you gotta love this movie

Okay, mr. snazzy koala and sinatra mouse were pretty fun.

Something I tell myself when I don’t want to workout is that I need to keep up with the Avengers cast JUST IN CASE

Kidnapped! Prompts

Anonymous said:Got any prompts about the hero being kidnapped?

Anonymous said:Your hero and villain prompts are the best thing. Could I possibly get some prompts about a captured hero who is totally crushing on the villain, who totally knows it?

Anonymous said:Could I please have some prompts for a man who is terribly in love with someone he kidnapped? 

Anonymous said:Good afternoon! Could I get a couple of prompts about the hero and villain having to work together in order to escape a much worse villain who has captured them? 

Anonymous said:Hero capturing the villain and vice Versa prompts? 

1) “Open your eyes.” The villain dragged the hero over to the window, with a vice like grip on their arm. “Open them. Let me show you how beautiful the world looks burning.”

2) “Gotta love the movies,” the villain said. “It makes so many stupid people think that dangerous means chemistry.” They shook their head, laughed. “It makes it all so easy. All you ever have to do is let people believe that they might just be your exception.” 

3) “I’m sorry, I love you.”
“You don’t kidnap people when you love them.” 
“I couldn’t let you die with the rest of them.” 

4) l“For a moment there, I thought you were going to let them have me,” the hero said weakly. “Convenient diversion for your escape, and all that.” They met the villain’s stare - close in their hiding place, bodies pressed together. The tramp of footsteps down the corridor faded away. 
“For a moment there,” the villain murmured. “So did I.”

5) “But you,” the hero laughed. “You are nothing. There are a hundred people who do it just like you and thinks hurting someone makes them god. Give it a couple of years, and despite all your efforts, nobody is even going to remember your name.” 
The villain spat in their face. 
The hero smiled grimly, and straightened, stepping back from the cell. “Enjoy rotting for what you’ve done. Your immortality’s not going to feel so good then.”

6) “You don’t understand - I’m on your side!”
“Nobody’s ever on our side.”

7) “You’ve kidnapped me to an empty restaurant?” the hero raised their brows.
The villain waved their hand and a glassy-eyed server came over to set down drinks and a plate of hors d’oeuvres.
“As if I would be so stupid as to take you to my base so you can have a look around. Isn’t that what you wanted? Besides.” A gleam entered the villain’s eyes as they speared one of the appetizers with their fork and held it across the table. “It’s almost like a date, don’t you think?”
The hero faltered. The villain looked rather too knowing when they said that. 

8) “You’re kidding me,” the villain said flatly. “We don’t have time to rescue all your little friends! Security are going to notice us missing any minute.”
“I’m not leaving without them - and you know you’re not getting anywhere without me. So you want to stand here bickering about it or try and think where your not so bosom-buddy is holding them?”

9) “Oh would you look at that,” the villain drawled. “You got me. Your plan worked. You’re probably more terrified then I am - you don’t have the slightest clue what to do with me now, do you?” 
“I’m sure I’ll figure something out.”

10) “You know, this is kind of an inconvenient time for me. Any chance we can schedule this in for tomorrow instead?”

Varsity Jackets and Peaches - Part 2

hope u guys like!!!!

words: 9k

warning: homophobic slurs, swearing, and heavy sexual content

Summary: Dan Howell hates him. He hates that black haired boy that wears a varsity jacket and smells like peaches and oh goes by the name Phil Lester. He takes joy out of ruining Dan’s life and he hates him. Well he hates him until a round of spin the bottle commences and everything changes between the two. 

read part one here

  “I’m actually going to punch you in the face, Lester.”

“Bring it, Howell.”

Dan lifted his arm and he grunted when feeling Phils fingers wrap around his wrist. He glared and struggled  

“I hate you.”

“I hate you more.”

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Nick’s being a dork again and I want you guys to see just how cute he is right now!!



I watched The Great Wall (2016) and I love the costume design! jing tian looks amazing and im a sucker for women in armor, so of course I had to make it gay 

Bf!Sam and Movie Nights

I was really in the mood for some sam stuff so yeah

Tags: @iamnesta @stormyparker @feeling-straange

  • It started just after a few weeks you started dating
  • Sam would knock at your door at 10 pm
  • „Sam what are you doing here this late? Is everything okay?“
  • „Yeah, uhm, i was just wondering if you maybe wanna have a movie night?“
  • That’s adorable
  • You had a massive smile on your face
  • „That’d be lovely.“

  • „Alright so I think I‘ve got everything.“
  • „Looks like you just robbed someone if I’m being honest.“
  • Awww he would have this cute little smile on his face
  • Help too much cuteness
  • Your mum joined you in the kitchen
  • „Sam! I didn’t knew that you would come around today!“
  • „It was kind of a spontaneous idea, I hope I don’t bother anyone.“
  • „Oh dear, we absolutely adore having you here. You make Y/N the happiest we’ve ever seen.“
  • You thanked god for your parents
  • They loved Sam
  • Like you believe that they loved him more than they loved you
  • „Alright mum, we gotta go, movies don’t watch them theirselves!“

