you guys are sweet as punch


Dating Queenie Would Include:

~ longing glances when you’re in other people’s company

~ baking together

~ nose and forehead kisses

~ having to be held back from punching a guy who makes queenie uncomfortable with his thoughts

~ tina being apprehensive about what people will say but then realising how happy the relationship makes her sister

~ newt and tina being your biggest supporters

~ queenie reading your thoughts so she can figure out what you want for christmas and you pretending to be angry

~ “kiss me. i know you want to - your thoughts are pretty loud, honey.”

~ queenie refraining from reading your thoughts during sex because she wants to find your sweet spots herself

~ endless cuddles and hugs from behind

~ the two of you shipping tina and newt and plotting ways to get them together

~ her being your biggest supporter and constantly encouraging you

~ modelling dresses that queenie has made

~ hot cocoa tasting kisses

~ just an all round healthy, loving relationship

Whats Mine

Prompt ~ #129 “So why did I have to punch that guy?”

Extra ~ Jason Todd x Reader

Note ~ Not very good, crappy content

 You walked into the well decorated venue, your red dress flowing behind you. A sweet smile etched on your face, you plucked a drink from one of the many server’s trays walking deeper into the venue. From the corner of youyr eye you spotted black ruffled hair with the infamous white streak in it. You walked towards his direction placing your now empty glass on a nearby tray.

He saw you the second you entered, you looked marvelous. He didn’t think there was a word to describe how beautiful you looked. Jason’s face quickly turned from a loving expression to a jealous one. He watched as a blonde man looked you up and down and held his hand out for you, signaling he wanted to dance with you. You shook your head no and walked away from the man’s out stretched hand making your way back to Jason’s direction. You pulled his arm taking him into the middle of the group of dancing couples, swaying carefully with the music.

“I saw that face, are you jealous?” You snickered at his faltering cocky expression.

“Of course I wasn’t.” He lied through his teeth.

“What ever you say babe.” You laughed, well knowing that he was jealous. He was the some what possessive type. The moment was ruined as you heard a loud crash and cries of guests.

“Get to safety.” Jason whispered in your ear as he disappeared, you obeyed to his command and made your way outside walking far from the venue hailing a taxi.

Jason quickly clicked on his helmet, taking the safety off his guns. He ran towards the amateur thieves, they had planned to steal the money and expensive items of the guests at gun point. Yet it seemed their plans had been soiled. Jason quickly began to shoot at the goons, using rubber bullets mind you. He felt someone at his side as he kicked one of the goons, it was Tim. He had forgotten he would be attending the charity event tonight. Jason decided to ignore him as he tried protecting the few guests who weren’t able to make it out.

Jason and Tim finished knocking out the final one, Jason’s eyes glanced over to the guests. There in the front of the group was the blonde man that tried to dance with you earlier.

“Tim punch the blonde man.” Jason said in a dark ominous voice, Tim gave him a questioning look but abides to his weird order.

“So why did I have to punch that guy?” Tim asked as they grappled away from the scene.

“He messed with whats mine.”

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Masrur and muu when someone calls them a monster and their 4'8 ft s/o punches them in the face and keeps cussing and throwing hands at the guy when they're usually really sweet and gentle


  • Masrur has to hold back a laugh as he pulls his s/o away for the one-sided scuffle. Even as he pulls them away they don’t stop cursing, and suppressing his laughter becomes harder and harder. Finally away from trouble, he leaves his arms wrapped around their waist, “Didn’t think you had that in you” he says before kissing the top of their head. “Pretty good right hook though” He adds, the laughter finally slipping free.

Muu Alexius

  • Muu reels as though he had taken the blow himself. He’s shocked. Beyond shocked. He freezes and just stares as his s/o lovingly (and aggressively) defends his honor. Eventually he collects himself to pull his s/o back by their arm. He pulls them into his chest, wrapping both arms around them tight. Pressing his forehead on the top of their head and signs deeply, his muscles relax, “You aren’t hurt, are you?”

My brother has been pantsed several times by his classmates and made fun of. He’s bigger than most kids his age, and I promise, he can easily take down anyone.. but he chooses not to. Because he’s a sweet and caring human being, despite how he may look to others. Today we got a call from the office saying my brother went there because he got punched several times and was COMPLETELY pantsed by and in front of his classmates and is embarrassed to go back to class; so he’s coming home early today. Bullying is not right AT ALL. Picking on people because it makes you feel bigger isn’t cool whatsoever. You just look stupid, unfriendly, and immature. It’s a low, cowardly thing to do and downright shameful. It’s horrifying how people can still bully despite what it could lead to: depression and even suicide. If any of you guys see someone getting bullied, STEP IN. Please step in. Put the bully in their place.

