you guys are the perfect couple seriously

Pressure (Jimin x Reader)

“You smell like trash, let me take you out.”

3.2k words, comedy + fluff, jimin/reader, normalverse


For Jimin, they were practically synonymous with a crowded room full of laughter, late night takeout, crummy TV show marathons, shit eating grins, and other things like–

“Truth or dare?”

Yoongi’s giving him that look: intimidating, challenging, merciless. He may as well have just said “dare or dare.” Jimin doesn’t bat an eyelash, trying to look unperturbed.

Apparently, their friend group hasn’t quite let go of the game despite being well past the middle school phase. Well past. But then again, it’s not like the game could ever be completely shunned; sometimes when other things get too overplayed, nothing quite riles up a crowd like an occasional game of Truth-or-Dare

“Dare,” Jimin says simply. He takes a huge gulp of his soda, sets it aside. Afterall, how bad could it be? Yoongi smirks. Memories of past games flash through Jimin’s mind. Okay, it could be pretty bad. But they’re sober right now, so at least no one’s going to be trying to jump off the roof. So not that bad. Comparatively, at least.

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The One in Which He’s Alive // l.h.

(mobile) masterlist

word count: 2.7k+

summary: it’s in the pouring rain and at two in the morning that suddenly, luke hemmings stands on your doorstep—soaked—to tell you how much he doesn’t miss you.

His hair, his clothes—literally his everything is soaked to the core, as he turns around under the pouring rain and climbs the steps towards your parents’ patio, where he is at least a little more protected from the wetness of the storm. Before you even get one word out, he begins to talk. And he talks. And talks. About how much he doesn’t miss you. How great he is. How much he loves life right now. “I ain’t missing you,” he shouts over the downpour and thunder. “I’ve spent the last months actually living! I feel like I have an actual life again,” he says, throwing his hands out, like he couldn’t keep the excitement in him. He looks at you and grins. The corners of his mouth raise quicker than the lightning that’s bound to come again any second now, and it splits his face in two so violently, you fear it’s going to rip.

“Okay…” you tell him quietly with a raised eyebrow, because you don’t know what else to say to a guy professing his non-existent feelings to you, when just a couple of months prior, you’d been in this exact situation, though then it was him, spending every second trying to convince you how much he loves you.

“Seriously,” Luke says. “I’m so perfect. I don’t miss you at all. Everything’s fine.”


“I don’t want you and I don’t need you anymore.”

Crossing your arms over your chest, you shift your weight onto your other foot and lean against the doorframe. “Luke, why are you here? And why are you telling me this at two in the morning?”

He grins again. “Because I thought about you. Because I’m always thinking about you.” His grin falls for a nanosecond. “But I’m over you. I promise I am. I mean, I’m so alive, baby. You should feel what I feel.” He lifts his hands again, but this time he grips the doorframe with them—which you’re leaning against. His face comes near you, and for a second you think he’s about to kiss you, causing you to back away. You aren’t sure, if the small flinch you see is real or not, but he doesn’t give you a chance to analyse, as he begins to talk again. “Literally every feeling I feel is suddenly enhanced by a hundred. They’re so intense, it still knocks the breath out of me, even after months.”

You don’t answer but rather take in his wet appearance. Sure, there is a cocky grin sitting on his face and there isn’t any alcohol-stench coming from his breath, but still, you feel like he isn’t himself right now. “What’s going on, Luke?” you ask, trying to gently coerce an answer out of him.

“Nothing’s wrong,” he says immediately, the grin coming back to life.

“You can’t just come here and tell me how fine you are and how much you don’t need me and expect me to believe you are fine. No normal person does this.” Sighing, you uncross your arms, doing something you wouldn’t have thought you’d do, ever again. “Look, if you want, you can come in. I can get you a towel or something and we can talk properly.”

Tonight is just full of surprises, because suddenly, he begins to shake his head no and whines like an actual four-year-old—with an actual voice that’s higher than normal. “No, I don’t want to come in,” he says—or rather moans. “I just wanted to say those things I’ve said and now I’m leaving.”

Rushing to grab hold of his arm before he steps off your patio, you shake your head at him again, though he cannot see that as he has his back turned towards you. “Hold on for a sec, Luke,” you say. “Please.”

Facing you again, he looks at you with an expectant expression. A moment of silence later, he raises an impatient eyebrow.

“It’s just—Just because we aren’t together anymore, doesn’t mean I don’t care about you.” And that is the truth. Luke has been such a large part of your life, it is physically impossible to stop caring about him from one sudden moment to another.

This time his eyebrow doesn’t raise in impatience, but rather hurt, it seems. “Yeah…um—thanks, I guess. But I really have to get going.”

You tug at his arm again, getting impatient yourself. “Oh, for God’s sake, just come inside for a minute. You’ll get sick wandering around, dripping as you are.”

It takes you another full minute of pulling at his arm to get him moving, though at last, he steps foot inside the house where it all ended.


Do you feel it? My love for you? I don’t, really. Because loving you has become a part of me and my soul—like I was put here on the sole purpose of loving you. I was so used to this feeling that having it ripped away from me felt like ice cold and hot water thrown in my face at the same time. It felt like someone was trying to rip me to shreds from the inside—particularly from my heart.


“Here is a towel, and here a change of clothes.” You hand him the pieces of fabrics. “They’re my dad’s, but you two are similar sizes of giant, so I think it’ll fit.” Like you hoped, this raises a genuine smile to his lips, as he takes the clothes and the towel from you, nodding in appreciation.

“I’ll return them to you…someday,” he says, smiling sheepishly. Luke has a reputation of keeping borrowed things, but it doesn’t really matter anyways.

“Don’t worry about it, honestly. Now go change, I don’t want you staining our furniture,” you tell him, before turning around and walking towards the kitchen.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m gonna fix us some hot chocolate, of course. I sure hope you didn’t have seafood before this.” You grin at him.


“You’re gonna make us hot chocolate? Now?” You ask, laughing.

“Why not?” Luke asks, pulling the mugs out of the cupboard.

Jumping onto the counter, you cross your legs and roll your eyes at him as he places the mugs next to your thighs. “Uh, because we just had sea food! You’re gonna throw up.”

Me? If I have to go through this, then so do you!” he exclaims, laughing, nudging your knee with his hips.

“Excuse me?” You push him away, giggling. “I’m not an idiot! I know the outcome of this equation—I will not drink the hot chocolate!”

Luke ignores you, prepping the two drinks. Then he places one mug beside your thigh. His eyes hold a glint as he smirks. “Oh you will.”

“Not in a million years, Hemmings,” you say, laughing and jumping off the counter. “Why would I?”

