you guys are gonna be so disappointed


Roma tried not to look disappointed, but she might’ve leaked her emotions a little in her tone.

Roma: Oh…well, where are you guys going?

Dahlia: A restaurant! I think he said it was fancy-ish? But not like Chez Llama or anything like that.

Roma, sighing: Then that’s not gonna cut it. Come on, let’s go upstairs and see what we can work with.

No wait but let me talk about the almost kiss

At first I was a little disappointed with it - I had pictured a lot more lips & saliva than actually was.

But then I started to rewatch the gifs from the scene and GUYS. Please look at how close Hugh Dancy comes to actually starting to kiss Mads. IT’S RIDICULOUS.

He bobs his head forward and comes SO CLOSE

and then comes EVEN CLOSER OMFG

and I don’t want to take sides here but Mads really just stays neutral and probably thinking, “well, it seems like I’m gonna kiss today” and makes an almost imperceptible movement forward, but then Hugh gets all shy and thinks again and looks down.

AND WAIT IT’S NOT OVER YET, because Hugh stays like, head down, breathing hard and grabbing Mads’ arm, and then, idk, his right hand SNAKES upward? till Mads’ shoulder, and FUCK ME, look at how fucking close those two are again because Hugh moved his face towards Mads’ again

and then he puts his head on his shoulder, and Mads makes that *orgasm!* face

and NO, STILL NOT OVER, then there’s the FUCKING WAIST GRAB (and jesus, look at how Mads buries his nose on Hugh’s neck)

which may or may not have been actively, purposefully, one-sidedly staged by, GUESS WHO, HUGH DANCY.

And all that was written on the script was “lunge forward”, YOU VILLAINS.

Those two seriously I don’t know how Bryan managed it for three whole years.

okay i usually dont talk about this kind of topics but do you really think jonghyun did that to annoy and disappoint his fans? do you think that if he’d known he was gonna get this feedback he would have done it? i mean if you think jjong is that mean, why are you even stanning shinee? why are you a shawol if you think jonghyun is such a bad person? 

it’s funny how people say you need to educate others so that they won’t do things like these, but if it’s an idol we’re talking about they’re already completely educated and they know about everything. just so you guys know, human beings NEVER stop learning, they learn new things everyday until they die. jonghyun learnt about that today and i’m sure he won’t do it ever again. 

he is an idol, but above everything he is an human being like you and like me. doing something wrong not knowing it is, is as bad as not educating someone to make sure they wont do it again. 

In Which Raven Comes Back and Yang gives her a shot...
  • Raven: Yang, I'm glad you're here. Some business came up I gotta handle. So we're gonna have to put our trip on hold. You understand?
  • Yang: -Obviously disappointed.- Yeah, that's cool.
  • Raven: Just for a couple of weeks.
  • Yang: I understand.
  • Raven: Maybe a little longer.
  • Yang: Yeah, whatever. Whatever.
  • Raven: Look, I'll call you next week and we'll iron out the details. Okay?
  • Yang: Yeah, yeah.
  • Raven: ...It was great seeing you, my daughter.
  • Yang: You too, Raven.
  • Raven: ...Yeah.
  • Yang: Yeah.
  • Qrow: -In the background leaning against the wall.- I'm sorry, Yang.
  • Yang: Actually, this works out better for me. The guys this summer come to class wearing next to nothing.
  • Qrow: Yang, it's all right to be angry.
  • Yang: Hey, why should I be mad? At least she said goodbye this time. I just wish I hadn't wasted my money buying this /stupid/ present.
  • Qrow: I'm sorry. If there was something that I--
  • Yang: You know what, you ain't got to do nothing, Uncle Qrow. It ain't like I'm still 5 years old. Ain't like I'll be sitting up every night asking my dad: "When's Mommy coming home?" Who needs her? She wasn't there to teach me how to throw my first punch, but I learned, didn't I? And I got pretty damn good at it too.
  • Qrow: Yeah.
  • Yang: Got through my first date without her. I learned how to drive. I learned how to shave. How to fight. I had 17 great birthdays without her! She never even sent me a damn card..!! To hell with her! I didn't need her then and I don't need her now.
  • Qrow: Yang..--
  • Yang: You know what, Uncle Qrow? I'm gonna get through Beacon Academy without her. I'll get a great job without her. I'll marry a wonderful guy, have a bunch of kids and be a better mother than she ever was. I don't need her for that, because there ain't a thing she could ever teach me about how to love my kids!!!
  • Yang: ....How come she don't want me, man?
  • Qrow: ... -Just embraces his niece tightly.-
Lestat And The Realms Of Atlantis

I got it just to see how bad it was gonna be. And it did NOT disappoint.

Anne Rice is on crack. It’s a trainwreck. She drove her own story off the rails so far it’s motoring down the freeway. I could eat alphabet soup and shit better Interview with the Vampire fanfic! She keep switching from character to character first person POV with no discernible reason or pattern. Couldn’t she just have used 3rd person omniscient? And my God, does the woman have an editor?!?

And yeah, THERE ARE ALIENS IN THIS ONE. Winged and beaked fucking aliens.

You guys have to read this, just for the wtfuckery. I caught myself either giggling, gaping, or somehow trying to do both at the same time. 

Read it. Read it for the crazy. I have another series that stays on my shelf because it’s so bad I have to laugh at it (no, Tumblr, no sexy transforming millionaire bears in that one). I occasionally pull it out when someone is talking about a bad novel and go “You think THAT’S bad? Get through 15 minutes of THIS and call me back.” Atlantis gives it a run for its money.