  • And with that you dragged him upstairs to your room
  • „Why are you in such a rush, darling?“
  • „Because I‘m selfish I want you all to myself.“
  • „No worries, I’m all yours.“
  • He leaned in to kiss you
  • Kinda teasing you, his lips slightly brushing over yours
  • „Stop being such a tease Holland.“
  • „Patience, my love.“

  • But he wasn’t expecting your secret weapon
  • Aka you pouting and your puppy eyes
  • „Ahhh no, stop! You know I can’t resist you when you do that.“
  • „That’s the plan loverboy.“
  • So finally
  • He’d kiss you
  • And boy
  • Every time you kiss him, it felt like heaven on earth

  • After preparing everything you cuddled into Sam
  • I have to mention that you guys would be covered by tons of blankets
  • „Okay first we‘re gonna watch ‘it‘, the old version, because why not. Second we’re gonna watch ‚‘la la land‘ because we have to! And third, well, I don’t know yet. We‘ll see.“
  • „You really planned everything don’t ya.“
  • „I want everything to be perfect for you.“
  • He’s such a sweetheart I can’t

  • Okay but the old „it“ is so much scarier than the new one
  • There were multiple times you hid in Sams chest
  • He’d stroke your hair
  • Eventually he’d place some kisses on your forehead ahhhhhh
  • He’d also let you know whenever you could stop hiding
  • You never move that far away from him, his presence was just too comforting
  • Some times you’d find yourself staring at him
  • Counting his freckles
  • Admiring every part of his face
  • „Do you find the movie that boring love?“
  • You felt the heat rising in your cheeks
  • Before you hid your face, of embarrassment, you answered
  • „Huh? Oh, uhm, no sorry.“
  • „No need to apologize beautiful.“
  • But you kept hiding in his chest
  • „You’re do adorable when you’re embarrassed darling.“

  • Okay but Sam was in is element when you watched la la land
  • Like he knew every line
  • Every single line
  • Eventually he forced you to dance with him
  • „Sam, no. No no no no no, I, stop! I’m horrible at dancing!“
  • „No you’re not. Come here.“
  • You tried your best not to make a complete fool of yourself
  • Which didn’t work that well
  • „You look adorable when you concentrate darling.“
  • You‘d immediately blush
  • He cupped your cheeks with his hand, slightly brushing his thumb back and forth
  • „I love you.“
  • „I love you too Sam.“
  • He leaned in, and this time he didn’t hesitate
  • Your lips fitted perfectly on his
  • It was a slow kiss, full of passion, yet not rushed
  • You smiled into the kiss
  • Not wanting to end it
  • Oh you really don’t mind having movie dates more often

me: i’ve watched that clip of thor and loki’s talk in the elevator scene a million times now so i’m sure i’m not going to cry in the cinema!

elevator scene: *happens*

me, violently sobbing in the otherwise silent theater:

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you could write a small piece about Harry and his gf having a small argument in which harry raises his voice and his gf immediately shuts down because her father used to get really mad and was kind of verbally abusive and she doesn't like it when people raise their voices and get angry around her bc it reminds her of her of the anger episodes. and harry comforts and apologizes. If it needs to be mentioned, can the gf please have long dark brown hair and brown eyes? tysm! ♥

hi! I sent the earlier request about harry and his gf having a minor fight and hif gf shutting down. I was wondering if you could please not have any swearing in it, bc that aggravates his gf bc it goes hand in hand with the shouting and stuff. thank you so much!

Dear sweet anon, I have no idea if this is what you were looking for.  Your request touched me in a different way than others I’ve received, and I did my best to write how I thought this scene might play out with Harry. I truly hope this meets your needs.  I did my best.  If you can, please drop me a note on anon to let me know how I did.  

Don’t Yell

“BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO!!’ Harry had bellowed at you.

As soon as he said it, in that tone, at that volume, you had stopped caring. Stopped thinking.  Stopped breathing for a few minutes.  You’d been transported back to your past.  To the days when your father had yelled at you for the silliest things.  To the days where you had gotten yelled at for not putting an extra pickle on your father’s plate.  Or for changing the channel during a commercial your father had said he hated yesterday but somehow wanted to watch today.  Or there had been the time your father had yelled at you for dropping crumbs on the kitchen floor as you were eating a poptart, even though you were the one who regularly cleaned the kitchen floor.  

You and Harry had been together for about three months now.  And it had been a blissful three months.  Full of sunshine and butterflies.  Full of hope and passion.  Full of kindness and respectful give and take in your discussions.

But the moment Harry raised his voice – the moment he had taken on that tone – you withdrew into yourself.  You curled mentally and emotionally into a ball like a porcupine who needed protection from the giant predator.  The two of you had been cleaning up after dinner and discussing Lou’s New Year’s Eve party. As soon as Harry raised his voice, you stopped talking.  Your brain was reeling, but you tried to act normally.  You continued drying the dishes silently, putting them away in their appropriate places.  

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Gotta love that a certain movie! Is being called a long shot by every single outlet. Must hurt the ego and pride. I’ll be happy when it disappears from the narrative midway through campaign season.

At this point if it gets a major nod it will be on name and not merit. Which we all know that’s why people are out rubbing elbows and avoiding talk of harassment.