Leaving his own mug beside yours, he comes at you slowly—the playful and somewhat also devilish glint still in his eyes. “Because if you do…I’m gonna promise you amazing sex tonight. Sex so amazing, you will never be the same. I’m telling you, babe.”

A snort bursts from your throat as you bend over and cannot contain the laughter in you. “You’re gonna bribe me with sex?” you ask, giving his chest a slap. But you don’t pull your hand away. Instead, you let it wander towards the crook of his neck up to the sides of his face and then you pull him down to you, so you can whisper something in his ear. “Babe. If I wanted, I could just tie you up and give myself the most ah-may-zing sex. I’m an independent ass bitch.”

All of the sudden, his arms are wound tightly around your waists, and your feet aren’t on the ground anymore. Your legs wrap around his hips automatically, as do your arms around his neck. Kisses are being trailed down your throat, as Luke walks you two out of the kitchen. “What about our hot chocolate, huh?” you ask, grinning.

“What hot chocolate?” He smiles at you sweetly, and then captures your mouth with his.


Awkward air engulfs you two, as you’re sitting side by side on the small couch, each one blowing at the hot chocolate, trying to quicken its cooling process—or maybe you were just avoiding the person sitting beside you, but who knows?

“Are you alright?” you begin, as you cannot take this god-damn silence any longer. “Tell me what’s going on.”

He lowers the mug slightly, smiling at you. “Like I said, I’m perfectly fine. Everything’s good.” He raises the hot chocolate to his lips and takes a rushed sip. “Fuck,” Luke curses, “that’s hot.”

Cocking your head to the side, you watch him lower the mug and stand up. “I’m just gonna…get myself a glass of water,” he says, pointing to your kitchen and wandering off without waiting for your reply.

Something is definitely wrong with him, you decide. The way he’s acting confuses you. Who the hell visits his ex-girlfriend just to tell her how fine he is? He’s somehow giddy and restless and exhausted at the same time, like he’s on edge. Like he cannot contain whatever’s going on inside him. The shadows underneath his eyes and the scruff on his jaw tells you he hasn’t slept well in a long time, but then again, he never slept long nor well. Luke’s always been a restless person—always working on something in his head or with his guitar. Sometimes he’d wake up in the middle of the night and have to write or else he’d forget the lyrics that sprung onto him in his dream. You loved being woken by a sleepy Luke and his guitar, though. You loved lying in the dark, listening to his raspy voice singing quiet words you knew were meant for you.

Somehow, you know that nowadays he doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night to write love songs about you anymore.


You once said, to be hurt means to be alive. For we cannot feel the hurt, if we aren’t alive and living and putting ourselves out there to be hurt. Well, I’ve spent the last months living. I was hurt. Or rather I am hurt. Everything hurts. Therefore I am, in fact, probably the most alive motherfucker on this planet right now, because it HURTS. What, you might ask? Not having you, is the answer. I love you. With every ounce of my being, with every beat of my heart and every breath I take, I entirely, fully and unconditionally love you.


“Please stay the night? It’s four in the morning and the storm doesn’t look like it’s about to pass anytime soon. You can take the guest room,” you say, wringing your hands in front of you. “It’s really no problem, and I’d feel a whole lot better, knowing you aren’t walking home right now.”

There’s another storm, and it’s in his eyes. He’s looking at the wall to your right, debating. You aren’t sure why it is such a hard decision for him to make, but you pray for him to stay. You will never forgive yourself, if he walks away now.

The seconds tick away, and finally, he nods once. “Okay,” he says, throwing you a shy smile. It surprises you, how after everything you two have already been through, he still has his shy moments. But this is just how Luke is, and you love this silent part about him.

Reaching your hand out, you wait for him to give you his mug, though, instead, he stands up as well. “I got it,” he says. “It’s the least I can do.”


Even to death, one might say.


She hands you the letter with her eyes lowered so you won’t see the tears in her eyes, but you do anyways. You’ve never seen her cry before. She’s someone you cannot even imagine how she’d look crying, because she is one of the happiest people you know, but now you do. You see the redness of the tender skin around and on her eyelids, the tremble of her lips and the crease between her eyebrows as she tries to hold the dam back. She looks smaller somehow. Like she doesn’t have enough energy to straighten her back. Like she is already focusing everything in her to keep herself from falling apart.

You don’t blame her. Rather you blame yourself.

Your hand comes up to wipe away a tear you haven’t noticed before. Between taking in her broken appearance and staring at the letter in her hand, you haven’t paid attention to your own body and emotions. Now that you reach for the letter, you notice the penetrating pain in your chest which keeps your lungs from working properly.

“Breathe, sweetheart,” Liz whispers softly. She presses the letter into your stomach, but instead of removing her hand after you clutch it with both of yours, she encloses it around your trembling ones and squeezes. One hand comes up to brush the hair from your face. It’s wet and sticky around your skin. “It wasn’t your fault,” she says firmly, her eyes a hard and genuine blue. Her palm stays against your cheek. You can feel her thumb soothingly wipe the continuous stream of tears away, as her own flows down her face.

And then she leans in and hugs you. Her arms come around your shoulders tightly, and she squeezes seemingly every emotion into you. And somehow she slowly squeezes yours out of you. And she rubs your back with one hand, shushing. She holds you, as both of you try to fix your hearts with this one hug.


Dear love,

You once said, to be hurt means to be alive. For we cannot feel the hurt, if we aren’t alive and living and putting ourselves out there to be hurt. Well, I’ve spent the last months living. I was hurt. Or rather I am hurt. Everything hurts. Therefore I am, in fact, probably the most alive motherfucker on this planet right now, because it HURTS. What, you might ask? Not having you, is the answer. I love you. With every ounce of my being, with every beat of my heart and every breath I take, I entirely, fully and unconditionally love you. Even to death, one might say.

Do you feel it? My love for you? I don’t, really. Because loving you has become a part of me and my soul—like I was put here on the sole purpose of loving you. I was so used to this feeling that having it ripped away from me felt like ice cold and hot water thrown in my face at the same time. It felt like someone was trying to rip me to shreds from the inside—particularly from my heart.

I was hurting before my heart was crushed—before you begin to think this was your fault. It wasn’t. This whole thing (us breaking up) started because of what I was going through. None of this is your fault. I never want you to feel that. I never wanted you to feel any of the hurt I felt, in fact, and I might burn in hell, if you are. I’m sorry, my love. I’m a selfish son of a bitch, and I couldn’t leave without seeing you for one last time. I cannot apologise enough.

Please forgive me.

Yours truly,
an angel (as of recently)

PS: That was me, trying to lighten the mood.