Savior Saeran

*breathes in and out* Okay. After many hours of thinking and thinking Bang PT 4 was legit my worse work I ever done in my writing history. I reread it on my computer so many times that I found ever mistake to the last dot. It was ugly, it was nasty and it was because I felt like I needed to get Bang PT 4 out for you guys that I didn’t feel it. Honestly it took me 5 hours to write that small piece of shit because I felt pressured to do it because some of you anons were telling me “ when are you gonna upload, hurry up, why are you taking so long, where is my request” and being the people pleaser my ass is, I fell for the pressure and created something shitty like BANG PT 4. The other three parts probably didn’t have that many mistakes but JESUS CHRIST bang 4 was something. In another note, I’m honestly really disappointed with some of the people that even follow me. How can you tell someone to kill themselves? I was legit disgusted with tumblr and my phone in general I didn’t touch it for a good few hours. Like how can people be that cruel to writers who give out their content for free ? LEGIT FOR FREE AND WE DONT EXPECT SHIT BACK. I’m just wow. Now, I’m not even going to be afraid to block anons. I know there is a way because someone showed me and I’m going to find how to do it, so I can start blocking anons. UPDATE: my dog is doing much better he is moving around and doesn’t need my help that much, but he still needs my love and care. Tomorrow I start work because the high school starts tomorrow and well I only work 2 days a week. I already started writing last night and that piece of writing…..I put my whole heart and soul into it. It’s not finish yet and won’t finish till tomorrow probably. I’m sorry for everything and I’m sorry for failing to bring a good ending to the Bang for those who read it. I’m not sure when BANG will be updated with the last chapter but I know for sure it won’t be till I feel better and confident in myself again for writing smut. Yes, my self esteem went down and I’m not afraid to say it. Well that is all :) I love you munchkins and damn I’m hurt 😂 remember to keep smiling and to drink water :). - Savior Saeran

Keith and his fear of feelings

@kanjiklance, your tags on this post caught my eye there so I’m gonna ramble about some of these stuff some more.

Totally agree with you about Hunk there. And I’m kinda hoping that this whole “I’m just a fat nice guy” thing is there to cover something dark. I have a feeling Hunk is gonna really surprise us all in some way.

And Lance’s fear seems to be related to other people and how they view him, “failure” is more about you being disappointed in yourself, while “losing” is more like people not thinking much of you. He does seem like someone who really cares about how people around him see him.

I also think it’s a very umm common and relatable teenage boy problem, the “I need to be better than someone else to feel good about myself.” And my guess is that Keith is not the first one he’s ever lost to, he probably just takes out a life of losing on him haha

Although I have to say that I don’t think his rivalry with Keith is that serious even, it seems to me more like he’s just dying to make friends with him and get his approval and some recognition from him haha. (This is also just how alot of guys make friends really, you make fun of eachother, dare eachother to do dumb shit, and then the bromance blossoms.) If anything, I think he really admires Keith. And probably getting a “Good job, Lance.” from Keith means to him alot more than it coming from anyone else. So I’m really looking forward to see how their relationship develops once Keith takes the leadership position. 

Buuut, I can totally see how at some point this rivalry might take a more serious turn because of Lance’s insecurities. Lance is gonna fuck something up real bad because of it one day. For sure.

And with Keith, yeah I agree, this is exactly what we’ve seen happening with Shiro in “Collection and extraction” isn’t it? 

He goes from this:

To later in the episode going against his own common sense because Allura gets captured.

And that ends up getting them into some serious trouble because surprise! it was a pretty dumb thing to do..

Keith so far seems to be the opposite of that, or atleast strives to be the opposite of that. (That’s why I like Keith as a leader, he actually makes sense most of the time haha.) 

And I think Keith is kinda Galra in his way of thinking. Seems like he’s got the whole “Having feelings makes you weak” thing we’ve seen with Zarkon in episode 2. (And as both pilots of the black lion, I feel like Keith might be facing alot of the same things Zarkon did in the past… And I think there might be alot of similarities between him and Keith we will see in the future.)

But, even though you’re right and Keith definitely has feelings for all the paladins and we can see he really likes Lance and really appreciates his friendship and really wants to be friends with him despite the rivalry Lance is forcing on them. He’s very caring and protective of Pidge, and it’s clear that even though he gets mad at her, he feels for her and her mission to find her family. And he seem to bond there with Hunk pretty well too (We dun see him bond too much with Allura and Coran though for some reason…)

So yeah, Keith is not exactly someone who is closed up emotionally and avoids relationships like someone who is scared of caring. But thing is I dun feel like he cares about them that much (yet atleast). Whether intentionally or because it’s just the way he is, like he seems to be at a place of “I care, but not to the point where it could affect my good judgement and seeing the bigger picture.” As he admits he would leave them behind for the greater good even if he doesn’t like it. 

Keith cares about the people, but he cares about the goal more, so it seems. (A few sacrifices for the freedom and peace of the entire universe is nothing.)

And this is where I feel Shiro comes in.

Because just from what we’ve seen in season 1, I think alot of us got the feeling that if it was Shiro that was captured instead of Allura, Keith would be out there heading for Zarkon’s base within seconds with nothing but his jet pack and his knife haha 

(Ok I dun actually think he would do that, but you do get the feeling that if Shiro was in trouble, his reaction would have been different. Although we still haven’t seen him make any rash decision because of Shiro, all of Keith’s war decisions were maybe impulsive but they were mostly logically and not emotionally driven so far. Besides maybe facing Zarkon all by himself, which I feel like was a bit of both.)

So with all that it’s clear that Keith cares about people around him, there is still a big difference in the way he is with Shiro and the way he is with well.. everyone else. And I feel like that distinction is probably there for a reason. 

Seems like there’s deep emotional attachment there. And those seem to be the kind of feelings that can come in the way of his thinking process someday. 

I think from everything we’ve seen so far (which wasn’t much, but it’s all we’ve got haha), Shiro has the most potential to be Keith’s weak spot. 

