you gotta love these two scenes :')

no clue why people would ever characterize yuuri as being annoyed with victor’s affection like? have you seen the show? the boy is head-over-heels in love with victor, and the two of them are the most affectionate couple!

did y’all miss how yuuri ran to victor to hug him? i was thinking of the airport scene in particular, but yuuri does this a lot after his turn on the ice! he runs to victor with wide open arms, ready for that hug!! like damn!!

and the two of them are so in tune with each other and so used to physical affection like. hugging. all the time just watching the other skaters? gotta hug. how about a hug for good luck? a kiss on the knuckles? a kiss on the lips? casually leaning on each other’s shoulders? holding hands?

i could go on. really. bottom line? they love each other. so much. there’s no doubt about it, so fuck outta here with headcanons abt getting annoyed at each other smh


pairing: kai parker x reader

word count: 1431

a/n: not requested, just something i was thinking about. listen to this

One moment you were watching Alaric and Jo give their vows, the next you were lying in rubble with a distinct ringing in your ears. 

You could hear people screaming, crying, shouting, but it was like they were being muffled. You tried to move into a sitting position but stopped when a sharp pain struck through your back. You shifted your muscles and felt something lodged between your hip and spine. Eyes struggling to focus in the brightness, you pushed through the pain and managed to sit up, but your hands and arms now stung from the cuts of glass shards.

“Miss me?”

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Supergirl 2x15: good job everyone

Episodes 2x13 and 2x14 made me lose any hope I had for this tv show to improve regarding this season. But I’ve just seen last night episode (2x15) and all I can say it’s: wow. 

Things to love about this episode:

1) There are more Sanvers moments in this episode than in the whole season. We see a broken Alex because of what is happening with her dad and Cadmus, and Maggie supports her when no one else does. Also, they make a really good team fighting the enemy:

2) Alex is sassier than ever and beats Cadmus guys up during the whole episode. Moreover, we finally see a Mon-El who doesn’t behave like the dumbass he’s been all season. Here he supports Kara and tells her she’s the most moral person he knows, and tries to help her with her work as a journalist (they could’ve made Karamel to be a healthy relationship all this time; and even if I’m a Supercorp shipper, if they make him be a good guy, it’s fine by me. Not as great as Lena and Kara would be, but…).

3) Is that a bird? Is that a plane? No, it’s James! Finally. It’s almost like he isn’t important this season. Come on, this moment when James and Winn are fanboying over Winn’s girlfriend it’s so nice and funny. These two should have more screen time together.

4) And we get some serious Supercorp stuff!! Lena also helps Kara with publishing an article by suggesting her to do it on social media (and we get all these special stares and smiles between these two we love so much). Moreover, we have an epic moment in which Supergirl rescues Lena from a serious fall (we all almost died during that scene, you gotta admit it).

(Kara and Lena casually rehearsing their wedding)

If I had to use one word to describe this episode it’d be: INTENSE. And wonderful.

I’d like the rest of this tv show to get better, like they’ve done with this episode. I always say what I think, and I’ve criticized the wrong things writers did in the past. Therefore, I might as well state when I think they’re doing a good job.

Just one thing: the only thing I didn’t like was Kara saying all she needed was being Supergirl and having a boyfriend. She loves her job as a reporter, that’s nonsense. She could be a reporter working for another magazine.

anonymous asked:

If u want to, could you recommend me some good Voltron fanfic? Angsty stuff and OCs are fine I just want some good fanfic

I… have absolutely no idea how long this has been here… I AM SO SORRY I literally just saw this because I didn’t get a notification for it? Whatever that’s about… i’m a mess haha i never get asks so I never really check oops


Disclaimer: I didn’t write any of these. I’m working on some vld stuff myself though, actually so… if anyone’s interested please let me know so I actually have motivation to post it. A lot of these I found just on ao3, but I’ll link the tumblr if I know it so you can follow.

I hope you like klance because that’s what I read and I’m cutting it off because it’ll be really long otherwise

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This is Part Eight in “Together”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader x Jared
Words:  1056

Read “Needy”
Read “Deserving”
Read “Loving”
Read “Vacation”
Read “Try”
Read “Remember”
Read “Telling”

A/N: After “Together” and “Our Girl” are finished, I will no longer be doing poly stories.

         You were sitting in your chair on set, messing around on your phone when you felt hands on your shoulders. You knew they were Jensen’s without even looking.

           He brought his mouth to your ear, “Have I told you today how beautiful I think you are?” he asked.

           You giggled, “You mentioned it when we woke up,” you said.

           “Well, then it’s been too long. You are absolutely gorgeous.”

           You rolled your eyes, “Thank you, J.”

           “What?” he asked.

           “You’re just funny,” you said.

           “You don’t agree with me?” he asked, walking around to stand in front of you, “Are you disagreeing with my statement?”

           “Of course not,” you shook your head.

           Jensen kissed you softly, “I love you. And you really are gorgeous.”

           “I love you too. You’re not so bad yourself.”

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Golden Days - Ryan Haywood GTA!AU Part 2/?

Pairing / The Vagabond x Reader

Word Count / 1,227

Warnings / swearing vomiting n stuff


A/N: Chapter two! look at me go i havent given up yet, i dont know if this chapter is as good as the first but bare with me i have some really good ideas coming ive just gotta set the scene ya feel me? any way enjoy and i hope you have a lovely day/night 

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Here I am again, after an awful amount of time. As requested by @uncharted-delight “Something about Cassie going on vacation with Uncle Sam? Her parents are worried Sam could possibly do illegal stuff with her. Sam and Cassie are going to make any Archeological search somewhere in the world. Maybe. Just saying.”

I’m really sorry it took me so long and I apologise if it didn’t turn out as you expected. Please tell me what do you think about it and how should I improve.

English is not my first language.

Pairing: Sam Drake x reader

Warnings: None

“You guys are sure about that?”

