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Tarquin: The High Lord of the Night Court is a good guy, I can tell. You’re wrong about him.

Rhysand: *steals the Book* *knocks out Tarquin’s guards* *flaps away*


Tarquin: Don’t say it—

Cresseida: I TOLD YOU SO

Tarquin: Hold on you wanted to sleep with him.

Tarquin: Hold on and Varian wants to sleep with Amren.

Tarquin: So Rhysand steals from us and you all want to sleep with his Court?

Cresseida and Varian: you wanted to sleep with Feyre—

Tarquin: Who asked you??!

Accidental Confession Part 3

Here’s part 3 for y’all! If you haven’t checked out parts 1 & 2 you should before reading this. Also, while not as vital, you should read the interlude for a good laugh. ALSO in writing this, I realized that I got my times messed up; like royally messed up. So we’re just going to pretend like I know how to use military time ha. Enjoy~

-Call from Todoroki Shouto-

Midoriya’s heart practically leapt out of his chest. Finally alone, he grabbed his phone and hastily held it up to his ear, “Hello?” 

“…” silence was never a good sign.


“Yes. Hello Midoriya.” thank goodness.

“Are you almost home?” he picked at his nails, a ‘gross habit’ as his mother would call it, and flicked dead skin onto the floor of his dorm room. He already had enough scars, what were one or two more on his fingers going to do? Besides it helped to calm his nerves in this tense situation.

“Yeah, I am. I’m walking from the train station now.” Todoroki sounded out of breath, almost like he was rushing to get back, it made Midoriya’s heart jump even more.

“O-oh, okay… Uh, where do you want to meet?” 

“Somewhere we can talk and not be bothered.” 

Midoriya squirmed. He knew just the place, but also understood the implications of offering it, “We could just talk in my room?” 

“That’s perfect.” he swore he heard Todoroki’s breath hitch, but decided he was imagining things. 

“Great, I’m here.” 

“I’ll be over in ten minutes.”

-Call with Todoroki Shouto ended-

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We hit 1,000 Pidge fans today!!!!!!!

Thank you all so much for this, it’s really means a lot. I’m not too good at these follower celebration things, but I have officially opened up the submission box to everything except links, so if anyone want to submit Pidge-centered content, feel free! (Keep it SFW though, please!)

Thank you guys so much for this. This blog makes me really happy, and I’m glad so many of you find joy in it, too!

p-rofl  asked:

Happy 1st anniversary! Thank you for a year of wonderful art ❤️ Can I please request Sam and Rafe having a romantic picnic under a tree, but Sam is eating all of the food?

Hi, thank you for your request!

Haaa, it’s too lovely…
Rafe in requests is almost good guy. haha.
I like the situation of Rafe’s tossed by Sam.

btw it was difficult for me that I draw romantic scene.
So I drew their outfits more cute. lol

I’m happy if you like this!

anonymous asked:

Kiss #12 reader x junk?

Ok so I had FOUR requests for this one so please enjoy guys!


A Kiss That Shouldn’t Have Happened

You’d been a member of Overwatch for only a few months, not as one of the heros but as surrport inside the base. You were good at your job, helped Mercy when she needed the extra hands and also pretty good at cooking up things in the lab. The place was so busy, everyone was coming and going all the time.
Mission and after mission.

You were having trouble making friends, being so new and everything was still overwhelming. Mercy was good to you, you’d often sit and have coffee with her and she was able to introduce you slowly into the group.

More time passed and you were alot more confident with yourself and where you fit into this place. It was a party tonight and everyone was just relaaxing and having a good time. and Lucio had just got enagged and the whole base was full of joy. You liked the two, such lovely people and they made a great couple.

You sipped your wine and swirled it around in the glass a little watching some of your teammates dance to awful old music, this included a very drunk McCree who was trying his best to ‘lasso’ an extremely done looking Hanzo into dancing with him.

