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• I can breathe
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• My style of clothing yo!!

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I figured it was about time I introduced the little guy. This is (insert drum roll) Crowley, because I just couldn’t resist. 

Out of the bunch we bought, he’s the shy awkward one. He likes hissing at me, too, and probably thinks he’s really scary.

Bonus: Crowley meets Aziraphale. Because of ineffability, you see. 

INTP dealing with jokes:

Someone: Oh yeah X people are always about *does the joke*
INTP: No, that’s a generalization *and wheres why*, you have to consider others things like *and it’s not okay because*
Someone: Oh you again with that? SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Some quotes in a recent session where Jesus makes an apperance

“I would like to seduce Jesus. If he fucks me it can’t be a sin”
-the extremely gay man

“Man you can be a real assholes sometimes Jesus”
-the daughter of Satan

“Listen here bub. Just because your father is the creator of the universe or whatever doesn’t mean you can go around telling people what ‘is and isn’t holy’”
-an emotional vampire

“Jesus is RIPPED. Look at those pecs. His toned thighs. His long flowing hair.”
-the gay guy and Satan’s daughter





I’ll come and get you,  I’m always ready to fight

Mika going for Yuu and always fighting for him

 Are they really deep inside your head?                                                          Do they control you like a marionette?                                                            I’ll cut the strings off you dead.  Come with me                                            Let me free the wings of your soul. Can make it fly                                  We’ve been waiting here just to make whole again                                      No more hating see I have always been your friend

Is Mikayuu!!! 

Is like Mika singing to Yuu xD



But perhaps all of you already know and I’m just screaming like crazy .-.

A lot of people say I look too much into my ships or OTPs and that I’m imagining that they love each but in real life if a guy ever looked at me like this

or this

or this

or in any other way that my ships do then I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume that he likes me.

To the guy who just told me, "If you don't lower your standards, you will never get married":

Maybe you’re right, but you missed a few things:

  • If I don’t lower my standards, I will never be abused, verbally or physically.
  • If I don’t lower my standards, I will never go unloved, because I’ve learned to love myself.
  • If I don’t lower my standards, I will never show little girls everywhere that it’s okay to be treated like trash.
  • If I don’t lower my standards, I will never be a helpless bystander in my own life.
  • If I don’t lower my standards, I will never lose my integrity.
  • If I don’t lower my standards, I will never have to put up with people like you telling me that I deserve less.
  • player: *posts something on instagram not related to training during the off season*
  • some middle - aged man in the comment section that has not played hockey professionally: shouldn't you be training?? i can't believe you aren't training?? tRAIN

anonymous asked:

I know you've already mentioned Saruhiko moving in with Misaki, but could you write about Misaki moving in with Saruhiko? Into Scepter 4's dorms, that is. Maybe you can talk about the (jealous) reactions of the alphabet squad too?

I think that would be really weird for Yata, like even though I think he probably feels less hostile towards the Blues after S2 there would still be this feeling of ‘going into the lair of the enemy’ and everything. But maybe for some reason Yata’s apartment is unlivable, like he and Fushimi were planning to move in together but Yata’s apartment building gets condemned for some reason and finding new accommodations is going to take a while. So since Fushimi has a perfectly good dorm he figures he’ll just stay there for the time being and he ends up awkwardly asking Yata if he wants to come live with Fushimi in the dorm for a bit. Yata doesn’t really want to go live with the stupid Blues but Fushimi’s not really looking at him and is obviously all nervous and embarrassed and Yata realizes how much Fushimi is trying so he agrees for Fushimi’s sake. Munakata agrees to allow Yata to stay temporarily in Scepter 4, though he does make certain Yata is aware that using these close quarters as an excuse to take advantage of Munakata’s innocent Fushimi-kun will lead to swift and severe punishment. Yata is nervous and jumpy for the next three days until Fushimi gets the reason out of him and he gets all irritated at his overprotective Dad intimidating his boyfriend again. Yata feels a bit out of place in Fushimi’s dorm but maybe it gives him a little perspective too, like this must have been how Fushimi felt all the time in Homra. And despite that he does like being able to share a room with Fushimi again, the first night they stay up for hours playing video games and Fushimi oversleeps the next morning. Yata feels guilty for making Fushimi miss work, Fushimi’s like fuck work I’m going back to bed.

