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Boyfriend Jun

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  • well, your first impression of him was that he was a grease ball,,
  • you can’t quite pinpoint why but he just gave off that vibe you suppose.
  • but now that you know him, now that you’re together, you realize that he’s so much more than that
  • of course, he is a lil greasy
  • you weren’t wrong there
  • but he’s also so funny and hard working and shy and modest and smart
  • he’s been working since age 2, starting off in commercials before moving on to dramas and movies. and while doing this, he still found time to place high in various competitions, from kung fu to piano to art. while also studying hard in school
  • he’s all around talented and perfect
  • and he’s yours
  • despite how many other people exist in this world, wen junhui fell for you and that shows how truly amazing you are
  • from the second he met you, he knew you were different
  • something about you just took his breath away
  • and he knew you had to be his
  • he went for a classy approach for your first date;
  • dinner and a movie
  • over dinner, you talked and got to know each other. but there was no awkward conversations since once you both ran out of q’s, it was movie time. you knew each other well enough to not feel uncomfortable in the silence, to share popcorn and share looks when something dramatic was happening on screen
  • he’s very modest
  • the only reason you know the true extent of his talent is bc of the boys
  • when you first started dating, they were trying to impress you, since jun was too modest to do so. they casually brought up all his talents and amazing qualities. which impressed you, naturally, but you already thought so much of him. so the information didn’t change your opinion on him at all.
  • and he liked that :)
  • he felt like he could be 100% himself and you were here for him, not jun from seventeen or jun who’s good at martial arts
  • if you don’t already speak Chinese, then he teaches you small phrases and cute pet names
  • he loves hearing you speak to him in his native tongue, even if it’s just the word “fork.”
  • he was shy with skinship at first, only holding your hand or kissing your forehead
  • he took his time making sure you were comfortable before cuddling with you or sharing kisses
  • but once he started, he didn’t stop
  • skinship is now 24/7
  • you’re practically attached at the hip
  • communication may be difficult at times,, but he tries really hard to improve his Korean (or learn phrases in your native tongue)
  • and what he can’t say, he’ll instead show
  • he may not have words of reassurance when you cry but you can feel the depth of his emotion through his hugs, how tenderly he dries your tears, or brushes back your hair
  • which means more to you than words ever could
  • he’s that Will Smith meme;
  • jun is just so proud of you and even if you’re not very good at something, he’s your number one hype man
  • video game nights and movie nights with all the guys
  • but if you and him are alone together, they always keep their space
  • with others, they’d probably interrupt and annoy the member
  • but with jun,, they’re never sure what he’s up to when alone with you and they’d rather not find out …
  • he’s super romantic
  • says all the cheesy lines from the cheesiest movies, loves candle lit dinners and buying you roses
  • even if you’re not a romantic person, he’ll treat you like a king or queen
  • and you’ll learn to love waking up to breakfast in bed or a bouquet of roses how could u not tho he’s so perfect
  • likes to kiss u even if you’re talking
  • “and after that we -” kiss “wen junhui, I was talking!!”
  • “but you look so cute??”
  • “no I don’t -”
  • kiss
  • you both have matching pajama’s that the boys try to make a joke of but matching winnie the pooh pj’s is no laughing matter .. you both look cute as can be and look even cuter when you’re together ;3;
  • he’s a little bit the jealous type but not bc he thinks you’ll cheat
  • it’s bc he wants your full attention and affection so if you’re super nice to chan and not him,, you have a pouty baby on your hands ..
  • “who do you love more?? bc it seems like it’s not me??” ;;
  • “omg u big child”
  • he’s so, so in love with you. and although he shows this constantly, he doesn’t say it as much. but there’s no need to. your relationship is built on actions instead of words and that shows just how dedicated and truly in love you both are

For anon

The First Night

Today was the end of every woman’s dream day, your wedding and you were proud to announce that you were finally married to the one only Bang Yongguk. You can’t stop calling him hubby and he can’t stop calling you Mrs. Bang, it might seem a bit cheesy to others but you were both too happy to care.

Now usually married couples decide where they’ll be going for their honeymoon together but your husband decided something completely different. He told you that you could have full command over the wedding plans and you could involve him whenever you like if he got to plan your honeymoon. Since it was Yongguk and he knew you better than you knew yourself sometimes you allowed him to do the whole honeymoon planning.

Up until a few hours ago you had no clue where Yongguk was panning on taking you that is until the end of your reception where Yongguk handed you a little book about Japan. He didn’t even have to say anything more than that as a huge smile was spread across your face. Yongguk flashed you his gummy smile and at the back of your head you just thought that you could always trust Yongguk.

You had been wanting to go to Japan ever since you were young, it was actually a dream of yours and now Yongguk was finally making it come true. You remember telling him about this dream of yours when you had both just started dating and to think that he remembered was probably one of the reasons you married him. Now you were on a plane to your dream destination with the man you love.

“Hey, you ok?” Yongguk asked snapping you out from your thoughts.

“Yeah I’m fine” you said as you turned your head away from the window to look at him. He smiled and took your hand in his and laced his fingers with yours. He gave the back of your hand a kiss bringing a smile to your face.

“How’s your nausea? I know you get sick every time we travel cause of your motion sickness” Yongguk said as his thumb rubbed against the back of your hand.

“Well considering it’s only a two hour flight and that we’re traveling first class I’d say it’s not so bad” you said as you moved a few strands of hair out of his eyes.