Update: I AM DONE WITH THE SCHOOL MY BROTHER IS ATTENDING. They just told us that it’s “THE NEW GAME” the 7th graders are playing! I’m baffled!


jace is part of mysterious superhero trio protecting brooklyn from both human and supernatural evil. simon is a very unlucky college student who seems to be catnip for evil villains and regular muggers alike. he’s very grateful for this silent but deadly vigilante who keeps swooping in to save him - he likes being alive, thanks!! - except this guy’s a total dick once he opens his beautiful mouth?? 

“wow you really need to learn how to throw a punch,” says jace after instance #263 of knocking out a guy who was clearly out to shank simon’s kidney and steal his wallet and leave him to die (bad idea all around because simon has exactly USD $4 in his wallet), except simon doesn’t know that his name is jace and refers to him as his superhero name ‘angel’ when he’s feeling charitable and ‘dick’ when he’s not. “what did you do to piss off every lowlife in the city?”

“well i did very publicly say queens was where the real party’s at, once,” snaps simon and jace (dick) just laughs. “okay, well, thank you as always for your gracious help! see you the next time some psycho decides to kill me.”

simon stomps off, but he’s defintiely still in earshot when angel calls out, “take some self-defense classes! maybe start carrying a whistle!”

“fuck you, man,” is simon’s cheerful response, but he takes the first part of the suggestion to heart. angel may be annoying, but he’s definitely (?) one of the good guys and has saved simon from getting either pummeled or straight up murdered two hundred and sixty-three times now. 

maybe he should ask the hot guy down the hall for pointers. he definitely looks like he could take on a ninja and come out of that fight a winner and if there’s anyone in simon’s vicinity who he wants putting their hands all over him to correct his technique - it’s jace wayland. 

it’s a win-win.

  • Yang: *glances between Team CRME and her own team* Alright guys, take whoever you want- the pretty boy is mine!
  • Mercury: *scoffs, cracking his knuckles* Your funeral, sweetheart. I hope you put up more of a challenge than last time.
  • Yang: Yeah, I beat you last time, idiot- all looks and no brains, I see.
  • Mercury: Like you're one to talk.
  • Yang: *smirks, stepping up to face him* Oh, top notch comebacks- you sure know how to sweet talk a girl.
  • Mercury: I can do a hell of a lot more than talk, babe. *winks, mirroring her smirk*
  • Yang: Like what? Scream? *punches Mercury's groin with her new robotic arm*
  • Mercury: DUST DAMMIT! *drops to his knees, holding his junk*
  • Yang: *smiles sweetly, bending to his level* Aw, is the fun over already? Figured that you'd last longer than that, baby.
  • Mercury: *fighting back tears of pain* ... I hope the rest of my team wrecks you, Blondie.
  • Yang: *chuckles, turning to help her team with their fights* Don't be so upset, hot stuff- at least now you can get a robotic replacement for your THIRD leg too!

( ̄ω ̄) HAPPY HALLOWEEN~!!!guys!! ((you’re late!*punched*

and yes sorry that i’m late but at least i made it / u \

when i’m doing this i was like..a vampire and a rabbit lol

btw i love the details when i fill the pumpkin with sweets((ah yush…(@『@) 

hope ya enjoy ya halloween and love you guys!

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Coffee shop idea: Person A - Underfell Papyrus and B- A sweet OC guy, like a cross between Thomas Sanders and Steven Universe. Papyrus can be a crabby tsundra to his heart's content while guy B smiles, rolls with the punches and tries to subtly teach Papyrus how to make coffee without burning the cafe down.

Since you said OC I gave him a name.  His name is Asher/Ash.

Post-Pacifist Cafe AU


Red was fed up he couldn’t take Boss laying around the house all day complaining about whatever injustice he deemed important enough. It had been an entire week since Boss had left their home, and it was not only getting on Red’s nerves but also worrying him. Boss is a very outgoing and sociable monster, it’s strange to see him isolating himself like this. So with Frisk’s help, he got Boss a job application for the local cafe and filled it out for him.
The next day Boss found himself in a small room filled with chairs and booths. One wall was a giant window that let in very bright sunlight and the whole place smelled like coffee and peach cobbler.

“How can I help you?”  The man behind the counter smiled.

“OH YES!  I NEEDED TO TURN THIS APPLICATION IN!”  Boss’ voice was far too loud for the tiny shop but the man didn’t seem to mind.

“Okay, then I can take that.  My mom owns the place so If you let me look at it I can tell you if you are accepted”  Boss looked over at the menu behind the man to avoid actually looking at him as he handed the man his resume.  He went to wait in a booth and pulled out his phone.

Boss: You lied to me!!!

Red:  What the he// are you talking about?  Lied about what?  You have to be more specific.

Boss:  About this job!!  You said it was a place where the worst of the worst congregate.  There are only soccer moms here and someone else.

Red:  Do you know how many hackers go there?  Wait… 0_0 someone else?

Boss:  Don’t try and change the subject!!!

Red:  I’m not, you are.  So, tell me who else is there?

