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The Black Cat

Summary: In which Dan Howell is gay, homeless, and also part cat, and Phil Lester is the nicest stranger ever.

Word Count: a whooping 9.3k!!!

Includes: an actual story, and of course, neko smut

this fic is for my best friend @ominousdan!!! it’s cayla’s birthday and without her birth nobody would be getting to see nine thousand words of neko!dan so please go follow her and tell her happy birthday in thanks (ily cayla i hope you love this and also me)

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“I’ve known Lucy since I was 15. Our story is really creepy. We met on myspace. We messaged each other because we had mutual friends, and we just started talking everyday. And when Lucy told me she was moving to L.A., I invited her to my friend’s birthday party at Disneyland. We decided to meet ther for the first time ever. But I didn’t tell my mom I met her on myspace and she didn’t tell her mom either. And we just clicked and from that day, we were best friends.” - Ashley Benson about her friendship with Lucy Hale

happy holidays everyone!!!! christmas is over and the new year is approaching, so I thought that I would do a follow forever to say thank you and belated merry christmas to my favorite blogs!!!! I’m also switching urls and will be sticking with this one for a while. thank you to everyone who is on this list for making my blog an amazing place to be these past few months. I’ve had nothing but great experiences here, and I’m so thankful to everyone who took the time to say hello or click the follow button on my blog. ily all and hope you have the best holidays ever! stay safe & warm & I’m sending hugs and virtual love to you guys! if you’re on this ff, I follow you and that means that you have a fantastic blog and have no doubt made me smile at least once.. so thanks to you all!  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

♥  = absolute faves

@taeseyesnoiselips  ♥~ the jungkook to my jimin; tori is the real mvp and we’ve been through so much together.we’re basically an old married couple, and it feels weird to be in college and not see her every day. she never fails to make me eye smile and remember how far we’ve gotten in life. I hope you are having fun in the space state.. I miss you & I can’t wait to see you after charlotte!!!! <3

@hobixmas  ♥~ the yoongi to my jimin; hailey is my fave meme queen and I love her to the moon and back. I owe my kpop trash self to her bc she got the squad into kpop in the first place. I’m so glad we’re friends bc we can always be weird together and there’s never a dull moment when she’s around. thank you for being such an amazing person all of the time & putting up with my dumb jokes. ily and miss you too!!! see you soon bby <3

@taegisoo  ♥~ my exo stan and music queen, autumn. I’m so glad that we’re still in touch after I graduated, and I love that we are both literal kpop trash together. I hope you’re enjoying your stay in the squad kkt, and I wish you the best in your last semester in hell (high school) even though I know you’ll do well. :) I hope your break was amazing & I can’t wait to squad up again with the four of us. <3

thanks to everyone at @jungkooknetwork for making my fandom experience 100x better & thank you to @9597net for accepting me into the network!  ♥

all of the lovely people down below are great blogs that I am lucky to be following!~

@1004-1209, @jiminy-jimin, @ri-air, @joce-line, @goldenmaktae, @damnnjoon ♥ , @seungchul, @hello-hobi, @animatedesire ♥ , @jiminiehoe, @yoongijae, @princejnope, @qtaetae, @hansolflake, @belltan, @jisoodolph, @aegyo-maknae, @jikookiejar ♥ , @beuii, @maknaeline97, @the-rap-man, @baromaiden, @neverbefake, @ttaehyunq, @fluffyyoongi ♥ , @wonoodle, @parkjiminswhore, @vlephant, @gahxiumin ♥ , @marksonchill, @fyeahbangtaned, @smilingseokjin, @eatjin, @bangtanhoh, @cucumbyeoll, @angel-seokjin, @bangtanbighit, @19hobi, @jungkookau, @yoongichill, @goldinmaknae, @holdmehoseok, @pingkeujin, @myhobi, @penguimoo, @v-jin, @busanplayboy, @taemoles, @parkjxmins, @chimchams, @hugtae, @taetaetown ♥ , @happyvirusdae ♥ , @hyunas-gf ♥ , @amazing-hoseok, @bigbngs ♥ , @jungkooh ♥ , @chim-chimii ♥  , @agustd ♥ , @sonyeonjeon ♥ , @neonjeon ♥ , @mintsyubbie ♥ , @parkjiminology ♥ , @prince-hobi, @hentaetae ♥ ♥ 

