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Heart on the Line (part 6)


You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1114

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picture alex picking up maggie at the bar. she’s late, so some girl is already hitting on maggie, far too close for alex’s liking. so alex saunters up and introduces herself…to maggie. she gives maggie a look letting her know to play along, and maggie doesn’t disappoint. imagine alex using some cheesy line and maggie turning to the girl from before and rolling her eyes like, “can you believe this?” but then she turns back to alex and is like, “yeah, you’re gonna have to do better than that.” so alex pretends to think for a second and then climbs into maggie’s lap and straddles her on the chair while they make out for a full minute. then when alex pulls back, maggie’s like, “hey, did you forget we have dinner plans with your sister tonight?” and they continue to have a normal conversation until the girl, who is shook, gets up and leaves. they laugh about it for a minute before m’gain comes over rolling her eyes and is like, “you guys really need to come up with a new bit.”

Jumin Normal Ending Headcanons

Omg guys. About forever and a day ago, I freaked out after getting Jumin’s normal ending and said I needed to write headcanons. Well, finally. I loved his good ending, but I fell in love with the normal ending and the possibilities it brings. So, obviously, Jumin normal ending spoilers to follow if you don’t want to be spoiled on that.

Requests are open.~

  • you were absolutely SHOCKED when he made the announcement at the party
  • he obviously had something planned, but this???
  • you never would have asked him to give up his job for you
  • but it was a tiny bit of a relief? less press coverage anyway
  • he makes it his mission to have a normal relationship
  • he has plenty of money saved up but he’s not one to be idle
  • first thing he does is get Driver Kim to teach him to drive so he can take you on dates himself
  • once he has his license, he tells Driver Kim to drive around the new Department Manager
  • Jaehee doesn’t know what to do with herself??
  • she had NOT been expecting that promotion and honestly isn’t sure how she feels about it
  • but he’s so happy, he’s never felt this stress-free tbh
  • proposes after about six months, on your birthday still fast but like…way more than eleven days after meeting you
  • you’re his first ‘employee’ but you’re pretty much an equal
  • makes sure he’s not busy enough to take away from family life
  • (it helps that you two work together now)
  • all of the employees adore you - AND him he now 100% understands that work is not the most important thing and expects no one to make it their #1 priority
  • nobody ever questions his abilities or position anymore - this company is his and no one can say it’s just because he was born into it
  • cat projects have now mellowed out into cat charities - w/o C&R resources, he can’t just randomly invest in them anymore but he still donates & volunteers
  • it’s actually amazing how much he loves volunteering for them, he gets so much satisfaction now out of doing things for people just to help??
  • when kids come around, they’re spoiled as much as you are
  • but he makes sure they’re treated fairly and not just handed everything
  • he makes sure they aren’t treated with privilege just bc of who they are
  • because it was so hard figuring out that there were truly genuine people out there when he was older and he doesn’t want his kids to feel the same way
  • never, ever regrets his decision to give up C&R
  • his father still tries to convince him to come back, especially when he’ s ready to retire
  • instead Jumin recommends Jaehee as the successor
  • so eventually Jaehee becomes Ms. Chairman (chairwoman?)
    • she’s excellent at delegating so she actually has way less work than when she was an assistant, and only slightly more work than when she was Department Manager
    • with C&R resources she manages to create a coffee shop chain to rival Starbucks bc she has to be happy in this scenario too fite me
Another Set of Eyes (Lafayette x Reader)


Premise: When everyone realized there was probably a little more than just friendship between you and Lafayette

A/N: This has been an idea of mine to write for the longest time, I just had no idea who to write it for, so when I got the request for Laf fluff (from this super sweet anon omg ily) I put the two together and I got this!! I really like it! I hope that you guys too!! It’s a little bit longer than normal but its a slow burn so what can you expect really. I love y’all to pieces <3333



Unsurprisingly, Angelica saw it first. She was always the most observant of your friend group. She caught on at one of the girls nights that you, Peggy, Eliza, Maria, and herself shared. The five of you were all slumped around Eliza and Maria’s shared dorm snacking on junk food and listening to Peggy’s eclectic playlist. It was quiet, but it was comfortable. You and Eliza were having a contest to see who could catch more jelly beans in their mouth while Maria was lending Peggy an outfit for an upcoming date. Angelica was on her laptop googling a movie that she could put on that you all could watch but didn’t have to pay too much attention to. She also happened to be sitting on your phone. She was scrolling down a list of films when she felt a shocking vibration coming from underneath her. She shifted her weight and pulled the offending technology out from under her. She glanced at the screen only to realize that it wasn’t her phone, but yours. You’re lockscreen (a picture of all of your friend group together in awkward poses) was faded behind a text message from “Gilly Willy Billy” reading, “so why are you having a girls night without me??? I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME”.

“Y/N? Laf texted you,” she said and read the text out, attempting to hide her laughter at Lafayette’s drama queen tendencies.

“He’s such a dork,” you giggled and grabbed the phone from Angelica, allowing conversation to fall back to normal. Angelica, however, didn’t miss the sparkling of your eyes when she said his name, nor the small smile you had when you responded to the text. Maybe there’s something more to that story, she thought.