Boss:  It is none of your business.  Besides, I saw them first!!!

Red:  Ohhh ;) you must really like this one!  Are they hot?

Boss:  Goodbye Brother!!!

Before Boss set down his phone he was sure to put it on vibrate.  It seemed as if it was just in time too because the man from behind the counter was coming his way.

“It seems that everything was in order on your application and that note on the back was very convincing.  Can I ask who wrote it, Papyrus?”  The man smiled kindly and talked in a low, quiet voice.  Boss assumed he should mimic it in this small room.

“I was not made aware of any note.  Let me see the application.”

“Here you are.  My name is Asher by the way.  You can just all me Ash.”  Boss couldn’t help but glance up from the note written in red marker on the back of the application.  He nearly found himself blushing from the sweet smile he found on Ash’s face.  “Oh, I completely forgot to ask do you have some kind of nickname?”

“Yes, I do, the people that know me may call me Boss.”  Ash Laughs a little at the name.

“Well, I guess that makes me Boss’ boss.”  Ash laughs more at his own joke.  “I have to go grab your stuff from behind the counter.  You should be able to start in three days.”  Ash rushes off into the back room leaving Boss confused as to why he wasn’t even a little angry at the play on words.  If anyone else tried that he would have been yelling long before now.  But for some reason, he didn’t think it was all that terrible.  “I’m back,”  Ash handed him a uniform and name tag.  “Now be sure to be here on Tuesday!”  Asher grabbed Boss’ hand and helped pull him out of the booth and escorted him to the door.  “Have a great day!”

Boss had no idea how to respond to any of this.  It was so strange to not know what to do.  Normally he was so in control nothing surprised the great and terrible Papyrus.  His train of thought was interrupted when he felt his phone go off.  Boss pulls out his phone and checks his messages.  Apparently Red had been texting him for some time.

Red: Come on just tell me I’m sure they have to be smoking to get you to even look at them.

Red:  Don’t just leave me in suspense

Red:  Fine don’t tell me

Red:  Forget I said anything

Red:  Did you get jumped???

Red:  Are you seriously going to make me come find you?????

Red:  … Jerk

Boss was tempted to not reply and let his brother worry a while longer but decided he was in a good mood so he would respond.

Boss:  No I did not get jumped and in case you were curious I got the job.

Red:  That’s good. Soooooo about that one you didn’t want to tell me about

Boss:  Brother stop!

Red:  If you don’t tell me I will show up and find out for myself.

Boss:  His name is Asher and you will not show up at my place of work EVER!

Red:  ;)

Boss: And don’t think I didn’t see what you put on the back of my application!

Red:  haha

Boss:  We will talk about that later.

The rest of the walk was relatively uneventful and left Boss alone with his thoughts.  By the time he was home though he was no closer to making sense of anything.

Day 20/20. Welcome to 20 days of DIY! As a new years resolution to myself I have decided to post daily DIYs. Each day I will post a new DIY idea for you guys to try out! I have really enjoyed doing these, if you want me to do more please let me know!

1. Punch holes in tin foil sheet

2. Line an empty mason jar with tin foil 

3. Place a small light or tea light in the jar

4. Seal mason jar, turn off the lights and watch the stars in your room!

Enjoy, Robin! x

Okay so I don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion, but for sure Kyoya would be a Hufflepuff. The sorting hat places you with the traits you most value, not the ones you have. So while Kyoya is cunning and ambitious, he’s not shown to value that as much as he  values hard work (he values working hard more than stepping on his brother’s toes to gain power, for instance) and loyalty (even at the cost of yelling at Tamaki’s dad and loosing face to stand up for this friends. Also his shadiest behaviours and card punching are all done out of loyalty) which are Hufflepuff things. Kyoya would be the scariest Hufflepuff though.

He’s super fake so of course everyone would think he was just a standard nice Hufflepuff guy but then he’s going around threatening people and manipulating events and everyone is so surprised like ????? you’re not sweet! You’re actually kind of evil wtf how are you a hufflepuff

OF COURSE Japan has it’s own wizarding school (Mahoutokoro School of Magic), so really he’d go there and this entire debate is somewhat pointless

You know what I wanna read? That type of fic where Saitama is literally eye candy for all the heroes/villain. Of course the fellow citizens still hate him.

Anyway. Saitama’s got all these guys on his ass. Not only Genos but also Mumen, Sonic, Metal Bat, King, Garou, sweet mask, Zombieman (??), ummm and some other people I forgot to mention. But unfortunately for all these guys, Saitama isn’t into men.

But here’s the kicker. Whilst all these men try to win over Saitama’s affection, despite him not swinging that way, Saitama accidentally(or subconsciously) starts hooking people up with each other :^) and he creates all these couples and shit, not even knowing that he did it and shit :^) this shit I’d like to read.



