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I love classic Vader,but I wish Anakin had killed Obi-Wan in Mustafar and got out of the planet. The guy'd be so powerful and badass... Besides,I think Obi-Wan deserves some shit...

i actually think suitless!vader is a lot more interesting than people give it credit for - usually, it’s turned into, “vader, but pretty,” and that has a lot of terrible connotations, so i usually loathe suitless!vader on principle. 

the pain vader experienced because of the support system is usually at the forefront of people’s minds - but it runs far, far deeper than that. there’s a lot of symbolism behind people wearing masks; there’s a lot of identity issues tied to mask motifs and characters that wear suits of armor. think: tony stark.

but vader’s not willingly wearing his suit of armor - it was forced on him, through a painful, invasive surgery that he was forced to stay awake for. it’s an armor that was purposely customized to palpatine’s needs, not his.

and vader can’t take it off. he can’t override the system, can’t pull it off, can’t escape from it. a lot of the suit is wired directly into his body; i know everyone wants redeemed!vader to loose the suit, but you have to wonder if that’s actually possible - and, to be brutally honest, it’s probably not. (i know in legends that there’s a scene - i’m specifically thinking of lost command - where it’s taken off, but it’s not practical. and, you know, lost command had vader running around helmetless like he can suddenly breathe again - so i take the medical scenarios in that one with a grain - no, bucket - of salt.)

when people are like, “vader should’ve just left!” how? even if vader were in a place to consider it, the suit’s still there. he needs the facilities only the empire can provide, and even more, where is he going to go? how do you hide a 7ft special-order murderbot? 

that suit, truly, reduced vader’s options to one: sith apprentice. even if vader wanted to overthrow the emperor, he couldn’t. even if vader wanted to leave, he couldn’t. he’s stuck.

and what’s even worse is that the suit is a symbol of his transhumanity - there’s actually a song, in legends, that the imperials sang: lord vader’s many mechanical parts. tagge, in the darth vader comics, literally calls him a weapon, equates him to a lightsaber, and tells vader that he needs to be wielded. recently, it was revealed that vader has a literal off-button, like a real droid. it’s easy to dehumanize someone who looks inhuman - and that’s exactly what palpatine wants, because he doesn’t want anyone considering that vader’s human and fallible. he doesn’t want people taking his apprentice.

if that’s not enough, vader’s senses were tampered with. he doesn’t feel a sensation other than pain, doesn’t see a color other than red, the helmet distorts sounds like they’re coming through water - it’s all very isolating. and it’s constant - vader never gets to really get out of his own head, because he barely experiences the world around him. nothing exists other than what vader has to do - it’s a very fucked up way to live. 

the suit is entrenched in every aspect of vader’s life; so deeply that it became entwined with his self-perception. he’s not just wearing the suit, he is the suit. and that’s exactly how palpatine wanted it, because he wanted an apprentice he could control - so he took away vader’s opportunities, put people off of communicating with vader, and shut off vader’s environment. think of a horse with blinkers; vader’s only goal, only purpose, is the empire, and nothing outside of that should be allowed to exist. 

essentially, palpatine has done more than systematically destroy vader’s life - he’s destroyed vader’s potential life. he’s destroyed everything, so vader becomes unreachable in his isolation and pain. 

and vader thanks him for it. there’s a scene in the old canon where vader thanks palpatine for making him stronger - because palpatine pulled his card and said, don’t you like all i’ve done for you? like he’s given vader a gift. 

the suit is so, so important to palpatine’s subjugation of anakin that it’s hard to imagine darth vader without it - and i don’t think there would be a darth vader without it. 

without the suit, there’s nothing keeping him in the empire - other than palpatine. in a suitless!vader situation, palpatine and vader’s relationship is going to be even more insidious, even more disgusting, because palpatine’s relying on solely his wit to keep is apprentice in line. and anakin doesn’t stay in line for long - i highly doubt palpatine could keep a suitless vader for long. 

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hey I'm gonna be DMing soon and I'm really nervous about it, but you seem to have a good handle on it. do you have any advice to impart on a less experienced (read: no experience) DM?

