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Soulmate AU: Soulmates Get Reincarnated with Their Memories Usually Intact

P/N = Previous Life’s Name

The images were usually very fragmented and fuzzy for you but if you focused hard enough and just long enough, you could make them out.

It was the 70s, you were in a hospital bed, and you could see his silhouette. He was tall yet the furthest thing from intimidating, even as he stood over you, saying something. You could never really make out exactly what the words were, but judging by the tone of concern that surrounded them, you could tell that they were words of worry. Maybe even a light scolding. You felt his hands cup your face and his lips pressed to your forehead. If you looked down, you’d see that your leg was in a large cast.

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hello everyone I’d like to bring 3 things to your attention.

1. Ryan’s insta story aka cute couple on vacation

2. they’re 100% using buzzfeed’s money to go on dates under the guise of filming for unsolved

3. @ghostwheeze brought it to my attention that those tours are so popular that they need to be booked months in advance, and I think you fuckin know what that means

Hello friend,

It’s been a while since we’ve spoke. I’m sorry I’ve been busy. It’s not that I don’t care,  I promise. Time is slipping through the cracks and I’m losing my opportunity to relax before I can’t anymore.

Things are happening again. There’s a constant nagging in my ear that rings like an alarm I can’t shut off and I’m not sure how to stop it. It feels strange. I’m out of my element; A blindfolded backseat driver in a landscape I don’t recognize. I don’t know who or what to expect and I’m beginning to question the reasoning and validity behind the guise of friendship.

I’m sorry that I never come to you with good news. (Not that any of this is necessarily bad by any means.) But the truth is, if life was the way social media portrays, there would be nothing interesting to talk about. Because good news can’t spread like a virus the way a good bit of gossip can.

You don’t go to a therapist to talk about how happy you are.

The big thing with many Pharmacies nowadays is Flu Shots. It’s a HUGE sales booster and Corporate pretty much does the Birdman handrub when Flu season is about start. They harass District Managers who harass Pharmacy Managers who harass the other Pharmacists and Techs for Flu Shots. 

I understand why they do it. Because of the way our society is currently shaped, it is important for Pharmacies to have other fall back options other than just prescriptions. That’s why you see many Pharmacies pushing Flu shots, Ancillary Shots, etc, things of that nature, feel me?

So I was thinking about how my Pharmacy Manager (who I talked about before failed her way upwards into that role) constantly harasses me to pressure patients into getting flu shots. I don’t feel like doing that shit. At this point, I’m completely apathetic at my job. I do enough to make sure I do a good job but I ain’t stressing shit like flu shots especially when I know it’s not going to fall on me. 

So the reason why I’m talking about this is because the 2 Pharmacists I work with (The Shit one and The fellow Malayalee) I think don’t understand the dynamic of people all that well. Harassing people won’t magically convince them to get their flu shots. Ever since I’ve been working there, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that work. At times I’ve seen people get visibly aggravated by this. It’s like Street Harassment levels of uncomfortable for a lot of people.

Anyways I’m getting off track here (Was I ever on track to begin with?). So The Shit Pharmacist asked me the other day why don’t more people of color get their flu shots? and I was like “They don’t trust it, or don’t think they need it”. The Shit Pharmacist is taken back by the first part. She’s like what do you mean they don’t trust it? So I said to her, why on Earth should they trust a Flu Shot from a Corporation especially? She was like because it protects you. I said that might be but there is a long racist history of people being infected under the guise of the shots. I mentioned to her the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment and she literally said “What is that?”. I actually thought she was joking. This is a person who literally is in the Health/Medical Field and she didn’t know what that was. I was like look, I’m not going to explain it to you because that’s like 4 decades worth of shit. But look it up. And she jus literally chalked it up to me being a conspiracy nut. Which I’m not.

Literally after this conversation ended, this Black Woman came to our Pharmacy to pick up her medication. I refused to ask her if she wanted her flu shot, the Shit Pharmacist sees this and comes over to ask this woman if she was interested and this woman was like “Nope, I don’t trust it”. It took everything I had to not laugh my ass of right then and there.

Without You

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“I don’t think I can do this anymore.”

Karen glances up from her laptop, confused by your sudden outburst, and raises an eyebrow. “What do you think you can’t do anymore?” she questions as she shifts her focus to you instead of the piece you’d both been working on.

