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As a libra moon I think I'm having a really hard time focusing on myself and trying to fully recover the toxic relationship I just left. I keep trying to distract myself with other boys, any tips to help me?? it's like second-nature to cater to a guy for me I can't explain it and I catch feeling too fast. any advice you could offer?

I think… you have to learn how to be by yourself. It’s not impossible. Look, I know as a Libra Moon, you’ll naturally be focused on others. You don’t have to get rid of that, but you know, develop a new tendency - to cater for yourself.

Think of it this way: If you can’t take care of yourself, there is no way you can take care of others… so you should may as well take care of yourself now.

I think you should take a break from people.

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I was watching my brother play xbox when I realized... professional sports teams have video games. With avatars that look just like the players and have their stats. Sooo professional exy teams could have a video games.. and when Neil and Andrew went pro they would see their little video game selves

okay so listen:

  • andrew never pays attention to literally anything going on with his exy career
  • like seriously? he goes where they tell him and does what he’s contractually obligated to do 
  • so when he had to wear a weird suit and pretend to block a bunch of fake shots he thought it was probably some weird form of monitoring his health or muscles
  • of course he doesn’t tell neil about it in their nightly skype calls becuase it’s unimportant in his mind
  • unknown to andrew, neil also did the same thing but doesn’t much care for video games so he also says nothing
  • basically a literal day after it’s happened they’ve both forgotten about it 
  • but then the game comes out 
  • and everyone starts tweeting them about it
  • and making funny vines with 6-foot whatever kevin day being checked by 5′0″” andrew minyard
  • (it’s probably some thing where you can just like assign the players any position for fun idk)
  • neil picks up on it an favorites a bunch of videos on twitter
  • (poor boy didn’t know other people could see his likes)
  • and of course matt calls neil the day it comes out
    • “neil! you didn’t tell me we’d both be in a video game together?!? how sick is that! you totally have to come over and play, bro”
  • basically neil loves it because he gets to play as andrew and ends up mimicking him as he does it 
    • “my names andrew and i squish garbage in the can until it’s too full and i refuse to take it out”
    • “hey guys, watch out! i have the ball and i’m not afraid to beam it at your ankles if you look at me the wrong way!”
    • “i’m andrew and i pretend to hate the cats but wheni think neil’s not looking i make kissy noises at them and hold them in my arms”
    • “neil’s bothering me so i’m going to pretend he’s a vegetable and pretend he doesn’t exist”
  • of course andrew catches him doing it one time when neil thought he was home alone and was playing online with matt
  • (he was home alone but had jumped into a monologue as andrew and was too distracted to hear him walk in for his weekend visit)
  • of course andrew decides to get him back by doing the same thing as neil
    • “my name is neil and i’m an idiot who has no self preservation”
    • “watch out kevin, i’m here to steal your one true love away, the court”
    • “did you guys know that i leave my socks all over the apartment becuase that’s where they belong?”
  • it definitely turns into a way for them to get out their petty aggression on one another
  • and if one of the foxes just happens to post multiple videos of it online and create a small phenomena, then that’s between them and the thousands of views
All I’ve got II pt. 3

Jungkook x reader

genre: fucking fluff, angst, hints of smutty actions, badboy!jungkook, bestfriend!jungkook

word count: 12.6k

Jeon Jungkook was a tall guy, handsome with all those ethereal artwork tattooed on his arms..and your best friend. He was by your side whereas you faced a painful heartbreak, caressing your hurt soul for as long as you needed him. But how much can a friendship withstand if one of the two develops feelings?

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Sugar Sweet  | 1 | (M)

word count: 8.9k (seriously, what a mouthful)

genre: smut + fluff; college AU + fuckboy!kihyun

pairing: reader/kihyun

summary: your best friend & roommate changkyun just wanted to help get you laid. instead you found solace in a pink haired man named kihyun who had a smart mouth with sharp words you weren’t afraid to let cut you, as long as he didn’t mind you hurting him a little too.

part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 


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“Mother has been poisoned !” - Batfam x Reader (batmom)

Ok, Imma translate @laetitia-prst​‘s request (my fellow French person yo), so, basically : 

SUMMARY : Batmom has been poisoned by a new villain who wants to get known by killing the famous Bruce Wayne’s wife/partner. The batfamily is on edge, they gotta save her, because they’d be nothing without her…And then laetitia-prst talks about the ending and important plot points but hey, no fun if I translate that too right ? So here for poisoned bat mom,I feel like maybe it’s going a bit fast ? I didn’t really wanna make more than one part for this story so it’s long, and I’m afraid I might have rushed some things up…I hope you’ll still like it :s :  

(My masterlist blog here :


You were with Damian, asking some mango juice at the bar for him (the barman was being a dick, and refused to serve your son because “he was too young”, even though he didn’t want an alcoholic drink, so your quite annoyed self went to get it for him), when things went south. 

-Mother ? Mother are you alright ?! MOM !

You don’t really know what happened. You felt a painful prick on your thigh, where your fancy dress was opening slightly, as if you just got stung by a wasp, and all of a sudden…Everything went blurry. Next thing you know, your youngest son is trying to catch you before you hit the floor, and his arms are holding you with all his strength, as if afraid you’d disappear. 

-Father, father ! Dad ! DAD !! 

You can feel Damian shake, but you can’t see properly the line of his face…his distress is making your heart tighten, and you have to reassure him but when you try to raise a hand to cup his cheek and stroke it gently, nothing happen.

You hear more than you see Bruce falling on his knees next to you. You feel his hands taking you away from Damian, you feel your son resisting a bit, reluctant of letting you go, you feel yourself raising from the floor…But you don’t get it. 

What is happening ? 

Your vision is even more blurry than a few minutes before, and the last thing you hear before drifting into total darkness is Bruce saying : 

-What the Hell happened ? 

Everything goes dark as you fell unconscious. Your husband feels you go limp in his arms, but before he can really react, a man in the assistance, wearing a gaz mask and khakis stands on a table and, with his best evil laugh, says : 

-My names is Mutagen, and you can bet that by the end of this week, I’ll be the most famous criminal in all Gotham. Spread the word, especially to Batman.  

Jason almost catch him on the spot, but the man jumps out the window and disappears…Who the hell was he ? 

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i want a fic idea where lance gets powers of some sort (water??ice??) but the team doesn't notice and he tries to show them multiple times but always gets shut down then one day in battle he ends up using them and everyone is like whoa!! why didn't you tell us you could do that?? and he either breaks down or just calmly tells them 'i tried but you guys wouldn't listen to me' the others end up feeling really bad either way ((thank you for your time))

((no need to thank)) 

Honestly, I like this idea, but I think if this were gonna work, it have to be at the most tense moment. Like: 

Lance gets the power about two weeks into Shiro’s disappearance from an Alien Prince that thought he was worthy to carry the blessing of his people. Lance never got too tell his team, as they had just gotten the biggest lead on Shiro, and he didn’t wanna distract from that. So he tried to mention it on the side, but everyone is hyper focused on finding Shiro, and just brush him off. Here comes the big rescue mission and Lance pulls water out of the air, and slices through several galra drones, and when he realizes that Shiro wont make it back to the ship he- infront of everyone- pours out some water and pulls a Katara and heals him. Cue drama. 

Slow Hands

Request: This was requested quite a few times a while ago and it’s been sitting, saved in my documents folder. So, here it is! Hopefully it isn’t as bad as I think it is lol.

Warnings: It gets a little NSFW toward the end, I mean… have you read these lyrics? 👀

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Slow Hands - Niall Horan

“This party fucking sucks,” Tom tilted back his drink, taking the last bit of it as he nodded along to Jacob’s complaint. “When can we leave?” Tom shrugged, glancing at all the people feigning confidence through liquid courage and lies that could split their teeth.