Some were talking to the happy couple, some scoffing the food. You smiled a little watching everyone, it was nice fitting in but still… you felt like you were on the cusp, not quite there yet. You hadn’t heard the click sliiiide of mismatched footsteps over the music but when you went to get yourself another drink from the bottle beside you there was a very tall man grinning down at you.

“All alone ‘iding in the corner darl’?” Junkrat asked leaning his leith but toned frame against the wall, eyeing you up and down as he did so.

You’d not had much contact with Junkrat or his business partner but there was always something about him that made you wounder, curious, those deep amber eyes for one thing… the messy blonde hair that was always a little singed looking. His tall frame loomed over you and you couldn;t deny the little shiver.

“Just watching everyone else have fun” you shrugged.

“I know wot ya mean mate, me an’ ol’ pigface don’t fit in tha’ much either” Junkrat chuckled and grabbed the bottle of wine that you had been close to grabbing. He topped your glass off before chugging some right from the bottle, you didn’t mind too much.

“Hmm” you carried on sipping more of your drink, keeping an eye on him.

You decided you liked how his tatty shorts hung losely on his pointed hips, he could also tell you were looking him over becacuse he assumed a more confident and forward pose. You blinked when he had been talking but you were just running your eyes over him more.

“Like wot ya see darl’? or 'ave I spilt wine all ova me?” that cackle of his, you could see how it would strike fear into some peoples hearts but right now, it sounded cute.

The smirk on his face… you’d always thought him handsome everytime you saw him, no one really talked about him, there had been rumors and you’d heard people like Mei run their mouth about him but you were sure it was just based on his lifestyle and scruffy looks. Never judge a book by it’s cover right?

He took another swig of wine and his smirk grew as you shuffled closer, you pretended you wanted more wine, going to take the bottle from his hand, his flesh fingers and yours met.. You flushed somewhat while he just grinned even more showing off those sharp teeth of his. You took a breath… in the moment.

“Hey Junkrat… come here..” he looked a little puzzled as he leaned down to your level. You grabbed his face in your hands.. kissing him on the lips.

He made a startled noise but you head him set down the bottle, his hands on your shoulders and he deepened the kiss. You still had to tiptoe, this boy was insanely tall. You pulled away and matched his smirk.

“Well.. glad I came ova now..” high pitched giggling as he covered his mouth with his metal hand, giving you a wink.

You may have just gotten in far too deep..

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Today my kids were playing Fleetwood Mac "The Chain" and it made me think about Machine Heart. You don't know how many random things throughout the day remind me of the trips you've taken me on in your world. Just wanted to say thanks for the memories. I'm looking forward to you taking over my life again whenever you're ready.


That’s so awesome to hear! I love that damn song. Haha, I love all those damn songs. And it really warms my heart and makes me feel so good to hear that you’re still thinking about the story! I think about it every day, all of them, they won’t shut up gaaaah I just have no time to write.

But I will. And my inbox is full of notifications for stories I need to finish, including yours, I’m so behind. I’ll be back in action soon, just one more week to go!!!

I miss you guys.

Thank you for this! Hope you’re well! 


Teen Wolf Finale

Hi everyone,

This blog was created in June 2013 by Gloria and later on in August I joined as well.

We’ve been part of this community for 4 years now.

Teen Wolf has been a big part of my life since 2012 and I’m really thankful for all the good memories the show gave me, the amazing cast that worked so hard and was so supportive when us fans had a chance to meet them and all the friends that I made here because of TW, you guys are awesome!

A BIG thank you to you, our followers for following us all these years, thanks to our friend blogs @teenwolffashions @teenwolfclothes @teenwolf-style @teenwolfclothingalternatives @twwardrobe @teenwolfmtvstyle for all the help, together we managed to ID and share the items from the show to you. 
Our blog will remain open so you can browse with navigation.

And last, I’m leaving my favourite scene from Teen Wolf to you.