“This,” you sigh, “any of it.” Karen watches as you gesture vaguely around the cluttered office before you launch into a near frantic explanation. “I don’t think I can keep living here, surrounded by all of this destruction and corruption and death. I don’t think I can keep waking up knowing that when I walk to work, I could easily have a building fall on me because of some alien invasion. I don’t think I can keep acting like all of these heroes, the Avengers or the Defenders, are a hundred percent a normal part of life.

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Joël: Hey, dude. Are you back home now?

He forces himself to keep his voice neutral. Anita doesn’t raise her eyes from her screen. Joël is not fooled for one second. He knows that she is absorbing as if by osmosis every nuance of expression that passes over his face, committing to memory every vibration of his voice, every subtle change in his body temperature and probably in the rhythm of his heartbeat too. He stares at the phone in his hand, willing himself not to lay it on the table, not to wipe his sweaty palms on the legs of his pyjama pants.

Roy: Yep. We flew in last night.

Joël: We? 

Roy: Me and Sonia and Bunty. Bunty’s going to be enjoying a nice restful stay at The Oaks for the next 6 weeks. I’m just leaving there now. And you wouldn’t believe it, freaking Sonia turned up the Olds’ place for a surprise visit the second night I was there! Surprise was an understatement, dude. Turns out she had a massive attack of the guilts and wanted to work on our marriage after all. I nearly had a heart attack. Not least because I’d arranged a date with Claudia the following evening. I was shitting bricks, dude.

Joël: Claudia? You mean M-

He almost says ‘Megan’s friend Claudia’. He knows that any mention of Megan will shatter Anita’s artificially calm demeanor like a crystal glass under a sledgehammer. He swallows and tries again.

Joël: You mean Claudia with the amazing rack? That Claudia?

Anita arches one eyebrow. He gets up from the table under the guise of feeding Brutus.

Roy: Yeah. I’m getting misty-eyed just thinking about it. Anyway, because I’m the man, I managed to turn what could have been a complete disaster into one of the best nights of our lives. All three of us. You know, I never realised how versatile the chicks were in our home town, dude. Damn. 

Joël: Wait. What do you mean, versatile? Are you saying what I think you’re saying? Jesus Christ. I hate you more than I’ve ever hated anyone in my life right now.

Roy: It’s my world, baby. You’re just here to bask in my awesomeness. Hey, do you want to meet me for lunch so I can give you all the filthy details? I think I can swing an hour between meetings.

Joël: I don’t think so, dude. I’m kind of busy today. Anita and i are looking at houses.

There’s a 5 second silence. 

Roy: Did you say Anita? You and Anita are back on? And looking at houses?

Joël: Not only that, she wants to get married.

Roy: Dude, you don’t have any money. You can’t do shit. 

Joël: Anita has money. 

Roy: So basically you’re going to be Anita’s sugar baby? Just when I thought your life couldn’t get any more pathetic, you sink to whole new depths. Congrats, dude. Anyway, I’ve got to go. I’m running late. Some of us actually have to work for a living, you know. We’re not all free-loading parasites spongeing off our sugar mamas. Later, you worthless piece of shit.

Anita: Was that Roy? How is he?. 

Joël: I think he may have been slightly miffed that I couldn’t have lunch with him. 

wheresalicelove  asked:

Louis' situation right now is the best example of "Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer." That is what Sony is doing. they have him so close he can barely move at all. This will not last forever and Louis is a clever lad so I see light for him however darker it may get first.

Hi, I hope this is OK to publish?

Sony definitely isn’t letting their enemies roam free, is it? But there’s a difference between keeping a tight leash, as it might be supposed is the case with Harry—though his collar doesn’t cut off his breathing and he’s allowed to play in the pen—and what they are doing to Louis.

Louis seems more like keep your enemies shackled so they can’t escape while you force them to take a shovel and help dig their own grave, to me. 

There’s a saying in Spanish that’s No hay mal que cien años dure, ni cuerpo que lo resista, which essentially means that evil can’t last forever, either it kills you or it’s defeated before that time.

So this thought that ‘it can’t last forever’ is not such an optimistic one to me, to be honest, because a) While that evil is on-going it has consequences? This all affects Louis at a personal and a professional level. b) Which will come first? People break under too much pressure and it’s been going on for years, relentlessly. And what will be left when it’s over? Have you heard the terms scorched earth strategy or pyrrhic victory?

And Louis being a clever lad… doesn’t stop him from being hurt or screwed over. As @waitingforthatday​ doesn’t tire to explain, being intelligent and aware doesn’t stop you from being at the mercy of the powerful. Sony is one of the foundations of a superstructure of control and exploitation of artists, of corruption and abuse in the entertainment industry… It’s just not that simple.