“What time is it?” Jacob glanced at his phone, showing it to Tom. It read close to two in the morning. Tom shook his head, placing his empty glass on top of a shelf and nodding toward his friend. “Hey, I’m gonna go to the bathroom. We’ll ditch soon, yeah?” Jacob nodded eagerly, saying something about going to get a water – Tom hadn’t heard him all that well, he was a few feet away, closer to the stairs, and the shitty music was blasting so loud he swore they’d been setting the volume higher just to fuck with him.

“We should take this back to my place,”
That’s what (s)he said right to my face

“Leaving so soon?” Tom’s lips lifted slightly, a smirk growing on his face. He stopped in front of the restroom door, not having opened it yet. His head tilted to the left, seeing you leaning against a closed door, a smile on your face. He’d seen you at parties like these before – grabbed your ass while kissing you at a couple, sitting and getting lost in conversations at the others. He had always had a place for you, he just never let you know that. He liked this silent arrangement you both had: mysterious make-out sessions and interesting conversation. You were a tease, and you were the only one that didn’t frustrate him when it came to the ‘cat and mouse’ game.

“Yeah,” he shrugged, leaning next to you as he lifted his right shoulder in a lazy shrug. “This party fucking sucks.” You nodded, pursing your lips as you side-stepped closer to him, so your shoulder was touching his, rolling your head so your face was in close proximity to his.

“Yeah, it does kind of suck – kind of sad, though,” he looked at you confused, silently urging you to continue. You stood up straight, walking up closer to him. He mimicked you, fixing his posture so he was directly in front of you; his back was pressed against the bathroom door and his eyes trailed over you, not quite meeting your eyes until you were flush against him. “It’s too bad we didn’t get our moment,” you leaned into him, tilting your head as your lips brushed against his ear, “alone.”

Tom wasted no time, grabbing your hand with one of his while simultaneously reaching his other hand behind him to open the bathroom door. He dragged you in, closing it and pushing you back, this time your back being against the door. You smiled wide, your body pumping with anticipation as Tom placed both hands on your cheeks and pulled you to him, his lips meeting yours in a heated rush. He worked quickly, letting his tongue slide past his lips and skimming yours, begging for an entrance. You were in no mood to tease tonight, your arms wrapping around his neck as his hands fell to your waist, and then the backs of your thighs. He lifted you up, prompting you to wrap your legs around his waist. His lips detached from yours, moving to your neck. Your elbows rested on his shoulders as your hands came up to tug at his hair, your soft pants encouraging him as his lips dipped down to your shoulder, biting you lightly and then running his tongue against you to soothe the light pain.

Knock, knock, knock. Tom pulled away from you, groaning as you laughed. Your mood was interrupted by the knocks on the bathroom door and the incessant shouts that there was a line forming beyond it.

We should take this back to my place,” he whispered, catching you by surprise as he set you back down on your feet. You two had never extended your affairs outside of the house the parties you went to were being held at. You laughed lightly, your hands falling from his hair as one of them cupped his cheek.

“That’s not how we work, Tommy.” You winked at him, fixing your top as he looked at you, confused. You checked yourself in the mirror, wiping away the slightly smeared lipstick at the corners of your mouth and sighing as you looked at him through the mirror. “There’s a party next week,” you shrugged, smiling at him, “maybe I’ll see you there.” And with that, you unlocked the bathroom door and made your way out. Tom sighed in frustration, flipping off the guy that was complaining as he made his way out, searching for Jacob.

Tom hated these fucking parties. But, would he always come to it, thinking you’d be here to satisfy his craving? Hell yes. His eyes searched the room for you, ignoring Harrison’s attempt to talk over the even shittier music at this party. He brought Harrison and Jacob, just so if he’d see you, they’d be too distracted with each other to ask where he was going or where he’d been. He almost said, ‘fuck it’ and asked the boys if they wanted to leave – then, he saw you. Walking up the stairs. You turned around, seeing him looking at you. You flashed him a smile, waving as you turned to walk again, your steps slower and your hips moving a bit more dramatically.

I’ve been thinking ‘bout it all day
And I hope you feel the same way, yeah

Tom didn’t even tell his friends he was leaving, his instincts carried him up the stairs in hopes to find you alone. But, when he made it up to the top of the staircase, he didn’t see you. He was about to head for the bathroom again until he felt a hand, on his shoulder, turning him around.

‘Cause I want you bad
Yeah, I want you, baby

“There’s an empty bedroom behind me – if you want to,” your left eye dropped to a wink. He felt like he had to work fast, or else you’d change your mind. He wasted no time again, walking past you and opening the door, pulling you in and then locking it, just like he had done the week before to the bathroom door. Instead of pinning you against the door, this time he rushed you to the bed, picking you up and dropping you on the mattress softly, relishing in the sound of your laugh and memorizing the curves of your smile as he leaned over you, dropping down to kiss you.

Slow, slow hands,
like sweat dripping down our dirty laundry

The windows were wide open and you could feel a breeze coming through – but, as both of your hands worked quickly on the other, trying to pry each other’s clothing off, you felt the intensity of a heat. Your palms began to sweat and Tom desperately tried to tear his shirt off, his hand coming up to brush his hair back as it began to stick against his forehead, making it unbearably hotter than it was. You both were too into each other to focus on how hot it had gotten, your body heat only making the other irresistible to you.

I just wanna take my time
We could do this, baby, all night, yeah

Tom’s hands slowed as soon as you were out of your top, his hands starting to leave random shapes on your skin as he kissed you on your lips, your cheek, your neck, your chest. His lips had reached your stomach when a phone rang. You both ignored it, Tom’s loud pants distracting the both of you as your hand disappeared into Tom’s unbuttoned jeans and his loose, white Calvin’s. He groaned loudly as your hand worked against him, only snapping out of his pleasurable trance when there was a knock on the door.

“Tom?” He groaned, his head rolling back in annoyance when he felt your hand leave him. He looked at you apologetically as he reached for his shirt, slipping it on.

“Can’t catch a fucking break,” Tom shook his head, leaning down to kiss your cheek. You didn’t know what had gotten into you, but your hand reached for his, stopping him as he walked toward the door.

No, no chance
that I’m leaving here without you on me

“Want to go back to mine?” Tom looked at you confused – he thought back to last week, you had turned him down. He thought of doing the same to you, repeating your line just so you knew how it felt. But, as Tom shifted uncomfortably in his pants, he realized there was no way he was going to turn you down. He nodded, reaching down to peck you lightly, another thing you both never did, and reaching for your hand, gripping it as he pulled open the door and ran down the stairs with you behind him.

“Dude,” Tom called out to Jacob, putting his free hand on his friend’s shoulder while still holding yours tightly with his other. “Here,” he fished his car keys out of his pocket, handing them to Jacob, “I’m, uh – going home with a friend. We’re gonna catch up.” Jacob narrowed his eyes at Tom, looking behind him to see who his other hand was attached to. He smiled at you, it quickly turning into a smirk when he went back to look at Tom.

“‘Catch up’, huh?” Tom rolled his eyes as Jacob grabbed his keys. “Have a good night,” he leaned into his friend’s ear as he pat his shoulder, “don’t forget to wrap up.” Tom shoved him playfully, dragging you out the door as you waved at Tom’s smiling number two. Tom let you lead him to your car, he offered to drive but you declined, arguing you’d get to the house faster since you already knew where you were going. Tom didn’t argue after that point, wanting to get to your bed as quickly as you did.

As soon as the car was parked in the driveway and you two made it past the front door, clothing items were being thrown everywhere, leaving a trail from the doorway to your bedroom down the hall. You thanked god that your roommates were out at that party, having promised they wouldn’t be coming back home. Your fingers worked at Tom’s shirt as he not-so-skillfully worked on the zipper of your dress. In his defense, walking backwards, kissing and trying to navigate where the room was, was really throwing him off.