James and Thomas realized at the same time. They figured it out while at Alex’s 19th birthday dinner, which was being hosted by the Schuylers. You and Laf had chosen seats directly next to each other, though that was not out of the ordinary. They didn’t think much of it until it was declared that it was the time to give Alex his birthday presents. Alex was quite humble about it, refusing to take them at first until Angelica gave him one of her looks. This came as a little bit of a shock to Jefferson, who had gotten him a bobblehead figurine of his least favorite founding father, John Adams. However, the bigger shock came when Lafayette handed Alex a box and announced that it was from both him and Y/N. The two of you sharing a soft smile when he returned to his seat

Thomas turned to James and whispered to him, “Since when are they together?”

James responded with a shake of his head and a cough before stating, “I don’t think they are, but I think they wish they were.”

Thomas raised his eyebrow, but neither of them mentioned it again that night. However, both were a little more aware of the pair from that point on.


Hercules noticed later that night. The dinner party had quickly turned into a dance party and practically everyone was dancing along to assorted music streaming from John’s phone into Alex’s bluetooth speaker. He and Angelica were poorly dancing along to some weird combination of electronic and indie music, when Angelica’s eyes narrowed and she leaned closer to Herc.

“What do you make of Laf and Y/N?” she asked, still bopping her head out of time with the beat.

Herc was a little confused by the question but still answered, “What do you mean? They’ve been best friends since high school, before the majority of us even met, but you know all this. Why are you asking?”

“Look at them,” she said, eyes still squinting as she nodded her head over his shoulder. When he turned around he was met with the sight of you and Lafayette sitting of the couch, with you half asleep and your head on his shoulder, and Lafayette’s arm wrapped protectively around you. It was a position you both had been in more than once, so that was practically nothing, but the look on Lafayette’s face as he looked down at you, curled into his side, that was what caught Hercules attention.

“Huh,” was his oh so elegant reply. “He hasn’t said anything and neither has she but you never know.” He and the eldest Schuyler parted with a shrug and he went over to the two of you, and asked at a low enough volume for you not to notice, “Dude, does she need a ride home?”

Lafayette shook his head and murmured, “No, mon ami, but thank you. I’m actually about to bring her home now. If you could tell Alex we say happy birthday that would be great.”

Herc nodded and said goodbye. Maybe Lafayette’s arm still wrapped tightly around your waist was just to keep you stable in your sleepy state, but he highly doubted it.


Alex was next to notice, but the first to say anything to one of you. He and Lafayette were studying for a test in their Advanced French class together (not that either of them needed to).

Alex asked Laf a question regarding verb conjugation in day to day speaking, to which he responded, “I don’t know, mon ami. I just speak it, how do native English speakers know when to use there, their, or they’re? They just do!” Laf waved his hand at the smaller boy, as if dismissing him, though he chuckled slightly.

“Well my bad, Mr. Born-In-France, I just thought I’d ask!” Alex retorted with a laugh. Laf’s phone pinged with a notification, catching both of their attentions.

Lafayette picked up the phone and smiled at the screen. Mumbling to Alex while replying, “Y/N thinks it’s sad that we have to study for a French test despite being fluent.”

Alex looked at Lafayette and noticed a dreamy look in his eyes as he texted back and forth with you. And since Alex was notorious for not being able to shut his mouth, he said, “Woah, lover boy, I can practically see the hearts coming out of your eyes. Since when do like Y/N?”

The question was innocent enough but, since it was the first time anyone had ever said anything about it before, Lafayette was caught completely off-guard. His phone slipped out of his hands and he stumbled over his words a for a few seconds before getting out a simple, “Shut up” before returning to his textbook.

Alex assured him that his secret was safe, and glanced over when he heard Laf’s phone ping again, only to catch a glimpse of what looked like a heart emoji next to your name. That boy’s in deep, was his only thought, before returning to his study guide.


John took a while to realize it, but when it hit him, it him hard. It was about 10 in the morning when John heard his roommate’s door open. He was about to call out to Lafayette that he was out of milk, only when he looked up, he found you where he expected Laf to be. You were rubbing your eyes as you walked towards the miniature kitchen in their suite style dorm. John also noticed that you weren’t exactly wearing the type of pyjamas he was used to seeing you in. Instead of the usual sweatpants and hoodie you wore to late night movie parties, you were drowning in Laf’s favorite tee-shirt and a pair of his roommate’s boxer shorts. (How John knew that they were Laf’s is a story for another time.)

John was not known for being very tactful in the mornings, so when you were finally close enough to him for him to make the sly joke, he jumped at the opportunity. “Looks like someone got a taste of our Laffy Taffy last night.” He threw a wink at you and began pouring you a cup of his signature coffee, which your entire group of friends lived by.

“Oh shut up Laurens,” you grumbled, a blush tinting your cheeks as you pulled the mug out of his hands and up to your lips. You took a small sip and sighed, “You know it’s not like that.”

In retrospect, John’s not sure what it was that first tipped him off, your blush, your dejected tone, or a combination of the two. He was completely convinced, however, when Lafayette finally made it out to the kitchen and kissed that top of your forehead, both of you looked at the other as if it was the last time you would see them. John gave a small nod (mostly to himself) and made his way out of the kitchen and back to his room, leaving the lovebirds in the kitchen together.


Maria and Eliza were next to figure it out, but they were the first ones you told. It was a Friday night and the three of you were in your shared dorm with Angelica, who was out with Peggy on a double date. You were all sitting around and talking, as usual, but tonight you were more distracted than normal. You were clicking open your phone every few minutes, as if you were waiting for an important call.