And I know I sound pessimistic right now. But what I mean by all of this is that the difficulties of Louis’ situation shouldn’t be underestimated, or his struggles downplayed (or dismissed and mocked…), and that we be wary of placing unfair expectations on him under the guise of praise and admiration.

Louis has been fighting and continues to fight—against all odds, despite ruthless punishment. And we all hope that he will (somehow, eventually) come out on top. But that doesn’t mean… those are the reasons for which he deserves love and support and better? He’s done so much and people still expect him to prove himself again and again, and cling to future victory (and what does that even mean?) like it’s all that keeps them from giving up on him. And that seems unfair to me. We make allowances for wounded soldiers to stop fighting, you know? Sometimes what it comes down to is survival, and there’s no shame in that. And support shouldn’t be dependent on being on the winning team?

I honestly marvel at his perseverance and resilience, at his courage. But I think it’s important to recognize that Louis is a person, who suffers and has limits like everyone else. Strength takes different forms. He’s done more than enough, and…

And all this was to say I just want Louis to stop being hurt. He deserves fair treatment and freedom to make his own choices in his life and career, and to live unburdened, to be the healthiest and happiest he can be.

This is probably a much longer and pointless answer than you were expecting, sorry.

anonymous asked:

I love how even when your Pennywise is shocked, he doesn't show it in a human way. He's not anything like a human except in form and guise, and you've managed to make him look like he's not only going through these feelings for the first time, but doesn't know what to do with them. It's great to see how odd and unstable his expressions are.

!!! Thank you so much!! Drawing expressions that are combinations of “???????” and “wait what do I mean by “?????” ???” is hard but a lot of fun, I’m glad it’s communicating well c:  

wolfieroleplays  asked:

Sanvers or someone drags Kara for a night out to cheer her up after losing her job, end up in a gay club and there's more than a few women hitting on her, one coming off particularly hard and Kara is flustered. In comes her savior in the form of one Lena Luthor a la Kate (Dates, can't remember her surname lol) and Kara is even more flustered. What happens next is up to you~

This was fun!!! Thanks for sending this, I hope it gives you all a bit of a fun jolt. [Not Canon in terms of timeline - Lena/Kara are more like ep 2/3 status, even though Kara is fired from her job. Maggie knows Kara is Supergirl. Carry on…]

Off the Record - on AO3 or under the cut!

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ookami-chan  asked:

Mitsuru, Samon, Kiji and Kenshirou reacts to they fall in love in female prisioner.


- Handles it the best out of the four.

- Schedules visits with them so they can hang out.

- Visits their cell even though he is not suppose to. Hajime owed him one so he keeps quiet, It does keep Mitsuru out of his… hair.

- Master at flirting. They will know he is interested.

- Throws subtle hints to them over the announcements.

- Start blasting love songs over the P.A system. It was cute… Until they hear Hajime forcefully taking the Mic away from him. 

- Blows them kisses as he passes their cell.

- When the New year fight breaks out, he is panicked looking for them.

- When he finds out they are alright he runs up to them and gives them a huge kiss on the lips, not caring who is watching. 


- Is in constant denial.

- His face is red because it is hot outside, not because he is flustered.

- “It is a beautiful day” “Yes, you are… I MEAN TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL DAY HAHAHA IM GONNA GO NOW!”

- Trains them, even if they are not too excited about it.

- He says its because he wants to make sure they can defend themselves if something ever happens.

- Totally not because its his only way he can hold them.

- Asks his fanboys (Upa, Liang, and Qi) to look after you if he isn’t there.

- They know he is in love with them so they make sure no one messes with them.

- Taunt him by getting a frozen treat and eatting it without biting it, if you get what I mean ;).


- Boi keeps falling for the wrong people.

- Tries to keep his crush on the warden, better that then admit he has fallen for a prisoner.

- Starts to avoid them but cannot handle it, he realizes how hopeless this is.

- Runs his hands through their hair under the guise of trying to get something out of their hair.

- Daydreams about what it would be like to be in a normal relationship with them.

- Thought that them being a prisoner is the worse possible scenario. Turns out them not being one is the worse.

- As their time comes, he starts to get mopey. Part of him wishes something would happen so they would be forced to stay. But he knows they deserve a normal life.

- Ends up escorting them out of the prison. Right when they were about to leave he stops them and asks them out. There was now no reason for him to not be with them.

- Unless they said no. This would cause him to spiral into depression and refuse to ever love again since all it did was bring him pain.

- I like a happy puppy so lets say they said yes.


- Gives them clothes so they can wear matching outfits.

