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My Name’s Tom Holland and I’m a FuckBoi

Authors Note: Here you guys go, beautiful fuckboy Tom Holland after a bad breakup with your long term boyfriend, all you needed was a hot guy who wanted nothing from you other than sex. 

Let me know what you guys think of it!

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Your life these past few days consisted of ben and jerry’s ice cream, dark lighting and never leaving your bed. There is nothing like coming home from visiting family to find your boyfriend knuckles deep in the girl from across the hall. You had spent two years with this guy, you were so deeply in love, he was your first, and even though you think the idea of virginity is bullshit, you still couldn’t help but feeling attached to the first guy you’ve slept with. Pushing off your comforter to pee, an imagine in the mirror caught your eyes, you really hadn’t looked at your body in awhile and seeing the caved in features and defeated demeanor lit a fire under your ass. 

“Jesus Christ y/n, what are we doing with ourselves?” Pulling off the stained band t-shirt and slipping into the bathroom, deciding that a nice steaming hot shower was overdue. 

It could have been minutes or hours that you were in that shower, but when you left, it was as though all the toxic remains of him were spiraling down the drain right now. Stepping out of the steam and into the bedroom, an irritating buzzing sound caught your attention, quickly pulling apart your blankets to find your best friend had called you 7 times.

“Jesus Christ Y/N, why are you not answering me??” You had no time from answering it to put it to your ear before she began.

“I was in the shower,” shrugging your shoulders, kicking the pile of laundry you needed to do, and deciding to pull the towel tighter around your chest.

“Good, get ready, I need you in the skankiest clothes you own!” car honking loudly in the background, “Get in your lane asshole! Anyways, you’re getting dicked down tonight, I’ll be over in an hour, I need tits out, i need ass on full display, don’t even worry about your hair and makeup I will be there as soon as this asshole lets me pass, hold on dammit, i’m being pulled over,” Silence “Okay I love you gotta go, tits out!”

The uber pulled into a large frat house, the sound of music pumping and sounds of people your age screaming and dancing on the porch. Legs shaking you finally let what you were wearing sink in, very short red velvet skirt, tall high heels that laced up your thighs, a corset top pushing your tits up and almost out, hair in a teased mess, thin eyeliner wings and a leather jacket. Was this really a good idea? But there was nothing you could do, you were pushed out of the uber and into the wet grass, your tipsy friend already waving to other drunk girls, tonight will be interesting for sure. 

The music was pounding, you’re not sure what you’re drinking but it’s vodka and some juice. So fuck it, why not get trashed. You are your girlfriends were leaning against the fireplace watching all the hook-ups begin to happen when you see a boy heading in your direction, your broken heart made you assume he was going to your friend, whose mini skirt and bralette left little to the imagine. Your friend looked at you, eyeing your body before looking towards the boy now 5 feet away, expecting him to walk towards her instead he walked in between you, arm leaning on the fireplace, now towering  over you. 

“Hello love,”  A nice english accent, incredible arms, dark curls, damn was this boy hot.
“Hi there,” pushing your hair over your shoulder, leaning into him, 

“You are beautiful Darling, may i get you a refill?” Tom smiled, putting his solo cup to his lips.

“I would so,” You smiled up at him, you really, really wanted to kiss this boy, but there was no way you could make that move.

He returned with a drink in his hand, tapping the tops before taking a sip. “Whats your name sweetheart,” his voice lowered in tempo, fuck did you want him right now.

“Y/N” His eyes watched your lips, then following a trail to your breasts, down your hips and the skirt that clung so nicely to your body. 

“A beautiful name for a beautiful woman,” He sipped his drink, his brown eyes looming over at you, a sensual look at him But your moment was ruined by the other girl in your party stepping beside you.

“Oh y/n, I heard he left you, how are you doing? Did you gain weight?” Touching on your arms before looking over at the boy. “Oh goodness hi, who are you?” Smirking at your clear annoyance.

“Tom, love, my name is Tom and I believe i was having a conversation with your friend.” a slight twinge of annoyance.

“Oh were you?” She smiled, looking at you with a little more force in asking you to leave. 

“Yes, I was asking you if you would like to head upstairs with me, somewhere were you can tell me all about this boyfriend.” Placing his hand, palm upward in front of you.