Take care, 

Sani ♡

anonymous asked:

Hey I have this guy who keeps cornering me and trying to get me into conversation about how good my clothes look and patting me and stuff when I've told him not too, (may not sound bad but Theres something about him, y'know) so can I get some defensive Dark to just clear my head of him, thanks man

(That sounds really dangerous friend! If this is in a public place, like school, or your work, please, please let someone know so this guy can get punted off the premises!)

If you said no the first time, then you meant no. That’s all Dark needed. He’d been picking up on your levels of distress when seeing you lately. Curious to the source he’d followed you from the shadows. Seeing the man begin to move on you Dark acted. 

The man stopped, his face contorting in pain. He looked down at his hands. Seeing blood he stumbled back. Blood seeped through his clothes. Frantically the man scrambled to remove his clothes to find the source.

While the man hallucinated Dark would wrap an arm around your shoulders and lead you away.

anonymous asked:

do many people grow after going on T if they're still under 18 but around the age where you're supposed to stop growing? I just really worry about going on it and being stuck at my current height, I hate being shorter than the average male so much and I would love to know if there's a chance to grow anymore

Kai says:

It’s pretty variable. I know that if your parent who went through estrogen-dominated puberty was still growing at the age you start T at, there’s a good chance you will grow (how much also depends on genetics and other factors). If you haven’t grown really much at all in the past year or two, don’t expect a lot of growth, though some is possible. If you are still steadily growing, yeah you would probably grow a bit more on T.

I know it sucks being a short guy, but I’m short too and honestly people don’t treat you like you’re less of a guy because of it, and are so many other short guys (cis and trans) out there so you have the added benefit of connecting with them on that haha.

disclaimer though, i’m no expert and i’m not a medical professional who knows a lot about this. this is just general info i have seen around

saltedwounds  asked:

My girlfriend and I are wanting to go to the Gayborhood in Philly for a little trip. Any suggestions of what we should do/where we should go when we're there? (We're both over the age of 21 so bars and club suggestions would be good too lol)

so basically anywhere in the gayborhood is fun! woody’s & tavern on camac are good if you wanna dance. voyuer is a great after hours bar when those all close! sar and i have been going to ubar too, it’s mostly gay guys but they’re fun and they keep all the windows open so it’s a cool vibe. the only lesbian bar i really know of is toasted walnut, the food is good so go for that but it’s usually pretty dead at night which sucks :( definitely hit up the magic gardens during the day! penns lansing & spruce street harbor! ya honestly can’t go wrong, philly is great :) oh try and go to bok bar as well! it’s a rooftop bar that overlooks all of philly :)

You’ll Never Be Alone!! Part 10 - Daryl Dixon x Reader Fanfic -

So here is the final part (Well i think it is) I think its at a good part to leave it, i may add parts to it in the future but that depends on you guys really. Its a lot longer than the others and contains a lot of SMUT so be warned. Which it is my first time writing in a fic so my apologies if its appalling lol.

hope you all like it :)

As always links to previous parts are below :)

Part One        Part Two        Part Three         Part Four        Part Five

Part Six         Part Seven         Part Eight         Part Nine  

It had been four long days since Daryl, Rick, T-Dog and Shane had left to bring back Glenn and Maggie, an with each day that passed the tension around the prison grew. I tried my hardest to keep my mind off them and how dangerous it was what they were doing. I helped Carol and Lori around the prison and did extra shifts standing watch up in the tower.

Although being on watch wasn’t the best activity when trying to distract yourself, as id find myself just staring out across the field watching for any signs of Daryl’s bike or the pick up.

The only thing that seemed to keep me from going too crazy was the memory of how Daryl had been before he’d left, an the possibility that he could actually feel the same way as I did. All I needed was for him to come back in one piece and I’d find out.

It was late, Carol had just taken over from me in the tower so that I could try and get some rest, which I desperately needed. Walking into my cell I found Beth laying in her bunk staring up at the underside of mine. Her eyes looked glassy like she was trying her hardest to hold in tears.