“That’s good to know” Yongguk said as he closed his eyes and sighed in bliss “I can’t wait to be alone with you” he whispered making you smiled at the thought as Yongguk rested his head on your shoulder and nuzzled his face up into your neck.

Before you knew anything your flight had landed and you and your newly wed husband were greeted by a swarm of fans at the airport. They congratulated you and even have you flowers which you thought was very sweet of them. Yongguk had a tight grip around your hand as the two of you were guided out from the airport and into a car that would take you to your hotel.

“Well that was quite the welcome” you said as the car began to drive off “I’ve traveled a lot but I’ve never been greeted at the airport like that before” Yongguk smiled as he gave your hand a light squeeze and kissed your cheek.

“I’ve forgotten what it’s like to land at an airport and not be swarmed by a thousand girls and cameras” Yongguk said as you playfully hit his shoulder. He laughed before pulling you into his arms and kissing the top of your head.

The drive was taking longer than you thought, you knew Tokyo was a big city but it still shouldn’t take this long. You got a little worried though when you noticed that the driver had driven right past your hotel and Yongguk didn’t even flinch to stop him.

“Yongguk we just drove past our hotel” you said as you sat up and looked at him.

“I know” Yongguk said with a smile like it was nothing. You shot him a confused look as be decided to explain “I canceled our honeymoon suite and decided on something a little more traditional” once again you were completely confused but decided to just trust Yongguk like you always do.

Around half an hour later the car finally stopped outside this traditional Japanese house. Yongguk rubbed your back as you turned away from the window to look at him.

“Do you like it?” Yongguk asked “one of the stage mangers that works with us during our Japan concerts owns this place, I asked him if he could rent it out to me for a few days and he said yes. And the best part is that we have the whole place to ourselves” you wanted to cry but you had done enough of that today at the alter so you opted to just crush him into a hug.

“Yongguk I love it! Thank you so much!” You said as he wrapped his arms around you and hugged you back.

“Anything for you my dear wife” Yongguk said as you laughed at his greasiness.

The driver was kind enough to bring your luggage all the way into the house. Yongguk payed the man as you entered and began to explore. It was truly amazing and beautiful, from the garden to the rooms to the whole house it was just too good to be true. Yongguk took your hand and laced his fingers with yours as he guided you around the house considering he had been here many times before.

Finally Yongguk shows you the room that the two of you will staying in. It’s a pretty big room with a sliding door that opens out into the garden, the room is decorated with candles and flowers which of course was not traditional in Japanese homes but it’s your honeymoon so something is needed to set the romantic mood. You dump your purse and coat on the floor as you walk towards the sliding doors and open them out to look at the garden.

You took a deep breath and smiled it was truly beautiful, better than any hotels honeymoon suite which you were glad Yongguk cancelled. You felt a pair of strong arms wrap themselves around your waist causing you to smile as Yonnguk rested his chin on your shoulder.

“Did I tell you how beautiful you looked today?” Yongguk asked before placing a kiss on your shoulder, leaving his lips to linger.

“Almost a thousand times” you said with a smile as you felt him smile against your shoulder.

“Well it doesn’t feel like I’ve said it enough so I’m gonna say it again” Yongguk said as he rested his head against the back of yours and closed his eyes “you’re so beautiful and I love you so much” you smiled and and rubbed the back of his hand, that was still wrapped around you, with your thumb.

“I love you too my Gukkie monster” you said as Yongguk laughed at the nickname you had given him years ago when you two had only started dating. You had baked him cookies for the first time and he had devoured them in a matter of three days hence the nickname.

“You’re never gonna let me live that down are you?” Yongguk asked making you giggle.

“I just can’t get over how you managed to eat fifty cookies in less than three days, you managed to outdo even Daehyun” you said as he laughed “you never even shared any with the guys, they bugged me for months to make them another batch” he didn’t say anything as he just nuzzled his face up into your neck as he swayed your body from side to side.

“I just don’t like sharing you or anything you make, especially your cookies they’re just too damn good! Only our children and grandchildren will be able to eat cookies apart from me of course” Yongguk said as his hot breath tickled your skin, you laughed at his comment he was such a child sometimes.

“I’m pretty sure the boys are like our kids especially Jongup and Zelo” you said as Yongguk placed a kiss on your neck before pulling away with a smile and resting his chin on your shoulder once again.

“I can’t argue with you on that” Yongguk said making you both laugh.

There was a peaceful silence between the two of you as Yongguk just held you in his arms. The silence made you realize that tonight was the night, after all these years tonight would be the night that you finally lose your virginity. You had come from a slightly more traditional family and it was of course your choice to remain a virgin till you got married.

You had told this to Yongguk about a month or two into your relationship and he had said that he understood and respected your decision. He never forced you into anything or ever did anything that would make you feel uncomfortable. You had seen and heard him take care of himself before especially when you two moved in together. You always chose to act as if you hadn’t seen or heard anything cause you knew that Yongguk would feel pretty weird if you had ever brought it up.

Tonight though he wouldn’t have to do that, you were going to become completely his.

You turned around in his arms and placed your hands on his chest. His arms remained around you as his thumbs gently rubbed your back. You fiddled with his shirt a little as he just stared at you waiting for you to say something.

“Umm…Gukkie tonight…is umm…tonight is the night that we…you know…and I’m just really nervous but excited and umm…I just want you to know that I trust you and I love you and I’m ready to completely become yours” you said in a voice only audible to the two of you. He smiled to himself as he noticed the blush on your cheeks as he rested his forehead against yours.