“Absolutely, stop worrying. We’re doing you and Elena a favor”

“Yeah well I’m not sure you’re doing us a favor”

“Nate c’mon, it’s not like I’m taking her to pull off a heist,”

You heard the two brothers discuss outside, in the small garden while you were sitting in the living room, helping Cassie with her homework. Sam wanted so bad to go on a vacation with you and he got the idea to ask Nate and Elena to let Cassie tag along. She grew up to be the exact combination of her parents. Smart and sweet, like Elena, meddling and lively like Nathan. She also started to develop an interest in history and ancient civilisations, which made Sam feel kind of proud. After all, she reminded him of his little brother and the fact that she was named after their mother made him easily grow fond of her. You found Sam’s behaviour with Cassie utterly adorable, how he narrates stories about his adventures without mentioning his or his brother’s names, how he gives her souvenirs of the sites you had visited and teaches her about the populations. It looked like Sam was trying to compensate for some kind of emptiness he couldn’t help feeling.

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anonymous asked:

re: irojiro and the guy in kr606: i LOVE them, that's probably my favorite jgv because of their chemistry! it would be pretty great if they were dating, but i never saw anything really confirming that... i did see people saying irojiro and the guy you tag as "K" were a thing once? they had a pretty good video too

omg yes kr606 is the definition of sexual passion,, I can’t for the life of me ever get over those two during the whole scene. they gotta have had a little something somethin going on, the vid’s just downright exceptional

mmh I suddenly saw people calling him Kan so I kinda just roll with it and tag him as “K” rn
you’re saying something though, cause I definitely dig that vid a lot, like it’s bomb 👌 their chemistry is grade a,, but I do think it was more of a lucky combo than anything else, like Kan is generally a really pleasing partner, you know he be loving his job, and you won’t see him half-assing his scenes.. and then,, pair him together with the irojiro dude and you quickly get that 💯 quality💯 
now, of course there might be more to it than that, cus,, then you got the intimate eye contact throughout the entire video,, like the fuck,, and it makes you wonder if it’s more than just a conspiracy theory lol jk

but I honestly haven’t seen any actual confirmation on those two so for me it’s basically  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Darlin’, We’re Going Down (Josh Faraday x Reader)

Originally posted by entertainmenttonight

Warning: sort of spoiler-y with elements of violence.

You and Faraday had a history.

It was brief, but eventful. The type of thing you wanted to forget.

You’d done everything right. You spent a week drinking him away, then you got up and found a little town in The Middle of Nowhere, USA. A tiny patch of dirt called Rose Creek. You came at a bad time—or rather, a good one. Bogue mining company had just set up shop across the way, causing a distraction that kept people from asking you questions. It made it quite easy for you to integrate yourself quietly as the town’s new seamstress.

Then, just as you were settling into your new skin, everything changed. Rose Creek became a battlefield, Emma Cullen had left with every penny the town had, and armed men perused the streets, desperately looking for a reason to shoot someone. You weren’t scared like most people. You could handle a gun, and had no problem picking up and moving somewhere else. You’d done it before. But you didn’t want to. You liked it there. You’d grown attached to the people and the little room you occupied above the barbershop. It was your home. So for now, you’d wait it out. Emma promised to bring back an army by the end of the week. Maybe she’d come through.

And she did.

They came in a blaze of gunpowder, wasting no time in shooting up half the town. You ducked under your table for the majority of it, frantically tapping on your floorboards to figure which one you’d hidden your gun under. Ironically enough, you didn’t find it until the last shot was fired, and Emma came riding in, telling everyone to come out.

Tucking it into the back of your skirt, you hesitantly walked outside. Others had already emerged and were investigating the bodies littering the gravel. You looked around, trying to figure out which faces you didn’t recognize. Right away you spotted a bearded man, who looked more bear than human. Then a stranger who was tending to a black horse. There was another, decked out in war paint, pulling arrows from bodies, and checking the tips. Two others stood off to the side, one holding a rifle and one wiping blood from one of his many knives. Somewhere you caught wind of a Spanish accent. That made six. Six men who had just wiped out 30.

Then you saw that there was a seventh.

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Anything for You

A Reader x Monsta x romance/murder mystery series ~ Coming this Summer…Hopefully (I’m not a confident writer! Yay!)

1. Reader will either get with one member or I may write multiple endings depending on how things go
2. All the boys are gonna have secrets they hide from reader that will later be revealed. Gotta keep you guessing ~ Who will reader love? Who is the murderer?
3. Mostly fluff. Possibility of two smut scenes with several nsfw moments

Reader -
* Lives in a nice little apartment.
* Works mornings at a cafe and nights at a small, local convenience store
* Graduated with a degree, but still haven’t found their passion yet
* Wants to fall in love, but is still trying to learn to love themself.

Shownu -
* Childhood friend and neighbor of reader; they grew up in the same apartment complex. Basically a big brother.
* They ended up being neighbors again later on in life. His apartment is across from theirs.
* A police officer
* Rides a motorcycle
* Personality: Quiet, Protective, Caring, Awkward

Wonho -
* Reader’s best friend. They met in college.
* Pansexual/romantic
* Works as a host and a part time stripper
* Personality: Affectionate, Goofy, Arrogant, but also Insecure

Kihyun -
* Rival when reader finally finds their dream job.
* Always teases and mocks reader. Wants to one up them in everything
* But also the type who doesn’t allow anyone else to do it, but him
* Loves dogs
* Personality: Sassy, Sarcastic, Motherly, Lonely

Minhyuk -
* Lives in apartment next too reader’s.
* Single father. His son’s name is Taemin (he enjoys coloring and reading)
* Often gets reader to babysit
* Personality: Busy bee, cheerful, thoughtful, curious

Hyungwon -
* Coworker and friend of reader. Works at the cafe.
* Wears cute, round glasses
* Struggling writer, also enjoys photography
* Comes over to reader’s apartment regularly, mainly for breakfast in the morning.
* Reader has to check on him at his house to make sure he is alive sometimes.
* Personality: Relaxed, Funny, Shy, Humble

Jooheon -
* Dangerous looking guy that visits the convenience store reader works at.
* Finds him beat up in an ally one night and takes him home. Turns out he just got kicked out of his gang and has nowhere else to go, so reader lets him live in their apartment for the time being.
* Personality: Cold, but kind at heart, clumsy, hard worker, sweet

Changkyun -
* Coworker and friend of Wonho at the Host club.
* Working on becoming a rapper.
* Likes texting reader. They are basically friends through Wonho. Gaming buddies.
* Personality: Flirty, Dorky, Gentleman, Lazy