“In fact we were,” You smirked at her, bumping her slightly with your hips as you took Tom’s hand 

The two of you walked up the stairs to where a man stood blocking the top, wondering what your next move will be when the man nodded at him and allowed them through, allowing them to go back towards where all the bedrooms for the frat boys were located. 

“You’re in a frat?” What the hell did you get yourself into? You silently groaned at the type of boy you are with right now.

“Hey, don’t judge me, I am an artsy guy, but frats are a way to fit in ya know?” He smiled shyly, “It’s hard to be from another country and try to fit in here,” 

God dammit, he was so actually really sweet, but still he just wants a hookup so I really shouldn’t look into him too much. Right?

Lost in your thoughts you hadn’t realized you were already in his bedroom, a neat full size bed in the center, very clean hardwood floors and minimal decorations. “I like your room,” You smiled, watching Tom’s body as he curves past your body to pull the switch on the lamp bedside table. His arms were slender but muscular, the veins in his arm prominent, the way his shirt came up from his jeans, revealing a muscular torso. 

“I have no chairs love,” tom cooed from the spot in the bed he had jumped into and leaned back with his hands behind his head, eyeing your body. 

“That’s fine, you look pretty comfortable,” You cringed internally but he seemed to be really interested in you so fuck it.

“Then why are you all the way over there love?” Tom’s body shifted forward towards you, taking your hand as you crawled up the bed and into his lap.

“Oh my, you really are comfy,” your giggle was soft, sensual enough to feel Tom’s growing attraction in his jeans. 

“I’m very glad you think so love,” His hands running up your thigh, the velvet skirt pushing it up past your hips, “Now tell me love, this ex of yours, did he ever touch you like this?” Shifting you so you were straddling his hips, his hands trailing your inner thigh before running them up and down your back, a moan escaping your lips.

“No never,” moaning slightly, his lips meeting the crook of your neck, his hand leaving your thighs. “No, please,” You begged, “Don’t stop please.” 

“Oh no? You want me to keep going love?” His lips brushed against your bottom lip, teasing the idea of a kiss.  

“Please,” You were never one to beg for sex but this boy was different, and you were in need of him right now. 

“I love when you beg darling,” Tom whispered before his lips met yours, he was a great kisser. The way his tongue slipped inside of your mouth, brushing the tips of yours before taking your bottom lip between his teeth, tugging softly.  “What do you want love?” 

“You,” and with that he pushed you down on your back, his lips moving from your neck to your collar bone and down, his fingers gripping your thighs, there would be bruises there for sure but you wanted it. You wanted him to mark you up. His lips were now on your hips now, teasing you before returning to hovering over you. 

“Now tell me Love, what can I do to make you forget all about him?” Tom’s voice was laced with a possesive tone. 

“Just touch me,” You groaned, watching the t-shirt leave his body, exposing the muscular torso and low riding jeans on his hips. Taking him by the neck you kiss his lips hard, his hands gripping your back hard, fingering the clasps of your corset top before finally pulling it off and tossing it to the floor. Your skin felt like fire when he pulled away and looked at your breasts, his mouth slowly agape. 

“Wow,” His fingers rubbed your nipples making them very hard as he smiled down at you, “How beautiful are you?” his hands began to rub your torso and your breasts.

“i really just want to fuck,” You groaned in a hushed whisper against his lips, feeling his hands comply with your wishes and pulling off your skirt and panties, “Wait, my heels-” His lips hushing you and shaking his head no.

“No, leave them on, I want you in nothing but your heels.” Tom groaned, your hands already pulling off the belt and unbuckling his jeans. “Fuck,” He groaned as you pulled out his cock, eager to touch it but you’re not an idiot so you stop and as seductive as you can you ask him.

“Um, condom?” 

He laughed slightly before opening the drawer beside him, shimying out of his jeans, now naked and hard in front of you, watching him stroke his cock to you before opening the packaging and rolling the latex down his cock.

“Better love?” Tom asked, pulling you into his lap so you were right above his cock, teasing him with a kiss to his jaw before deciding this was what you needed right this second and letting him deep inside of you. “Fuck,” He groaned, listening to your moan in his ear, gripping your hips as you moved up and down slowly, his hips bucking into you. Your legs on either side of your hips, your heels laced up your thigh, toms eyes looking over your body before pushing you on your back, legs curling around his hips. “My turn love,” Pushing hard and fast into you, one hand on your hip, digging into you, the other hand teasing your nipples. 