Slow, slow hands
Like sweat drippin’ down our dirty laundry (…)
Fingertips puttin’ on a show
Got me now and I can’t say no
Wanna be with you all alone
Take me home, take me home

“For fuck sake,” he finally said, stopping you at the entrance to your bedroom and turning you around so he could undress you properly. His hands slowly unzipped you, his lips meeting the exposed skin as it went further down. He was on his knees, behind you, helping you take off your heels, leaving softer, barely noticeable kisses on every inch of you. Since coming to your house was against your unspoken protocol, he decided to throw all caution to the wind and say and do everything to you he was afraid to do before. He stood back up straight, peeling his unbuttoned shirt off as you turned around to work at the button on his jeans. “You’re so beautiful,” he mumbled, his lips kissing up and down your jaw and his fingers digging into your hips the closer your hands got to where he needed them to be.

“You’re just saying that because you’re about to get what you want and my hands are down your pants,” you said playfully, blaming the heat between you two for the redness you most likely had on your cheeks. Tom shook his head, grabbing your face and forcing you to look up at him, your hands stilling.

“You look beautiful right now, and you’ll look beautiful in the morning.” You tried to fight the smile off your face as you shook your head, pushing Tom toward the bed and letting him fall against it not-so-gracefully. You leaned down, pulling his pants the rest of the way down.

Yeah, I already know that there ain’t no stopping
Your plans and those slow hands (woo)

“You’re so full of shit, Holland.” You smirked, straddling his lap as you grounded against him, living for the groans and whines that stumbled past his swollen lips. His closed eyes gave you the courage to reach behind you to unhook your bra, tossing it on the floor next to you. When Tom heard the material fall to the floor softly, he opened his eyes in surprise, his eyes widening even more as he saw you completely topless on top of him. You and he had never gotten this far – so far, your encounters had been innocent, PG-13 and over the clothes stuff.

He didn’t know why you two didn’t stop this time. Maybe this was much more than a party – it seemed intimate. His hands reached out, brushing your hair back and away from your chest, marveling at you properly. His hands slipped to your waist, tugging against the top of your underwear and letting it snap back against your skin. You took that as a signal, prompting you to sit back and slip off the rest of your clothing. He whistled lowly at you, trying to kick your newly-found shy demeanor to the curb. It worked, he thought, as you rolled your eyes at him, your hands uncrossing from your chest as you leaned down, placing your hands against his chest and feeling the sweat that held built up there.

“Your turn,” you whispered, letting your hands fall to his waist, slowly tugging off his boxers as your lips met his jaw. Once he was fully unclothed, you hovered over him again, leaning in to kiss him as you positioned yourself, lowering down on him, you both sighing into each other’s mouths. You allowed yourself to move at a slow pace, not wanting to break the tension between you two and loving the way your name sounded as it came falling out in a whisper from his lips. You could feel the bruises forming on your hips as his fingers dug into you, not caring as he lifted himself to meet you in your thrusts.

“Tom,” you whispered, leaning down to kiss him as your whines grew louder and your nails scratched against his chest.

“I know, baby,” he whispered back, his slow movements becoming sloppy as he grew tired, instead stilling himself and helping you by lifting you up from your waist and easing you back down against him. You both had never thought that this slow-paced and gentle interaction would come from you two. Whenever either of you envisioned finally sleeping with each other, you assumed it’d be animalistic and forgettable. But, as you both finished each other off, your names filling the hot silence, you realized you preferred slow hands and careful movements. You fell next to him when you both were done, barely registering him wrapping his arm around you as he pulled your back toward his chest, nuzzling his head in the back of your neck.

You woke up the next morning, feeling Tom’s arm still wrapped around you securely. You smiled, turning around slowly as to not wake up him – you had found yourself moving a lot slower around Tom. You turned, though, to see him already awake, smiling at you. You leaned in, not being able to stop yourself, to peck him lightly, your hand coming up to rest against his cheek.

“What?” You asked, feeling a little self-conscience as he continued to look at you. He laughed lightly, shaking his head.

“Still beautiful.” You smiled widely, burying your head in his chest as his arms tightened around you, loving the way his laugh sounded, rough and raspy, when you mumbled for him to shut up. 

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here on the studyblr community especially, i see many lovely people with lovely posts and other lovely people who stress over whether their work is ‘aesthetic’ enough or not. please keep the following tips in mind when trying to balance aesthetic and functionality. 


you absolutely positively do not need a certain brand of stationery to have studyblr aesthetic and please do keep in mind the actual purpose of your studyblr: to motivate yourself, to serve as something to look back at to see how much you’ve accomplished. having a studyblr isn’t all about having perfect notes and nice pens so please please please don’t stress over that.

rewriting notes

i plan on making a more specific post on note taking later on but these tips are specific for addressing this issue. i know a lot of people who rewrite notes to make them look pretty and some of them say that it helps them remember things better. please do keep in mind that the main purpose of your notes is to function as something to study off of later and to help you record and remember important information, not to look aesthetic all the time. i personally refrain from rewriting notes because it’s time consuming and really doesn’t help me that much. to help remember the material better, i highlight the key parts of my notes a few days before a test (can’t highlight immediately after anyways because of ink smudging problems ughhhh). it also helps to look over your notes and for more lengthy units, to make ‘review sheets’ based on the basic summary and main ideas.


i love nice pens just as much as the next stationery obsessed person (maybe a little more), but please don’t feel pressured to buy a bunch of stuff just because you’re starting a studyblr. your hard work will motivate you and others just as well with the $1 pens as with the $10 pens, i promise. if you really want to buy stationery because you earnestly love it then go ahead and buy it instead of feeling self conscious and awkward like ‘i like it a lot but other people might point me out for having nice stationery if i buy it’. if you really want to buy nice stationery but don’t have enough money (nothing to be ashamed of at all) try looking for cheaper alternatives. you can still be practical and on a budget and have nice, functional stationery. please remember that as long as it does it’s job, it’s gonna work, so try to work with you have. maybe you’ll end up liking the style or grip of the brandless pen more than the one of the brand name pen. 


alright, let’s get to reality guys. people try to make their work look cute and successfully achieve that part but when they go back to actually read the material or go over their notes, start squinting over the words with adorable little bunnies around them or get distracted by the beautiful loopy swirls instead of paying attention to the actual information. please remember that functionality comes first! some ways you can make your work look nice but not too overwhelming would be to add small doodles relating to the concept on the side (helpful with remembering and cute!), maybe add a few colors (personally i feel adding too much color is super duper distracting so i stick to simple, similar color schemes but if you have a helpful color coding system then go ahead and rock your work in the rainbow~), and sticky notes are great for adding additional information or making tiny little note here and there and sort of ‘isolating’ those parts on a separate square if that makes sense.


okay, i have seen this around tumblr way too many times. often, people think that their handwriting isn’t nice enough and feel that they have to re-do everything over and over again until it’s perfect. please do keep in mind that your handwriting is beautiful just the way it is and that it’s a unique little part of you that expresses who you are. seriously, if you hung up your handwriting along with a billion others, anyone would be able to recognize that it’s yours because its so special and individual. it doesn’t help to practically disown your handwriting and constantly put yourself down because of it. instead, embrace it and use it proudly. however if you feel that there are some areas where it causes problems you want to improve, such as the fact that your teacher can’t read it, try to make your letters more clear, space them out more, and make them bigger or smaller so that they’re easier to read. 

additional note

these are the four main issues i’ve seen around, and i just really felt like they needed to be addressed and given tips for. also i really need to add this one part for people who have nice things and font-like handwriting: there’s no need to be ashamed or to feel guilty for having those nice things and that kind of handwriting. if you have the resources then do what you want to do. this is for people out there who obsess over these things too much and get upset if they don’t fit an ideal standard of ‘studyblr aesthetic’.

good luck. you can do this!! ~hana from kageyama-studies

*NCT 127 returns to Korea after a while promoting abroad and members are reunited with Ten at their dorms*

Ten: You know guys while you were away, I’ve been contemplating why SM chose not to include me in NCT 127 and I finally got it! It’s because you all are super talented, but if I was in the group I’d steal the show again and it’s your time to shine! 

