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Maaaaaybe some US and FS bros pining headcanons? Like how do they act when pining after their crush.

Oh my God anon, you’ve found one of my biggest weaknesses. I love pining so much, whether it’s one sided or mutual. I just??? I think it’s so cute and when I see authors write it it’s usually really poetic? I mean, there’s a song I found recently that I think fits pining perfectly and that would be Can’t Sleep Love by Pentatonix.

Anyway, I hadn’t intended to ramble in the beginning of this, but I ain’t fixing it because you guys need to know how much I adore pining as a writing trope and I highly encourage sending in more requests for it. Highly.

I had to write the Underswap imagines twice because my laptop refreshed the tab with the draft and I lost everything I wrote. On the bright side, I’ve been listening to Can’t Sleep Love the entire time while writing this so it wasn’t too hard for me to remember what I had written down.



Okay, Blueberry acts completely normal around you. You aren’t going to know he’s crushing on you unless he wants you to know. When he’s alone though? He’s daydreaming about what it would be like to get to kiss and hold you the way he wants to and how certain dates would go. Most of the time he does this when he’s on patrol or re-calibrating puzzles and as a result his work performance has decreased a little. Not enough for anyone to notice, he’s too careful at hiding his feelings for that to happen, but even he has his slip ups. The worst he’s ever done was get so deep into an imaginary date with you that he lost track of time, resulting in Honey finding him staring blankly at a a deactivated, half-finished puzzle. The taller skeleton is worried until he snaps Blueberry out of the daydream. Then he just snorts at the blush spreading across his face. “Papy! Don’t scare me like that!” A moment later, his blush is growing in color because Honey has told him that he’s an hour late and both you and him were worried. Blueberry is much more careful after that.


Honey isn’t really one to be as meticulously careful to hide his feelings as Blueberry is, but that’s because the thought of you finding out doesn’t terrify him as much as it does his brother. But that doesn’t mean he tells you, he’s still terrified of a reset taking you away. Still, he does like to watch you when it looks like he’s taking a nap. Honey’s favorite time to watch you is after everyone has eaten dinner and you’re sitting on the couch with him, watching Napstabot on the TV. You always get the cutest sleepy smile during that time, and he often finds himself imagining what you would do if he just pulled you into his lap and nuzzled your hair. One night he actually does fall asleep on the couch, and when he wakes up later in the night, it’s with you pressed into his side and your head resting on his chest. You had a leg thrown over his, and an arm wrapped around his middle. Once the sleepiness wore off and your position fully registered in his mind, Honey had tensed but didn’t move. He just stared, and the longer he did so the harder it was for him to resist the urge to kiss you awake. Eventually, when he felt his resolve start to crack, he shifted you off of him without waking you up and went to his room. He thinks about the incident often after that.



Skulls is terrible at hiding his crush from you and everyone else. He’s never been interested in someone romantically before you, and it shows. When you’re talking to him, he’s a stuttering mess and blushing a bright indigo through the entire conversation. And that’s when people are there with you two. If you’re alone together, Skulls can barely speak up out of fear of insulting you somehow, or letting slip just how much he likes you. It’s when you’re not around and he’s alone with his brother that he starts really talking. Slim is almost sick to death of hearing about you, but he would never tell his brother that. No matter how much he wants to. Skulls is infatuated, and he so badly wants to tell you but his anxiety always prevents him from going through with it. So he makes up for it by setting up elaborate scenes in his head where you profess your undying love and he sweeps you off your feet.


Slim doesn’t exactly pine. He’s so lax with everything that he’s much more casual with his feelings. He won’t flirt, but he’s not gonna say no if you ask him out. Though, he does look at you a little longer than others and sometimes you’ll catch him sitting closer to you than necessary on the couch, so I guess you could say his pining is just much more subtle than everyone else’s.


Part One

Part Two

Any other day you would be pissed off with how hellish things were, but today you were grateful.

