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Spirited Away sentence starters

1. “If you want a job, you’ll have to make a deal with ______. S/he’s the head honcho here.” 

2. “You don’t need your shoes or your socks. Just leave them.” 

3. “Can’t you even manage a ‘yes ma’am/sir’ or a ‘thank you’?” 

4. “You better come back, you hear me?” 

5. “I’m sorry I called you a dope before. I take it back.” 

6. “If you put even one scratch on that girl/boy, you’re in big trouble!” 

7. “Meet me at the bridge. I’ll take you to your parents.” 

8. “Behave yourself, okay?” 

9. “Once you’ve met someone, you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memories to return.” 

10. “Why don’t you stay here with me? I could use a good helper.” 

11. “_____. What a pretty name. And now it’s mine.” 

12. “Okay, I’m ready. I’ll take your test.” 

13. “You get one try. If you get it right, you can all go home.” 

14. “Don’t cling like that. You’ll make me trip.” 

15. “You shouldn’t be here. Get out of here, now!” 

16. “You’ve got to get across the river. Go! I’ll distract them.” 

17. “I’m see-through!” 

18. “You have to eat some food from this world, or else you’ll disappear.” 

19. “You have to hold your breath as we cross the bridge. Even the tiniest breath will break the spell, and then everyone will see you.” 

20. “Good luck, and whatever you do, don’t make a sound.” 

21. “There’s no work for you here, got it? Try somewhere else.” 

22. “What’s going on? Are you guys fighting again?” 

23. “A human! You’re in trouble. You’re the one everyone’s been looking for.” 

24. “S/he’s a tough little girl/boy. I think s/he can handle it.” 

25. “What if I give you this roasted newt? It’s a good one.” 

26. “We have to go all the way to the top floor. That’s where ______ lives.” 

27. “You’re hiding something, aren’t you. Show it to me.”

28. “That’s your contract. Sign your name away, and I’ll put you to work.” 

29. “That’s perfect. Give the girl/boy to ____.” 

30. “I can’t believe you pulled it off. You’re such a dope, I was really worried.” 

31. “Don’t you worry, I promise I’ll get you out, just don’t get any fatter or they’ll eat you!” 

32. “I can’t believe that I almost forgot my name. S/he almost took it from me.” 

33. “Jeez, ___. Haven’t you ever worked a day in your life?” 

34. “I’ll leave the door open for you.” 

35. “I want you to know my real name. It’s _______.” 

36. “Open the windows, all of them!” 

37. “Don’t worry, stay where you are, I’m coming to help you. You’re going to be fine, I won’t let him/her hurt you.” 

38. “Just keep the food coming. I want to eat everything!” 

39. “Come on, ___. Let’s go get some gold.” 

40. “Welcome the rich man/ he’s hard for you to miss/ his butt keeps getting bigger/ so there’s plenty there to kiss!” 

41. “Wipe that smile off your face. You’re still smiling…” 

42. “You’ll get sick if you go outside. So stay here and play with me.”

43. “You pea-brain. Can’t you even tell me from your own mother?” 

44. “It looks like s/he’s bleeding from the inside.” 

45. “Get that black slug! Over there! Get it, get it, get it!” 

46. “That’s strong magic. It’s made him/her gravely ill.” 

47. “I guess my parents will have to wait.” 

48. “Are you going to eat me?” 

49. “Where were you, ___? I was really worried.” 

50. “Enough. I don’t care if s/he’s rich. This nonsense has gotta stop.” 

51. “You still haven’t noticed that something precious to you has been replaced.”

52. “What did you do with my baby?” 

53. “Sit down. I’ll make some tea.” 

54. “I don’t get along with my sister/brother. S/he’s so obnoxious.” 

55. “If you make ___ cry, I won’t like you anymore.”  

56. “You would go to _____? That might help, but s/he’s one dangerous witch.” 

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What would the Outsiders do if their girl was just working so hard trying to help her family and keep up with school assignments and spend time with friends and sometimes their girl forgets to eat/doesn't get enough sleep and one day she just drops?

A/N: I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with, and I just want all of my followers to know this: Always take care of yourselves, lovelies. Please, please, please do not over stress yourself. Take time to relax and be super gentle with yourselves. You’re all amazing and I love you loads and loads!

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Dallas: Dally’s all about having fun, so he’d notice that something was up, but wouldn’t address it at first. He’d tell you to slow down, take a look around you and eat something; Maybe even live a little.