New VIDEO for those Who HAPPEN to Give a F*CK. I pulled my FIRST ALL NIGHTER with all the editing in this for the argument to make it seem legit so it be sweet if you guys shared it with your friends

WITH One Punch Man FINALLY Joining the other Legends on TOONAMI the old but classic debate of Dubbed Anime vs Japanese Subbed Anime is back in full GLORY!! 

But which is TRULY the superior version while watching a fresh new anime. Well today it gets settled. SUBBED OR DUBBED

Also to my Voice Actor Friends this is all in Good Fun ;D


Bts as your Classmates

~these hoes would be so distracting
~Jin would be the eldest guy that looks like some model straight out of a Calvin and Klein photoshoot. Narcissistic and eats a shit ton of food at lunch, bringing three bento lunches at a time.
~Namjoon would be the stereotypical badass looking thug that is highkey a reincarnation of einstein. Knows like three languages and breaks everything. People think he is a reincarnation of satan that will kill you if you come to close
~Suga is the guy that sits further in the back and sleeps during the lessons because he really doesn’t give a shit. But as soon as the topic of music comes up, he’ll start spitting fire just like when he raps.
~Jhope is the overly cheery guy that you want to punch in the morning because he is too lively. On the side he dances (After school street dancing for pocket money, performing in school talent shows)
~Overly sweet Jimin is the baby faced cutie that tries to charm everyone with his cobra like skills. Works out a ton and has abs, making him the talk of the ladies. 
~Tae is the strange guy that talks to himself in a gibberish. Lowkey sexy tho and has a voice that makes him sound like he went through puberty more than once. Goes from 0-100 so quickly.
~Jungkook. THIS BOI. PERFECT N SHIT. Wooing all them girls and rejecting them all because he lowkey fears their presence. Even boys fawn over him (Jimin. I’m talking to you). IS great at everything except math. Can’t multiply for shit
~Always sitting together during breaks and if there is no seating chart in class
~Appear to be rebellious tykes when in reality they are strange dorks that don’t want to approach people 
~Rap mon’s really strange hairstyles and clothing choices
~Suga saying ‘man’ and ‘swag’ a shit ton more that any human being should
~Jin bringing homemade bentos for each boy
~Jimin always doing body rolls (Lowkey it’ll be math class and he’ll just stand up and break out into some house of card type shit)
~Jhope doing weird shit with Tae, while jungkook hides and denies knowing either of them
~Jhop be judging constantly
~Suga with his resting bitch face
~Then getting flustered like no shit if you compliment him
~”Hey Suga hyung.”
~”What jimin?”
~”I love your beanie!”
~”W-w-what?! O-oh yea-ah, t-thank-ks.”
~Smh yoongi. You cuite
~Tae with his goddamn Ageyo
~’Manly man’ jungkook is the biggest fetus, as we all know
~With his giggling 
~And bunny teeth smiles
~This makes want to actually go to school
~Namjoon would probably help the other boys out wth studies probably scolding kookie by telling him that 2 x 5 is ten not two -_________-
~many dumb jokes 
~”Jimin, you got no jams”
~”Infires MAN!!!!!!”
~”Ewwww, your dirty water”
~”My legs are better than all the girls in this class”
~Idk what the hell these guys would be doing 
~But they make school a place where you don’t want to barf and punch every fuckboi that comes your way because they show you the potential ‘good’ in idiots similar to them

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I’m not ready for school

~Admin Potato

Whisper Challenge

Whisper Challenge

You have been invited by Joe Sugg or thatcherjoe on YouTube to do a challenge. You are one of the famous youtuber in the United Kingdom.

As you arrived Joe’s flat, you can feel your hands getting sweaty as you are very nervous. This is of course not the first time you meet Joe, you are one of his closest friend. You are nervous because Joe told you that other youtubers will be there too such as Zoe, Alfie, Oli and Caspar. It was your first time meeting them and you are scared that they will dislike you since you actually want Joe’s your crush friends to like you.

You have been crushing on him since forever. He is a very sweet guy and you are very happy with him.

You punched the doorbell and after a while, the door finally swung opened. There stood Joseph Graham Sugg with a smile on his face. Your heart instantly beats harder.

“Hey Joe.” You greeted sweetly.

“Hey love. How are you?” Asked Joe, smiling while rubbing the back of his neck.

“I’m good. Awesome actually. Anyway I bring some Nandos. I don’t actually know how many people are going to be here so I bought a lot of them.”

“God! This is why you’re my best friend.” Joe grinned and took all the Nandos and invited you inside.

‘Friend zone again.’ You thought.

You stepped in and every eyes set on you. You realized that you are the last person that arrived. You blushed at the thought of being late for your first collaboration with a hell lot of youtubers.

“Mates, Zoe, this is (Y/N) my friend and she’ll be doing the youtube video with us.” Joe introduced and some of ‘hi’ and 'hello’ were heard.

“Friend.” You muttered under your breath completely forgot that Joe was beside you.