This was wild to you, right now you were having a one night stand with a british frat boy in his bedroom. Something about this made you feel dirty, and not in a shameful way, but in a naughty way where something inside of you was set free. As Tom thrusted inside of you, rubbing your clit with his finger and mouth on your nipple you found yourself begining to feel that build inside of your stomach. He knew how to listen to your body, how to please you in different ways, just when you felt yourself about to explode he tossed you on your stomach, lifting your hips and pushing back into you, spanking your ass hard. The comforter rubbing on your nipples along with all the different sensations from Tom, the spanking, the way he hit your g-spot, god you had never been fucked like this before holy shit. 

Tom’s fingers were gripping your hips in an almost painful way, but my god did it feel amazing, you were so close, the way your body was just giving into him, listening to his commands. “T-tom,” You moaned, his name falling off your lips felt angelic, though nothing about what you were doing right now was holy by any means, but his body, his name, his whole self was incredible. 

“Oh, Love, please keep saying my name,” He groaned, hands running from your hips and down to your ass when he spanked you playfully. 

“Tom,” You moaned, looking back at him, making eye contact and watching his lips curl up and then turn into an O, his eyes closing, his thrusts were slower now but this time you decided to rock back against his body, pushing him deeper and deeper inside of you, and when his fingers met your clit, rubbing in small circles you lost yourself. Collapsing into the bed, feeling his body push deeper into you before he stopped moving all together and pulled out of you, resting back into the pillows.

“Holy shit,” Tom moaned, you moved into a more modest position, looking at the mess of a boy now laying against the pillows. 

“I know,” You huffed, pulling on your skirt, watching him look at you before rolling the condom off and pulling his jeans back on. Offering his assistance to you in putting on your corset but opting for his shirt instead. 

“It was very nice meeting you,” Tom walked you out and back to the stairwell.

“Oh are you not coming back down to the party?” You asked curiously

“Oh Darling, there is no one down there who is going to surpass you,” He smiled, still shirtless against the wall. “Please feel free to come see me again,”

“We’ll see,” And with that you disapeared back into the crowd of drunks, sore and satisfied. 


me: *takes a deep breath*
me: I lo-
anyone who has spent five seconds in my vicinity ever: Yes, you love Toma, we know, you love Toma so much, he’s the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Toma, we KNOW, you love Toma you fucking love Toma ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE TOMA. WE GET IT.


While we were waiting to board the plane, Evans told me that as he lay in bed the night before, “I started exploring the sensation of ‘What if the chute doesn’t open?’ Those last minutes where you know. You’re not gonna pass out; you’re gonna be wide awake. So what? Do I close my eyes? Hopefully, it would be quick. Lights out. I fucking hope it would be quick. And then I was like, if you’re gonna do it, let’s just pretend there is no way this is going to go wrong. Just really embrace it and jump out of that plane with gusto.” Evans also shared that he’d looked up the rate of skydiving fatalities. “It’s, like, 0.006 fatalities per one thousand jumps. So I figure our odds are pretty good.” - Chris Evans is Ready to Fight.


The only look that matters


Some Things in Beauty and the Beast (2017)

  • opening scene with the prince in some extra™ makeup
  • belle teaching little girls how to read
  • belle rejecting gaston SO MANY TIMES
  • le fou winking at gaston
  • the amazing cgi work on the beast
  • when belle shoved her father out of the cell and saved him
  • it showed what happened to Belle’s mother in a way that added to belle, her father, and belle’s relationship with beast
  • le fou’s cross-dressing BOYFRIEND
  • umm i think lumiere dabbed at one point in be our guest????
  • beast giving belle the library just so he can show her he has better taste in books
  • that goddamn waltz and when beast lifts belle up and twirls her and the lights are all pretty!!!!
  • wasting in my lonely tower
  • waiting by an open door
  • i’ll fool myself she’ll walk right in
  • and be with me for evermore
  • le fou being redeemed and not being an idiot in any way
  • two interracial kisses in a disney movie?? um yes pls and thanks
  • that growl!!! omfg!!!
  • in conclusion: I want to watch this movie everyday for the rest of my life

So since you started to be more active in social media, maybe I have a chance to show you what I made month ago, @markiplier.