“What are you talking about?” Yongguk said as he pulled you closer to his body “you’ve always been completely mine! I didn’t need to have sex to know that” you bit your lower lip and smiled, your husband was such a goofball.

“You’re such a grease ball!” You said as you playfully hit his chest making him laugh.

“Yeah but I’m your grease ball” Yongguk said making you smile silly before he pressed his lips against yours.

The kiss was slow and sweet, his slightly chapped lips blended well with your soft pair. He pulled you even closer as his embrace around you tightened, your arms moved up to wrap themselves around his neck pulling closer to you. He titled his head slightly in an attempted to deepen the kiss while his tongue slid across your lips asking for permission which you humbly granted as you parted your lips.

Not wasting even a second his tongue invaded your wet cavern as your tongues danced a symphony only known to the two of you. Your hands found their way into Yongguk’s soft locks as he tilted his head to the other side changing the angle. It felt like he had been kissing you for hours when really it had only been a few minutes when he had finally pulled away giving you both a chance to catch your breaths.

You were both panting, cheeks flushed and mouths open as his forehead rested against yours. You both smiled at each other as he kissed you once again before picking you up bridal style which caught you by surprise and made you giggle as you nuzzled your face into his neck.

Yongguk gently placed you down onto the tatami mat as he hovered above you. He rested his weight on his elbows as his fingers caressed the sides of your head and occasionally played with your hair. Your hands rested on his chest before you moved them up to cup his cheeks as you pulled him in for a kiss. He smiled against your lips and kissed you back although the kiss didn’t last very long as they soon began to travel down your neck.

You tilted your head back giving him more of your skin to kiss till he grabbed your flesh between his teeth and began sucking on it leaving a glorious hickey behind. You felt his hands slide up the sides of your shirt to caress your warm skin till it suddenly hit you as you abruptly stopped him.

“Y-Yongguk wait a second” you said as he sat up to look at you, concern looming over his face.

“What’s wrong? Are you ok?” He asked with a slight frown.

“I umm…bought something to wear and I-” you said as Yongguk interrupted you by placing a chaste kiss on your lips.

“Thought that you could go put it on now” Yongguk finished your sentence as you nodded with an evident blush on your cheeks “it doesn’t matter what it is I’m gonna end up ripping it off of you anyway” he said as he kissed your nose “and besides we’re gonna be here for a while I’m sure you can wear it another day since we’ll be doing a lot of what we’re about to do” you couldn’t help but laugh, your husband really was something else.

“Fine but don’t complain that I didn’t wear anything nice for you later” you said.

“The nicest thing you could ever wear for me is nothing” Yongguk said in that low and deep voice of his making you blush yet again “may we continue now?” He asked as you nodded.

His lips were once again on your skin, his hands dating to ride up your shirt once more to feel your soft skin. A slight moan left your lips giving him more of a confidence boost than you could possibly imagine. He lifted your shirt over your head leaving you in your lacy nude bra. You crossed your hands over your chest as he just stared at them, as if he had never seen breasts before.

“See I told you I should’ve changed, this one is so plain and boring” you said in slightly whiny tone. He pried your hands away from your chest and laced his fingers with yours, his eyes never leaving yours.

“Once again my love I mist as my what’re you talking about? It’s absolutely perfect” Yongguk said with a smile, one that could make panties drop “and I’m not just talking about the lingerie” he whispered in your ear. Did he have any idea of how wet he just made you? Probably not but he was sure as hell gonna find out pretty soon.

His hands were still laced with yours, his lips trailing from your ear down your neck till they reached the valley between your breasts. He kissed them through the material of your bra which of course made you moan. He let go of your hands as they traveled behind your back to unclasp it only to find there was no clasp.

“It’s a front hook” you said as unclasped it yourself and finally set your breasts free from the frustrating contraption. Yongguk gave you a genuine smile as you pulled your bra off and lay bare chested in front of him “stop staring so much, it’s not like you’ve never seen boobs before” you grumbled with a tint of blush resting on your cheeks.

“I can’t help it, they’re just so perfect and while I may have seen boobs before this is my first time seeing yours” Yongguk said.

“Yeah well these are last pair of boobs you’re ever gonna see so get used to it” you said making Yongguk smile.

“Darling I could stare at them for the rest of my life and still not get enough of them” Yongguk said with a smirk spread across his lips.

You were about to retaliate with another remark but the feeling of his lips suddenly engulfing your nipple into his mouth silenced you. You threw your head back as you began to make sounds that was music to his ears. He fondled with your other nipple as he sucked, bit and even pulled your nipple with his teeth, he was ruthless yet somehow loving. He pulled away and bestowed the other nipple with same treatment before moving on.

He left a trail of sloppy kisses down your abdomen occasionally saying things like “I love you” or “you’re so beautiful” in between kisses. He went to remove your pants but you stopped him saying he had to remove his shirt first. He humbly obliged as he sat up and ripped his shirt off, his well toned abs and slightly muscular body finally coming to view. You ran your hands over his abs and toned chest as you grabbed him by the neck and pulled him in for a kiss. It was sloppy and hot and you’ve definitely never kissed him like that before.

While his lips entertained yours his hand was busy sneaking into pants. He slipped his hand into your panties as his fingers ran up and down your heated core. He was surprised by how wet you were, given it was your first time to be this aroused. Yongguk pulled his lips away from yours as you felt his finger seep into you slowly and somewhat painfully. You closed your eyes and continuously moaned out in both pleasure and pain as he slipped in another finger.

