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Blind Date

Author: Bitsy83 (tumblr: @bitsy83)

Artist: stevetwisp (tumblr: @stevetwisp)

Ash has been set up on a blind date that is quickly going wrong. Can the night be salvaged by the unexpected help of a good friend?

There were a lot of things Ash had put up with over the years.  She’d put up with rude subway passengers complaining about her quills.  She had dealt with hecklers at her shows.  And Lance had supplied her with more than enough headaches that she could care to remember.  She even had been promised the chance of winning 100,000 dollars only to find out it was a scam, followed by a near death experience with almost drowning inside of the Moon theater.  

All of that was nothing compared to what she was going through tonight.

Ever since Mr. Moon announced to the audience that she had been dumped by her boyfriend, her Aunt Ruth - a loving, but rather nosy porcupine who lived in the suburbs - made it her sole mission to get her niece back into the dating game by finding her a proper boyfriend.  Ruth was part of a large knitting group that met every week.  During one meeting, she had shared with her fellow knitters that her poor niece was nursing a broken heart and needed to find a knight in shinning armor to help her recover from her recent bout with depression.  Ruth’s friends were more than happy to ask their many nephews, neighbors, and whomever they felt eligible to court the lovely porcupine…despite Ash’s numerous attempts to tell them it wasn’t necessary and she’d rather not get back into the dating game at this point.

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anonymous asked:

What would you call the clothing style you draw?? It's super cool but idk what to search for when trying to find references >~<;

When I draw characters in regular causal clothes that arent fancy or egl I draw Japanese street/alternative fashion! I feel my knowledge of street fashion actually isnt that great im not the best person to talk about this but Ill try to help…..

there are alot of different styles [and im not really good at naming the styles >~< ] so it really depends on the style you are looking for! punk, kodona, gyaru, lolita, gal, fairy kei, gyaru hime, rock, visual kei [ like for example…. alternative American fashion would be like…scene, preppy, goth???? I think???]

if your looking for good street clothing refs I would 100% recommend buying Kera or visiting the website [or download if you can find scans] this is my fav fashion mag and there are a BUNCH of different styles in it and alot of name brands like Liston flavor

also there is a mag called Zipper! its mostly aomoji style [this is the style I draw Kenma in alot] its a simpler style but still really cute

another good way to find references is by looking up name brands! this usually leads to the brand name or other styles that look close to it! like looking up HBA you get this style [I draw alot of guys in this style cuz its really easy to remember how the designs usually look]

there are alot of websites and tumblrs that just focus on street fashion like Girls street snap Tokyo-fashion and streetsnapfashion! also Pyrrhics is A+++++ at fashion and she is sooooo pretty

All the Boys I Fall in Love with Are Straight or Fictional

Fate hasn’t exactly been nice to Baz his whole life. His soulmate might be a criminal. Or an actor. As it turns out, he’s something worse…

Chapter One, Chapter Three

Chapter Two

Baz stood on the steps to a small appartment. In front of him were a few names. He lifted his hand and hesitated for a moment, before he pressed the button beside the name ‘Snow’.

It took so long that Baz started to doubt anyone would show up. Maybe he had a false adress. Maybe the guy just wasn’t home. He didn’t want him to think he was a stalker. Normally 'fans’ showing up at the doorstep of an actor or an athor were considered as creeps. Maybe this was just a bad idea and he should turn away, just forget everything.

No, Baz, he told himself. Don’t give up so easily. If he’s not at home, you’re just going to come back tomorrow. And the day after. And if you have to, also the day after that…

Okay. Maybe that is a little creepy. But after all, it would be worth it.

Baz was about to turn around and walk away, when the door suddenly opened. It wasn’t what Baz expected. At all. He had thought of an middle aged man with glasses or something. He hadn’t expected a person that resembled an angel.

He looked sleepy. It was ten o'clock and the guy just blinked at him instead of saying anything. Baz really wanted to. He wanted to make this encounter less awkward than it was but he just kept staring. The guy yawned for a moment. He still wore pyjamas and his curls were messy.

He looked at Baz for a few seconds longer before he suddenly started to frown.

