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guys it actually happened,,, I reached 8k followers today ! First of all I want to thank EVERY SINGLE PERSON who follows me ! You guys make this site as amazing as it is and you are so nice to me and I just really appricitate every single one of you so damn much ! To celebrate 8k I decided to host some tumblr awards because I haven’t done this in forever tbh 

Rules + Info:


  • Best url
  • Best icon
  • Best deskop theme
  • Best mobile theme
  • Best creations*
  • Best art (fanart/writing)*
  • Best rising blogger**
  • Best overall
  • Personal favorite

*put your creations/art/writing tag in the tags of this post when you reblog it

**submit a screenshot of your follower count to my askbox (less than 800 followers)

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Whole milk Hinata is my favorite Hinata and that collaboration fic you did with someone stole my shoes was honestly one of the best things I've read, luv you guys sm ily <3

SOBBB that was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done (though admittedly very challenging LOL) 

@someone-stole-my-shoes and I love our awkward virgins, thank you so much from both of us <333

@dyde21 and I have created a rock band and it’s called RAMBLERS&ROMANTICS and these are our matching leather jackets

Featured in our next album, you’ll hear hit songs like

“Don’t Say Sorry”
“Cute Guy from Michigan”
“Art is Hard/ Why Do We Do This to Ourselves???”
and my personal favorite
“Assaulting Ontario with Cute Guys”

Type Moon 30 Day Challenge Day 17

Now we’re on to Best Guy for Day 17, again, like yesterday when I picked Sakura, I’m sure other people have their opinions.

Anyway Best Guy in Fate is unquestionably, without a doubt, 100 percent….

Flat Escardos.

I realize I picked him as my favorite Male Magus, but it’s Flat, he’s wonderful and pure and I hope Strange Fake will be kind to him in the end.

Special Shoutout to @accidentalphenom once again for being amazing and a wonderful person

magicalmarais  asked:

hi my love can you ship me? im 5’2” with medium length brown hair and brown eyes. I am very awkward when it comes to dating, as i have never been in an actual relationship before. when i first meet someone, I am super shy, but once I get to know you, I get super loud and outgoing. I love and am very protective over my friends. I love to read and sing, even though i don’t think i am very good at it. My favorite things to do include napping and eating 24/7. I also love going on adventures!!! ily💗

Hey love I ship you with Daniel ❤️ he would be such a sweet and caring boyfriend. He would love you with all his heart. He would adore how much you care for your friends because he is the same way! Plus you guys would have the best jam sessions in the car with both of you singing your hearts out ! Think of all the adventures you guys would have! Ahh so cute! I hope you liked it ILY ❤️❤️

Hello my dear friends and followers. Yummo here with my very first follow forever. I thought of making one when I reached 1k followers but I couldn’t so here I am after 16 months and 10k followers with my first ff. I reached 10k on 19th August which was my birthday :D I discovered Kpop in December 2013 and made this blog in March 2014 so I could see my babies more and fangirl over them. This place is my home now, I’ve made so many friends I never thought I would ever have. It was really hard to run this blog, being a full time working mom of a very active 2 years old, it wasn’t easy but you guys have been with me all this time, giving me strength and supporting me. Thank you so much for appreciating my work and guiding me with help. I never knew what photoshop was before this blog but I learned how to edit and so many of you helped me. It means a lot to me. It means the world to me when you guys like my edits and complimets me. Thank you for giving me a chance to fangirl with you guys over our boys (exo). Thank you so much.  OMG I’m talking too much so I’m gonna end it here.

Dear followers : thank you so much for following me and liking my not-so-cool blog. You guys make my day :)

Dear blogs I follow : Every single blog i follow is amazing. Thank you for making my dash beautiful with all your posts, edits, graphics and funny posts :) Thank you for being my inspiration. All of you are my favorites ^^

Dear friends : I’m so sorry, I haven’t talked to many of you  in ages but I really love you all. I try my best to talk but life is busy. Thank you for being my friend and being amazing ^^ ily all ♥

bolded - mutuals
italics - my lovely friends / people i’ve talked (I hope you feel same :D)
- Special Sugarplums. You guys means a lot to me and thank you for everything.