This work cross-stitch is actually really special. First of all, from all of the cross-stitch works I made in my life this one is my favorite. Second, I really wanted to made this, cause in that photo from your first channel I see more then just a guy looking at the light in the darkness. I see great hopes for tomorrow and knowing that the next day will be better than yesterday (that’s why I called this cross-stitch ‘Great Hopes’ lol). So everytime I look at my work on the wall, I remembering that no matter what’s gonna happened in my life, I should never lose hope and do something to make my future better.

if a black woman invites you over and puts on any one of these tracks, it’s a set up and you’re about to be a daddy #50ShadesOf90sR&B
  1. “insatiable”  by  prince
  2. “don’t walk away” by  jade
  3. “red light special” by tlc
  4. “i love your smile” by  shanice
  5. “twisted” by  keith sweat
  6. “i miss you” by  aaron hall
  7. “rub you the right way” by  johnny gill
  8. “pony” by  ginuwine
  9. “love like this” by  faith evans
  10. “freak me” by  silk
  11. “all my life” by  k by ci & jojo
  12. “come and talk to me” by  jodeci
  13. “do me right” by  guy
  14. “i’m so into you” by  swv
  15. “back at one” by  brian mcknight
  16. “the boy is mine” by  brandy & monica
  17. “i wanna sex you up” by  color me badd
  18. “are you that somebody?” by  aaliyah
  19. “real love” by  mary j. blige
  20. “waterfalls” by  tlc
  21. “there you go”  by  johnny gill
  22. “it never rains”  by  tony toni tone
  23. “i like the way (kissing game)  by  hi by five
  24. “forever my lady”  by  jodeci
  25. “if i ever fall in love”  by  shai
  26. “i’ll make love to you.”  by  boys ii men
  27. “knockin’ the boots”  by  h by town
  28. “can we talk”  by  tevin campbell
  29. “candy rain”  by  soul 4 real
  30. “before i let you go”  by  blackstreet
  31. “when can i see you again”  by  babyface
  32. “my body”  by  lsg
  33. “too close”  by  next
  34. “nice & slow”  by  usher
  35. “for you i will”  by  monica
  36. “cheers 2 u”  by  playa
  37. “splackavellie”  by  pressha
  38. “come and get some”  by  swv
  39. “how can i love u 2nite”  by  sisqó
  40. “if your girl only knew”  by  aaliyah
  41. “it’s all about me”  by   mya f/ sisqo
  42. “the love scene”  by   joe
  43. “all i do is think of you”  by  troop
  44. “lay your head on my pillow”  by  toni, tony, tone
  45. “weak”  by  swv
  46. “so anxious”  by  ginuwine
  47. “my love is the shhh!”   by  somethin’ for the people
  48. “can’t let go”  by  mariah carey
  49. “make it last forever”  by  keith sweat 
  50. “here and now”  by  luther vandross

her bra and panties match, her kitty smells like a garden, tastes like berries, she ain’t got no plans in the morning, her phone is off… it was a covert dick appointment. 

TYPES AS FRIENDS (based on my experience, im INFP)

> best friend™
> every infp deserve their own infj
> actually L I S T E N and U N D E R S T A N D
> will also read your shitty stories
> looks like they could kill you but are actually cinnamon rolls
> you never know what are they doing right now, like are they looking over their siblings? are they murdering people? they will never tell you and at this point you are too afraid to ask

> bitch face™ but actually pretty sensitive inside
> writer buddy™
> kinky as fuck
> hidden nerds and fangirls
> kinda judgmental
> have their life together, or at least REALLY LOOK LIKE THEY DO?
> “so I’ve read this fanfic where.. ”

> looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll
> 100% pure innocence
> sensitive as fuck (don’t yell at them)
> hurt inside
> anime nerd
> likes cute things
> graphic designer
> worried about you
> very loyal

> necessary human being
> light of my life
> always drunk and kissing guys at parties
> always so full of energy
> favourtie person
> s m i l e

> mom friend
> worried about you
> will bring you food and notes
> always helps your introverted ass
> very emotionally unstable (at least 5 mood swings per second)
> their feelings controll them so much???
> always says that they will organize everything and end up stressed and overhelmed

> sends you memes
> on 9gag 24/7
> actuall cinnamon roll with the face of a serial killer
> you are afraid to hug them but when you do the world is a better place
> owes like 5 pairs of Nike Jordans and treats them like their children

> smart and awesome
> kinda sad
> best student
> look at you like they judge you but it’s not true (but maybe they do anyway)
> mature and organized

