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oh you know i’m not gonna join them. i’m gonna be first on their hit list cause imma be the leader of the I’m Not A Demon Club

Tumblr aesthetics are cool and all, but there’s nothing quite like making your town as you as possible. 

If you like balloon furniture, decorate with it! If you like to have non-matching PWPs, build ‘em! If you like your villagers’ houses to be helter skelter and all over the place, let ‘em be!

You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.

it would be real nice if we just stopped….calling ppl ugly…its mean and unnecessary….. 


i don’t wanna be…a merderer….

Hold On, I’m Coming (Part 7)

Summary: You, Sam, Benny and Cas struggle with the aftermath of the fire and Dean’s fall. Bobby finally confronts you about your relationship.

Pairing: Firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,800

Warnings: injuries, difficulty breathing, panic, fear, hospitals, surgery, language… character death?

Check out the Series Masterlist for previous parts!

A/N: Hang in there, friends….

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3D Painting Test on Leoh;;;;
(also added the rough sketch to show the progress >:0 !!)


For @sweetycaramel on this, the day of her birth.

I was grocery shopping today and was gonna pick up the ingredients to make one of the many wonderful recipes that @askrustynail has made for me over the years….



a wiggles calls for honey and vanilla vodka but I DRANK ALL YOUR DELICIOUS HONEY VODKA ALREADY

and idk where to find godvia liquor for a spock

THIS WILL TAKE SOME INVESTIGATION and i guess a visit to like an actual store instead of just going to fresh marketttttttt

i don’t interact with this fandom anymore but i will say this:

if you’re a g/ntama blog with lots of followers you have an even bigger responsibility to protect minors from harm; that means recognizing that crapikagu (okik@gu) IS pedophilia/abuse and ignoring this and allowing it to happen by reblogging fanworks or following people who ship them is only creating a safe space for pedophiles.

Made In Abyss Crash Course

So you wanna know about that big ol’ hole in the ground where people die, right?

Yeah ok. Let Bondrewd tell ya about the Abyss.

Set in a fictional unnamed world, Made In Abyss is a tale about people delving into a giant death hole located on a small island in the middle of the ocean. Around that hole, there is a town called Orth. 

Orth was created for the sole purpose of exploring this giant death hole, and it has the look of a Seventeenth Century coal mining town.

Now, why do people go into the Abyss? Why would anyone want to ever go down there?

For Artifacts and riches, why else.

Literally all over the place.

Cave raiding became a big then when people found out there was magic shit down there that when you touched it could stop time or shoot laser beams. Sells for a shit ton of money, and that’s the main source of income for Orth. They raise orphans and townsfolk into Delvers, who go into the hole to retrieve relics, which they then sell for money to fund the town, the cycle continuing on forever.

Quick stop, best time here to explain what the Delver levels are. You don’t start out as Rambo and go guns blazing into the Abyss, you start as baby.

Bells: Stupid babies who can’t do nothing but learn fundamentals of the Abyss, can’t even touch the bad hole.

Red Whistles: You can go down to the first layer, congratulations, have fun. 

Blue Whistles: Can go down to the second layer of the abyss; actually helpful and not a burden on society.

Moon Whistles: Teachers, gonna tell you about how to be a Delver. You get to go down to the third layer safely, but if you’re an idiot, you can go to the fourth.

Black Whistles: Actually really cool guys, basically the best most people will ever reach in their lifetime. Can go down to the fifth layer and hang out with Bondrewd.

White Whistles: THE COOLEST OF GUYS AND GIRLS. All you gotta do is have someone who loves you a lot die in front of you and entrust their wishes into you. They then turn into a whistles which only the person who was entrusted with can use. Have fun kids. Can go to the Sixth Layer and below, which is referred to as the Last Dive (Aka the curse will kill you if you try to climb back up, but hey it’s not like White Whistles have anything better to do.)

Alright we got that out of the way.

Big whoop, right? Sounds like a normal good time, but here’s the problem.

There’s a fucking curse in this death hole and it’s gonna fuck you up real good.

You see, the Abyss isn’t just one big hole; it’s separated by layers, and each layer has its own FUN WACKY EFFECT™ When you try to climb back up the hole. Going down is fine, though. It’s a one way trip if you aren’t experienced. 

Alright, lets go step by step, since this is basically the meats and potatoes of this post. 

THE FIRST LAYER,  Edge of the Abyss

Depth: 0~1350 meters

This is the first layer and consists of everything below the entrance of the Abyss up until the second layer. It’s a super easy place to start out, and it’s where most Delvers begin their careers.

Strains of ascent: Light Dizziness and Nausea, not bad, right?

THE SECOND LAYER, Forest of Temptation

Depth: 1350~2600 meters.

It’s a forest located on the second layer. Shit gets real here; there’s deadly monsters and poison plants.