“They’ll bring them back” I said kneeling down beside her.

“What if-”

“You can’t think like that” I said cutting her off mid sentence “Glenn will keep Maggie safe” I gave her hair a quick stroke before standing back up.

“Thank you” Beth whispered, her voice indicting the tears had finally won.

I climbed up onto my bunk and laid down stretching to get comfortable.

“We could sing something if you want” I asked. I wasn’t really in the mood to do anything but sleep but I couldn’t let her be alone and I knew singing calmed her.

“No it’s okay….Thank you though” the springs on her mattress creaked signalling that she’s got out of bed “I’m gonna go and find my dad” she smiled before exiting our cell.

I let out a sigh, mentally commanding Daryl and the others to get back here soon before closing my eyes.

The next morning I did the very same thing I’d done the last four mornings. No sooner were my eyes open I was out into the main room searching for any sign that they’d got back while I’d been sleeping, an just like every other morning there was nothing. Pushing away the disappointment, I quickly freshened myself up before heading outside to Dale who was stood at the edge of the tower watching out along the road.

“They should be back now Y/N” he said as I reached the top joined him in searching the distance.

“They’ll be back soon” I tried to sound convincing. “Why don’t you go get some rest…..I’ll keep watch”

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Tumblr, may I just say....

You guys are heckin wonderful! I’m so happy I’ve met you all whether we RP, or not, or have just met. This positive community has been so good to me. I’m always excited to see a response to a thread or a new ask or even a friendly message from any of you! And all the positive feedback has been just lovely! Thank you all for being you!  💖 💖 💖 💖

 ;; So u h- I apologize for the difference in mood for this post, but I’m heading to bed in a moment and it’s been kind of a rough night at home so I could really use some positivity to wake up/go to bed to- But only if you guys want to! I’m so thankful for all my lovely followers regardless. You guys have been here through all of my shitposting disguised as an rp blog and I can’t thank you enough.

cateringisalie  asked:

🔥 (Square-Enix, Final Fantasy, or the Compilation)

I laughed during that cheesy-ass reimagining of Zack’s death scene in Crisis Core because it was so fucking overwrought no one could possibly take it seriously. 

The fact that the vast majority of people not only do but actually find it good is disheartening to say the least. 

Actually no, that one’s too easy. 

Shinra is bad. You guys know that, right? That they’re super not the good guys here and there’s really little to no ambiguity about that?

I dunno why this is a minority opinion as of late. My best guess is that it’s easier to depict Shinra as the good guys so you can write fic of all the Soldiers banging each other without addressing the fact that they’re all war criminals (another problem Crisis Core created). 

anonymous asked:

let me just say that when i see or read or even think about 2 fallout girls or 2 fallout guys holding hands or kissing or bonding and being gay or a fallout girl having a crush on another fallout girl or a fallout guy having a crush on another fallout guy and they get blushy around them and stuff i cry a little because theyre all so blessed


Villain Appreciation

Welp, I am, perhaps, going to be unpopular for this one.  But that’s never really stopped me from doing whatever the hell I wanted in the past so why let it stop me now.  The villain that I’m going to “appreciate” is Mircea. 

“But he’s not a villain!” you say.  “He’s been one of the good guys since the start of the series. He’s saved Cassie’s life several times.  He keeps her safe in the suite with all those vampire bodyguards, or at least he tries. And look at what he did for Rhea!” Ok, I’ll give you the Rhea thing.  I almost softened my attitude toward him for helping Cassie save Rhea, because I love Rhea so much.  But that wasn’t all Mircea.  IMO, that was mostly Cassie with him assisting a bit from the sidelines. Cassie is the one who said this world has taken enough from her, it’s not taking anymore.  And then took Rhea back.  He was ready to throw in the towel.