He rested his forehead against yours and he somehow managed to pull your pants down till your knees while you finished the job by completely taking them off. You were now completely naked in front of him like you had never been before. You were somewhat self conscious but having his fingers penetrate your womanhood was a good enough distraction. His fingers slid in and out of you making you feel things you had never felt before.

“You’re so beautiful! I love you so damn much!” Yongguk said softly, loud enough only for you to hear “are you ok does it hurt?” He asked putting a small smile on your face as you shook your head.

Your moans kept flowing as his fingers kept thrusting in and out of you and as if it wasn’t enough he decided on adding a third finger making your cry out his name. He kept at his pace till you felt an unfamiliar feeling in your stomach and you knew all to well what it was but so did Yongguk. He pulled his fingers out from you as you whined at the loss and felt a little annoyed that he pulled out just before you could orgasm.

You opened your eyes to complain to him but the sight of his licking your juices off his fingers shut you up.

“You taste so sweet, but we shall leave that for another day” Yongguk said as he winked at you before standing up and unbuckling his belt. He yanked his pants off along with his underwear as his erect member sprung into action. You had vaguely seen it before but you never knew he was this big.

He climbed back on top of you as you felt his erection brush against your skin. He wrapped his arms around you and kissed you, it was a lazy yet gentle and loving kiss, like he was reassuring you. He pulled away from the kiss as he caressed your cheeks with a smile.

“This might hurt a little but I promise I’ll be gentle and if the pain gets too unbearable stop me” Yongguk said barely over a whisper as you silently nodded.

His member began to spread your walls as he entered you slowly and cautiously. You dug your nails into shoulders as Yongguk filled you up completely, it was definitely painful but because his fingers had spread your walls a little already it wasn’t so bad. You cried out in pain as Yongguk shushed you and kept whispering sweet nothings to you to distract you from the pain. You could feel his member throbbing inside of you as he was waiting for you to tell him when he could move.

From his face alone you could tell that it was taking a lot of will power to restrain himself from moving. You cupped his cheeks and pulled his face towards yours as you kissed his lips. Your lips were barely an inch away from each other as you nodded and smiled at him which was your signal to him that he could finally move.

He slowly pulled out before slamming himself right back in making you moan out his name rather loudly. His thrusts were slow at first with frustrated both of you as you begged him to go faster. They picked up pace till they reached a somewhat inhuman pace in your opinion. You were clawing his back whilst moaning uncontrollably as he slammed into you with everything that he’s got.

The same feeling began to churn in your stomach and you swore that if Yongguk stopped this time you were gonna kill him. However his pace just quickened as he too felt his climax just around the corner. The sweat was glistening on his body as you just thought to yourself about how much you loved this man before you. Then suddenly like a ton of bricks your orgasm hit you making your body feel completely weak yet happy.

Yongguk came with you as he moaned out your while continuing to ride out both your orgasms to the max, giving you complete and utter pleasure. Too tired to hold up any longer Yongguk collapsed on top of you, sweaty and breathless. You just smiled as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders and ran your fingers through his hair.

A few minutes later, after he had managed to catch his breath, Yongguk pulled himself out from you and gave you a kiss on the cheek as he stood up and walked towards one of the inbuilt closets. You noticed him pulling out a blanket and a pillow before returning to your side. The room was dully lit since the only light came from the candles, it was a little chilly since you had opened out the sliding doors to the garden but Yongguk’s body heat made up for that.

He lay the pillow down before lying down next to you and pulling you into his arms as he covered both your bare bodies with the rather warm and thick blanket.

“Are you ok? Does it hurt anywhere?” Yongguk asked as he drew circles on your back. You just smiled and shook your head making him frown a little “why aren’t you talking?” You smiled and wrapped your arms around him pulling yourself closer to him.

“Cause I’m so happy I don’t know what to say” you said making him smile.

“And you say I’m the greasy one” Yongguk said as he kissed your forehead regardless of all the sweat.

“What? Are you saying you’re not happy?” You asked teasingly as you felt Yongguk roll you onto his body so that you could lay on top of him.

“I’m so happy that I can’t even find the right words to express it! I feel like there isn’t a word out there in any language that could explain how happy and how in love I am with you” Yongguk said as you buried your face into his chest, he was definitely the greasier one.

“Oh my God Yongguk!” You said while laughing at your greasy husband.

“Y/n” Yongguk said as you looked at him “I love you” he said genuinely as you smiled and kissed him.

“I love you too, Gukkie monster” you said as it was his turn to smile silly. He held you closely and tightly in his arms as you rested your head against his chest.

“I’m gonna hold you in my arms like this forever, close, tight and securely so don’t even think about moving cause I’m never gonna let you go, my dear wife” Yongguk said as you could sense the smile in his voice.

“I wouldn’t even dream of it my darling husband” you said as you kissed his bare chest. You both smiled and dozed off knowing that today was just the start of a whole new chapter in your lives as husband and wife.

Cheap Ramen

I wrote this last fic for an anon who requested collegestuck davekat!  I want to thank this dear, sweet anon for providing me with an awesome prompt and also for being so patient.  I hope you like it!

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Love Like Ours Won't Never Grow Old

50’s!era Florst/Tattoo shop Bog/Marianne AU

Chapter 1/??? [ao3]

Marianne Fairwood was aware that she could be intimidating, oftentimes when she did not want to be. However, this was playing to her favor when she tracked down the delivery boy for her family’s florist shop in search for her younger sister. She liked Sunny well enough, she really did. He was outgoing, charming and ernest. But he was also the impetuous Dawn Fairwood’s partner-in-crime.