> that white guy™ style
> like they are so funny and annoying at the same time, so awfully annoying
> doesn’t really get anything i say
> good at sports
> will send you outdated normie memes

> 0 scial skills
> probably from the different dimension
> what are they doing? what are they thinking? ??
> you show them a game and check on them a week later and they are like 50+ lvls stronger than you
> same goes for tv shows
> pretty innocent
> just allow them to patronize you, or they will get hurt
> either Fashion Icons or completly random clothing, no in-beetween

> cool kid
> not that cool tho, just another copy of the copy
> with the “cool” squad in the middle school
> afraid to be seen as weird
> remember all the embarrassing things you did
> actually pretty funny
> dumb and intelligent at the same time

Don’t take it personally, lol


the tenth doctor by the numbers (info)


When you first came to live with us, my parents told me that you would be sad and fragile, having just lost your world, your parents, friends. But you never let that loss diminish your light. You’ve always had the heart of a hero, Kara.

don’t get me wrong i love the idea of writing love letters or serenading a person on a balcony, but modern love is just as pure and sweet.

my best friend knew this guy and when she asked about snapchat streaks he replied “i don’t have any but you can be my first.”

my cousin’s girlfriend sent her a snap one morning of her balcony and the sun, with a sticker of my cousins face on it with the caption “u light up my life.” now it’s her background.

last year a new friend came to mine and i asked if she wanted the wifi password. she said “no, i wanna spend time with you.”

my sisters best friend moved states a few months ago and they facetime each other at the same time, every second day.

when my father travels for work, no matter how busy he is, he’ll skype my mother every night.

On love: Agape

Ok, first of all, I don’t know any Latin - this translation of the lyrics was done by @littlechubbyyuuri​ that I found here

I’d been looking for the lyrics + translation for quite a while, so I was really happy when I finally found them. I thought it would give me some major insight into Yuri’s character, since lyrics in YoI never seem to be picked at random.

But after reading the translation I was a little … huh? That’s not Yuri. 

So I kept turning it back and forth in my mind until suddenly a thought snuck up on me.

Wasn’t Agape going to be Viktor’s short program? Same as Eros? 

So, what if Agape isn’t about Yuri, but about Viktor?

I’ll show you what I mean in a second - let’s go over the lyrics in hors d’oevre-sized morsels:

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♡(人⸝⸝⸝ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ◡ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀⸝⸝⸝)♡ heartthrob song minho ♡(⸝⸝⸝ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ◡ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀⸝⸝⸝人)

kawaiijohn  asked:

what is your favorite headcanon about izuku?

Oh God.

Okay, so I feel I need to preface this with the fact that in no way does this post excuse the actions of Katsuki Bakugou. I’m going to talk about him a lot and I just need to get that out there before I start because:

I honestly believe that Izuku Midoriya thinks of Katsuki Bakugou as his best friend.

I refuse to believe otherwise. Like if you watch throughout the series, Izuku doesn’t think of Katsuki in a negative light - he never has.

Even at the beginning of the series.

When Izuku first explains Bakugou to the readers he doesn’t speak of him in the sense of “oh this guy makes my life a living hell.” or “this is jerk I avoid at school.”  or even “I used to be friends with him but he’s such an asshole now I can’t stand him. He’s a horrible person.”  No. We get this:

He explains that he was once friends with Bakugou - and never once has Izuku expressed an end to the relationship on his side of it. He doesn’t even say that once Katsuki’s quirk manifested that they stopped being friends - no he says “it took a turn for the worse.”, or if you wanna go further since this is the mangapanda translation, in the VIZ translation he says that Kacchan was neither “good” or bad” but once his quirk manifested he started on the path towards “bad”, and in the anime (I watched the dub I will be completely blunt right here), Izuku says “But when his quirk manifested, He began to change.”  

Relationships are not always prefect, and it’s something Izuku has been aware of for a very long time. He doesn’t expect everything to be perfect and he simply noted that once his friend gained a powerful quirk that said power began to affect his personality.  

So that’s why I guess I look at the opening  “You’re making him cry Kacchan, If you don’t stop I’ll stop you myself” scene a little differently? I mean Katsuki and Izuku wanted to be heroes ever since they were little, and they idolized the same person so, to see his friend do something that hurt another person (far as we know for no reason) it probably hurt Izuku.