Interestingly enough, in the finale of Golion, Keith/Akira chooses to let Lotor destroy Voltron trying to protect Shirogane’s/Sven’s life, in this pretty intense dramatic scene (that really doesn’t end well for Ryou haha, but ends pretty good for Sven):  

Akira/Keith I think was always a more emotionally motivated leader then VLD Keith seems to be. But they choose to end the show with his last decision as a leader putting the life of one man above peace in the universe and the destruction of the Galra empire.

I know VLD is a new story, but they do take inspiration from the original material, and I wonder if the reason they are establishing this strong emotional connection with Keith and Shiro right now is because they are building up to something similar, and at some point gonna put Keith in a situation where he’d have to decide between the logical best thing to do and what his feelings say, and would fail.

And I think alot of us been thinking about it since we’ve seen Dark!Shiro haha. Because if we do get to see more of that guy in the future (and I’m guessing we will), You have to wonder how would Keith ever be able to go against this 

Originally posted by kuroganai

Would he ever be able to give up on a corrupted version of Shiro like Allura did with the memories of her father?

If the safety of the universe depended on him killing Shiro, would he be able to do that? 

So even though he cares about all of them for sure, so far it seems to me like Shiro is most likely to be the one designated to make him face his deepest fear.

But I dunno, things can change ofcourse. We really haven’t seen much yet.


one of the best parts of Jake punching Brogan was the looks on his face. like. look at the first pic, look how disappointed he looks. and then look at how quickly that turns to anger!! LOOK AT THAT CLENCHED JAW AND PURSED LIPS. look at the DISGUST AND ANGER IN HIS FACE. and then look at that last picture where he knows what’s gonna happen if he punches Brogan but he still 100% consciously makes that decision. Like. He knows he’s gonna get a bad article but it’s like it’s not an option for him not to punch this guy.


  • Tom: How do we tell her?
  • Marco: I think we just have to say it outright.
  • Tom: You're right.
  • Marco: I'll handle, you just stay calm.
  • Tom: Okay.
  • Star: Hey guys, what're you talking about?
  • Marco: Okay, I'm gonna tell you very slowly, so promise not to overreact-
  • Marco (rubbing eyes in disappointment): This is why you're the bottom in this relationship.

i hate to be That Guy who’s like “ugh video games these days” but video games these days are suffering from an overdose on pre-release hype, like every game coming out recently has so much buildup for what’s inevitably a disappointing final product 

not every game has to be groundbreaking and revolutionary, games can be mediocre, but when you hype up a mediocre game too much it’s only gonna look like a trash fire when people actually get a good look at it 

I’m In Love With You, You Idiot (Peter Maximoff Imagine)

A/N: So, here’s the 6k monstrosity I mentioned of posting! Thank you to all of you who liked, reblogged and replied to my previous post about this fic. I really do hope you’ll like it!
Y/N: your name; Y/E/C - your eye color.

Peter had never considered himself shy. He knew what he had to offer and he knew how to use it - that was what was important. What he neglected to tell others was that if you are a mutant and you show any type of weakness, then you’re screwed. Easy as that. Not only did he have to think about his own well-being, but also his mom’s and his two precious sisters’. They mattered the world to him - his family - and he wouldn’t let them get caught in the crossfire between mutants and humans, especially Wanda and Lorna. So shyness for Peter Maximoff was out of the question.

Until you burst quite literally into his life.

You were a force to be reckoned with. Your powers were enhanced to a point where you could take on a whole class of experienced students and still overpower them with an utmost ease. That would be a joy to most mutants but it was a burden on you. Your mutations were a constant reminder of your rough past – you weren’t quite so lucky to end up in a somewhat healthy environment among humans. Instead, you were ripped away from your parents and thrown into a modernised concentration camp where you were experimented on, tortured and enhanced in whatever way possible. These enhancements came with a lot of pain and misery, along with too many dead friends who perished, only to ensure you survived the tests they didn’t. You never thought you would get out of that nightmare - too many a night did you long for the sweet release of death, just to be rid of all the monstrosity you had to face each day. But miraculously, one day when you were being whipped to see if your wounds would regenerate fast enough, loud bangs interrupted your daily session of torture and a group of mutants, dressed in complementing battlesuits, invaded the camp, rescuing whoever they could and dealing with the humans who conducted the whole thing. Those who were willing and didn’t try to kill were taken prisoner while others who preferred to fight and kill the mutants were not so lucky. The chaos of the situation frightened you and your fight instinct kicked in. You didn’t know these people and although they saved your fellow prisoners, you couldn’t be sure where they would take them next. Maybe they would give them a home or maybe they could take them to an even worse place. You didn’t want to leave it to chance. So you ran, fueled by rage and pain, dealing with everyone who dared to block your way. You found herself at a dead end, humans hot on your heels. You braced yourself, concentrating hard, letting your anger fuel your powers and let out a burst of energy which destroyed the better part of the room. You quickly went through the opening that had formed, jumping from the ledge down to a clearing which you didn’t bother to examine properly. Caution was not your objective - getting away from that god damned place was. When you landed, you realized you were surrounded by a bunch of the mutants who stormed the camp. They were watching you with caution while you slowly realized you must have looked like a wild animal - your clothes were torn, you were covered in blood and grime, your hair was in knots and you had assumed a fight stance, ready to fight off anyone who threatened your freedom with the feral look in your eyes and your breathing heavy and labored. Having taken all that into account, you rose a bit, no longer ready to pounce but still on edge. You willed herself to calm your breathing but opted to keep the dangerous look etched on your face – you were willing not to attack if they didn’t but that didn’t mean you trusted them. You thought you saw a look of uncertainty among some of them but before you could think to even process that, one of them slowly inched towards you. It was one of the guys, the silver haired one which left you puzzled - how could he have grey hair when he didn’t look older than 25? You tensed when he came even closer, raising your hands slightly to indicate you weren’t afraid to use your powers if he made a wrong move. He was quick to catch up on that and lifted his hands in surrender, seemingly to show you he had good intentions. You stood like that for a few moments, staring at each other, time at an almost standstill. Finally, he spoke.