@milkandkookiejungs ♥ ♥ , @jamlesschimchim ♥ ♥ , @singingkook ♥ ♥ , @bangtrashsyd ♥ , @jungkooksm0m ♥ , @kkookiedough ♥ , @carrottae ♥ , @jeonjugh ♥ , @kooksgf ♥ , @whatskookn ♥ ♥, @vanitae-fair ♥ ♥ , @reindeerv ♥ ♥ , @pixiekook, @taetae-vv, @jiinyoungs, @taeovertheuniverse, @byunnieboy, @jungkooks-dirty-sock, @jimineh, @jimgles, @whyparkjimin, @ohyeahbts, @jimbooty ♥ ♥ , @jiminstears, @i-m-forever-youngs, @sweet-potaeter, @seventh-in-visuals, @aegyojimin ♥ , @gkook ♥ , @kai-cream, @jengkook, @rap-monstlut, @mirsuga, @jimin-has-yes-jams, @justone-bangtan, @vampitae ♥ , @juingkookie, @irrsdcent, @wonwooscat, @boosungkwan, @hobihop, @flooringflorin ♥ , @seventint, @svtmum, @irlsuga, @kimtaehyungsbutt, @jungkooksthighs, @saranghae-hoe ♥ , @unloyal-hoe ♥ ♥ ♥ , @manzae, @baepzae, @hoseokedpanties, @sup-jin ♥ , @hobixing, @congrats-day6, @rookieking, @sweetyoongi, @mingnaetuan, @snapbackhoshi, @kimbap-kidding-me, @jeon-emo, @smoljungkookie, @fy–jikook, @markbutton ♥ ♥ ♥ , @byesehun

@therealnamja ♥ , @greedxsvt, @akpopmarshmallow, @soekjins, @jinyuong, @the8daysofchristmas, @jihhoon, @jisooscat, @baebtae, @choominhoo, @sugarysmoll, @justonetae, @kookiestop, @ttttae, @radicalwoo ♥ , @wang-jacks, @je-onwonwoo, @babyboozi, @kpop-is-ruining-me, @adorkookie, @oh-my-jhope, @jimins-babygirl, @unjongin, @letmesuga, @btsabs, @bts4554543, @wearebangtanboys, @bangtan, @kimswagjoon ♥ ♥ ♥ , @shoegah, @fluffywonwoo, @dembtsbabes, @howtobaek, @2verse, @santakookmas ♥ , @got7n, @visual-dreamtree, @glitterjin, @bangtanhoeyeondan, @got7problems, @holy-meanie, @yuongtae, @milkyxiuminn, @turnipday6, @actual-svt-trash, @aegustd, @jacksonleojimin, @i-panda-sempai ♥ , @g0t7trash, @levineedsahighchair, @minsweetener, @vimin, @btsjungkookiex, @because-sehun, @tae-and-crumpets, @monabura, @twinklingdrama, @xolovesvernon, @diamondandl, @bangtansoul, @hzt-is-my-patronus, @vvlicious ♥ , @bangtanmeharder, @slipping-into-the-kpop-life, @mermaidkidneys ♥ , @sexo-l

@scoupsfullofsuga, @golfdadcoups, @fightmejeonghan, @taehyungs-sidehoe, @mintsuga, @abc-bts, @minyoongisbitchface, @awesomeinspiredpanda ♥ , @peachymingyu, @holidaydk, @soonhosh, @dirty-jamjam17 ♥ , @wonswooning, @jisooosgf, @whywonwoo, @reindeerjeonghan, @jungkookthoo, @kpop-reverie, @sloth-wonwoo, @chimchimskookies, @teurashoppa, @snowangelvernon, @woojeez, @oo-ji, @vernonswei, @mingyu-niverse, @sweetmingyu, @blodynk, @someone9191, @vitaminniedk, @wacks-and-macs, @hansolence, @flowerboywoozi, @vernonture, @hoshikichicken, @yoozitao, @babyboo-noona.

@staff i love graphic design pls hire me 

its about that time of year where we all open presents w our family and well basically this is my present to all my mutuals and all my mutuals are my presents ily all and i hope you have the greatest Christmas ever !!

first id like to honor my favorite blog he is honestly the most amazing person ever and my best friend @fishingboatproceeds thanks my man!! 

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Follow Forever

Hey guys! So I’ve reached 150 followers!! Thank you so much!! And I have no idea how to do this so I sorry if this is disorganized or something lmao but I’ll try my best !