Well this is my first time DMing as well so take this with a grain of salt I suppose, especially given that my biggest mindset going into this campaign was that since I and most of the people playing weren’t Experts or anything, so I wanted to do something much more casual and pretty lax in terms of mechanics/rules. 

I can’t offer you much advice but let me try and like, make a list of what I think might help (or what certainly helped me, anyway):

1) Remember you an do ANYTHING YOU WANT. That’s the biggest thing. I went in making a homebrew and though at the beginning there were times I was like ‘aw man this sucks I should’ve at least started on top of a pre-made module’, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m very glad I have total creative power over the story and settings. 

You really gotta remember that you can do. Like. Anything. It doesn’t even have to be what’s in the books or online, like my dude you can make shit up. Reading the material in the players handbooks/online resources definitely helps a lot for giving you context, though. Do what you prefer! If sticking to something pre-made and finding what you like first makes you feel more comfortable, I can definitely recommend that, especially with it being your first time. Doing a homebrew is hard and you have to be ready to invest a pretty decent amount of time to setting things up, and there’s a lot to know, but it can be super rewarding. 

When creating your world and/or story, aim for an aesthetic YOU like, a story YOU’RE excited about, and your enthusiasm for it will be what makes it fun for the players. You gotta be invested in what you’re creating or it’ll fall flat. When I started listening to The Adventure Zone, I started worrying about my own campaign bc I realized I wanted to be able to go way beyond what I’d already set up. I didn’t want to scrap the progress everyone had already made in order to start off fresh in a new setting/story, so I simply had to be creative and think of a way to do what I wanted in a way which still fit within the pre-established ‘canon’. That’s just an example of how it might work out. I’m just saying, even if you start off but you don’t think you’re really feeling it, don’t forget you can do whatever you can think of! Don’t be afraid to take turns and experiment. Do whatever it takes to make it fun to work on, and fun for the players to experience. 

2) At least get a good grasp on the basics. Mainly abilities, what they’re good for, and how combat works. It can get kinda complicated bc there are a LOT of variables but tbh you can learn a lot as you go along, so don’t stress out about knowing exactly what every spell/effect/environmental hazard does. And if you don’t know something, it’s pretty much always a quick google search away! 

Also some things I still have trouble keeping in mind, but which are important: Challenge Ratings (how though enemies are/how many EXP they’re worth), calculating EXP for encounters, figuring out what sort of loot/special objects you want to give the players and when. 

3) Try your best to be prepared, but don’t worry too much if you don’t know everything. You learn a lot on the way, and a fair amount of that learning only happens after you start playing and having to guide your players. They’ll ask questions you don’t know or hadn’t thought about and it’ll be an opportunity for you to learn! 

4) If you’re doing your campaign online, try character voices/verbally playing instead of just RPing in text. All the campaigns I’ve played in have been done online with my friends via discord, and it’s been a lot more fun imo since we stopped typing in character stuff and just talking it out a la The Adventure Zone. This’ll depend on your party though, and general preferences. Some people have audio processing problems, so you may have to work with them so that they can join in more easily, or simply stick to text if that’s what’s easier for everyone! Take others’ perspectives into account. 

I also don’t bother with making complete maps bc it’s a lot of extra work and it can be hard learning how to make them on sites like Roll20. If you REALLY need a ref for something, do it, but don’t be afraid to keep it super simple haha. Sometimes a little square with some circles in it and some shaded areas is really all you need. 

5) And of course, here is the most important piece of advice: remember to have FUN. And remember that this is meant to be fun for your players, not just you. In fact, I’d say it’s the most important thing that they be the ones having a good time - if you’re DMing and your fun doesn’t come from your party doing sick flips and creating clever ways to get around your puzzles n shit, I’d say you’re not doing it right. Don’t hesitate to look over certain rolls or change up what you have planned in order to give the players a fun edge, let them explore, or even let THEM create some aspect of the story/world. 

In the end these games are about having a good time with your friends. Try your best to be a good guide through a cool adventure, but don’t forget that it’s a collaborative effort and your players (friends) will help you along the way. Be understanding of them and hopefully they’ll be the same way towards you.

And if anything isn’t working out, you have the power to change aspects of your game or change the way y’all play so that it can be fun! 

