuddling on the couch for a while watching Disney movies, surrounded by blankets and pillows. Mama Carpenter walked downstairs and saw us kissing and started to run around the house chanting “Y/S/N” over and over then she came back and said to Aaron “Its about time you grew a pair of balls and asked her out, Me and Y/N’s parents had a bet on it, I won of course.” then she walks out as though nothing happen.
“Our parents placed a bet on when i would ask you out, huh.”
“And you mom won”
“Wonder full”
“I love youuuuu”
I love youuuuuuuu moreee"


Request from @mrshayleewilkinsonmaloley : Can you do an imagine where Sammy cheats on you and you feel really heartbroken and you don’t eat for like 3 weeks and Nate finds you in your house passed out and you go to the hospital and Sammy comes to see you everyday,you can fill in the rest,btw I love your imagines some of them make me cry,sorry if that’s really long


“You’re fucking lying to me!” I cried out, hitting his chest in frustration. “I’m not please believe me!” He tries to grab my hands in his to hold it, but I pull away, but he won’t let me. “No Y/N, please, look at me!” He yells slightly in my face to look at him but my eyes were shut, tears running down my face. “How could you do this to me!” I pulled my hands from him, released from his grip. “I’m so sorry baby! I promise that will be the only time,” “Are you fucking kidding me?! There shouldn’t even be a one time! How could you cheat on me!” “I’m sorry y/n,” “NO! There are no sorries for this! How could you do this to me!” Tears falling down faster. “How could you be so CARELESS about MY feelings?! About OUR relationship?!” “I’M SORRY Y/N! PLEASE! I WILL DO ANYTHING,” “Too late Sam!” I inhaled hard, “I loved you and I would’ve done ANYTHING for you.” “And I would do anything for you!” He comes up to me sweetly, 

“Then never talk to me again.” I wiped my tears, and stormed out. I hear him call me from inside. I just ran and ran and ran, not knowing where I was going, but somehow ended up at the Jack’s house, all the across town. I knocked on the door, looking out into the street to make sure he didn’t follow me. The door flies open. I turned to the door and broke down. “Y/N?” Johnson called out worried, and caught me as I tried falling on my knees to cry. “Hey come here.” He started rubbing my back to comfort me. 

“Is she in there?” I heard from outside the room Jack put me in. I lied there on the bed, on my side, my back facing the door, as I held tight on a pillow, hugging it every time I started crying. “Yeah, but you’re not allowed.” I heard Sam scoff, but then heard something being slammed up against the wall. “WE SAID NO SAM!” G said aggressively between his teeth. I guess they pushed him against the wall to prevent him from coming in. “What the hell did you even do to make her like this?” I heard Sam get out of their grip, walk down stairs, and slam the door. Once I heard the door slam, I started sobbing again. I felt my heart break into a million pieces, all over again. I tried muffling it into the pillow so they wouldn’t hear me but too late. They rushed into my room, trying to comfort me. “Nate…. Nathan…” I tried sobbing out to signal them I want Nate. 

Nate and I are best friends. He’s the one that introduced me to Sam. He’s always been there for me. Our parents were really close so we were also, but we lived in different states growing up. When I heard he was moving to LA, we hung out every day since he’s been here. He’s been my ride or die since birth. He’s been my shoulder to cry on since we were in diapers. He’s my older brother I never got. 

“Where is she?” I hear from downstairs. Stomping started coming up the stairs and running towards the room I was in. Footsteps stopped at the doorway as I sat up. I wiped my tears and looked up at Nate, hair messed up, eyes red, shirt barely even on. I got up from the bed and ran into his arms, crying deep into his chest. He wrapped his arms so tight around body. “He cheated on me..” I muffled into his chest. “I know sweetie, I know.” “With Stass…” I cried out. I felt Nate freeze as I said her name. He just kisses the top of my head, and rubs my back again. “Why….” I said breathless with my broken heart.

Days went by and I felt myself become more numb. The Jacks have been nice enough to let me stay at their house for as long as I needed. They didn’t mind me there. While Jack and Jack are at the studio, Nate would come with Swazz and sometimes Tez and Hayes. There are days where I would get up and put on a fake smile just to pretend I was okay, and there were days where I couldn’t even get out of bed. Those are my darkest days. I envision different scenarios of Sam and Stass doing it. At the house. At her house. At a party. Anywhere. Everyday, different imagines, and I just cry and cry and cry. Nate would always come upstairs and bring me food, and leave it on the table and come back in a few hours to replace it with another plate of food. Sometimes it would be touched, sometimes it wouldn’t. But when it is touched, I just hide the food. 

I got weaker and weaker as the days went on of me not eating. Every time I tried to eat, I just started crying because of the emptiness I feel. The loneliness and pain he’s caused me to feel. Nate was too busy pissed at Sam to even notice I didn’t eat. Jack and Jack are too busy making their new album to notice too. I was on my own. It’s not easy to try to live life when your whole world has crashed. How do you try to function like that? You have to go back from the beginning and learn everything but this time, by yourself. Enjoy things by yourself. Love things by yourself. Start being yourself. 