These are some of my favorite blogs:

prettylittleliarsbiga - She’s amazing, rational and hilarious. I can always rant and share observations or theories with her and she’ll give you genuine feedback. She’s made me laugh with her brutal honesty and she’s just a real queen.

speaking of queens, queencecedrake. I love seeing her in my dash. She’s really funny and It’s always nice sharing an A suspect with someone!

theplltheorist No matter how confusing the show gets, you always have a theory that explains it all, literally your theories leave no questions left!! I really look up to your blog because I wish I could be that smart someday.

immortalitymydxrlings you’re also one of the funniest most relate-able blogs ever and you were one of my first followers, and I always stalk your blog lol

pllawesomeness you have an intelligent and unique perspective on the show and is definitely someone to strike up if you want to discuss theories!

emilyandali3facedmirror , and alisondilasaurous you’re adorable and emison af and are blog goals!!

But here are all of my amazing followers. I love you all lots and feel free to talk to me anytime!!

spencer-is-high-again mia-pll fluffernutter-dorkus aseesallinrosewood cnguyen0904 rosevvoodsecrets aprettylittleaddictionx bradleygr8 prettylittlespencerhasting emisonislife22 ifeltaloneforreasonsunknowntome

120120sb redcoatblackveil susalb alyssa-hailey jomalfunc nochillcharles officialblackveil  itrytobeindie-imnot  sparklytimetravelunicorn thelostwoodsmotel potterhead4forever escapingradley ef-plus-ad ariafitzmontgom charles-diary ezras-baby-nuts 0hmyinspiration wrenisa teenwolfoldmagconaddicted rumproastgirl 

prettylittleliarpantsonfire thatsinmortalitymydarlings crazy-little-liars-of-rosewood xjennax13 katiewinifredrose u-little-nasty cjalter undertheliarsskin prettylittlekatie prettylittleliaraaa taylorsno1fan l-o-s-t–in-translation blackveila bumblebeems beckythefangirl22 jackie-vent troianforever yoshigoesrawr ccrazy15 rosewoodisdeadly slightly-addicted-to-pll pigtuniaisa xbreathingintheseax jdillon1 milaxx00 thefourplliars fakebadger spannamastings irenedragon8 dhampirman1 prettylittlecandylie xxariax crocs-are-fashionable prettylittlesoxandkitty antonias-blog poisonouseyecandy prettyliarsdiaryinsta  sasha-ashley lmxth anotherlittle-liar  littleliarslyingpretty rednailsblackveil jasondi-laurentis cersei-lannister-144 theysaidspeaknow15 just-leave-it-all-to-me spobysdilaurentis inxdya pll-215-owls-b26-paris  saras-showers 69sad69 ultimatepll sparia-dilaurentis nadineosaur sarelizm slay-mitchell prettylittleliarsfourever tobys-little-liars bitch-cansee aisissofetch- 011801 pll-ahs yasspenceryas  holyvarjak  littlebookliar punkjon fckhaleb pandabearpanpan x–pretty-little-liars–x  vanderyeezus prettyvampliar prettylittleliars-theories-blog

thelawofcupcake howtogetawaywithpll prettybiga foreverenchanted13th touched-by-an-4ngel thatonepllblog the-prettiest-little-liars prettylittlespobyyy missariayoureezraswife edriabookparadise larabinz paranoidaria rosewood-pa-population-a pll-kisses–a metalllics pllemisonsparia amandapaige42 you-look-like-my-forever pllpanf16 seeking-great-perhapses im-nothing-1 bitch-chipped-us laurhaley whothefckischarles a-lovebug74 fiverosewoodliars whatifithurts rethinkingrosewood thispllisburied rubyyyyyyyy oh-myhannamarin dementia-luna bethanyisbiga vanesa-le-bear ezrandamonmyloves

Some blogs I couldn’t tag for some reason: 







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NEW YEAR! 2014 is finally over, and the best way to celebrate it’s to put my favorite people and blogs in this follow forever. You are all incredibly amazing, guys. I hope you had a good holiday break, and that 2015 treats you very nicely. Love ya. ♥

italic - you’re my baby and i love you so so so much!

{abc} - aaronswarner ◦ aaronswarnerr ◦ asheathes ◦ allisonrgents ◦ allsonargent ◦ amelia-pond ◦ amyandrory ◦ arthurdrvill ◦ ashermiilstone ◦ blackfriarbridge ◦ blakesclarkesbenvoilio ◦ bellamyblako ◦ bobsfinstock ◦ caitlin-snow ◦ cedricdiggorys ◦ celmmings ◦ ciscoramons ◦ chrisargant ◦ chrispratt ◦ claryherondales ◦ clara-oswald ◦ claryherondhale clacelightwood ◦ corahela ◦ claerissafray ◦ claraosmin

{def} - daisyjonhsondaniels-gillies ◦ deadhpooldeadparker ◦ dylans-obrien ◦ edwestwikcs ◦ eeverden ◦ elevenismyhero emiliaclarky everlarkers ◦ felicitycaitlin ◦  fiddickodair ◦ finniqe ◦ fourfinick ◦ forwoood