Shit. You shoud’ve said something. This have been like three minutes of awkward silence, no wonder he wants me to go. But I can’t let that happen. I came here for a reason.

'I just realized that I shoud’ve changed.’

'Ehr… That’s fine.’

'I’m sorry. I was asleep when I heard the bell ring. I thought it was the guy from the post office.’

The guy turned around and shambled into the house. Baz was unsure what to do but the guy left the door to his appartment open, so Baz decided to follow him. The boy could still throw him out.

Silently he closed the door behind him. The home of the boy looked just as the boy himself: Messy. Traces of the guy were left everywhere. It was really his home, not just the home of a random person.

'Are you here because of the rent?’


'Then did Gareth send you? Please tell him I need no company, I’m good.’

'Nobody sent me. I’m sorry if my visit is inconvenient to you. I didn’t think you’d still be asleep at this time of the day.’

'Oh, I that’s no problem. I just had a really hard night. And lot’s of coffee.’

'Okay. I…’

Why was it so hard for him to say why he was here? Maybe because it sounded so ridiculous…

'I’m here because of your book. It’s called 'The Broken Dreams of a Dragon Knight’, remember?’

It’s his book. Of course he remembers. Idiot.

'Ah yeah… That one.’

He smiled as if he remembered something.

Merlin, Baz thought. It’s like this guy is out of our world.

'Wasn’t that much of a success, though,’ the blonde added.

'I know. I… didn’t find very much about you on the internet.’

'You read the book, then?’

'Yes. It’s great, it’s… a bit of an issue to me, really.’

'Oh. I’m sorry for that. What is it?’

'It’s about my soulmate. I need your help finding him.’

The gaze of the guy darkened.

'I know nothing about soulmates. Leave me alone with that stuff.’

The poor guy probably didn’t have one. Baz felt an aching pain in his heart.

'I really don’t mean to bother you. But this is important to me.’

'How could I possibly help you with your soulmate?’

Baz kept silent for a moment.

'I know this sounds… odd. But I think my soulmate… is… the character…’

In the end, he just muffled, suddenly embarassed.


'The character Simon… in your book. He’s my soulmate.’

Baz lifted his Jeans to show Simon the sentence. He had no idea how Simon would react. But still the boy was a constant surprise to him. He laughed. He really laughed. Did he think Baz was joking? No, it was something else.

'What’s funny?’ Baz demanded angrily.

'It’s just that… This guy I invented. The creation of my mind. He gets to have a better love life than I have. But that’s the thing about stories, isn’t it? The characters get the things we wish to have and that way we feel a little bit better about ourselves. But this… This is just not fair, is it?’

'I take it you don’t have a soulmate, then?’

'Oh, I do. But I have no idea what that sentences is I’m going to hear from her. I… I thought maybe Agatha was my soulmate, but… I clearly wasn’t hers.’

'How do you not know your soulmates sentence?’

He smiled at Baz warily before lifting his trousers and revealed – a prosthesis. How coudn’t Baz have noticed this?

'Got into a car accident when I was little. My parents died then. And I lost the leg my sentence was engraved in. I didn’t care about that bloody thing back then and later there was no one to ask about it anymore. So I’m probably never going to find out who that soulmate of mine is.’

The fate of the boy didn’t seem to be much more shining than his own. Baz felt a moment of empaphy. They had both been betrayed by their destiny.

'I’m sorry,’ Baz whispered.

'Don’t be. What can I help you with?’

'I know a spell… A spell of… dark magic. That way I can get your character out of the book. But the spell requires the author. That’s what I need you for.’

'I’d really like to help you, but…’

'You have work to do. And I know you have no reason to trust me. This was a bad idea. I shoudn’t have come. I really didn’t want to haress you, Mr. Snow.’

'Call me Simon,’ the guy said puzzled.

'You named your character after yourself?’ Baz asked disbelievingly.

Simon shrugged.

'I’m not really a good author. I’m really not going anywhere with my new story. It’s been some time since I’ve left the house… Or talked to people, for that matter. And I could do with some inspiration.’