‘What are you doing, idiot? You want to be a hero, why are you acting like a bad guy? This isn’t like you. This isn’t the Kacchan I know. I’ll step in and wake you up. I’ll show you what you’re doing is wrong. Even if it’s scary.’

Agreeing with your friends 100% of the time, isn’t real friendship. It’s a friend’s responsibility to look out for one another, and Izuku was trying to do that for Katsuki all the way back when they were four.

I mean let’s look at the ever discussed, suggested suicide scene.  Katsuki was literally just a complete asshole to Izuku. He told someone he’d known over at this point a decade to just go kill themselves in an all too casual fashion, and Izuku’s reaction to this is for Katsuki think before he speaks.  I mean look at VIZ’s translation:

He’s more concerned about Katsuki getting charged with his death, and he is about the actual action of it even being suggested. Now I’m not saying this is right, or a good thing - I’m saying that even after such a thing - a whole decade later - Izuku is still putting Katsuki ahead of everything else.

And this continues to be the case, time and time again.

The USJ just got attacked. They almost died. All Might almost died, but when Katsuki and company show up to save the day, Izuku doesn’t just say “guys” or “everyone” in relief, it puts Katsuki ahead of the others, because Katsuki carries more weight in Izuku’s heart than the others do (mainly because of time, both in the fact that Izuku has just begun to know the others but also because he’s known Katsuki for so long)

But back the concept of their friendship and the length that they have known each other. It’s not like it’s a hidden thing. It’s not like people don’t know. It gets brought up time and time again that they used to be friends. Not just ‘someone I used to know.’  and even Katsuki’s lackys get on his ass a little for being “too rough” with Izuku after the whole suicide comment.

But back to the friends thing. Izuku says it, Todoroki asks it of Bakugou during their encounter with each other in the waiting room right before the final match,

so it’s not something I believe should be looked over. The whole of class 1-A and those surrounding them know that Katsuki Bakugou and Izuku Midoriya have been friends for an extremely long time. They don’t know the circumstances to which their relationship has become what it is, but they are aware that at one time they were on positive terms with each other.

And thing is too, that when confronted with the topic, neither of them ever denies it. For as much as Katsuki grumps and growls about Izuku he never denies being friends with him.

I mean, look at this:

The famous “Deku Scene”, I know, but instead of focusing on that, look at it from another perspective. Katsuki came up with a nickname for him with a horrible meaning, yes, and you can see little Izuku standing there telling him to stop but I see it more as the start of the downhill slope. They were friends and now that same friend is starting to be a jerk and Izuku doesn’t understand why. He still cares about Katsuki, he still holds him in honest concern, but he just doesn’t understand why his best (and only) friend (at the time) is being so mean.

I mean, ever since the beginning all Izuku has ever shown for Katsuki was true honest concern. From the falling incident:

to kicking him in the face despite Katsuki demanding that he fight him.

Even when Katsuki demands that Izuku not worry about him, we all know it’s impossible. Izuku cares too much about Katsuki to not worry about him. He’s been worrying over him since they were four why would he stop when they were sixteen?

Katsuki is Izuku’s best friend. He’s going to fret and worry and lose his mind when something goes wrong or he gets hurt or worse.  That’s just what Izuku does. He’s probably the only person who’s ever shown Katsuki any gentle form of genuine honest concern in his entire life to be completely frank.

I mean I get that Bakugou’s parents care about their son but his explosive temper didn’t appear out of thin air. Izuku’s concern for Bakugou’s well being has always come with uplifting words, honest eyes and an outstretched hand and Katsuki’s just not used to that.

I think it’s important to remember that when looking at Izuku at his core, he’s a good kid. He follows the rules, stays out of trouble and keeps his head down for the most part - at least that is the impression we’re given at the beginning of the series.

But then Katsuki gets in trouble for the very first time and it’s life or death. It’s the same monster that almost suffocated him to death only an hour or so prior and he just had his entire world shattered by both Katsuki’s far too casual remark about suicide and All Might’s ‘confirmation’ that he can’t ever achieve his dream.

But when he sees the look on Katsuki’s face, all bets are off. All logic and reason, any sense of survival- it’s thrown out the window and he runs. He runs straight into the face of danger that pro-heroes have even deemed is too much for them to handle and he does whatever he can to try to save Katsuki’s life. Cause sure, he’s a jerk and maybe he’s not the nicest guy to be around anymore and he might have just been out of line in the past few hours at school but the bottom line is Katsuki Bakugou is his friend, and he can’t just stand there and watch him die.