Please, let me know if you are interested…

Okay so i’ve seen the leaked scripts…my theory? Bellamy’s “I left her behind” line comes AFTER a desperate confession scene between Bellamy and Clarke. That boy is not gonna leave her behind so easily. He’s gonna fight, refuse, and bitch about it. Maybe the others will have to force him to get on the ship. All I can imagine now is this emotional scene between the two of them and she’s gonna be all “you gotta let me go” and he’ll be like “but i love you” and I just 😭

Maybe I’m wrong, but a girl can dream…

jessicafuckingjones  asked:

Sarah HOW DO YOU BRAINSTORM PLOTS my mind is a mess of half-baked ideas that wouldn't work

Plots, I can’t help you with so much. Plotting isn’t my forte. But I can maybe help you get half-baked ideas to a fully baked souffle, and the way you do that is by fucking up a lot of souffles to be honest, but I’m here to offer my advise on how you gain quite a lot by fucking up those souffles for a while

SO: margotkim’s patented Idea Development Help Guide That Might Be Useful?™


This is literally the only method I have for coming up with ideas solid enough that I can plot the out: I have one image I want to work towards, and then I work out all the things that I have to figure out for it to happen.


  • and I mean really don’t worry about logic or reason or even if anyone else will think it’s cool, that’s just gonna get in the way at this point. This is working on the image of the kind of strange stories you tell yourself as you wait to fall asleep. 
  • So I have this image I’ve been thinking about of a magic fight that takes place in an old looking gothic church with no ceiling, shattered stain glass, ivy growing up. The columns that lead up to where the ceiling should be lead up into nothing but pure white, outside the windows are pure white, it is clear this place is outside the world we know. Up around the place where the ceiling should be, there’s a winged black shadow. Underneath there’s a man in hospital scrubs in a wheelchair with a shotgun. 
  • Or I have this other idea that I’ve been thinking about, where two characters face each other in a room, and all I know about them is that they are on the same side, they knew each other, but one of them is younger and a wunderkund who messed something up tremendously, and the other is older and their teacher and she has to figure out how to punish this other character who is simultaneous a good person and someone who did something very very wrong. 
    • This image is bookmarked with a line of dialogue from the Walking Dead video game where your character says, “You’re not a bad man, but what the fuck are we supposed to do now.” I bring this up because fiction often inspires other fiction in strange and indirect ways, and you should always pay attention to your influences to use them as scaffolds for your own ideas, which can often mean being inspired to veer off deliberately in the opposite direction. Never underestimate how inspiring it can be to have a model to work against. 

So that is some free association in two different ways there, but it’s super vivid to me. I know what these scenes looks like, and I understand and find interesting the emotions involved. I just don’t why they are happening. 

and actually hold on a sec.


  • I’m sure you have an image where you’re like “badass badass badass” or “SO EMOTIONAL OH GOSH” or “these two characters are culminating their love, also who are they”, but you might think that that isn’t the basis for a story. And listen. You gotta put yourself in the place where you trust your brain enough to follow the random bullshit it spits out. 
  • I used to draw this line in my head between “respectable story ideas” and “random terrible daydreams that make me very happy but no one else will understand”, and that was a bad call because the ideas that make you passionate and make you want to think about them all night are the ideas you should nurture
  • and look
  • the majority of these images start with things like: 
  • because the images that reach past your idea of what a good story is supposed to be to squeeze your heart are the images that drive you to create
  • the ideas that give you utter joy but you think are untranslatable to other people are the ideas that are worth the time to translate
    • writing is a long act of trying to get a reader to see something you are creating out of nothing. 
    • it’s an act of conjuring
    • it’s a pain in the ass 
    • regardless of whether it’s an academic paper or a twelve novel epic fantasy series
    • so it might as well be a pain in the ass you’re passionate about. 

for me, the best ideas are also embarrassing. if you don’t feel a little awkward about explaining it to someone, it isn’t intimate enough to you to be a story that no one but you could tell. 

okay? moving on.