“Y/N, whose call are you waiting for?” Maria asked, a joking tone in her voice.

You groaned and rolled onto your stomach, letting out a big sigh. “Can I tell you guys something without you guys freaking out?” You asked rubbing your left temple.

The two girls looked at each other curiously then turned to you, nodding.

“There’s this guy…” You started, only to be cut off.

“Oh! Is he cute? Do we know him? Is it serious?” Eliza rattled off before Maria’s hand fell onto her shoulder, calming the adorable ball of energy that is Eliza Schuyler.

“He’s amazing. Yes, you do know him. And no. Nothing’s ever going to happen so it won’t ever be serious,” you answered off, the volume of your voice getting softer and softer. “It’s… Lafayette.”

“Woah,” was the only answer you got from both of the girls sitting across from you.

“Yeah,” you responded, shoving your head into the pillow in front of you. “I know it’s stupid. Falling for your best friend always sucks and it never works out like it does in the movies and he’s never going to feel the same way, and I’m going to lose him if he finds out, and–”

Maria cut you off with her soothing voice, “Y/N, calm down. It’s going to be fine just calm down and talk to him about it. It’s Laf! You’ve known him forever. Nothing bad is going to happen.”

“No. I-I can’t. He’s already got someone else,” you mumbled into the pillow.

“Aw sweetheart, I’m sure it’s not that serious,” Eliza said rubbing your back in an attempt to calm you down.

“It’s their third date tonight. And his general rule of thumb is that if it makes it to a third date, then you know what goes down.” You said, looking back up at them.

They shook their heads and attempted to console you. When Maria asked how long you’d felt this way and you responded, “Too long” they knew that if you couldn’t give them an actual estimate that you were probably in way over your head.


Peggy found out in the most ridiculous way possible. She wandered into a Subway one day for a quick lunch in between lectures when she noticed a familiar tall Frenchman with his signature ponytail sitting in a corner of the “healthy’ fast food joint. She quickly ordered her sub and made her way over to the table where her friend was sitting by himself.

“Yo, Gilbert,” she said as she slid into the seat across from him. He looked up at her like a deer in headlights before shaking himself out of his mind and responding normally. The conversation was light between the two until Peggy remembered something that wasn’t exactly fitting into the picture.

“Wait a second. Y/N said you had a lunch date with your new girlfriend right about now. Did she ditch you at a Subway?” she asked, raising her eyebrows in amusement. Laf’s face suddenly contorted into a mixture of guilt, sadness and sheepishness. “What?” she prodded, hoping for an interesting answer.

“Don’t laugh,” he mumbled, his voice low. She nodded for him to continue. “Well, I told John that I liked Y/N and he said that the easiest way to do it without telling her outright would be to make her jealous, but I couldn’t find anyone who I actually enjoyed spending time with enough to pretend to date so I’ve been going on dates… with myself.”

It took a minute to register the information, but once she got it all, Peggy couldn’t help but laugh. The idea was stupid enough and his execution of it was absolutely absurd. “You know, Frenchie? You probably would’ve have better luck just telling her in the first place. Maybe she would’ve been interested, but now she probably just thinks you’re interested in anyone except her.” She didn’t mean to tear down her friend but he was going about this in the stupidest way possible. “My advice,” she continued, “for the love of god, talk to her. I don’t know what she feels about this, but if you keep it up any longer, you could lose her trust and friendship, and I’m sure you don’t want that.” Peggy collected her trash and stood to leave. “I leave you with that, but keep in mind, I still want everything to work out for you guys. See you, French Fry.” She gave him a hug and headed out to her next lecture.


Burr was that last to see it, but boy was he the luckiest. Aaron was always a part of their friend group, but he also tended to go unnoticed outside of it. So, it was no shock at all when he went to the nearest coffee shop for the third time that week (He liked coffee. Sue him.) and went completely unnoticed by Lafayette, sitting two tables down. Aaron was fine with this, as he had a project due in a couple of days that he wanted to work on. He did however happen to be able to hear what was going on down by Lafayette with proved to be quite interesting in the long-run.

Burr noticed you come into the shop, skip the long line at the counter, and take a seat across from Lafayette. His super hearing kicked at that point because a.) he’s a little nosy and b.) you and Laf were speaking softer than usual.

“Hey,” you said, slipping of your jacket and running a hand through your hair. Lafayette returned the greeting and you began informing one another about the past few days. Burr was slightly confused as to why you hadn’t been with each other all that time as you two were practically inseparable. He tuned out the conversation until you said something that caught his ear. “So, um, how’s your girlfriend?” you asked. Aaron could hear something in your tone, that sounded almost pained as you asked that question.

Lafayette replied guiltily, “About that… I need to talk to you.” That sounded ominous, Burr thought. You had signified for him to continue, and Laf took a large breath before speaking at a speed that reminded Aaron of Alexander. “Y/N, she’s not real. She never was. It was something stupid I did because I suck at telling people how I feel and John told me that this one thing would work and it, how you say, backfired and I really don’t want to mess this up. I’m so sorry Y/N.” Burr thought that Lafayette’s speech sounded almost like a confession of love, except it was missing one thing: the actual confession.

“You…You made up a girlfriend to what? To get space from me? Laf, if you just said you wanted space I would have given you space. I know I can be a little too much at times but you didn’t need to make up some fake girlfriend to get away from me. We’re supposed to be best friends were supposed to be able to talk about this stuff,” you kept your voice steady until you got to “best friends” and Aaron winced at the break.

