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Who Should You Fight: KBTBB Edition

Eisuke Ichinomiya: It depends on the situation. He has a lot of resources to take you out, but if it’s just hand-to-hand combat? You might be able to win. He’d probably break a nail or something. Only fight Eisuke in certain scenarios.

Soryu Oh: What the fuck dude. He’s a mobster, he can wipe you off the face of the Earth. Not only does he always have a gun on him, but have you seen how hard and high he can kick? Do not fight Soryu.

Mitsunari Baba: Baba’s definitely more of a guy to slip away from a confrontation if it might lead to an actual fight, so he probably doesn’t have a ton of experience. He’s also got a thing about not hurting girls, so he wouldn’t fight back much. You can fight Baba.

Ota Kisaki: He’s a pretty boy and super thin, you can take him. Plus he’s always treating you like a dog, so you’re bound to snap sometime. He’s more about speed than strength anyway. Fight Ota.

Mamoru Kishi: Don’t let his slacker attitude fool you, this guy is a beast when it comes down to the wire. He fought a ton of cult members that held you hostage with like a stick, the dude can go rogue. Plus he’s a cop, he’s fought plenty of times. Don’t fight Mamoru. 

Luke Foster: I guess you could fight him, but why would you want to? He is a confused space cadet that loves kitties. Yeah he’s hella strong when he’s all post-surgery tired, but 90% of the time he’s chill. If you go for it, you’ll have Eisuke and Soryu coming after you too. I don’t advise fighting Luke.

Rhion Hatter: What is wrong with you? He is so Pure™  and innocent and small. Does not have a bad bone in his body. If you feel the urge to fight him, look at your life choices. Why 

Shuichi Hishikura: Dude’s smart and cunning, but looks can be deceiving. He’s stronger than he looks. Being best friends with Hikaru for so long means he’s picked up quite a few moves along the way. It would be a close fight and I think he could likely win. You probably should’t fight Shuichi.

Hikaru Aihara: He’s a former assassin, this is a terrible idea. Don’t let his youthful look glaze over the fact that the man is capable of killing anyone in his path. Plus he’s young so he’s got a lot of stamina. It’s your funeral if you fight him lmao

math tutor

jeremy heere x reader

two dorks share a math textbook and have a difficult time focusing on anything else

i’ve already got a part two to this planned, look at how productive i’m being

Your hands grip the straps of your backpack to keep it from sliding off your shoulders as you sprint frantically through the hallway. Your gaze flicks briefly to the watch gracing your wrist and you mutter a curse. The math teacher, Mr. Sanders, had volunteered you as a tutor the day before and told you to be in the classroom by eleven. It was already fifteen after.

 Then again, you weren’t all that eager to be a tutor in the first place. The idea of sitting in a humid classroom for an hour while nagging at someone who probably doesn’t put any effort into their schoolwork didn’t exactly appeal to you. To say you had an optimistic look on this tutoring session would be a lie.

A shaky, breathless laugh escapes as you slam into the classroom’s door and fumble with the handle before stumbling into the classroom. “Only fifteen minutes late. Not bad, [l/n].” 

 You dig through your backpack to find your textbook and notebooks as your breath catches up to you. “Sorry I was a little late, I was held up in another class.”

 “Um, it’s okay.” Your head snapped up to the voice that did not belong to Mr. Sanders, but to Jeremy Heere. You grip your school books with one arm and rub your eyes with your free hand, assuring yourself that you were actually seeing Jeremy.

 The tall boy shifts awkwardly in his seat and tugs at the sleeves of his blue jacket. He coughs and tips his head to the side.

 At this point in time, you find yourself wishing that you were tutoring a slacker instead of the guy you’ve had a crush on since freshman year. How is one supposed to keep their composure when they’re forced to look into the eyes of the person that makes them the most nervous?

 You realize you’ve been staring at Jeremy for a good minute and so you finally join him in the chair next to his and lay your books down. Considering the only time you’ve actually interacted with Jeremy was in your English class when he asks to borrow a pencil, he’s probably made the assumption that you’re a creep who likes to stare and be late to things.

 “Um,” You suck in a breath and straighten out the books before you. “Where’s your textbook?”