*everyone starts to leave the room*

Ten: Hey! where are you going? I just called you super talented!

*everyone ignores him*

Ten: I made you chocolate the way Johnny showed me!

*everyone comes back and starts eating chocolate*

Yuta: For the record I think SM didn’t include you in NCT 127 because you’d be too distracted by Johnny’s dancing ass!

Ten: Well, that would also explain why they didn’t include Hansol in the group because you’d be too distracted by his ass!

Yuta: You little…*starts chasing him around the room*

Ten: You started it! *still running around the room*

Jaehyun: Well, all that makes sense, but then why did they put Taeyong and me at the same group, when I..*realizes what he’s about to say, turns red and starts walking out of the room*

Taeyong: Wait, WHAT? Jaehyun wait!! This is serious talk! *follows him*

Ten: Yeah, very seri-ass! *laughing his face off*

Johnny: *gives him a look saying: “you didn’t just say that” but laughs too anyway*

Doyoung: I’m so glad I caught all this on camera! *mischievous bunny smile* 


Prompt:  Hiya! I’m in love with your writing??? I wanted to ask, can we have something cute with polyamsanders, with Birgil coming down with a cold and being a grumpy miserable little ball of fluff and the other sides doing their best to make him feel better? I’m a sucker for sickfic. Thanks! - @dashing-hyphen

Notes: I love this idea. So much. I cannot overstate how much I love this idea. <3 Also, thank you for the kind words about my writing! <3

Pairing: Polyamsanders (romantic or platonic, though it probably reads more platonic, or at least pre-romantic)

Warnings: Mentions of fever and sickness. No stomach stuff though. 


“I’m not even sure how you managed this,” Logan said, taking the thermometer from Virgil’s mouth and frowning at the temperature read out. “We’re not even human–not technically. How did you manage to get sick?” 

“S’not the first time,” Virgil mumbled. Because it wasn’t. The others had just…never noticed before. And why should they? Until recently, Virgil had spent most of his time holed up in his room, only emerging when he was needed for something specific, and almost never spending downtime with any of them. He wasn’t a masochist, after all, and he wasn’t a total jerk, despite what they thought. He had no desire to force his way in and try to make a place for himself where there simply wasn’t one.

Since he’d revealed his name, though, they’d been reaching out to him more and more, acting as if they actually wanted him around, and…well. Virgil had to admit it was…nice. Really nice. They paid attention to him now, and even more amazingly, they noticed thingsIf he didn’t show up for meals too many times in a row, or if he declined movie invitations too often, they sought him out. They used a tag-team style approach with it; no doubt they thought they were being terribly subtle, but it was always the same strategy. Logan came in first, with his nonthreatening, clinically logical suggestions that Virgil leave his room and get a change in scenery. If that failed, Roman was his back-up, using the trappings of their previously antagonistic relationship in an effort to goad Virgil into doing what he wanted. If that too failed, they called in the heavy artillery. It wasn’t exactly playing fair, but…well, Virgil could never resist Patton’s puppy dog eyes.

In fact, the whole thing had become something of a game, and one that never failed to leave Virgil feeling warm and fuzzy inside. And normally, he loved it (not that he’d admit that to them. He did have a reputation to upkeep). 

But it had its downsides, too. It meant he didn’t get as much time alone as he had before, which was sometimes a bummer. And it also meant he couldn’t hide it, when he was having genuinely bad days–or when he was sick. 

Like now. 

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BTS reaction to you falling asleep on their shoulder


Originally posted by ksjknj

When he notices that you’ve fallen asleep on his shoulder he would smile at first but then he would immediately turn into Mother Jin and move you so you’re laying in a more comfortable position so your back doesn’t hurt when you wake up and cover you with a blanket so you’re not cold.


Originally posted by rappersline

Yoongi would lose all his chill when he sees you sleeping on his shoulder and turn into a smiling mess. He would wrap an arm around you and pull you closer to him. If one of the other members is being loud he would shush them and give them an angry look. 


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Jhope would start giggling at how cute you are when you’re sleeping. He would take a picture of you and later set it as his phone wallpaper. And he would also make sure that he notifies everyone else how cute you are when you’re sleeping.

“Hey guys look at Y/N! Aren’t they just so cute! By the way, can you be quiet? I don’t want you to wake her up.”


Originally posted by trash-for-bangtan

Namjoon would probably be talking about something too distracted to notice that you fell asleep. When he finally notices that you’re sleeping he would let out a quiet “Oh..”. He would become completely silent so he doesn’t wake you up and soon after he would probably fall asleep too.


Originally posted by minblush

Jimin wouldn’t know how to react at first. He would smile to himself, pull you closer and kiss your cheek. He would start subconsciously playing with your hair while listening to your soft snores and just like Namjoon he would also start falling asleep. 


Originally posted by taehyunglq

Taehyung, much like Hobi, would get really excited about how cute you are when you’re sleeping. He would take a dozen pictures of you while squealing at the cuteness and if he still hasn’t managed to wake you up after he’s done taking pictures he would shower you with hugs and kisses just because he feels like it.


Originally posted by baekon-stripss

He would turn into Jungshook as soon as he notices you sleeping on his shoulder. He would not be used to being so close to you but he would love it. After a few minutes he would become calmer and smile quietly to himself. 

BTS REACTION: seeing you in their clothes.


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He’d be all smiles but find it sexy as well.

The shirt was too big on you yes, which he found very cute, so he decided to watch you as you made breakfast. But as you reached for something in the cupboard the shirt rose up, exposing your legs and butt slightly, giving him a perfect view and making his eyes widen.

“Don’t, I might get ideas” He said hugging you from behind. But he’d soon go back to freaking out about your cuteness, showering you with kisses and sweet words.


Originally posted by cyyphr

He’d feel proud in a way. Lucky even.

Seeing you in his shirt would show that that wonderful human being was his.
He’d try to hide his smile and act indifferent when you came to ask him something but when you were about to walk away he’d pull you down unto the couch with him and cuddle you. “You’re mine.” He said simply, closing his eyes and smiling into your neck. 


Originally posted by jaayhope

He’d be so giddy and all smiles.
You were wearing leggings and one of his sweaters. Your hands were completely hidden in the sleeves and the sweater went way past your hips.
When you walked into the living room, swaying the sleeves happily, he couldn’t hold back a grin. It was so cute. He came over to you grinning widely and took your face in his hands kissing all over until he reached your lips.
“You look so cute Jagi.”


Originally posted by bangthebae

He’d find it incredibly sexy.

You were wearing one of his dress shirts that hung loosely up till mid thigh. As you were busying yourself in the kitchen to prepare breakfast some of the top buttons had come loose showing that you weren’t wearing a bra underneath. He’d be quite touchy while you were talking about something insignificant. When you asked him if he even heard what he said he’d answer with “Not really” or “You’re too distracting.” and kiss you passionately. 


Originally posted by jimiyoong

Another one that would find it either sexy or cute.

When you put on his leather jacket because you were cold when you were both talking to the boys outside, he’d be dying of cuteness and would show you off to the rest of the guys. But when you wore on of his shirts at home with nothing underneath, you probably wouldn’t be wearing it for long.
Either way, he’d be like “This is my girl.” 


Originally posted by bwipsul

He’d be extremely clingy and cuddly.

