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A week ago I had the most incredible evening. And it was all because of the individuals you see here. All of these wonderful, incredible and beautiful people seen here made a magical night all the more magical. And I am so glad I’ve crossed paths with all of them, and for everyone that I met that night. Because of them, they turned one of the hardest years of my life into something so hopeful and positive. And I am grateful to all of them. So thank you. I love all of you ❤️

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[image description: Shirtless Tony Stark in their lab working on Iron Man armor. They are riddled in scars, most notably top surgery scars.]

November 20th is the Transgender Day of Remembrance, so I’m recognizing the day with a week of Team Iron, transgender headcanons, starting with Tony in the colors of the nonbinary flag.

I can’t believe I forgot about this

Guys, in my excitement over 13x06 followed immediately with honcon, I forgot this important story. So my family has this friend who is the biggest flirt you’ve ever met. He flirts with my older sister a lot because she’ll flirt back with him and I shit you not, a few months ago they started this thing where every time he walks up to her, he’ll drop his voice and say “I’m your huckleberry.”