“What (Y/N)?” Joe asked and your cheeks reddened.

“Oh nothing.”

“Oh okay. (Y/N) bought us Nandos so we could eat them after we finish the video.”

“I love you (Y/N)!” Caspar screamed and you laughed and nodded accepting his indirect thank you.

You and Joe headed to his room with others behind you. As his friends and sister sat on his bed, you immediately feel awkward.

“Love, you can sit on the bed you know.” Joe chuckled at your politeness.

“He called her love, omg!” Zoe squealed making you raised one of your eye brows and Joe glaring at her but immediately cover the glare with a sweet smile.

“So let’s start.” Joe said and you guys nodded.

You sat on the bed slowly still a little bit creep out with the situation earlier. Joe pressed the recording button and sat at the spot between you and Caspar.

“Hey guys! Today we’re going to do more whisper challenge and this time we have Zoe, Alfie, Caspar, Oli, (Y/N) and me!”

You did a few round and you were having so much fun with them. You could tell that they are actually cool.

“Okay this is the last round!” Joe announced.

When your turn arrived, you sat on the bed and you realised that Zoe is sitting with you.

She started to say something and all you could catch is 'Hoe likes egg yolk’

Joe took your head phone off and put it aside.

“So?” Oli asked with a hint of curiosity in his voice.

“Hoe likes egg yolk?” You asked giggling.

They laughed and you blushed.

“The real answer is actually Joe likes you!” Joe cheered and you muttered an o.

“Wait what?” You asked still confused.

“I like you.” Joe blushed and you gasped.

“We’ll give you some privacy.” Alfie said and left with Zoe, Caspar and Oli behind them.

“Bye!” Zoe shouted and you giggled.

“So where was I? Oh yeah I like you.” Joe stated.


“Yeah. I like you since the day we met. You are so sweet and so nice, polite. You are chill and you have a good sense of humour and you’re just….. Perfect.”

“I like you too.” You blushed.



“Then I don’t think you won’t get mad if I do this.”

“Do wh-”

Suddenly his lips crashed with yours. You were a bit shock but you started kissing him back. You couldn’t be more happier.

Which Durarara!! Character Should You Fight:
  • Mikado: Fight Mikado. He's a wimp, and won't fight back. Fight him where no one can find him. You should probably also take his cell phone.
  • Kida: Do not fight Kida. Why would you want to? Become friends with Kida instead. Meet girls and join the Yellow Scarves. This guy can get you places.
  • Anri: Do not fight Anri. She'll go Saika on your ass and boom, here come all her babies. You can't fight a hoard of zombies. Do not fight Anri.
  • Izaya: Please fight Izaya. You will lose, but you might get to punch him, which is totally worth it. This is for the benefit of society. Please fight him. I will pay you.
  • Shizuo: are you fucking kidding me
  • Celty: Don't fight Celty. She's too sweet, plus she'll kick your ass. Be nice to Celty.
  • Shinra: Give this nerd the biggest wedgie of his life
  • Namie: Fight Namie. She's in love with her damn brother, please fight her.
  • Seiji: Kill Seiji.
  • Anyone from the Van gang: Friend, stop while you're ahead.
  • The Orihara twins: Seriously, stop.
  • Simon: Just buy some sushi and move on
  • Kasuka: See Shizuo
  • Aoba: do NOT

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OMG I cant beginning to say how all this week scenarios are amazing! It brighten up everything instantly ❤ Jimin Starry Eyes is so romantic and gave me butterfly through out the scenario. It suits Jimin personality so well. This is just pure romantic! Through the fires! Mars you portrayed Yoongi protective and his soft side really well. Its like not be able to keep Y/N safe is his biggest fear Argg those sasaengs are just plain scary but I would be safe with Yoongi. Then Em melt my heart (Cont)

Call my name just suit Jin personality- to be caring and sweet. I wouldnt mind have fever with him For you I will is so good. Cant imagine sweet Tae punching someone but that guy ask for it- show how much he cares for Y/N- her knight. Now Mars just stop my heart with Say yes to the Dress. Its so heavenly sweet ❤ Love the moments with the boys show how much they care for Yoongi happiness. I would totally imagine be with him like this! Thank you guys❤ Great work always! Love ya ❤❤❤

PS I thought “aww poor JK didnt get to pick the dress” but turned out his dress is the One! Well turned out guys!! ❤

Hello Pear! awn this is such a review hahaha we’re glad to have made your week with our scenarios, it’s always nice to know that they can lift our mood and other people’s mood as well ❤ this was a win week then! so much romance going on and drama, and just everything, just bring us aaaaaaaaaall ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ thank you as always for the sweet compliment, we’re happy to please you.

PS: we Love you ❤

A Different Kind of Cruelty (p.3)

Chapter Three
Title: A Different Kind of Cruelty (p.3)
Pairing: PanxReader
Warnings: Cursing, death
Summary: This isn’t your average sweet damsel in distress that Peter seems to get stuck with. This is a kick-ass tale of pirates and fairies, 
punching guys, hitting jerks, and all around Neverland style adventure.