PPS: I love you.

PPPS: So so much.


“Call me, if you need anything, okay?” you tell him, helping him adjust the sweater of your father you’ve given him around his broad shoulders.

“Will do, love.” Your heart clenches at the nickname, but you solely smile. It feels good to hear it.

He looks at you with a look that causes your insides to churn and your legs to wobble. Then he leans down and presses a soft kiss to the space between your temple and forehead—something he does when he wants to kiss both at the same time, he once said. Turning on his heels, he quickly jumps down the steps of your front porch, leaving you to watch him walk away under the clear blue sky after a storm. It reminds you of the colour of his eyes.

a/n holy shit. i was—and still am—seriously debating whether or not i should put this online. the idea came to me after listening to missin’ you by the summer set for some unknown reason, as that song is not a sad song at all. i’m scared to put this out there, since it doesn’t have a happy ending. but then again, not all stories do. and i’m sure you know, this is purely fictional and i simply borrowed luke as a solely fictional character for a just as fictional story. 

as always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

much love. my inbox is open. always.

These Chemicals

Pairing: Y/N/Exboyfriend!Roommate!Calum

Rating: PG-All

Request: Yes

Words: 3.600+

Summary: Having your best friend as your dorm roommate at college sounded like a dream coming true. Even better when you after years finally started dating. But things changed dramatically when Calum turned into your ex. But even with that, Calum’s can’t let you be alone to comfort yourself during thunderstorms. 

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The Exception- part 2

idk what I’m doing… I’m going somewhere with this I swear. 

Part 1

Friday afternoon, Nico’s phone began to buzz. “Hello?”

“Is it bad that I kind of want to get really messed up?” Will’s voice came, quick and frustrated.

Nico didn’t answer, his eyebrows furrowed. After a moment, he said, “Um… what?”

Will growled and huffed. “I saw him. I saw him with some other guy and they just walked right by me like it didn’t even matter and I’m just past the point of crying, I’m just angry. I’m angry and I want to forget and get stupid drunk or something.”

“Um, okay hold on there, party animal,” Nico chuckled. “Look, I know this club and we can go and probably get you a drink but you’re crazy if you think I’m going to let you get wasted. Trust me it’s not fun. We’ll just go and destress, and you’ll feel way better.”

Will groaned and sighed. “Fine. Whatever. I just… I need to get my mind off of all of this.”

“I’ll get to your dorm around nine.”

“Can I go to yours? He’s in this hall, and I really don’t feel like being here if I don’t need to be.”

“Sure.” Will thanked him and hung up. Nico sighed and shook his head. He’d been helping Will out with the breakup for two weeks. At first he would cry a lot. Then he seemed like he didn’t care. They’d watch movies or eat burgers and laugh and it seemed like he wasn’t heartbroken. Then moments like this would come up, and Nico would have to level out his emotions for him. Which was new considering he didn’t understand his own emotions half the time.

Nico got to his dorm after work and began working on some homework before taking a shower. His roommate was busy reading a book and didn’t bother to ask if he was going out. After taking a shower, he tugged on his jeans and left the bathroom in search of a shirt that hadn’t fallen to the floor and gotten soaked through.

“Hey Nic-oh,” Will’s voice trailed off and Nico jumped and turned to see Will sitting at his desk with rosy cheeks, his eyes scanning the empty desk.

“Whoa, hey!” Nico said, suddenly very self-conscious of his bare torso.

“Said he was here for you, so I let him wait in here,” his roommate called.

“Yeah, thanks,” Nico said. He chuckled and went to his closet, trying not to feel so tense. He pulled on a black shirt and his leather jacket. “Sorry, I was doing homework,” he told Will as he brushed his teeth.

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Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x reader

Words: 344

Warnings: none

Request: Requested by anonymous: Could I request a Lin x reader where reader plays Eliza on Broadway & the cast is super super close & something super cute & fluffy like going out to dinner with the original cast after a show and they’re all just talking about how cute you and Lin are together? Thank you!!!

Helpless went smoothly, as did Satisfied.

You waited off stage, watching Lin play his part in the reprise for Story of Tonight. He walked offstage, greeting you cheerily.

You received quick greetings from the other guys, walking off as well.

“Hey!” Daveed stopped, the rest of the group stopping with him. You turned around in surprise. “Wanna grab some food tonight with the rest of us?”

You nodded. “Of course!”

“Alright, cool. I’ll tell Lin.” The group walked off, chatting.

“Y/N, you’re coming to dinner with us right?” Jasmine joined you excitedly.

“Yeah, Daveed just told me.” You exclaimed, smiling.

“Awesome! I have to go talk to Anthony but I’ll see you later!” She ran off, the calm yellow dress for Peggy flowing behind her.

You changed out of your costume, walking out of your dressing room. You were greeted immediately with Renee, who blinked at the sudden opening of the door.

“Oh, hey.” She smiled, waving.

“Hey!” You replied. The two of you walked beside each other, out to meet the rest of the cast.

You took two cars to the restaurant.

“You guys are so cute together!” Jasmine awed, leaning forward on the table slightly.

“Yeah, like the perfect couple.” Oak added.

“Seriously, you are.” Daveed joined in.

“Alright, alright.” Lin chided, raising his hand to make the group be quiet.

“Oh come on, you’ve known each other since high school!” Chris chimed in.

“Actually, we did meet towards the end of middle school.” You corrected, jokingly.

“Oh shut up.” Lin laughed, nudging you.

Dinner went great, with constant reminders of your relationship with Lin.

You loved your friends, and you loved working with them.


Supportive | Stiles Stilinski Imagine 

request ; Could you write an imagine where the girl is really involved in theatre and singing and stuff and Stiles always calms her before a performance and always cheers the loudest for her, please? and One where you go stiles first game and you go all out and make posters write 24 on your cheek and screaming his name all time yelling at the other time where they try to stop stiles from shooting and lots of fluff.

word count ; 1062

warnings ; denial of feelings. fluff.

a/n ; trust me, the requests work together better than you might think at first. 

Despite what many people may think, you and Stiles Stilinski were definitely not dating. No, you were simply best friends who clearly had feelings for one another, but had for some reason decided against telling the other. But you and Stiles showed your affection by supporting one another through everything; whether it be his lacrosse games (the ones where he actually played, of course), or your performances. 

 You took a deep breath, staring at yourself in the mirror and examining your reflection. Your makeup seemed to be in order, your hair in place, the only thing wrong was that your hands were shaking. You tried to steady them, keeping them as still as possible on the white vanity, but they continued shaking until you felt a warm hand take its place on top of yours. You breathed a sigh of relief, looking up at Stiles. 