You’d just e walking around, doing whatever you needed to do that day, wearing his shirt and a pair of shorts that were barely peeking out underneath. Whenever you’d stop somewhere he’d come to hug you or he’d call for you.
“Jagi! I want your love.”
Basically, you wouldn’t get anything done that day.


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He’d be so confused the first time.

You two wouldn’t be dating yet but you were friends for a long time before so when you two stayed out late one night he’d offer for you to sleep over at his place as he found it too dangerous to go home alone at that hour.
He gave you one of his shirts to wear. When you came out of the bathroom with just the shirt, he was stunned. You were removing your makeup and braiding your hair in front of the mirror in his bedroom so he could use the bathroom but he didn’t budge. You looked at him in the mirror to see him staring at you and you gave him a confused look. He walked up to you and turned you towards him slowly.
“You look so good, I can’t even take it.” He said before kissing you.

After you two started dating he basically gave you all his clothes to wear.

♥ Thanks for reading!  ♥

♥ Requests much appreciated   


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I MIGHT BE A LITTLE JEALOUS (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: can you write an imagine where bellamy and the reader are dating and he’s hella jealous of someone and she tells him that there’s nothing to be jealous about and it ends in smut 😊😚

A/N: bell ended up being hella dominant in this for some reason ?? 


As the sounds of drums and cheers rings out around camp, you feel his breath on your neck. You know exactly how Bellamy Blake is feeling and you know exactly why. “What were you doing with him?”

“Talking.” Comes your reply as you entwine your hand with the one on your waist.

He huffs, thumb rubbing the back of your hand, “Well,” He begins, pressing his body up against yours, “I don’t like him talking to you.” 

You make a note of how he lets out a small groan when you press into him slightly, turning around. “Bell.” Smiling, you place your hands on either side of his face. “There’s nothing to worry about. I promise.”

“Oh no, I trust you.” He states, his eyes finding the guy who was talking to you earlier. Bellamy glares at him, his hold on your hips tightening to your delight. “I just don’t trust him.” 

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The Secret (13)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; epilogue.

“Where are we going Mummy?” Zoe asked again for what felt like the hundredth time since you picked her up from school. With a glance at your rear-view mirror, you could see her swinging her legs excitedly. Unlike you, Zoe loved surprises but was rather impatient for them.

Following the sat-nav, you made a quick left off the main road into a more residential area. All around you were a number of tall apartment buildings, fairly new and modern. “I don’t technically know,” you replied covertly, laughing at her frown. Clearly she didn’t approve of your vagueness.

With another quick glance, you smiled at your daughter staring wide-eyed out the window, taking everything in with her child-like curiosity. “Look there’s a park,” she squealed excitedly, pressing her face up against the glass as you slowly drove past a filled playground. “Is that a swimming pool?” you heard her exclaim behind you as you turned down another road.

You have arrived at your destination.”

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❧ | the tag

pairing; seventeen vernon x reader

genre; fluff, soulmate!au 

synopsis; everyone her age had found their significant other; their soulmates. after a long, painful period of waiting, she found hers.

word count; 1862 words

I entered the studio, trudging lifelessly to my usual corner and letting my bag slip off from my shoulder onto the floor, not bothering to switch on the main lights. The sub-lights situated at the front of the studio mirror and the back corners were already turned on, so I left it as that. 

I let out a heavy, tired sigh, plugging my phone into the studio’s speaker, letting it blast my usual tracks as I did my warm-up.

I’m Y/N, 19, from the dance club. I’m from LA, but I moved to Korea because of my parent’s work. I was happy with the change. Life in LA wasn’t exactly smooth. My life was pretty dull, so I put my focus on dance — probably the one thing that makes me feel myself. 

I always came to practice two hours early, just to have the space to myself so I could go through my choreography. 

An hour later, the metal door of the studio clicked open, and I didn’t have to look to know who it is. 

Jun — the club president. Also my best friend. He walked towards the corner where I had left my bag lying, and he put his beside mine. I shot him a weak smile, panting from the hectic choreography I just went through.

“Working hard today too, huh?” he grinned, tossing me a bottle of water as he walked over to the speaker switches, turning it off.

“What else could I do?” I muttered, plonking down onto the floor as I leaned against the mirror. He walked over, sitting beside me with his legs stretched out in front. 

“So… You haven’t-”

“Nope,” I interrupted. Jun sighed.

Jun asked me the same question every week — “Have you found him?”

‘Him’ being my soulmate. 

I didn’t mind the fact that Jun kept this up for the past year. He knew how emotionally frustrated I would be sometimes, due to the fact that I couldn’t find my soulmate, and he was always there to provide the support I desperately needed. I couldn’t thank him enough for that. I was usually cheery enough though, trying to think positive that I would find ‘him’ sooner or later.

Soulmates were a symbol of two parties being, literally, made for each other. These two parties would have this tattoo-looking thing on a certain part of their body — called Tags. Soulmates’ Tags would match in colour and symbol. Everyone had a different Tag, only two parties on the entire surface on earth would have the exact same.

Tags fade as you age. They usually disappear by the time you’re thirty or thirty-five, and that’s pretty much the end of the world for that person. Once your Tag disappears, the possibility of you being able to find your soulmate drops to nearly a zero. And you would have to live a lonely life. Ugh.

Nearly everyone our age in this school have found their soulmates. Those who haven’t found theirs — you could count their number with your fingers. And I happen to be in that group.

Not having your soulmate with you at this age is probably the worst thing ever. Soulmates would naturally have the trait of being able to cheer the opposite party up, and they would match and fit like jigsaw puzzles that are side-by-side.

I eyed Jun’s crimson Tag peeking out from under his long sleeves on his wrist, and reached out for it. I pushed his sleeve back, my thumb caressing the opaque Tag. Yes, Jun had found his soulmate too, she’s a really nice girl from the art club. I pictured my half-faded Tag in my mind. My Tag was on the right corner of my waist, and I didn’t let many people see it. Insecurities. 

“Don’t think about it too much. You’re still young, you know,” Jun comforted. I smiled, not looking away from his Tag.


Jun’s phone vibrated and he unlocked it, viewing a message or something. I didn’t peek. 

“Hey, look at this,” Jun said, putting the phone in front of my face as I read the text message sent to him by the teacher-in-charge of the dance club.

There will be a new member joining the club today. He’s a transfer. Do take care of him.

I frowned. New member?

“I wonder who,” Jun said, sliding his phone back into his pocket.

The rest of the members from the club came in over the next few minutes, and soon all were present, except for that new guy.

I checked the clock. Five more minutes before he’ll be checked down as ‘late’.

The door burst open then, and a blonde-hair guy came jogging in. 

“Sorry! Got caught up with something,” he said. He looked American. No, he was definitely American. But he spoke really fluent Korean.

“It’s alright, you’re not exactly late. Just come a bit earlier next time,” Jun smiled, before noticing the confused looks on the other member’s faces. 

“Oh right, do introduce yourself,” Jun said to the newcomer who had just placed his bag down at an opposite corner of the studio.

“Of course. I’m Vernon, and you can probably tell, I’m not Korean. I’m from New York, but I’ve lived here since I was a toddler.”

Everyone eyed him, waiting for him the reveal the part that everyone was naturally curious about. 

Vernon chuckled slightly. “No, I haven’t found my soulmate. Not exactly the norm, I know, but I try not to think too much about it.”

Everyone nodded, some giving him sympathetic looks, but welcoming him warmly. Jun and I glanced over each other, giving each other surprised looks.

We carried on with dance practice, and Vernon obviously had dance background. He followed well and caught the steps quick. 

“Ten minutes break, everyone!” Jun announced.

I huffed, sweeping my hair over my shoulders as I walked towards my bag. 

“Hey, umm…” someone spoke in English behind me.

I turned around to see Vernon behind me. 

“Oh, hey!” I greeted back in English, trying to not be awkward. “I’m Y/N.”