 Jeremy runs a hand through his hair and lets out a nervous chuckle. “I kind of left it at my house.”

 You slide your book in between the two of you and slide your chair a little closer, trying desperately to keep your cheeks from turning red. “We can share mine.”

 Jeremy’s fingers fidget with the hem of his shirt as he listens to you talk. Your words sound completely incoherent to him, as he’s found himself incapable of focusing. He can’t keep his eyes on the textbook for too long because he can’t stop staring at your [h/c] locks, which look particularly nice today. It doesn’t help that he keeps smelling the wonderful, fruity scent of your hair products.

 Of course Mr. Sanders gives him the person he’s admired for the last two years as his tutor. He rubs his forehead with a sigh and shifts in his seat.

 “Do you understand?” Your voice forces Jeremy to meet your warm gaze and he swears that his face is red and flustered at this point in the tutoring session. He loses himself again, enraptured in your [e/c] eyes.

 “Jeremy?” You chirp, waving your hand to grab his attention.

 He jumps in his seat and nods his head repeatedly. “Yeah, yeah, sorry.” 

 “Okay,” you reply slowly, then lean in closer to Jeremy to look at his paper. “You should take another look at question five, I think you got your numbers mixed up.”

 Jeremy’s face flushes and he nods. His hand shakes as it grips the pencil. You’re so close and it’s making him nervous and giving him the strong urge to run as far away as he can and make sure he can’t make a fool of himself.

 Little does he know that you aren’t doing much better yourself. You’re sure you’ve given him the wrong answers at least ten times now and he hasn’t noticed. Your muscles are tense and your heart is beating so fast that you can’t quite comprehend everything that’s going on. Jeremy’s arm keeps brushing past yours and you get a whiff of his cologne every so often and that just turns your brain to mush. 

 Jeremy’s finger taps against the desk anxiously until he can’t take his nerves anymore. He gathers his notebooks and stands up, causing you to snap out of your thoughts and furrow your eyebrows at him.

 “I-I’m sorry, I just can’t focus.” He shuffles his feet awkwardly and keeps his gaze to the ground.

 You tug on your hair nervously. He’s probably figured out that you’ve got a big, gigantic, embarrassing crush on him and can’t stand to be around you anymore. Or you’re such a lousy, unfocused tutor that he can’t learn anything.

 “I couldn’t, uh, I couldn’t focus either, so, it’s okay..” You murmur, your voice wavering as you collect your things.

 Jeremy starts towards the door, but stops in his tracks. He slides his phone out of his jean pocket and squints, then mutters something that sounds like “damn you, michael.”

 He spins around and quickens to where he was previously standing. “[y/n], will-you-go-on-a-date-with-me?” His words are so fast that you almost can’t hear them, but there’s no way you’d let yourself miss them. You feel your mood lighten immediately as you crack a wide grin.

 You shoot up from your seat and lean across the table, nodding your head eagerly. “Frozen yogurt?” 

 Jeremy’s muscles relax and a giddy smile stretches across his face. “It’s a date.”

Nct as your Classmates


•probably student body president and in choir
•is semi popular because he has the voice of an angel
•kinda a nerd but a cute nerd
•has straight As
•probably takes at least 1 honor/AP class
•is a bit shy around new people
•least favorite class is probably math or gym
•favorite class is choir or english
•now where you come in
•you needed some help in English because you were failing
•since you were a nice student
•the teacher recommend that Taeil should help you out and since Taeil would never deny a chance to help someone
•now you guys work together every Tuesday and Thursday after school
•eventually those turn into Friday nights too
•and Saturdays
•even when you’re passing English, you guys still hang out
•looks like you even cuddle during those hangouts
•oh well I guess you guys kiss a lot too
•guess who carries your books for you?
•guess who helps you with all your homework?
•guess who your boyfriend is?
•you guys are basically the lowkey sweet couple that is too cheesy and mushy when you guys are alone