“No, wait, Y/N, that’s not what I meant!” Lafayette cried out,reaching across the table to grab your hand. You had pulled it away though when your fingers made contact.

“Then what did you mean, Lafayette?” you asked, “Because I’ve spent weeks trying to be happy about you being with some other girl, who apparently doesn’t even exist, and I just want to know if it’s worth even being upset over this because goddamn it Laf. I’ve been stuck on you since freshman year and I can’t just go my entire life pretending like I have a chance with you when I don’t. I’m sick of pretending. So tell me right here and now, what the hell is going on with us because we haven’t been the same us in weeks and I need to know where we stand.”

“Y/N, just let me finish, and I promise it’ll all make sense,” Lafayette pleaded, reaching from your hand again, and this time succeeding. “I told John that I liked this girl. She’s amazing and beautiful and smart and I thought she’d never go for a guy like me, so I asked for his help. He told me that I should just tell her, but I was too scared so he told me to try and make her jealous. Go on a few dates and see how she reacted. But the thing is, I’ve been in love with this girl for the longest time and,”

“Laf,” you choked out and Burr could hear that you were about to cry.

“Shh, let me finish. So I made up a girl that I was going on dates with, but the more fake dates I went on, the more she drifted away from me. I was in way too far over my head, as they say. I was convinced that somehow, my scheme would work. Then people started calling my bluff. Peggy, and John, and Hercules all told me how stupid I was being and that I needed to just tell her how I felt and so,”

“Laf, please stop,” you said. When Aaron looked up, you were crying. “I can’t listen to this. I told you–”

“Trust me, oui? I am almost done.” Laf responded as his grip around your hand visibly tightened. “So I tried my best to keep this girl in my life, but she was still distant, so I invited her out for coffee, I got her her favorite drink,” at that moment he pulled out a cup of your favorite coffee drink and handed it to you. “And I told her a long-winded story about me being an idiot in hopes that she’d see how much nonsense I would go through to be with her. And as I sat in front of her and handed her my heart on a plate… I-I just hope that she’ll take care of it. Because I love her more than anything else in the world and she’s the only person I trust with it.” Now that was a love confession.

“Sh-She’s me?” you asked, stunned.

“She’s always been you, mon amour,” Lafayette sighed and looked down at his hands.

“You’re a dork,” you stated matter of factly, wiping the tears off your cheeks.

“Pardon?” he said, his eyes shooting up to meet yours with fear shining in them.

“I love you too you stupid French Fry. Now shut up and kiss me before I start to cry again.” You stood and held your arms out to him, as he stood up and made his way around the table to you.

At that moment, Burr looked away because as happy as he was for you, watching you two make out in the middle of a coffee shop was not exactly his cup of tea. Or…er…coffee.

first date with jAEmIN!!!

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ayy Moon anon ;))) sorry im doing this pretty late but yeH also im including ur request in this so don’t worry!!!! thanks for requesting bb xoxo - admin amy

  • aight so y’all are already together after the sleepover you had last week
  • and then outta the blue on a friday night jaemin texts you like
  • ‘wassup bby lemme take u for a ride ;))) JK JK do you wanna go out tomorrow?? to the pizza place near the park’

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I just realized a few things about vnc

-Vanitas means lie and some other not so beautiful things.

-Vanitas are paintings (heck yeah my son is as beautiful as a picture indeed)

-the Marquis de Sade was some strange guy. He was in jail a lot of times and quite perverted. (Grandpa de sade, got something to tell us??)

-Louis de Sade existed. He was the one who built the bridge in Avignon (sur les pooont d'Avignoon)

-you know now why this fellow said to Domi: The de sades never were kind and normal people or so. xD

-the blue moon means love. Domi loves Noé (we know this after chapter 15.5 now). They danced below a blue moon. Guess who also saw the blue moon while falling from an airship…? Right, Noé and Vanitas

-Jeanne kinda is like Jean d'Arc who died in the hellfire (hellfire witch). Jean d'Arc also fought in a war.

-Vanitas kind of won’t die (look chapter 1 again. He said things like: Even if you kill me… I won’t die Noé.)

-Noé loved Louis (Naenia: He was your friend and you loved him. She said these two things separated.)

  • Normal person: So...what's your type?
  • MBTI Fan: OMG! You know MBTI? I took so many tests and I got--
  • Normal person: Wait--what? What are you talking about???
  • MBTI Fan: *shrinks* OH... You mean the type of person I like...? Ha ha haaa...

My son and I were just having Clone Feels together (you know, because I am not a nerd and I have a totally normal family who are also not nerds,) and I was saying that Rex being that old guy on Endor is going to KILL ME because OMG if Rex knows Luke and Leia I will die and my son says “…Luke can tell him about Obi-Wan!” and I go “…and Rex can tell Luke and Leia about Ahsoka! AND THEIR DAD!” and then we were BOTH like 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭

…seriously, sharing Star Wars with my kids is the absolute best thing. 

anonymous asked:

I kindly challenge you to do a step by step (second by second) run down of the Terminus reunion with Carol and Daryl starting from the moment Daryl hears someone approaching up until the end of the episode basically. Think you'd be up to that?

Oh Nomy you know me



(gif by @oohhshiny)

I will accept your challenge because as you guys know I could talk about it all day and I have today off to do it as well.

