you got them god damn long nails

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So Harry's fuckin' amazing in the sack but he's getting older and he can only get it up once or twice a day while he wrings orgasm after orgasm out of Eggsy, and Eggsy loves it, but one day he drops a Viagra on the kitchen table with a shrug and a 'how 'bout it', and Harry is embarrassed and turned out, and more than a little bit aggressive because of his pride because he can more that bloody well keep up thank you, but he takes it and Eggsy doesn't think he's going to SURVIVE this.

He’s offended, to put it light. Looking at the blue label reading “Enhance the experience” really did just the opposite for his pride. Harry looked at Eggsy who had on a sheepish grin.
“Did you or did you not just yesterday moaned so loud the neighbours heard?” Harry asked, standing across from Eggsy who was seated in his chair.
“Oh, I’m not denying that, Harry. I only want us to both get something out of this instead of just me,” Eggsy gets up and slowly walks over to him. He cautiously wraps his arms around Harry’s waist and pulls him in against his body. “Come on, just try it once. Just this once.”
“No. We aren’t having this discussion again,” Harry leaves it at that and storms out the room. Eggsy is feeling like a real sod right now and he wouldn’t blame Harry for getting mad. He’d react the same way. So he assumes that’s the last of this topic.
“Harry, I’m sorry!” Eggsy follows after him to give him an apology wank.

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