  • church fight scene image
    • for me, the man is the clear entry point into this image, which has almost too many elements to work out. the man is human
      • when working with genre work, a rule of thumb I find helpful: the genre elements should support the character and themes you want your characters to explore
      • if working with people is easier for you than working with genre elements (and genre btw can be romance, magic, mystery, anything, we’ll use genre as a shorthand for “the elements that determine where in the library a book gets shelved”), then build your characters and then build genre elements off that
      • if working with genre elements is easier for you, reverse engineer a character that thematically suits your genre elements that you want to work with
      • realistically you’ll develop both elements together, each organically pushing the other in new directions
      • but it’s easier to start somewhere
      • so let’s start with the man 
    • who is the man
      • why is he in the wheelchair?
        • is he in a wheelchair because of something within the story you are telling or as something that happened seperate of the story you are telling
        • and as a corollary to think about: what about this man did he start this story with and what did he gain/lose over the course of this story
      • where did he get a shotgun?
      • if the man is in scrubs, does that mean he was in a hospital before?
        • was he a patient? doctor? nurse? tech? criminal? 
      • is he equipped in anyway to handle this problem?
      • is he going to be played by oscar isaac?
        • spoiler warning: yes. he is going to be played by oscar isaac
      • what does the man feel at this moment? 
      • what has the man done to get here?
      • how does the man’s external situation reflect his internal? 
        • what can the scuttling shadow thing reflect? why does it matter that he’s in a strange unworldly church? why is he handling this situation with a gun?
        • we sometimes talk about THEMES as this thing that just exists for english majors to write essays about, but THEMES are tremendously useful to writers as well. they ask you “what is this story about?” in a way that helps you construct a world that allows you to explore your answer
        • for example: this story will be about loneliness. the main character will suffer from loneliness. the antagonist will exacerbate their loneliness. the side characters will provide different views on loneliness. the solution to the problem will in some way address loneliness. 
          • which could be something like: a man who isolates himself because he doesn’t want to risk emotional connection with people suffers tremendously from loneliness which only causes him to isolate himself more as he feels less and less capable of approaching people. the monster is something that snatches people from the world without a trace. by the end, the man might very well be the last person on earth, in a place that’s the last place on earth, and now utter isolated, he has to fight the monster alone. 
          • this is a super loose construction, but it’s a beginning 
    • then reach outside the image
      • first, reach outside the image altogether, back into the world of your own head and ask questions like: what kind of plots do I find interesting? what kind of works does this image remind me of? what connections am I making that I don’t unerstand yet why I’m making them? 
        • most useful question for me, because I’m a character girl girst and foremost: what kind of characters do I always love? I’ve got like five stock characters I love in every situation, which one works the most interestingly here? The Reserved Good Man Who Is Punished For Doing The Right Thing? The Badass Character Who Is Secretly A Dork But Also Secretly Has A Super Dark Past? The Normal Person Who Does Their Best Amidst Forces Far More Powerful Than Them? 
          • I plug in different characters I like and see how the image changes
          • I see which one makes me immediately want to know more
    • second, reach outside the immediate image you have to explore what’s on either side of it
      • what happened one minute before this image? and one minute before that? and one minute before that?
        • what happened ten years before that? 
        • how do you link those two times?
      • if the man wins, what’s the next hour look like? 
        • what about if the monster wins?
        • what does it mean in this story to win? 
      • what characters that matter aren’t in this picture?
        • did someone give the man a shotgun?
        • did someone unleash the monster? 
        • is the man fighting for someone besides himself? 
        • who does the monster love, if the monster loves?
    • and literally keep going
      • just ask question after question after question after question after question, because one question will suggest the next, and each answer will create new questions, and the questions that you think to ask will be as informative as the answers you come up with
        • for example for this story, towards the end I started asking questions about the monster winning, who does the monster love, who unleashed the monster, and the wording made me realize that I’m interested in a monster that’s sympathetic
        • but my image is dependent on a horrific monster
        • the combination of horrific and sympathetic, combined with the desolate beauty of the church, is pointing me towards a specific theme and mood that will help me define my story 
  • two people at a table scene (I’ll do this one quicker, I promise) 
    • for human drama, I think instantly on two character types I both love, and how can I put them against each other
    • or what’s a dynamic that I’ve always wanted to see done a different way
      • in this case, I immediately think “the young viewpoint character of any action/genre show who is good at stuff without trying, and their rival/mentor who works really hard at stuff and puts effort in but doesn’t have the same natural talent” 
      • and this is a case of reaching outside the image to the box of things I know I like, because often times making a story is bringing together:
        • new inspiration, and 
        • old loves
    • and then when I think of the trope that interests me that works in this moment, I think of where I have seen that trope, and the ways I have wanted it to play out differently
    • then I think about the setting that would bring this trope out best
      • and this decision is influenced heavily by the things I like
      • the things I like are spies and bureaucracy (babe, I fucking LOVE stories about bureaucracy, which is weird, I know, but is also the thing that Me, Myself, and I bring to this story that most other people won’t)
      • and so this story is now about a younger rising star spy who disobeyed orders on a mission because she thought she knew the right thing to do better than anyone else, and the older more trained and experienced spy who has to deal with her
        • an important element of my story from the beginning is that both women are good people but the younger one has done something Wrong, and to avoid false drama, it has to be something genuinely bad 
        • so her breaking orders on a mission resulted in friendly fire where the younger one accidentally shot and killed her ally
        • and for the sake of drama, let’s say the person she shot and killed was the older woman’s good friend
          • and there’s the beginning of a plot

IT’S SO LONG, I hope this is helpful to you, and here’s the cliffnotes:

  • release yourself from your own judgment and explore the images, tropes, and ideas that make you truly excited
  • and make sure that you are really, really excited about the idea
  • because that excitement is what’s going to power the aggressive interrogation of your own idea that lets you create a truly thought-out, living world 
  • and once you have asked yourself all these questions about your image, you’ll find that your questioning leads you to the themes you find powerful and the actions you find exciting, and this will help you coalesce all these questions and answers into a plot that combines and drives themes, actions, genre, and character  

Flabdrassit I needed a break from all my assignments I’ve been working on for college so I decided to finish this yolk with my two favourite baddies. I started it about three weeks ago but had no time to work on it till today. If you don’t get the reference then shame on you.

This particular scene is based after the events that transpired in that Dom n Hater Married AU comic. I flipping love that AU. :D Seriously people, go read it. It’s great.

Right, now I gotta get back to work on my assignments. Just one more week to go then I’m finished for the summer. YEAH!

fma meme: 4/5 favorite friendships
↳ Ling Yao and Greed 

Just forget all I said before about Ling and Ed having a weird friendship because nothing can top that. These guys are so close they share a body… Ok, I have to periodically remind myself I’m not funny, sorry about that. Speaking of which, you know who’s funny? These two. Two amusing guys, one body. Not surprisingly… chaos ensues. You just gotta love their dynamic and the way their relationship was built up. Ling teaching Greed about friendship, Greed finally realizing that’s what he was after all along. Sure, sounds a bit cheesy but it was beautiful to watch. 

Anybody else have more yoi ships than Victuri? I mean, gotta love them, but who else do you guys ship? Here are the two I have so far:

Leo and Guang-Hong

They’re so cute! They’re both similar in age, both are the innocent ones in this scene, and they seem to get along pretty well. Plus, they both have pink-ish phone cases.

Also, this one:

Ahh! The narration just kills me!

They’re friends for now, it seems. But they do have a lot in common: they’re both loner types, they complement each other nicely (Yuri’s the aggressive loner and Otabek is the silent loner), and they’re both kind of hardcore in their own way. Plus, Otabek rescued him from his fans. Can we say ‘knight in shining armor’? (riding a pretty rad bike, too)

That’s it for my other yoi ships, but if you have any, do tell!

Stop Calling Me Sweetheart!(Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better Part 3)

Part One       Part Two

  Summary: You and your sister Gwen are hunters on a case involving ghosts. You kept running into Sam and Dean Winchester.  You don’t like working with other hunters, so when Sam suggests you team up, its the last thing you want to do. Gwen was into Sam, but you and Dean kept butting heads.

You knew when you were beaten.  Gwen had an itch for this guy Sam, and there would be no living with her until she got to scratch it.  The sooner you let her have her fun with him, the sooner you could get away from Dean and those green eyes that saw more than you were comfortable with.