(gosh this is a lot, I hope at least some of it is useful to you!! good luck, you’ll have to tell me how your first session goes~)

((and tbh… if anyone else has more advice that isn’t as straightforward as mine, feel free to add on))

All in the Eyes

Fourth part to “Aubergine.” 

Your first encounter with Lunafreya is sandwiched in here. Sorry, but there’s a reason for it. Also, super sorry for this vague, crappy nonsense. Still, hope you find some way to enjoy it lmao!

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All in the Eyes

Words: 3,086

Warnings: Language, Mild Angst, Mega AU, What’s a Timeline?, Ardyn, Yes Ardyn is a Warning, Forced Foreshadowing, Ardyn Buys Breakfast, You Make Luna Sad, But it’s Not Your Fault

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• k so its gonna start out in a bubble tea cafe obvs

• its ur shift so you’re at the cash register and taking orders and the members w him couldnt help but notice that he !! keeps !!! staring at you !!!!!!!!

• so they gon’ be like aye fham how bout u get her digits u see where I’m getting at ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

• but sEhuN is all like “me ???? lmAO not a chance”

• eventually it just gets to the point where the members would NOT let him leave the cafe without getting your number bc sehun is super fond of attention and girls inside keep whispering like sHIT HES SO HOT BY E and usually he would notice but this time ,,, he didn’t ???

• and thats cos his eyes were fixATED ON Y O U, YES YOU !!

• so he goes up to the cash register and your back is turned to him bc you were talking to your co-worker and sehun just suddenly gets super shy and flustered like the ovERCONFIDENT MAKNAE OF EXO GETTING FLUSTERED AND YOU HAVENT EVEN SAID A WORD NOR FACED HIM

• so you turn around and say your usual line , “hello what can i get for you today?”

• and this kid just gathers up all his courage and says “your number” 

• but you weren’t paying attention so like :))) you look up with a smile and say, “I’m sorry, i didn’t quite catch that :)))” 

• no u dont understand, this would probably make him sO discouraged and he would probably want to bail right at that moment but the members would certainly, 100% tease him abt this for the next six years

• so he repeats himself, quieter this time, “your number” 


• you were honestly going to shut him down but you saw his friends looking at the both of you so exPECTANTLY AND PLUS THE BOY IN FRONT OF YOU IS SO !!!! FREAKING !!!! CUTE !!!!!!!! SO YOu obviously couldn’t refuse :)))

• sehun isn’t really a fan of skinship so maybe you would hold hands in public and give each other a quick peck on the cheek or smth before you part ways

• but at home :))) oh gOD AT HOME ,,,

• he is so needy ?? like you’re boutta get up for work and he just grabs you by the hem of your shirt like sehun pls im broke i needa go to work

• but alAS

• he just kinda groans and reluctantly lets go of your shirt but if you’re leaving the bed, he’s leaving the bed as well bc his body pillow is no longer there to accompany him

• he’s a late riser but you always, alWAYS EAT TOGETHER for breakfast no matter what the time, no matter what the circumstance bc your early morning discussions are your favourite parts of the day and they’re funny as hell

• you guys brush your teeth at the same time so you’re both just kinda staring at the mirror, with one hand on your hip and the other is holding the tooth brush but you laugh at sehun a lot bc sometimes he puts too much tooth paste and his mouth is just a bubbling mess

• but this boy is a bitch when it comes to you doing your makeup, it actually drives you insANE

• bc like he does this thing where while you’re doing your mascara or eyeliner he grabs your wrist and shakes it so some mascara ends up on your lid and one wing spreads right to the middle of your cheek and you gotta do it all over again like oh sehun you better stop that righT NOW OR SO HELP ME-

• sehun is a tsundere, i repEAT, A TSUNDERE

• he mostly gets salty abt little things like you not replying to his texts or saying no to eating out sometimes bc it collides with your schedule at work

• but it starts off as a grAIN of salt and first he’s like “ye ok w/e” and it grows and grows until he mentions it when you’re arguing like “remember that one time you turned me down for a date at the bubble tea cafe down the street ?? :))) yeah :)))) exactly :))”

• but either way his argument was invalid bc he had asked at 3 in the morning :)) and he was simply feeling restless that night 

