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What makes you inspired to create your characters? Like did keii come from a book you read, a movie ?? What about bayani??

Ah! There’s several things that inspired my characters! Some from books or movies, others from dreams I’ve had, people I admire, along with random burst of inspirations from inanimate objects– And Keii? You mean Kii? haha Kii started off as a weird persona (that eventually branched off into something completely different( where I wanted to create a character that’s so selfishly egotistical, but also obsessed with the idea of giving love as well as receiving it. He was originally just a huge perv who sweats nervously a lot, but I created this darker more uh– “Yandere” (I guess) side to him, which is what you guys mainly see today. 

And Bayani was a mix of inspirations! I was inspired with the world of Berserk, along with a manga I really like call “Yakusoku no Neverland” (which is super good, I highly recommend!!) because just the whole scary world filled with demons along with spirits is just so appealing to me. The design for Bayani is actually just a revamp of an old OC named Orias lool He was part of an old RP group of IG and so… I never used him all that much– 

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Honestly it is too late at least for me there is upcoming interviews for them where they might speak English i am dead at this stage 😂

I’m feeling so anxious about those interviews tbh, like, people will get to know BTS better; that’s a good thing ofc.

But the thing is…

I don’t want people to chase, yell, scream, push around BTS like it’s not a big deal. 

You might say “that doesn’t make any sense” but hear me out.

When people get the know BTS, their freedom will be restricted, people will bother them on the streets and you know some fans are not mature enough; they would harass BTS. Y’all know that’s true, in Korea, they already have those kind of fans aka s*saeng fans. In US, or another county, there are lots of obsessed fans might actually end up hurting BTS.

You guys might have heard of the story of a Mexican fan and another ARMY’s conversation about the Mexican fan saying that she’s dating with Yoongi (and she kept calling Yoongi as Suga lmao) over 2 years and he hasn’t called/texted her during this time… And again I might be wrong about Mexican fan, but I’ve read the conversations on Instagram, so that’s all I’m trying to say.

And ofc I’m not against of BTS to get famous (they deserve all those good things that has been happening) but all I’m trying to say is; give BTS some space.

After all, they are humans just like us, and they deserve to recieve some respect from us.

Even though you don’t stan someone/some group/something; respect them. (I’m not including bad or disrespectful celebrities)

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(Thank you guys for reading and understanding my words without misunderstanding)

I Don’t Roleplay an NPC.

A little OOC venting about to go down rn. This has been something that’s been bothering me for a while, and I see it a lot on characters who play a specific role in RP. 

People don’t roleplay NPCs for your story. 

Guard roleplayers don’t exist to solve your problems on command. They’re not dogs. That’s their IC job, but there are characters behind the guards armor. The lovely @percy-aldenhardt is a character that I’ve known and roleplayed with since 2015ish, I’ve seen Percy, as a character, start off as a paladin squire and move forward from there. He’s had love interests, he has family, he has a plotline and story outside of “Commander of the Guard.” Sure, that’s what he’s known for, that’s the role he plays in roleplay, but Percy isn’t an NPC. Similarly, he can’t just be killed off because your character is super bad and can kill any guards that come after them.

Characters like Archelaos – He’s a bad guy! That’s the role he plays. He’s a bad guy, and he makes other people into bad guys too. He’s an antagonist. However, that doesn’t mean that he’s not a person behind the role. Archelaos has a rich history, he has friends, lovers, family, tons of personal plotlines and guild plotlines that he’s deeply invested in. As such, he’s not an NPC baddy that, once he does something bad, he can just be killed off so justice can be served and the hero wins the day.

There’s some people who roleplay temporary characters who were always planned to be killed off, and those are a lot of fun! @elias-toulouse was a great example of that. However, characters like Elias aren’t the default. The default is that, even though they play a role in a story, these characters are not disposable. It’s not “refusing IC consequences” to not consent to our characters being killed off so you can feel vindicated and strong.

If these are what you’re looking for in your good guys and bad guys, just NPCs whose sole role in RP is to either aid your character in looking like the hero, or to be killed off so you can be the hero: Use NPCs.

It’s incredibly disrespectful to your RP partner to treat their character like they’re disposable and that you have priority over them. I’ve been seeing this happen tons with both guard roleplayers and antagonist roleplayers, which you wouldn’t think would be grouped in this, but they certainly are.