So here goes..

We have our Daryl Dixon, having along with the rest of the family, barely escaped with his life yet again. This time from cannibals using a baseball bat (of all things) and a pig trough in the process. Daryl will store this latest horror in the already crowded (and more to be added) trauma center of his brain for later consideration, and contemplate his next move. Its pretty weird moment, where there is no clear direction and the danger is still very present. But he’s taking a moment.

And there is a quiet snap, barely audible and he looks up, expecting a Termite or a pesky walker and what does he see?

Carol. Looking apprehensive as fuck as she approaches, holding his crossbow  on one shoulder.

The look in his eyes is disbelief. Like he’s having a hallucination born out of trauma or something. Like another blogger described like he saw a unicorn or something.

Maybe she’s a mirage who knows? Whatever it is he has the need to get to her as soon as humanly possible. Before she disappears. To touch her and hug and make she’s real.

It’s such a ‘omg I love you so much I miss you am never gonna let you go’ all out bear hug by guy who dosen’t normally do these things but he’s so raw and caught up in emotion he can’t stop himself. He forgets he’s traumatized and big on personal space and just crushes her against himself,  holding her so tight he actually lifts her off the ground. The arms low on her waist so he can get maximum body contact, pulling her up against him. And buries his face in her shoulder for a moment.

Not that platonic of a hug I’m telling you.

With everyone watching he he proceeds to spin her around, using the happy hip thrust to lift her off her feet yet again. Cradling her head with one of his hands. And Carol has the biggest smile on her face, and there’s the little leg kick we like to do when our boyfriends hug us ladies right?

She is literaly so happy and it seems like he’s the one most capable of doing this for her. She is happy and feeling loved and is perfectly happy to let herself be swallowed in this bear hug for as long as she can.

But when they eventually separate her hand sliding off his shoulder so elegantly, there is this long look at each other, a look that screams ‘I want to kiss you but I’m just too emotional’ but gawd. . Daryl is just so damn overcome and overwrought by his feeling the only thing he can do is start to blubber and nuzzle her shoulder. A moment that wrecked me btw.

Carol responds to this by placing her hands on his neck in a comforting and very intimate way, lifting his face back up to look at her. Looking into each others eyes again. She puts her hand to her mouth as Daryl gives her the most sappy hearts eyes I’ve ever seen. Such a love look if there ever was one. Who knows what might have happened had Constable Cockblocker stepped in between them at that hightly emotional moment.

And Daryl, still emotional reluctantly stepped back to give Rick a moment, but was prepared to step in and almost did when Rick asked her if she’d done that.  You can see him step back in for a moment. If he had given her shit, he would’ve been knocked flat I have no doubt.

At the end as they are all walking away, Daryl and Carol are seen walking together, side by side and for a moment all was right with the world..

I can’t believe I remember all of this detail without looking at gifs or watching vids… its burned into my brain people..

So I was helping a few kids with homework today, and another kid comes up to me with one of those “which would win” books about whether a shark or a crocodile would win in a fight. And I guess she’s really excited to tell me about it because she was talking so fast she wasn’t really speaking clearly and normally that’s whatever, I just tell her to slow down a little, but THIS TIME…she goes “MISS GABRIELLE WHICH ONE WOULD WIN, A SHARK OR A COCKODILE???” And she was so loud and omg of course the other kids were like “SHE SAID COCKODILE WHATS A COCKODILE THATS NOT A THING HAHA A COCKODILE WHATS A COCKODILE” blah blah blah

And I’m just like
Oh my god
I need you all to stop, that’s not nice and mind your business" and I’m trying so hard not to like cry laughing because you guys….

Cockodile …
And they didn’t even get it. They just thought it was SOOO hilarious that she forgot an “r” and they just kept repeating it because of COURSE they would, lmao!!


My observations watching 🎯 Arrow 5x22 "Missing"

All I can say is ASDFGHJMNNBGFF!!! *squeals* I think that’s eloquent enough to express my opinion about this episode.


The birthday man!! OMG! He was so freaking adorable unsure if he had a date or not with Felicity. I wanna know of who was the idea of leaving the door open for him to enter. I mean, do you even know the guy you’re dealing with? And not just him! If i go someplace and find the door ajar, I get suspicious. I don’t know why they didn’t go with something more normal as in he ringing the doorbell and Felicity telling him is open. That was it. Oliver would’ve gotten in relaxed and happy and Curtis wouldn’t have ended on the floor. Just sayin’! (Side note: WOW! i love the shoutout to @lordmesa-art and the cake. It was awesome!!) Anyway, he was so happy celebrating his birthday. Pity that the joy lasted so little, damn it!

Oliver killed me with all his fatherly pride. First saying that William is the purest part of him and then calling him his boy. Oh gosh too many feels

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Bts reaction to their best friend randomly giving them the middle finger

Request: Hi can you do a bts gif reaction of the guys older sister or bff throwing them the middle finger for no reason 😂😂 Thank you

A/N: I’m just gonna do it as best friend for now, but if you want an older sister version then feel free to request this again! This was so fun to make omg xD


-completely lost as to what he did to deserve it- “B-but, what..?”

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-gives you one right back- “You wanna go or…”

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-was having a normal conversation before you randomly flipped him off- “And then I sa- Y/n what the hell??!”