• but no matter how salty or bitter he may be, he is so overprotective when the time calls for it that it makes you fall for him all over again

• some guy is gonna be hitting on you on the street and sehun just so happened to be on the way home and he runs into you and sees that you’re in a kuffuffle so he’s gonna step in front of you, looking at the guy

• “exc use ???? how abt you take six steps back, you’re not even worthy to be in her peripheral viSiON” so the guys gonna leave and sehun’s all like “u good? u sure??? lets go home”

• sass sass sass sO MUCH FUCKING SASS SH IT

• one time you guys were talking during dinner and he asked what made you like him and first you were v hesitant to respond bc oh my god its so embarrassing but when your cheeks got all red and you refused to reply, it only got sehun more intrigued

• he was going to find out one way or another so you just decided to spill and tell him that it wasn’t really his looks that caught your eye, that was a bonus

• he was just trying to drink his water man ,,, but you tell him that you thought he had a nice ass and he choked so hard and burst into laughter 

• this was literally him 

• he was softly banging his fists on the table while trying to contain himself but to no avail so you were like yenno what fuck this shit bye sehun enjoy sleeping on the couch tonight and you put your dishes in the sink and go to ur room

• you call him by his whole name when you get upset or frustrated with him like you tap your foot impatiently and bite the inside of your cheek and it makes him laugh so hard bc you’re trying to intimidate him but he just finds it cute

• “oh sehun, you better stop laughing rIGHT THIS INSTANT” 

• he can really never take you seriously unless its something that legitimately upset you bc then he’ll know when to admit to mistakes ,, or maybe not bc he’s as stubborn as you are

• when you get into arguments, you are both like no way in hell am i making the first move and you both think it’s each other’s fault but the members always know exactly whats going on and its not one or the other at fault but the bOTH of you 

• you guys just naturally make up like when you fight, sehun sleeps on the couch and lets you take the bed bc no matter how angry he is at you, he isn’t comfortable w letting his girlfriend sleep on the couch bc he low-key knows how hard you work for the both of you 

• but you leave the door to your bedroom open and unlocked so when its time that you and sehun think its okay to make up, it’ll be 12 in the morning and he’ll sneak into your room and into the bed and just throw his arms and legs around your body and whisper his apology and you just murmur that its okay and you’re sorry too so you both just kinda fall asleep facing each other

• occasionally he kisses the top of your head when he thinks you’re asleep and you swore you heard him say smth like 

• “i dont think you understand how much i love you”

• i forgot to mention that he also tells you that he loves you at the times when you least expect it

• he has a habit of hiding behind your shoulder when he’s embarrassed and if you’re not there and something happens that gets his gears going, he nEEDS SOMEONE CLOSE TO HIM TO HIDE BEHIND THEIR SHOULDER BC HE WILL ACTUALLY JUST FREEZE

• so one time when he hid behind your shoulder, he just whispered “i love you” and just like the time he asked for your number, you’re gonna be like “wot” and he got so flustered like

• u shoulda been listening :)))

• also, after hanging w your boyfriend so much, you picked up his muppet face

• he makes a face and tells you not to do it bc thats his thing but he low-key finds it cute that you’re picking up his habits and the way you purse your lips,, aG H SHIT HE JUST INTERNALLY CLUTCHES HIS HEART AND SCREAMS

• but he aint gonna tell you that, he’s got an image to maintain

• to sum it up, dating sehun is like dating your best friend with a shIT LOAD of arguments and teasing and v low-key fluff 

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Yoonkook aka Sugakookie for the ask game~ thank you 💙

👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

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  • Who’s more dominant: Jungkook.
  • Who’s the cuddler: Jungkook.
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Jungkook likes being the little spoon, but he’ll swap with Yoongi if he needs a little extra TLC.
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Making music~
  • Who uses all the hot water: Jungkook.
  • Most trivial thing they fight over: “Jungkook-ah, I’m leaving. You have to get up. If you’re late for work again, it’s not my fault.”
  • Who does most of the cleaning: Yoongi picks up during the week, but Jungkook start the big clean on the weekend.
  • Who has a season pass on their DVR/Who controls the Netflix queue: Jungkook does. Yoongi likes to pretend it’s because he’s indulging the younger one, but really it’s because Jungkook complains about Yoongi’s picks and Yoongi just wants him to be happy.
  • Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Yoongi.
  • Who leaves their stuff around: Jungkook leaves clothes lying around everywhere.
  • Who remembers to buy the milk: Jungkook does. Yoongi will let it go for too long, and he gets cranky if he can’t have milk twice a day. Something about dinner and breakfast without milk just seems unnatural to him.
  • Who remembers anniversaries: They both do, but Yoongi usually won’t say anything unless it’s their year mark. He leaves it to Jungkook.
  • Who cooks normally: They help each other out. Yoongi has more experience manning the grill, but Jungkook’s not bad at it either.
  • How often do they fight: They’re not big on yelling. The two of them let the resentment steep for a long time, then when it becomes obvious something is the matter, they’ll ask, “Okay, spit it out, what’s your deal?” Then it gets hashed out.
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other: They only answer each other’s text messages. Otherwise their phones are a slew of unanswered messages and missed phone calls. 
  • Nicknames for each other: Outside, in public, Jungkook just calls Yoongi “hyung.” At home it’s a different story; Yoongi really likes it when Jungkook calls him “sugar.”
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner: Yoongi, but Jungkook treats sometimes. It’s just hard to overcome Yoongi’s reluctance to break from tradition.
  • Who steals the covers at night: Jungkook makes a little nest for himself while he’s sleeping. Yoongi gets pissed when he wakes up cold.
  • What would they get each other for gifts: Yoongi composes songs for Jungkook a lot. Jungkook lays down his vocals and puts them up on Soundcloud. Jungkook likes to look for equipment for Yoongi’s studio. Sometimes Yoongi needs to tinker with it a little bit, get it up and running again, but honestly he likes that shit.
  • Who kissed who first: Jungkook did.
  • Who made the first move: Yoongi, but he was so nervous about it, it can hardly be described as a “move.” 
  • Who remembers things: Yoongi handles the day-to-day responsibilities. By which he means, he’s got all their bills set on autopay. Set it and forget it so he can focus on bigger things. That’s his motto. 
  • Who started the relationship: Yoongi was pretty freaked out asking Jungkook out. He’d never dated anybody who was so much younger than him, but ever since their friends had introduced him, he hadn’t been able to ignore just how well they got along and how much they had in common. Finally, he just bit the bullet and did it.
  • Who cusses more: It’s a toss-up. They both cuss a lot. Jungkook uses it for emphasis and out of excitement. Yoongi uses it because dealing with morons irritates him, and it’s the only way he can cope.
  • What would they do if the other one was hurt: Yoongi makes fun of Jungkook regularly for coming back from Taekwondo all fucked up. “You’ve been doing this for how many years? Think you’d be better at not getting hit by now.” Jungkook takes it with a grain of salt, because Yoongi takes care of him anyway. When Yoongi’s hurt though, it’s a different story. He’s a bit of a baby, and can’t handle criticism then so Jungkook just buckles down and takes care of him.
  • Who is the dirty talker: Jungkook.
  • A head canon: Yoongi’s got his phone on silent. The beats in his headphones are heavy, driving, but they feel lacking to him. Half-hearted, incomplete. He’s tried everything he can think of: piano, bass, violin, fucking flutes, but nothing fits. Nothing seems right to him. Frustrated, he throws his headphones onto the desk, and rubs his eyes where they’re starting to ache from staring at the screen for so long. Without consciously deciding it, he reaches for his phone, that black rectangle that spends most of the day as an overpriced paperweight, and pulls up the home screen. He doesn’t fuck around; he likes efficiency. Jungkook’s number is saved on the screen: speed dial for the modern age. He hits it and watches the phone do its thing, pulling up the dialer, running the number, reaching out. “Babe?” he hears after a couple rings, “What’s up?” He sighs, “Kook, hey, I just–” “Bad day?” Jungkook interrupts. “Fucking miserable. You?” Jungkook chuckles and replies, “Not as bad. The usual pricks at job one.” “Where you at now?” “Heading to job two. I may lose you in a minute; gotta hit the subway.” After a brief pause Jungkook asks, “So what’s up with the writing? Am I getting another song for my rising Soundcloud career or nah?” Yoongi glares at his monitor as though it’s the technology’s fault that he’s so shit at producing. “Nah, probably…probably not,” he mumbles, “This one’s not working out. It’s…” “Missing something?” Jungkook teases, “You always say that, sugar. Then I give it a listen and it’s all good. You’re just being a self-doubting perfectionist.” “Still…” Yoongi groans, exasperated with himself even after so long. “You want me to listen to it?” Jungkook asks. The idea fills him with relief. “Yeah,” Yoongi agrees, “Yeah, please. You’ve got a good ear.” “Will do,” Jungkook replies. The line begins to crackle. “Babe, uh, I’m heading down now. I’ll see you at home later, okay?” “Okay,” Yoongi replies. “Love you,” Jungkook says. “Same,” Yoongi tells him, but his voice is too soft, too emotional just a single word. They both know what he means. They both know it’s more than just that.