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happy holidays everyone!!!! christmas is over and the new year is approaching, so I thought that I would do a follow forever to say thank you and belated merry christmas to my favorite blogs!!!! I’m also switching urls and will be sticking with this one for a while. thank you to everyone who is on this list for making my blog an amazing place to be these past few months. I’ve had nothing but great experiences here, and I’m so thankful to everyone who took the time to say hello or click the follow button on my blog. ily all and hope you have the best holidays ever! stay safe & warm & I’m sending hugs and virtual love to you guys! if you’re on this ff, I follow you and that means that you have a fantastic blog and have no doubt made me smile at least once.. so thanks to you all!  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

♥  = absolute faves

@taeseyesnoiselips  ♥~ the jungkook to my jimin; tori is the real mvp and we’ve been through so much together.we’re basically an old married couple, and it feels weird to be in college and not see her every day. she never fails to make me eye smile and remember how far we’ve gotten in life. I hope you are having fun in the space state.. I miss you & I can’t wait to see you after charlotte!!!! <3

@hobixmas  ♥~ the yoongi to my jimin; hailey is my fave meme queen and I love her to the moon and back. I owe my kpop trash self to her bc she got the squad into kpop in the first place. I’m so glad we’re friends bc we can always be weird together and there’s never a dull moment when she’s around. thank you for being such an amazing person all of the time & putting up with my dumb jokes. ily and miss you too!!! see you soon bby <3

@taegisoo  ♥~ my exo stan and music queen, autumn. I’m so glad that we’re still in touch after I graduated, and I love that we are both literal kpop trash together. I hope you’re enjoying your stay in the squad kkt, and I wish you the best in your last semester in hell (high school) even though I know you’ll do well. :) I hope your break was amazing & I can’t wait to squad up again with the four of us. <3

thanks to everyone at @jungkooknetwork for making my fandom experience 100x better & thank you to @9597net for accepting me into the network!  ♥

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Yixingbbh’s 1st follow forever

I was originally planning to make a follow forever on this blog’s first anniversary but I hit such a huge amount of followers so I decided to make one. I hit 1k followers a few weeks ago, and it’s unbelievable since this blog is only 3 months old. Thank you all so much for being really cool and for being  such an amazing fandom. 

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I believe in showing my favorite blogs at the moment some appreciation :) If you don’t see your name on this pls don’t be upset, I’m gonna upload one again at the end of the year!

Another reason I’m making this, is to celebrate me reaching 5k followers (ayee), I’m awesome i know B) I jk but seriously thanks to all of you that help me reach my goal. Special shoutout to boulevardsofdreams and paintparamore for helping me out the most, you guys awesome and ily! I would also like to thank my best tumblr friend howellldaniel for convincing me to not delete (you’re the best bro ily) and of course I would like to thank my imaginary friend Fluffy (you’re the best Fluffy) and also the little people (whatever the fuck that means idk i promised myself i would put that somewhere in this small speech hAHA) 

if your url is in bold, it’s either because I consider you a friend or you’re a mutual I would take a bullet for you ha, or maybe even both, you just don’t know 


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Pleasee do GOM + Kagami surprising their s/o in their birthday. Ily~

ily too

Akashi: He’d take you to the fanciest restaurant in the city. The thing that would surprise you the most was the fact that he actually rented the whole place just for your birthday. Not to mention that every single one f your favorite dishes were served just the way you like them to be. You’d argue that everything’s too extravagant (he actually treated you a little more like a queen this day), but he’ll just say, “you deserve the best, my dear. Happy birthday.”