And a terrible liar. 

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Morning Fun [Drabble]

Characters: Jimin x Hoseok x Reader
Length: 738 words
Genre: smutty Fluff
Comments: Jihope got me dying and inspiration struck so here we go

„Good morning, beautiful.“

You could feel someone shuffling next to you, moving the covers you were lying under in the process.You groggily tried to open one eye to see what was going on, when you felt a hand snake around your waist.

You squinted against the sunlight when you finally opened your eyes, seeing Jimin hovering over you with a smile on his face.

„Jimin… what time is it?“ you mumbled, sleepily rubbing your eyes.

“It’s time for some fun” he grinned, softly stroking over your cheek as he took in your features, your eyes slightly puffy from having just woken up, your hair a disheveled mess, but those were the small things that he loved about you.

“You can’t be serious, I just woke up. I’m disgusting” you huffed, hiding your face behind your hands because he looked like an angel with the sunlight illuminating his hair and face, his lips full and his eyes glinting with something you weren’t sure you were ready to handle so early in the morning, while you were just… you.

“No, you’re not. You lips are so nice and puffy when you wake up” he said, giving you a soft peck on them, “and you look so cute when you’re sleepy.”

Out of all the people in the world, Jimin was one of the few that could make you feel better instantly, and you loved him for that. You let your hands fall to the side to look at him again. He was still hovering, his eyes shifting from your eyes to your lips, when he leaned down to give you a proper kiss, his lips smacking against yours, making you moan slightly.

“So, are you down?” he asked slightly breathless, propping his body to the side so he was lying next to you again. You turned your head to face him, seeing an eager look on his face.

“Are you seriously considering morning sex?” you asked, brows furrowed.

“Are you not?” he asked back, a big smile on his face as he inched closer to you.

“Wait a minute… Did you have dirty dreams again?” you asked suspiciously. It wouldn’t have been the first time for that to happen, as Jimin had told you about a couple of the dreams he’d had before. You picked up the covers and raised them so you could look underneath and there it was- he had the biggest boner in the history of morning boners.

“I’m guessing that’s a yes?” your eyes darted back to his face, revealing a smug looking Jimin staring back at you.

Two seconds later he was on top of you again, pinning you down with his body and giving you little kisses all over your face and neck, “It tickles” you laughed, wiggling underneath him.

He just giggled, stopping his ministrations for a second to look at you again. “Do you even know how beautiful you are?”

“Urgh Jimin you fucking grease ball” you heard a voice next to you. Hoseok shuffled around, sleepily turning over so he was facing you two, his eyes still closed.
“You go ahead and finish this round, I’ll join you in the second” he mumbled, snuggling closer into his covers.

You couldn’t help but giggle at how cute he looked like that, even though he was clearly annoyed at you two for disturbing his sleep, when you suddenly felt Jimin grinding against you, snatching your attention back to him.

He kissed you passionately, one hand gripping yours while the other was playing with the hem of your night shirt.

“Why don’t you get rid of this” he said, pulling it over your head, then quickly ridding himself of his clothes as well.

As soon as he was done with throwing his pants god-knows-where, he lowered himself back down, leaning over you again, his crescent-shaped eyes looking you up and down as he licked his lips. You felt the need to cover yourself up with the way he was looking at you, but then he captured you in another kiss, and that’s when you felt another hand touching you.

You detached yourself from Jimin’s lips to look over to your side, where you saw Hoseok lying there with his eyes still closed, a little smirk on his face as his hand was roaming your body. 

“Hobi, what the-?”

“Pssshhhh I’m sleeping.”

anonymous asked:

Hii! I love your blog and I'm super excited that the ask box is open! So can I please request a romantic Jungkook scenario? One where BTS is collabing with his crush (also an idol) and he's trying to impress and be alone with his crush? Please, and thank you in advance! ^.^

(Aww love you too~) I kept this gender neutral, since you didn’t specify. Enjoy!~
- Devi ☆(◒‿◒)☆

Originally posted by hugtae

notice me

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BTS Reaction to you using aegyo to get something

Request (from @whymeth):

BTS reaction to you being unusually cute and using aegyo to get something you want?? thank you!!

Ah, thanks for the request! I really liked this one ;)

- Admin H

Jin -

*when you use aegyo to ask for ice cream* …Since when could you pull that face omg

Originally posted by hugtae

Suga -

*waking him up with aegyo* Jagi you know I love you and I’d love to see that again later but I just gotta *snore*

Originally posted by jongdaeisabun

Rap Monster -

*you asked him for the cute tee you saw while shopping* *GREASE BALL ENGLISH ACTIVATED* Ayy gurl I’ll get yu the tee  

Originally posted by hugtae

J-Hope -

*you ask for beef with aegyo* IF MY BABY WANTS BEEF MY BABY GETS BEEF

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Jimin -

*you use aegyo to ask to borrow his make up* AHAHAHA JAGI NEEDS PROPER MAKE UP *you blush and shout at him to stop or you won’t do aegyo ever again* Aww, it’s OK jagi, here’s the foundation

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V -

*asking him for a cute pair of boots* Only if you do that more often *insert greasy wink here*

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Jungkook -

*when you ask for cookies you saw him eating* Jagi that was adorable but there’s just some things a man doesn’t share with his woman *proceeds to do manly hair flip* (you - “Like those ever so many cookies?”) … Good point

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Hi, I love your story's. Can you write a story about jungkook and me having a baby. Lol. Thanks;)

I’m doing the requests randomly guys~ I will try and answer all of them! 