You kept silent, your gaze never wavering.

“My name’s Peter. Uh… What’s yours?” He cocked his head slightly to the left, a slight smirk forming on his lips. It took all of your willpower not to stare in wonder - you hadn’t realized how handsome he was when he first approached and now that he had softened his features, it was becoming harder for you not to trust him. You opened your mouth slightly, still unsure of the whole situation, shuffling your feet a bit. The warm look in his eyes didn’t disappear, so you took a deep breath and resigned.

“Y/N,” you croaked out, your voice rough from misuse. The guy - Peter - smiled fully which made him look playful and young. You cursed herself for being so naïve around him, so you steeled your heart once again. Peter seemed to notice that so his smile wavered but he didn’t back down, much to your interest.

“Nice to meet you, Y/N. Look,” he began, clear that even he was unsure of what he wanted to say. You eyed him with as much mistrust as you could muster. “I know you’ve been through hell but, um…” Peter looked back for support at the others and one of them - a redhead - nodded at him assuredly, probably encouraging him to continue the same way. He then turned his head a bit towards you and you saw his face scrunch up and his eyes squeeze. He seemed to be debating something in his mind but it didn’t take long because after a couple of seconds, he turned fully towards you and fixed you with a determined gaze.

“Look, I’m really not good at this… persuading stuff but it was my turn, so I had to do it and not that I mind, it’s just I can’t say that hope bullshit although it does sound kinda nice,” Peter blurted out so quickly that you had trouble following his train of thought. Before you could process what he had said, he continued. “Here’s the deal: Me and those guys behind me are part of this super cool band of mutants and we call ourselves the X-Men - pretty cool, right? We do this kind of thing often, we go on missions and all that jazz. Anyway, there’s this place where we live and study, and learn how to control our powers and it’s called Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.” Your brows furrowed at the name and you noticed you weren’t as tense as you were before.

“I know, but bear with me. It’s this huge mansion filled with people like you and me and it’s where we feel, you know, kinda normal. And it’s not boring all the time, I make sure of that,” Peter continued, smirking at the end of his sentence which made you want to either punch him or laugh at his antics. “Look, Y/N, all I’m saying is - you’ve got a chance to come with us to a pretty cool place where there’s free food and other stuff which, to me, is a nice deal. Or you could, you know, go off on your own and probably get captured again. You don’t want that, do you?”

Peter’s voice had softened towards the end of his little speech which weakened your resolve even more. He painted a pretty picture - you couldn’t deny that, and the chances of you surviving on your own, especially in your current state, were very slim. You swallowed roughly, your throat parched from not drinking water for so long.

“I’d say that you’re pretty good at the persuading stuff,” you replied, looking up at Peter’s dark eyes. Hearing that, a grin found its place on his face again, exposing dimples which you absolutely didn’t notice.

“So… what’s it gonna be?” Peter reached out his palm to you, a hopeful look in his eyes. You stared at him, searching for any sign of a lie. Everybody seemed to hold their breaths - that was the defining moment. From there on out, things could go very smoothly or go haywire in a couple of seconds. For all the X-Men knew, you could be triggered by anything. Nothing was sure about the situation. You seemed to find nothing but honesty laced with a bit mirth in Peter’s eyes which was good enough for you. Without tearing your gaze away from his, you placed your trembling hand in his open palm, relishing the first warm human contact you’d had in years. Peter squeezed your hand reassuredly which earned him his first smile from you, albeit a small and hesitant one. He led you to the plane the team had arrived in and never let go of your hand during the whole trip to Westchester, not even when you fell asleep on his shoulder during the flight.

In the following months you found your place among the mutants in the Professor’s school. You were close with the group that had rescued you who were now your most cherished friends - Jean, Ororo, Jubilee, Scott, Kurt and of course Peter. He had become your best friend. From the day he convinced you to come with him you two had been inseparable. Peter learned so much about you - he half expected you to be angry at the world and not let anyone in which would’ve been understandable but you surprised him once again. You were quiet, not used to the friendly environment of the school, and shy. You preferred to be alone at times but cherished your friends more than anything. You were loyal to a fault and a very level-headed and strong-minded person. Your determination and tendency to be hard-working helped you achieve all your goals, including joining the X-Men officially and permanently. You finally felt like you belonged somewhere and you thought that maybe this was the feeling they called “home”.

Peter was fascinated by you. He kept craving your company but despite all his big talk and bravado, he just couldn’t tell you how he felt and risk his friendship with you. From the moment you met, he felt a strong pull towards you like a current and each day he felt as if he was drowning more and more. What was strange to him was that he didn’t mind it - his feelings were becoming more and more intense but he was helpless to stop it. So, he resigned himself to have only your friendship, not once noticing how you kept seeking his company as well and wanted the same things as him, effectively proving you felt the same way about him. Peter was special to you since he uttered that first “Hi” and you couldn’t shake off your feelings for him all these months. To you it seemed like he was that nice to everyone and merely liked you as a friend so you were determined to hide your infatuation with him as best as you could. You were terrified of your feelings towards Peter because you had never been so attached to a person before. That gave that person an immense amount of power over you, which was your biggest fear - being controlled and used again. You had crushes before, you weren’t a stranger to physical intimacy but this was a whole different ordeal.

You knew Peter had your best interests at heart but these new feelings you hadn’t experienced at all were terrifying. So you tried to bury them deep and go on with your life.

(You failed. Miserably.)