{ghi} - gibbinscastillo ◦ gryffindour ◦ gwenstacye ◦ herhmione ◦ hos-tility ◦ izzyfrays

{jkl} - jakesjohnson ◦ jakeparalta ◦ jayhelsteadjemsdrugjonathonwayland ◦ julesblackthonjulianblakthorn ◦ karengilans ◦ kayascodeario ◦ lannisteris ◦ laurescastillo ◦ laurel-castillo ◦ laurrelcasttillo ◦ laurecastillos ◦ ligtwood ◦ lilyjcollinns ◦ lissadrgomir ◦ lvashkovadrian ◦ lovatas

{mno} - mahradyer ◦ maliatale ◦ mandrakescry ◦ mcvoys ◦ metaphorwatersmisslilycollinss ◦ mockingkiss ◦ mockngjayis ◦ monica-gellernahtanscott ◦ nataliedormur ◦ natashasromanof ◦ nephlium ◦ ninadobrervs ◦ noahshawe octaviaravens ◦ octaviablakes ◦ octaviasgriffin ◦ olicities ◦ onccmingstorm

{pqr} - padfhoot ◦ panemfell ◦ peterqvll ◦ peetaemellark ◦ paperquentin ◦ prattschris ◦ queengilbert ◦ raggedymans ◦ ravenrheyes ◦ ronesweasley ◦ ryansatwood ◦ rumanova

{stuv} - samwesson ◦ scottsjuice ◦ sardothiened ◦ sethscohen ◦ skyeswaerd ◦ skyeswarde ◦ skyesgrant ◦ skyejems sophleturner ◦ stonerclone ◦ sydneysaege  stydia ◦ tracy-mcconell ◦ tyler-hoechlin

{wxyz} - wessas ◦ westwikcs ◦ weslgibbins ◦ wolfstrk ◦ youarethefirstdreamofmysoul ◦ zooeys-deschanel 

HEY GUYS!!  (◠‿◠✿) 

so i’m sUPER close to hitting 1,000 followers!

  • that’s a shit ton of actual people. i’m just a nerd, seriously guys tysm <3
  • in celebration, I’m doing a *:・゚✧*:・゚✧  FOLLOW FOREVER!!!!  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

So I present to you…. *drumroll* my 1k Follow Forever!!


bold = favorite that hasn’t noticed me ;_;

italic = mutual that i love

both = the best people on the planet, my senpais

** Note: I have them generally alphabetized, just not within each four-letter range! (sorry this is complicated)

here we go!!!

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*makos-booty’s 800 follower bias list*

This is going to be short and sweet. These blogs are some of my absolute favorites, personality and blog wise.


mako-licious, staticwaffles, msmakorra, foreverboybolin, official-sokka, merdok1993

some of my favorite people

aangrolls, actualpuppykillian, aer-dna, avatardork, basingtei, bbolinn, bopalin , deadspacegal , earthprxnce , equalistmako , fatherlordzukoz , heyyymako-oh , kick-assbeifong , korrasgotnoshitstogive , korrathewarrior mako-symptoms , makos-lightningrod , mikasas-ackermen , mothersofavatar ,objectivemistress , officially-avatar-korra , oohhmakomakomako , pianoscythe , pinacoladamatata , sifu-korras , the-spirit-of-raava , trylanaire , wanbender , waterprxnce , windy98art

You all have made my Tumblr infinitely better, and I can not thank you enough. So here’s to 2015 and all it brings us. (P.S. literally if any one of you wants my skype or something just drop a message.) Thanks for being the coolest blogger friends a girl could ask for.

AHHHH YOU GUYS!! I will never get over you and how wonderful you are - each and every one of you! Thank you for making my first ever tumblr awards such a huge success (I was actually so nervous to do one). Everyone who entered was truly amazing and I had such a tough time choosing. Ily all tho and want you to know you’re sunshines on this earth. But enough of me babbling…onto the winners! (Ps I added an award bc I am Stydia trash muahahah)