Teenage pregnancy is not uncommon nowadays. And this is why when your teacher for Home Tech came in with bundles of infant simulators in class it was no surprise. 

“Alright class today I am setting you a project” Mrs. Anderson, your hometech teacher said. “This project is perfect for couples” she hinted as she nodded at you and your boyfriend, Jungkook which made the class hollered in laughter and parade you and Jungkook with tease

You awkwardly glances at your boyfriend from the corner of your eyes— he had a goofy grin plastered on his face whilst you prayed for God to make you disappear from the embarrassment. 

“This baby” Mrs. Anderson started to explain as she hold up one of the dolls, “is an infant simulator. Meaning they act like a real baby. They have the same needs as a real baby. Therefore you will need to look after them real good” she said emphasizing at the lexis ‘real’ so much. “This will give you kids an idea of what’s it like when you don’t make smart decisions.” she ended whilst again hinting at you and Jungkook— the only couple in the class. 

Mrs. Anderson is very fond of the both of you and Jungkook that was why she tormented you so much. With this being said she set the whole class in partners. 

And of course she did not hesitate to set your goofy boyfriend as your partner. She explained all the rules and the Do’s and Dont’s for the project. It was an overnight project, it was just a ‘taste’ of what’s it like to be young parents she described.

“Make smart decisions kids” she said before she dismissed the class. 

Once you were handed your baby for the night you face palmed yourself and slump on the table from embarrassment — you didn’t notice Jungkook creeping up behind you. 

“YAH JAGIYA!” he shouted behind you making you jump and clutching your chest. 

“damn it Kookie!” you scolded making him chuckle

“Mrs Anderson just said we need to take care of the baby as a real one. Why is it laying on the table facing the surface? Do you want it to suffocate?" 

Your eyes bulged and quickly turned around to retreat the baby. You cradled the baby in your arms as you repeatedly apologise to it as if it can hear you.

"Aigooo~~ I love this project already” he commented as he sits on the seat next to you. 

You smack his arm making him grimaced “Ah! What was that for?” 

but you simply smile at him as if you did not do anything. 

“Jagi, do you—-”


O___O both of your eyes bulged as your baby cry. 

“Kookie what do I do?” you asked as you kept cradling it.

“I… Maybe… *sighed* I don’t know…" 

"Aish” you said and smack his arm again. “As expected you’re no use.” you said as you handed the baby to him. 

He looked at you confused “bu— but Jagi I dont know what to do!” 

“Just… just do whatever! I’ll make it a bottle of milk” you said however a smug formed on his face— you looked at him weirdly as he wiggle his eyebrows. 

“You can breastfeed jagiya” he said playfully making you poke his forehead hard for being cheeky. 

“Perv!” you muttered as you shake the bottle of milk… “Give me our baby..” you said, so Jungkook slowly passed you the baby. 

Jungkook was smiling from ear to ear, his eyes sparkles of affection. “What are you smiling at?” O_O? you asked

“Nothing~ I just like the sound of that… Our baby…” he giggled. 

You couldn’t help but smile back. Its sweet to think that he sees his future with you. 

“Baby look at your daddy, being such a grease ball” you playfully whispered to your baby. 

Jungkook laughed whole heartedly. He calmed down and he place his arm around your shoulder as you hold the baby. His lips hover on your ears, tickling you. “What should we name our baby?” he whispered

“Taehyungie? Jiminie? Namjoonie? Yoongi? Hoseokie? Jin?” you suggested, jokingly making him frown.

“Yah! I will disown our child if you name him after my hyungs!” he sulked as you giggle

“Do you not want to be the father of my child?” you asked frankly

“I do but I’m not having a child named after my hyungs" 

You finally couldn’t contain your laughter and bursts out laughing. “Arasso~ Arasso~ Mianhe” you said as you peck his cheek. “What do you want to call it?” you asked

He looked at you and smiled “JR. Short for Junior” 

A/N: Mian~ if this isnt what you expected but I thought this is quite a cute way to show you daddy kookie XD I hope you like it! 

It’s quite short as well… but oh well I am so drained. 


“Princess?” You heard your boyfriend, Wonwoo sleepily whine from the bedroom. You let out a small laugh and replied that you were in the kitchen. You continued to cook and after a few minutes you felt a pair of arms slip around your waist. You smiled, knowing the feeling of those familiar arms. “Good morning.” He greeted. “It smells really good in here.” He muttered in your ear. You loved the sound of his voice in the morning, it was so nice.

“Thank you, baby. I hope you’re in the mood for some pancakes and fruit.” He nodded. You looked over at him. He currently had his chin resting on your shoulder, watching your movements as you cooked.

“How much longer will it be? I’m hungry.” You smiled at his words, you thought it was cute how when he was sleepy his words would get a little slurred.

“I just have to flip these pancakes one more time and we can eat, okay?” He nodded at your words again. He placed a kiss on your cheek and removed his arms from your waist. 

You could hear him grabbing out plates and cups from the cupboards, causing you to smile. You were glad he was helpful when you were cooking…most of the time. Sometimes he would be bothering you constantly or be in your way. Also, on multiple occasions he’s gotten you a bit distracted and made it so some food was burned. But you didn’t mind too much, you enjoyed kissing the boy.

