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Tumblr aesthetics are cool and all, but there’s nothing quite like making your town as you as possible. 

If you like balloon furniture, decorate with it! If you like to have non-matching PWPs, build ‘em! If you like your villagers’ houses to be helter skelter and all over the place, let ‘em be!

You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.

I was grocery shopping today and was gonna pick up the ingredients to make one of the many wonderful recipes that @askrustynail has made for me over the years….



a wiggles calls for honey and vanilla vodka but I DRANK ALL YOUR DELICIOUS HONEY VODKA ALREADY

and idk where to find godvia liquor for a spock

THIS WILL TAKE SOME INVESTIGATION and i guess a visit to like an actual store instead of just going to fresh marketttttttt


3D Painting Test on Leoh;;;;
(also added the rough sketch to show the progress >:0 !!)

Your turn

Lip x reader Warnings: cussing, cigarettes, slight sexual references

A/n: hey, a fanfic not about the marvel universe. Wow

Lip glanced down at his vibrating phone. He saw your name flash on the screen and he gave a small smile. He knew you were probably just calling to complain about something, or ask him to pick something up on his way home but he didn’t care. He loved hearing your voice. “Hey baby. What’s up?” He said when he answered the phone.

Your voice sent a wave of goosebumps over his skin. “Lip, PJ got in trouble at school again. Principal called home and wants one of us to meet with him.” You said.

“Again?” Lip asked rhetorically. “Do you have a ride or do I gotta send someone to you?” He asked.

“Not me sweet cheeks, it’s your turn.” You said, causing a groan to emit from lip’s chest. “No complaints mister, I got the last one. The time when the little shot got caught selling your cigarettes, I was the one who diffused the situation. This is on you.”

Lip sighed in defeat. “Fine, what did he do this time?”

“Cussed out a teacher. From my understanding the teacher deserved it though so don’t be too hard on the kid.”

Lip took a puff of his cigarette. “Fine, I’ll go in fifteen.”

“Sounds good. Love you.”

“Love you too babe.” He finished before shutting the phone.

The man finished off his cigarette and headed towards the school.

The classes were still in session so things were quiet through the halls. “Lip Gallagher.” A voice called. Lip turned and saw his old teacher. “I thought you would be in jail by now. What are you doing back here?”

Lip took a deep breath and put on a fake smile. “You think all the Gallaghers would end up in jail. But if you must know why I’m here, my kid got caught fucking your kid up the ass.” He turned his back and headed to the front office, happy that since he isn’t in school any longer there are no consequences to his bad language.

The office was empty except for his son sitting across from large desk that had the bald angry principal across from it. “So he told a teacher to fuck off?” Lip said before he even sat down.

The principal shot a death glare. “Phillip Jr didn’t tell that to a teacher, he told it to me. Normally this would result in a lunch detention but being as this is Jrs third offense this month, we are suspending him for three days.”

Lip looked at the boy and put his arm around him. “What was happening that he felt the need to tell you to fuck off?” He asked.

“Absolutely nothing. His behavior was completely uncalled for.” The principal tried to say.

This caused the kid to scoff. “Yeah right.” He muttered.

Lip looked down at his son. “What happened little man?” He asked.

“I was at my locker and he told me to get to class or he would call, and I quote, the tart that raised me. This fag basically called mom a hoe.” Pj told his dad.

Lip looked back up to the man who’s face was now red. “You called my wife a tart?” Lip asked.

“Well, I.. That….well that was completely taken out of context.” He tried to weasel away. “No matter what I say an eight year old should not use that type of language.”

Lip wasn’t having any of this. In one swift motion he had swung his fist and it connected with the principals head. “Don’t ever call my wife a tart or a floozie or a hoe or anything ever again. Pj isn’t suspended.” He turned to his son who was watching in awe. “Go on back to class.” He urged.

Once the kid left the room Lip grabbed the principal by his suit jacket. “My son will not get in trouble again. If we get a call about his behavior again next time i won’t just hit you. I’ll fucking kill you.” He promised before he left.

Back home you were perched on the counter, flipping through a coupon catalog. Lip walked through the door and you perked up.

“Baby, how did it go?” You asked, hopping down and embracing him in a hug. He hugged back.

“I took care of it.” He told you. You looked around.

“Where’s pj?” You asked.

“School, I convinced them to keep him.” He told you.

“You did?” Your grin spread across your face. “Thank you so much.” His hands slid down to your waist.

“You know there is still a few hours till school lets out.” He said, moving his hips to grind against yours.

You giggled. “Race you up stairs.”