lydia martin award for personal favorite  → baelydia
           ↳ runner ups: henrywinchestcr & madgesgoldpin
 hermione granger award for best overall  → martinsti
          ↳ runner ups: truealqha & scydiahs
octavia blake award for best theme  → bahnsee
          ↳ runner ups: saviorstiles & daredvls
luna lovegood award for best url →  holydia
            ↳ runner ups: hisbanshee & lydsstilinski
stiles stilinski award for best posts →  lydiamsrtin
          ↳ runner ups: derekhalee & berisaac
scott mccall award for nicest blogger → dyalnobriens
          ↳ runner ups: ohfuckthisshit & stydixa
raven reyes award for best creations* →  wereswolf
          ↳ runner ups: lyciamartin & nogisune
ron weasley award for best harry potter → dracmalfoy
          ↳ runner ups: hedwinqs & scorpiusmqlfoy
clarke griffen award for best the 100 → haydenromeiro
          ↳ runner ups: clarkepuff & warriorctaviia
allison argent award for best teen wolf →  stilesbansheequeen
           ↳ runner ups: stydiaxs & lydamartin
theresa agnes award for best maze runner → stillinskys
          ↳ runner ups: thominvvt
red string of fate award for best stydia →  martinskki
          ↳ runner ups: stxdias & itsalwayslydia
isaac lahey award for best multifandom → arguents
          ↳ runner ups: benvvyatt & hollymroden
liam dunbar award for best blog on the rise → hewittmasons
          ↳ runner ups: lydiaspaddle & bansheequeenlydia & spazzingstiles

a reminder of what you have won is under the jump! wooo!! THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY LITTLE HEART!

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Blog Rates and Ships

I miss being on here and I’m sorta deciding what to do with this blog so before I do anything rash I wanna reward you guys for being the best followers everrrrr!

What You’ll Get

  • URL: eh / don’t get it / good / fantastico / perf / LEMME HAVE IT
  • Profile Pic: selfie / supa cool / not ma style / killer
  • Theme: change it / ooh pretty / love it / my new theme
  • Posts: ehhh / good / great / im lovin it / not my faves but cool
  • Follow?: no im sorry ily / already am / just followed
  • Ships
    • 5sos - luke / ash / mikey / cal
    • 1d- harry / liam / louis / niall (and zayn man cant kick him out)
  • Why I ship you with them:
  • Favorite feature: eyes / hair / facial structure / nose 
  • Favorite personality feature:


  • mbf me
  • if ya want to follow my 1d blog
  • reblog this post
  • and tell me if you like 5sos or 1d more in my ask
  • thats it! thank ya and happy shippin

If there is one thing I am grateful for is the support I have found here. 2015 was just a wonderful year tumblr-wise, I’ve made new friends, finally became active in one of my favorite fandoms, went from 400 followers to 800 (how did that even happen???) and generally, I was just a happier person. 

I’m deeply humbled to have you all in my life. You make my days brighter when you show up on my dash, and I wish you nothing but the very best on 2016. Here’s to another year of fangirling together :)

The Sparrabeth Potc Squad:

@baltaks | @borglone | @brilliantrosetyler | @buzz-cat | @bybyeblackbird  | @deppslove | @hangtherules | @jaimegoldhand | @noblemanpirate | @noobiestnoob | @sparrabeth | @summerspride | @thepromiseofredemption | @trickstercaptain | @valerishka-s

A - F

@adlernaline | @an-east-wind-is-coming-soon | @becauseitisjohnnydepp | @bookishwhimsy | @carryon-mywayward-netflix | @catchthestardust | @ceci-nest-pas-ari | @crucifix-and-the-hollywood-sign | @dadov | @dichrxism | @donteverdaretogiveup | @drjohnhwatson | @dreamofdepp | @emilianadarling | @forensicscientist | @francesca-wayland | @freexri

G - L

@garrulus | @glitteristheherpesofartsupplies | @halfagony-halfhope | @hedgehog-goulash7 | @hiddles-cannibal | @hotel-de-la-bootiebutt | @hyperhyperion | @ireneselina | @janeeyr | @janeeyrequotes | @johnnysboots | @labyrinthisthebest | @ladymeg-sierraboggess-phantom | @letthefairyinyoufly | @letthesongtakeflight | @lifeinpoetry

M - R

@madamrochester | @metropolitanprincess | @michaelfassyfastbender | @missjaneeyrerochester | @mollymatterrs | @most4rdently | @mxchaelfassbender | @mxttmxrdock | @notbecauseofvictories | @okbones | @onlucidwings | @p-andore | @peppernights | @petratodd | @queenandy | @rdj-chocolatey | @russianavcnger

S - Z

@sararye | @sighchiatry | @sillylovesongsk | @sleepwalkerindreamersclothing | @simple-ceremonials | @sitting-prettyonthethrone | @stormyweatherth | @stupidlamb-s | @sugaracid | @sunflowerchasingthesun | @tea-in-a-blue-box | @thankery-bones | @thecaptainjacksparrow | @thegamblerandthescientist | @xxsparksxx | @whataqueenshewas