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get to know me: 2/5 favorite relationships

“If I ask you to change too many things about yourself, you’re not gonna be the man I fell in love with. Turns out I accept and appreciate even the grossest, creepiest, most sociopathic parts of you.”

I love Robin more than I’ve ever loved anyone and I’m gonna do everything I can to make her happy. For a long time, deep down, I’ve felt sort of… broken? But I don’t feel that way anymore. Robin, has made me 100% awesome.“

Dean & Cas - A Thousand Years
  • Dean & Cas - A Thousand Years
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Dean & Cas  A Thousand Years

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Truth or Dare?

“You girls… are mental. Like nuts.” Beca stated before taking another shot of vodka. The Bella’s had finally found there sound again. After having sung the famous cup song in perfect harmony, they decided to do a little game to end the week with. Truth or dare. Not one of Beca’s most favorite games to play. Still she didn’t really wanted to be the killjoy, so she decided to just role with it. It was Aubrey’s turn now.

“Alright… Truth or dare?” Cynthia Rose smirked.

Aubrey wasn’t really much one to choose dare. Who knows what kind of horror these girls could come up with?

“Truth please.” Aubrey said, choosing to play it safe.

“Alright then. Have you ever stolen something?” The question louded.

“Yes I have…” Aubrey confessed, gesturing she was guilty by raising one hand up.

It was silent for a moment before Stacy continued asking. “Well then what did you steal?”

“What does it matter what I took? It’s in the past.” Aubrey turned defensive. Partially the booze was to blame. “Easy Aubrey, it’s just a game.” Chloe said, wanting to keep the peace.

“I stole condoms okay? I was afraid my parents would find out…” Aubrey sighed. She looked the other way as her face now turned red. The Bella’s laughed and eventually Aubrey did too. “Wait for who was it meant?” Fat amy added.

“One question at the time.” Aubrey snarled back at the blonde with threatening eyes. “Okay… Next." 

She looked to her side to see Chloe sitting up, ready for what was about to come. "Dare.” She said, ending with a confident smile. “Alright..” Before Aubrey was able to finish her sentence Cynthia pinched her in the side. “Ouch… What?” Aubrey frowned.

Cynthia leaned in to whisper something in the blonde’s ear making everyone curious of what she was saying. “Genius… Okay…” Aubrey gave a wink at the other Bella’s before turning back to the ginger who was patiently waiting. 

“Chloe… I dare you to kiss Beca for twenty seconds." 

Chloe and Beca’s eyes flipped wide open, their heart simultaneously increasing speed. The Bella’s turned excited and began to bawl at the two women while hitting the railing of their chair.

"Aubrey you can’t be serious?” Beca snapped, her expression showing she was nervous.

“Sorry, but that’s how the game is played Beca.” Aubrey shrugged her shoulders like there was nothing she could do about it. She knew from Chloe how long she had been wanting to kiss the brunette, and this seemed a great oppertunity to finally be able for her to do it eventhough Beca would hate Aubrey’s guts because of this. Chloe rose up from her chair, feeling Beca’s stare almost burn into her skin. Slowly she walked towards the dj.

“Does somebody have a timer?” Fat Amy asked around, receiving a answer from Aubrey who held a stopwatch up.

“Chlo… We seriously doing this?” Beca said, feeling her heart pound inside her troat.

Chloe was the only one that was keeping her from fleeing. To be honest, Beca wasn’t really sure what to think of this. She had never seen them as more than friends, but Chloe made her feel things she never experienced around Jesse. Feelings that made her question her sexuality. It was in that moment Beca realised. Could it be she was actually falling for the lovely red head? She remembered what Chloe said to her back in the tent. She said she wished to have experimented more. To be telling such a secret to her. Damn… Beca was such an idiot. Chloe was asking HER to experiment. Chloe fricking Beale.

And now, she got a second chance, one she actually didn’t deserve.

Chloe sat down on Beca’s lap, her legs cupping her waist. The rest was invisible to her. She has had a crush on the dj ever since they sang in the shower together. Back in the tent, when Beca turned around, ignorning what Chloe had just revealed of herself. It felt like somebody had drilled a hole through Chloe’s heart. It hurt more than she’d ever imagined it would be. Quite frankly it now made her scared to kiss her.
“Chloe…” Beca cupped the others chin and pulled it back up so she could look into those beautiful blue orbs. She regretted to have ever turned her back to her. The other Bella’s held their breaths, watching very closely. Beca was smiling at the ginger, and wrapped a hand around her back. This gave Chloe some courage. She slowly leaned in, their faces mere inches apart. Beca quickly glanced at Chloe’s lips, longingly. Her breath became slightly choppy as Chloe came closer. Chloe shut her eyes and pressed her lips against Beca’s, feeling butterflies inside the pit of her stomach. Beca felt the ginger shiver on top of her lap, making her smile underneath Chloe’s velvet lips. She pulled her closer, pinching her T-shirt softly. The feeling was amazing. Their kiss was timid but held such warmth. Chloe caressed Beca’s cheeks and licked her upperlip asking for permission to enter which Beca gladly gave to her. The chemistery was off the roof. Beca dug her hand into the copper tresses of Chloe and swiftly closed the gap between the two when both gasped for new air. The kiss was so very passionate and full with emotion that the two of them weren’t even aware they had already passed the twenty seconds. Aubrey instructed the other Bella’s to wait as they didn’t wanted to ruin their first kiss. Chloe felt happy. Slowly they broke up, their eyes were still closed. Beca stole one last kiss, feeling the great need to taste Chloe’s vanilla flavoured lips again. They leaned against eachothers forehead, feeling like they were in the third heaven. Chloe bit her lip, enjoying the sweet sensation. “To be honest Beca… I’ve been wanting to kiss you, ever since we sang in the shower together.” She confessed to the brunette, now looking into her eyes. “I think I’ve fallen for you.” After saying this, the other Bella’s let out an ‘Awe’.
“I think I’ve fallen for you too Chlo…” Beca replied, wrapping both hands around the gingers neck; pulling her into a firm hug. “I never should have turned my back on you in that tent.” She whispered into her ear, inaudible to the others. Chloe smirked. She didn’t wanted to leave Beca’s lap so she just decided to stay put.

“Truth or dare?”


Reincarnation AU cantplaywithoutaheartbeat

Before Josephine died she cast a reincarnation spell on Gia. She didn’t entirely trust the Mikaelson family after reading Hayley’s future. All she could see was dark and gloomy things. So she protected Gia the only way she knew how. But neither Gia or Elijah knew Jospehine had done this. So when Gia went up into flames and Elijah watched the spell was enacted.

It has been fifty years now since Elijah had watched Gia burn in the flames because of the sun. It was the anniversary of that day and he had never taken that day well. He always went to a bar to get drunk. He didn’t want to feel anything on that day. All he wanted to do was be numb. He was on his fifth drink when he heard a familiar song. He felt his jaw go slack as he looked up at the stage and saw Gia preforming. And after she was done, she locked eyes with him and remembered everything from the years prior. She smiled and walked over to him drinking his drink before planting one on him.