Send Me A Ship

Best Buds Part 2

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 2300

Warnings: Angst, hangovers, masturbation, me laughing at yall in the corner haha. 

Note: Good news, I keep getting new ideas of what I want to happen. So there will be more than three parts now… They might not be as long as the first part, but take what I say with a grain of salt because sometimes I get going and can’t stop ;) @divinitycas @faith-in-dean @profounderbonds @abaddonwithyall @ilostmyshoe-79 @bovaria @mrsjohnsmith @mysupernaturalfics @aprofoundbondwithdean @bkwrm523 @feelmyroarrrr @ami212

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven

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The echoing of a coffee grinder startles you awake the following morning. “Uhg! What the fuck is that noise?” You pull the pillow over your head and wrap yourself tighter into the blanket. Your head is ringing and pounding from one of the worst hangovers you have ever experienced. Clenching your eyes tighter, you wish Castiel could pop over and heal you up. Pieces of memories from last night start to cloud your head and you groan. The flash of an imagine of you dancing with some blonde on top of a table makes you cringe and when you pucker your lips from regret, the taste of cheap whiskey lingers. Suddenly the light in your room flicks on and you let out another groan and curl up into a ball.

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Hi, Sami. I'm a new follower and your blog has been very eye-opening to me, who is thinking of applying for JET either next year or the year after. I have two weird questions. As a woman also from the US and a feminist, is there anything especially different I should be prepared for so I don't start flipping tables? Is your husband also a JET? I want to do JET and my serious SO wants to join me, but he's not sure he wants to do JET as well. I worry it might be hard for him to find a job.

Hey @practicingproductivity, thanks for the follow and the compliments <3 You have some good questions here, let me try to do the best I can. I tend to ramble, put up with me if you please~


 I’ve become super vocal over the years, in regards to my beliefs, and feminism is one I defs feel strongest about. I have some slight advice, but I think you gotta just experience it. HOWEVER I will try. Culturally, Japan is not America (insert big ole duh from everyone here) but this doesn’t mean that you should come over saying that feminism is not a thing here. I literally had an ALT come into Japan, and within a week she posted a “free the nipple campaign” video and, I verbatim quote, said, “I’m so glad I come from America, where women have a voice. Did you know that feminism doesn’t exist in Japan?”

Needless to say, me, my husband, and several other female friends of hers went off. I found some documents from the Meiji era to shut her up, as well as some more modern examples. But that is neither here nor there sweet thing.

Now there are two reasons why she said this. 1) she was new and culturally the feminism that she was expecting (like the free the nipple campaign) wasn’t directly in her line of sight in our rural city—- and 2) she’s a bit of a self-centered egotist who kind of lost touch with reality a while ago. But that’s less related than the first part.

The point of that is: there are some things that will make you want to go “Wow, do rights for women even exist here?” but take it with a grain of salt, because the same could be said for any country struggling to get women’s voices heard just as equally as mens’. Just in different ways.

However, you wanted me to let you know what to look out for, and Ima do it!!!