Aomine: This guy would definitely consult Momoi since he knew that he’s not a man of surprises. Momoi would advice him to take her to the rooftop since it’s a very special place for him and suggested that they should have a feast there. Since he couldn’t think of any better ways of surprising you (well all his ideas suggested buying you lingerie and stuff like that so okay nvm). He then visited YouTube for cooking tutorials. The bento boxes he prepared for both of you didn’t turn out that well (surprise, surprise) - they were actually worse than Momoi’s. But you wouldn’t mind the slightly burnt food since his gesture of cooking for you was the main highlight of the gift.

Kise: The yellow devil would definitely ignore you the whole day - he’d pretend that he didn’t know that the day was oh-so special. Right after classes were dismissed, you just thought of going straight home since there wasn’t any reason to stay at school anymore. However to your utmost surprise, you saw the school gates decorated with tons of flowers saying, “HBD.” The idea was totally gay and you knew right away that it was Kise’s doing. He was actually waiting for you with a box of chocolates and a necklace he bought from London (he went there for a shoot).

Kuroko: He was totally MIA the whole day, not even Kagami knew where he was. You didn’t have an idea if his usual lack of presence became stronger or he’s just absent. Sighing, you grabbed your lunch bag, ready to eat lunch alone since your boyfriend was no where to be seen. Just as you were about to open the door to the rooftop, you heard a “boo,” from behind which definitely made you scream. “OH MY GOSH DON’T KILL ME YET IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY,” you prayed, hoping that the ghost would give you mercy. 

“I know, (l/n)-san,” the voice of your boyfriend went. You decided to remove your hands that were covering your face and saw Kuroko holding a birthday cake and a birthday hat on his head. “Happy birthday. Let’s eat together.”

Midorima: Our carrot would trust in Takao with this since he knew Takao’s the only person he can turn to when it came to such things. Takao would help Midorima in picking out a gift for you - they both agreed in buying you a new charm for your charm bracelet. When you were finally done with your gym class, off to the library, you were suddenly pulled towards the janitor’s closet. You yelled in protest, trying to release yourself from the tight grasp of your abductor, but immediately stopped when you heard Midorima’s voice. “Happy birthday,” he greeted flatly. He threw a small box for you to catch, and you knew right away that it was a charm. 

“The janitor’s closet? Really Shin?” you teased before giving him a quick peck on the cheek. “But thank you.”

“Takao’s the one who suggested that surprising you this way would be very nice…tht idiot.”

Murasakibara: Himuro would offer to help him, but he’d be really persistent about being independent this time. He’d bake you a gigantic chocolate cake since you were a chocolate lover. The moment you opened the door of your dorm room, you were so happy to see a four-layered cake on your coffee table. Your boyfriend looked very beat and realized that he probably had a hard time in restraining himself from eating the cake. “Happy birthday (l/n)-chin. Can we eat the cake now?”

Kagami: A noise from your kitchen woke you up. It was around 5:30 AM and you got a little too nervous and took out a baseball bat from your closet (your brother gave that to you the moment you decided to get an apartment of your own). You took careful steps down the stairs and towards the kitchen, being cautious about the presence of a stranger in your house. After gathering your courage, you finally decided to charge at the person in your kitchen. “AAAAHHH!” you both yelled in unison.

“T-taiga?” you called out, immediately putting the bat down. “What are you doing here?”

He started blushing and shyly explain, “well, its your birthday today, right? I-i planned to surprise you with breakfast and I didn’t really mean to wake you up…hehe..happy birthday.”

guys i know we all talk about Fall Out Boy songs titles but may I introduce you to Chiodos:

  • I Didn’t Say I Was Powerful, I Said I Was A Wizard
  • …And Then The Liver Screamed, “HELP!”
  • No Hardcore Dancing In The Living Room
  • There’s No Penguins In Alaska
  • I’m Awkward & Unusual
  • Love Is A Cat From Hell (featuring Vic Fuentes for extra emo)
  • If I Cut My Hair, Hawaii Will Sink
  • To Trixie and Reptile, Thanks For Everything
  • We Swam From Albatross, The Day We Lost Kailey Cost