“Nice to meet you, Y/N,” he said. “I was just wondering if you’re American? Considering the fact that you can reply me in English.”

“Yeah,” I chuckled. “I am. From LA.”

“That’s nice.”

I shrugged, picking my bottle up from the floor as I took a sip. “I guess so.”

“And also, if it isn’t too personal..” Vernon trailed off, waiting for permission for him to continue. He knew that I knew what he was going to ask. 

I smiled bitterly. “No, I haven’t found mine either.”

He returned the smile. “So we’re on the same page.”

“Yeah, we are,” I said.

“Do you mind if we walk to the dorms together after practice? I want to know you more,” Vernon said hesitantly. 

“Would love to,” I said, because I wanted to know him more too.

After practice, I greeted Jun goodbye, and he muttered something like “That guy could be him” before we went separate ways. 

Vernon and I started walking towards the dorms, which was just a couple of blocks away from our studio.

“How do you deal with everything? Like, not having your soulmate with you…” I asked. 

He shrugged. “I don’t know. It’s irritating, really. But I distract myself a lot by doing things that heavily occupy my mind.”

I nodded in agreement. “I do that too. That’s pretty much the only thing I can do.”

We continued simple talk all the way to the dorms, asking each other questions that weren’t too personal. We matched well.

“What’s your dorm number?” I asked as we approached the dorm buildings. 

“Building 2. Room 58.”

I raised an eyebrow. “How coincidental.”


“That’s my room.”

“Wait, it’s possible for guys and girls to mix dorms in this school?”

“Yeah. Kind of,” I said, smiling. “Let’s go!”

Vernon and I grew undeniably close over the next few weeks. He pretty much became my best friend, alongside Jun. We knew pretty much everything about each other after 4 weeks. Everything except for how each other’s Tags looked. I wasn’t planning on showing it to him anytime yet. I didn’t want to have false hopes that he may be my soulmate.

It was already obvious that I liked him. I liked him a lot. So if he wasn’t my soulmate, I can’t even imagine the pain I would feel. I didn’t want to find out his Tag because of this. 

I walked into the dorm, just finishing my classes for the day. It was already 6pm, and Vernon was already in the room when I came in.

“Hey,” he greeted, and I smiled as i placed my bag on my desk.


“Can I serious-talk?” he asked abruptly.

“I’m awake enough,” I said. “What is it?”

Vernon quickly pulled me to sit on his bed. We both sat down in silence as I waited for him to speak. 

Vernon’s eyes were fixed on the right side of my waist, making me increasingly uncomfortable. Did he see it? There was no way. I always wore clothes long enough to cover my waist.

“I saw it, Y/N,” Vernon said. “Your hoodie rolled up past your waist yesterday night. I climbed up the bunk to ask you something, I didn’t know you were already sleeping.”

I bit my lips, looking away. How was I supposed to deal with this? What if it wasn’t the same as his? What if-

“They’re the same.” Vernon said.

I snapped my head towards him. Did I hear him right?

He rolled up his sleeve on his left arm, revealing his Tag. He’s right. It was the same. His was a black outline of wings, with a turquoise shade surrounding it.

Like mine.

I apprehensively lifted my hoodie, checking the finest details of the Tag and comparing it to his. No mistake — they were the same. 

“Vernon!” I exclaimed, jumping onto him, engulfing him in a hug. 

He laughed, his arms wrapping around me tightly. I never felt so happy in my life. My heart was thumping. I felt like I was going to cry.

“Just for the record, feelings were mutual all this while, Y/N,” he told me. “Jun told me everything. You having a crush on me, blablabla.”

I pulled away, staring at him with wide eyes, before covering my face and falling flat onto his bed. “I’m going to kill Jun.”

Vernon laughed. “I’d like to see you do that, babe.”

“Y/N~! Wake up!” Vernon called, jumping on top of me. I grunted, feeling air get pushed out of my lungs.

“You’re heavy, you asshole! Get off!” I said, pushing him off. He laughed aloud, rolling off me but stayed lying beside me, one arm draped across my waist.

“Don’t jump on me. You may just break my ribs by accident, you elephant.”

“It’s okay, I’ll be at your funeral,” he joked. I laughed and kicked him off my bed.

“You’re mean,” I said, walking off to the bathroom to wash up. He followed me to the sink, wrapping his arms around my waist loosely as he nuzzled his face into my neck. I giggled.

He looked up, resting his chin on my shoulder, looking at our reflection in the mirror in front of us. 

“I can’t believe we’re confirmed soulmates,” he said. “This was all I wished for.”

I smiled and he gently turned me to face him, closing the distance between us as he placed his lips on mine.

We broke the kiss, and I chuckled. “Me too.”

“But, if I didn’t get jealous, then we wouldn’t be here, would we?” (Luke Hemmings Smut)

“But, if I didn’t get jealous, then we wouldn’t be here, would we?” (Luke Hemmings Smut)

Summary: Luke gets mad at you, but you two make up with kinky make up sex.

Requested: yes

Warnings: Daddy kink, swearing, eating out, fingering, fucking, hickies

A/N: This is the first smut I’ve written, so I hope you all like it! Thank you to whoever requested it! Sorry it took my so long to post it, I was trying to figure out how to write smut!

Originally posted by coupleaims

“But, if I didn’t get jealous, then we wouldn’t be here, would we?” (Luke Hemmings Smut)

“Luke, calm down, it’s not that big of a deal.”  You say as Luke storms into your apartment.

“It’s not that big of a deal? Are you fucking kidding me?”  Luke’s voice booms as he throws the keys on the table.

“Luke nothing happened, I’m okay.”  You say reassuring him.

“No, it’s not fucking okay! You’re my girl and some fucking douche comes over trying to grind on you.  Grind on my fucking girl.”  Luke says throwing the keys across the room.

But as Luke keeps talking, you aren’t listening anymore.  You are too distracted about how sexy he looks when he’s mad.  His chest is rising up and down fast, as he talking, his biceps flexing, you keep growing wetter and wetter with every word his voice booms.

“Are you even listening to me?” Luke yells at you getting your attention.

You were about to say yes, but you like it when he’s mad so you answer, “No”, innocently.

“I’m thinking about the way that guy felt pressed up against me.  You didn’t dance with me all night, so all I can think about is him.”  You say walking closer to Luke.

“This isn’t funny Y/N.  This is fucking funny, I’m not in the mood.” Luke begins to say but you cut him off.

“The way he held on to my hips and grinding them onto his cock.  It’s getting me wet just thinking about it.” You say walking even closer to Luke.  “But right when I was getting so wet, you pulled me away from him.  What a shame.  I was so close, I mean you know how sensitive I am.”  You say smiling at Luke innocently.

Luke at this moment grabs your hips and pulls you close to him that your chests are right up against each other. “You are mine, not his. Mine.”

You feel the wetness pooling as he shows his possessiveness.  You look him straight in the eye and say, “Then prove it.  Fuck me.”

At that moment, his lips crash into yours, and you are up against the wall.  His hands move down to your ass, down your thighs, and he pulls you up so your legs are wrapped around his torso. As you’re wrapped around him, he begins grinding against your sensitive core, and begins kissing down your neck.  When he gets to right below your ear, he groans sexily in your ear, “You liked the way he grinded on you baby girl?”

You nod your head.  The moment you nod, he begins grinding on you harder and deeper.  You start moaning out, “Yes Luke, yes Daddy.”

“That’s it, baby girl.” He says kissing your neck.  “No one can make you feel this good like Daddy can.”

As Luke keeps kissing and sucking your neck leaving hickies down your neck to your chest, he pulls your dress up.  Your dress rides up to your hips, then slips your thong to the side.  He runs his finger up your slit and says, “Oh baby, you’re so wet.  Who made you this wet?”

