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So I decided to gather all the ‘hobby’ dialogue from the Darkest Dungeon files. It seems to be an unused string of camping dialogue, but offers some interesting insight into the characters. I’ve just put them in the order they appear in:

Bounty Hunter

  • “A little time to reflect on my strategies.”
  • “Hold this apple on your head. Now stand still.”
  • “I will practice. Train. A professional adheres to a regimen.”


  • “Shhh! I am praying!”
  • “Go away! I am reading my Versebook!”
  • “No, I’ll not play dice with you! I am studying the Verses!”

Grave Robber

  • “You – idle one! Hold my yarn!”
  • “Yes, I carve tiny tombstones. Mementos of my exploits.”
  • “These stab holes will simply not do! Where’s my needle and thread?”


  • “Bet none of you can throw a knife as well as I. Eh?”
  • “Wrestle me. I crave an easy victory. (grin)”
  • “I am learning to read. It is a rare skill among my kind.”


  • “… with the night for his throne?” Hmm… tricky.“
  • ”… and he always came home?“ … No, no…”
  • “… like a dog to a bone?” … Still not right!“


  • "It’s called juggling. You never been to a circus?”
  • “What do I do for fun? You’re joking, right?”
  • “I’m practicing my sneering. Pretty good, huh?”


  • “Here we sit, the calm in the eye of the storm.”
  • “I must be cautious when stretching my ligaments, lest they tear, of course.”
  • “Pass this pipe around. The smoke dulls the senses.”


  • “Why, I am documenting the journey, of course. Care to read?”
  • “Some quiet, please. I am on the verge of breaking the cypher.”
  • “Sigh… it is too dark to study my rituals here.”

Plague Doctor

  • “Some bark of aspen? Or maybe boiled cerato leaf? Hmm…”
  • “Hold that wound still. My sketch is nearly done.”
  • “May I lance that boil? The pus is intriguingly gray!”


  • “Busy yourself elsewhere. I am praying for your soul.”
  • “Yes, I shave my legs. What of it?”
  • “Have you thread? I’ve torn a seam in my temple garments.”


  • “Leave me to reflect on the day’s battles.”
  • “How did that one blow slip past my guard..? I must think…”
  • “I learned to carve during the lulls of the Cyprian campaign.”


  • “Put this apple on your head and close your eyes.”
  • “I will stick with you until wanderlust strikes again.”
  • “Dice? What’s the wager?”


  • “…and that’s when I learned the hound could sing!”
  • “Cooking meat robs it of its nutrifying essence.”
  • “It is certain that anyone in politics has been corrupted in some fashion or another.”


  • “I only ever had time for my crucible and scrolls.”
  • “Oh I’ve loved before, but all were forgotten in the laboratory.”
  • “Care to see my drawings for a mechanical hand?”


  • “My father can reload a musket as quick as a wink!”
  • “When we return, I am certain the club will initiate me”
  • “Whoever smells like that should die of shame and disgrace”

I know Darkest Dungeon has been out for like, forever, but I just recently discovered it. So to me, it’s still relevant.

And the Grave Robber just exerts sass. I love her.

anonymous asked:

When I first found this blog, request were closed and I was so sad, because everything you had was so good! But now that it's open, I'm crying happy tears! Thank the lord ma dudes!! Lol, anyways, I was wondering if I could get MTMTE Swerves reaction to finding out his cybertronian crushes occupation was a treasure hunter(like from Uncharted if you will~)?! You can decide headcannons or scenarios! Much thanks!! \(´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)/

“You’re a treasure hunter?” Swerve gasped in awe, stars dancing in the reflection of his visor as he swooned over the counter.

“Cyberanthropologist,” you reiterated, holding up a digit for emphasis.  “Big difference.  I conduct authorized explorations of lost Cybertronian civilizations and bring back any artifacts for study and preservation.”

“Like Indiana Jones!”  Swerve was practically bobbing up on his peds with excitement as he abandoned the glass he had only been pretending to polish.

“Indie what now?” you cocked your head to the side in confusion.

“You know,” Swerve waved his hands in the air wildly as he talked, “Like the movies!  Mild mannered professor by day, bad aft globe trotting adventurer by… well I guess that part was during the day too…  But they were so cool!  He had the hat and the whip-”  

“I’ve never seen them.”

Swerve looked like he had been physically struck.  “You’ve never seen Indiana Jones?  Not even Raiders of the Lost Ark?”

You shook your head, cracking a small, wry smile at his aghast expression.  You had to admit, his enthusiasm was very endearing.  “Not even… whatever it was you just said.”

“That settles it,” said Swerve, tossing a rag behind the counter.  “Next movie night here is definitely going to be an Indiana Jones marathon!  I’ll even play Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, even though it was clearly just Spielberg’s way of throwing in the towel.”  

“That sounds like fun,” you smiled.  “But I’m not sure I’ll be able to understand all of the human references in it.  Do you mind if we sit together so you can explain them to me?”  

It was all you could do to suppress your chuckle as his faceplate burned hot pink.  “You?  Want to sit next to- to me?  Like together?  Like.. you and me… together?  …Sitting?”

“Problem?” you smirked with a sly drawl, resting your elbows on the counter.

“N-n-no!  Absolutely not!  No problem!  That’s like the opposite of a problem!” he babbled, growing increasingly more flustered by the second.

You leaned toward him and flashed him your most dazing grin.  “Good, then it’s a date,” you winked as you got up from your bar stool and began sauntering out the door.  You didn’t need to look behind you to know that he was watching you leave with a slack-jawed, dumbfounded look on his face. 