“Your hand is shaking,” he said unnecessarily, though you gave a weak laugh anyway. “You okay? Should I get you some water?” You shook your head, standing up to give him a hug him tightly. His arms wrapped around instantly, his chin resting atop your head. 

“No, thank you, I’m fine now that you’re here,” you smiled, giving him a kiss on the cheek. He flamed up red in that same spot, rubbing the back of his neck and ducking his head to hide the blush on his cheeks. You were blushing a little, too, although you weren’t quite sure why. “Oh, God, I’m so nervous,” you muttered, giving your reflection another quick check. 

“You have nothing to be worried about,” he grinned, fixing a piece of your hair without really realizing he was doing so. “You’re amazing, everyone thinks so. You’re going to do great, like you always do. I’m going to be the one cheering the loudest, so if you get a little nervous, find my voice and act like I’m the only one there. I’ll be your anchor for tonight, how about that?” He leaned in for another hug, careful not to smudge your makeup or mess up your hair. 

And he was indeed the one cheering the loudest, his screams for you reverberating throughout the theatre. You couldn’t stop smiling.

Stiles was very rarely allowed to actually play on the lacrosse field, so when he told you that he was finally getting his chance, excitement bright in his eyes and a beam on his face, you made sure to go all out. 

“Oh my god, Y/N,” Allison laughed, poking your cheek, the one that was painted with a large #24 in bold, black letters. “You guys are adorable. I seriously can’t understand why you aren’t dating.” 

You blushed, touching the number with your hand. “Because we don’t like each other that way, at least I think so. Anyway, it doesn’t even matter. Focus on your boyfriend, Little Miss Perfect Couple. Are we going or not?” Allison laughed, walking you out to Lydia’s car, where the strawberry blonde was waiting somewhat patiently. 

“Aw, cute,” Lydia gushed upon seeing your face. 

“Shush, just drive,” you giggled, already feeling second-hand excitement for Stiles’ accomplishment. When you reached the field, you clambered out of the car, finding Scott and Stiles right away. 

“Y/N!” Stiles shouted happily, rushing over to you. “I almost thought you weren’t coming.” 

“Please,” you scoffed. “I wouldn’t miss this for the world. You’re playing on the field!” You squealed, grabbing his shoulders abruptly. “I feel like I’m more pumped then you are, honestly.” 

“You wrote my number on your cheek,” he commented, a smile spreading across his face when he noticed. “You didn’t have to.”

“I wanted to,” you replied. He boldly kissed you on top of your head, an affectionate gesture that made you go bright red and unable to breath for a second. You coughed when he lifted his head, “I-I’ll, um, be cheering for you the loudest. You know me. Score a goal for me, Stiles.” You smiled awkwardly, rubbing your face with your hand. He nodded, giving your hand a squeeze before following Scott into the locker room. 

Lydia walked over to you, Allison trailing not far behind. She bumped you with her hip, a smirk on her lips. “Not dating, huh? Maybe not, but you definitely want to be.” 

“Maybe,” you murmured, watching him walk behind Scott with more of a bounce in his step. “I don’t know. Who cares right now, honestly? Let’s just go watch the game,” you added, still blushing furiously. Lydia winked at Allison, linking your arms and leading you to the field. 

You were definitely the loudest there, yelling his name and number with a newfound enthusiasm. When one of the other players shoved him roughly to the ground, you had almost ran out onto the field, but settled for screaming even louder. “What the hell was that? That’s a foul! Take him out, Stilinski is on the freaking ground! Will someone help him before I -” 

Lydia grabbed your arm, “Y/N, settle down, sweetheart.” You reluctantly sat down in your seat, completely missing when Coach Finstock yelled at Stiles, “Stilinski! Control your girlfriend up there!” 

Stiles didn’t even bother saying that you weren’t his girlfriend. You kind of were, even without the official title. Stiles, feeling even more bold than before, took the control of the game. He was out there, loving the way you were cheering for him. They needed one more point to win, and he was determined to score that goal.

And when he did, you were the first one to fly out of your seat, running out onto the field. You were surrounded by extremely tall lacrosse players, but you were only looking for one. You slammed into him, arms wrapped around his waist as you both fell to the ground. You pressed your lips to his, both of you thinking, finally, finally. You didn’t pull away, not for awhile, not until Stiles did first. 

“You just kissed me,” he said stupidly. 

“I know I did,” you laughed, realizing that you were still on top of him. 

“I scored that goal for you, I was going to ask you out after the game,” he told you quietly, his hands moving from your waist to entangle themselves in your hair. 

“So ask me out.” 

“Y/N, will you go out with me?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” You both beamed, and this time, he was the one to press his lips firmly against yours. Finally.

Pretty Enough

Originally posted by grboynews

Insecurities, no matter how big or how small, are a part of life. It does not matter how confident or comfortable that you are with yourself, it is inevitable that insecure thoughts will occasionally invade your bubble of positivity. They may not be frequent but they do happen and they can cripple the progress that you’ve made in coming to love yourself.

And for you, that progress had been enormous.

Growing up, you were not the most confident in your looks. There was always someone prettier. There was always something that you could change about yourself. You struggled for a very long to overcome those nagging, unwelcome thoughts. The journey was not one that could be completed overnight and you still felt the pull of insecurity drag you under from time to time, but you were doing better. You were learning to love the things that once made you so insecure.

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My opinion on Chanbaek

  So there are some people who say things such as “you’re ship isn’t real, they will never be, so stop dreaming and take a look at reality.” (alright so some of them aren’t that mean but you get the point).

   The the thing is what are they to tell us if our ship is real or not, because they don’t seem to see what we see and most importantly they don’t know what the participants of the ship know. Of course lot of ships are purely fan service and they are just close friends, and they are definitely not real, but there are those ships that you come across and you are like “whah, something is up with that pairing!” And for me that’s where chanbaek comes along. (how about that for a cool intro!)

    Chanbaek to me is a very very special ship because there is so much about them that gives you (or just me) that click, because there are a lot of things that are perfect (in my opinion). 

    One thing that is my personal favorites is *sigh* the height difference. As you guys may or may not now, the ideal couple height difference is somewhere around, 4-6 inches (I think…correct me if I’m wrong). Chanyeol being a whooping 6′1 and then Baekhyun being 5′9. And if we do the math correctly that is 4 inches, right in there.

(Kinda spasm whenever I see this…)

Look at how Baek looked so evil seeing that Chan was “shorter” than he is. Ahhh, precious. But seriously, I love how small Baek looks especially when he is smushed against Chan’s shoulder’s. That makes it perfect for them to wrap their arms around each other *squeals* Anyway that’s not all what makes Chanbaek so beautiful. Geez so many gifs are being used >3< but that makes it healing to the eyes.