The rest of the alphabet squad is probably initially a little suspicious having Yata there, even though they’re not enemies anymore there’s something weird about having Homra’s vanguard right under their roof. Yata’s really awkward around all of them too, these are Fushimi’s coworkers/sort-of friends so he wants to make a good impression but he has this mental image that all of Scepter 4 would be really strict and stiff. He’s pleasantly surprised to learn that they are in fact all dorks and pretty friendly dorks when you get down to it. He and Doumyoji probably end up getting on fairly well, which Fushimi is somewhat dismayed by. Yata also learns about Fuze’s secret feud with Fushimi and asks Fushimi what he did to end up in a fight with that guy, Fushimi’s like ‘we’re fighting?’ Hidaka definitely decides he wants to make friends with Yata largely because he wants to learn more about Fushimi and basically figure out the trick to becoming Fushimi’s friend. And maybe Yata’s presence ends up bringing Fushimi closer to the alphabet squad because Hidaka decides they should all go out in order to make Yata feel more welcome and Yata makes Fushimi come along. It’s the first time Fushimi’s ever gone out with his coworkers after work and they’re all really excited that he came along, Yata finds himself feeling really happy to see how much Fushimi’s fellow clansmen care about him. Also the alphabet squad gets to see Fushimi and Yata being surprisingly close all the time, like they walk into the dining hall at dinner to find Fushimi already there with Yata sitting beside him picking the vegetables off of Fushimi’s plate while Fushimi steals the meat off Yata’s. Some of the squad are maybe a little jealous by how Yata’s able to be so easily friendly with Fushimi but they’re also happy seeing that Fushimi does have someone that he lets care about him.

Can I just say I’m honestly impressed that Aria hasn’t gotten pregnant yet? After that sneak peek, I’m thinking about the fact that it’s probably Ali who’s pregnant and I’m thinking, you know, whatevs…my Ezria heart wants them to have all the excitement, but I know how to share…but then it occurs to me…like, bravo to Aria and Ezra for not accidentally slipping a bun in the oven after all this time.

Cause you know they’re doing plenty of baking 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Okay guys, Carmilla talk

I’ve been biting my tongue for months now, but given the “buzz” that has happened while I was away, I’m just going to say it.

I don’t find Natasha attractive (that’s not the big revelation). The reason for 97% of the tampon fandom to swoon over every pic/gif of Natasha/Carmilla is a mystery to me… I genuinely wonder what you all see when you look at her, but I guess I just need to accept that I’m immune to her charms.

That being said, I do have eyes. I have eyes when I watch Natasha who shares a body with Carmilla, I have eyes when I read fanfics that involve Carmilla who also happens to share a body with Natasha, and yet what they see doesn’t add up.

This fandom is not shy in expressing how flustered Natasha makes them -not to mention the endless and numerous tags praising her beauty- so I don’t get it. Why does practically every single fic I read mention “toned abs”, “toned stomach”, “muscled arms”, “lean, endless legs” and more when describing Carmilla? Natasha doesn’t have a “flat stomach” or “toned abs”, she has a round lower stomach like most women do. She also has large hipbones, her back is very, very arched (like holy shit, that must be painful) and she has no muscles whatsoever. It’s not like she ever lied about how much she hates to work out or jog either. And it’s not like you can look so slouchy and sluggish if you’re athletic, even if you’re the best actor in the world. 

I see absolutely nothing wrong with any of the physical traits I just mentioned about Natasha, and yet, a lot of people who claim that she’s “a beautiful goddess gracing the Creampuffs with her presence” are also the ones that change almost everything about her body. So what is it, then, guys? The person you describe as being the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen is not enough for you? I’m fairly confused.

There’ll probably be people thinking that this rant is about defending Natasha. It’s not. It’s more about women in general, and how we tend to always describe them to fit society our own fantasies, I guess.
And honestly, Natasha doesn’t need any help to defend herself. “Retweet if you like to eat” was the best answer she could give her detractors. I may or may not have laughed and high-fived my screen when I read that tweet


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