Sitting in a cage sucks. Sitting in a cage, only getting one meal a day is not cool. Sitting in a cage with nothing to do is torture.

You’ve been on display for these barbaric boys for three days. In their free time (which feels like all the time) they watch you, throw things at you, and flirt. Most of them don’t even know how to flirt. It’s kind of sad looking.

You finally understand why Penny says zoos are inhumane.

Not all of the boys are mean. There are a few who have just come to sit or talk with you. You thought those ones were pretty nice and have to constantly remind yourself that they’re part of a cult. But they seem to just want to study this strange creature- you- that has invaded their home.

At first, you shouted curses at Felix when he passed you. You were trying to taunt him into a fight. You knew you had a much better chance of escape if you weren’t in the damn cage. But he ignored you, and you gave up your plan.

The boys have been gone all day, doing God knows what. They hadn’t even left a guard with you, but your escape attempts failed. They finally return when the sun has sunk in the sky. The boys gather around the campfire in triumph.

You feel a little weak from the lack of food. Only getting fed once a day in small portions can do that to a person. You’re pretty sure you’ve only gotten 150 calories in three days. It’s a good thing you haven’t done anything physically demanding. You’ve gone without food before, but never for this long.

You’re not as worried about the food as you are about the lack of water. The Boy Scout rule is 2-2-2. You can live 2 minutes without air, 2 days without water, and 2 weeks without food. You haven’t had a sufficient amount of hydration, and you’re starting to worry.

Maybe you’re worrying a bit much, but dying of dehydration isn’t something you want to check off your to do list.

Some of the boys run past you, whooping and yelling as they come by.

“What are you guys so happy about?” you ask no one in particular. You don’t expect an answer, so when you get one, you realize whatever they did must have been a game changer.

“We killed some pirates,” one of the younger boys says, taking his place beside your cage.

“What?” you ask.

Another boy jumps into the conversation, answering your question. “There were a bunch of pirates and they weren’t being nice.”


“So we taught them a lesson.” He doesn’t speak anymore about it after that. The fact that they’re so chipper about murder worries you a bit, but you keep it to yourself.

You have a strategy to survive. You be kind to the boys, a bitch to their leaders, and don’t submit to them. Hopefully, they’ll start to respect you, and you can escape.

The boy is joined by a few more, all happily chowing down on some messy meats. Your stomach growls, but you don’t say anything. You can survive.

Felix passes by whispering to another Lost Boy. He shoots you a glare that you willingly return. He walks out of the clearing, and the boy he was speaking to gets some food and water. He brings it to you. He sets it in your cage, and it takes all your self control not to pounce on it. Instead, you take your time and eat it slowly. Politely, even.

The boys watch you with wonder in their eyes. You must seem like a different species to them. “Hey, Y/N?” one of the boys says quietly. He scoots closer to you. For some reason, you know his name is Percival.

You smile politely and take a sip of water.

“Could you… sing for us?”

You’re a bit surprised by his request, but intrigued. “Why?”

“You’re a girl,” Percival says innocently. “Girls sing.”

You’re taken aback, not to mention a little pissed off. “Who told you that?”

He shrugs. “No one. It’s what I remember.” Percival plays with a stick in the dirt, talking distractedly.

“Well, you’re wrong. I’m not singing to you because I’m a girl.”

He looks at you, confusing drawing his face. “But… girls are supposed to sing.”

Scoffing, you almost yell in an angry voice, “No, they’re not. I’m not your mother.” All the boys turn their heads, staring. Percival looks like he’s about to cry.

You use the change to speak to all of them collectively. “I’m not taking care of you. I’m not singing to you or babying you because I’m the opposite sex.”

The boys seem surprised, but others look disappointed. Even others look like they never thought you would; they obviously had other things in mind.

“I’m not here for your pleasure, either. Lay a hand on me, and you will come to regret it.” While you aren’t a good fighter, you can and will use your knowledge of poisons to your advantage.

The boys are silent. You wonder if there’s a way to shock them back into their victory dance.

“What’s everyone so glum for?” Peter asks. He had appeared out of nowhere and now stood in the middle of camp. He looks around, taking in all of the boys staring at you. “Is the little girl being mean?”

Some of the boys chuckle, but a lot of them glare daggers at you. Percival continues to cry silently.

You didn’t mean to make him cry. But you aren’t exactly sorry, either.

Peter honestly doesn’t seem to care about their anger with you. He’s about as worried about their emotions as you are.

“Are you being mean, little girl?” he whispers, leaning in front of your cage to look into your eyes. You sit up as straight as you possibly can. This cocky guy with his wiggly eyebrows doesn’t scare you.

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“If I was, what would you do about it?” you ask, crossing your arms and mimicking his facial expression.