•is the school’s best at lowkey spreading rumors
•low key a snake but hides it with a smile
•is legendary for his body rolls
•when he wears dress shirts to dances he’s 👌
•is popular at events, blends in the shadows at school
•grades are probably below average
•but for some reason he has 112% in biology
•like wtf dude
•talks to everyone but it’s just so he can spread his information around the school
•his least favorite class is English
•his favorite is biology
•you were always the first to get the info he has
•didn’t believe his bs until it actually happened
•slowly started to become one of his followers because all of his info was true
•he just thought you were really cute and liked your laugh
•eventually came to love your smile
•and the way you look when you don’t believe his info
•confess to you in the cutest way too
•so you came to him for your daily blackmail right?
•tells you the usual, Taeyong is in love with Winwin, blah blah blah
•then he leans in to tell you the last bit of his daily news which was
•"Hansol and y/n are dating"
•you didn’t deny it
•now you’re his little snake buddy too


•I am 110% sure that he is a fuckboy
•has girls lining up to see him in a muscle shirt
•gives them all smirks and winks knowing that he is killing them all
•is average in school
•some Cs there, some Bs here and like one A
•focus more on girls and what he’s going to eat for lunch
•until finals comes around
•helps play piano for choir sometimes
•is so friendly with everyone
•hangs out with the seniors when he isn’t with Ten
•is the worst in biology
•favorite class is lunch and English(like the language)
•you were like his best friend forever
•after ten of course
•you two made an English speaking squad with Amber as your leader
•hangs out like 25/8 with him
•likes to call you shorty
•you call him loser
•doesn’t help that you live down the street from him
•it’s always lit on Friday nights because it’s sleepover Fridays
•ten joins in sometimes
•mostly it’s just the two of you watching movies and toasting each other
•one night y'all were playing truth or dare •he asked you who you liked
•you choose him
•looks like you guys are together now
•except you’re the third wheel whenever Ten butts in


•probably a bad ass
•he just looks like one when really he’s a cinnamon bun
•I blame his leather jacket
•he’s doing okay in school
•like he’ll skip sometimes but not often
•averge is about a B- which is pretty good
•he doesn’t really cause trouble
•unless you count his fights with Doyoung
•kinda quiet unless he’s helping out one of the foreign kids or kids in general
•is a tsuduere
•lowkey leaves food for teachers who are having a stressful day
•his least favorite class is science
•his favorite is home economics
•you somehow got your whole schedule the same as his
•you’re a pretty decent baker too so the two of you always pair up
•you don’t really talk when you do, just kinda stare, do your work and secretly stare
•it wasn’t until you caught him placing a cookie on your favorite teacher’s desk that you knew he was a sweet heart
•so you started to talk to him more and got to know him
•he got to know you
•turns out you two have a lot in common
•so naturally, you two start to become more attractive to each other
•pretty soon you guys are making out in the janitor’s closet


•kinda a slacker
•really loves talking
•is that kid that gets yelled at at least once a day for not knowing how to shut up
•is doing okay in school
•has a C average
•not really excelling in any class except for gym
•never late for any classes because he likes to talk to the teachers too
•because they’ll sometimes bump his grades up to a B
•like he just flashes them one of his smiles and boom
•favorite class is gym
•least favorite is history
•you’re really talkative too so naturally, you two talk together
•like a lot
•he’s the reason you get in trouble
•don’t worry the teachers will stop being mad once you flash your smiles at them
•tbh the teachers ship you two
•tbh everyone ships you
•even you guys ship you
•and now you guys are finally dating
•you guys probably talk even more in class now
•even more detentions
•at least you guys have each other


•cute foreign exchange student
•acts like he doesn’t know what’s going but really does
•has shit on everyone
•is passing every class with some help
•by some I mean a lot of help
•straight Bs
•is sort of popular
•everyone just admires him from afar
•not really shy, just stands there and goes along with everything
•least favorite class is history
•favorite class is lunch tbh
•you were the first one he talked to when he first got here
•he stuck to you since he didn’t know anyone
•you liked it because you liked helping people
•plus he was cute and his accent was cute
•eventually he found other friends but still hung out with you a lot
•he’s also a bit dumb
•so he texted you that he liked you
•but he thought you couldn’t understand because it was in Chinese
•you google translated it
•at first you thought it was wrong but then everything made sense
•you texted him back saying that you liked him too
•he fell off his bed when he saw that
•probably told Winwin before he told anyone else