Hellish, means hectic, and hectic means busy. And busy meant that you didn’t have time to worry about last night.

You had woke up at eight and made sure the bus was on it’s way. Then sat out trying to find all the guys, half of them weren’t in their assigned rooms, the ones that were were so hungover it took you an hour to get them up and moving.

You sent Slim to get Kells up.

Once they were all getting packed, you had to find the missing half of the group. Checking with the front desk, blowing up their cell phones.

They had all went to the rooms of their one-night-stands, wasn’t too hard to find them.

The bus came and you loaded everyone on and off you went.

Kells, now sober had made a few attempts to talk to you, but you just kept replying that you were busy. 

Because you were.

You had to call and let so and so know that yes Kells was on his way to the interview and he would be on time, had to make sure the venue you guys were going to be at later tonight was ready for their equipment and going through the usual checklist.

You were sure that everyone on the bus could see that you were avoiding talking to Kells and that it was making the bus vibe kind of awkward, but you put on your headphones and continued avoid Kells.

So you didn’t hear the conversation about you a few feet away.

‘Damn, what the fuck did you do?’ Dub asked.

‘Something super fucking stupid.’ Kells groaned into his hands that covered his face.

‘Did you smash her last night?’ Slim asked as he rolled a blunt.

‘Nah I just…I almost did, she wasn’t interested.’ Kells said, not wanting to tell them about what really happened last night.

‘I just need to talk it out with her and she won’t even look at me right now, I fucked up.’ he sighed.

‘If all you need is a moment then we got you.’ Slim said.

‘What?’ Kells asked in confusion.

‘After the interview, we will make sure you two are the only ones on the bus.’ Dub promised.

‘Good lookin out man.’ he said as they bumped fists.

‘Speaking of good looks, check out this bad bitch.’ Slim said as he held up his blunt.

‘Beautiful.’ Kells laughed.

He was feeling better knowing he would get his chance to talk to you about last night

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Surely Ben's pants don't fit you, Ivan. You got that slim waist and tight butt, he got that thicc and that plump.

“Please don’t encourage him…”

“Oh Ivan, don’t be glum. Ya can be fabulous like me one day~”

Hey Jealousy

Even though you only have eyes for Dean, he begins to get jealous of how close you and Sam are. Request **transfer from my old SPN site***

Dean x Reader

“I really don’t see why this hunt is going to take so long. It’s a salt and burn, right?” Dean asks you as you sit at the table behind your laptop.

“Yeah, it is, but the problem is the bones are buries somewhere on the grounds of the Inn… and we don’t know exactly where. So we have to look around and find them.” You sighed. You greatly disliked guessing games.

“Do we even know who this ghost was? He’s terrorizing the entire Inn, not just a room. Do we know why?”

“Yeah, Sam did some research and came up with three guys who’ve gone missing in this same Inn in the last fifty years.” You started to explain, when the bathroom door of the motel opened and Sam came out, wearing nothing but a towel. You glanced over at him, then back to the laptop. Dean frowned.

“Will you put some clothes on Sam? Jesus. We have company.” Dean sighed loudly.

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Everybody is freaking out about seeing an old woman’s body and I’m sitting there like ??? I don’t understand? Are people seriously that shocked and disgusted or is this some kind of herd overreacting? This is just a body, I don’t get why you call this ugly. 

  • Season 1 Mickey: you got any //slim jims// in this //shithole//? B)
  • Season 1 Mickey: *yeah you know what I'm talkin' 'bout bb*
  • Season 2 Mickey: it's hot as ~balls~ tonight B)
  • Season 2 Mickey: *i'm subtle as fuck*
  • Season 3 Mickey: so what ARE you goin' down for? B)
  • Season 3 Mickey: *still got it*

my salsa club dance (length 2:27). it proves that slim-fit pants ridiculously make you look 10 times more agile. i dont do fashion but you got to do slim-fit no doubt!