”Fine.  You win.” You said, teeth clenched.

Gwen turned and walked back to Sam and Dean.  “We would LOVE your help, wouldn’t we Y/N??” She elbowed you hard in the side.

“Yeah, great.” You said with as much enthusiasm as you could muster.  This was gonna suck so hard.

“I’d Like to go back to the hotel to change before we go to the crime scene. Hard to do much in this getup.” You said.

“Gotta love the view tho.”  Dean said with a pointed look at your cleavage. 

You resisted the urge to stick your tongue out at him.  “Where are you two staying?” Gwen asked.

“The Wheaton Motel.” Sam said.

“No way!” Gwen said, “Us too!” 

“What WERE the chances??” You said sarcastically. Gwen fished a pen out of her purse, and grabbed Sam’s hand.  She scrawled her cell number and drew a heart around it. 

“Here’s my cell.  Shoot me a text with yours. After we all change, we can head over to the crime scene. Sound like a plan?”

“Sure. Sam said, grinning at Gwen. He immediately texted her his number. 

“You sure your OK with this sweetheart?” Dean said, looking at you.

“Not like I have a choice…..” You muttered. Gwen shot you a look. “Yep. Fine. Great.”

You pulled into the hotel, with Sam and Dean right behind you.  It turns out they were at the opposite end of the same hallway from you. You and Gwen removed your FBI garb, and put on your hunting gear.  Long sleeve shirts tucked into worn jeans,boots, and short jackets.  You met Sam and Dean at the cars.  You noticed Dean’s eyes travel appreciatively over you. They were dressed pretty much the same way.  

“ Maybe we should wait until after dark to go to the crime scene. If there are cops there, they may buy two FBI agents, but not four on a small town murder case.” you said thoughtfully. 

“Your probably right.  Would you ladies like to grab a bite to eat?” Sam asked.

Gwen shot you a look, just daring you to say no. “I’m starving, that would be great!” The two of you followed Sam and Dean to a diner near where the crime scene was located.  Sam slid in the booth next to Gwen, so you sat next to Dean. Conversation flowed easily between the four of you. You found yourself laughing more than you had in a long time.   Dean was incredibly charming, and you found yourself warming up to him.  Gwen was playing footsie with Sam under the table.  She thought you wouldn’t notice.  Did she think you were blind? Seriously?  Gwen was falling hard and fast for this one.

Finally it was dark, and you headed to the house where five people had been murdered. It was an old looking farmhouse at the end of a long driveway, “Pre Civil War, I’d say from the architecture.” Gwen mused out loud.

“She your geek?” Dean whispered to you, white grin flashing in the dark, ‘Sam’s mine.”

“Bite me.” Sam shot back. These two were definitely brothers.

 It was still cordoned off with crime scene tape, but it looked deserted.  You had the lock picked in under 5 seconds. “ Nice.” Dean grudgingly admitted.

“Not my first rodeo, Cowboy.” You smirked,.  

Sam entered first, followed by Gwen, then you, then Dean.  All of you were armed to the teeth.  The downstairs looked okay, so you headed upstairs to the bedrooms where the bodies were found. As you made your way up the stairs, flashlights illuminating a path in front of you, the temperature began to drop.  Soon it was so cold you could see your breath in a cloud in front of you.

“Guys??? Is it getting cold in here or is it just me?” Gwen said.

“Stick close!” Sam turned to say to Gwen. Dean and Sam exchanged a look, Dean jerked his head to the left. Sam and Gwen took the bedroom on the left, Dean came up behind you and shoved you towards the right. “Your with me sweetheart.’

‘Stop calling me sweetheart.” you snapped. As the two of you entered what you figured was the master bedroom, chaos reigned. The bedding and mattress were missing, stuff had clearly been rifled through, and fingerprint dust covered most of the surfaces. Big chunks of the wooden floor had been removed for evidence.  

Dean shined his flashlight next to the bed, illuminating a figure standing there, dressed in blood spattered overalls, chalk-white skin practically glowing. Moving so fast he was a blur, He grabbed Dean and threw him across the room.  You pumped three shells of rock salt into him and he vanished.  You ran to Dean.  “Are you OK?”

He was already getting to his feet.  Having heard the shots, Sam and Gwen ran in, guns drawn.  “We need to get them out of here!” Dean said to Sam.

“What???? No!!!! We are fine Dean! Let’s gank this bastard!” You said hotly.

The ghost materialized again and went for Gwen.  Sam grabbed her and shoved her out of the way, and fired a few more rounds of rock salt. He vanished in a cloud of smoke.  

“We need to figure out who it is and why he is  tied to this house. C’mon, let’s go!” Sam said.  He grabbed Gwen’s hand and charged down the stairs with you at his heels.  Dean was right behind you.

By the time you were back at the cars you were fuming. You rounded on Dean. “What the hell was that?? We don’t need you to protect us!” “I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself!”

“Listen Sweetheart…..”Dean began.

“Goddammit, I told you not to call me sweetheart!”

Gwen looked at Sam. “Wanna get a drink?”

“God Yes.” He said eagerly.

:”I saw a bar a few blocks from here, Follow me.” Gwen told Dean. 

 You slumped into the passenger seat angrily. “I told you this was a bad idea.”

Gwen turned and gave you a long look.  You know what I think, you are attracted to Dean, and it scares you. You hate feeling vulnerable.”

“Whatever Dr. Phil.” You muttered. 

The four of you entered Joey’s, a nondescript neighborhood bar, and when the bartender came to take your order, you and Dean both said, “Whiskey “.

After 4 whiskeys, you felt much better and couldn’t remember why you had been so mad at Dean.  Gwen was practically sitting in Sam”s lap.  They were all over each other.  

“Your eyes are really green.” You blurted out. Dean smiled.

What the hell? Why did you say that?? “I need to go to the bathroom.” You said suddenly feeling sick. You jumped up and bolted for the bathroom. You splashed some water on your faced and willed yourself not to throw up.  What was it about this guy??

When you went back, Gwen and Sam were gone. Only Dean remained. “Where is my sister?” You asked.