    Another thing that I find so adorable about Chanbaek is how they synchronized. Like seriously, I would see it and be like 0__0 (kyungsoo eyes) and be like “wth?” like seriously after seeing that I was honestly a bit freaked. I even observed my family members to see if any of them syncronized, but not once! Not even my family members who see each other 24/7 can’t compare to Chanbaek.

Still not convinced? Alright I still have more up my sleeve, or actually my Chanbaek album on my phone. *evil smirk*

Guys, who decides to put down their microphone and drink water at the same time? I know I don’t. To be in sync (from what I’ve heard) is when we spend so much time with someone, you tend to think alike with that person. If that’s true then from what we have seen, they must spend a lot of time together. My friends that is not even the end of my blog/rant/thing. There is so much more.

  Let’s get on to the fact of how they look at each other.


“Some things will never change.” Bless the person who made this edit.

There’s so many more times where Baek has looked at Chan like that (but this is already really long). How there are those times when the only thing in Baek’s vision seems to be Chan. How his eyes look so focused on Chan as if he is so special to Baekhyun. And don’t get me started on his smile or how he tries to look away but then his eyes seemed to glued on Chanyeol.


“Please look at me. Aren’t I cute?”

“I’ll always be right by your side”

I mean looking at these pictures make me want to go like “Chanyeol I know he’s beautiful but you’re being a bit obvious.” Also there is so much more that show even more of that chanbaek love (if that’s even possible) but in my opinion the best is when they make eye contact.

Look at their smiles? If that doesn’t scream love/happiness then I will forever question life. And last but not least the physical contact. Unfortunately (or is it?) these pairing doesn’t have the strongest skin ship but that strangely is one thing I love about them, because when a pairing has strong skin ship (and when they do ohohohoho something is up) I feel it’s a bit fake (but that’s only me) so when I see their special kind of skin ship I die of joy.

*hand immediately touched Chanyeol’s*

*adorable chest bump*

My absolute favorite!!!! GHHHHH!

Ahhh yes the sweet little touches. But to them they are not so little.

   So all you chanbaek shippers you may have noticed I added some 2015 moments (some like little bit) so you guys don’t think I’m crazy shipping some sort of deceased ship. Uh no, this ship be sailing, still strong! Anyway there is so much I could talk about but it’s already so long.

   The funny thing is I just actually started using tumblr so why am I already so accustomed to it? Well my friends, to me baekyeol is a very comfortable topic. Thank you to those who actually read my rant/blog/thing and I hope we can get along since I am new. 

  PS this is only my opinion, so to those who hate Chanbaek please just ignore! 

Bonus: Some adorable and dorky Chanbaek <3

The Most Right Of All

A Joshaya Fanfic

Story by: @hoffkk

Requested by: Anonymous

Prompt: Oh thanks for taking time and responding to my ask. I do have this set up that is outside shopping with her new guy friend (when she’s 18 and in NYU) who is also a gay. And she’s actually buying a gift for Josh for his birthday. And Josh is in the same mall shopping for Valentine’s Day. And he sees Maya there with her guy friend all touchy and laughing and gets jealous. And if it’s not too much to ask can you add that Maya has her first kiss with Josh Coz she never was interested in another guy.

Summary: Josh sees Maya acting touchy-feely with another guy and gets jealous.  Bouncing between angry and depressed, Josh can’t help but wonder if he missed his chance with Maya once and for all.


Maya had been roaming the mall for hours, searching for the perfect birthday gift for Joshua Matthews. With no luck, she vented her frustration to her  new best friend, Kingston Marks.

Kingston was also a freshman at NYU who lived in the same co-ed dorm building.  However, they first met in their shared class, Intro to Art, during the previous fall semester and she was so glad that they did.  It was friendship at first sight, which was exactly what she needed after feeling depressed about losing her high school BFF to Columbia University.  She still kept in touch with Riley, of course, but it just wasn’t the same as it used to be.  Her absence left a small void in Maya’s life and heart, a void that Kingston filled perfectly, and then some.

“This sucks.” Maya whined, walking empty-handed through yet another clothing store.  "I don’t know what to get him.“

"Just go with chocolate or a teddy bear.” Kingston suggested, flipping his thin, purple and red scarf over his shoulder.  "Or better yet, some lingerie.“ He added with a smirk as he grabbed said lingerie, all red and sheer with two large hearts where the cups of the bra would be, and held it up to Maya.

"NO.” she said adamantly, holding back a laugh as she shoved his arm away.  "Besides, I already told you, I’m getting him a birthday present not a Valentine’s Day present, they just happen to be on the same day.“

"Even more reason to go with the lingerie.” He replied cheekily, wiggling his eyebrows as well as the hanger that the lingerie hung on.

“Stop it.” Maya scolded, punching him playfully in the opposite arm that held his shopping bag.

Laughing, he put the outfit back on the rack and kept walking along with Maya.  After a moment, he flipped his medium length, light brown hair out of his eyes and said, “You know you are making this harder than it has to be, right?”

“It just has to be perfect.” Maya stressed.

“I get that.  I said the same thing about my Valentine’s Day gift for Drake, but I managed to find the perfect gift within five minutes.” He pointed out, holding up his shopping bag for emphasis.

“More like twenty.” She amended.

“No, it took me five minutes to decide on cologne, it just took me fifteen extra minutes to figure out which fragrance to go with.”

“Whatever.” Maya said rolling her eyes.  "But seriously, though, it’s different for you and Drake.  You guys are new and exciting… and an actual couple.  Josh and I are–“

"Complicated.” He finished for her, aware of the history behind Joshaya, which he insisted on calling their relationship much to her annoyance.

“Exactly.” She nodded as they left the store and entered the common area of the mall once more. “That’s why I need to find the perfect gift.  Something that says I care… but not too much.  I don’t wanna freak the boy out.”

“I don’t think you could ever freak him out.”  Kingston told her, slinging an arm around her shoulders. The movement was odd the first few times he did it, given his chiseled stature.  It just felt odd to Maya to have a muscular arm around her. Riley, Smackle, Farkle, and Zay were always pretty boney.  Lucas, on the other hand, had some muscle, but given his relationship with Riley, she was never very physical with him or vice versa.  Therefore, the action made her a bit uncomfortable, but Kingston was a touchy-feely kind of guy, in a good way, and so she learned to get used to it.

“Oh, I can and I have. It used to be my favorite past-time in junior high.” Maya smiled knowingly to herself as she thought about old times.