'Are you saying…?’

'Yes,’ Simon said and gifted him with a lopsided grin. 'I’m helping you.’

Getting Under Your Skin (Michael Clifford)
REQUEST: I NEED A DOMINANT MICHAEL PLS I RARELY SEE ANY MICHAEL STUFF AND I CRYYYYYY SO ITD BE VERYYYYY GREATTTTT IF ONE WAS WRITTENNNNNN BECAUSE IM A MICHAEL GIRL AND I NEED MY BAE * * * It wasn’t you were scared of him, but you just weren’t sure if you wanted to get involved with him. You knew Luke, you knew Calum, you knew Ashton, but it was something about Michael. His cocky attitude towards anything that had boobs and a pulse. The way he would bite his lip when he saw something he liked. You were fully aware Michael was the bad boy type but you weren’t sure if you wanted to get involved with that. You’d spoken to him a few times but never let your relationship get to a higher level than acquainted.
When Ashton invited you to their album release party, you didn’t think much of it. You’d go, have a few drinks, hear them play a few of their news songs throughout the club and call it a night. After you arrived, you went to the bar in search for a drink before you planned on scouting out the guys. You ordered, waiting for the bartender to return with the fruity concoction. As he went to tell you how much you owed him, a hand rested on your waist, startling you a bit. “Put it on our tab for the night. She’s with us.” A familiar voice rang in your ear. You stiffened as you were spun around to face the cocky, bleach blonde guitarist wearing his famous smirk. “Y/N! The guys didn’t tell me your cute little ass was coming.” He flirted. You could tell he was amused at how uneasy you got around him but you honestly couldn’t help it. “Yeah… Here I am…” You trailed off, avoiding his gaze as you sipped your drink. When you finally gathered the courage to look at him, you saw his eyes were focused somewhere else. “My eyes are up here Michael.” You scoffed, feeling disgusted. His smirk got bigger, looking back up at your face and making you uncomfortable, once again. “I would apologize but that dress is not helping me out with that.” He bit his lip, checking you out again. You forced down a gulp before pushing yourself away from him and trying your best to find the rest of his band before he could catch up to you. As you found the guys, Michael was right behind you. You greeted them but as you went to sit down in between Ashton and Calum, you were pulled onto Michaels lap. No one else in the section really noticed the sudden movement. Your eyes widened hearing Michael’s laugh as you were forcefully pulled closer into his chest. His hands rested on your waist as you felt his hot breath ghost over your ear. “What’s the matter Y/N, why don’t you like me?” He questioned, his voice barely audible over the pumping bass. The hairs on your neck stood up as his warmness left your ear and moved to the other. “Why do I make you so nervous Y/N?” He asked. You turned your head to see him looking up at you in an innocent manner. You felt his lips brush against your neck, placing kisses up and down. You let out a breath as he pulled away until his lips were beside your ear again. “How about we go back to the hotel.” He suggested. You finally gained some composure, pulling yourself from his tight grip but staying on his lap. “Michael, no.” You shook your head, not letting him have his way. You were so under his spell at this point but knew you’d regret it if you let him have his way. “You can’t resist me Y/N…” He taunted, your name rolling off his tongue. “Come on.” He urged.  His grip on your waist tightened to lift you as he got up from his seat. Calum finally caught your eye, giving you a confused look since the guys knew you and Michael weren’t close. “Y/N has a stomach ache, I think there’s bad shrimp at the bar. I’m just gonna take her home now.” Michael lied, the guys not really making much of it. His hand was around your wrist and he dragged you outside, trying to avoid any paparazzi and insane fans. In a few minutes, you both walked into the lobby of a posh looking hotel. The elevator ride to the 17th floor was more than uncomfortable, sexual tension the only thing filling the air. The metallic doors opened and Michael brought you down the hallway, his smirk still on his face. He fumbled with the key as you kept your distance. You still weren’t sure how you got there but you could always turn back, right? The door opened, Michael’s arm snaking around your waist to push you inside first. Barely paying attention, you were pushed against a wall. One of Michael’s hands refound your waist as the other was resting on the wall beside your head. You looked up at him, not knowing what to expect from this point. He licked his lips, checking you out for what felt like the millionth time that night. Michael’s hand left your waist, his finger finding its way in between your legs and trailing over your panties. You let out a shaky breath as he nipped on your neck, surely leaving a mark for the next day. “You’re soaking wet. Did I do that?” He asked, teasing you. You grabbed his shoulders, gripping your nails into him from pleasure. “What do you want me to do Y/N? Use your words baby.” He whispered, his finger trailing back before removing me. You let out a breath, your eyes looking into his.  “Fuck me Michael.” You choked out, not knowing what was coming over you. He smirked, not thinking twice as he grabbed your ass, signalling you to jump up. His lips kissed your hungrily, barely letting you get out breaths in between. His kisses were rough and forceful, something you weren’t familiar with but couldn’t deny liking. He carried you in front of the bed before setting you down so your heels touched the floor. They made you a bit taller, but not passed Michael’s 6 foot tall figure.  “Strip.” He demanded, stepping away. He eyed you, crossing his arms as you built up the confidence to give him what he wanted. You turned your back to him, pushing your hair to the side as you slowly unzipped the back of your tight, little black dress before peeling it off. You bent down as you stepped out of it, leaving you in your bra and thong. Your new found confidence pushed you back towards where he was, pushing him so he was sitting on the bed before having fun with your little show. You started swaying your hips in front of his face, dipping your ass low so it brushed against his skinny jeans. You stood so your legs were on the outsides of his before continuing. You laced your arms around his neck, biting your lip as he looked up at you, proud of himself. He grabbed your boobs over your bra, something you’ve honestly fantasized about before. Your hand put pressure on the fabric still covering his crotch, making him let out a groan. You snaked your hands up his shirt, feeling his torso before peeling the material off his body. His hand snaked behind you as he unclasped your bra, discarding it somewhere. He started unbuckling his jeans before your hands took over to pull them down. He stood up, pushing his boxers down as he was back at your eye level. His hand grabbed the back of your head, forcing eye contact as he licked his lips. “You’re gonna take those pretty red lips of yours and show me how good you can put them to use.” He demanded before pushing you down to your knees. His sudden forceful manner made you uneasy but you were so caught up in lust that you didn’t care at this point as long as Michael somehow had you screaming by the end of the night. You slowly wrapped your lips around Michael’s dick, causing him to groan in frustration. You forced most of him in your mouth, grabbing what you couldn’t fit with your hands. He grabbed your head again, shoving himself further into your mouth, causing you to gag. You looked up to see him biting him lip as he guided your head at the pace he wanted. You swirled your tongue around him as you felt his cock throb. He grabbed your shoulders as a string of moans left his mouth as he reached his high, filling your throat with his cum.  He pulled out of your mouth, the rest of the cum left dripping on your chest. You stared at him lustfully, not sure what he would do next. He gestured for you to get back up before spinning you around and pushing you backwards onto the bed. He grabbed your boobs, massaging them as his mouth worked down your neck again. Your hands found their way to his lower back as you grinded against him, wanting more contact. He instantly pulled away, staring at you with an intense gaze. “You’re gonna regret doing that Y/N.” He warned, smirking. His lips reattached to yours as he slid your body further up the bed. His hands went back to your boobs before he brought his lips from your mouth to one of your nipples. He sucked and nipped on one as he pinched and grabbed the other, before switching. You moaned as you became hypnotized by his touch. His name was choked out from the back of your throat, not being able to take his teasing anymore. Your hands were pulled above your head, being held at the wrists by Michael. He used his free hand to rip your panties off before positioning himself at your entrance. “Since you felt it was necessary to barely speak to me since we met, you better not make any noise. Got it?” He growled, his finger trailing down your slit again. You bit your lip to suppress a moan, nodding. With barely any time to brace yourself, Michael slammed into you. You hastily breathed out, forcing the scream at the back of your throat to stay there. He barely let you adjust before continuing. All you wanted