And it’s not like he expected to be rewarded for his efforts or even survive the encounter. His friend was in danger so he reacted and did what he could to help.

Because friendship is not agreeing with your friends 100% of the time but being there for them when you can and when they need you the most.

Even when they get pitted up against each other for the first time, the respect for Katsuki is still here. He still doesn’t paint a negative picture for the reader of Katsuki and honestly I don’t think he ever will.

See? Uraraka is the one who is painting the negative picture. Izuku doesn’t refer to Katsuki as “his bully”, in fact he doesn’t even refer to him as Bakugou. He has too much respect for him for that. The difference though between Izuku and Katsuki’s other acquaintances is that Izuku acknowledges Katsuki’s downfalls. “He may be a jerk but... let me tell you all of this other awesome stuff about him.”

He acknowledges that yes, my friend has the capacity to be an asshole and sometimes he is but let me tell you everything about him that’s hidden until that thick layer of jerk.

Without Izuku’s perspective of Katsuki the reader would be left with a much darker picture of the blond. He paints in the light and shows us the hero that he’s capable of being instead of the villainous role the world wants to pigeonhole him into.

Even after all the shit that Katsuki puts him through, Izuku still tries to show the reader Katsuki from the best possible light.  That’s what best friends do.

And I mean, even if Katsuki doesn’t share the same sentiment (because that’s another post about Katsuki and this is about Izuku), Izuku cares so so so much about Katsuki and his opinion and what he thinks of him.  We go from the first fight, in chapter 9 -

To Izuku completely ridden with guilt because his friend thinks he’s been lying to him; because Katsuki thinks Izuku has been the one making fun of him. I mean look at Izuku’s face. Once Katsuki started yelling about how “You’ve been tricking me for all these years.” Izuku felt crushed, because ‘No I haven’t, things happened. I haven’t lied to you. I wouldn’t lie to you. Please believe me, I think this is crazy too.’

I mean he went off and told Katsuki the almost truth about One for All out of guilt.

Katsuki didn’t bully him into telling him the truth. Katsuki didn’t even go after him about it, he just left the school and went to mind his own business because he didn’t want to think about it and here comes Izuku ready to tell Katsuki pour his heart out in the hopes of making sure that he knew Izuku wasn’t making fun of him, and that he never had or would. Izuku couldn’t bring himself to tell his Mother but he felt such a twist in his stomach that he needed to tell Katsuki.

And then 110 chapters later -

After Katsuki finally opens his mouth and expresses his frustrations and confusions of feeling like he was the one chasing Izuku and how much it makes him sick to his stomach to think that the one who had nothing was now the one who had everything and even when they were kids that Katsuki had always thought Izuku was looking down on him, this is what we get. Look at his face. That’s shock. That’s concern, and that’s a little bit of hurt too because Izuku has never thought so negatively of Katsuki and in fact it’s quite the opposite so it’s like - how did I fail to show him how much I care about and look up to him?

And he does too.

Izuku idolizes the hell out of Katsuki, even more so than All Might. He always has.

First time during U.A. he’s in real danger at the USJ - who does he channel for courage? Katsuki.

He finally figures out how to use One for All as an extension of his body and decides to train and practice moving in the Full Cowl state - who is he drawing inspiration from? Katsuki.

“Not even moving like that would be outside my reach.”

Not moving like All Might, moving like Katsuki.

How many times has Izuku used Katsuki for reference - every time he needs reference for personal growth. Every time Izuku makes a step forward, it’s because he’s looking at Katsuki and deciding how to make it his own, unlike how he merely tried to mimic All Might up till recently.

But the other things to think about is how Mr. ‘Strategic think things through before I actually do them’ Izuku Midoriya completely loses his shit when Katsuki is in danger.

Because I really think we need to talk about the kidnapping scene. When Izuku realizes that Katsuki was the target, he gave his everything to get past that villain to protect Kouta and to get to Katsuki faster because he was in danger, and when the villains managed to capture Katsuki, Izuku degrades down to nothing but raw emotion:

Isn’t it though? Isn’t it a strange choice of words to just say ‘Give him Back’, and look at Izuku’s face. Look at how torn up he is about it. They took Katsuki. They can’t do that. Katsuki is his friend so ‘give him back to me’. As stated, Bakugou doesn’t belong to anyone but in the context Izuku is screaming in, he does because in Izuku’s mind, get your filthy hands off of my best friend. I mean, The two of them have never been apart at this point and when Katsuki isn’t, Izuku just breaks.  