•if you don’t get your information from Yuta, you get them from him
•gets triggered pretty quickly
•also in choir with DoYoung
•kind of a bitch
•but the bitch everyone can’t live without
•not doing well in school at all
•no As and like 2 Bs
•teachers hate him because he likes to expose all of the teachers
•probably likes to change the backgrounds on the computers too
•least favorite class is all of them
•favorite class is none
•you didn’t like him
•but like you hung out with him because you’re Jaehyun’s best friend
•you and DoYoung like to roast each other a lot
•Jaehyun ships you
•when he says that he ships you he ends up going home with a bump on his head
•slowly beginning to like him
•like your guys roast session are fun
•he’s not bad looking
•you liked bunnies too
•one day y'all had a really heated argument in school which ended up with you two making out in the hall
•now you two still do roast sessions but it’s always on Jaehyun
•Jaehyun regrets introducing you


•the class clown
•everyone loves Ten
•not doing that well in classes but oops
•likes to red mangas tho
•freaks people out by dressing up as a demon and doing that flexibility thing down hallways
•got suspended for doing it because it was a “safety hazard”
•they were just salty that they got scared by it too
•only has Ds and Cs
•spends too much time watching dramas and contributing to it than studying
•favorite class is drama
•least favorite is health
•you were the other class clown
•you two have friendly competitions
•he usually wins
•but he’ll say no way, you definitely won
•you and him are sit at the same lunch table aka the loudest table
•food fights once every month
•it’s always you vs Ten
•which ends up with you guys cleaning together
•he asked you out one day so now you’re dating I guess
•now you make jokes about his dick


•drives a fancy car
•that one kid that everyone loves
•has girls wrapped around his pinky
•too nice to be a fuckboy
•maybe borderline fuckboy
•good grades
•As and Bs only
•he’s never alone
•popular af
•on the basketball team
•helps teachers out on weekends that he’s free
•does aegyo for food
•sugar coats everything
•has no least favorite class
•likes art the most
•idk how y'all started dating but you did
•kids found out because you two were always holding hands and found you two kissing under the bleachers
•this is so short, sorry

sorry if you wanted the others too, I can write them if you request again

Coffee Shop AU: Day 3

This was the only day I decided not to follow the prompts and it was selfishly because I felt like writing a coffee shop au! Enjoy the trope!

Day 1

“What can I get for you Ma'am?”

What was it she had to do today? Go to college and hand in her assignment, then go to the library and pick up the book that will help write the next assignment. Then she had to go to see her sister and pretend to be interested in her company. Then she had to go back to her apartment and bake cookies for the college bake sale tomorrow. Then she had to make herself dinner, read her textbook and eventually fall asleep.

God she couldn’t wait for this year to be over so she could graduate and move on with her life.


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Torrent Company, stand to!

Featured in Clone Wars by Karen Traviss

Zeer: Torrent Company’s combat engineer. He reprogramed an SBD to walk back into the enemy lines with a bomb attached to its insides. He’s one of the six survivors of battle of Teth.
Ridge: He’s talking on his helmet comlink. When a fellow trooper’s comlink was malfunctioning, Ridge was able to repair it quickly.
Nax: One of the six survivors of battle of Teth. Nax was the one to capture an SBD for Zeer to tinker with.
Del: Another survivor from Teth. He manned a repeating blaster with Coric. He was also the first one to sober up and lament for the loss of Torrent Company, which is why I drew him with dogtags. For some reason my headcanon is that Del comes from Delete.
Attie: Yet another survivor from Teth. He used a mortar while defending against the superior numbers of droids. He appears to be more optimistic than the other five survivors, joking easily with Coric after facing death.
Ged: One of the soldiers that Rex wishes were to witness their final stand in Teth. He was wounded while fighting in Cristophsis, but survived and joined rest of Torrent Company for Teth.
Coric: One of Rex’s closest men as well as his sergeant and medic, has a dry sense of humour that he usually delivers with a deadpan tone.
Lunn: One of Coric’s best pals.
Hez: One of the soldiers that Rex wishes were to witness their final stand in Teth. He was also a sergeant.
Vaize: Not much known about him. But in my head he’s a joker who’s recently shed his shinyness which is why I drew him with less armour paint. Hez is painting a bullseye and “target here clanker” on his chest.
Ayar: Not much known about him, either. I drew him scaling up with a rope/cable thingy as Torrent Company did in Teth.