to do was claw at Michael’s back but his hands held a firm grip. Pain quickly turned into pleasure the longer Michael worked you. You bit your tongue as you felt him hit your g-spot, desperately just wanting to let it all out. Your eyes focused on Michael’s lust filled gaze as he licked his lips again. His face lowered back down beside your head, his lips dangerously close to your skin. “How bad to you wanna just scream out right now?” He asked, biting your ear lightly after he did. He had stopped moving, his pulsing cock staying in your womanhood. “So bad.” You squeaked out, earning a chuckle from Michael. “Tell me.” He growled, his finger going down and brushing against your clit. “Fuck me so hard I can’t walk tomorrow. I don’t wanna be able to see straight because I’m so caught up in my orgasm. Destroy me Michael.” You breathed out, your filter non existent anymore. He pulled away, looking at you surprised. You stared at him lustfully, your eyes narrow as you bit your lip and that seemed to do it for him. Your wrists let go and Michael started going at a faster pace than before. You instantly clawed at his toned back, what you’ve craved doing the whole night. You moaned out not long after, thankful you didn’t have to keep it in anymore. “Scream for me baby. Make sure the whole floor knows my name.” He purred, hitting your g-spot again. His name went from being moaned out to being screamed as you felt a familiar, satisfying warmth building up in the pit of your stomach. “Fuck Michael, I’m gonna-” You were cut off as his lips attaching back to yours. You didn’t realize how much you missed the feeling until it was back. Your walls clenched around him, making you pull away from him, screaming as you reached your high. You were brought into euphoria as Michael screamed right after, reaching his high as well. You rode out your highs, moving your hands to his waist as your caught your breath. As your breathing got back to normal, Michael grabbed your face, not getting enough of your lips. It wasn’t rough and erotic but more passionate and light.  “Do you realize how long I’ve waited to do that?” He asked, pulling away. The look Michael had in his eyes was a more sensitive gaze that you’ve never seen before. “Why don’t you like me Y/N?” Michael continued, licking his lips again. “I like you Michael, you just intimidated me…” You trailed off, a bit embarrassed. Michael chuckled before lying down beside you, wrapping his arms around your waist as he nuzzled his face into your neck. His unshaven stubble tickled you as you turned so you were face to face, lying on your side. You played with his hair before meeting his eyes again, seeing him smile at you instead of his constant smirk. “Are you still scared of me?” He teased, causing you to giggle again. “What do you think?” You asked. He raised his eyebrow, annoying you since he wanted to hear it come out of your mouth. “No Michael.” You rolled your eyes, causing him to laugh. “Good, because I want to do this again some time.” He flirted. You laughed as he pecked your lips again before cuddling into each other and falling asleep. * * * Really dom Michael and then fluff aw the best. Thank you for this request, it made me laugh & writing this was the best thing ever. I wasn’t gonna finish it this soon but Michael Clifford over homework so that’s that. Hope you guys like it! - L

THE most irritating thing in fanfic to me is a Snape who has no sense of humour. Like, snark is a huge part of his character. Especially when he was younger. This is the guy who invented a spell based around a bad pun on his name (”sectumsempra” pretty much translates to “sever forever”). He is fully capable of REALLY TERRIBLE PUNS, not just biting sarcasm.

Harry compares his humour to his own or Ron’s, if a bit darker. Underneath all of that scowling bitterness Severus Snape is a sassy drama queen to the nth degree. He’s got the emotional maturity of a fifteen year old and you can bet your ass that he’d be joking around like one if he wasn’t laden down with so much stress and responsibility all the time.

Good News, Bad News, Good News

Good News: You’re Hilary Dionne.  You’re a really fast runner.  So fast, in fact, that you start the 2015 Boston Marathon with the elite women.  

Bad News: Because the size of the elite women’s field is fairly small and because that group starts before everyone else, you end up running most of the race by yourself.  A marathon makes for a long solo run.

Good News: Just before you are about to cross the finish line, a really cool guy with a hard to spell last name comes up next to you and grabs your hand.  Now you’ve got the best marathon finishing photo.  Ever.

Oh yeah - and you qualify for the Olympic Trials.  Not a bad day at all.