You two seemed to be stuck in an unending cycle, dancing around each other and your feelings. Your friends and basically everyone around you saw how you felt for one another and they tried numerous times to give the two of you a push in the right direction but both of you were young and stubborn, skittishly avoiding their attempts to bring you together, each of you believing the other didn’t feel the same way. It got to a point where Charles Xavier himself waited to see when you would swallow their pride and finally admit your feelings. From the start he had paired Peter and you as a team for training missions, believing you complemented each other’s powers well. Another reason for his decision was the fact that you seemed to understand each other with only one look and often anticipated the other’s actions which saved quite a lot of time on missions. And maybe the not so obvious reason was that he wanted to bring you two even closer together and make you realize you had no time to lose. But, of course the professor wouldn’t do that, surely.

(But Charles would.)

In one of the rare times that you managed to convince Peter to attend a class with you, the lesson was interrupted by Hank who told you to immediately report to Raven. The two of you looked at each other with mirroring confused expressions on your faces but Peter shrugged and tugged you up, leading you to the training grounds where Mystique spent most of her time. When you got there, you immediately suited up - this was a well-practiced routine for both of you and each passing day you did it with more ease than the previous one. Raven was waiting for you with a grim expression on her face which was never good news but you were sure that you could handle it. After all, you and Peter were efficient and always got the job done.

“I’ve got a mission for you today and it’s nothing routine or easy. You two are the best for the objective but I need to know first if you’ll be willing to do it,” Raven said, her voice even and calculated. Peter stopped chewing his gum in confusion and opened his mouth to say something but you beat him to it.

“What do you mean?”

Something changed in Mystique’s gaze. A flash of compassion and uncertainty could be seen clearly in her eyes, the crease in her brow loosening.

“We just got word that the camp you were in, Y/N, has been reconstructed and running for a couple of months under the radar. We believe there are a lot less mutants there than before, so the two of you should be sufficient to extract them and deal with the place and the people running it however you see fit. It would be preferable if you kept most of them alive, so they could be trialed and sentenced.” Raven sighed and continued, her voice softer. “I know both of you have bad memories of that place, especially you,Y/N but I couldn’t think of anyone better to do this. If you think you can’t do it or you just don’t want to, it’s perfectly fine. I won’t pressure you into doing something you don’t want to.”

Peter swallowed. He wouldn’t go there without you, that was for sure but he had an idea of what they had done to you there, so he would’ve supported you wholeheartedly if you decided not to revisit the place which gave you numerous nightmares. He stole a quick glance at you to see your reaction and he immediately wanted to hug you. Your jaw was clenched, brows furrowed and your eyes had the same intensity of rage and pain when the two of you had first met. Hands clenched into fists, you stared at the ground for a couple of moments before Peter softly uttered, “Y/N?”

You looked up at him abruptly, snapping out of your trance when your Y/E/C met his dark brown. You knew what he was thinking but you were stronger than this. You wouldn’t let something in the past stop you from rescuing your fellow mutants. You refused to miss the chance to be a part of the mission.

“I’m in,” you ground out with a hard voice. Raven studied you for a minute but you didn’t back down which seemed to please the teacher. She nodded and turned to Peter.

“Wouldn’t miss it,” he replied to Mystique’s questioning expression, meaning for it to sound light and make the situation easier to bear but instead his voice was flat, filled with dark determination caused by his memories of that terrible place.

“Alright then, the basics are simple: get in, retrieve the prisoners and get out. Hank prepped the smaller plane for you, since it’s a two-man mission and we don’t expect there to be many mutants.” Raven led you and Peter to the platform where the plane was and waited for you while you made your final preparations. Just before you disappeared inside, she called out to you, “Remember: try to bring humans back alive, don’t act without thinking!”

You were sure Mystique was staring right at you when she warned the two of you.

The flight was filled with tension filled silence - it was personal for both of the young X-Men, more so for you. Because of that Peter didn’t know what to say to make it better - he didn’t want you to think he was pitying you and nothing he came up with, whether witty or comforting, seemed to be fitting. So he stayed silent, hoping against all odds that everything would go well and the girl he was in love with wouldn’t get scarred again.

Your mind was blank during the whole journey. You focused on flying the plane and making sure you were on schedule - nothing more, nothing less. You didn’t want to think about what would happen when you arrived or what you would see there. Raven’s last words for you were ingrained in your mind and subconsciously you wondered just for a second if you’ll make your fears come true. Will you lose control and revert back to the tortured girl they had found there in the first place or will you keep your cool and be better than that? As soon as that question popped into your mind, you gritted your teeth and forced yourself to clear your mind and calm down. You knew delaying the issue would make it worse but it was the easiest thing to do. So you went with it.

Arriving at the location, You managed to keep that cold calm, erecting a wall around yourself that Peter couldn’t see through. He couldn’t tell what you were thinking or feeling and that made him nervous. He wasn’t sure if he could anticipate what you would do which complicated things further. Before the two of you infiltrated the building, Peter grabbed your arm and turned you gently around. You still remained silent and he took his cue to talk.

“How do you wanna do this?”

You froze. You hadn’t thought about that but you would be lying if you said that you were not tempted to just storm in there and kill every bastard who made those mutants’ lives miserable. Peter seemed to notice you faltering in your decision, so he moved his arm down to your hand and grabbed the other with his free hand which seemed to snap you out of your reverie. There was uncertainty in your Y/E/C eyes and something he saw only when you first met - vulnerability.

“Y/N, I know what you’re thinking but is it really worth it to waste your strength on that scum? Don’t you think it’s better for them to rot in a cell for the rest of their lives and never see a Twinkie again?”

You snorted, looking down at your feet which made Peter smile. He squeezed your hands to try and convince you further but he knew he was taking a long shot. He wasn’t sure if he would listen if he were in your place. You looked up at him and gave him a small smile.

“You’re still good at the persuading stuff,” you said, a hint of teasing barely there. Peter grinned, moving closer to place a gentle kiss on your forehead. You closed her eyes, relishing the sensation the kiss brought both physically and emotionally. You found that it had effectively calmed you down and filled you with some sense. You smiled wider, thinking that only your dork of a best friend can do that.