Yet if you didn’t and you just dropped, he’d freeze up. He wouldn’t know what to do. He’d be mad as hell too! But not in a harsh way. “You work too hard. You’re gonna work yourself six feet under and in a hospital bed if you keep this up!” he’d roar. He’d only be yelling at you because he knows no other way of handling things. He’d be straight to the point. No beating around the bush.

Darry: Darry wouldn’t notice at first. He’s caught up in his own life and has most of that same issue going on for him. Though, if he started noticing changes in your mood or the way that you looked (e.g. you’re super tired and hungry all the time) he’d definitely swoop in and save the day.

If you right out collapsed, he’d catch you. Just like Superman. He’d sit you down like an adult and talk this out with you and find a way in which he can aid you, so you’re not taking the whole load on your own. He’d understand you completely in this sense, because he knows what it’s like to over work yourself, but he’d be protective. He’d be cross that you didn’t come to him sooner or later. “You know that you can come to me at any time, baby. I’ll hear you out and pitch in somehow.” he’d reassure you.

Sodapop: Soda would notice in a heart beat that you’re carrying more than your share of the load. He’d tell you to slow down, take a minute to breath and he’d be super sweet about it. He’d ensure that you’re always eating and make sure you’re getting the best sleep possible.

If you straight out fainted in front of him he’d catch you. He’d be so worried about you. He’d make sure that he took things off your plate, working more hours to help you and your family. He’d take you out and make sure you had time to relax. He’d make sure you’re being gentle with yourself and taking care of your body, mind and soul. “Don’t do this to yourself! You mean the world to me and someday you’re gonna wind up in the hospital! I ain’t gonna let that happen to ya!” he’d state lovingly to you.

Ponyboy: He’d notice like a metal detector notices metal? But seriously, he’d ask Sodapop for advice and approach you in an attentive manner. If that didn’t sink in, he’d get his gang to help you out in whatever way. Ponyboy is a sweetheart, he’d make sure you’re eating and sleeping properly. He’d make sure that you’re doing swell.

If you dropped in front of him he’d be distraught. He’d get mad, but only mad that you’re driving yourself to sickness. “You’ve gotta stop this, (Y/N)! You’re hurtin’ yourself and I can’t stand it! You mean everythin’ to me and I ain’t gonna watch you overload yourself with so much stuff. I’m helpin’. Whether you like it or not!” he’d exclaim, almost in tears.

Johnny: Johnny would be worried beyond belief. He’d seek out Dally’s and the gang’s aid in this situation. He’d beg and plead with you to take things easy, because he’d see the effect that it’s having on you.

If you collapsed Johnny would be distraught. He’d break down. He can’t lose you! “You’ve gotta stop this nonsense, (Y/N)! You’re makin’ yourself sick and I can’t look at ya like this no more. You’re not eatin’ or sleepin’ properly. God dammit! You just fainted! Just stop doin’ this to yourself. Let me help!” he’d cry out.

Steve: Steve would notice something’s up, however he wouldn’t press on it. He’d wait for you to come to him. Though if things went too far and you weren’t eating or sleeping, he’d definitely take some sort of action.

You’re makin’ yourself sick! Your ma and pa should be workin’ this hard, not you! Here, take this. If I see you doin’ this again, I’m gonna work twice as hard to help you out. Ya hear me?” he’d snap at you, handing you his entire paycheck. And if you fainted, that would be it! Steve would sit you down and have a talk. He’d give you the majority of his paycheck to help you out in some way. He’s not going to have his girl work harder than she should.

Two-bit: He wouldn’t notice it. It’s not that he doesn’t care, it’s just that he’s usually drunk or cracking jokes. He’d definitely crack jokes about it. He wouldn’t know what to do and would probably ask Darry for some help.

If you collapsed and he knew it wasn’t a part of your skits then he’d freak out. He’d grow serious, which would startle the gang. He’d be so worried! “Baby, you gotta stop this. You just collapsed! I’m no doctor, but you look exhausted. Just put your feet up for awhile. Let me help.” he’d plead with you.

Tim: Tim Shepard would react more aloof and stonily to this topic. He knows the harshness about living on the poorer side of town and he wouldn’t really think much of it. He’d help you out when he could, for sure. But once you started having no time for him and he noticed a drop in your health… he’d take action.

If you collapsed he’d cuss, get cross. “What the hell do you think you’re doin’? You’ve gotta balance this shit out before you get yourself in the hospital. You remember the things you need, right? Good. Now stop this crap and take it easy. And if you don’t, so help me God I’ll kill your boss!” he’d snarl at you.

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