you gotta be deaf


I saw two faces in the glow of a red light street
begged them for a smoke and we started to speak
counting bricks in the wall and my voice cracks
said “you see I’ve got this girl but she don’t love me back”

come close and share a smoke
let me light you up and dim
I want your air in my throat
won’t you warm my lungs within
reveal yourself to me
on this dark and empty street
and you can see yourself in me
breathe you in so easily

my feet were getting kinda loud
so charlie grabbed me hard
he said “kid you gotta come down from wherever you are”
but his words fall on deaf ears
I’m trapped in your lips
and this dial tone will kill me by the end of the trip

come close and share a smoke
let me light you up and dim
I’ll spend my love til I’m broke
can’t you take a break from him
take the smallest chance on me
I’ll give you wings til you feel free
and you can see yourself in me
oh god I fall so easily

it was the first night I’d ever felt so high
tripping over sidewalk stones and slurred words that I know aren’t even mine
and steve’s a better friend than charlie
cause he keeps the pain at ease
but I know I’ll be alone tonight despite how much I bleed

come close and share a smoke
let me light you up and dim
I gambled all my coins
and babygirl you keep the wins
take it all with you
and I’ll be happy for you two
and I can see myself in you
and you can see me in you too

half closed eyes and my shoes untied
know I’ll be falling asleep in my headphones tonight
dripping eyes and blows to my pride
know I’ll be a changed man know I would treat you right
I met the sweetest friends
despite what I intend
know I’ll be waking up to messages I didn’t send

Cigarettes After Sex, ODEZSA, Amber Mark
know I’ll be falling asleep cradling my heart
didn’t I give it all for you
all my love
I’m still proud of you
so take it all with you
hope he treats you better
than this emotional fool
but take it all with you
how we broke into the movies, all the stargazing

gave you new parts of me every single day
til you had me whole
but I’d do it all over again babygirl
even with the fall
cause we had it all
now I’ll go and kiss all the wrong people
to distract my heart
getting a head start

gotta start learning how to stop if I’m gonna move on from you
move on from you
everything I do
is for you


martha bessell + flower meanings

I’m deaf, not stupid

Everyone at my work knows that I am deaf.

So, one time I didn’t hear my manager say to me to go and do some returns. He was staring at me like he said something and so I said, “what.”

He replied with an exaggerated look, “Returns.”

I was oh yeah sure!

He started to explain how to do returns in a dumb way. (He does this to everybody, I wasn’t singled out) I was a bit annoyed, so I said,

“I’m deaf, not stupid.”

As I was walking away, I heard him say, “that was kind of mean, wasn’t it?”

I turned around and smirked at him to let him know that no offense was taken.

Sometimes, you gotta put them in their place.

Fondly - Nevada Ramirez

Nevada Ramirez X Reader
Summary: Nevada taking a girl in.

Warnings: Drugs and swearing. It’s Nevada, there’s always going to be swearing and drugs and guns.

When she first met Nevada, she was working at the club he owned. She was in crippling need of money. She was desperately fighting for any opportunity to make money. She was barely surviving off of her day job to feed herself, but her older brother was on the run from the debts he racked up, which she took responsibility of. Her brother was almost 30 and still had to rely on his younger sister to take care of him. So instead of college, she took up various jobs to support him. Now, Nevada wasn’t what people considered a charitable man. He never recruited unless he saw potential resource to his business. Yet, when she was at her lowest, Nevada took her in.

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o6. bobby + trading

“no way,” you felt your arm being tugged away from your lunch rather rapidly, still holding onto the cardboard with cheese they called pizza. “they never have this color when i go, dude-” why was he sitting on your table?

“what the fuck.” you could hear from across the table accompanied by the scrap of lunch trays. you too, moved your tray from your skinny jean wearing acquaintance, like hell you’d lose your lunch, 2.50 isn’t cheap no matter how abysmal the food was.

“-you gotta trade with me.” ah, bobby. you’d have to be blind and deaf not to know that it was him. if his half-and-half hair didn’t give it away it his volume surely will. his flashed his signature carefree grin to your friends before shaking your arms once again, the various band and beaded bracelets bumping into your own.

his skinny jeans matched his hair. cute.

“trade me.” he pleaded once again, shaking your arm with growing desperation. “the pink ‘i love boobies’ one, i have purple and blue and black,” he took the liberty of showing you them, “take them all even just, trade me.” he looked so innocent, one hand wrapped around your forearm, the other held your hand as he shook your arm with a puppy dog gaze.

“fine,” you said after sometime. you wrestles your arm from his hold and carefully separated his desired bracelet off of your arm. immediately his eyes lit up eager to take his prize. “first give me the black one.” you held the pink piece of plastic close to your body and stuck your hand out to him.

“thanks a bunch y/n, you are the best,” he smiled widely trading with you. he proudly displayed the pink bracelet as soon as it hit his hands. you slipped on the black bracelet satisfied with the look it gave you. “ah, i have another one to give you as a thanks.” he smiled a shy smile mostly to himself as if he regretted now mentioning it. despite this he fished through his practically empty backpack and pulled out a pink and white beaded bracelet that said “bitten” that obviously look handmade. “i made it in class to match mine,” he shyly confessed. he pointed to the matching one on his arm, a pink and white bracelet that said “bite me.”