- Does their makeup since he obviously knows what would look best on them.

- Gives them a slight kiss on their shoulder, leaving a lipstick mark. It would be someplace they could hide it though.

- Asks them how he looks every day. Gets really giddy if they compliment him. Anything less would cause him to spend hours in front of a mirror trying to figure out what he did wrong.

- If Trois and Honey was getting too close to them he would mess up their hair so they would go run and fix it. Doesn’t let on though that he was jealous.

- Gets upset when other guards are around. He has to make sure he treats them like a normal prisoner when other guards are around. 

- Any changes they made to their looks, not matter how small, he would notice. 

- “Trying out a new shampoo? Your hair is so soft today darling~”

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What are your favorite things about Jean?

How long do you have, anon?

Here are just a few things I really like about Jean, in no particular order :)

  1. His face is cool! I know I’ve been getting into some “discourse” (as we say here on The Tumblr xD) about Jean’s looks recently, but those are some nice angles on his face! And I really do love his “bad guy” eyes ;)
  2. He cares about individual humans and has some kind of ethical code he tries to stick to as much as possible (even as he says stuff like “I’m only looking out for number one, I swear!”). I appreciate that a lot.
  3. I love that he’s honest. I was suspicious of it a first (because we all know those guys who just say mean things under the guise of “honesty”) but he is really committed to trying to understand the world and to speak uncomfortable truths. He’s also honest about himself and his own shortcomings–you can really trust Jean.
  4. He’s smart! I will fight people over this. He keeps up with Armin; he even fills in for Armin for a bit when Armin needs a little time to come up with another strategy in the battle for Shiganshina–he can never replace Armin (just like Armin can never replace Jean), but he definitely knows what he’s doing.
  5. He’s empathetic. You don’t think he’s going to be when you start reading–it slowly dawns on you. First he’s helping Connie up, then he’s comforting Armin after a series of traumas, then he’s struggling with killing other humans, and then he’s helping Eren work through his depression after the events of the Reiss chapel … and he does each of these things in ways that are unique to the person he’s assisting! It’s so great!
  6. He’s flawed. While I don’t fault him for his self-preservation instinct and I think it (as Marco says) has real value for him and the people he leads, its also something he could take too far (as in the training arc). He’s also contrary and crass, which creates distance between him and others. And sometimes he freezes up when a situation just gets too stressful (though he usually recovers quickly). Yet these are shortcomings which he recognizes about himself and that he works on a bit over the course of the series–but I also like that he keeps some of these as well? Like Jean wouldn’t be Jean if he didn’t occasionally tease people.
  7. Jean cares about his friends and comrades. He joins the SC to protect them, I think that’s great.
  8. He encouraged Historia to punch Levi in chapter 69. I think that’s wonderful.
  9. He was the kind of twelve year-old kid who would point out when he thought another kid was using empty rhetoric by calling them “eloquent.” He was THAT twelve year-old.
  10. He has an impeccable sense of style! His fedora and coat are top-notch. 

I think I’ll stop the list there for now because it’s getting late and I really have to sleep xD Thanks for the note, anon! And let me field this question out to my followers as well: what are your favorite things about Jean?

Series: Fairy Tail.
Rating: High T - M.
Genre(s): mystery, romance, drama, action, fantasy.
Pairings: NaLu, Gruvia, Gajevy, Jerza.
Triggers: blood, graphic violence, character death.
CH2 POV: Erza Scarlet.
All Chapters: here.

Summary: They say that dead men tell no tales, but the body from the canal just won’t stop talking. Magnolia is on lock-down. Natsu’s wife is missing. And the things they were keeping out just got in. In this little town tainted with blood, knowledge is death. And Lucy Heartfilia knew too much.

A/N: this chapter was a fun challenge for me since it takes place in a single room. Despite that, a lot happens! So brace yourselves! Please note, the chapters don’t follow on chronologically. Rather, most of them exist at the same time. Erza’s chapter is therefore taking place during Juvia’s, just as Gajeel’s chapter will rewind a little bit to show us how Erza got captured and continue on in his POV. // This fic is available on my ffnet account of the same name!

;It’s true, we’re all a little insane. But it’s so clear now that I’m unchained. Fear is only in our minds, taking over all the time. Fear is only in our minds but it’s taking over all the time. You poor, sweet, innocent thing, dry your eyes and testify. You know you live to break me, don’t deny sweet sacrifice


Lights flickered. Erza tugged the chain between her wrists, testing its breadth. The manacles dug into her flesh, making her hands tingle uncomfortably. She scanned the cubicle, noting the single exit to her left. A tattered curtain concealed her from the rest of the room. Her gaze slid to the operating table on her right, then to Invel, who stood tapping his foot by the door. After dragging her into the room, Invel had politely offered a chair, but not before restraining her wrists and ankles. 