Respect your RP partners.

Respect their character.

300 follow forever list

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Hello everyone just want to said it super cool so many of u have found me and leorio even through I’ve take fucking forever with my replies thank you so so much for those that has rp with me to be patience and surprising stick with me no matter how long I took you guys are just precious jewels I grew to love dearly 

 okay so this group contains people i totally fell in love with like they are people i consider as very good people I have enjoy chatting with, stunning rp partners i’d love to stick around forever. simply those i just love so much for being so so patience with me and how our muses interacts regardless if they close or drive one another insane haha 

@wildmountainkid- not only you where the first friend I made here but one of the first gon I’ve followed which I’m really glad I did like I love your writing and you’re an amazing person to chat with like you’re always down on what we do for our muses and I really enjoy rping with you so thank you and gon for being great buddies to me and leo and that we luv u guys 

@kusariyarou-  You are such a kind person and it means a lot to me that you enjoy rping with me as much I enjoy rping with you even through I feel bad for taking so long with our threads I really enjoy writing with u and your kurapika is so so spot on it like it makes me question if u the actual avenger himself anyways hope we can continue more threads together as your an splendid writer and good friend anyone lucky to have 

@kakuhenkan-  okay u are cutie-pie like I squeal like an bitch when you follow me since I was second from checking u out on how well you play killua character did I mention you where the first one I have interact with here I had an blast rping with u and despite the bricking between our muses I can tell how much they care for one another anyways you’re an amazing person and I’m happy to befriend u 

@eyesofcuriosity- despite how we don’t chat as we used to I’ll said you’re stunning rper who does an really great job playing your character and happy how well our muses are good friends plus I’ve enjoy the stuff you post 

@rebelliouszoldyck-  u are super cool like you make me appreciative killua character on how passion you are on the responses he do whenever he gets asks about something that impact his life anyways I really adore ur killua as he an treasure jewal such as yourself and I’m aware we don’t thread much but I can said I’m just happy we were able to rp few times as you’re an amazing writer and the stuff u post is as cool as u 

@heroofgrymoire- I don’t know too much about final fantasy but from what I seen u done an terrific job playing lann character and super happy he and leorio are good friends who love for their friends are strong as their hearts anyways it makes me smile seeing u on my dash thanks to all the positive stuff u post 

 @littlelilypetal-   I adore both u and haruhi like you guys too sweet like candy plus you an great writer on how well you play your muse character and I truly enjoy the interactions between our muses it leading to an sparkly relationship 

@hyugainterior- you really kind like I seen u always spreading happiness to others and it makes me sad how much hate u get for playing your character differently from the show anyways I’m happy u don’t let the haters get to u and that u really are an great rper know both leo and I care for u 

@godxofxspeed-  I really I mean really enjoy rping with u like how our muses interact with one another is how I think their relationship be in the series if killua and leorio had spent more time together sadly that didn’t happen but I’m happy that change when we rp together like you play the assassin extremely well and you never have an issue when I spam your inbox on the stuff I make leo do to annoyed or embarrassed killua 

@rxsticboy- your gon is fucking adorable okay like I squeal everytime I see an ask being ask by that boy and he answer it so innocently plus I like how much leorio check on gon to make sure he okay and remind he loved by his friends anyways I enjoy rping with u it was really fun

@blue-eyed-birdie- Again I don’t know too much about final fantasy so I can’t really say what your reputation is there but roleplay wise as a whole, I think you’re very kind and are a very good cloud plus I love the brotherly friendship between our muses since leorio really cares alot about cloud and worried about him like he does for kurapika but grateful this blonde actually pick up when he called him anyways I enjoy rping with u and like the stuff u post

those i unfortunately don’t roleplay with too much like, though i’d love to. trust me, you have no idea how much i’d like to roleplay with them, but i just feel awkward, because i just wonder how i can approach them without sounding like a desperate noodle. no matter what, i find them all so adorable, such remarkable writers I really enjoy seeing on my dash