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-flips you off back- “Who do you think you are, bitch?” mean pet names and such would be a huge thing as being namjoon’s bff tbh so it’s probably normal for you to flip each other off all the time.

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-astonished- “What the what!?”

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-over exaggerates the whole situation- “What the heck????? Do you not love me???? What did I do tho????”

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-eyes you up- “Tf you want?”

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-you glare at him- “Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry”

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I'm a straight male, but i'm so attracted to you!! omg.



(or you could acknowledge that being attracted to trans girls is recognized as something normal for straight guys these days)

[ roommate!au ]

pairing; seventeen seungkwan x reader

genre; bulletpointed, roommate!seungkwan, humor (loads of this), fluff (loads of this too)

✎a/n; i’m eggcited for this wewew hope ya’ll enjoy thiss !! psps. i’m probably gonna do this on a lot of other members so do leave a msg in my inbox to let me know who you’d like to see a roommate!au on ;))

  • ok so so sO!
  • seungkwan
  • boo seungkwan
  • as a roommate
  • you seriously won’t know whether to thank all the gods up there for sending you such an angelic patootie 
  • or to curse the devils for sending you one of their kind
  • bc not gon lie but seungkwan is a real mix
  • the story of how the two of you ended up in the same dorm room is really simple tbh
  • according to school protocols ;; male dorms and female dorms should be far apart
  • like really far apart
  • bc no one wants ehEM EHEM to happen right?
  • wrong lol 
  • the university gives no shit about that man
  • they just mix whatever they want
  • but most girls and guys willingly stick to sharing a room with the same gender since it’ll be less awkward
  • but you transferred to the school around midterms 
  • and the girls’ dorms were full
  • or at least that’s what they told you
  • so they decide to put you in the guys’ dorms
  • “you don’t mind, right?” 
  • “of course not. everything’s alright.” 
  • “great. here’s your key. eleventh floor, room five.” 
  • ok you minded
  • a lot.
  • like you pretty much have to live with this guy now?? and if he’s messy and disgusting and—
  • oh my god you didn’t even want to think about it
  • you kinda resigned to your fate and went straight to the dorms, to your room, bc you had a shitload of luggage to park.
  • when you got in, you were pleasantly surprised
  • the place was really really really clean??
  • like there were no random trousers hanging everywhere and the floor felt really dust-less
  • and you felt that ray of hope that this plan wouldn’t be so bad after all
  • and like juST before you were about to unpack
  • the door opens
  • //grand music plays
  • seungkwan enters
  • but at that time you didn’t know him yet so you just awkwardly scramble to your feet
  • and bow slightly since you were aware that your roommate was a year older
  • and do your formal introduction of ‘hi i’m y/n please take care of mi’
  • you look up and notice he’s cute
  • like cute as in
  • the baby kind of cute screeeeches
  • and he looked nice and quiet
  • ok so he introduces himself as seungkwan 
  • and the start was really awkward tbh 
  • the both of you were just literally walking circles around the room and staying on opposite ends bc awKWARD !1!!
  • you weren’t one to start a convo so yeah this time was no exception
  • but seungkwan actually initiated one and you were so relieved bc you were literally suffocating from this awkward air
  • he was like “so, um, you’re a year younger?” 
  • “yeah”
  • “do you need help, er, unpacking?”
  • you turn to your heavy ass luggage and overflowing clothes and laughed
  • “yeah, i guess?”
  • seungkwan looked excited bc he internally wanted to do sth so ya’ll can get over this ice cold thing
  • so ice ice baby ok i’m sorry let’s continue
  • and he literally bounces on two feet and like goes over to you and hE LOOKED LIKE AN ADORABLE PENGUIN ASDFGHJK
  • he helps you get your clothes out and like a lot of them got unfolded so he kindly folds them back and stacks them neatly
  • then he like opens the empty side of the closet which he wasn’t using and helps you load your clothes in there
  • and he hangs up your coats before coming back to you 
  • who was struggling with the cables you had put in your bag bc they tangled up real bad
  • seungkwan decides to unzip a ‘hidden compartment’ of your luggage 
  • and vOILA
  • he bursts into laughter and you had no idea what was going on
  • then you notice the unzipped compartment and you just
  • “SEUNGKWAN !!!?!??!?!?” 
  • and he was literally a laughing mess on the floor like his ears were red and he was rolling about trying to catch his breath but it wasn’t working
  • bc,,,, you kept your bra and undies in there
  • and seungkwan saw it
  • zE eMBArrASSmENT 
  • seungkwan manages to choke out an ‘iM soRRY’ before he continues dying in his own laughter
  • and you can’t help but laugh too bc his laughter was contagious asf
  • and bc of this incident ,,, ya’ll became really really close
  • it’s like a ‘he already saw my undergarments on our first meeting what worse can happen’
  • so yall became very open with each other
  • like after four months or so ya’ll bFF MAN
  • he even knew where you kept your pads
  • bc there were those days where it just comes unexpectedly and you don’t know until you strip in the toilet for a bath
  • so you just scream for seungkwan to pass you one like
  • “seUNGKWANN”
  • “YA”
  • “YA SURE” 
  • that was great to you tbh like it made life so convenient
  • but the downsides of having seungkwan as a roommate 
  • lolol 
  • so many many
  • seungkwan’s in the school choir (which surprisingly accepts both boys & girls)
  • so he claims he needs his personal vocal practice
  • every.
  • single.
  • day.
  • and the room turns into a freaking opera theatre istg
  • like you literally hear him go do re mi fa SO LAR TEE DOHHHHH
  • while you’re there just trying to get your shit tgt
  • and you sometimes suspect he’s just trying to annoy you on purpose
  • bc he goes wAAY out of tune just to hit the extra extra high notes
  • and he even screeches sometimes and oh god your goosebumps just ploop
  •  “ seungkwan. ”
  • “ SOLLLL “
  • “ boo “
  • “ LAAAAAAA “
  • “ seung “
  • and you dont even bother to say the last syllable of his name and you just glare at him and he just shuts up and laughs really loud like his eyes squints together and he just drops onto the bed
  • adorable
  • he’s also really childish at heart so
  • he likes messing with you when you’re in the shower
  • he would turn off the heater and/or the lights
  • and the first time he turned off the lights you freaked out really badly bc you were afraid of the dark and you genuinely thought there was a blackout
  • and you shouted for him but he didn’t know you were scared so he just silently snickered outside
  • but when he heard you sob on the other side of the door
  • he quickly turns the lights back on and like when you come out he was so damn apologetic like
  • “i’m so sorry i didn’t know omg”
  • “ i h8 YOU “
  • but no you didn’t lol you loved this squish
  • and he made up for it by literally being by your side for the next few days
  • i mean
  • ya’ll were roommates
  • cuddling is the most normal thing to happen
  • so aft that ‘blackout’ incident ,,, that night ,,,
  • you couldn’t sleep lol
  • you guys had a really wide bunk bed if that made sense??
  • it was almost like a second story on the upper deck
  • seungkwan had been taking the bottom deck so when you moved in you just took the one at the top
  • and thAT NIGHT
  • you just kept tossing and turning and like the bed would shake a little every time you move
  • so seungkwan can’t sleep either since the bed just keeps wobbling
  • “you can’t sleep?” he says,, just staring up
  • “…yeah.”
  • and then there’s this short silence.
  • “you up for cuddles?”
  • and another silence.
  • bc ngl you lived for cuddles
  • but you would get really insecure about everything bc like your cuddle partner would be sososo close ?? ya’know??
  • but before you can reply,,
  • seungkwan literally just comes up and pokes his head to your deck and grins and you just laugh
  • aandddd he just scurries to your side and plonks down 
  • “ you’re not against this, right? ”
  • he just doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable or anything uk
  • “ n-no, i’m not. ”
  • seungkwan would like laugh at your nervousness,, but he just wraps his arm around you and just stroke your hair and stuff like that 
  • and it calmed you down a loooot.
  • he was so warm and comfy you honestly just wanted to stay in his arms forever lolol
  • so this cuddle thing became a very natural thing since it happened often aft that
  • and when the two of you actually fall asleep
  • it’s a totally different thing in the middle of the night 
  • you would accidentally jab him in the eyeballs since you move q alot when you sleep
  • and he just jerks awake like whO IS YOU WHO AWOKE ME FROM MAI BEAUTY SLEEP
  • then he sees you with your arms sprawled everywhere and he’d just laugh quietly before tucking you back under the covers
  • and the next morning he’d complain all about it
  • “ Y/N ”
  • “ ?? whAT ”
  • ya he exaggerates a lot
  • and you’d just laugh bc you are aware of the fact that you are kinda violent when you’re in dreamland
  • but seungkwan honestly doesn’t mind lol bc other than that,, you were a good cuddle buddy
  • can you imagine when ya’ll have to order food
  • HAHAHA it’s like tug of war
  • like you like fried chicken
  • but he likes seasoned chicken
  • and you guys can’t buy both bc you guys were supposed to sneak it into the dorms
  • and two packs of chicken would be like bringing a freaking mountain into the dorm
  • so you two just start throwing random stuff at each other
  • “ you broke my pen ytd?? ”
  • “you dropped my compact powder and it got everywhere.”
  • “ya but u made me clean the entire room bc of that.”
  • “but we got seasoned chicken in the cafeteria”
  • “horrible ones.”
  • “no, okay, but —”
  • seungkwan just gives up and 
  • //internal evil laughter
  • “love you seungkwannn”
  • //finger guns
  • seungkwan just shakes his head and places the order and turns away from you to let out his smile
  • ok ya so all in all
  • seungkwan would just be a really soft and annoying roommate 
  • and the two of you would be like the bickering best friends
  • heartheart

