you gotta be a football hero

Call It A Date

A/N: Oh shit, I actually wrote something and in one sitting. Probably screwed something up, I’m not great at editing really. But none the less, I wrote a fic that has at least 1000 words because I couldn’t make it to 1500

Pairing: Wardson (Dana/Juliet)

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In which Pedro hacks Ben’s channel one last time.

(So yesterday thetenthdoctormccoy and I were talking about this plot bunny and about how I’m kind of a perfectionist about my writing. And then today I was bored on the train so I ended up writing this oneshot, and just to challenge myself to shut down the editor part of my brain for a while, I decided not to edit this at all before I posted it (apart from fixing a few mistakes with tenses, because turning off editor-brain is deceptively challenging.) Anyway, hope you enjoy this!)

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