@ghostlywriterneon, @laxativejuice, @jxjanken, @bopnty, @adventurouswind

@ao-de-shizukana, @agilityandfists, @saihou-shi, @syarn0rkl, @the-charming-rogue, @younguchihasuvivor, @treacherousarlcrt, @nxnika, @little-goof, @thiever-y, @mysteriousarcheologist, @habibinoor, @deathlyacupuncture, @wild-cxrd, @wildchildfreecs, @etherealassassin, @ragedriiven, @roguegunforhire, @chaoticemotioniisms, @carcarius, @wishfor, @nisenokumo, @ignisxsicarius, @paradise-x-hunter, @pluviatempestas, @elasticlxve, @yuichiroswife, @iamclearlyawizard, @lunaettelucilfer44 @shiroigetsu 

These people are not rpers but I love them just as much and Love seeing them on my dash since they post amazing content I enjoy seeing 

@killua-no, @hunterxblog, @kurapicha

@shimmy-sham-with-the-fam, @mowedith, @ou-no-tame, @kimievii

Anyways I think that everyone that made mine and leorio day golden on what lovely jewels u are and we have to have met all of you since we love everyone on this list so so much

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happy sunday, pumpkins. i hope everyones having a good weekend. we hit 40 members the other day and i have a few things i want to talk about. 

first, i want to make sure everyone knows how important it is to makes sure everyones posts are getting notes. i know as our group gets bigger it’s easy for things to sometimes get buried on the dash. you guys have been really good this far at making sure everyones selfies and stuff get notes, but i just want to make sure that we’re on the same page. if you see someone posting a photo, please give it notes. it might be intimidating for newer members when they see muses with a lot of friends getting lots of notes on their photos, so please make sure those people get just as many. also, to go with that, please try and branch out and talk to new people. you don’t have to talk to everyone or attempt to be friends with everyone, but only talking to people that your muse is affiliated with in real life is another way to make people feel intimidated or left out. i don’t think anyone needs to really be told how important it is to include everyone but as our little group grows, i want all of our members to know how important these things are to us. i want everyone to feel like they’re getting as many notes as everyone else and has the opportunity to make friends. this is perhaps one of the most important things to me as a mod.

second, we haven’t ever really made a post about how sideblog activity checks are going to go. we’ve been doing normal activity checks but we’re going to start doing our sideblog activity checks and posting update checks in activity checks. sideblog activity, mandatory tasks, and updates will work on a three strike basis. if you get three strikes for these things within a three month period, you’ll be removed. we want to make sure it’s clear that dash activity is our main priority, and that these things are secondary, but still important in our group being able to run. you get removed after 5 days of main blog activity, but after a week without sideblog activity you’ll get a warning. if you don’t do a mandatory task, you’ll get a warning. if you haven’t done two updates ( this includes tasks that have been stated to count as an update ) you’ll get a warning. getting a warning isn’t a big deal ! so don’t fret if you get one, just take it as a gentle reminder. 

you can expect the first activity check to include sideblog and update activity to happen within the first few days of november so make sure you have two updates for october posted by then !

thank you for 40 members, thank you so much to everyone who’s stuck around since the beginning of our group and to all of our new members for joining the family

please like this post once you’ve read it.

would you guys be interested if I started posting out of context moments from my simplicity rp stuff??

I realised a few days ago i often do this thing where I summarize what just happened in rp and post it to the group chats when i’m particularly amused by a moment; and becasue I draw my characters from simplicity here enough, i figured, maybe it would be good for you guys to get some context sometimes about these characters?

I just worry that it might be annoying or hard to understand without all the context required for the scene but here’s an example of one from a rp i did on sunday!

  • repimeek: *openly nervous about a thing that relates to how he died that they have to fight*
  • thing: *flies away and doesn’t fight them*
  • dorian: I… we didn’t do anything

  • earlier:
  • repimeek: *hears the sound of danger* WE MUST INVESTIGATE!
  • dorian: can’t we ever run the OPPOSITE direction?
  • now:
  • dorian: that thing is just gonna go cause more trouble somewhere else if we don’t follow–
  • repimeek: *pressing his hand against dorian’s face* SHHHHH…. you- you said you wanted us to run the other way just once didn'tcha?

These were both from the same rp obviously but i’d post them in like two separate posts in like the ‘chat’ format on tumblr here, let me know what you guys think!