“You know it,” Peter replied, moving away from you with his signature smirk in place. You immediately missed his warmth and scolded yourself for feeling that way when you were on a mission. You took a deep breath, letting it out slowly, your heart filled with determination.

“I say we do it fast - get us in, find the prisoners and you can get them out one by one while I stay and guard them. We’ll deal with any trouble on the spot. But if we do this, we gotta do it quickly.”

Peter nodded, his expression sobering. He moved next to you, holding your head in place while you braced herself for the speed you were about to experience.

“Ready?” Peter asked.

“As I’ll ever be,” you replied and with that you suddenly felt a wave of nausea hit you and you looked up to see that the of you were now in the familiar cell block. You doubled over, bracing yourself on your knees while Peter soothingly rubbed your back.

“I thought you were used to this by now, we’ve done it so many times.”

“Yeah, I thought so as well. Come on, we shouldn’t waste any more time.”

 You and Peter moved cautiously through the hallway, suspicious that there were no guards or alarms going off. Looking at each other, you realized you were thinking the same thing, quietly readying yourselves for an ambush. When none came and you reached the cells where mutants were held, the two of you made quick work of getting the cells open, after which Quicksilver (as Peter had taken to call himself lately, justifying that “you have to have a cool name to be part of the X-Men, come on guys”) zoomed in and out, securing the mutants in the plane and coming back to get the next. You were on edge the whole time, constantly checking every corner and exit you could see, expecting a swarm of guards to burst in any moment but it was pointless. It was like the place had been abandoned which was highly unlikely, all the more reason for you to be ready to fight. Soon the cells emptied and still - no alarms, no humans with guns, trying to kill you, nothing.

“I don’t like this,” you murmured when Peter came back to get you. He had a grim expression on his face, his eyes darting around every once in a while.

“Yeah, me neither. They couldn’t have all just gone to the mall or something.”

“I don’t know. Let’s just get out of here. I don’t wanna be here any longer than we have to.”

Peter silently agreed and the two of you prepared to take off. You nodded at him, when he silently questioned you if you were ready and he started running on the same path he had taken while rescuing the prisoners. Just after rounding a corner, he felt a wave of energy hit him and you, throwing both of you back on the ground painfully. Peter managed to hug you close to his body at the last moment, softening your fall, but he fell back first onto the hard concrete, feeling his bones scream in pain. The two of you groaned simultaneously, rubbing the areas you had hit. Suddenly, the familiar click of a weapon’s safety being turned off sounded all around you and you quickly got on your feet.

“Shit,” Peter murmured. You were surrounded by at least a hundred men, holding unfamiliar rifles which seemed to be some kind of prototype. That wave of energy that hit you had left Peter exhausted and he felt that he could still run at his normal fast speed but not for long. The same had happened to you, judging from the way you panted next to him. You kept flexing your fingers, seemingly trying to shake off the effect the laser had rendered on them but to no avail. Your eyes were filled with suppressed anger which made Peter feel both nervous and relieved - nervous that it was there but relieved that you had it under control.

Suddenly the mercenaries started shooting and charging the two of you which prompted the mutants to quickly jump into action. Peter was still able to take multiple of men out at super speeds but he had to stop from time to time and fight at a normal speed because he was getting quickly fatigued. You had a similar problem - you managed to erect a shield from the bullets but couldn’t muster the energy to maintain it and attack in return. So you had to time using them right, so you wouldn’t get shot, could take out some bad guys and rest if possible at appropriate intervals. The two of you fought for a time but the men seemed to be endless and they were getting more and more tired. You realized you didn’t have much time with Peter left - the chances of you surviving were slim at best and you couldn’t bear the thought of dying without at least telling him how you felt. You realized it was a clichè thing to do and that there was always the chance that he didn’t feel the same but you didn’t give a damn. For all the things you went wrong with Peter, you would at least set this right. You waited for him to slow down and start fighting at a normal pace and made your way over to him, using a huge amount of power to do so. By the time you reached him, you were exhausted but still made pathetic attempts of attacking. The two of you were now fighting almost back to back and you figured this was as good a time as any.

“Peter!” You yelled over the gunfire. He was a little ways off of you but turned his head immediately when he heard you.

“What?” Peter yelled back.

“I need to tell you something in case we don’t… in case we don’t make it.”

“What? Bullshit, we’re kicking these guys’ asses and then we’ll eat two buckets of ice cream to celebrate.” Peter managed to look at you and shoot you a confident smile which made your heart ache. There was a chance you wouldn’t see it again and you wouldn’t listen to his ramblings and jokes anymore and you nearly broke down then and there.

“No, Peter, listen…” You began but Peter, ever being impatient, cut you off.

“It’s okay - I forgive you for everything, don’t worry!” He shouted, kicking a guy into a wall and then turning to block a punch from another.

“No, it’s not that, I just…”

“Didn’t often say how awesome I am? ‘Cause, you know, I’ll actually accept an apology for that, I mean…” You huffed in frustration, sending a bit more powerful wave of energy towards a couple of guys than necessary, knocking them immediately unconscious.

“No, I’m in love with you, you idiot!” You yelled, breathing heavily, already exhausted from your previous attack. Peter suddenly froze. Your eyes widened when you saw a mercenary behind him raise his gun straight at his head. Your heart dropped to your stomach and you summoned every ounce of power you had left to raise a shield over him. Thankfully, you were just in time, the bullet bouncing off the energetic barrier. Without noticing, you had made the shield big enough for both of you and it seemed to last without you constantly concentrating over it. Panting heavily, you briefed a glance at Peter who was still frozen in shock, his mouth slightly agape, his eyes almost comically wide.