Today was one of those days where I decided to get out of bed. I knew, and all the boys knew, I wasn’t any better but they knew I tried. I heard the door close downstairs, “Y/N, I’m here!” I heard Nate yell, waiting a couple seconds, then sigh, walking to the living room with the guys. I quietly got up, and started fixing myself up. I looked through the mirror and scoffed at myself. I tried putting on make up but got sadder just looking at myself in the mirror. I knew the lipstick won’t fix it. But I gotta put my game face on. I wish mascara could mask this. Until all the tears are gone. I gotta paint the pain away. Make like I’m okay. Pretend I don’t wanna stay. Act like this ain’t killing me. Gotta play the part, act like it ain’t killing me. Gotta play the part, when you try stopping me. Hide what’s written on my face. Dig deep in the makeup case. And cover it with lipstick.. I’m sick of looking in the mirror. Cause my mirror sees right through. MAC ain’t got enough concealer. To hide how much I miss you. I’ve gotta cover up my hurt. No more getting burnt. (name this song lol)

After all that, I looked at myself in the mirror before going downstairs and my eyes fell crosseyed, everything became blurry, “Nate,” I tried yelling, but collapsed. 

Nate’s POV

“Y/N, I’M HERE!” I yell at the top of my lungs, at the bottom of the stairs. I stood there for a minute, sighing that today is one of those days again. I walked to the living room where the boys were and sat down next to Swazz. “It’s one of those days?” “Yeah..” I tried pushing it out of my head. This was the first time I felt useless in trying to comfort Y/N. This is the first time in my life that I am not able to make her happy again. “I can’t believe Sam did this to her.” Hayes said, while his eyes still on the video game. “I know man. I’m so fucking pissed about it.” I started rubbing my face hard. “Have you spoken to him?” “You would’ve known if I did. He would not be preparing for his tour right now because of his newly messed up face.” I started clenching my hands. “You wouldn’t punch him. He’s your best friend.” “She’s my sister. I love Sam and all. But I love Y/N 100x more. She’s been my ride or die since birth. I’ll always have her back. Even if it means being that protective brother against Sam.” My chest started heaving up and down from frustration. 

“Ugh, I’ll go make something to eat.” I start to get up then all of a sudden, I hear a thud. “Y’all hear that?” I asked and they all shook their heads. My heart started pounding, “Y/N?!” I started running upstairs, the guys following behind me. I saw her lying on the floor, “Y/N? Y/N!” I got on my knees shaking her. “PLEASE! PLEASE WAKE UP!!” I tried shaking her again. “THE CAR! START THE CAR!” I yell as the guys, scrambled down the stairs and outside. I carry her bridal style in my arms, tears rushing down my face. “It’s okay. Nathan’s here. You’re going to be okay. I promise.” I ran down the stairs and into the car, making our way to the hospital. 

When we got to the hospital, they did an examination, and she woke up during it, so I was told by the doctor. He told us she had no energy because she had no nutrients in her body. She was starving herself for 3 weeks, almost a month now. When he took me up to see her, “Are you nuts?! Starving yourself? Do you know how dangerous that is! You could’ve forever damaged your body!” I yelled at her. “Don’t you even do that again! Do you hear me?!” I walked up to her, kissing the back of her hand. Just then someone barges into the room. “Get out!” I pointed out the door in anger. “What happened? Is she okay?” I saw a worried look across his face but it didn’t phase me. “I said get the hell out of here.” I heard Y/N start crying as I pushed him out the room. “What the hell Skate, why you so mad bro?” “Don’t you fucking bro me! You cheated on her! For the past fucking 3 weeks she has been in bed, crying to her self, constantly, and on top of that, she was starving herself, because of you. Because YOU made her feel like shit. YOU caused her this pain. YOU made her feel empty. YOU made her feel worthless. YOU, Sam, YOU!” I kept pointing at him in anger. “How could you do this to her! You KNOW how important she is to me! You KNOW how i hate to see her hurt! And the fact that YOU did this to her with Stass?! Fucking hell Sammy! How were you so careless with my best friend?!” 

“I wasn’t careless!” “Then explain how we all ended up here!” My arms lifted up, moving around to exaggerate where we were. “You were CARELESS AND SELFISH!” I said in his face, turning my back to him and walking inside the room. “I’m sorry…” I heard him whisper out before I closed the door on his face. I saw Y/N lying there, crying into her hands. I immediately ran to her and held her in my arms. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Y/N.” “I don’t know how to fix myself anymore..” She cries out int her hands, breaking my heart. 

The doctors wanted to keep her at the hospital under watch to make sure she eats and takes her medications and to see a therapist while she’s here. Since the day I brought her in, Sam has been coming her every day. He would be sitting outside her room, and once she fell asleep into a nap, and I would pretend to be asleep too, he would quietly come in, and I would see him drop off flowers, walk up to the side of her bed, hold her hand for a few minutes, then kiss the top of her forehead. Every day. After a week of him secretly coming in, I go outside the room to grab him and bring him inside the room when we were both conscious, or she was. He stood there, frozen at the end of her bed, staring at her. I sat down at the side of Y/N’s bed to make sure she didn’t cry. “I’m sorry..” He whispers. “I’m so sorry I made you feel like nothing. I’m sorry I did this to you. I’m sorry you thought it’d be best if you starved yourself. I am so sorry y/n. I’m sorry I was so careless…” he drops down to his knees, crying. I look at Y/N who kept wiping her tears away.

I got up and pulled Sam up, and moved him closer to Y/N. She grabbed his hand and pulled him closer to her. She cupped his face in her hands and kissed his forehead, tears rushing down both of their faces. “We’re going to be fine.”