And my personal favorite: Is It Progression If A Cannibal Uses A Fork? 

yoooooo!! guess what, some how i have managed to get nearly 5k followers by running a blog deep within alex gaskarth’s ass. and to prove to myself that this isn’t all just some crazy dream and to give back to you guys for following my lame ass i have decided to do a promo!! so buckle up let’s do this

rules ;;

  • must be following me (sucks ik)
  • reblog this post! you can do it as many times as you please but it only counts once fam. 
  • like if you wanna bookmark, that’s totally cool
  • this ends september 10th

categories ;;

  • best urls
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  • favorite mutuals
  • overall favorites 
i’m not quite sure yet how many people will be picked per category but there is a good chance you’ll win so go ahead and enter yo! also thank you so so much for the 5k its been amazing running this blog and ily

welcome to fleur’s first ever follow forever. (!!!)

I had originally planned this a few days back, when I hit 1.5k, but now that I’ve recently hit 2k and been on the way to 2.5k, the time seemed more fitting than ever – I want to thank all my mutuals, first off, for keeping my dash stocked up and nice, and I want to mention a few of them very briefly:

ella // ure my best friend and i wanna thank you lots for keeping up with my shit daily.

ani // i’m still the gayest u lil shit.

viki // we kinda lost contact but i love you???

bernice // bernarrie ure mine.

kenzie // ure a memeloving trashbaby and i hate u (jk ily)

hannah // ure just as thirsty as me and i love it. 

spri // spri you mean a lot to me you are really cute.

lovie // number one best wife ever. 

all the #lilshits // YOU GUYS MAKE MY DAY BRIGHTER. 

Now, onto my shitton of mutuals – faves bolded, favorite faves bolded + italicised  

# - c : 

1000louis 78-black 3words-larryisreal 78cm 99mofos / adidadtommo alixrs all-stars-shining allthelube-h always-shipping-bullshit andthenlarryhappened apocketsizedlouis applesaucelou arthoehrry ashipandcompass asinglemomentofhysteria assfullofwonder aurora-holding-on australianharold /  babybluelou babypixielouis baiser-francais basically-a-niall-blog be-not-afeard becausewhyn0t bigheartbiggercock blackcherry-studio blondeyniall blooming-louis bluelikelou boogie-robots bottomharryaf bouncyhaz bullshipperx burnoutashton / can-you-hear-the-silhouettes captainlarryevidence carrotsandbananas caslikesthemaccarena cheeseheadlarry chelseavule cloudszouis coolas-ill-everbe countingstyles cuddlinglou cupcakinglarry curlyandsunshine28 cuteasbuttonsallofyou

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daddylouis2k15 dagger-to-your-rose danhwcll dickcasterlouis dimpledlxrry dinahcuddles directionersuperwholock donny-cheshire doriebee / edestyles eezriaa eighteened elou-nono eternel-larry excusemestyles / fabulous-abulous fxdingroses fashiongummybears fightmeloueh fireproof-lilo flamboyanttomlinson flannelboots flowerboyharold flowercrownlarrrrrry fluffybumlou fondfordays foolforhaz foolsbooze foolsharold freelarry2k15 froggieandhedgie frogplushedgehog fuckboynjh fuckmeuplarrypls fuckoffstylinson fallingnotes / ganbariimasuu glitteryloueh gotdamnstyles gothlouis gotthisniallthang