The Necromancer (Raven x Reader)

Request: Could you please do a Raven x reader fic where the reader is also has magic and bonds with Raven?

This is my second Halloween Installment for Spooktober!

TW: Death, zombies, mentions of violence and Grave Robbing

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When you were small you always had a difficult time making friends, you were never really sure why, except for the fact that none of your peers ever understood you. You couldn’t understand why, you thought you were like every other child, but your parents knew you weren’t.

It was until the day you turned ten years old did you finally learn why you couldn’t really bond with your classmates. You were different then they were, you had something they could never have. You had magical powers.

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Saudade [V]

{{ noun // deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent someone that one loves }}

Please don’t forget me.

Fluff, Angst. Slice of Life + Supernatural AU. 3,599 words.

➵ warning: death mention

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

They told you it was an accident; the other driver’s brake didn’t work and she crashed right into your fiancé’s vehicle. The car smashed into the driver’s side, and he instantly died and didn’t endure much pain, they informed you, as if that would ease your grieving.

A bouquet of chrysanthemums and daisies was found on the passenger seat of his car, completely untouched and still in its essence, and you wanted to break down right then and there. You wanted to throw them back into the officer’s face when he handed them to you.

Days passed in a blur with people offering their condolences and faux pity, and you had to fight the urge to scream at them how they don’t know anything, didn’t know anything about him, didn’t know how much he meant to you, how much he still means to you.

You’re standing in front of his newly covered grave, the tears still forming on the ends of your lashes and falling along with the light drizzle overhead. The raindrops patter against the plaque fashioned into the grass. Kneeling down before it, you place camellias next to the marker and gently trace the engravings.

Kim Taehyung

Dec. 30, 1995 to Oct. 14, 2021

a son, a brother, a friend, a lover

The tears splash onto the plaque, and you bite your bottom lip hard to hold in the sobs.

“Oh, god, why?” you whisper, sniffling and brushing your fingers across the smooth metal. “Why did this have to happen? It hurts, it hurts so much, it hurts so god damn much that I feel like dying. Why does love hurt so much?”

You notice the diamond twinkling on your fourth finger, and you twist off the ring, throwing it across the grass. “I just want to forget it all. I wish I never met him.”

“Is that what you really want?”

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Self taught Darkest dungeon tips
  • Have atleast one of each class in barracks. they’re all useful on their own way
  • Riposte is better than you’d think.
    • With Highway man, you can spend his turn of moving back by 1 on the next round.
  • If you have a Vestal and an Antiquarian in a team, use Protect me on Vestal so Vestal will suck the damage, but can gain back her health from Judgement
  • Keep an eye on the town events
    • You can get anything from free building upgrades to free heals
    • Speaking of heals, if the sanitarium has free heal, use it to lock a good perk/get rid of one that really affects your hero (Preferably both at once, because that can save you up to 10 000 gold)
  • From all the building upgrades, upgrades the stagecoach, guild and sanitarium first
    • As said before, is good to have 3 slots at the sanitarium so you could even get 3 heroes’ quirks taken care of
    • If you lose a high level hero, you won’t have to start from scratch
    • You’ll regret having your roster be full at like 20 while there’s someone in the stagecoach you’ve been trying to get for weeks
  • You can mostly ignore the survivalist unless there’s a skill you really want
  • Vestal, Grave robber, Highway man and Hellion are a really nice team
    • Grave robber moves forward by 2 with Lunge, Highway man moves back to his old position with 1 with Duelist advance and gets Riposte, and Hellion moves forward again with Breaktrough
  • The Jester’s finale is great for killing the most high hp target, but i’m not sure on recommending taking him to boss fights
    • In smaller fights, just focus on healing stress and buffing the team with Battle ballad and Inspiring tune
    • He’s really good in a team w/ Abomination for healing other teammates from the transformation
  • Don’t hold shame on using guides/mods, this game might be build on how difficult it is, but how you enjoy the game is your business
    • In Steam workshop i saw useful mods that allow you to put Abomination with every one, Bigger inventory, 1 to 1 heirloom exchange.
Darkest Dungeon Party Tryouts
  • Reynauld: So what do you do?
  • Grave Robber: Make things be full of knives and also steal from you while you're asleep.
  • Reynauld: Joke's on you, I took a vow of poverty. Next.
  • Man at Arms: I shout lots
  • Reynauld: As it happens, we have an opening for a hooting jackass. And what's your damage?
  • Reynauld: Haha, alright then. Stay away from me. Okay, you're the last one today. Thrill me.
  • Antiquarian: I was on Antique Roadshow a bunch and collect Hummel figurines.
  • Reynauld: ...
  • Antiquarian: ...
  • Reynauld: ...
  • Dismas: dude i love that show
Jump the Shark - Part 2

Word Count: 2800

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, SPN Stuff

Series Rewrite Masterlist

You were lying on the bed trying to sleep while Dean cleaned his shotgun. It wasn’t your idea to sleep. Dean had practically forced it on you, at least getting you to agree to lie down and try. “You’re not even trying, Princess.”

“Shut up, Dean.” You grumbled. “I’m not tired.”

“You haven’t slept in what? 2 days?” Sam questioned.

“Give or take.” You shrugged when a knock sounded at the door, ending the argument. Sam walked over and opened the door, letting Adam storm inside.

“Who the hell are you?” Adam demanded and you sat up, a rush of dizziness overtaking you when you sat up too fast.

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