He chuckles a little. “Feisty. I like feisty.”

“I heard that rumor.”

Peter lazily leans on his cage, his arm pressed against the bars. “Enjoying your little prison?”

You can’t hold back the sarcasm. “Oh, yeah. Best cage I’ve ever been in. Honestly, I’m impressed with your work.”

Before he can reply with even a wormy eyebrow raise, a scream echoes through the clearing. Not just a normal scream. A battle cry.

“Pirates!” someone cries. “Take up arms!”

The clearing is thrown into anarchy as it’s overrun by the haughty men. The boys are locked in battle while you’re trapped in a cage. Peter and Felix are nowhere to be seen.

In the chaos, a pirate spots you. He looks just like you expect a pirate to look. He could have jumped out of one of your parents’ stories. The long blond hair, the bandana around his forehead. The rotting teeth, and sharp cutlass gripped by filthy hands.

You can see the lust and greed in his eyes as he makes his way to your cage.

“Let me out!” you cry. Against your better judgement, you give him a flirtatious smile. He’s even more eager to release you from your prison.

Before he reaches you, a Lost Boy runs a spear through his gut. You want to scream. A fourteen year old just committed murder, for heaven’s sake. And he’s smiling about it. He pushes the pirate off his spear and onto the ground. Blood pools out of his stomach, and you can see the mangled flesh. Dead eyes, the eyes that had just been so lifelike and lustful, stare back at you.

You don’t have much time to coap before you’re flipped around. Someone ran into your cage, sending you flying. Hitting a tree, the door pops open. You aren’t left unscathed; your shoulder throbs and you can’t see straight. Before someone can notice your escape, you crawl out of the cage and start making your way through the chaos. A spear almost hits you. A pirate runs into you, and you fall to the ground. For some reason, all you can think is that the grass is so green and lucious. You’d like to stay and lay on it all day.

A Lost Boy steps on your hand, bringing you back to the present. Dodging a cutlass, you run toward the forest.

A greasy haired pirate blocks your path, looking you up and down hungrily. A Lost Boy engages with him. You shoot him a silent thank you that you’re certain he didn’t receive. Swerving right in an attempt to avoid them, you run straight into a table that sends jugs and plates flying. One hits another pirate just as he is about to run Felix through. It distracts the opponent just long enough for Felix to finish him off.

A teenage pirate attacks you, easily besting you even without a sword. His hands run over you, and you try not to scream.

You silently plead for help, struggling against the pirate’s hold. He grabs your breast, and this time you do scream. Finally, someone hits him over the head and he’s on the ground. You look to your rescuer- Felix. He nods, as if to say “We’re even.” Then he runs off to aid another Lost Boy.

Before you know it, the battle is over. The Lost Boys fix up their wounds. A few of them even check you over, your previous transgression forgotten.

You mentally count how many times you had to be rescued- thirteen. Thirteen! In a five minute battle. That’s at least two rescues per minute.

You feel defenseless- weak.

You hate feeling weak.

Felix comes over to you, and without a word checks you over. He touches the tender spot on your shoulder and you try not to wince. You fail, and a whimper slips through your lips. He presses it again. As if to make sure it actually hurts. You gasp in pain.

“Not broken,” he says. Then he leaves.

“Thanks,” you mumble after him.

You’ve never felt so weak in your life. You’ll have to work on that.

Batarou Week: Day 1 - Firsts

GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS, GUYS. It’s the first day of batarou. Let’s get started.

“Have ya ever done this before?”

“Never. And I’m not sure how you managed to talk me into it.”

Metal Bat kissed Garou’s cheek, even though he made a face. “It’s not bad. And thanks, by the way.”

“Don’t thank me yet.”

“Just hold onto it, yeah? And don’t look so panicky. This shouldn’t take long.”

Garou made a noncommittal sound from his throat, setting his jaw and looking the other way. If it had been anyone else, Garou would have laughed, refused, and never thought of it again. But it was Badd, and now he was pretty certain that he would do anything for the bastard.

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Drabble - Bullies

Another family drabble popped out! :D This one has the lovely Free! babies created by @bakapandy. No pairs with the children, just a parenting moment. 

Pairing: Sousuke/Rin
Rating: G
Words: 1,217

“I still can’t believe you actually started a fight-!”

“I didn’t start it, Dad. I just finished it.”

“Sakurai! It doesn’t matter! You actually hurt another boy enough to send him to the school nurse! You’re just lucky his family isn’t punishing you too!”

Rin was beside himself in a furious mix of shock and disappointment. Getting called to his 8 year old son’s principal was not in his day’s plans. And then to find out that his sweet child had outright punched another kid in the face, giving the boy a nose bleed strong enough to worry the nurses that his nose had been broken, was beyond surprising. Rin may be an emotional guy and prone to get loud when he was angry or upset, but he was never violent with others. And Sousuke was the epitome of calm and collected, even when worked up. So where had he learned this behavior?