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harrielewie harry-hazza-boobear harry-loves-lou harry-tommo-things harryaf-louisaf-larryaf harryfuckingstylesaf harryownsmyass harrysaquariustattoo harrysbananafetish harrythetoothfairy harxlds hazandlousohappily hazxtomlinsonn hazzabearandboobear hazzaloveslouslittlethings headbanging-sadfuck hedgefrogshipper hegotthedagger hegotthedaggertho hesftlouve hewantstomarryharry hey-there-internet hlbabes holdmehtightniall hoodandmalik horanobsessions howtogetawaywith-larry hsaesthetic hungerlarry hypoxia-ofthe-heart / idmarryyouharold ilove1dalmation inloveinleeds innnocentlou insidelouisass iputyrmotherthroughhell ismell-larry isthatjessieb itslovestylinson / jackkmcqueen jamiehampstead jazzy-dreams je-crois-en-larry journal-of-a-ginger joy256 justdroppedmyiphone / kanekititan killlllllin-it king-louis-and-king-harry kingsoflarry kirastylinson69 kitnella kittenharrystyles kristaishawt

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ladsandstuff larentals larrie2k15 larriesissues larriesrepresent larriesvip larry-syndrome  larryareyounastyy larrydagger larryinthesheets larryishappilyalive larrysince18 larrytakemehomo larrywellingtoncurse larryxstrong laughing-larry leedselouven letsbelarryaf lickmyballsharry life-mates likebelou lips-touch-three-times little-spmoon littleangelharry littleblackharry littlelarrybirds littlelionlouis livinlikelarries lolfandomsaf longhaireddimpledkid lou-are-my-sunshinexx lou-tommylinson loubearandhazzabear louharryaftho louis-asfuck louisalmiighty louisasfck louisateallmycarrots louishabibharry louishasaboyfriend louisinlipstick louislovessuckingdick louismytinysun louisndhaz louistalmighty louistcentric louistomliinson louistomlinsnark lourryzouis louseh lousgotnocontrol louueeeh louvelyanchor louviosa love-sunny88 lovedrunklarry lovelyhazandlou lovewillleadyoutotheend / madforlarry majestymikey manicpixiewonderbread malachitelou mar1998mar marcelcangetsome marehullam marrylerry master-ofthewicket melouisbubble memoriesunknown miniature-lou mistmidnightblr moonlight-tomlinsonata mysecretloveforyouu mytreasure1229 / natzryte next-to-you-always-ls nialls-nando niallstys nicetwitterpacks no-one-understands-why nuggetsandbrits not-thatimportantt nwalmaerx nyclarry / ohstopitlouis organicspaceapricot / pair-of-star-crossed-lovers pastymuke pointlessannie

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raynbowstyles ritzandoreos rockandrollrainbow ropeshipandsinker rosetomydagger rxdirwin / satanicdoughtnut scriptingstylinson scruffypuppylou sextingeleanor shippinglarrylove since-he-was-eighteen sinnedhunters sinning-virtue sirenalarrie slicexpaperxwrist sluttydaddyharry spaceboylouis sparklymcqueen spectopatronum steffistylinson stronglarents stylinson-howlter stylinsonxbabes stylinsowns stylinswallows stylishlou sugarbaby-louis sugarbabykink sugartitstyles sunflowerloueh sunlit-larry supportinghalo / taireable takemehometolarry teatommo the-craic-of-dawn the-phan-potato the-song-of-larry thekalehoe thelarriest thepaparazziisflocking thesecretthatcantbeexposed thesongoflarry thestoriesovernowtheend thet0mm0way thetomlinsonsruletheworld theyre-just-friends thinkindofsharethatreally this-cant-be-life tiddieharry tintedglas tinyangellouis tinylouistomlinson toastyhazza tomlickson tomlindaughter-af tomlinson-styles-squad tomlinstylez tommoxtwinkle trashsos / ufookinloseh umharrytomlinson unfortunatelarry / vipharry viplarry viplouis viplourry vvellingtonkiss / whatiflarry witnessmestyles westsidelarents writerofmyownfairytale / x5secondsof1d xmatchingtattoos / youandmerighthere yvesstlouis / zenlikejen

So, recently I reached 3,000 followers which is crazy. I just want to thank every single one of you. I’ve met some of the nicest people on here and I honestly don’t know where I’d be without you, punks. (Probably in some corner alone talking to myself tbqh.) 