As for the rest, yeah, he’s saved her a few times.  But his overprotectiveness and inability to listen and see Cassie as anything more as his/a vampire possession to be used at will has put her in harm’s way more than it’s protected her.  She’s been attacked in her suite with her bodyguards more than once.  If it wasn’t for the Pythian power, Pritkin’s training, and other magical guards she’d have been dead regardless of all the vampires he has around her.  But I’ve beat this dead horse before. Let’s look at this book.

The real reason he gets put in the villain category is twofold.  First is because his motivations for wooing Cassie finally come to light this book.  Chapter 39 you will forever live in infamy. He has been trying to bribe, seduce, cajole, whatever Pythias for the past 500 odd years. Cassie has known for about a week or two that Mircea has been after Pythias for a while but she didn’t know why or for just how long he’s been pursuing them.  She knows now.  Then he drops the bomb of why he has pursuing the Pythias.  He wants one to save his wife from death and bring her forward to present day.  He tries to play it off like he doesn’t still love her, but I think he does.  He managed to get a Pythia who doesn’t know protocol, who is pretty clueless to the ins and outs of the job, who is loyal to him and loves him to boot! And he wants her to save his wife, his one true love. Bam shot to the heart.

The second reason I put him in the villain category is the conclusion and his little “gift.” Instead of trying to talk to Cassie or even doing his normal bribery route, he goes straight to threatening the one person she’s been trying to save and protect.  Once the implication of what that gift meant hit me, I saw red. 

All throughout the book, and I my analysis, I don’t think I’ve called anyone else expletives as many times as I have him (except a few people in real life who have messed me over in one way or another).  He hurt Cassie and badly.  If that’s not a villain, I don’t know what is.  Villains who masquerade as friends are worse than people who wear the evil right out there for everyone to see.  I can respect straightforward evil.  Masked evil, not so much.

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a letter is slipped under his door, the writer knowing better than to bother him in this state: 'We appreciate you trying to protect us, really really do. You've always done a good job of that. ain't nowhere safer than the walls of Po Town and that's thanks to you, G. Thanks for always looking out for us little guys! I hope things smooth over for you soon.'

IT’S A BIT LATER when the Boss notices the piece of paper sitting there on the floor in front of the door. His room is messy, so it mostly blends in with all the rest of everything littered all over the place, except the fact that it’s paper in his room is a dead giveaway it’s not trash.

          He’s almost finished most of his first bottle of liquor, and abruptly standing nearly sends him backward into his throne. He finds his balance in time, however, just before swaying forward to grab the note.

                              It takes him awhile to read over it. Dyslexia and drunkenness aren’t a very good combination for reading things, you know.

It succeeds in making him smile.

          The sensation of wanting to reply directly to it with his phone itches at him until he realizes that’s impossible. Well—He could send out a group text about it, but nah. A big deal doesn’t need to be made. Again.

                    A stray colored pencil—purple, his favorite, thank Arceus he found it—from when he was drawing last week is conveniently found nearby. Close to punching a hole through the paper as he uses the carpet as a writing surface, he scrawls something on the blank backside of the note…

❛  THaNK  U

          He then shoves the paper back under the door for the sender to hopefully come back by and receive.

          Time to go back to sulking, drinking, and making a mess.
At least he knows that someone on the Team gets him…

anonymous asked:

i despise the You Gotta Have Jews page and the Positive Dsicrimination page bc page one is like bitching about how much you hate dem jewishes and page two only has like 50% of actual "oh asians are alll soooooo smart and autistics are ethereal aliens uwu" and the rest is "THIS BLACK PERSON WAS GOD AT SOMETHING THAT'S BAD!!!!"

TBH like?? and itz wild bc there are actual examples of bad black so called “””positive””” tropes (like the magical negro and all those tropes where black ppl are like, selfless caregivers/servants/etc to white ppl etc) but 99.9% of the complaints will be like “black guy is good at stuff……and i dont like that!!!!!!!!”