These are just things that pissed me off. Women in Japan, feel free to reblog, but let’s try to be proactive about it!
- sexual harrassment and how it’s dealt with is the biggest thing that bothers me here. Gonna add some subsets of ideas for a second:
     a) fuckin kabe-dons. I don’t like the idea of men cornering women with kabe-dons, which is the tamest and probs most accepted and squealed after bullshit thing I’ve found so far. Have you ever seen the movie Grandma’s Boy? It’s kind of dumb, bit of a stoner film, but like… I really love it? There are a lot of positive messages about the “mlady” type of asshole going after a girl, men thinking she’s a fake gamer, etc etc. But I digress. In one part, creepy dude traps Girl with a kabe-don. And her face is PERFECT. This is not sexy, it is being trapped.
   b) public gropers, and how very often the police here react with “What were you wearing at the time?”
     c) stalkers. There is a huge culture in Japan of seeing a foreigner and this subgroup of super special snowflakes (do they get together once a month to decide how to harass gaijin?) think “Hey free English lesson!” and follow us in public. Sometimes it’s harmless. But sometimes it’s harmful and scary, and there is literally no way to tell the difference between the two until you’re past your comfort zone. I dislike the way this is dealt with too, in Japan. But I dislike how it’s dealt with in most cases anyway >.>
    d) “jokes”. I’m sure if you peruse through my blog you’ll see the progression of Rude Sensei’s saga, where he touched my food and would go ‘Mmm say yummy’ or when he would gesture about my body or when he went so far as to joke about me and him having an affair when we had unrelated business trips within the same week. Basically, shitty people exist EVERYWHERE. Be aware of this in coming to Japan, because no it is not normal, and no it is not okay, and no you do not have to put up with it!

- women’s roles in relationships. I cannot tell you how often I’ve gotten laughed at when I say that my husband cleans and cooks and I do not. I really don’t. But they don’t believe me. Culturally, that’s absurd.
      My husband worked all through my time at university, sometimes upwards of 90hr work weeks. He pushed himself so hard, and when he came home, I would clean and do the dishes and the laundry etc. It was the least I could do. Now, the roles are switched. I work more than he does, and I want him to have free time to spend how he wants. I don’t want him to go back to 90hr work weeks. But my teachers are just amazed that he does these things for me.
      Basically, in Japan, women either work until they have kids, or they don’t end up marrying (this is a big generalization, but one that isn’t exactly unfounded). Basically, I get  GOT asked all the time, “Does your husband mind if you go to the enkai? Oh no, who will cook his dinner?” and I would just shut that shit down whenever I could. My husband does not and has not gotten these questions in the sheer volume that I have. It’s ridiculous.
    Google: “japanese women in the workplace” if you want to peruse articles about women’s experiences in Japan. I’m not Japanese, I can’t attest to it, but I have had several coworkers who’ve said to me “As soon as I have a baby, I’m going to stop working. That’s just how it is.” And that burns my grits, that men can talk about their kids at work no problem but if a woman does, they’re seen as an “absent mother”– unless they forfeit their job and stay home. Again. Not a problem limited to Japan, but one that is prevalent here.

- black bag of shame. Tampons, pads, condaaaaams, anything to do with your downstairs goes in a black bag of shame then in your regular grocery bag. I hate it because it associates something we as women have no control over (our periods) with something we do have control over (sex, and by extension contraception). I am not embarrassed by having to buy toilet paper, and I will not be cowed into being embarrassed about the blood I just happen to have every month. Everybody poops, and a lot of girls have their periods. I am more ashamed of the fuckton of bread that I buy after a 5k run.
       Hubs about made a cashier faint when he bought tampons for me once and said “iranai” to the black bag. He carried them out in his hands. SCANDALOUS. He’s a sweetheart.

These are just a few of the things to prep for, but I want you to try to prep for conversation versus confrontation. Sure, confrontation IS necessary. Better believe I told Rude Sensei, “No. Not funny.” when he ‘joked’ like a dickweed. But other times, like when I was talking with other women in the workplace, it was not my job to confront the system. It was my responsibility as their friend and coworker to talk with them civilly, respectfully, and share my own culture as an exchange (job descrip thrown in there, yeayuh). So come over not expecting these things to happen, but being open to talk with other ladies if and when they do! <3


Hubs is not a JET, he’s just a Hubs which is the most important thing in the world to me but also still not a JET. He works now part time at a nursery school, reading books and playing with Lego’s and going to the local grocery store with a parade of baby ducklings in his wake. It is SO cute. We don’t want kids, but damn if my heart don’t melt when I see pics of him “getting his nails painted” by the little two year olds in his class. Sweet babies. Here’s a pic of his class making some crafty “alligator" bracelets that they were gonna use to eat some “monkey” finger puppets for a song about counting.

