you gotta love this movie

Okay, mr. snazzy koala and sinatra mouse were pretty fun.

Couple Prompts

(( @iaxewboy please can we use some of these lmao ))

•Going to a concert together and Person A getting the lead singer to play a proposal song for Person B. Bonus if the singer is Person C of your OT3.

•Staying up late and just watching horror movies to block out the sounds of *insert problem here*

•Angry sex after Person A catches Person B talking to Person C. Bonus if Person C is their ex.

• “Babe, I love you but you gotta stop eating all the popcorn before the movie starts.”


•Person A getting into a comatose state and Person B sitting by their side until they wake up, which takes a long time. Bonus if Person C is the nurse/doctor.

•"I swear to drunk I’m not god. Hey you’re looking fine~“

•"I can’t come tomorrow. You wanna know why? Because I love you, and it’s killing me to see you in love with them.”

•Time traveller AU “I often wonder what would happen if you never met me.”

•Harry Potter AU: Slytherin/Gryffindor romance. Bonus if they hated each other before hand.

•Teacher/Student: Person A gets a detention from hot teacher Person B and gets an awkward erection/gets wet. Smut ensues when Sensei notices.

“stop calling me that omg you’re not a hentai schoolgirl”
“you love it.”

•"Hey, babe, where’s my *insert band here" shirt?“
”…give me my fucking shirt omg.“

•1960s AU: Person A is a greaser and Person B is the good girl/boy who gets corrupted by Person A.

not so simple reasons to stay alive:
- small acts of kindness that you see. (people holding the door for someone even if it was inconvenient for them, compliments, etc)
- new music !! gotta love your tunes and books !! movies !! you know you love them
- meeting new people !! cute ones, intriguing ones !! so many lovely people out there waiting to meet someone like you
- hanging out w the people you love and getting that feeling of “wow maybe things are gonna be alright.” or just simply laughing again. you gotta live for that.
- dates !! movies w your best friends !! late night calls / texts w people who make you happy. you know that happy, elated, feeling your heart gets? you never get used to that.
- sunsets, sunrises, driving w the music loud at night, windows down and your hair going everywhere. you’re a mess, but you’re happy.
- your favorite colors! and when you see them how you get that happy little feeling
- opening up to someone. sure maybe it’s scary, but it’s a damn good feeling when you can trust someone w your darkest parts and know they love you regardless
- the “i love yous.” they make you feel good, loved, cared for. but know that it’s meant in other things too. “buckle up.” “be careful.” “text me when you’re home.” “how are you?” “can we talk?” “do you want me to call you?” “this reminded me of you.” “listen to this.”
- people are depending on you, yanno? i know you think you’re a burden. i know maybe you think people would be better off without you, but you are the reason some people get out of bed. so if the little things aren’t enough to keep you going, think about the big things, the ones that love you. you gotta keep going for them. if you need a sign, this is it, keep going. you’re doing so great.


You gotta love Max… The film was so dark, but I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much off-set. We got on instantly, which was lucky, as on our first day we had a love scene. I opened the schedule and went, ‘Argh!’ But you just have to dive straight in and not take yourself too seriously. It was funny, actually.”
Samantha Barks on working with Max Irons in Bitter Harvest.

So I just saw Civil War and no spoilers but considering all the hype it was a real let down tbh.
I’m just kidding holy shit, not to be intense or anything but after the movie ended I forgot who or where I was for a little while it was like nothing mattered except this movie

Why are anon’s asking me about Taron’s sexuality or sex life for that matter.. I personally don’t know this.. only he knows..
I have also been asked if he had a piercing down there.. 
I’ve been sent pretty personal photos
I have had hate given to me
I have had people message me saying they’re mad because Taron’s FB is now on private..

you’ve gotta remember he’s a human too and he loves making movies and entertaining us. He wanted to become an actor, because it was his passion. He doesn’t want to be famous. 

Can we all respect our little Taron and keep him safe and reassured that his fans aren’t crazy psychopaths please. xx