“They went back to the motel.” Dean said with a knowing look. “Gwen asked me to bring you back. Do you want to go?”

“Why that sneaky little……You began.

“Come on sweetheart.  You knew this was coming.  It was inevitable.  Sam has been hot for her since he saw her at the diner.”

“Same for Gwen. She has an unfortunate weakness for tall guys.”

Dean drove you back to the motel.  You were drunker than you usually let yourself get. He offered to walk you to your room but you said you could get there fine. When you got there, there was a note taped to the door.


Sam and I are in here. Please don”t bother us!!!!!!! He said you can bunk with Dean for tonight.  He won’t mind. I owe you big sis. 

Love You!


You read the note again,  Was she kidding? Bunk with Dean? Great…..Just Great.  It was either that or sleep in the car.  You sighed deeply and trudged down to Deans room. You hesitated, them knocked softly on the door. Dean opened it. He had already changed for bed.  He wore flannel pajama bottoms that rode low on his hips, and no shirt. You just stared at him……

“What’s up sweetheart?” He said.

“I have a name. It’s Y/N. My sister is busy banging your brother in MY room. Apparently I am supposed to bunk here with you. Is that OK?”

Dean grinned. “That is totally OK.”

“Don;t get any ideas, Dean. Which bed is Sam’s?” Den pointed to the left one.

You swallowed hard.  “Do you have a shirt or something I can borrow to sleep in? I hate sleeping in my clothes. Gwen locked me out without anything.”

Dean handed you a worn flannel shirt. You went into the bathroom and put it on. It hung down almost to your knees. After you rolled up the sleeves, you washed your face and came out. “Wow. that looks good on you.” Dean said softly.

I am so going to kill Gwen tomorrow! You thought. You sat on the edge of Sam’bed, facing Dean as he sat on his. “This is very weird. I have never done anything like this before. I am really pissed at Gwen, and I feel so incredibly  stupid right now, and………” Before you could get another word out, Dean was on you like a leaping tiger, his mouth crashing on yours……..


honestly, as much as it hurts me to see clarke try so hard to keep finn alive, and that she ultimately ends up killing him herself to spare him from the pain, this is the scene that actually makes me cry and rips my soul apart.

i know, still 95% of the world hates finn, but you gotta put yourself into the shoes of characters once in a while (in this case raven) and look at things from their view. the amount of history between these two is not just heartbreaking, but undeniable. the entirety of the scene hammers down to feelings such as grief, forgiveness and even love in a very gut-wrenching way. you especially see it when you look at things, as I’ve said, from raven’s perspective, as she is the one who reminds us what and who finn is to her - “family” - and that he will always be. so, to think that at night she is gonna lose the one person she sees as her family… yeah, it makes this moment all the more agonizing to watch.

Why I love Kingsman: The Secret Service too much

Yet another really long appreciation post. (Which I absolutely love writing, being an aspiring author).

Now, I’m not putting down any other spy movie. Really. Just obsessed with this one. Hence, this appreciation post. I’m simply expressing my thoughts like I always do.
Moving on… Dressing like a Kingsman is my favorite style now. I pretty much have a replica of some of the gizmos used in the movie. Including the same exact model of Samsung laptop which I actually received as a gift from my brother. Imagine my surprise when I saw Harry Hart use it.

I have to say why I love this movie so much.

Colin Firth. (Harry Hart a.k.a. Galahad)

Enough said. He deserves to be at the top of this list. In fact, he is a big part of this post. The movie would’ve been utterly incomplete without him.

Colin always has this classy, attractive Englishman style with a swagger and that won yet again. Won me over so easily. He just needs to grace the screen and everything gets more interesting and complete.

Just look at that saunter. If he showed up on a date with me like this, it would be the best thing on this planet.

He’s the very definition of attractive. I’m guilty of having my heart stolen by this adept gentleman spy.

Perfect example of a gentleman right there.

“The suit is a modern gentleman’s armor.” he says. Because he knows what it takes to be one.

Wise words, Harry. Wise words to live by.

Especially this one.

Do listen to the man. Do not try to piss him off. Unless you want to end up with a hole in your head or otherwise a bashed in face. And then get caught in a massacre. He just looks unassuming but is a sartorial badass who doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit.

This scene:


Remind me not to get on your bad side, Galahad.

Rest assured, he is a complete package. Classy, sassy, dreamy. I need a Harry Hart in my life. Seriously.

Bonus: Even Taron Egerton agrees with me.

Exactly! Thank you! Which brings me to the next thing on this list…

Taron Egerton a.k.a. Eggsy.

Hands down, the most adorable, liveliest character of the movie. In fact, more like a sweet cinnamon roll that is too valuable for this world.
A rookie in the Kingsman Secret Service, Eggsy’s sarcasm and various reactions to situations were amusing as heck.

Like here, when he learns of the new spy tech.

Or here, when he first experiences Harry’s fighting skills.

Yeah, I would have the same reaction if I saw Harry Hart beat up bullies twice his size in a bar and then casually come and sit in front of me. My instant reaction would be:

Eggsy’s whole demeanor makes you laugh. He was the life of the movie.

That yellow printed bomber jacket was quite ridiculous and even yet, Eggsy managed to pull it off and still look cute. In fact, he even set a trend with it.

Put that vivid attire aside, however. And this guy is smart, gutsy, quick to act, loyal and can’t be fooled easily.

Even though he does mistake a pug for a bulldog. That was an exception.

He goes along with it anyway.

Hey, it happens to the best of us, okay? Besides, you gotta love a guy who loves his dog.

In a scene, Harry tells Eggsy that if he can learn to adapt, he can transform.

Oh, he DID transform, alright. When he followed in Harry’s footsteps. Became as sexy of a gentleman as his Kingsman friend.


Seriously, Harry would just be so proud. And nobody makes a better team than these two.

At times, Eggsy’s reactions do get heartbreaking also. But because of that development of his character, it just makes you wanna root for him.

Roxy a.k.a. Lancelot.

I have to give credit to this girl because from the movie it looked like she was afraid of heights. But damn, this badass Lancelot literally went to outer space despite her phobia, in a prototype vehicle and shot down Valentine’s satellite.

Girl power, baby.