“Well, I don’t think you have to worry about that anymore.” He replied. “That boy is too far gone to be freaked out.” Kingston whispered to himself as he shook his head amusedly, recalling the few interactions between them that he has witnessed.

“What was that?” Maya asked, looking away from a display window and giving Kingston her full attention.

“I said… what about a CD? You could get him an album by his favorite band.” Kingston covered, pointing to the music store on their right.

“Nah, too impersonal.” Maya answered.

“You could always go all retro rom-com and make him a mix tape.” Kingston teased.

“I said I don’t want to freak him out, and mix tapes are stalker 101, way too personal.” Maya explained.  "I need something that falls somewhere in the middle.“

"What about a new beanie?”  Kingston suggested next.  "He always wears that old navy one with a hole in it.  It’s embarrassing really.  I mean, that boy is fine, but sometimes he has no fashion sense whatsoever.“

Maya instantly replied with an elbow to his stomach.

"Ouch!” Kingston called out in pain, though they both know it didn’t really hurt him.  If anything, it just caught him off guard.  "What was that for?“ He added, removing his free arm from around Maya and rubbing the spot she whacked.

"For insulting Josh. Only I can do that.”  Maya smiled cheekily.  "And for the record, I’m also the only one allowed to call him fine.“

"Can I still call him hot? or Sexy?  Ooh, what about scrumptious?  You know scrumptious is my go to.” Kingston went on half serious, half joking.

King…” She warned, giving him a look that said don’t mess with me on this.

“Fine, I’ll limit myself to using only the word attractive, but that’s the best I can do.” He told her.

“Deal.” Maya said, shaking her head in amusement, while she threaded her arm through Kingston’s leather jacket clad one.

“Well, now that that’s settled…  I have to say a new beanie sounds pretty perfect.”  Kingston noted, getting their focus back to the task at hand and on his genius idea.

“No, I could never replace his beanie.  It’s sentimental.” She informed her friend.

“It’s a beanie.”  He said skeptically.

“Yeah, but it was a gift from his older brother who is basically his idol.  He gave it to him to for good luck the day before he started high school.”

“Aw, brotherly love… how sweet!”  Kingston said, placing his hand over his heart, showing off the “Midnight Madness” black nail polish he wore.  He was always a sucker for a sweet story.  It’s no wonder he was addicted to the Hallmark Channel.

“Exactly, and if I got him a new one, it would not only be a copy-cat gift, but it would also take away the sentimentality from the original.” Maya clarified.

“All right, I take it back.  The beanie thing is a bad idea.” Kingston relented.

“Well, I’m glad we agree for once, but unfortunately, it doesn’t bring me any closer to figuring out what to get Josh.” She huffed.

“How about we take a break.” Kingston said, looking at his watch.  Drake should just be getting on shift at Starbucks.  We can go visit and have him fix us a couple drinks to refresh our minds.  Then, we will definitely come up with something brilliant.“

"Sure, I guess–wait…” Maya interrupted herself.  "fix… that’s it!  King, you’re a genius!“ She finished excitedly, then used her hold on his arm for leverage to lift herself onto her tips toes and kiss him on the cheek.

"I know,” Kingston responded cockily as he flipped his hair out of his face sassily. “but out of curiosity, how exactly did my genius just inspire you?”

“I’ll explain on the way, c'mon.” She urged, moving herself behind him and jumping on his back. “To Art’s Craft store!” Maya called, lifting her arm in a charge motion.

Kingston just laughed and then trotted forward, piggy-backing Maya down the busy corridor in search for the desired store and an explanation.



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So sometimes hetronormativity can be rather hilarious, now before you all attack me hear me out. Tonight my girlfriend and I went out for dinner and a movie and before the movie we hung around outside on some benches (well light public 8pm-ish) so she could have a cigarette. It was cold and we were cuddling and some guy comes up and asks for a cigarette so she gave him one and he sits down to talk to us and the more we talk the more he starts hitting on her and he dismisses me starts sending out some mad annoyed vibes ie "shut up I like your friend not you, go away", now I knew what he was up to and that he was hitting on her, but she the blissful flower of innocence had no clue and just thought he was being nice. So he mentioned his girlfriend and how they broke up and how he's lonely and jealous of her and proceeds to hit on my girlfriend infront of me, now he was quite pissy with me at this point and wanted me to leave them alone, but obviously I wasn't going anywhere. So he asks her if she's got a boyfriend. So she took my hand and was like "no no, not a boyfriend, I have a girlfriend" and motioned towards me. Now this guy was an international student who didn't have English as a first language so I was awarded about 30 seconds of pure perfected confusion, dawning and realisation as he put 2 and 2 together. He was really confused and stamnering all like "...w..wait what you mean like you and you are girlfriends?...y-you like girls no?" To my girlfriend and she was like yeah I do, and so does she and we both also like guys", to which he responds "you two are dating? Like for real? ... no way you dont like girls..seriously?" And we were just there repetitvley confirming we were infact a couple, until he made the unavoidable statment of "prove it...go on kiss her cause I dont believe you" so we did. He still asked for her phone number and asked her if she was sure another few times but the best part was the filthiest of filthy looks he sent my way once he'd realised and I had my arm around her waist and the shit eating grin I knew I had on my face; coupled with the look of recognition on my girlfriend's face once she realised she was being hit on by him. Anyway we had to leave for the movie in a bundle of stiffeld giggles and my girlfriend's embarassed blushing. Anyway for the rest of the night we made jokes and giggled uncontrollably every time it crossed our mind. I've never seen a better look of confusion in my life.

Poor guy, he really did try.

lydipuchi  asked:

20 kaysoo or baekyeol moments please xx :)




don’t they look like such a couple

like seriously why are they doing this to me

you guys are gross

stop being so cute and perfect and stuff ew


like a couple


you’re both gross just stop


my question is how do you stare your group member in the eyes while thrusting your crotch in the air

the answer is you have to be kaisoo because loOK AT HOW KAI QUICKLY GLANCES BACK AT HIM AFTER FUUUUUUUUU-


#6: U OK KAI




External image

#8: kai letting everyone know just how close they are

tell us more about how close you are pls and thank


luhan why u do that


and this too but with kai shirtless probably

#11: caring boyfriend kyungsoo

(helping with kai’s mic)




but can we get a close up of that 

External image



because the answer will probably be kaisoo

#15: maybe kai is a bottom……

#16: boner-inducing

i could stare at this forever. this turns me on more than any porn i’ve s- WAIT LET’S MOVE ON


no questions……..just kaisoo





by sitting on it (¬‿¬)


if you think

that i only have

one version

of this saved

you my friend






okay i promise i will keep this one short because i got carried away last time. this is gonna be hard but let’s do this


omg look how he desperately wants baekhyun to see what he’s seeing like fu CK BAEKHYUN PAY ATTENTION


External image

srsly what was that suho looks nervous as hell because of you




and this is just #4 lord help meeeeee

#5: when asked about who cared for him most



External image

no srsly i need to pee but apparently baekyeol is more important than my bladder’s health


External image


#8: damn straight you better choose chanyeol


idk why but their kinship is a lot more special to me. it’s just different from when kaisoo or taohun engage in skinship…..I DON’T KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN IT

External image

if anyone has pics/gifs of baekyeol holding hands pls send them to me. pLEASE.