Featured in No Prisoners by Karen Traviss

Hil: One of the six shinies that are taken to Leveler under Rex’s command.
Ross: One of the six shinies that are taken to Leveler under Rex’s command.
Ince: The first shiny to respond to Rex. He has a witty sense of humour and is more outspoken than his shiny brothers. He dies while rescuing a Republic Agent in JanFathal.
Vere: Another casualty in JanFathal.
Boro: He was very upset with Vere’s death and tried to sacrafice himself several times before Rex spoke sense to him.
Joc: He feeds on rumours and is sticking his nose in everyone’s business. Rex thinks he’d be a good candidate for Intel, which is why I drew him with a Sherlock hat and magnifying glass.

Featured in Clone Wars TV-serie

Rex: Da Man — Torrent Company’s captain.
Ahsoka: Rex’s future wife Torrent Company’s commander and token Jedi.
Denal: Torrent Company’s sergeant. He handled bombs which is why I drew him juggling them. And he got killed by Cad Bane (hat) and was impersonated by him in order to escape.
Koho: Denal’s bro. Also died by Cad Bane’s hand.
Kix: The medic man. He seems to have a thing for vanity, with his fancy tattoos and how he spends as much time in front of a mirror as a highschool student.
Jesse: Not sure why, but I think Jesse’s a trickster.
Oz: Died in Umbara from the roadmines.
Ringo: Died in Umbara from the roadmines. Was known to be fluent in sign language.
Dogma: If he could choose, he’d be a policeman and tattoo the law on every criminal’s forehead.
Hardcase: Crackpot crazy kamikaze clone. Died with the most bang.
Tup: One of the semi-shinies. When his brain chip malfunctions, he’s euthanized by the Kaminoans. He’s Fives’ best bro after he forgets about loses Echo.
Fives: ARC-trooper, the second last survivor of Domino Squad. Because of him we have Good Grandpa Clones in Rebels.
Echo: ARC-trooper, the last survivor of Domino Squad. After he went boom, he was taken by the Techno Union and turned into a walking-talking USB stick. He spent all his time in captivity reading the enemy’s reg manuals.
Appo: Sergeant of Torrent Company, later the commander of 501st and Vader’s Fist. He’s that-clone-that-Vader-bromances-about-after-said-clone’s-death.

Lol hi guys, I’m alive! Told you I’d slack like a pro slacker and take all month with this. But hey, at least I can now draw clone armour in my sleep. Booya!

30 Day Mumblr Challenge

Day 7: Due dates & birth dates for you children?

Bug was due 8/23 and was born 3 days late- those were the longest 3 days of my life

Sis was due 7/9 and was born 3 days early- after 2 long, painful weeks of prodromal labor

Day 8: How many kids do you want?

Nine out of ten days I’ll tell you I want at least one more, because the idea of being done having kids at 24 is kind of sad. But after a day like today, I’m perfectly happy with my two happy and healthy babies.

Who’s Clueless Now?

Summary: Where Dean Winchester learns that making assumptions really does make an ‘ass’ out of you (though not necessarily Cas).

Setting: Pre-ever tickling each other ever in canon-ish!verse

A/N: I’m sorry that I’ve been such a slacker lately; you guys deserve way better than me teasing you with rapid fire fics and collabs to then fall off Tumblr save reblogging. So I whipped this up for you guys and I hope you enjoy it! (Initially a prompt to calmturquoise from eerie-was-i)


The plan was utterly flawless. He had done everything right and yet it was him that could not stop the jovial hysterics bursting from an ear to ear, wide-mouthed smile.

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Preference #11 Car Accidents


Not requested because you guys are slackers.