So I just want to highlight some of my favorite blogs but please don’t fret if you’re not in this because knowing me I’ll probably forget somebody and I’m trying to keep this short. (I’ll def forget somebody tbh.) 

(Also, did you see what I did there in the picture? I used Tylers head as an ‘O.’ I swear I’m funny.) 

(Another also, this was supposed to be my 2k follow forever but then I procrastinated a “bit” and then there was 3 thousand of you. whoops.) 

Thank you all for following me and without further ado, here is my follow forever, ya dorks. ♡

(In abc order, yo.) 

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

500daysoftroyler ♡ a-boy-named-troye ♡ atroylerbootycall ♡ 

ayeoakley ♡ ayytilly ♡ ayyytroyler-yall ♡ bandsandyoutubersokay ♡ 

betweenatroylersandwich ♡ canthandletroyler ♡ 

♡ canyounottroyler ♡ everything-troyler ♡ fr3ntus ♡ fricksivan ♡ 

♡ friedchicken-and-fanfiction ♡ fuckitslouis ♡ gladyousaidhi ♡ 

glazed-eyes–empty-hearts ♡ happylittletroyler ♡

hashtag-troyler ♡ heartyglobe ♡ hellamellet ♡ hitroyler ♡ 

holy-troyler ♡ holytrinigay ♡  http-troyeboy ♡ i3tyler ♡ 

iadoretroyler ♡ irem-i ♡ itmetroye ♡ itmetyler ♡ itstroylerr ♡ 

itus-troyler ♡ kissingtroyler ♡ meepface ♡  noootella ♡ 

nuggetsfortroyler ♡ nutella-plus-ranchdressing ♡ oaklxy ♡ 

ohtyluhyouresodreamy ♡ omgtroyetheboyblog ♡ 

ourtroylerinfinityy ♡ peace-out-little-munchkins ♡ planet-troyler ♡ 

q-and-slay ♡ sluttylittlepill sluttytroye ♡ tavloroakley ♡ 

thatwinkingtwink ♡ tillyjustkinda ♡ t-r-o-y-l-e-r-e-l-l-a ♡ 

tr-oyesivan ♡ troye-ily ♡ troye-slayvan ♡ troyeesiivan ♡ 

troyes-lip-ring ♡ troyesivanoakley ♡ troyler-ing ♡ troyler-right ♡ 

troylerable ♡ troylercrazy ♡ troylereuphoria ♡ troylerisinyou ♡ 

troylersombrero ♡ trovesivan ♡ trxyesquiff ♡ twirlingtroye ♡ 

tyler-oakleys-pickle ♡ tyler-thequeen ♡ tylersboogers ♡ 

tylerbroakley ♡ tyleroxkley ♡ tylertillytroye ughoakley ♡ 

ultimatetroylerfangirl ♡ ur-a-lil-nugget ♡ versa-tilly ♡

whatsagarb ♡ whoistroyeanyway ♡ youtubers-ugh ♡ 

♡  youtubersarebetterthanyou ♡ youtubersshipper ♡ 

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

And obviously a huge thank you to tyleroakley and troyesivan . They’re actually my favorite people in the whole wide world and they do nothing but always make me happy and I am so proud of of them and thank you for bringing this family together. “This is so fucking cheesy but I’d say like you’re my best friend.” K, cool. ♡ 