Repimeek is one of my characters I don’t think i’ve ever talked about, dorian belongs to grafitisonny

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can you rec me some lit tumblr groups?

is it just me or are the tags looking dry as heck ? that’s why i’m so hype for @prominencehq to open, which u guys should definitely check out once it drops bc it’s gonna be amazing ! i also know that @daddariorpc is dropping an rp very soon, & i’m actually pretty excited to see it bc it’s about time a good rp came into the tags ! but i have been eyeing @vacanthq since it hit the tags, so this is a def rec in my opinion !

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just wanted to thank you guys for being super amazing mods !! everyone here is inclusive & nice & you guys are always around to help ! feeling lucky

. * ┆ ‘ THANK you so much for the kind words! we try to make ourselves as available as possible so everyone has a good time. and it helps that everyone in this group is fantastic and we love you all!

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I love this rp so much! You guys are doing such a good job with plot drops, you continue to amaze me

Thank you so much! That really, really means a lot, I know not only to me but especially to Neen and the other admins. I’m (Nai) technically only an honorary admin that steps in sometimes to help out with events/tasks/things like that, so I can’t really take too much of the credit, but as a member myself I just want to say how much I love this group to bits. In established RP’s you typically tend to get people stuck in their ways, unresponsive to newcomers, keeping to their own long-running plots and not much else, that sort of thing. This group, though, is completely the opposite. You’re all so excitable about your characters and plots and other people’s, too, and it’s honestly really refreshing. Thank you so much for making this such a fun experience for so long now! I’m excited to write with all of you lovely people (and you lurkers that are considering joining) for as long as you’re willing to let me. 

Catch me busting out an honesty hour link at the ripe old age of eighty-two in my nursing home and dentures.

To every RPer.

Mini HUGE rant on Roleplay Manners and courtesy… and things I think most of us wanna see more of.

YES… those are a thing… Something to consider for a better functioning well greased community.

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I have noticed a lot of tension between antagonistic and protagonist guilds lately same for “Hero” and “Villain” character players.  

More often or not the “Hero” shows up out of nowhere to save the day and the damsel in distress, playing the white knight and so on and so forth. There rarely is a legitimate reason for them to be there at that particular time on that particular day in that particular spot. There is rarely a legitimate way for them to have knows what was happening and what the context of the scene was before they come barging in swinging their swords or what have you, and that is an issue.

People shouldn’t have to do all their solo RP in instances just because you can’t keep control your urge to be the good guy.

(More below the cut for your viewing pleasure mobile users <3)

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aside from all the drama & f*ckery that happens around here, can I just take a minute to say how incredible this hobby is? like, all of us are coming together to create characters & towns & entire universes for us to make our own. that’s incredible. the fact that we can create an environment where someone can come in & create their own world with their own people & rules & history, & then they get to share it with other writers & let them enter the world & take control of a character inside it? that’s so amazing.

it might not seem like much at the time, when you’re doing gif chats or plotting with friends or doing para replies.. but when you create a new character, you create a new human. you created a little human bean with a life & a personality & a history & hobbies & flaws & strengths & weaknesses. you did all that. whether it was all by yourself or with the help of other admins or writers– you did that. isn’t that so cool? i think that’s so cool.

we’re creating entirely new worlds, guys. whether it’s in a group RP, indie, 1x1, or even if you’re just writing by yourself.. you made a new world & everything you do can help shape it into whatever you want it to be.. idk I just think that’s really incredible.

I’m really proud of y'all for creating your own little human beans & helping them navigate through whatever comes their way, in this new world you’ve created for them to exist in. they couldn’t do it without you.

good job, my dudes. let’s keep up the good work.

you know what? i’m going to make this character i rp a lesbian, i’m such a good ally. oh wow i’m significantly more invested in her relationship with a girl and become much more excited rping it than any m/w romance i’ve ever rped, but that’s just bc they’re the cutest couple ever! oh wow looks like pretty much all the characters i rp now are lesbians, oops, i’m just an ally! and it’s easier to have them be lesbian bc there are more girls than guys in my rp groups :)

When I first made this blog, it was for the sole purpose of storing all of my rp crap and to maybe possibly start a few 1x1s. I didn’t do it for the followers, but I have to say I’ve met some pretty cool people so far and I’m kind of stoked to have 100 followers already. With that said, I wanted to make a small thing just to acknowledge all of the awesome people I see on my dash and who think I’m awesome enough to see on their dash.