I can’t not mention her. I’ve never seen a more badass sidekick. She’s got acrobatic martial art skills and if you provoke her, she’ll slice you in half with a single swing of her blade leg. And all that rather effortlessly and while holding a glass of alcohol. So you’re better off not getting on her bad side.

Speaking of which, those blade legs? Goddamn!

The Weapons Cache.

Granted that the James Bond films have displayed a wide array of cool spy gadgets and weapons. Even an actual car that can be driven with a remote.

But every spy movie nonetheless needs some futuristic gizmos. And seeing the cool weapons in Kingsman: The Secret Service excited me. I mean, after all, it’s this movie I love so much so why talk about other movies?

Let’s just go back to Harry Hart’s quote again: “The suit is a modern gentleman’s armor.”

He wasn’t kidding. The suits are freaking bulletproof.

Neurotoxin blade in shoe.

That was one nasty weapon. I mean, ask Gazelle.

Wait, never mind.

Hand Grenade Lighter.

Bonus: Eggsy’s reaction.

Electrocuting Signet Ring.

I pity the poor soul who had the misfortune of experiencing that.

Poison pen. Only harmless until someone activates it.

And Arthur unknowingly ingested it after falling for Eggsy’s sleight of hand trick.

I saved my personal favorite for last. Multi-purpose bulletproof Umbrella.

It’s awesomeness.

The humor.

The humor was really good in this movie. It was legitimately funny. The super-villain/megalomaniac, Valentine, was funny too. His lisp sets him apart from other super-villains. He was quite the comical character. Well played by Samuel L. Jackson.

The jokes were well-timed and didn’t seem cheesy to me at all. As I mentioned before, Eggsy’s demeanor and Harry’s witty comebacks really make you laugh.

Like this scene, where Eggsy tries to steal one of the grenades.

Or this German aristocrat greeting.

In fact, even the fight scenes in the movie had a touch of humor to them.

Speaking of which,

The fight scenes.

The fight scenes were wonderfully violent. Stabbing, shooting, slicing, everything. But at the same time, they weren’t too gory that you would be put off by it. 

The church fight which I just have to mention because Harry Hart goes on an all out massacre, killing everyone and emerging as the last man standing. And Free bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd plays in the background.

Holy shit.

This bar fight where Harry first shows his badass side. It ensues after he flings a glass at a bully’s head using his umbrella.

Whoa. Manners maketh man. I get it.

Or this one when Eggsy shows he’s no less with some badass gunslinging action.

Harry taught you well, buddy. See it’s like I said before. It makes you wanna root for these guys. I definitely was cheering throughout just for these two.

Go Team Galahad!

This Sleight Of Hand.

I’m pointing this out because that two-faced Arthur deserved what he got. Because he thought Eggsy wouldn’t suspect the spiked brandy or the fact he had one of those killer sim cards in his neck. But just look at the way Eggsy watched Arthur’s every move. He knew something’s wrong.

He makes Arthur believe he had fallen for his trap when it was actually the other way around.

And when offered the so-called chance to a new world, he replies:

YES. You go, eggsy!

As I mentioned earlier about Eggsy’s reactions being a heartbreaking, this is a good example. You can see the rage and grief in his eyes at the mention of Harry’s name. And Arthur’s plan backfired anyway. Literally.

How happy that made me.

The exploding heads.

Personally, I found this one of the best scenes in the movie. It was quite brilliant and funny that they showed the heads exploding more like fireworks and less bloody. With a celebration song playing in the background.

It was Eggsy’s idea and Merlin’s hacker skills that led to this.

External image

This scene was so strangely, aesthetically pleasing to watch.

External image

And Merlin’s most apt reaction to it all.

External image

It’s like I said before. I’m not putting down any other movie. I’m just saying that I love this one too much to the core of my heart and will choose it over any other spy movie, any day of the week. It had an interesting story, plot twists, humor, attractive gentlemen spies, everything.

Most importantly, it had something no other spy movie did. Colin Firth.

I’m a Kingsman for life.

Is that even a question?

Not So Fragile || Calum Hood

^^^^^ this. no summary even needed

I M A G I N E 

You were on a date with Calum. It was a lovely night, truly. After a nice Italian dinner, the two of you were eating some ice cream while walking passed the light poles. Walling down the vacant sidewalks, you walked hand in hand with Calum as the moon shined upon the two of you. 

“Oh my god, Y/N, you really should’ve had some of my tortellini!” Calum gushes as he finishes his ice cream cone. He was taking such smalls and lingering nibbles, so it took him a while to down it. “It was fantastic!” 

“I was, but they pretty much controlled me with their breadsticks,” you said, sticking your tongue out lazily. “I managed to down all of them before our meals came, remember?”

“I told you not to eat too many,” Calum says as he sticks his chin up in the air. You giggle as you shove him playfully to the side. Calum lightly shoves you back, causing the both of you to erupt in giggles before walking normally again. But right before passing an ally, a large figure comes out from the sidewalk across yours. You were already scanning him through the dim lighting. 

6′1 with a pony tail and a face full of desire. Much larger than Calum, with built muscles. His torso was much more built than his legs though, as they seemed smaller than the rest of his body. Tattoos were ornate everywhere with piercings on his lips and eyebrows. You felt a threatening aura coming from him, but you shrugged it off. He wasn’t even the slightest scary to you. 

“Sorry to interrupt, but I had a very important question for the lady here,” the man said, his voice very deep and raspy. 

“Ask away,” you said simply, looking up at the seemingly cocky smirk he was now wearing. 

“What’s a gorgeous woman like yourself doing with a boy?” The man said, insulting Calum completely. Calum squeezed your hand as he blushed. He felt embarrassed and insecure again, things you tried to prevent all the time. You loved Calum and never wanted him to fall back to his dark world of being invalid and unaccepted. 

“Good question,” you say sarcastically, giving him a fake smile. You place your finger on your chin as you looked into the strangers eyes. “But can I ask you one, too?”

“Of course,” the man responds politely. How sweet. 

“Why are you interrupting my date with my boyfriend here?” You asked, holding up your weaved hands to emphasize. 

“Well, my dear,” the man begins, smiling down at you. “I believe you deserve someone better. Someone who is actually strong and can protect you 24/7. Not some kid who probably doesn’t even know how to fight.”