“its cute. but are you sure you wanna give it to me?” you looked at him questioningly, why would he want to match with you anyway. you talked occasionally in class but you wouldn’t go as far as to say that you were friends. “because i gotta mark the things i like so other people know.” he laughed awkwardly to hold in from cringing too hard at his own words. “besides i’m giving it to you as a gift so you have to keep it.”

he pushed the beaded bracelet onto your wrist. “see it looks pretty… now people know not to say rawr to you.”

you laughed, “i don’t think anyone does that?” bobby huffed, his hair flopping down over his eyes, “well if they do it’s a fight.” you slapped his arm lightly and pulled your lunch tray to you. “okay okay. just let me have my arm back so i can finish my lunch.” bobby reluctantly let go of your wrist and stood up on the table. “remember if they say rawr it’s a fight.” he jumped down and ruffled your hair, “i’ll see you in class cutie.”

you laughed lightly and picked up your cardboard with cheese they called pizza. you caught a glimpse of the bracelet he gave you and smiled to yourself.


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What some "fans" need to know

I’ve recently read that Taehyung asked a fan if he should do an eyelid plastic surgery and that makes me think he’s insecure about his appearence. He needs to know he’s already perfect just the way he is. He doesn’t have anything more to improove in his appearence (thing which goes for all bangtan members tbvfh). I don’t have anything against those who think that BTS aren’t that great when it comes to visuals, it’s their own opinion and not everyone sees a person the way I do. But when they start calling them “ugly” (namjoon’s case) or “irrelevant” and “useless” (jin’s case) or “cold” and “heartless” (yoongi’s case) etc., that’s just being an immature and disrespectful brat. I understand you may not like them but that doesn’t give you the right to hate and bring them down. Hate them all you want, but if you dare to call yourself a “huge fan” if you only stan one member and you do it only for his looks, then get out. ARMYs aren’t telling other idols disrespectful things (excluding the immature ones, every fandom has immature fans). Imagine someone randomly tells you you’re ugly, irrelevant, heartless etc., wouldn’t you feel hurt? Short reminder: idols are humans. They have feelings. And obviously they get hurt, in case you didn’t know.
Firstly, I’m tired of seeing comments like “namjoon is an ugly nerd”. Dear, he may not look good in your eyes, but in ours, he looks really handsome. If you think he’s “ugly” this doesn’t mean everyone sees him the way you do. And “nerd”? He is an extremely intelligent person and he can shut your mouth with just 3 philosophical phrases. I admire this guy a lot, not only for his great looks, but for his amazing personality, his amazing lyrics and the way he expresses himself to us.
Secondly, the “yoongi is lazy” joke is old. Get over it. That guy stays awake at night when everyone is sleeping, just to compose new music for your salty ass. Isn’t this an obvious reason why he always looks tired? And “cold” and “heartless”? Really? When? He always seemed to be a really cute fluffball. Of course on stage he acts a certain way to entertain the fans, but what right do you have to call him lazy, cold and heartless when he really isn’t?
Jin. Seokjin. Kim Seokjin. This adorable guy, in my opinion, tries the most to communicate with fans and you call him “useless” or “irrelevant”. He tries different ways to get closer to all of us, through EatJin series, through tweets, through interviews, on stage, what is he supposed to do to proove your salty ass he is completely useful? If he doesn’t have too many lines in their songs, trust me, it’s not his fault. He is really talented and he knows what he’s doing. In my eyes, I always saw Jin as an example to all of us. Through him I always see that you can eat whatever you want and how much you want and when you want and still can feel pretty and confident. He’s a role model and I’m sorry if you haven’t seen this yet.
J-Hope, dear, is NOT “on drugs” as you always claim him to be. Also, he is not “ugly”, I’m not going to repeat myself why. You may see him happy all the time, but let me tell you something: the happiest people are usually the saddest. So you never know what may happen in his heart and mind behind cameras. He’s always there to cheer up everyone, including you, me, us, but have you wondered.. What if he’s happy only for us? What if inside he’s sad? Be thankful. This guy showed me that there’s always hope and no matter what happens, you gotta stand for yourself and fight. And “talentless”? You must be deaf or blind. He can dance, rap, sing, compose, beatbox, make everyone smile, how is that talentless?
The “jimin has no jams” thing is so damn overused, I’m seriously tired of seeing this joke everywhere. Also, if you left when Jimin lost his abs I can say that you’re a good definition of what a fake fan is. Jimin thought he was fat, to the point he was eating only one time a day to make himself look good for your thirsty eyes. You stan him only for his looks? You don’t know what you’re missing. Jimin is an adorable guy which is always there to help everyone. He’s literally sweet and he would do anything for those he loves. (Don’t even get me started on vmin.)
“Jungkook is a fetus”. Yeah? Well you’re probably younger than him. And if you’re older why do you call him that way? Have you seen how this guy grew up since 2013 ‘till now? Are you jealous that he accomplished so much at such an young age and all you did at his age was to study? This guy gave up on his childhood to become successful and look at him now, he’s living his dream. He’s a good example to me and to any other ARMY which understands what I mean. Don’t even get me started about his great talents, visuals and his dorky and adorable personality, he’s literally amazing.
Lastly, Kim Taehyung, is probably starting to doubt himself. I’ve read that he’s really nervous (yet excited) about his acting debut. I saw a post which says that he “lacks visuals comparing the rest of the cast.” Well, in your eyes he may lack visuals, but not in ours. It was one of his biggest dreams to act and it happened. He asked a fan if he should do an eyelid plastic surgery. It breaks my heart when the person which helped me through depressing days, starts feeling insecure. It’s just not right. I’m sure he helped me as much as he helped any other ARMY through terrible days when I thought there’s no reason to fight or when I felt lost. I saw his adorable rectangle smile and it reminded me that no matter what happens, I have to fight for my dreams. I feel like he started doubting himself since that (i hate bringing it up) incident during inu era. Instead of complaning and insulting and throwing shade, can’t you just ignore it and go on with your life? Not everyone is going to satisfy your expectations. And if you think that bringing him down will make you a good person, you’re so wrong. Also calling him a “4D Alien” is probably making him feel even more uncomfortable. He said he doesn’t like being called that way, is it that hard to respect what he said?
In conclusion, it’s really sad to see such things brought up by people which claim themselves as “fans”. You are not a fan if you only love one single member. You are not a fan if you only like his looks. You are not a fan if you insult other members. You’re a not a “casual fan”. A casual fan doesn’t insult the rest of the members from what I know. Please open your eyes and realise that some things don’t only affect the boys, but the entire fandom as well.

