you guys are great people :)

Happy Hobbit Day, everyone! I have a lot of fond memories of the Hobbit fandom - I got more confident with my writing and actually started writing actively thanks to you guys, I got to meet a lot of great people, and overall had a good time. <3 So here’s to all of you!

Hey everyone!

Tomorrow I’m traveling to Romania to see my family and friends. I won’t be posting any comics for the next 4 weeks, but more episodes are on the way as soon as I’m back!

If you want to see sketches and pictures from my trip, make sure to follow me on Instagram @cassandracalin

Cheers and I hope you all have a lovely summer! Ne vedem în curând! :)

Ummmm WTF I somehow reached 2K followers? I don’t understand? But I’m honestly so thankful for all of you that follow me and Tumblr has been a place where I can be myself 100%. (Plus over here no one will judge me for my love for Dan and Phil so) 

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❗ Stop overshadowing V in his own route ❗

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We’ve got our fair share of teenage-ish females (lmao me) but we’re all relatively chill. Like yea Dan is without a doubt one of the most beautiful humans around and we all wanna date him, but everyone just wants him to be happy. No one hated on the cutie pie in the Glory video (MAY DANIELS EVERYONE, SHES GREAT) and idk, I just like that. As a collective whole we’re not hateful and rude, just loving and chill. KEEP IT UP EVERYONE. YOU’RE ALL DOING GREAT.

Sapphic Follow Train! 🌈👭🌈

i recently made a post about how fun it is to have other gay friends and a lot of people replied that they wish they had some… sooo like, reply, reblog, and follow each other on this post to make some new wlw friends! let’s talk to each other :D

Welp, I needed to make this post anyway.

ALRIGHT. So. I should have probably touched on this much much sooner, but, here are my thoughts on Link’s age in the present day for BOTW. Some spoiler warnings for those who haven’t collected all the memories!

I believe that prior to that game, the 100 years in the past, Link was no younger than 17. Here are screenshots from the game to prove that: 

Zelda is referring to Mount Lanayru and the fact that she’s waiting until her 17 birthday to get pray at the shrine. Link accompanies her. So…ergo Link is/was 17 at least.

Me personally? I believe Link is 18 just for the fact that he has so many responsibilities and from how we see him act in the memories, he’s just very mature. [[Needless to say, in my fics he IS of age just to clarify!]]

Flashforward, a hundred years later. And then we get this tidbit, CANON, in game.

Now that can be taken at a grain of salt, but I believe that is Link’s interpretation of his own age. My point is, please stop throwing around the “Link is only 15/16″ posts, especially if you haven’t played the game and are just assuming stuff.  And if people are offended because they think Link is ‘young’ why am I not seeing posts for how many people hit on Link throughout the game???? 

Also, if I see one person reblog this and try to start drama, you’re getting blocked. No fighting. 


day6kilogram: 오늘로서 4월 활동 마지막 방송까지 끝이 났어요!! 여러분이 응원해주셨던 덕분에 정말 신나게 기분좋게 든든하게 활동 할 수 있었던것 같아요 ㅎㅎ 여러분 같은 분들과 같이 걸어올 수 있어서 정말 다행이에요. 이 말 굉장히 오랜만에 쓰는데.. #오래오래같이걸어가자 So today was the last day to perform “I’m serious” on air!! Thanks to all your support we were able to be super comfortable on stage, knowing that you guys got our back. It’s actually a huge honor for us to walk with such great people like you guys. Thank you. I haven’t said this in quite awhile but.. #walkwithmeuntiltheend P.s. 이번 활동때 진짜 염색은 있는힘껏 다해봤다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ All the colors that I conquered in April lol

caligypsy6  asked:

Ok, I have asked you before why you don't have Twitter and I understand your reasoning of character limitations... However, why not create one just to see all the nice things we are saying about you and so we can tag you in them?!? You make an adorable Logan, btw. JS. ❤

Oh yeah, that answer was kind of a joke– I purposefully typed a 140 character response explaining that 140 characters is too limiting (it was like a self-aware blunder, but nobody really got it). The truth is that I tried twitter and it wasn’t for me. I’m iffy on social media altogether. The people that have kind things to say, and that want to interact with me are really great– but social media requires a lot of upkeep, and it’s very performative; I don’t like performing constantly in that way. I’m super up for YouTube, but I don’t quite have a fully formed vision yet, and I’d want to do it right.

I sometimes fantasize about deleting my Instagram and Tumblr, but I don’t really think that’s a good idea right now.

I really do appreciate the people though. You guys are great, and I don’t even know how to react to some of the kind things that you have to say. I feel like I haven’t earned it yet, in a way. There’s a lot that I want to create and put out there, but there’s a long road ahead of me. Working with Thomas is pretty fulfilling though– we’re planning some really, really exciting stuff for SS. That’s the work that’s helping me keep things together right now, tbh.

If people have something that they want to say to me, they might be able to reach me here or on IG (@welcome_to_the_joangle). Thanks.

Ghosts AU

In this AU, Buster’s theatre is inhabited by ghosts. All the spirits live in the building because they died nearby or their properties are here. Basically Buster tries to convince his friend, Eddie, that something is haunting his property.

Johnny kills himself and Meena in the car accident nearby the theatre. He was driving a getaway car for his dad’s gang and was just about to hit Meena’s mom, when she pushed her away. Both can be perfectly invisible, even for other ghosts.
Ash was killed by her boyfriend, who was cheating on her. Died in her home, but Buster bought her guitar from a pawn shop as a prop. Mike was chased down the parking lot behind the theater by the bears and got murdered by them. Both of them look more terrifying than other ghosts.
Rosita lost conconsciousness because of the stress while washing dishes. She didn’t see when something electrical fell into the water and she got electrocuted. Since she loved the theatre, her kids left her bracelet under the seats, so part of her would always be there. Gunter died overseas after falling off a stage during a performance. His red sparkly leotard thing ended up at the theater used as a costume.
Buster’s father died of old age. Because he lived a great life and doesn’t have any unfinished business, his spirit is kind of weak, so he doesn’t appear too much.

anonymous asked:

So given your tags on that photo post is Alfredo going to show up in your writing now? (please say yes i love new boy)

The Fake’s have a shiny new sharpshooter and no one is safe. The LSPD find out about him in the worst possible way, a hailstorm of coverfire from an angle no known member of the FAHC could have managed. Even without the unprecedented display of skill just about every active crew-member is running around on ground level anyway, moving with the utmost faith in their unseen sentry as they sweep down the road. They’re calling out to one another, laughing and joking and audibly teasing their eyes in the sky, as distressingly jovial as always while officers are forced to duck for cover. The sniper is good, better than good, clips three cops in mere moments and leaves the rest scrambling to retreat, all the while avoiding the erratic movements of the crew as they breeze all too easily through their escape. This is bad.

Unseen and unnamed the LSPD have just about nothing to go on when they try to build a file on the new member, don’t even have a name let alone a description beyond a blurry silhouette photographed in a window before the sniper disappeared. There’s some chatter in the city, new guy’s skills are already making waves, but even the police informants don’t have much to go on yet. Apparently he was a gun for hire, a contract the Fake AH Crew decided to keep on indefinitely after they saw him work. People say when he gets his sights on someone they go down, no question. So the LSPD are probably right to worry, probably justified in their harried rush to build a file, though the temporary label they’ve adopted in lieu of an official title is questionable at best. It originated from one officer’s account, the dubious memory of what must have been a misheard comment, a mangled codename, but for now The Sauce is the closest thing they’ve got.