Being forced into The Gate was one thing, but having to walk between the legs of a dead soldier was another. The man would rather hang than give himself up to the mutation. He must’ve been terrified. And if the soldiers were afraid of getting infected, then what hope did the civilians have? She could still feel the chill of his dead body brushing against her as she passed to ascend the staircase.

‘I’ll ask you again,’ Invel said, nudging the bridge of his glasses. ‘What were you doing in the outer storage facilities?’

Hiding. ‘Looking for food,’ Erza lied. ‘Our supplies have run low.’

Dimaria slapped her across the face. The blow cut Erza’s mouth, drawing blood. She spat it from her lips. Their eyes met. Dimaria hit her again.

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Lena knows kara’s supergirl, so she keeps saying increasingly dirty things about supergirl to Kara under the guise of ‘girl talk’.

Until finally

Lena: …have you ever thought about what supergirl could do with that super-speed? Oh, and I wonder if she can control her heat vision, I mean, I’ve used candle wax a few times, but that…or the ice breath, I bet that would feel amazing on my…

Kara, swallowing heavily: I….yes….I’m Supergirl…


Hárbarðsljóð: Thor and Odin’s Argument - Dr. Jackson Crawford

So as promised, I’m posting this video by the aforementioned Dr. Crawford for A Very Hárbarðsljóð Holiday. The Hárbarðsljóð, for the uninitiated, is a verbal smackdown from the Poetic Edda between Odin (disguised as a ferryman) and Thor, his son. I’m guessing most people who follow here (or not) are familiar with the professor one way or another, so if you’d like to just watch his commentary, feel free to hit play and enjoy. For the holiday, however, I’ve compiled some of my own commentary with timestamps on the video, so if you’re not a fan of YouTube, are interested in certain agendas that I also promote, or just want to read some wine-infused sass from someone without a degree who doesn’t have to worry about tenure, that’ll be here under the cut.

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Objective vs Subjective Fact

And why “Don’t force your religion on others” isn’t a thing that works

So we know the difference between objective and subjective, right? Objective facts are facts that are true, they have been proven by science, and they are always the same. If you say “When I drop this book, it will fall because of gravity”, that is an objective fact. We know that gravity is real, whether you believe in it or not. The book is going to fall, no matter what (barring the possibility that we are all just chilling on the moon during this conversation).

A subjective fact would be something like “I wear this crystal on a necklace and it helps me stay focused during the day”. You may believe that the crystal is having an effect on your brain, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. Crystals haven’t been proven effective by science, and you’re using personal experience and maybe anecdotal evidence from others to make your claim. It may seem like a capital T True fact to you, but it’s not to everyone else. This doesn’t mean that your belief in this crystal is stupid or ridiculous, it just means that the crystal isn’t rock solid (haha get it, because geology). If you believe it works, enjoy.

The existence of God is a subjective fact. It cannot be proven or denied, and the only evidence we have for God is anecdotal a la “I felt His spirit” or “I sensed Him guiding me”. For some, this is enough to believe that God is real. For others, it isn’t. And there’s nothing wrong with believing in God or not believing in God, but we should all accept that God is subjective. His existence may be 100% guaranteed Truth to a Christian, but it won’t be for everyone else. Because God is not gravity. He’s not there for sure, with absolutely no doubt. He is believed in, not proven.

The problem we encounter here is that some Christians will not accept that the existence of God is subjective. Many people feel that anecdotal evidence and their own personal feelings about God are good enough to prove that God is an absolutely True, guaranteed thing, like gravity. It is very difficult for some Christians to accept that God’s existence is subjective. It’s real for them, but not for everyone. If you believe that God’s existence is an objective fact, you’re not only ignoring the definition of objective, but you are convincing yourself that everyone who does not believe in God is wrong and is simply missing some information, like people who don’t know that the Earth is round.

So here’s the thing. If I know that gravity is real and exists, and someone else tells me it doesn’t, I feel bad for them. How could they not know this really simple fact that we learn in science class? I should tell them gravity is real and explain it. They’ll understand the world better, they’ll be more educated, and I’ve corrected some misinformation by explaining an objective fact. But am I “forcing the idea of gravity on them”? I’d say no, I’m just telling them what’s true about the world.