♡ Thanks to everybody for following me and putting up with my shit. ♡

I reached 1k followers a little bit ago but I wasn’t ready to do my follow forever yet but here it is now! I want to just thank all of my followers for making this happen for me, ily guys. These are some of my favorites and if you aren’t included just remember that I love everyone I follow❤️ I’m not skilled enough at making edits so photo credits goes to my best friend Haley touseledhair and she has an amazing b&w blog so go check her out if you’re interested, thanks Hales😘

taylorcaniffsluts rihaha nashtymira jack420gilinsky suptaylorcaniff holyviners jackgilinsexy vanityfairteen baematthewespinosa 8-8shawn merster98 shawnsbae aaronscarpenter mahotanylox jackgilinksys ollieandivy nashsdickle slaylorcaniff camerondallasbabe totallyespinosa awespinosa slutspinosa camdawgdallas magcon-boyys sh-ass-wn theaaroncarpenter aaronschapstick espinosabye mendesftdallas doitfordallas magc0nboys cartahstaph dallasslays shennmendezz highgilinsky moremendes stonedgilinsky jackgilinskytbh cutelikemendes highlinsky gackjilinsky woahtheredallas hoodratmendes espinosasdallas palveen itsmagconb0ys buckwildtaylor ohmydallas hugthehemmo magconboysomfg basicallygilinsky asslikemattfacelikegilinsky sam-wilkinson moaningmagcon calniff popecaniff iconsmagcon annatw4eva love-life-magcon jackgilinskystories

Thank you again and eventually I will make a bigger one because this one is sort of small it’s just I was in a hurry to make this post.😁

AHHHH YOU GUYS!! I will never get over you and how wonderful you are - each and every one of you! Thank you for making my first ever tumblr awards such a huge success (I was actually so nervous to do one). Everyone who entered was truly amazing and I had such a tough time choosing. Ily all tho and want you to know you’re sunshines on this earth. But enough of me babbling…onto the winners! (Ps I added an award bc I am Stydia trash muahahah)

lydia martin award for personal favorite  → baelydia
           ↳ runner ups: henrywinchestcr & madgesgoldpin
 hermione granger award for best overall  → martinsti
          ↳ runner ups: truealqha & scydiahs
octavia blake award for best theme  → bahnsee
          ↳ runner ups: saviorstiles & daredvls
luna lovegood award for best url →  holydia
            ↳ runner ups: hisbanshee & lydsstilinski
stiles stilinski award for best posts →  lydiamsrtin
          ↳ runner ups: derekhalee & berisaac
scott mccall award for nicest blogger → dyalnobriens
          ↳ runner ups: ohfuckthisshit & stydixa
raven reyes award for best creations* →  wereswolf
          ↳ runner ups: lyciamartin & nogisune
ron weasley award for best harry potter → dracmalfoy
          ↳ runner ups: hedwinqs & scorpiusmqlfoy
clarke griffen award for best the 100 → haydenromeiro
          ↳ runner ups: clarkepuff & warriorctaviia
allison argent award for best teen wolf →  stilesbansheequeen
           ↳ runner ups: stydiaxs & lydamartin
theresa agnes award for best maze runner → stillinskys
          ↳ runner ups: thominvvt
red string of fate award for best stydia →  martinskki
          ↳ runner ups: stxdias & itsalwayslydia
isaac lahey award for best multifandom → arguents
          ↳ runner ups: benvvyatt & hollymroden
liam dunbar award for best blog on the rise → hewittmasons
          ↳ runner ups: lydiaspaddle & bansheequeenlydia & spazzingstiles

a reminder of what you have won is under the jump! wooo!! THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY LITTLE HEART!

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Blog Rates and Ships

I miss being on here and I’m sorta deciding what to do with this blog so before I do anything rash I wanna reward you guys for being the best followers everrrrr!