-Admin L

anonymous asked:

Hey!I am kind of new to Arrow online fandom and new to terms used here. Anyway, I am confused how one side of the fandom is constantly stating that existence of Felicity and Olicity is because of fans and the other side always defending the writers & saying both are here because of writers' choice. Is having fans and writers listening to them, a bad thing in this fandom?

Hi!  And welcome to the fandom!  

No, it’s not exactly a bad thing.  I think the other side is bitter that what they want to happen isn’t happening.  They see Olicity fans being loud and vocal about what they want and then getting it and so they see the writers’ choices as being influenced by that.  It’s a little more complicated than that, however.

TV writers who ignore what the fans want entirely in order to push forward their own plan, regardless of how well it actually works in the actuality of the show, aren’t really doing a great service to their show.  Look at the HIMYM finale.  Just a mess.  Having writers who see the audience reactions, take them into account and listen to fan concerns and wishes is a great thing!  It makes for a happy fandom, overall.  

What is happening in the Arrow fandom, is there’s a section of fans who aren’t getting what they want and they’re upset about it.  They’re fewer in number than the fans who are happy with the show (but lord, will they ever argue with you on this count… they will insist that their numbers are greater despite every shred of evidence that proves otherwise).  They don’t really understand that by complaining that Olicity is “fan service”, that the writers are simply bowing to the demands of a vocal fandom because they are not delivering what they themselves want instead is also asking for fan service.  It’s ridiculous all around.

The writers and show runners have told us repeatedly that while they hear and appreciate the fans and what they want, they ultimately write the story that they feel works the best for the show.  They’re not writing a comic book.  They’re not writing a strict adaptation of a comic book either.  They’re writing a television show based off of characters in a comic book but where they can control the stories and the destinies.  How many times have we heard that the reason they picked Green Arrow as the hero is because his origin story was unknown by most people in the television viewing audience, giving them more freedom with how to interpret and change his story? How many times have we been told that they write to the chemistry of the characters (both the presence and absence of it)?  

The “haters” like to complain that Olicity exists because the fans clamored for it.  I don’t think that’s true at all. I think the fans clamor for it because of the way it is written, the way it is portrayed on our screens, the chemistry between the actors and the way their story fits organically into the narrative of the show.  Olicity isn’t a result of the fans, the fans are a result of Olicity.  

That said, I’m not surprised the other side is so bitter.  It’s understandable that they’d be disappointed that this show went in a different direction than they were expecting.  It seems the more the actors, the show runners, the writers, the story points out this different direction, the more upset and bitter they get, which is just sad.  I hate to see people disappointed with a show they once loved because I’ve been there.  It’s a hard decision to cut ties.  It’s even harder to leash that bitterness and just… let it go.  Move on.  Embrace the things which make you happier.  But, and I speak from experience, you are far more happy when you do it.  It honestly does feel like a weight being lifted.  

Anyhow. Sorry if this overwhelmed you in any way!  I just wanted to say HELLO! and WELCOME! and there’s not a darn thing wrong with the way the writer’s write the show.  IF you truly think there is (with this or any other show) then maybe it’s time to find another show to watch. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.  I hope this helped clear things up a bit!