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This is going to sound ridiculous, but I’m going to say it anyway. I know I shouldn’t; but there’s this tiny (and I actually mean huge) part of brain that has this terrible habit of comparing myself to other fanfic authors. Yourself being one of them. I get this pang of jealousy when I see you guys getting asks about updates... I so badly want that (again, ridiculous, I know). I start questioning if my writing is even good enough?? Sorry, Starry. Needed to vent, I suppose.

Hey, no worries, anon. All vents welcome here. :)

I’m posting this at 2:00 am, so I’m sorry if it doesn’t sound as eloquent (or encouraging) as I would like it to be. 

I rarely get asked about updates, but I am always flattered when I do get them. And believe it or not, when I first started writing, I was lucky if I even got one comment on my work. (A big thank you goes to @jandjsalmon and @cheryllclayton for being so supportive of the writer’s and creators within this fandom and always leaving such nice comments - seriously). 

I would say to write for yourself, dude. No. Matter. What. Don’t write a story based on how many comments or kudos it will get, write a story based on what you like and what you’d want to see the characters doing (I’m assuming your a Bughead shipper because you came to my blog, but you could be a Varchie shipper, too). Write your stories for you! At the end of the day, fanfiction is supposed to be just for fun. 

My eyes are closing, so I’m going to end this post here. I hope that helps you a little. I will revisit this post in the am. -Starry

P.S. Pretend that I’m hugging you and that I’m Jughead Jones ;) 


Kelley’s End of 2017 moodboard… tag yourself 😂

  • clarke: hey, any word from jaha? did they find bellamy's unit?
  • what monty said: yeah. they're back, and we forgot to tell you.
  • what monty meant: clarke i get that you're worried about your totally platonic other half/soulmate/yin and yang-type best 'friend' bellamy blake but you asking me and harper and riley and every other person in this camp every 10 minutes will not bring him back sooner and honestly this is so pointless and annoying because obviously he's trying to get back to you as soon as he can so you jamming all the radio frequencies and staring longingly at the gates isn't going to change anything so if you could kindly stop freaking the hell out that would be much appreciated because obviously i will sound all the alarms (as instructed) and notify you myself as soon as he gets back now if you'll excuse me i'm going to go because i have work to do (as instructed)
  • clarke: ...

To those of you out there creating transformative fan works for the sheer delight of it: You are rad. Never stop doing what you’re doing. It’s so easy to beat yourself up, so easy to feel like you’re not good enough, and so hard to be objective about your own work, i know, but we could all stand to be a bit kinder to ourselves. 

Sometimes I’m writing and I’m like… is this good? I don’t know! But I sure am enjoying getting these words out of my brain! And it can be so easy to forget that feeling once you share the thing you have created with the world. I’m still trying to learn how to not compare myself to other writers and then immediately drag myself for not being as good as them. I still fight against the urge to delete everything I’ve ever created at least once a week…

So, whatever you’re creating, whatever you’re daring to breathe into existence and share with the rest of the world, I think that you are amazing and hella rad and I hope you keep on doing the thing that you love for a long, long time. <3

Inktober Day 6: Sword

“25 And the Lord spake unto the Angel that guarded the eastern gate, saying ‘Where is the flaming sword that was given unto thee?’
26 And the Angel said, 'I had it here only a moment ago, I must have put it down some where, forget my own head next.’
27 And the Lord did not ask him again.”
― Neil Gaiman, Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch

guysss, I reached 300 after this blog was resurrected from years of inactivity! So to celebrate I wanted to make a ff! Being a part of the phandom makes me so happy, everyone is so beautiful and sweet and I hope my blog brings you laughs, joy and positivity!  

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thank you to all my besties on here, you guys are so wholesome and beautiful and i love you so so so much!! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ 

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finally finished… Silver is such a darling

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If Taylor really is bi/gay I hope she never comes out, it would be ridiculous. I am NOT homophobic but I don't want my idol to be gay, what would people think of me because I like the songs of a person like that?I would rather she can go on with what y'all call fake romances, at least people won't look at me and think "LOOK, SHE LIKES LESBIAN MUSIC" plus her fans will feel lied to. I sincerely hope she hide it forever.

This is one of the most selfish and homophobic things that I ever read. So self centered “I don’t want, I’m not, what people think about ME, I hope”.
Did you ever think about how TAYLOR feels having to hide who she really is to please people like you? Having to hide the person who she loves the most? Having to change lyrics to please you guys? Having to lie about who she loves, about the muse of her songs? Having to hide the most precious person, who treats her right, who’d do anything for her, the person she lives with, who loves her the most, who makes her happy.

So you basically saying you rather see she being unhappy and having to do ridiculous things so you guys can yell about the new white boy being her bf, the perfect angel even it doesn’t make any sense, the tl doesn’t add up. She seems so fed up with bearding and you guys can’t see it, how?

