you guys are the best and i'm glad to celebrate this esther day with you

Today is Esther Day and while many of you may have already celebrated Esther Day, that doesn’t mean you can’t tell someone you love them again! :)

If you’re unsure about Esther Day, Hank explains it well here.

The main theme of Esther Day is love and gratitude. And I am forever grateful for Nerdfighteria. Communities as a whole are great. We support one another and bring out the best of each other. What makes Nerdfighteria so great is the awesome people who can be unironically enthusiastic about stuff. And I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing Nerdfighters through this blog. So this is why I dedicate this graphic to not only Nerdfighteria, but especially you guys, my followers. I love you guys. I cannot say enough how much you mean to me. You guys remind me why I love Nerdfighteria and you make running this blog worthwhile. ♥

Rest in Awesome Esther

DFTBA, Best Wishes, TSWGO