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  • Bucky: Steve! Steve, listen! Who are you kissing at midnight, huh? Tony or Sam?
  • Steve: What?
  • Bucky: Well you gotta kiss someone.
  • Steve: Oh well, since I have that whole history with Tony, I guess Sam.
  • Bucky: Okay, great!
  • Steve: All right.
  • [***]
  • Bucky: Sam! Listen, Steve wants to kiss you at midnight!
  • Sam: It's so obvious, why doesn't he just ask?
  • [***]
  • Bucky: Tony! Listen, I'm gonna kiss you at midnight.
  • Tony: What?!
  • Bucky: Well, everyone's gotta kiss someone. You can't kiss Steve you got the history.
  • Tony: So?
  • Bucky: So? Who would you rather have kissing you, me or Clint?
  • Tony: Oh, good point.

damn tng for making me feel bad for people i just wanna hate lmao.

i straight up headcanon len adores young people in love. Remember when raymond saved his && sara’s life? From freezing to death? Leaning against the wall in fondness when he saw those two lovebirds all over each other in worry && relief? Yes, maybe it’s because he’s known these people for quite some time now && he almost died but still. He’s a promoter of young love~

Prostitute/Hooker AU starters
  • "How much?"
  • "I got $100, what can I get?"
  • "Wanna date?"
  • "Wanna party?"
  • "I have a hotel room... But it's lonely"
  • "I can make your dreams come true"
  • " hey big boy/girl, wanna have some fun?"
  • "Name's ______ , and I'm free tonight."
  • " I can make it all better"
  • "I can't be alone tonight."
  • " it's always nice to have a regular."
  • " need to meet me somewhere?"
  • "Have you got any friends, or are you the only option?
  • "It's gotta be nice to have someone who can't say no."
  • " I'll do anything for $__"
  • "I'm not from around here, what's a guy/girl gotta do around here for a good time?"
  • " you look like you need me."
  • " I'll take care of everything"
  • " you're beautiful, but I've never done this before."
  • "What made you do this?"
  • " an hour, or the night?"

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Do you and your husband every go through phases where your heart-eyes for each other are bigger than others? Im in my first relationship and my partner and i have gone through a couple of short phases where we appreciate our space a little more (still talk and see each other, but its less urgent maybe?) and we go through phases where we feel ridiculously we-need-to-spend-all-of-our-time-together in love. Not sure if these phases are normal, particularly the distant ones.

Oooof course we do. Every couple does. There are times where we need to be super glued together 24/7 and just might die if we aren’t and then there are times when I literally cannot stand him and his breathing makes me want to scream.

I honestly don’t believe you can love someone 24/7/365. You’ve gotta have some fights in there to keep things interesting 😅

The Six Swans fairytale au featuring shardo. long post undercut

  • so lardo has six brothers and they’re all children of a far away and small kingdom. unfortunately their stepmother framed them so that they were exiled and cursed them so that the brothers were turned into swans who can only turn back into humans for one day in a year. 
  • in fairytales if you curse someone you gotta have a way to break the curse and you gotta tell that to someone. it’s a Folklore Thing. so the evil queen tells lardo that she has to make six shirts out of nettles within seven years, and also she can’t make a single sound within those seven years
  • the thing is that nettles are awful. they’re literal stinging plants. but carrie, you might ask, there are varieties of nettles that don’t sting, maybe lardo used those kind? nah child it’s a fairytale you gotta feel pain when breaking curses. the nettle that lardo uses are the common type that has hollow stinging hairs, and she has to harvest them barehanded.
  • but lardo is nothing if not determined, so first she sets out to learn how to make nettle yarn. she learns to card, to spin, to knit. then comes the tough part. she has to harvest the nettles with her bare hands. it stings and its painful, but she clenches her jaw and refuses to let a sound of pain out from her mouth
  • it’s not just her hands that are raw, her entire arms are raw and stinging and bleeding. she’s a princess, she’s not used to this kind of rough work, and her soft skin quickly turned tough with scars and callouses
  • lardo has a schedule, she harvests nettles, dries them, cards them and twists them into thread. and when she’s waiting for the nettles to grow she’s accumulated a whole bunch of thread and she starts knitting the shirts. that’s her favorite time of the year because it meant she didn’t have to plunge her hand into stinging nettles
  • during her fifth year, the prince of a neighboring kingdom travels through the place of her exile. he’s immediately drawn to the silent princess who spends her days knitting and painting. he knows that she’s princess larissa of his neighboring kingdom. she doesnt speak to anyone, not even prince Shitty, but he falls in love with her immediately.
  • he starts visiting her often in order to see her, and talks to her and tries to make her laugh. sometimes he manages to make her shake in silent laughter and her lips stretch in a wide smile. 
  • they learn to communicate with glances, and shitty’s own loquaciousness made up for larissa’s silence. he learns her expressions when she’s upset, when she wants him to speak, when she’s angry. slowly, lardo falls in love with shitty too, and when he proposes to her she nods and lets him kiss her and take her back to his kingdom.
  • lardo’s miserable. 

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A is very lucky to have someone like you lusting after her. I've gotta say I'm a little envious. Hope everything works out well for you!

Hey anon, thank you for the good wishes!


i have always appreciated the added layer of safety that my glasses have provided me.