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which 1d ship is the best for a married in vegas au?

Stroke [m]

Summary: Your boyfriend Baekhyun is on tour and missing you very much, so he sends you a very “touching” video.

Rating: M

Warnings: Graphic detail, mutual masturbation, exhibitionism, and scarf kink. (Yes, seriously, scarf kink. I think I’m just making up new kinks now. *facepalm*) Read at your own risk! 

You were lying across your bed in your fuzzy cat pajamas, listening to Exo and doing some homework when you got a text from your boyfriend, Baekhyun. You smiled to yourself, figuring it was one of his usual good night messages. He always sent you a text right before bed, wishing you to sleep well and saying that he loved you. However, he had been texting you even more frequently ever since he left for a short tour overseas.

He kept saying that he missed you. This didn’t surprise you, since Baekhyun was a really thoughtful guy. You considered meeting him to be the best thing that had ever happened to you. He was so loving and sweet, truly an angel on Earth. He shared everything with you, so even though you had only been together for a few months so far, you felt like you had known him forever.

After a string of bad boyfriends who had clearly only wanted sex from you, Baekhyun was like a breath of fresh air. He had single-handedly restored your faith in the male gender by never ogling your body but always being the one to look after your heart with such tender love and care. 

In fact, you realized that he had never even mentioned sex to you once. You were sure that he had no such thoughts about you. You were totally fine with that, since you didn’t have interest in such things at all. After all, true love was pure and innocent, right? Of course! That was what made it so romantic and exciting! 

You squealed to yourself gleefully, hugging the Baekhyun-shaped pillow on your bed (which he had given to you) with both arms, then you picked up your phone to check his message.

Upon clicking it, a video started to download and you noticed the words “video message” which you had missed before entirely in your excitement. 

This seemed even more interesting to you, since seeing Baekhyun was always the best option, but what would he be doing in this video? You figured he would probably sing. He sometimes sent you videos of him singing, either because he just felt like it, or because he wanted to sing you to sleep.

After loading, the video launched and the face of your beloved filled the screen of your phone. You squealed and fanned your face because, as always, he was incredibly handsome and it made you feel like your heart would leap out of your chest and sail out of your throat, exiting your body entirely and thus killing you instantaneously. It was an overwhelming and exhausting sensation, sure, but such was the feeling of dating Byun Baekhyun.

“Jagiya, annyeong!” he sang adorably, making finger hearts at you and causing you to squeal some more. He then began to just talk to you comfortably, filming himself with his phone as he walked around his hotel room. Apparently he was getting ready for bed.

“So I’m stuck in this hotel room right now and it’s so boring. I’d much rather be there with you, but I can’t.” he pouted dramatically, and you grinned at your phone. “So I thought I would send you a special message. Are you ready? Okay, let’s start!”

You bounced up and down happily, looking forward to what you were sure would be endless aegyo and a cuddly heart-to-heart chat about his feelings for you and his hopes for your eternal future together.

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I’m literally crying right now! I just want to say thank you to all 301 of you! You’re all so amazing! Thank you so much! To all of you honestly! I’m growing so fast and it’s all of you guys rebloging my work! I stated this blog with little intentions. I never thought I would even get this far so honestly thank you all so much! A special thank you to my friends on here getting me to where I’m at I can’t thank you enough you guys are honestly the best and you know who you are! This is the best thing ever thank you all so much! I honestly love every one of you!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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i read a fic with fb!ty and pastel!josh and i cant find it again it had like fbty and pastel josh were from different worlds so when they walked into school hand in hand everyone lost it. thank you guys yall are the best

yea boi this is the one - Karri

ain’t nobody fucking with my clique by angelblur (1/1 | 2,076 | Teen And Up)

josh dun is the sweetest, prettiest boy at reel bear high school, and nobody’s got the receipts to try to argue. tyler joseph is an asshole.

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Serious kudos to the SwanQuenn fandom. It was the first time in a poll final where we didn't have any fights, gross behaviour, "Lexa is dead", "I'll rather vote for mine than a dead ship" etc. You guys were A+ and gave your best without resorting to that behaviour even in the final hour when it was clear we would win . Mad respect for you. You guys are awesome. It's so good to compete with a mature fandom that understands part of what we've gone through with the producers. Kudos.

It was pretty decent so yeah, much thanks to the SQ shippers and all the best in your future endeavors.

May we meet again!

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i took my friend with me to the bts concert last night, and she never really liked cypher pt.4, but then she heard it again at the concert and now she won't stop listening to it.. it's been on repeat for the last hour and a half ((:

omg that’s great!! I hope you guys had fun :’) the best thing is hearing a song live because it always sounds so different but in an even better way~ like if I ever had the chance to see baepsae live I’d probably nut ngl


So in case you guys didn’t know, I’m engaged to my best friend. We got engaged when we took a vacation to Florida to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter back in September but we FINALLY took our engagement photos. I had absolutely so much fun yesterday and the pictures came out incredible (my best friend took them, she’s also the bomb dot com) anyway have some freakin rockin photos

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Super excited for Harami Bara I never thought that the group doing it decided to stop the process but I'm very happy to have you guys do it since you are the best group I've stumbled upon

Awww thank you so much!!!

We’re super excited too. This Manga is so wonderful weird. ^^


Klaus FanFic #1

Length: 1,423 words

Summary: Your first time meeting Klaus Mikaelson.

Warning: I guess it gets a little gory?

A/N: Aye, it’s my first fanfic! Finally lol. It only took me forever to get one out xD. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it! I know it’s really not the best but if you have any helpful suggestions on how I could improve my writing, I would love to hear your guy’s opinions. And as always, feel free to request!

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I can’t reply to everyone who sent nice messages but please know that I read them all and they made me smile you guys are the best 💙💙💙