Combine the previous paragraph with people who believe God is an objective fact and swap the word “gravity” for “God” and “science class” with “Sunday school”, and we’ve got a problem. Because a lot of Christians, especially Mormons, are infuriatingly nice. When they tell people about God and try to convince people to believe in God, they don’t realize that they are “forcing their religion on others”. They just think that they are sharing a fact that everyone should know about. Mormons in particular want everyone to believe in God and live a good Christian life so that everyone can have a wonderful, blessed afterlife. People who do not believe in God are people to be pitied and helped. They just haven’t heard about the fact of God yet, in the same way that uneducated people might not know the world is round. It’s not a malicious mindset of “everyone must think how I think”, it’s an attempt to help others that is misguided and unfounded.

Most celebrities and public figures don’t like to talk about religion because it’s a touchy subject. Most of them usually fall back on the neutral stance of “I think people should believe what they want to, as long as they don’t force it on others”. This sounds nice. It sounds good and neutral and like it would totally work, everyone just has to mind their own business. In fact, many Christians probably agree that you shouldn’t shove religion down someone else’s throat. But when they are standing there, Bible in hand, ready to insert it into your digestive system under the guise of “helping” and “educating”, it’s hard to believe that they know what “forcing religion on others” means.


*slaps band-aid over large gaping wound left from the ova that hasn’t even aired yet* here have some dark! defense club headcanons to fill the void bc i love @serurianouji‘s dark!DC things (keep in mind their personalities will be a bit… off) (also keep in mind none of these headcanons are set in stone. this isn’t even my au.)

  • They do use the battle lover names at first, but Yumoto ends up making them use their real names because “having secret identities is boring. No one pays attention to me when we’re back in school.”
  • After the curry incident, instead of Atsushi being like “let sleeping dogs lie, he’ll come back around we’re still friends” he’s like “wtf, i did nothing wrong, if you want to ignore me then fine be ignored”
  • En still saying “why don’t you talk to him” to Atsushi about Kinshirou when they’re kids (like he does in the anime) because he thought Atsushi was a nice little boy who’d want his friend back but then Atsushi’s like “if he wants to avoid me then that’s on him i did nothing wrong” and En just kind of smiles privately to himself because ah, I like this kid

the rest under the cut bc uhhhh this post got long

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Awkward: An EgoBang Fanfic.

Requested by @i-am-avacado​! Got a request? Check this out!

Summary: They go in for a hug, it turns into a kiss, it gets awkward, makeouts occur.

“Oh, my god, dude. You’re fucking killing me with this.”

Arin’s moustache twitched upwards slightly as he smirked, watching Danny ball himself into a makeshift fetal position on the couch out of the corner of his eye.

“C'mon, man. It’s not that scary.”

“… I feel as though you and I do not always operate on the same wavelength.”

The pair guffawed as Arin casually directed the in-game character down a lengthy hallway that gradually grew darker and worsened in condition. With every quick step, Arin felt the large mountain of blankets beside him quiver more and more evidently.

“You alright, man?”

“No, I’m not alright! We’re playing a fucking horror game - with which our lovelies will be aware … I do not have the greatest relationship.”

Arin snorted. “S'not scary. This is just walls and shit.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.”

Arin rested the controller on his knee and turned to look at his best friend. Danny hiked his knees up to his chest and glanced back in mild confusion. There was a short silence.

“Silly. You can’t be afraid of walls.”

“I’m not afraid of walls, you putz. I’m afraid of what’s behind them. Or, in this case, what’s potentially several metres of darkness away.”

“You heard it here first, Grump kingdom! Daniel Avidaniel is scared of walls.”

“Do not tell them that!”

The next three minutes and forty-one seconds dragged by in agony for Dan. Arin seemed relatively nonplussed about the whole affair - which made the sting of the first jumpscare particularly painful.

“… and then maybe you could – AAAAAAAHHHHH OH MY GOD WHAT WAS THAT?!”

Arin shrieked, first with fear, then mostly with laughter as Danny’s expression erupted into one of pure terror before completely submerging himself in his heap of blankets.

“WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!” Danny screamed from beneath his safe haven of fleece. Arin attempted to get out an answer between laughs, but he’d already fallen off the sofa and was convulsing hilariously on the carpet.

Danny stayed beneath his blanket, heart racing, face hot, eyes stinging with the beginnings of tears. Goddamnit, he wished Arin would listen. Just once.

Several hours after they’d wrapped up the episode - Arin breathless from laughter and Danny begrudgingly chuckling along with him - the Grump office had grown quiet. Danny thought he was the only one left in the building.