If you really loves her you would be supportive with who she really is and SHOW HER your support and don’t sending asks with shit like this, talking shit like this so YOU can feel confortable about it. You are being ridiculos, so fucking imature and homophobic as hell. You should be extra happy for her finally find a person who treats her like she deserve.

I’m amazed that there are people who think this way … This is so sad, it seems the world is going backwards. And we having people saying “Why she doesn’t come out already? There is no judgment about being gay, if she was gay she would had told us by now, we’re in 2017”
Asks like this says too much about why she is the closet.

I could have answered this in a better way but I feel… I don’t know, this ask made me feel so sad, disgusted and angry that I can’t think straight.

BTS Reaction to Taking Care Of Their Baby While The Other Parent Is At Work



“Jin you’ve got this if you can handle five grown children and one grandpa then you can handle a baby.” 

When you came home you found his asleep on the couch while the baby rested next to him, asleep as well.  

(gif not mine) 


“Guys, I’ve got my kid for the day. If you guys come over I will kill all of you…except Jin-Hyung. He’s fine.” He would text to the group chat. 

The whole day Yoongi would try to keep his child occupied. When the baby would fall asleep Yoongi would take that chance to get a little work done, but when the baby was up Yoongi would give the baby his full attention. You would come home to see Yoongi asleep in the chair next to the crib. He would hear you come into the nursery and he would sit up. 

“Oh, you’re home.” 

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The house would be filled with music as you stepped inside. Hoseok was in the kitchen, along with Yoongi, Tae, and Namjoon, dancing as your baby laughed from the high chair. 

“Jagi, I think our kid likes dancing.” 

“Hobi, he can’t even walk yet. He’s probably laughing and giggling because you guys look so ridiculous.” 

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Rap Monster/Namjoon: 

“(Y/N), when will you back? Oh god, it’s crying. Right, she is crying, sorry. You’re right she isn’t an ‘it’. No, don’t hang up!” Namjoon would panic into the phone. 

It would be his first time having the baby alone. He was away for another tour so he saw his daughter at four months and when he came back she was almost a year old. 

“I’m sorry that I’m not the best dad, but I’m trying,” He would tell his daughter. He would just rant to her about his problems while keeping her occupied with toys and cuddling. He would get really philosophical for a little bit before realizing that she doesn’t know what he is saying. “You’re a good listener.” he would laugh at himself for being such a dork. 

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“Okay, listen here. We are going to work on walking since that’s what mommy/daddy says should be happening.” 

Jimin would spend the time that the baby wasn’t sleeping trying to teach the baby how to walk. Eventually,  Jimin would give up and just watch shows with your son. When you came home to see them both sitting on the couch you couldn’t help but think they looked alike. 

“did he start walking?” 

“Well here’s the thing, we tried but cartoons are more interesting to him, sorry.” 

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“Shoes, check

Jacket, check

Stroller, check

Food, check

Baby, check.” 

Taehyung wouldn’t be worried about having the baby the whole day. Taehyung would take the baby to the park down the street from your guy’s house. Taehyung would chat with the mom’s there and they all would comment on how cute your daughter was. 

“She is my pride and joy,” He would tell the moms. 

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“Hyung, what should I do?” Jungkook would call Tae since Tae was obvious father material. “Occupy him? He’s asleep.” Jungkook would be nervous about spending the day with your son. Jungkook hung up realizing that he had to do this on his own. 

The day was a lot for him but he enjoyed taking care of his son. Jungkook suddenly realized that you took care of the baby all alone a lot since he was gone for work. 

As you walked through the door you were bombarded with ‘thank you’s 

“How do you do this every day, alone? I will be around more, I promise. Today was so much work, I’m surprised you haven’t gone insane. Thank you for not hating me since I leave you alone a lot.” Jungkook would ramble but you would just roll you eyes since he was overreacting. 

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hello loves! so its been a while since i wrote something that i wanted to write, so i decided to take a break from the requests and write something i wanted to. dont worry, its just one, next time will be a request. this is going to be based on the song ‘Friends’ by ed sheeran because im an angsty little bitch. anyways, keep sending in requests hope you enjoy!

We’re not, no we’re not friends, nor have we ever been.
We just try to keep those secrets in a lie,
And if they find out, will it all go wrong?
And Heaven knows, no one wants it to.

“C’mon love, where’s your sense of adventure!” Harry shouted at you over the pounding bass in whatever club you had wandered into. Tonight was Harry’s birthday, a respectable day that the two of you usually spent together, but when night would hit, you both would pick up your other friends and hit the town. It was a nice tradition you had stuck to for many years. 

