you guys are too clever


I’m,, already out of things to say haha. Again, thank you guys for the amazing growth!!

It’s so nice to see some of the tags you guys put (: I’m glad you like the blog! Some of you guys are so creative and clever too,, like I saw a tag of “guyliner” for Dark, “folie a queue” for a post in the queue, and “anti you” for Anti.

It’s getting harder to keep up with all the reblogs but I’m doing my best!! So thank you guys for all the nice things you have to say :D

all the cool kids were doing it

um so this is just a little thank you! you guys mean a lot to me, and i’m super grateful to have you on my dash simulating social interaction. i know it’s hard for a lot of us, especially around this time of year, but i wish you all the best things for 2015 ok, lots of love and happiness, and um. thank you for following me ♥

bolded are folks i feel like i know a little bit u know

special mention

a few of you guys i’ve been following for at least three hundred years, even though we might not share the same fandoms, so you guys get your own category


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Question 2: How Well Do YOU Know the Anon. Series?

Okay, so maybe that first one was too easy! You guys are clever ;)

Question #2:

How long were Taylor and Tucker seeing each other before Kyle found out?


Season 2