“What?” He shouted, still not processing what his best friend had just told him. Maybe the bullets had rendered him deaf or you were so exhausted that you started speaking nonsense, that must be it, there was no way that you could feel the same way about him that he did about you… Was there?

You managed to straighten, still breathing heavily. You swallowed roughly, suddenly extremely nervous and looked Peter straight in the eye. You weren’t backing down now - there was no going back at this point - but you weren’t brave enough to come closer to him, so you stayed rooted to the spot.

“I love you, Peter. I have for a long time but I was afraid to tell you because we’re best friends and your friendship is the most important thing in my life. I can’t bear the thought of losing you, so I just thought that being friends with you is enough but it isn’t, God, it really isn’t. I just… I can’t handle the possibility of dying without telling you how I feel.” You took a deep breath, closing your eyes briefly and clenching your hands into fists at your sides. When you opened them, you felt the familiar sting of tears welling up, so you blinked furiously, trying to hold them back. You sent a watery smile at Peter. “So here it is: I am hopelessly in love with you, Peter Maximoff.”

Peter had forgotten you were in the middle of a fight. He forgot that there were numerous men trying to kill the two of you. He also forgot that you were both exhausted. Before he could say or do anything, your shield started flickering. You startled and began trying to maintain it but you were too weak and your efforts were fruitless. You were on the brink of collapsing and Peter found himself filled with new energy just at the sight of you nearly dying from exhaustion and what you had just said. He wasted no time - he willed his body to move just as the barrier completely went out. He felt the familiar tug of time slowing around him and he smiled - he missed it in the short time he couldn’t do it but it felt like an eternity to him. He deftly avoided the bullets flying at him and moved those that were aimed at you, after which he lifted you in his arms, bracing your head and sped out of there. Reaching the plane, he put you in the pilot’s seat, checked if the mutants they rescued were alright and then closed the plane’s hatch, speeding towards the co-pilot’s seat. Back in normal time, Peter gave you a few seconds to gather your wits while he prepared the plane for take off. The hatch was still closing, so he kept an eye on it, checking if there were any mercenaries following them. You looked confused at first, then shocked but then managed to secure yourself into the seat and put your headset on.

“Can you fly?” Peter asked.

“Yeah,” you replied, not trusting yourself to say more. You had to put your personal feelings aside – the two of you had a group of injured mutants to look after and you had to get out of there fast. With both of you working on getting the plane in the air, you managed to just barely lift off before a group of mercenaries managed to catch up and start shooting at you.

Until you left the country, the pilot cabin was filled with silence. Both of you were still wary and concentrated on getting you out as soon as possible. Peter could hear relieved murmurs from the back of the plane and internally sighed in relief - the mutants were okay and they trusted the two of you - that’s all that mattered. He cast a quick glance at you, who didn’t tear your gaze away from the horizon. He was about to open his mouth and say something stupid to see you smile but you suddenly removed your headset and took a short breath.

“I think we’re safe for now. I’m gonna go check on the kids,” you said curtly, looking everywhere but at him. You stood up and moved to exit the cabin but Peter used his speed, put the plane on autopilot and stopped you. You looked back at him, annoyance clear in your eyes but said nothing. Peter took a deep breath - this should be easy, he already knows you feel the same way. Why does he still get nervous like a schoolboy?

“Stay,” he managed to say, a pleading look within his eyes. Your expression softened and you relaxed your stance which made Peter release your arm. You looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to speak his mind.

“I’m sorry for standing like a friggin’ flag pole back there, I was such an idiot…” Peter started, running his palm over his forehead. Words seemed to escape him and he huffed in frustration.
“It’s okay, Pete, it was nothing,” you replied, a hint of sadness in your tone.

“No, it’s not, I…” Peter clenched his jaw. He was always better at showing rather than telling someone how he felt. He looked at you with newfound determination and before you could open your mouth and ask him what was wrong, he quickly crossed the distance between you, cradled your head and pressed his lips to yours. They were incredibly soft but also incredibly unmoving so Peter panicked - did you change your mind in the short amount of time since your confession? Just as he was about to step away, you wrapped your arms around his middle and opened your mouth to let him in. Peter almost laughed in relief, gladly accepting your invite and moving his lips in perfect synchronization with yours. You seemed to mold perfectly with each other - your bodies, your lips, your tongues - it was just so perfect, you were so perfect for each other that your heart could burst. You couldn’t believe Peter was kissing you, enthusiastically at that. The two of you basked in each other for a few more moments before you seemed to remember you needed to breathe, so you slowly broke your kiss and Peter rested his forehead on yours, his thumbs gently caressing your cheeks. You smiled up at him, biting your lip which made Peter want to kiss you again and again. He licked his lips and cleared his throat before speaking.
“What I meant to say was that I love you, too.”

Your smile widened at that which prompted Peter to mirror it.

“But, you know, you kinda ruined it for me,” he continued.

You pulled away abruptly.

“What?” You almost shrieked.

“Well I had this really cool plan to ask you out and you just ruined it. Now I gotta pay the pianist without him actually doing anything,” Peter smirked, moving his hands down to your waist where he interlocked them, effectively holding you in place. You laughed in disbelief, snaking your arms around his neck.

“Only you, Maximoff, can make so frustrated in a matter of seconds.”

Peter chuckled.

“Yeah but you love me for it.”

“I do.”

Later when the two of you arrived at the school, Raven was waiting with a concerned expression on her face. When Peter and you walked down the platform, your faces were cheerful and carefree which made her eyebrows raise in question. Both of you pretended not to notice, briefly told her what had happened and left her to deal with the new additions to the school. When you were walking out Raven looked back at the pair of you and saw Peter turn to you, pointing his finger to his cheek. You shook your head but raised yourself up on your toes to kiss him on the cheek but in the last second Peter turned his head and you kissed him on the lips instead. You pulled away quickly, opening your mouth in pretend shock and smacked his arm while he chuckled, apparently satisfied with his clever ruse. You pretended to be mad at him but when Peter reached his hand out to you, you gladly took it, intertwining your fingers and even leaned on his shoulder. Raven chuckled softly, murmuring quietly to herself: “Guess I owe Charles fifty bucks.”