Once you hit around 2,000 meters, the forest inverts and becomes known as the ‘Inverted Forest’. Located there is a base set up by the White Whistle Ozen.

You can go hang out with her. 

Strains of Ascent: Heavy nausea, headache and numbness of limb. Get them vomit bags ready, since you’ll be experiencing that every 10 meters you climb.

THE THIRD LAYER, The Great Fault

Yeah fuck you, it’s about 4000 meters of sheer cliff face.

Depth: 2600~7000 meters.

Literally just a cliff you need to find a way down. There’s holes that rodents have dug into the walls that Delvers use to climb down, as trying to scale down with rope is probably gonna get you killed. There’s a bunch of flying beasts here that will eat you and your family. 

Strains of Ascent: Vertigo combined with visual and auditory hallucinations. Have fun climbing that.

FOURTH LAYER, The Cup of Giants

Depth: 7000~12000 meters.

Not that bad in compare to the Fault, but it’s still incredibly dangerous due to the effects of the curse. The landscape is constantly changing as the Cup of Giants is actually composed of giant plants that form cup shaped heads that are shifting and changing on the daily.

The completely formed ones have water in them.

The ones that don’t have boiling acid.

There’s a lot of stuff here, such as the Eternal Fortunes garden, which is fun. (It’s not. It’s full of flesh eating insects.)

Strains of Ascent: Intense Full-body pain and hemorrhage from every single orifice of the body. Heyyyyyyyyyyy, FUNNY WACKY EFFECTS™

THE FIFTH LAYER, The Sea of Corpses

Depth: 12000~13000 meters.

It’s the shallowest of layers, but it’s also the largest in width (about 10,000 meters). Different from the other layers in that 1. The ground is covered in snow and the tempature is colder than almost everywhere else in the Abyss. 2. It’s also comprised of mostly ocean. 

Once thought to be the furthest Delvers could go, until Bondrewd found a way to pierce into the Sixth Layer.

The location of Bondrewd and his Forward Operating Base, Idofront.

To get to the Sixth Layer, you need to be a White Whistle, as only White Whistles can activate the elevator leading down.

Strains of Ascent: Complete sensory deprivation, confusion and self-harming behavior. Can’t get worse, right?

THE SIXTH LAYER, The Capital of the Unreturned

Depth: 13000~15500 meters.

This mysterious layer is the last stop for many White Whistles. Return from this point on is impossible without the loss of humanity.

Not much is known about the Sixth Layer, but balloons sent up through the Layers have talked about a ruined golden city, and a strange white ring that glows within the Abyss. 

Strains of Ascent: Devastating body alterations that result in the loss of humanity and sometimes death. (This transformation turns people into Narehates, which is the term for those who were affected by the Sixth Layer’s curse.) Yeah it gets bad. At least the next layer spares you this horrible fate.

THE SEVENTH LAYER, The Final Maelstrom

Depth: 15500~????? meters.

Even less is known about the Seventh Layer, except for one thing.

Strains of Ascent: Certain death.

Have fun exploring the Abyss, and remember…

Delve Safely

When We Collide (Part 8)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

”What do you mean Holly is going to be my girlfriend?” Luke’s confusion was clear on his face, eyebrows furrowed and jaw falling slowly.

You were having the exact same expression on your face but kept quiet after your small outburst, you were just so shocked you didn’t know whether it was actually a real statement or just a simple lame joke.

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Probably going to be the craziest question ever but I gotta ask someone. What do you think having Jerome Valeska's baby would include?

Well, since you asked…

•Being afraid to tell Jerome your pregnant for fear he’ll abandon you
•Eventually however, Jerome finds out you’re having his child
-“You really thought I wouldn’t find out doll?”
“No. I just really hoped you wouldn’t.”
•Let’s be real, Jerome wouldn’t be the happiest discovering he’s going to be a father. He’d definitely have his doubts.
-“But what if the baby doesn’t like me?”
“They’ll love you Jerome.”
•Jerome hoping the baby looks like you
-Except he wants the child to have his red hair and contagious smile
•Giving you back rubs and running to the grocery store in the middle of the night to buy food to satisfy your cravings.
-“I want pickles and ice cream.”
“Pickles and ice cream? Sure thing doll.”
•Receiving lots and lots of love and affection
-Constant forehead kisses and compliments
•Both of you arguing on the gender of the baby
-“It’s going to be a girl Y/N. I can feel it!”
“Really, because I think it’s a boy.”
•Jerome not being able to be in the delivery room/hospital with you since he is a wanted criminal. But once you get back home, Jerome can’t help but to fawn over your baby girl.
-“I told you it was a girl.”
“Shut up Jerome and just hold your baby.”
•The baby falling asleep in Jerome’s arms and crying every time you try to move her to her crib.
-“See, she loves you Jerome.”
“Yeah and I love her. But I was kind of hoping she would sleep in her crib so you and I could make some more babies.
•Overall being a loving, slightly dysfunctional family