What You’ll Get

  • URL: eh / don’t get it / good / fantastico / perf / LEMME HAVE IT
  • Profile Pic: selfie / supa cool / not ma style / killer
  • Theme: change it / ooh pretty / love it / my new theme
  • Posts: ehhh / good / great / im lovin it / not my faves but cool
  • Follow?: no im sorry ily / already am / just followed
  • Ships
    • 5sos - luke / ash / mikey / cal
    • 1d- harry / liam / louis / niall (and zayn man cant kick him out)
  • Why I ship you with them:
  • Favorite feature: eyes / hair / facial structure / nose 
  • Favorite personality feature:


  • mbf me
  • if ya want to follow my 1d blog
  • reblog this post
  • and tell me if you like 5sos or 1d more in my ask
  • thats it! thank ya and happy shippin

so I hit 3k this morning and I just want to take a moment and say thank you to all my followers because you all are amazing and are constantly requesting things and I want to hug you all! There are some particularly special people I would like to shoutout though so…..

pineapplegrier wow kaitlin ok you were one of my first friends on here and i love you so much because your morning texts are honestly the cutest and every time we oovoo you make me laugh so much omg ily. one day you and nate are gonna have rough ass sex and you are going to have beautiful babies and i will be the godmother. i’m so thankful for you and your smut because it makes all my sexual fantasies come alive. also thanks for answering your phone after the jacks talked to me forever thankful

yeetgilinsky ok becky you are truly queen and i solemnly swear to only share jack and luke with you because well i love you. i’m thankful for our convos where we only talk about 5sos and how bangable cal and luke are because it gets me through the day. i love you and your boobs. 

jacobsmutsides lala i love you so much and i am so thankful to have a friend like you on here because i don’t know what i would do if we weren’t friends. i idolize you no lie and i want you keep being fabulous and rad because you are truly perfect and i love you so much.

s3xualmagc0n I LOVE YOU REAGAN you are the best person ever and i can’t believe we get to meet in less than two weeks. you are truly hilarious and stunning and all around amazing and oovoo with you is my favorite thing. i wiil forever be your mother and you will be my child i love you so much

nashsgrier ok i love your blog so much and you in general and you are fabulous and we should honestly talk more because i smell a great friendship

the rest of the bad bitch squad- 24magcon backslashgriernash radwhitesides turntwithsammywilk sammywilkk11 fangasmsoh itsjazminskye nashsgilinsky jackgilinskywhoresI LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH AND OUR GC MAKES ME SO HAPPY BECAUSE ALL OF YOU ARE JUST FABULOUS AND SHIT AND I WANT YOU ALL TO REMIND YOURSELF EVERYDAY THAT I LOVE YOU AND THAT YOU ARE FABULOUS AND LOVELY AND YOUR FAVE LOVES YOU

and of course the amazing and lovable grindlinsky you have become my favorite person and i find your fangirling absolutely lovely and it warms my heart so much and i wanna be your best friend because we truly would be amazing together ok ily bye


Out of over 500 blogs who entered here are the overall winners. This was so hard, there were so many good blogs I wish I could’ve put in!! Please check out some of these blogs they’re really great. Thank you guys ily!!!

Best Themes 

sighkarth mytoxicvalentines pvnkflower rilexofficial madkingrian jalexhasmyheart jtrohman

Best Posts

sixfeetunderjbstar bandfrombaltimore jacklickmybeanstalk jxgkdaniels jagk-barakkat gaskarth-barakat fuwentes winedrunklvrs

Best URLs

jackkalltimelow offciallukehemmings

Best ATL blogs

alexlgram punkcr alexgaaskarth dontpanic-itsalltimelow 

Best Variety blogs

punktimes barakut thepunkyear jagkreckless realzackmerrick omgkarth notrunningfromlions warpedtoursmoshpit

Blogs I think are way underrated

jackbuttakat vic-fuentis @ghstfcks heroesofbaltimore alexgasky tonypiercetheveil alltimelowofficially

Really Nice bloggers

wind0ws-in-heaven sscreamss boyslikebands notrunningfromlions warpedtoursmoshpit

Bloggers I wish I was cool enough to be friends with:

sixfeetunderjbstar alltimejackalow dontpanicdawson madkingrian keepxswinging merrikat

It was actually impossible to narrow down my favorites, i’m sorry you guys are all so so great okay. 

Overall Favorites

lastflightshome alltimejackalow madkingrian sixfeetunderjbstar jackkalltimelow punkcr merrikat