#10: chanyeol being the nice boyfriend that he is


External image


#12: classic baekyeol 



and i don’t wanna get all detective mode here but look at how baekhyun side-glances chanyeol as if making sure that he’s seeing this. baekhyun, you asshole.


i love this so much it was my sidebar for a while because baekyeol looking hella cute and classic baekyeol kills me


i want this picture framed on my nightstand

#17: I DONT EVEN  ?! ? !? !?! ?!!? !??? ??!? ?

External image




External image

yes chanyeol just smile and pretend like you didn’t just get a hard-on from that

#20: i will forever and always love this



Summary: Louise is certain that Dan and Phil are the perfect couple. Purely Fluffy!

It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon. Dan was actually putting his reclusive behavior on hold so that he could go out to lunch with his good friend and fellow youtuber Louise. It wasn’t too often Louise managed to get to London when she wasn’t solely on business, but today was purely a “London shopping day” for her, and so Dan had been harassed to getting a sub with his friend.

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Request: Firmly On The Hook

Request: Can you write a oneshot where Sam and the reader are dating and they help Dean and Cas admit their feelings for each other?

Word Count: 726

This was fun to write, thank you! I hope you like it:)

“Shh, they’re coming.” You whisper. Sam grins, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“You think this’ll work?” He whispers into your ear. You nod.

“I know it will.” You whisper. He laughs, pulling you closer to him. At that point, Dean and Cas walk in, avidly discussing the current case. Dean sees you practically sat on Sam’s lap, and pulls a face.

“You two make me sick, you know that?” He says. You share a glance with Sam and laugh.

“As far as I remember, we got your blessing.” You remark. Dean rolls his eyes.

“Yeah. To be together. Not, however, to get it on in public.”

“One and the same, big brother.” Sam says. You laugh quietly.

Your plan goes into action less than an hour later. You take Cas off, while Sam leads Dean to the location you’d chosen.

For weeks, maybe months, you’ve known that the pair is destined to be more than friends. Sam agrees with you. You finally got sick of the eye contacts and subtle, subconscious flirting. So you’d made a plan.

Sam was taking Dean, with the car, to a pretty moonlit spot you’d found last time you were here under the pretense of a guys’ night or whatever. That was his problem.

You were taking Cas nearby, claiming that you’d found a pretty birds’ nest that you wanted to show him. He always liked nature and shit.

And you were going to ‘oops’ meet up, and ‘oops there might be holy oil on the ground’ and ‘oops dropped a match’.

Neither of them would be able to go anywhere. Dean probably could if he really wanted to, but you highly doubt that he’ll attempt it. The plan is less than flawless, but hell, if this works, anything will.

You synchronise watches, and pull Cas off to the forest.

“Come on, it’s just this way!” You assure him. He follows with enthusiasm.

“Y/N, I don’t hear any birds.”

Damned angel hearing.

“They’re quiet.” You brush him off. “This way, come on!”

“Y/N, are you sure?” He asks.

“Yes, I’m sure. Don’t scare them, we’re almost there.” You whisper. He follows obediently. You catch a glimpse of the Impala, and the phone buzzes in your pocket.

“Oh, Sam and Dean must be here. Let’s go see them!” You enthuse, dragging him to the clearing where the two guys are.

“What about the birds?”

“What birds?” You ask obliviously. “Sam?”

“Y/N?” He turns around, sliding off the hood of the Impala, “What are you doing here?”

“We were finding birds.”

“What birds?” Sam asks, raising an eyebrow.

“You tell me.” You answer. He laughs, sliding a hand into his pocket. Zippo time.

You slip outside of the circle, both of the other guys looking at you suspiciously. Then, Sam drops the lighter.

The circle goes up in a blaze, circling the two guys. A cry of anger comes from both of them, and you grin at Sam, your faces illuminated by the flames.

“Y/N! Sam! What the hell?” Dean yells angrily. You laugh, going up on tiptoes to see over the wall of fire.

“It’ll burn out in an hour, you’ll be fine.” Sam says, “Have fun, guys!”

You make your escape before Dean braves the flames to come after you, disappearing into the dark woods. He takes your hand and leads you back through the densely treed darkness, giggling like a pair of six year olds.

“This has to work.” You say. He grins, kissing your forehead.

“You think it will? Dean’s pretty mad.”

“Dean’ll get over himself. He’ll be thanking us at their wedding.” You giggle. He laughs, burying his face in your hair.

“Seriously, this plan has to work. Otherwise, we’re back to…”

“Neither of us wants to go back there.” You shake your head, grinning.


You hear the motel door open and look up from your book. Cas and Dean stare at you both, but they’re smiling.

“Well…?” You ask, raising an eyebrow. They roll their eyes in unison and raise joined hands. You squeal with delight, leaping up and onto the couple, hugging them tightly.

“You guys are perfect!” You almost yell, pulling away to look at them. Everyone’s laughing. “Oh, this is amazing!”

“You’re not off the hook.” Dean says, trying to look threatening past his smile. You roll your eyes.

“Sure, we’re not.”

im-an-indoor-person  asked:

Ironpanther height difference. IRONPANTHER HEIGHT DIFFERENCE.

This is really short but I hope you like it.

Forehead kisses. He never thought that he would come to love getting forehead kisses as much as he does now. It started with T’Challa, of course the man was taller than him, like most of the people he interacts with these days but with T’Challa, he was the perfect height for his new obsession.

It hadn’t even really been a thing until two months into the relationship. He would be standing somewhere, the lab, the kitchen, at an event, etc. but when he stood in front of his boyfriend, his forehead was perfectly lined with his mouth. So T’Challa decided early on that he was going to take full advantage of those few inches he held over the genius.

This first time it happened he had just left the lab after working 10 hours straight. He had wondered upstairs in search of some food, his stomach having put up a fare fight. When he arrived upstairs he hadn’t noticed his boyfriend lounging in the living room, tunnel vision leading him straight to the fridge.