“And you need to tell me what happened. Why did you do that?”

“I told you, Dad. I promised I wouldn’t tell. And I won’t.” Little Sakurai appeared to have nerves of steel on the matter. Only Rin’s disappointment seemed to affect him, as he hung his head in shame as they entered their home. He never wanted to disappoint his parents – ever – and was an all-around great kid. So Rin knew there had to be more to the story if his son was willing to fight on school grounds.

Rin huffed a bit to calm himself down as he closed the front door and straightened both of their shoes. “All right. Well, Papa will be home soon so go to your room until then.”

Sakurai nodded meekly, ruffling his own dark red hair before walking over to his room, bookbag slung over his shoulder with his school work he had to finish for the rest of the classes he was missing that day.

Sousuke had been well-warned on what happened before arriving home thanks to a call from Rin and his feelings on it were much the same. But considering the teacher who found them and the principal who interrogated them had also not been able to get any of the kids to talk, they had nothing to go on for why the fight started. But all of the kids who participated were punished equally – sent home for the rest of the day with their school work and cleaning duty for the rest of the month after school.

Sakurai was never a problem child, never had any problems getting along with others before, never had been sent to the principal’s office before. So this fight was more than unexpected to both of them. Rin had even explained to him that their son was very meek and remorseful for letting his parents down but that he didn’t regret doing it and refused to talk about what the fight had been about.

But standing outside his son’s bedroom door, Sousuke knew he had to be the parent and talk to his son anyway about getting into fights. It just didn’t feel right giving the lecture when he wasn’t even sure why it happened. He’d much rather talk to his son about being willing to confide in them rather than punish him for fighting.

“…I already promised you I wouldn’t tell and I didn’t! So calm down!”

Sousuke could hear his son’s voice through the bedroom door, his hand hesitated on the knob as he listened in. It felt terrible to eavesdrop but he figured it was one more part about being a parent that wasn’t very comfortable.

“But really… Are you ok?” And then there was a pause, as he assumed the person on the other end of the line answered the question. “Takumi, I promise that me and Umiko will not let that happen again, ok? They won’t bother you ever again… Don’t thank me, of course I would… I have to go. I’ll see you tomorrow in school. Bye.”

Taking a deep and silent sigh, Sousuke finally opened the bedroom door just in time to see Sakurai hide the house phone under his pillow, his turquoise eyes, paler than his Papa’s, wide in fear at being caught.

“Papa, I… I’m sorry. I know I’m not supposed to use the phone when I’m grounded…” His son started to fumble, not wanting to be in more trouble in one day than he had been in the past entire year.

“Sakurai,” Sousuke started, lowering himself down to sit next to him on the twin bed. “I’m not worried about the phone. But let’s talk about why you got into that fight and what Takumi has to do with it, ok?”

When the small dark-red head lowered, eye contact breaking from his father, he figured he had been caught. “…But I promised Takumi I wouldn’t tell.”

“And you’re a really good friend to keep a secret. But sometimes you have to be honest to protect the people you care about, right?” He reached out a large hand to settle on his child’s back in quiet support and comfort.


Rin blinked and stood up when Sousuke finally emerged from their son’s room, nearly an hour later. The dark-haired man quietly joined him in the kitchen as he caught his husband’s eyes. Passing a brand new cup of hot tea across to Sousuke as they both sat down at the table, he wasted no time in asking, “So?”

Sousuke only took a second long enough to sip the tea. “Some of the school bullies were apparently picking on Takumi for a while. Usually Umiko handled them without needing to get into a fist fight. But the bullies caught Takumi in the boys’ locker room after gym class and took advantage of Umiko not being with him. Sakurai just happened to find him before anyone else and he wanted to put a stop to the bullying. He said Takumi is too embarrassed to tell any adults about what’s been going on and asked him not to tell.”

Rin’s mouth fell open, his facial expression becoming more and more upset as Sousuke explained the situation. He didn’t remember there being a big bully problem in elementary school when he and Sousuke were young. His first foray into that terrible experience didn’t start until middle school. But more importantly, he was horrified and disturbed that their poor son and his friends felt that they couldn’t talk to someone about it.

“…But that’s the kind of thing they should tell an adult!”

“I know. And that’s what I told him. He was just protecting his friend and wanted to scare the bullies off enough to leave him alone.”

Rin felt Sousuke’s hand grip his tightly on top of the table and knew his face must be giving away every emotion he felt. He was barely stopping himself from running into his child’s bedroom to hug him.

“So, the real moral dilemma is… Do we call Makoto and Haru? Or do we have Sakurai encourage the kids to talk to their parents themselves?” Sousuke sipped at his tea once more with the hand not holding tightly onto Rin’s, their eyes immediately locking.

The redhead bit his lip as he stared at his husband, both sitting in silence as they contemplated the right answer.