You ran frantically into the hospital, running to the receptionist desk, stuttering out your boyfriend of two year’s name. She told you he was in room 417, you sprinted to the elevator to his room. A sob left your lips as you saw his broken body on the bed. There was scratches across his pale skin, his hair stuck to his forehead and his leg was in a cast. You quietly sat on the bed, waiting for him to wake. When you heard motion on the mechanical bed. Michael groaned. 

“What happened."He asked with a scratchy voice.

"You’re an idiot.” You said with tears threatening to fall.

“What?” He asked, distorted.

“You were drunk and you tried to drive home. You almost died and I thought I lost you. I was so scared I lost you. Don’t you ever do that again.” You said sobbing. Michael pulled you to his chest.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered in your hair.


Luke’s sneakers squeaked on the liniment floors of the hospital. He ran to your room, as soon as he heard or your accident, he jumped on the nearest flight back home. His heart broke into pieces as he saw you with breathing tubes and machines.

“I’m here baby.” He whispered. “Please wake up.”

Fourteen days passed and you were still in your comatose state. Luke wiped his eyes tiredly when all of a sudden, your eyes fluttered open.

“Y/n oh my gosh.” Luke whispered.

“Luke?” You croaked.


You twisted your engagement ring your fiance had given you days prior and you waited for him to return from surgery. A shaky breath left your lips as the doctor told you he was going to be okay. It was now just about when he was going to wake up. Days turned into weeks, then months. And eventually doctors started to doubt.

“You don’t have to, but it’s unlikely he’s going to wake up Mrs. Y/L/N.” You shook your head.

“Lets wait a little longer.” You said. You turned back to the love of you life and pressed your lips to his knuckle. His eyes fluttered open. A loud cry left your mouth.

“Cal.” You cried out. A hand rising to stifle your sobs.

“I’m sorry, who are you and where am I?” He asked. Your heart dropped as a you took in a sharp breath.


Your body felt stiff as if you’d been asleep a long time. You groaned softly and opened your eyes. A boy in his early  twenties came in view. He had unruly curly hair and hazel eyes. You furrowed your eyebrows together.

“Y/N? Oh my gosh.” He cried out and grabbed your hand, pressing it to his lips. You took it from him.

“Who are you?” You croaked.

“I’m your boyfriend. Ashton.” He said with a pained voice. “I love you.” Fright overcome you and your breathing quickened. You lost your memory in a car accident.

Request. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Text ✉ Skylar
  • Graham: Are you guys gonna road trip down here while Q's already here or am I bringing her back first?
  • Graham: Do you know? Does George? Does anyone??
  • Graham: Why are you guys such slackers when it comes to this? You're usually so ANAL
Wrapped Around Your Finger: Part 4

{Someone requested this ages ago but I had musical rehearsal until 7 at night then homework for two weeks straight and I had to do community service for Honor Society, then I actually had the musical. Now that it’s over I’ll be more active but I still have other event for choir. Right now I’m on Spring Break and will be doing requests. Send one to my ask box of interested. I hope you guys like this, especially the ending. I’m sorry for being such a slacker and all but this summer shall be dedicated to writing. 10 more weeks and I’m free. 😏}

You yawned as you extended your arms upwards, sitting up on your bed. “Morning Sleepyhead,” Johnson spoke as he looked at you from the other side of the room. “What the hell happened last night?” You questioned, rubbing your head as you tried to recall the boys presence. “Well, you got baked and fell asleep soon after,” Gilinsky muttered as he sat down next to you. “I’m sorry guys,” you replied shaking your head, feeling both apologetic and guilty. “I’ll take the blame for that one, Babe..” G replied, lightly gripping one of your shoulders. Johnson nodded, “But we would never let anything happen to you (Y/N), you deserve a night every once in a while. You groaned as you got out of bed, “I don’t mean to be a bad host but I need to take a shower, will you guys be okay for a while?” “Can I join?” Gilinsky smirked. “You’re a pig!” You replied coldly, giving him a stare that could turn someone into stone. “Hey, you can’t blame me,” he spoke in attempt to defend himself. You crossed your arms as you leaned on the door casing of your bathroom, “Don’t worry, I’ll let it slide as long as you two make breakfast and we have a good, old-fashioned movie day. No funny-business, just us and an over abundance of movies.” “Deal,” Johnson said, “C’mon Jack, we have some breakfast to make.”