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what it’s like being close friends with monsta x...

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Being Close with Monsta X Includes…

  • ALRIGHT, firstly, having monsta x as your friends is a life changing phenomenon on its own
  • You have a pack of famous memes for friends, your life is golden!!
  • but also a piping hot mess, but that doesn’t count
  • So…they can be loud, but they’re not loud 24/7. They’re only extra loud when they’re hyped up for whatever reason, don’t mind them, pls
  • You getting recognized by a few hardcore monbebes, but fear not, they’re always friendly and never malicious.
  • If they’re a big enough fan to find out your identity, but never expose it, then rest assured they’re sweethearts, and they actually care about monsta x
  • HOWEVER, there are a few saesangs who want to see you burn in flames, but ha, that won’t happen…you’re too smart for them.
  • Has their management to back you up anyway, like bless them. even though they’re so strict on you that you think they hate you, that is until they turn around and treat you like a precious queen
  • Sympathizing with other non-celebrities who have celebrity buddies, like wow, the STResS and pressure can have you growing gray hairs

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  • Seriously guys everybody here talks about their tc and all and its amazing but id like to talk about how the tcc makes me feel.
  • It makes me feel understood.
  • Human.
  • Normal.
  • Happy.
  • Friendly.
  • Seriously, like if I talked about this to my real life friends they'd be like
  • "omg not again B!"
  • and here,
  • Everybody feels the same way.
  • Everybody understand the way I've been feeling for the two past years.
  • Guys I feel so good here like I feel like this is where I belong.
  • THANKS TO EVERYONE IN THE TCC! Reblog if you think the same way!