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please bring back the winters!!!!! please please please!!!!!!! your new story isnt as fun :(

okay listen i’m gonna address this one because this is probably the 10th message i’ve gotten about this since i put them on hiatus, and deleting them isn’t doing anyone any good. 

i can see that you guys all really love the winters and the triplets and i know you guys don’t like gee as much, i’m not dumb. it’s obvious to me. i love the winters, too. they were my first original babies that i started this blog with and the first sims that i got suuuuper attached to!!!!! but the way that i was editing their story took a lot of time and patience and it took a toll on my game on top of the save being a complete broken mess, and it was all just a lot of stress. i’m not ditching the winters!! i’m just taking a break while i figure out how i’m going to fix their save and continue with them. please understand that i’m literally working a full time job while trying to keep my mental health under control and find time to spend with my girlfriend and take care of my sick mom :( i don’t want to disappoint anyone by taking the admittedly easier route by starting a more casual save with shitty screenies and shitty captions, but it was either that or nothing. and i don’t want to post nothing, because i love talking to u guys and i love being on this blog and i love playing sims :( i just had to find a way to balance everything out. when i started the winters i was working part-time and i had a lot more time to play and edit and post and i could fit in like, 10 posts a day and have a queue for a week in advance. i thought i could take on being able to make cooler edits and go more in depth with the game, but clearly i couldn’t manage it because i was lucky if i posted 2 days out of the week :( 

i’m really sorry, i don’t want to be posting something no one enjoys. i don’t want you guys to dislike gee, they’re a rad sim and i have a ton of fun playing with them. but please don’t ask me to go back to the winters right now. i’m not giving up on them, i’ll go back when i have the time, energy, and patience to sit down and organize everything and figure out how to make it all work :( in the meantime, if you don’t like the way i’m posting gee, please feel free to make suggestions on how i could improve their save. because i am gonna stick with this save, but i get 100x the enjoyment pleasing ppl and posting things u guys like than i do just playing and posting whatever i want, so. let me know, okay???? i’ll be infinitely less anxious on here if you guys just tell me that i’m doing a bad job and how i could make it better than i am just sitting around feeling like none of u like what i’m doing. i live off of constructive criticism and if no one gives me any i’m a billion times more inclined to believe that ur all just lying and don’t want to hurt my feelings. idk. its just the silly way my brain works. so please let me know how u want me to change it, i will be more than happy to. and please keep and open mind about gee :/ i’ll do everything i can to make u like them!!!!!! anyways sorry for this super long rant friends i just need to stand my ground on this one for my own sake, i hope u don’t hate me too much :(

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scREAMS I've been camping and I've been without wifi but I hope you and kappy had a wonderful time!!!! im actually so happy that you guys got to meet!! I'm gonna be in the LA show and I'm a bit disappointed cause I know that Newark was this little tumblr writer meet up but that's still awesome for you guys!! I hope you all had a great time!! - hoe for wonho anon ❤️

we had a really great time, thank you so much!!!! even though there might be less writers at the LA show, you never know!! i hope that you have the time of your life regardless, bts really puts on a wonderfully entertaining & emotional performance 😭

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Ok all the people is fricking out about Bellarke not happening,well its already happening,i'm not a shipper i'm neutral but not blind, don't worry guys you are gonna see your fav couple kissing this season,ok I've completely deviated from what I was going to say,okay, does anyone see the really great thing about this post-apocalyptic world? Man you can learn to drive by magic they do not need driving classes or exams,or going to the driving school.when i sign.

a: I think people want it so bad they get really anxious. And they expect BIG bellarke moments and they get little ones and it disappoints them. Or it seems to be going in a different direction and they lose hope. But it’s that true north thing. The path may deviate, but they’re still going in the same direction.

b: I’ve thought about the driving. See, they grew up on the ark but they wanted everyone to keep earth skills. how much you want to bet they had driving simulators, and part of an earth skills class was to pass a driving simulator. 

I wanna post a selfie and tell you guys about the new eyeshadow kit I got and how much I love it, but I’m so awkward about selfies I feel like there should be some kind of special occasion or somethin. And despite my sour mood yesterday, I did extra to my makeup & it was the first time in a long time that I felt conventionally pretty.

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Misha's last Facebook live video killed me, he's too handsome

Hi anon ^^

You mean this stream? (don’t click on anything guys, it’s just a screencap! ^^)

I’m practically never on FB, it’s not a social network I use a lot, so I didn’t see it but hey, Misha? Handsome? Please, tell me something I don’t know. I was SO disappointed when he was only 2 minutes in Timeless. Like seriously, he was pimped as if he was gonna be there for 30 minutes. But at least, we saw him dressed as Eliot Ness and it was worth it ^^

Thanks a lot for your message anon. Have a great day ♥

foothive replied to your post “if solidus is the final perfect result of les enfants terribles why is…”

why does he wear really dumb “exoskeleton”

idk its just There, and like its supposed to make him super strong and dangerous but compare it to the previous game where liquids fucken impossible to kill, keeps coming back like a cockroach… and he does all that tits out just being dramatic half the game and its Fucken Impressive, iconic even. 

so youre like “ok is mgs1′s villain is like that whats gonna happen next?” and then you get to solidus  and he looks like hes 80 years old and hes just wearing thsi dumb exoskeleton thing and even tho its supposed to make him like Super Dangerous he gets killed by some kid with a sword anyway

disappointing and the whole time he had that tentacly thing on i couldnt stop thinking about that Ancient relic of a meme with this guy