You smiled as the boys left the room and you went into your closet and grabbed out baggy, your favorite sweats and v-neck tee. You took a quick shower, brushed your teeth and put eyedrops into your rather blood shot eyes. After blow drying your hair you put on some mascara then slipped on a pair of fuzzy socks as you headed to the kitchen. “Someone knows how to make
a girl happy,” you said as you motioned towards the French toast on the table. “Powdered sugar and cinnamon, just how you prefer it,” Johnson spoke, handing you your plate. “Thank you,” you smiled and leaned in to kiss his cheek. Gilinsky walked over setting a cup of tea in front of you, “Where’s mine,” he asked, sticking out his bottom lip. “Come here,” you sighed jokingly, pulling him down to your level, kissing his left cheek. You took a sip of your tea, “What movies are we gonna watch tonight?” Johnson began to speak but was interrupted by the vibration of Gilinsky’s phone. Gilinsky stood up abruptly, placing his plate in the sink, “Uhh.. Something came up guys, I’ve got to run. I’ll probably see you tomorrow,” he stammered through his words, hugging me as he ran out the door. “Thank was peculiar,” you spoke with a questioning connotation. Johnson shrugged, “I guess it’s just you and me, Princess.” He beamed as he took another bite of his french toast, you nodding then doing the same.

After finishing breakfast you began to clear the table. After you set the glasses in the sink you whipped around to face Jack, “Why do you think G left? Was it her?” You questioned already knowing the real answer, it being something you didn’t want to hear. “I think so,” Johnson replied, quickly swallowing. You nodded, “I just have a bad feeling about her,” you took a slight pause, “But I also want him to be content.” Jack dropped a fork down in the sink, the clatter echoing throughout the room, “It’s his choice (Y/N).. And you know how oblivious he can be, I just worry she’s gonna screw him over.” He let out an exasperated sigh and headed back towards the table, picking up the remainder of the dishes. “Let’s just forget about it and have an amazing day, just you and me,” you smiled pulling Jack into a hug. Jack kissed your nose and smiled back at you, “I’m gonna go shower while you finish up.” You immediately agreed, watching Jack as he walked out of the kitchen. After grabbing a napkin you swiped the crumbs from the French toast into your hand, then tossed it in the garbage. You placed all the dishes in the dishwasher and got on your phone and began scrolling through Twitter. Lately you’d tried to avoid it because of all the drama it caused. A new tweet from Gilinsky popped up that said, ‘Taking out the girl tonight, she just doesn’t know it’. You rolled your eyes thinking about him and Madison and groaned, setting your phone face down on the counter. By this time a shirtless Johnson had walked into the room. You laughed at the way his hair was currently placed on his head. His usual quiff had split into two and curled away from the center. “Come here,” you said motioning for his presence. He sort-of jogged over to you and you ran your fingers through his hair in attempt to fix it. “There you go Sweets, let’s watch some movies.” You turned away and walked into your living room, Johnson only a step behind you. Grabbing the remote, you plopped on the couch. After an endless battle, Jack convinced you to watch Ouija. You weren’t really scared it’s just you didn’t like the whole concept but when Johnson gives ‘that look’, there’s no thought about going back.

(Several Scary Films Later)
You were cuddled into Johnson’s side, only looking up at the screen to take quick glances. Every little creak in your house made your fear level skyrocket. Suddenly a mirror within the movie broke, shattering into what seemed to be a million pieces. You jumped, covering your eyes, earning a giggle from Johnson. You hung your head and jutted out your lips. He paused the movie then pulled you onto his lap so you were facing him, “I’m sorry I made you watch that,” he spoke softly. You shrugged, “It’s fine, I just wanted to spend time with my partners in crime, but lately it’s just the two of us. We’re not the three amigos, or the three musketeers, it’s just you and I.” Johnson smiled, “I like it better that way,” he whispered placing his forehead against yours. You nodded as he pressed his lips against yours, and kissed back like never before. The door then whipped open and the two of you quickly separated. Gilinsky looked back at you, his jaw clenched and you froze.