He didn’t have to be. He could have left with the others when they did, but he’d insisted on catching up on some songwriting while the place was quiet.

He’d lied, of course. To an extent. He had his notebook splayed out in his lap. There were scrawled working titles for songs and broken lyrics scattered across the pages and the occasional drawing of a penis that Brian had added when he knew Danny was most definitely still looking.

But the pages hadn’t been updated in weeks. Danny was struggling, and he wasn’t in the mood for writing now. Not after proverbially shitting his pants again in front of several thousand lovelies and his best friend. Who had laughed at him.

Danny’s stomach lurched with embarrassment. God, he felt like such an idiot. Arin was his best friend, but he’d always felt inferior. Arin had tons of other friends. Cool friends. Like Mark, who was muscular and handsome and worshipped Arin, despite being something of a YouTube god himself. Like Ross, who was an asshole but knew exactly what to say to make Arin laugh for centuries. Like Jon, who was rarely ever around but that dynamic they’d shared never really left and whenever they met up it was just like old times.

They were all so cool.

Danny knew he wasn’t good enough. Not for him.

“… Dan? You still here?”

Danny drew a sharp and shaky intake of breath as the deep familiar voice rebounded off the walls of the almost-empty building. Before he could answer, Arin pushed the crack in the doorway further open and stepped into the recording room.

“Oh, hey. Uhh, did I leave my keys in here? I got all the way back to the house and –”

“They’re over there.”

Danny gestured vaguely towards a shelf located behind the television. Arin noticed a glint of metal.

“Awesome, man. Thanks, I –”

He paused, noticing Danny hadn’t looked at him once the entire 15 seconds he’d been in the office. Danny was attentive. He loved eye contact. He liked letting you know he was listening to you and that you mattered. Arin always loved that about his friend.

“Hey. Uhh. You okay, man?”

Danny stared at the uninspiring pages of his notebook, unsure what to say.

“Uhm. Yeah. I’m alright. Just tired and stuff, y’know.”

Arin exhaled. He knew what was up.

“Sorry about the game, man. I know you don’t like ‘em. I just thought that maybe we should play one to stop the fans from freaking out because it’s Halloween next week.”

“Yeah, no. I get that. I’m just a total puss. It’s fine, honestly.”

“You gonna look at me and say that?”

Danny sighed and went to meet the eyes of his best friend. Before he could even focus on the colour of them, Arin dove forward and swept him up in a strong but warm hug. Danny blinked, giggling at the sudden gesture of kindness but reciprocating his friend’s actions, wrapping his own wiry arms around Arin’s broad shoulders.

“Arin … I don’t think this counts as me looking at you.”

Arin shifted his body as he went to kiss him jovially on the cheek and Danny went to make a quick joke but his words trailed off as Arin’s mouth accidentally pressed against his own. By reflex, his lips puckered slightly before both pairs broke apart almost immediately with that kinda gross but kinda sexy kissing noise.

“… I … oh my god.”

“Oh my god.”

Arin cast his eyes down to Danny’s notebook, too nervous to meet his gaze. Usually, the two would have giggled childishly at something like that. But something felt wrong.

“Shit, man. I … I’m really sorry, that was …”

“No. Wait. Don’t.”

Danny’s mind was wild with ideas right now. Ideas he shouldn’t be having. He didn’t want Arin to leave. Not after that. He wanted him to kiss him again. That couldn’t have been an accident. But at the same time, that’s exactly all it could have been. He wanted to feel that again. For real. But how?

“I … Maybe we should try that again.”

Arin blinked.

“Dude. I’m married.”

“No, dude, I … I know. I’m not trying to be a homewrecker here or anything. I just … Maybe it would help me write some more songs.”

Arin stared at him.

“Hear me out. It’s … it’s new. It’s different. It’s something we’ve never really done before. It doesn’t have to mean anything. Maybe my brain just needs something different. Couldn’t hurt, right?”

Danny couldn’t believe he was saying these things out loud. And to Arin, of all people! What was he even thinking? He was asking his best friend - his married best friend - to make out with him under the guise that it would somehow be inspirational.

“I … Alright.”

“… wait, seriously?”

Arin shrugged. “I know how much your writing means to you, man. If it helps you get some weird ideas that’ll sell you some albums, I can get down with that.”

Danny beamed. Arin was a big goofy cinnamon roll and he loved him.

“… thank you. I, oh god … I don’t know how we’d start this, uhm –”

His words were cut off by Arin cupping both hands round the sides of his angular face and pulling him forward into a very warm and very wet kiss.