It’s like all the pain he was suppressing in the name of retrieving Katsuki and saving him comes flooding in at once and his entire world shuts down. What just happened?  Yeah Kacchan’s a jerk, but he’s here… he’s always here…and then he’s just suddenly….not.

Izuku can’t cope with this. He’s doesn’t know how, and as I stated before the whole of Class 1-A knows just how close Izuku holds Bakugou to his heart (despite Katsuki himself being too blind to see it) because for as much as Kirishima is close to Bakugou and is worried about him too, he still says this:

It’s like the entire class can look at them as see it. They all know how much Izuku cares, and it’s even more so after watching his miniature panic attack when Katsuki got taken away. He corroded. Izuku is normally the one that will find a way, pull through in the end, say the up lifting words and do it with a smile - some way some how but with Katsuki gone, it’s like his world is a fragile as a glass that just got knocked to the floor.

So with Kirishima’s influence, and the ‘your hands can still reach him’ line, Izuku becomes hell bent on getting Katsuki back with the help of the others. He knows the risks - even if he didn’t Iida made damn sure he did - his academic career along with his dreams of being a hero are on the line but that doesn’t stop him from once again, putting Katsuki first.

He’s seen pro-heroes up close and taken notes on them his entire life, he knows what they’re capable of but that still isn’t enough to put his nerves at ease. No. He needs to make sure his friend is safe and save him with his own two hands, because this isn’t just some random person now. This is different. This is Katsuki Bakugou we’re talking about - and when it involves Katsuki all bets are off.

So they manage to save him, and the two don’t have nearly any interaction for quite some time until recent chapters, in which Katsuki has finally started speaking his mind for the first time in for what Izuku calls “as long as he can remember.”

It’s been over a decade and the two of them still haven’t talked things out. They have both almost lost their lives multiple times, and some times in Izuku’s case in the name of coming to the other’s aid. (because and I know I keep saying this - that’s what best friends do.)

I guess I just feel that looking at their relationship as Bully / Victim is looking at it on a surface level without actually acknowledging how the characters actually feel about one another. It’s been 119 chapters and Izuku is still singing Katsuk’s praises, in fact more so than he ever was before.

I think it’s important to note the way Izuku phrases this; (I think it’s important to always pay attention to the way Izuku phrases everything when talking about Katsuki) because he uses the phrase “it was blinding.”  Katsuki was a jerk, and he has plenty of things that make him an unpleasant person to be around but in spite of this, his sheer talent and skill at what he could do; his natural ability to just be good at everything was enough to out shine all of his negative traits and habits.  Basically, Izuku is saying that if it were anyone else he would have stopped following after that person a long time ago, but it wasn’t, it was Katsuki and for that reason alone, he could overlook it.

This entire time Izuku has been patiently waiting for his best friend to get his head out of his ass and stop being a jerk. This entire time, Izuku has been patiently waiting for Katsuki to look at what he was doing and think about it because Izuku wasn’t giving up on him.

“I always chased after you.”

Can I also point out that Katsuki is the one person we see Izuku get emotional around? I mean more than crying, but venting his feelings emotional. I’m not talking about Todoroki because that was completely different - that was calling him out on his bullshit where as this is a “why have you not listened after all these years?!”

Izuku is so frustrated because he failed to get it through Katsuki’s thickly layered ego that he still cares after all this time. He’s so frustrated because as Katsuki stated ‘no matter how many times I beat you, you kept following after me.’  - because he cares. Because he looks up to him. Because he idolizes him. Because Katsuki Bakugou is his best friend.  Katsuki’s quirk changed him. The praise Katsuki received through his entire life changed him. Katsuki’s strength changed him. Katsuki just got lost on his path and Izuku wasn’t about to fault him for it, instead he just decided to wait for his best friend to stop being an asshole and it’s taken some life changes events on both their parts for Katsuki to think and Izuku to find his voice.

So I say again.

I honestly believe that Izuku Midoriya thinks of Katsuki Bakugou as his Best Friend and I can’t bring myself to think other wise.