“You Luke.  Please, please.” You say begging for his fingers.  

Without a pause, Luke sinks his middle finger into his wet core.  You moan at the feeling of his finger pumping in and out of you.  He then adds another finger and pumps them in and out.

“Do you hear that?” Luke moans in your ear.

You listen and hear the wetness of his fingers going in and out of you.

You moan in response.  As two of his finger pump in and out, he takes his thumb and starts rubbing your clit.  You moan out loudly and tangle your hand in Luke’s hair with one hand while the other is digging into Luke’s bicep.  

Luke kisses the sweet spot right under your ear, and continues fingering you.

“You’re close baby girl.  Just let go.”  He says quickening his fingers.

“Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke!” You voice gets louder as you climax.

After your climax, Luke, holding you, carries you to your bedroom.  Right when you get to the bedroom, you back Luke up so that he is laying on the bed.  He tries to stand back up, but you push him back down on the bed so he is sitting up watching you.  You stand in front of him and slowly strip down into just you bra and underwear and heels.

You walk towards Luke as he is sitting on the bed.  You stand in between his legs as Luke just keeps looking at your body, infatuated.  He puts hands originally on your waist feeling down to your hips looking at you with so much lust.  

You loved this part whenever you and Luke got romantic.  The way Luke looked at you made you feel like you’re the most beautiful girl in the world.  You feel safe, wanted, and loved.  

Luke stand up, brushes your hair behind your ears, and grabs the sides of your face and kisses you passionately.  His hands move down around you waist and he pulls you close to him.  After kissing, your hands move under Luke’s shirt which motions for him to take it off and he does.  As you two kiss more, your clothes and his clothes were off and you were laying on the bed with Luke hovering over you.

Luke first begins with making out, the starts leaving more hickies down your neck.  He stops at your breasts, and takes one of your nipples in his mouth and pulls at it.  He sucks on your breast until your nipple is perked, then does the same to your other breast.  As he sucks on your nipples, your hands tangle up in Luke’s hair.  After Luke was happy with the work of art he made on your chest, he kisses down your stomach, kisses up your thighs and opens your legs wide.
Luke first begins by licking up you wet core slowly, then goes down on you.  He licks and sucks on your clit, and you moan in response.  Your hands are running through Luke’s hair as he lifts your lefts so that they are hanging on his back. His tongue darts into your core feeling your walls.  He then replaces his tongue two of his finger pumping them in and out.

“Ugh yes Luke, yes.” You moan out tugging on his hair where he groans meaning he liked it.  

Luke’s fingers pumped in and out of core faster and faster, as he feels your core tighten around his fingers, he curls them and hits your g-spot.

“Cum for daddy, babygirl.  I want to taste you.  Come on baby girl, cum for me.” Luke says hitting your sweet spot over and over again.

You toes curl under, and you tug on Luke’s hair hard.  After you come down from your high, Luke tastes your juices and moans at your sweet taste.  When Luke lifts his heads up from between your legs, and when he makes eye contact with you, you grab his hand and suck his fingers.  He moans at the sight of this.

“Now, I’ve been pleasing you all night, now time for my pleasure.”  Luke lays down with his hands motioning for you to come over.  You know exactly what he wants.

“Daddy, you’ve been pleasing me all night, I think you deserve to feel good now.”  You say looking up at him with innocent eyes.  You pull down his boxer to reveal his hard rock cock.  You wrap your hand around his cock lightly, but not tight enough for him to get any pleasure from it.

“Please.”  Luke groans.

You pump your hand up and down for times, and lower your mouth on the head of his cock.  You swirl your tongue around the head, and then lower your mouth down.  You lower you head, then lift your head of letting his cock out of your mouth with a “pop”.

Luke grabs a fistful of your hair, and guides you head down on and up.  You begin to feel Luke getting close, but you take your mouth away.

“Babe, babe” Luke whine.

“Shh” You say kissing Luke while lowering yourself onto his hard cock.

You both moan in unison as you sink down completely.  

“Uh, yes, yes.” You moan bouncing up and down.  

As you bounce on his cock, you breasts move up and down, in which Luke grabs and kneads them.  

“Yes, baby.  Ride Daddy’s cock.“ Luke says as you ride him harder.

“Yes Daddy, yes.”  You scratch down his chest as you feel yourself coming close.

As Luke feels you coming close, he flips you two over and starts pounding in your relentlessly.

“Yes Luke, yes. Fuck me, yes.” You say as you start to cum.  Your nails scratch down his back, as you release.  Your legs are wrapped around him as Luke pounds into you through your orgasm.

You grab Luke’s head and pull his ear down to your mouth as your dirty talk him to his high.

“Come on Daddy.  Cum into my tight, wet pussy.”  At your words, Luke releases inside of you, his thrust become sloppier.

After you come down from your highs, Luke lays next to you, with his arm wrapped around you.

“You know you have nothing to worry about.” You say after a while.

“I know.” Luke says kissing the side of your head.  “But, if I didn’t get jealous, then we wouldn’t be here, would we?” He says cutely.

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dive- h.s song imagine

You can listen to this song here

Maybe I came on too strong

Maybe I waited too long

Harry wore a slight smile as he watched you laugh at something your friend said from across the room. He mentally debated whether or not he should go over and talk to you. It wasn’t until your friend excused herself and left you alone that Harry decided to swallow up his nerves and make his way to you. Harry had a little crush on you…Ok, he had a massive crush on you. And in the past, you can say confidently that you had a crush on him as well. However, when you started to develop feelings for Harry, he was dating another girl. Instead of pining after him and waiting until him and his girlfriend broke up to go after him, you decided to move on. You’d figure you should forget about your small feelings for Harry before they only get bigger and bigger. Now if someone were to ask you how you felt about Harry, you can tell them that yes you find him attractive but the two of you were just friends. Although when Harry and his girlfriend broke up, the two of you started to get closer. When he found out how you used to have a crush on him, he mentally kicked himself in the gut for not doing anything about it. But instead of moving on like you did, he was determined to change your mind on how you felt about him.

And I could live, I could die

Hanging on the words you say

Harry came out from the kitchen and saw you sitting on the couch reading a book you’d never let out of sight. He chuckled and sat directly on the spot next to you. Without taking your eyes off the book, you leaned your body on to his. Harry immediately wrapped his arm around you. “Always reading” Harry pointed out. You smiled and shrugged your shoulders. You dog tagged the page you were reading and turned your head towards him, “Reading’s fun. Maybe I’ll teach you one day.” Harry gasped lightly while you laughed at his expression.

Harry pinched the side of your body. “It’s just you’re always reading the same book. Doesn’t it get boring eventually?” You softly nodded your head no. “Sometimes when you find a book that’s able to take your mind away from everything that’s wrong with the world and managed to make you forget about all your troubles..” You continued talking but Harry found himself distracted. He was in awe of the way you talked about your passion of books. He was memorized by how you explained reading was your getaway. He couldn’t help himself from thinking that you were his own getaway. You managed to make him forget about everything wrong with the world. You managed to sweep him off his feet without even realizing you’ve done so.

And I’ve been known to give my all

And jumping in harder than

Ten thousands rocks on the lake

Harry made a mental checklist on making sure he had everything he needed before he left to meet and have lunch with you. Just as he was about to leave, his phone started to ring.

“Hello?” Harry answered while locking the door. “Hey” you coughed from the other end. Harry paused as he was walking down the hallway, “Are you feeling alright, love?” You let out another cough and shook your head even though Harry couldn’t see you. You snuggled more into your bed, “I’m sorry, H. I’ve think I got a bug. Won’t be able to go to lunch today.” Harry instantly pouted, wanting you to hear some of the new songs he’s been working on. He leaned against the wall, “That’s alright, love. Wish I could see you though. Been missin’ you like crazy.” You gave out a giggle at Harry obviously trying to flirt with you. “Sorry, H. Next time, yeah?”