He came over because we were married, so he had a dependent visa to get into Japan. My work sponsored me, and then I sponsored him. Jobs kind of fell in his lap in our small town, but he disliked all of them that related to teaching. At nursery school and preschool, he gets to just play with the kids and speak more Japanese than English, so it suits his style more. I wish I could tell you more about the ease of getting a job, but really we just go to a TON of stuff in our city and have a ton of friends in the area. Never underestimate word of mouth. It’s gotten Hubs every job he’s had in Aomori.

He has a dependent visa with a stamp to work part-time now. If he got a full job, he could switch to a different working visa. There are other ways to stay in Japan for longer. There is a cultural studies visa (not sure how you get it, but worth looking into) that a couple of JET SOs actually have in Aomori! We have a JET in Shichinohe whose girlfriend is on a visa to study ikebana for a year (flower arranging), and we have another JET in Hashikami who is bringing her boyfriend over on a similar visa (with a different area of study I think). So if you’re not ready to get married, and they’re not into teaching/JET, there ARE ways to have them stay with you!!

I hope this helped. I ramble so much. I just want you to have a good view of things without feeling like it’s some scary place where perverts are going to grab you every day on the train. I honestly feel safer walking at night in Japan alone than I ever did anywhere in the United States. I feel better on public transportation than I ever did in the US too. Flip side to gaijin getting picked on that Japanese people can’t always account for: I will go fucking CRAZY and embarrass the shit out of you if you lay hands on me or get in my bubble. And that usually puts an end to it. That whole “don’t disturb others/crowd culture” in Japan can be used to your advantage, whereas in the States I have seen too many videos of women being harassed in public and the person’s reaction is to whip out a phone instead of help her.

So there are cultural differences to be aware of here.

Point that we make at every AomOrientation: it is not legal for you, in most cases, to hurt your attacker in any way. Therefore things like mace are considered a weapon and “not okay”. It is a bullshit law, and so break it if you must, but if you are harassed or assaulted and can break away by screaming or crying or calling the police or running— do that FIRST.

I feel like I’m getting distracted, but also like all of this is necessary. Feel free to reblog as always, tumblr fam, and correct or add or just get the word out.

Wonderful questions, and I wish you the best of luck in your decisions regardin’ JET!

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Im askin for some art advice! How do you draw hands, they're so confusing!?

this is basically how i do it. you make a squarish shape as the ‘base’ or palm/back of your hand, and then add fingers and nails and wrinkles,,, like, i always use reference (usually my own hands, but you can use photo reference too!) when drawing hands. sometimes i have to take a couple pictures of my own hands and look down at them to figure out how they work.

Its easier for some people (not really me though,,,) to just make the general overall shape of the hand, like you would for a gesture drawing i guess?? and then like, put fingers and shit in there somehow. 

my biggest recommendation is to look at your own hands, move them, take pictures of them, look at them at all possible angles! move each of your fingers slowly, see how everything moves and works together, see how the skin bunches and stretches, just be very mindful and observant. 

but if youre trying to sketch something sloppy and fast, make a square/rectangle in the direction the hand is facing, and add fingers.

hope this helps a little



“Well, you talk to her right?” I asked

“Yeah” L nodded

“And…?” I questioned looking over at the clock and seeing it was close to two in the morning

It was only a matter of time before Traci woke up and realized I wasn’t lying next to her. L and I needed to wrap this up quick before she starts blowing up my line

He shrugged “What you think?” he asked

“Damn…” I trailed off “Well at least we knew this time around and it wasn’t some random shit thrown in your face” I said

He nodded “Cyn knew before I did and she tried to lie and say she didn’t” he shook his head

I winced at the thought of how that conversation must have went knowing how Cyn couldn’t lie her way out of a plastic bag.

“I couldn’t be mad at her though because she ain’t really know better” he said

“I hear you on that” I nodded “I know this shit not sitting well with you, you probably got everybody else fooled but I know you” I said

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