“Pardon you, sir,” you interrupt quietly, looking down while raising your other hand to silence him. “Your words are… kind, but you have to know one very big thing.”

“Which is?” The man asked in curiosity. 

“I don’t need a man to protect me,” you said, glaring into the mans eyes. Before you knew it, the man was laughing at you. But you never faltered and your facial expression stayed as it was. 

“Oh really? Are you trying to say that you can protect yourself?” The man said hysterically. “Get over yourself, princess, c’mere!” He quickly grabbed your upper arm with his hand, squeezing it fairly hard as he tugged you away from Calum. 

“Y/N!” Calum called out, dropping the remainder of his ice cream cone. But you put your hand up and made him halt as you studied the mans wrist. Within seconds, you straightened your free hand and chopped his wrist with it at his veins. It instantly reacted, having his hand let you go as he recoiled with pain. 

“What the fuck?” The man exclaims, holding onto his wrist while studying you. You were known to be the unexpected, considering how small and quiet you were. You were especially very quiet, having people oblivious at the mass power you own. “You’re supposed to be small and fragile!”

“I am small, yes,” you say simply, shrugging it off. It wasn’t really a negative or positive thing. Just the inevitable. “But I’m not so fragile… not the way you want me to be.” 

“Then allow me to take you and make you fragile!” The man yells as he tried to grab you. But you were too swift, having you duck or move away quickly from his hand. You were practically dancing in a circle with him, having him move continuously after each fail. He then began using his legs, attempting to trip you with them. But you simply jumped, keeping your hands behind your back. You noticed his moves getting sloppier and he slows down. He begins to heavily breathe and stops to take a breath. 

“Aw, did you get tired, sweetheart?” You mock, smiling down at the evidently exhausted man. He looks up at you, anger burning in his eyes. You look over at Calum and give him a cheeky smile. He gives you a surprised face in return. 

“Oh my god, is that Calum Hood and Y/N!?” A fan screams. This is not a good time, not a good time at all. You look over at the small crowd of fans that were wandering these dark, empty streets. It was completely unsafe for them. “Can we have your autographs?”

“I’d love to but I’m kinda bu–” you dodged before you could finish your sentence. The man attempting to punch you! He was now getting violent. You smirked at his unnecessary and mistake worth of a gesture and giggle. 

“’No more mister nice guy,’ or whatever that quote people like you use to sound cool?” You mock as he attempts to throw another punch. But you swiftly move to the left, watching as he almost trips from his failed blow. “You really have to learn to be quicker on your feet, sir. You’ll get hurt one day.” 

“Is that actually Y/N fighting?” A fan screams, having the others scream as well in shock. They cheered you on right after the realization, making you cockily smirk. “Someone call the cops!” You heard one yell but you didn’t bother responding or looking. Letting you guard down in this situation wouldn’t be the best idea. 

“Fuck, hit him back, Y/N!” Calum encouraged, making you think. Although you always preferred tiring the opponent down to the point where they can’t fight, this man seems to be very persistent. Granted, he is getting tired, but his stubborn being and desire to be successful in everything he does brews up persistence. And really, that won’t do. 

“Alright, fine!” You sigh, going into your combat position. Your target were his legs, as they weren’t as cared for as his arms and upper body. As he ran towards you with his fist, you quickly moved away and ended up behind him. You kicked the back of his knees before retreating quickly, watching as he fell forward.

“You think you’ve defeated me because you got me on the ground?” The man said with a chuckle “I’m not even in any pain.”

“That’s because I’m not fighting you to inflict damage on you,” you said, rolling your eyes. You quickly take out the ribbon that held up your hair, allowing your hair to fall perfectly down in freedom. Walking over, you get on top of him and grab his wrists. He tried to pull a fast one and grabbed your legs but you weren’t it. You grabbed the hair on the back of his head and lifted it up. With one simple movement, you bash his face down on the concrete and heard a light crack sound. Prone to a broken nose, but you couldn’t be blamed. “In fact, I wouldn’t really consider this a fight, considering that you lack fighting skills.” 

“Fuck… you stupid bitch,” the man groans, complaining in pain as you grabbed his wrists and pinned them behind his back. You tightly knot them together, so it was almost impossible for him to get out on his own. Getting off of the man, you looked over at the back of his knees and found yourself curious. 

“Let’s see,” you hummed, grabbing on of his ankles and bending his leg at the knee. An instant wail came out of him and you giggled. “You are awful sensitive for a man with bold words and a ‘threatening’ composure.” You then turn to look at the fans, their eyes just as wide as Calums with their phones out. “I guess I’m gonna be all over the gossip headlines, huh?” The fans stay silent, their heads nodding with their eyes full of envy and astonishment. 

“Tell the cops what happened, okay ladies?” Calum asked them sweetly, having them nod again, their eyes slightly opened. “Thank you so much! Cheers! C’mon Y/N, we gotta go! I’ve got a performance tomorrow.”

“Gotcha!” You nod, taking his hand before running away from the scene. As you two were getting far, the cops showed up and you noticed the man getting forced into the police car. Smiling at the justice, you begin to walk, having Calum go the same pace. 

“Babe, where’d you learn to do all that?” Calum asked you quietly, looking into your eyes with surprise and curiosity. You looked into those loving brown eyes and smiled. You never really told Calum this because you were scared he would run away. 

“I was put into martial arts as a girl,” you said simply, recalling the memories. “My parents didn’t want me to be weak or get bullied at school so they figured martial arts would do me some good. Turns out it did some great things to me. Of course, that made guys scared of me and sorta… stay away from me.”

“Well, I think it’s fucking awesome,” Calum exclaims, making you smile even wider. “I’ve got a hot girlfriend who can be cute and kick some ass when the time calls. What more can a guy really want or need?” You stopped him to reach up and plant a kiss on his lips. You then took his hand again and began walking. But you found yourself wrapping your arms around his arm as you leaned your head on it as well. 

“Thanks,” you whisper quietly as you two walked peacefully through the dim streets once more. 

oooo y/n with the balls of steel. quite the excellent request if you ask me. why should the guy always save the girl? because we’re girls and we’re ‘delicate’ or ‘fragile?’ lol sike.