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The click of a gun could be heard, he pressed it to the back of the neck of the tall figure, but he flinched as recognition washed over him, and he lowered the gun, “Gunner?” he frowned, “Where you followed?” he demanded, “They’ve got people everywhere, you gotta watch your back.”


This video is fucking great ok



You gotta watch this I laughed so hARD OMG

What did you think when you first saw Hamilton?

Dixon: After my business partner saw it, he said to me, “We’re going back next week. You gotta see it. I want to watch you watch it.” I thought it was cool at first, but when it got to Renee [Elise Goldsberry] and her “rewind” moment in “Satisfied,” I literally said, “F—! Yes!” I listened to “Wait for It” a great deal, and since I started talking about joining the show, I’ve been playing the soundtrack ad nauseam because, wow, it’s dense. There’s a lot of material to dig into. It’s so wonderful.

Lawson: Lin is the most pleasant and loving person to be around, and he’s also a genius; anything he creates is just magic. When he puts that pen on paper, it’s revolutionary, no matter what. It’s what musical theater has been missing. What I love the most is seeing the kids rap what we learned in school and was so hard to really grasp. To know they’re rapping this and can apply it to their studies, that’s such an innovative way for kids to grow up and learn — especially in comparison to what’s on the radio now.

What do you admire most about your character?

Dixon: I know Burr as a historical figure, but I never delved deeply into his qualities before. Burr is a positive, eager, engaged individual. He wants to understand the game, learn the rules and operate according to them; get ahead by working hard. He does all the right things, but he sees this charming upstart who just flouts through and continues to achieve. I can see how he gets to that level of personal frustration. You can’t look at him as a villain; you have to look at him as a hero in order to get into his psychology. He starts in a positive place and ends up on a road he never expected.

Lawson: I like Eliza because she, to me, has a bit of everything. At the start of the show, she was so young when she met Hamilton, full of life and joy and newness to the world. She gets to have this amazing arc throughout the show and eventually establishes a private orphanage — did she know, at 19 or 20, that she’d do so many beautiful things? It’s exciting to know that these are real people we’re portraying onstage, and this was once happening here in New York.


Brandon, you’re rehearsing for Hamilton while finishing Shuffle Along. How do you stay energized?

Dixon: High-quality whiskey — none of that well nonsense. Work out, meditate and do it all over again.

—  Meet the New ‘Hamilton’ Actors Playing Aaron Burr and Eliza Schuyler (Q&A)  (The Hollywood Reporter)

An amazing Anakin and Obi-Wan music video by gonevidder. 

Hey guys I was watching A New Hope, and I really think that there was some hidden romantic tension between Leia Organa and Darth Vader, probably because Lucas hadn’t written them as relatives at first. You just gotta watch it a certain way and the subtext becomes clear.

OK, first, if it helps, imagine Darth Vader as Hayden Christensen under the helmet, not what you saw at the end of Return of the Jedi. With a Zuko-ish burn scar at the most, nothing major.

Now, watch the opening scene, when she gets called a rebel and a traitor by Vader after she just got shot by his soldiers. Do you see maybe a bit of romantic tension in that scene?

No? OK, how about a bit later, when she’s in the Death Star’s detention level, and Darth Vader shows up with the intent to torture her for information about the missing plans. Does the fear and defiance in her face seem in some way reminiscent of sexual arousal?

Or, hang on, the scene where Tarkin blows up Alderaan. Look at the way Vader stands behind her and holds her firm so she can watch almost everybody she’s ever known die in an instant. Doesn’t that plant the seeds for him to be a part of his future redemption?

Are you guys still having trouble shipping this combination? I admit, it’s a bit of a stretch, but the chemistry is there.

Hmm… OK, how’s this. Imagine A New Hope, and every scene is exactly the same, except instead of Han Solo, it’s Lando Calrissian.

Yep, there you go, you’re seeing it now!

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I’m gonna post today’s Insufficient Story in about 40 minutes. It’s about James Bond. It’s really funny so I want you to click on it and watch it.

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okay so I said ghostbusters was good but y'all I gotta tell you

sitting there in the theater watching a movie with like? 90% female characters? and entirely female leads? was so damn refreshing. Jillian holtzmann was def coded as autistic and had gay subtext, one of the leads was a WOC with so much knowledge of the city and kicked ass, and the other two leads were intelligent female scientists who overcame bullying as kids together.

Kevin was literally just there to be the eye candy receptionist, which is often the role of the single female character in movies, but only one of the main characters talked about him being attractive and it was only there for comic relief instead of creating an unnecessary love plot.

it was just so good y'all and I hope there’s going to be a second one because today my life was extended by 20 years