My inner circle: Not only do I get to play with your amazing characters, I get to call you guys my friends. You’ve listened to me rant about stupid stuff, shared a lot of yourselves with me and in turn have helped me do the same. I’m lucky to be able to call you guys my good friends.

| bunny-rps (the girl♥)| coco-writes | erinwritesandstuff |

Inspiration: The people I get to play and plot with in my amazing groups and 1x1s. Thank you all for playing some of my favorite characters ever and for doing so with me.

| allmyrpthings | marksroleplays | kayladeeroleplays | helenhamiltonwrites | blainchelrps | rihannasrps | blaineyrpssummersrps | thelittlemermaid-writes | nfunkrp | sophiierps

Most stalked: These are those blogs I love on from afar. I use your themes, stalk through your resources, and fangirl over your memes. Keep being awesome!

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My 100th follower: waitingonasoldierslove

Thank you all :)

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He had never wanted to move to this little small town. It was an odd kind of town. He did not want to be here at all but after his Father had gained a job at the local fire department, he had been forced to move with his Mother until he could earn enough money to get his own place. Frank had been walking through the mall, mainly window shopping and buying packs of cigarettes so that he could find himself to be relaxed - there was this unusual sense of anxiety in a new town. He felt as if everyone was looking at him. Perhaps they were.

 He had bright, bright blue eyes (like laser beams) scars on his face, and overall, he didn’t look as conformist as those around him. It was as he was walking through the mall did he see a small group of friends. They looked like the only people he would want to speak too…or at least…try to speak too . “Hey,” He approached with confidence - his whole demeanour was one of authority. Almost intimidating in a sense. Such confidence. “You guys know any good bars ‘round ‘ere?” He said, not speaking to any of them particular - just whoever decided to pipe up.



shout out to my lil eggplant karadanversrp for making me this pretty af graphic also to my wife rachelbarbrarps.


A huge thanks to all the people who have decided to follow me and my subpar RP blog. You’re all serious troopers for putting up with my dumb shit and sticking through things with me and sending me cool memes and such. Also, it’s been awhile since I’ve made a Follow Forever and I thought the 500 mark was a good time to finally post another. I love you all, seriously, thank you so much for being mutuals with me. Feel free to hmu any time.


A special fucking shout out to my comewhatmay family. Newbies, oldies and past players in the group, I love you all to my very core. This RP got me through Cory’s passing for the most part and I’d be so ??? without you guys. I’ve been apart of the group for close to three years now and GOD. You’ve all helped me improve my writing, helped me improve as a roleplayer in general. Though, my mediocre activity is not a reflection of you. I’m legit just rp trash.

So, kurterps, blainearps, rachierps, straightuprps, marleyrrps, shysworldofrps, sammiewarerps, billylewisjrrps, darrencrissroleplays, graysonsrps and I’m not too sure if I missed anyone from our group who has an RP page, but you guys are tru famjam and just. Thank you. So much.




we’re the trash twins of rping. I mean, you’re less rp trash, but in other things, you’re more trash. but, my fav kind of trash. thank you for sticking through things with me and being as dumb as I am. I love you a lot, poo.
karadanversrp -
lil squish, eggplant, potato, cinnamon roll that’s too good for this world. EVEN THOUGH YOU RIP MY HEART OUT ON THE REG, I’m glad we started talking and I just checked what we actually talked about and basically, bonding over irrational Tiff, yelling at me for Frozen and then that time all I could think about we brussels sprouts. WHAT A WILD RIDE. anyway, ur my fav vegetable and I love you like I love our lil babes.
diannasrps -
chlooooooe. you’re such a sweetheart and I seriously love when you just come at me with all these fuinn headcanons and I’m SUPER excited about the killer plot! bless u for being such an angel, for real.


basically, just quite a few mvps to list that I’ve spoken to before/speak to quite often and I think y’all are really rad and love you a lot

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Clearly, I’m more than likely missing a few people on here, but tagging does get tiring at some point, but that doesn’t mean the ones not tagged don’t also brighten up my dash. I look forward to logging on here every single day and it’s all thanks to my followers and the friends that I’ve made here in the community.

You’re all A++ people and never be shy to hit me up with either some memes, headcanons or just if you feel like talking. My ask is always open and I’m usually lurking.

Much love,