Once you finished cooking you turned the stove off and grabbed the plate stacked with pancakes, bringing it into the living room where you and Wonwoo always ate. You had a dining room, but that wasn’t as comfy as the couch, so you usually only used it when you had guests. You placed the plate down and then went back to the kitchen where Wonwoo was grabbing the things you two would need for the pancakes, kissing you simply as he went back to the living room. You grinned and grabbed the juice from the fridge and made your way to the couch. You sat the juice down and then plopped yourself next to Wonwoo.

You weren’t surprised to see that Wonwoo had already started placing food on both of your plates and decorating yours with whipped cream and fruit to make a smiley face on the top pancake. You giggled and kissed his cheek, grabbing the whipped cream and starting to draw on his pancakes now. This was what the two of you did every time you ate pancakes or waffles. It started when you went on your first date, you both ordered pancakes and Wonwoo insisted on decorating your pancakes, you let him of course, but you made him let you decorate his. Ever since then the two of you would makes each other’s food look “pretty” and then enjoy every bite. 

“Look its you!” He exclaimed, finishing off his work. You looked at it and laughed. It was a bit of a mess, but it was cute. “I messed up when I tried to make a nose, so don’t pay attention to that!” He explained. You leaned over and kissed him lightly. 

“Its cute, thank you.” You replied, making him grin. “I just drew a little heart on yours, but I made it pretty with some fruit!” You pointed to his stack of pancakes and he nodded. 

“Beautiful, just like you!” He told you. You jokingly stuck out your tongue.

“Ew you grease ball!” You playfully hit him on the arm and he faked a pout. You kissed his lip that was sticking out and he smiled brightly before he began eating. A very muffled “thank you” escaped his mouth as he practically shoved pancakes into his mouth, making you shake your head with a laugh.

The rest of your morning consisted of cuddling on the couch and talking as the tv played in the background. 


hi hello please let me know if this is any good ok thank u
also if u liked it u should be a homie and put a request in my ask maybe?? i’ll write for any group that is in my bio on my blog ^~^

The weeb who listened to me having sex

This title is no click bait I promise so I’ll explain me (it’s the whole reason of this) I’m born and raised English so I had a thick accent all tea and crumpets shit . So I came to America at 17 so I did normal 17 year old stuff partying and boyfriend hoping. Well I was at a boyfriend’s house basically dry humping on his couch and then someone coughs. It’s his younger brother and a girl with the most greasy smelly girl I have come across in all my life. Me being an ass just yelled “Oi what do you want” the girl grease ball squeals and says you’re just like England (I later learned from that hecktailla? show) and then asks 1000 questions at once. I give just bitch face and me and the boyfriend go to his room to have sex. We do everything seems normal this happens for a couple weeks more until we find out what was happening on the other side of his door. I shit you not this smelly disgusting weeb girl has been listening to us having sex for weeks and being horny teenagers that was alot. She told my bfs brother that she listened picturing us at England and America her opt(?) Because we were loud and she could “hear my accent just like the anime” (actual quote from the twat). We then never did at his house again but she did become obsessed with me but that’s another story.
TLDR; had English accent made her think of gay Anime and listened to me having sex

the real question is how does it feel that not only was a weeb listening to you have sex but they pictured your voice as a gay anime character

Best friend!Mingyu and Wonwoo

to the anon who requested this, I assumed you meant this and them together in one post. i hope you like it!

  • oh boy 
  • these two are strictly ‘buy 1 take 1′ and nothing else so prepare yourself
  • its like getting two older brothers who absolutely don’t know the meaning of personal space
  • like it’d be way past midnight on a school day and they’d come over unannounced for random reasons
  • “let’s watch a movie!”
  • “let’s go to the convenience store!”
  • “we wanna sleepover!”
  • and you’re like “wtf it’s a school day i have classes tomorrow. don’t you have practice?”
  • and all they’d do is shrug because all they really want is to spend time with you
  • so at 2 am, you’ll be sandwiched in between two trees, watching whatever movie they brought with them
  • when you’re too tired to watch the movie half way through, you’d just lie across their legs and sleep
  • they wouldnt mind at all, even if their legs fall asleep
  • because you’re too precious to wake up
  • that, and because they’re just really happy to have you close
  • so they still sleepover on your bed
  • its big enough anyway
  • and they like sleeping on your bed with you lol no innuendos implicated
  • and then Mingyu cooks breakfast for all of you the next morning
  • I’m telling you, they’re clingy af
  • like when you go 2 days without talking to each other, they’d flood your phone with texts or calls
  • “(Y/N)!!!!”
  • then you’d reply with “WHAT”
  • “mingming and i miss you child”
  • “the gorgeous tree needs its small bush”
  • basically them telling you they miss you and your oh so tall self
  • don’t forget sweater swapping with wonwoo!!!
  • and mingyu lunch boxes!!!
  • they’d know everything going on in your life even if you don’t tell them
  • its that time of the month? your fridge would be stocked with chocolates all of a sudden when you get back from school/work’
  • stressed out? spontaneous amusement park date!
  • like someone? they’d be lurking in the shadows when you talk to your crush
  • that, or they’d annoy the hell out of you and embarrass you in front your crush
  • you’d do the same for them, but they only got eyes for their small best friend
  • like “why don’t u two get girl friends and get off my back?”
  • “lol what are girl friends? we only know girl best friends”
  • “besides, we cant trust you to grease balls so we’re staying”
  • and you’d roll your eyes because even if they annoy the heck out of you most of the time, they’re the best friends you have

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No.7 for Jackson please😊

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“Why are you such a nerd?” You muttered to the tv that was playing in your kitchen as you were making dinner. You boyfriend Jackson and his group mates were on After School Club this week. Of course one of the viewer questions was for the members to do aegyo.