Danny squeaked with surprise, but found himself melting into his best friend’s mouth more quickly than he’d anticipated. This was real. This was happening. He was kissing Arin. Arin Hanson. His best friend. Oh, god yes.

Danny’s hand reached up and gently caressed the side of Arin’s face. The guy was a good kisser. No wonder Suzy stuck around, he jokingly mused to himself, smiling as the younger man’s moustache tickled at his own stubble. His upper lip would probably be sore after this but he didn’t care. Arin’s lips were soft and full and warm and gentle and he was kissing him and oh god, was this real?

Danny gasped lightly as his best friend’s tongue darted in to meet with his. Yes. This was real.

Any inhibitions the two men had started out with dissolved rapidly in minutes as Arin pushed Danny slowly onto his back, pinning one of his wrists up by his unruly hair in a subtle but gloriously arousing display of dominance.

Danny let out a whimper as their lips broke apart and Arin began kissing at his neck, pecking teasingly along his chiselled jawline and Adam’s Apple. Oh my god, this was perfect. This was so perfect.

His lips moved upwards, kissing along his cheek and breathing hotly into his ear which drove Danny insane with closeted lust. Arin appeared to be enjoying this too - as he moved upwards to bury his face in Danny’s 'fro, he found his neck on the receiving end of the Jewish’s man’s lips and let out a deep rumbling noise of enjoyment which only caused the blood in Danny’s body to circulate further and faster. He wanted this to last forever.

The next few minutes were a blur of kisses and moans and heavy breaths and filthy thoughts that eventually dissipated into shocked mutual laughter. Arin chortled until he couldn’t support his weight any more and collapsed, resting his head on Danny’s chest, his mouth glistening with the remnants of their impromptu passion.

“Shit, dude. That was actually pretty fuckin’ good.”


“Yeah, man. You’re good at that. You ever kissed guys before?”

“Never seriously.”


Arin eyed the soft fabric on Danny’s shirt, reading the faded print as he collected his thoughts.

“So … you still straight?”

Arin stiffened. Was he? He thought so. But things were different now.

“Yeah. I mean, I’m still married. Obviously not giving that up. I’m definitely still into girls.”

“But guys are okay too, huh?”

“… I guess.”

Danny smiled, his understanding only marginally tinged with sadness. The two lay in silence for a few minutes, Arin listening peacefully to the sound of his friend’s heartbeat while Danny tenderly toyed with the wedding bang on Arin’s finger.

“So … did you get any new song ideas yet, or …?”

Danny giggled. “Not right now, but maybe a few more minutes of awkward pillow talk and I’ll have an album.”

The two laughed raucously, still dumbfounded at what they’d actually gone and done. They’d known from the get-go that their friendship was destined to be an eventful one, but this was never an outcome they had considered.

After a few more minutes of watered-down embarrassment and quick retorts, Arin propped himself up so he could get a better look at Danny.

“Hey. You ,uhh, wanna brainstorm some more? I … I think I got a couple ideas.”


Richard III by William Shakespeare

Richard: I am an unholy terror. A twisted, foul guise of a human soul. A facade of kindness. The crooked bane of mankind, ripped from my mother’s womb to spread havoc and despair to all who walk the earth. I have never known love, mercy, kindness, or charity - those are not with me. I am shaped to kill, and within my mind and heart know only how to cause destruction and harm. I will bring death wherever I walk and seize power however I can, no matter how treacherous and loathsome the means, for I, truly, am evil itself.

Somebody: Hey Richard you suck


Flatmates -- Chapter 8

Well, I know this took me a little while to write but, it’s a long update and I’ve been looking forward to writing it for so long.  This idea’s been knocking around in my imagination for a few months, so it was nice to get it all written down.  Sorry about the cliff hanger, but it was getting long and I needed to switch point of view for the next bit so I had to break it off there.  As always, much love to mu Flatmates AU girl Gand @feuillesmortes & @harritudur.  And this installment, as well as the rest, are always available for reading on Pos, here [x].

“You sure do have a lot of photos of Charles up there.”

Lizzie was sat cross legged on the foot of her bed in a pair of fluffy socks, joggers, and a cozy jumper. She peeked up from her literature notes to spy Anne laying on her back across Lizzie’s bedspread, legs propped up against her wall, and studying her friend’s cork board over the pages of the book in her beringed hand.

“Well he is my — we are dating.” She had wanted to say boyfriend, but that didn’t seem right. Charles had never put labels on them and so she hadn’t either.

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