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Childish Gambino


I’ve been listening to Childish Gambino for a couple of years. His word play and amazing metaphors always caught my attention. I felt like I got to watch a man find himself through his craft and perfect it over the years, and to this day “Because The Internet” stands as what I consider to be the breaking point in his artistic growth. Undoubtedly his best and most creative album…with a bonus screenplay! who writes a screenplay for an album?! seriously man. Keep it up Gambino! Anyway, I could keep going but let’s leave it at that. Hope you guys enjoy this one as much as I did. One love!

Where's Hiccup? Piano
Where's Hiccup? Piano

This is dedicated to all of my followers. I love you guys more than you know, and I appreciate everything you guys say or do to make my day. You’re all amazing in every way, shape, or form whether I know what you look like or not. God made every single one of you perfect the way you are and I hope you all know that.

This is one of my favorite pieces from the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack- that little bit during “Where’s Hiccup?” when Hiccup wakes up from his coma to find Toothless in his room and his prosthetic leg. Sorry for the horrible audio quality- I recorded it on my iPod :).

But guys, seriously, thank you so much for everything you do. You guys are…amazing :). And please feel free to message me at anytime…a couple weeks ago I found out my ask box wasn’t open, but now it is, and it always will be. Even if you just want to say “hi” or “how’s you day”, just message me!

I love you guys :) <3

I Love You Too Stupid - Nate Maloley Imagine

│Requested by struqqleseveryday: Can you make a smut about Nate and he gets mad because you were laughing and hanging out with other guys? Thanks

            Requested by anon: Can you do one with jealous Nate? │

I got two requests that were quite similar so I decided to join them together. I hope you like it!


“Yo Y/N, over here!” I heard my friend, Lucas shout me to once I walked into the bar. I haven’t seen him or any of my other friends from back home in ages. Since I moved out to Los Angeles with my boyfriend, Nate, I haven’t really had the opportunity to see them. But the guys who I used to hang out at high school were here on a guys weekend.

“Hey!” I shouted and waved to them all. I gave they all a quite hug and sat down with them at the bar. Lucas ordered me a cocktail and we all started talking about the good old times back home and what everyone was up to these days.

“No, shut up! Seriously? You guys were perfect for each other” I sadly said to my old best friend, Kyle, as he told me that he just broke up with his long-term girlfriend, Courtney, who I used to be friends with. They started dating at the start of high school but they broke up last week. That was the main reason why the guys organised this weekend, to get his mind off of her. I hadn’t spoke or seen her since I moved away, I wasn’t that close to her anyway.

Once we had a couple of drinks at the bar, we had our meal and we were now wondering round the street of LA. Back in high school, I was more known for hanging out with the guys than the girls, I preferred playing sports than going shopping. Yeah, a lot of the girls used to call me a whore and stuff but I didn’t care, the boys were better friends than the girls.

“How come Nate didn’t join us?” Kyle asked me with curiosity in his deep voice. Nate was meant to be coming but he went to the studio with the boys instead. I didn’t mind really, I’d rather him do something that he loves dong than being stuck with people that he doesn’t really know.

“He’s at the studio.” I could tell the boys thought I was upset about it but I was used to it after being with him for nearly a year.

The rest of the night was so much fun, apart from when Toby, my other friend, got himself kicked out of a club for starting a fight with a complete stranger, but that’s normal for Toby.

Tonight was the last night that I was going to see the boys for a while so I didn’t want to waste a second, or forget anything so I snapchatted most of the night.

It was half four in the morning when we decided to call it a night. I wasn’t drunk but I did have a few drinks. Once I got home to my shared apartment with Nate, I noticed that the kitchen light was on. I put my keys down on the table by the door and hung up on my bag and jacket and walked to the kitchen.

As I was in the door frame, I saw Nate at the island table with his shirtless back facing me. Sometimes I wonder if he actually owns any shirts.

“Babe, why are you still up?” I asked Nate as I went to get myself a glass of water. To be honest, it was normal for Nate to be up at this time if he was at the studio; he always came in late.

“Can’t sleep.” He simply said but didn’t bother to turn round to face me. I put my glass down and walked up to him and placed my hands on his shoulders.

“What’s up?” I asked him but he flinched at my touch and stood up from where he was sitting.

“Really?” He questioned me. His face was serious, not his usual loving, caring, sexy one; it kind of scared me a bit. He might have a reputation for being a bad boy but to me, he was so kind, caring, protecting, the complete opposite basically.

“What?” I simply asked him. I got the impression that I had done something wrong. But for the life of me I couldn’t think what it was.

He walked closer to me and for a split second I thought he was going to do something to me but he grabbed his phone off of the counter. He opened his phone and I could see him opening up snapchat. It was right then when I realised what I had ‘done’. It was the pictures and videos I posted of me and the boys.

“If this is about the pictures and stuff I posted, they are just my friends, nothing more. Nothing happened.” I said to defend myself but I didn’t really need to defend myself when I had done nothing wrong.

“What about this picture, you two seem pretty close for my liking.” Nate said while showing me the picture of me and Kyle hugging/ posing for a picture while outside a club. I could hear the hurt in his voice.

It broke my heart that he thinks I would ever cheat on him. I love him too much to ever do anything that stupid. I know what it’s like to be cheated on and I would never, never in a million years do that to Nate.

“Nate, me and Kyle are just friends. We were just mucking around, we used to be best friend, we used to always pose like that.” I said to further show that nothing happened but deep down I knew that it would take more than that to convince him.

“Y/N, do you think I’m stupid or something? I see the way that you’re looking at him, it’s the same way you used to look at me.” He yelled at me. I could definitely tell he was hurt by the picture

“Nate, you’re the only guy that I want. I love you and only you stupid,” I yelled at him with a smile, “and you know I would never cheat on you. Never.” I lowered my voice and walked closer to him. I placed one of my hands on his bare chest and the other on his face and stroked my thumb over his cheek. He leaned down and placed his forehead against mine.

“I’m sorry, it’s just, I got mad and jealous that’s all. I just don’t want to lose you that’s why, I love you too much, Y/N.” He said and kissed my forehead

“You’ll never lose me.” I smiled up at him and kissed his soft lips but it quickly heated up. He touched my thighs symbolising for me to jump and wrap my legs around his waist and that’s exactly what I did.

It turned into a full on make out session. He started walking towards the wall and he pinned me against it. I ran my hands through his hair and he let out soft moans while his tongue explored my mouth. I was driving him crazy and I knew he loved it. And lets just say the rest of the night was filled up passion.


I hope you liked it. You asked for smut but I don’t really feel comfortable writing it so I left it as it is and I’ll let everyone else finish it with their own imagination.

Thanks for the request! Keep requesting! Much love!