Jackson had been nominated to do the ‘I dreamt of ghosts’ aegyo and you groaned out loud for him. He stuck his lip out and put on his best scared face. 

After he did his aegyo, Jimin and Eric had dismissed the show and you had received a text from Jackson not long afterwards telling you that he would be home soon. 

Coming through the door of the kitchen, you couldn’t keep a straight face as you looked at Jackson. 

“Last night I dreamt of ghosts? Really, Jackson?” You commented, covering your face with your hands and laughing. “Couldn’t you have rejected that?” You laughed even louder.

“Actually (Y/N), I didn’t dream of ghosts last night, I dreamt about you last night.” Jackson said, walking over to you and hugging you. 

“Oh my god, you grease ball. Get away from me and I’ll get your dinner ready for you.” 

140517 방탄소년단 광주 팬싸 FAN ACCOUNT

So today Nicole and I got into both fan signs for Daejeon and Gwangju, Unfortunately we only went to Gwangju due to personal reasons so we gave up our spots. But it was really fun!

The fansign this time was random draw which means the order was drawn randomly. Nicole had gotten 7 but she switched with a friend who was in a rush and ended up with 144. I had 96. It’s honestly not that bad but it’s the anticipation that kills you. We also took videos of each other interacting with all the members! So that will be uploaded as well!

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Tough Guy- A Sammy Wilk Imagine (Requested)


The bar was packed, I expected nothing less for a Saturday night. My two friends, Lucy and Eliana and I were having a much deserved girls night out. They had been my two best friends for as long as I could remember and it had been ages since we all went out together. I had been spending a lot of time with my boyfriend Sammy, so being with Lucy and Eliana was like a breath of fresh air.

As the night went on we danced and drank more than our bodies could handle. Just like old times when we used to go out, my friend Eliana was the first to be hit on. However, this guy was really grimy and sketchy. He was tall, taller than Sammy and had greasy looking hair, as did all of his friends standing nearby. I made a mental note to call them all grease balls.

I ordered another drink, and as I was about to pay for it. I felt a hand rub the small of my back and heard a voice tell the bartender it was covered. I looked up to see one of the grease balls smiling down at me with a weird smile.

“Thanks.” I said politely as I took the drink and turned back to Lucy.

I felt his hand touch my back once more. “Don’t turn your back to me, I just bought you a drink.”

“Excuse me!?”

“You heard me!” The grease ball said as his friends inched closer.

“Eliana come here. Bathroom now.” I said motioning for Lucy to follow.

“We’ll be waiting for you. Don’t think you can leave without chatting with us.” One of them called as I rolled my eyes in disgust.

Once in the bathroom I dialed Sammy’s number. He wasn’t as big as these guys, but if he brought his friends they had a chance. I just wanted these grease balls away from me and my friends.

Sammy said he would be at the bar as quickly as possible and was bringing the Jacks and Nate.

We headed back to the bar for more drinks dancing our way past the crowd until one of the grease balls pulled me aside.

“I’m not interested, please get your hands off of me.” I said backing away from him.

“Just one dance.” He said grabbing my arm.

“She said no. Get your dirty ass hands off my girlfriend.” Said Sammy, coming out of nowhere. The Jacks and Nate stood behind him, they all looked ready to kill this guy.

“Ah the knight in shining armor and his friends come to save the day.” Grease ball said as his hand now moved to my lower back. Sammy noticed this and right away pushed the guy away from me.

This started a chain reaction. Now all the grease balls were getting ready to beat up the Jacks and Nate.

“Get out of the way Y/N. ” Sammy yelled as I quickly ran to my friends as we couldn’t do anything but watch.

It was truly terrifying to watch. These guys were killing Sammy and his friends. However, Sammy and the guys were doing a number to the greasers as well. Punches were being thrown left and right, other random guys were joining in causing a full on brawl. I bit my fingernails as I watched the scene unfold.

Security and bouncers were able to break up the fight after a few minutes, however it felt like an eternity.

Predictably, all the guys were kicked out. My friends and I rushed behind them as fast as our heels would allow.

“Sammy! Sammy!” I yelled as I exited the bar feeling the cool air on my face.

“I’m here baby, are you okay?” Sammy asked all bruised and battered like his friends were.

“I’m fine, but look at you. You’re clearly not and either are you guys.” I said observing each of the guys injuries, which mainly included nose bleeding, bruising, and busted lips.

Oddly, they all looked hot. Especially, Sammy who despite trying to put on a brave face looked like he was in severe pain.

Nate who was the least injured with nothing more than a bloody nose offered to drive us all back to Jack Gilinsky’s house which was the closest to the bar.

Once we arrived, which was fast due to Nate’s excessive speeding. Lucy, Eliana, and I immediately got to taking care of the boys.

I carefully cleaned Sammy’s busted lip. He winced slightly at the pressure.

“Here take these.” I said handing him some aspirin for the pain he was feeling in his face.

“Thanks babe. You’re a great nurse.” Sammy laughed lightly. Even through his smile I could tell he was in pain.

“Anything for my tough guy, thanks for coming to my rescue. I love you.” I said carefully kissing his left cheek which wasn’t bruised.

“You could’ve kissed my lips!” Sammy said frowning slightly.

“C'mon we both know you couldn’t handle that. You’d run out of the room in tears.” I joked.

“Okay, okay you’re right. I love you.” Sammy replied.