Harry sighed playfully, “Next time.” And with that, the both of you hung up. Harry was about to walk back to his apartment when a brilliant idea came to his mind.

You let out another cough before yelling out, “Coming!” You opened the door to find Harry standing with a bag of takeout and flowers in the other hand. He cheekily smiled, “Couldn’t wait until next time, had to see you.” You wrapped the blanket you had around your body tighter against you. You leaned on the doorframe and scolded Harry, “You’ll get sick, too.” Harry gently pushed past you and set everything down on the counter. He turned back around and faced you properly. “You’re worth it.”

So don’t call me baby

Unless you mean it

You sat in front of Harry on his bed with a wide smile on your face while Harry was giving you a nervous one. You grabbed his hand to stop them from fidgeting, “Ready?” Harry sighed and shook his head yes. You gave his hand a squeeze before you pressed the play button from Harry’s laptop. Harry was letting you hear his first single for the first time. You kept assuring him that it was going to be wonderful. You told him that it could be the worst song ever but knowing that he was a part of it, you would love it no matter what. After much persuading, Harry reluctantly agreed. After the song ended Harry looked up with you and bit his lip, “Well?” You looked up from staring at the laptop screen. You stared into his eyes and smiled the widest, the goofiest, and proudest smile. You jumped from your place across the bed and into his arms, “I love it, baby!” Harry laughed and wrapped his arms around you. “It was bloody brilliant! Oh my goodness, just think of what your fans are going to think once they hear it! Why would you ever be nervous about this? It’s beautiful, baby!”

Harry’s heart swelled with the compliments you were giving him. His stomach was filled with butterflies but he couldn’t tell if it was because of you praising him or if it was because of the pet name you gave him. It wasn’t unusual for you to call him ‘baby’ as you used it several times with friends and family. It was like how Harry called you ‘love’, you used ‘baby.’ However as his feelings for you only grew stronger, he found himself wanting him to be the only person you were saying that to.

So let me know the truth

Before I dive right into you

“Harry’s been staring at you the entire night,” your friend smiled as she looked at your reflection in the restroom mirror. You shrugged your shoulders and smiled, knowing she was right. “It’s cute” your friend continued. She turned to look at you, “What’s going on between you?”

The two of you exited the restroom and started to walk back towards the group. You stared at the pavement beneath you. “Nothing.” you answered. Your friend’s eyebrow raised, “Do you want anything to happen? I remember when you used to have that crush on him.” You sighed before looking into your friend’s eyes, “I wouldn’t mind if something did happen but he just released his single. And the other night he was telling me about how him and his team were coming up with the idea to go on tour. What if we end up together, he leaves, and the distance becomes too much? I don’t want to ruin our friendship.” Your friend paused and nodded her head understandingly. She wrapped her arm around your neck as you guys continued making your way towards the arena. “I get it. It’s a lot to think about.” Finally the two of you found your way towards your seats. Harry looked up at you and grabbed your hand as you sat down. “Missed you.” he stated. You laughed and leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek, “Missed you too, baby.”

You’re a mystery

I have travelled the world, there’s no other girl like you

Harry walked into the bar and searched for Niall and Louis. “Harreh!” Niall yelled from across the room. Harry chuckled at Niall waving his arms around to try to get his attention and made his way over. He greeted both of his slightly drunk friends and sat down next to Louis. Louis patted his back, “Thought you weren’t going to make it!” Niall who was sipping his beer nodded his head, “Yeah! You said you were going to help Y/N with her studying!” Niall and Louis quickly exchanged a look and snickered quietly. Oblivious Harry waved it off, “Nah. She realized I would be too much of a distraction.”

“What’s going on between you guys anyways?” Louis asked. Harry shrugged his shoulders, “Nothing. Why?” Niall gave Harry a dumfounded look, “You haven’t asked her out yet?” Harry’s cheeks started to turn a slight pink before he shook his head no. “I don’t think she likes me like that” he stated. Niall laughed quietly while Louis smiled at Harry, “It’s obvious she does. The two of you are practically on top of each other every time you guys are together. Hell, you guys spend almost everyday with each other!” Niall nodded his head before adding, “Y/N’s a special girl. You gotta hold on to her.” Harry looked down at his hands and smiled softly. You were special.

Let me know the truth

Before I dive right into you

You opened the door to see Harry on the other side. You smiled, “Hey baby. Why didn’t you just use your spare-” you asked before Harry interrupted. “I like you.”

You paused, “What?” Harry cleared his throat, “I like you. And I know I’m going on tour soon but I had to tell you. I had to tell you how I felt because I want to call you up after every show and tell you how great the crowd was. I want to spend the time before I go on tour with you. I want to be able to listen to you tell me about the latest book you read. I want you. And I just have to know. Do you feel the same?”

Suddenly you wrapped your arms around Harry’s neck and pulled him into a kiss. You could feel Harry smiling in the kiss. You pulled away and leaned your forehead against his. “I do.”

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Things to avoid in High School.

So the problem with schools is that no one prepares you for it and even tho everyone’s experience of High School is different there are some core things that don’t change and by knowing them you will make your life a lot easier.So today I’m going to be discussing the truth about High School and more specifically things that you better avoid during these three years👇🏻👇🏻.

• Purchasing your meal: So there is this unspoken rule that buying food from the cafeteria or snack bar or whatever it is, is cool, LIE.Unless you go to a very good school, school food sucks; it’s not good and it’s not good for you. I mean, I know that most of you guys can prepare a really bomb meal WAY better than all these gross foods that they serve you at school,plus don’t forget that it’s much healthier and it saves money.

• Distracting people: Okay so I know that many of you guys want to meet other people during your High School years and stuff and that’s completely fine really, BUT, please be very careful about who you’re hanging out with.Many times we can’t see the damage that a person is doing to us before it’s too late.Avoid any encounter with children that aren’t a good influence to you,that don’t inspire you or motivate you to become better,that don’t challenge you to try more so you can be in the same level with them.

• Rumors/Gossip/Drama: You’re already “You ask for too much now”. Alright, let me tell you something in High School at least once a week there will be a huge thing going on that everyone will talk about like “Olivia kissed Stefan” or “Jack got expelled”, please don’t get too involved (or not involved at all).I don’t think that who Olivia kissed last week is a very useful and important information for you right now so just forget all about it and focus on your school, you don’t have time for that 😒.

• Sitting with friends in classes: I know that when you walk in to your class and just scan over to see where to sit you feel very tempted to join the corner where all of your friends are, but don’t.Believe me I’ve done this so many times and I ended up not finishing my work and getting in a lot of trouble because of talking, just sit whenever you think you will be able to just stop any thoughts for an hour and focus on this particular assignment without any distraction.

Distracted || Kisses Series

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Female Reader

Warnings: Teeth rooting fluff.

Word Count: 1280+

Summary: Love has many different ways of expressing itself. One form, is the different ways you share a kiss.

A/N: Second to last part you guys! So close to being done, and I’m really sad. I don’t want it to end, but the last one is it for this series! I want to thank you guys again for liking the story. Please let me know what ya’ll think! I need validationNo but really, I do like knowing what you guys think! Like and reblogging helps me know too! Thank you and enjoy you guys!! 

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Cheeky | Hesitant | Wake up | Sloppy | In the Moment | Distracted | Breathtaking

Twenty-two months, thirty weeks, and five days. When he thought of that number, Steve’s mind would spin while his heart pounded in his chest. He couldn’t believe how long they had been a couple, how the two of them fit together like a piece of a puzzle. She was witty, charismatic, and stunningly gorgeous. Steve still struggled to see why Y/N, someone so pure, decided to pick him. Of all people, she chose to be with him. Even repeating it, Steve couldn’t figure it out.

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