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You're writing is so amazing omg keep up the good work! ;w; Can I request Male! MC headcanons? If this request is already done can you please send me the link to it? Thank chu and have a good day. ^^

Of course! We need more Male!MC tbh  (And thank you so much!) 

I’m writing it where they knew MC is a guy when he joined the chat 


  • He and MC got along pretty much as soon as MC joined 
  • They chatted the most out of everyone in the group and shared a lot of hobbies 
  • and then Yoosung started developing a crush on him 
  • he was so nervous 
  • “is this why i never had a girlfriend?” 
  • He’s too scared to confess to MC and MC ends up being the one confessing to Yoosung 
  • They both expected to be nervous to meet each other at the party but honestly it was the nicest thing 
  • After the party they were always around each other 
  • a lot of cuddle sessions 
  • they take turns with being big spoon/little spoon
  • There is also a lot of PDA 
  • He steals MC’s clothes a lot 
  • Good luck trying to buy new clothes because he will be wearing them as soon as MC brings them home 


  • He was actually pretty quick to fall for MC 
  • at least in the chat room MC always made him laugh, and he was so funny and cute and god he couldn’t handle it 
  • He was so used to flirting with girls he honestly wasn’t sure how to flirt with a guy at first 
  • He’s pretty awkward at first 
  • “I’m attractive, you’re attractive. Let’s date” 
  • Zen you don’t know what MC looks like 
  • He eventually flirts like a normal person too 
  • when they met in person Zen was pretty quick to kiss MC 
  • MC was worried that them dating might affect Zen’s career 
  • so they were pretty careful at first
  • and it hurt Zen so much that he couldn’t kiss MC in public :’(((
  • but after a while of pictures of them two always together being posted online some people were starting to suspect something 
  • There were a lot of comments online with “omg I ship them!!!” or “No they’re just friends” 
  • Eventually they started showing more PDA and he didn’t say anything about until he was asked 
  • “Yeah he’s my boyfriend” 
  • there were fans who were upset bc that means they can’t date him but overall people were pretty supportive 
  • He loves talking about how MC is the best boyfriend in the world tbh 


  • He didn’t care what gender MC is when he joined 
  • the rest of the RFA notice when Jumin warms up to MC and the does Jumin Han is gay jokes don’t stop 
  • And he doesn’t really question anything with MC’s gender when he feels he’s becoming closer to MC 
  • He get’s really attached to MC 
  • He was a little nervous about meeting MC he didn’t show it though
  • because what if these feelings he has are not there when they meet
  • He didn’t have to worry because when he met MC those feelings were stronger 
  • He didn’t hide that they were together at all
  • The rumors were true. Does Jumin Han is gay
  • His father isn’t really happy with this but he can’t stop Jumin from being with someone he loves 
  • Jumin takes MC to all the fancy events and everyone is jealous because they are so hot????how??? 


  • I mean this kid is bi as hell 
  • He fell in love instantly with MC 
  • seriously doesn’t matter what gender MC is he will still love them 
  • He loves snuggling with MC so much 
  • He enjoys being the little spoon a lot 
  • pls comfort this sad little man 
  • He makes MC wear his clothes 
  • MC looks really good in them, But Seven is starting to run out of clothes 
  • so Seven starts wearing MC’s clothes
  • they basically share everything 
  • there’s always kisses. Like the rest of the RFA is getting annoyed when they are all together 
  • they know how to control themselves they just like to mess with the rest of the RFA 
  • They’ve crossedressed before together and sent a picture to the RFA and Zen hates it because they make attractive girls and it’s giving him a confusing boner
  • each time after MC kissed Seven he will whisper “that’s gay” 
  • “Seven… We’re gay” 

I am so sad that 50% of my hunch for this episode is right.. I know it, the familiars felt betrayed and thought that they were purposely sealed out. I teared a bit on the end part where Jinbe thought that bringing disaster will make Takuma-san changed his mind.. that if she become useful then they could be together again..

It was painful to witness how hard it must be for the Ayakashi to just watch the humans slowly lost their power… slowly lost them as friends… This episode is painful in a whole lot level.

Now let’s discuss Sensei’s eyes!!! wow!! the last time i saw those was when Matoba threatened Natsume and i felt this episode is like a confirmation that Sensei’s eyes is a way to show his instinct to protect Natsume at all cost. I love you Nyanko-sensei even so your a tsundere in front of Natsume :D

Last one: I know that the end made some of us think that Natori is going to do something bad (steal the book perhaps?) but you know i want to believe differently.. i want to believe that Natori just want Natsume to be normal.. i really really want to believe that his a good guy for Natsume’s sake..

This episode is so wonderful i am ready to give my all so that this can be the number 1 anime of the week… Let’s vote!!!

P.S: i’m not sure if i could handle the next episode but OMG they are bringing tears again!!!