But now Harry was drunker than when you arrived and he thought it would be a good idea if you all took a quick trip to his LA home to visit all of his friends in LA. You thought it was adorable that he wanted everyone he loved to be included on this special day, but being in London defeated the idea of flying 12 hours. Plus, Harry would fall asleep within the first 20 minutes and not remember why he was in LA when he woke up.

“My sense of adventure is completely here, but it wants to stay in this city!” you yelled back to him. You reached out for his hand to pull him towards the door. All of his other friends had left for the evening, and you were ready to head out as well. Harry tried to fight you, but your sober state was not a match for his intoxicated one. You got him safely out of the club, and you both stood waiting for the valet to pull your car around.

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that clip of the lightwoods is so interesting to me? Like, even though Alec is hella done with maryse, for a split second he reverts back to his submissive posture in front of her. I also loved the way he tried to warn Izzy to tone down what she was saying in front of max. And maryse's reaction to Izz dragging her was fascinating. She seemed... not regretful but more embressed? Idk if I'm making sense. I just really hope we see more of the lightwood dynimacs in future episodes.

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES I love talking about the Lightwoods’ dynamic!! I definitely want to see more of it because it’s so damn interesting, and I also want to see more of the Lightwood kids and Robert, too (and I wonder if they’re going to do the whole Anna Marie Highsmith thing in the show, but it doesn’t seem like it).

I like how they show how rebelliousness of any kind does not come easily to Alec. There are way too many protagonist characters in general and in the show (each of Clary, Jace, and Izzy, to name a few) that are just “fuck the rules I’m gonna do the right thing/what my heart says!” but that they still depict that as a bit of a struggle for Alec is really interesting to me and I hope they explore that further (and how he eventually overcomes it). Like his most “rebellious” act was far and away the kiss at the wedding, and for the first time in his life, he does do what his heart says – and then, right after – “What did I just do?” So it’s still a conflict for him, even if his heart does win out in the end (as we see now with Malec), and that’s one of the things I find most interesting about his character.

So like, even though he is indeed hella done with Maryse, you can see how he kind of shifts as soon as he sees her, becomes a little more soldier-like in his countenance and his stance, the obedience coming naturally to him through years of conditioning himself to be like that (if he can be the perfect soldier and the dutiful son, it can compensate for his other self-perceived shortcomings and they at least won’t hate him for never being good enough).

Also, another detail I loved from that clip was Alec and Izzy’s different reaction to Robert’s absence. Like, Alec was hardly surprised but Izzy really was, and I think it highlights the different ways that Robert treats Alec vs. Izzy. Like, Robert dotes on Izzy and it’s pretty clear that she’s his favourite, and he’s seen as the Good™ parent compared to Maryse, but other than the scene after the kiss in 1x12, he hasn’t really treated Alec very well either – in fact, blaming him directly for Jace’s insubordinations in 1x06-1x07, and Alec’s allusion to past mistreatment in 1x09 (“You drilled into me that I was never good enough”). So I really want to see more of Robert and Alec’s dynamic and how it’s different from Robert and Izzy’s. I think both Maryse and Robert basically got used to Alec being more of a soldier than a son and treated him accordingly (and tried to do the same with Izzy, but she was more resilient in that sense).

(And I think Maryse is sort of the inverse, in that Alec is her “favourite” (after the Jace/demon blood thing, because before it was pretty clearly Jace), even though she doesn’t exactly treat any of them very well, but she has a massive and clear disdain for Izzy that’s not as much there for Alec, likely because of Alec’s soldier-like obedience more than anything else – although we haven’t seen them interact too much about his coming-out and Magnus, so I’m really really really excited to see how they portray that in 2x08.)

Also I talked at length about the Lightwood parent/child dynamics in this post and go over some of these thoughts in greater detail! 

FINALLY, yes! I really liked how they showed some dimension to Maryse, because after 1x12-13, people were so so so quick to completely villainize her and so many Malec fics actually made her out to be the villain of the story. Like, between her treatment of her kids and her being in the Circle, she’s not a good person by any stretch of the imagination – but here in this clip you can see that despite everything, she does care about her children and their relationship with her, and she can feel how frosty they are towards her, and I’m sure no mother – no matter how convinced of her own toxic ideologies – really likes that feeling. Plus, if you recall, Jocelyn was in the Circle with Maryse and Robert (Maryse was a very prominent member according to the books), so you can only imagine that Jocelyn and Maryse knew each other and probably quite well. So I like that she mentioned Jocelyn and looked genuinely sad about her passing.

There are far bigger problems in the world, but I am continually blown away by the number of real, grown adults who don’t realize Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” is satirical.

New seasons = new content which is great and all but it also means the klancers come out full force trying to turn every interaction into something romantic and I’m just so tired