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Drag Me Down (To Hell) | 02

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Summary: There’s a darkness to your city, a murderous underbelly filled with crime and deceit that you’ve sworn to avoid at all costs. But the universe has funny ways of forcing your involvement in the form of a notorious mob boss and his young daughter.
Pairing: Jeongguk x reader
Genre: mafia!au
Rating: Mature (for themes; will change in later chapters)
Word Count: 9.931

Part 01 - Part 03

When you had told Jeongguk to only call you for matters pertaining to Surin, you hadn’t expected that call to come so soon.

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I’ll just say it loud and clear.


Like, hear me out. First of all, we’re all pretty sure what Hawk Moth’s Miraculous is:

And in the sneak peek of Mama Agreste, we see her wearing this broche:

It’s really suspicious that they are worn in the same place, since the Miraculous tend to be pieces of jewelry (Ladybug has earrings, Chat Noir has a ring) and Hawk Moth wears a broche at his collarbone, just like Adrien’s mom (well, more like boobies in her case but you get my drill. Plus the shot seems to purposefully focus on that damn little mew-stery in the first place.

They don’t look exactly alike, but neither do Adrien and Marinette’s Miraculous stones before and during transformation. Have Adrien’s ring as an example; this is before:

(baby kitten paw-ning for your daily needs)

And this is during:


Also, what grabbed my attention was that PEARL. Mama Agreste has a pearl in the center of her broche, and Hawk Moth’s Miraculous FREAKING HAS ONE TOO, just that it’s purple! Which makes me think that maybe that’s where the kwami actually resides? Or it’s just a detail present in both versions on the jewel that makes it identifiable and catches my eagle eyes huehue.

So, if for whatever reason (Gabriel found out his wife owned a kwami and due to some unknown childhood trauma decided to steal that power for selfish reasons OR he was already another bad guy’s subordinate and the big bad guy asked him to choose between loyalty to them or his wife OR Gabriel used to have another kwami but it was taken away from him because of his inner corruption and he settled on doing whatever to get that power back OR A HUNDRED OTHER DRAMATIC PLOT TWISTS) Gabriel stole his kwami from his own wife and then held her captive (yes I do have a fixation on Gabriel keeping his wife captive, kink shame me all you want) or she disappeared herself in order to one day return and fight him OR AGAIN ANYTHING ELSE, THIS IS ENDLESS, it would also make sense on a temporal level. 

That picture of Adrien and mamabear looks pretty freaking recent if you ask me. He’s the same age and even wears the same clothes. Also, Adrien and Marinette couldn’t have been Ladybug and Chat Noir for too long, since we see they’re still struggling to find a balance in their lives AND they’re pretty freaking young too. 

What I’m saying is, what if Hawk Moth appeared right after Mama Agreste disappeared? And that would be when our ship received their kwamis and all that.



B2K | Everything

Raye’s Outdoors Mix

For Movie/Favourites night a few weeks back, we watched what has got to be one of the worst films I’ve ever seen (which is quite a statement):

You Got Served.

Man it really is so bad that its borderline good but I’d rather take Sunday School Musical over that anyday. Still it was a strange feeling seeing the B2K crew onscreen and it brought me back to my tb/Mirc days in year 8. Oh the slow jams wed listen to. And this was one of them.

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Shipping sebaciel is wrong u should delete ur page

Greetings! As Lord Phantomhive is quite busy today dealing with people who actually know how to spell, I, Sebastian Michaelis, will have the pleasure of attending to your polite statement.

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Firstly, I would highly encourage you learnt to read properly. See, the ask box is actually named: ‘Ask us anything’, and what you sent to us was a statement, an order even, but not a question. Think about that the next time.

Well, to start off, I will talk about the era my young master and I live in, called the Victorian era because of the queen that is currently ruling over England, Queen Victoria. Lord Phantomhive is known to have been born in 1875, and is of 13 years of age, which means the current year is 1888. Yes, there are minor inconsistencies for the sake of the plot such as phones, chainsaws and semiautomatic weapons, but the architecture, the clothes and general behaviour correspond to the Victorian era.

Now, Mr. or Miss. 'I’m so brave that I won’t say my name’, allow me to present the following situation: you are watching a movie set in an era where being homosexual was punishable by death. This movie talks about two men who engage in a secret relationship despite both knowing they could be hanged.

You, as the respectful, open-minded person that you undoubtedly are, go on the Internet and post the following: 'OMG, this movie was so homophobic I literally vomited. It showed gay people having to hide their sexuality! Being homosexual isn’t something you should hide, and it’s what this movie is trying to show, that gay people should hide or they are going to be killed!’ Is it reasonable to do so? Clearly that wasn’t the message the director was trying to get across. As you can see, the setting plays a very important part in this.

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So, even though the arguments you provided were pretty solid and you clearly humiliated us with your logic, facts and wide variety of ideas, please allow a humble butler to give his opinion on the subject.

If you check the age of consent in England (where my young master and I live) at the time (1888), you can perfectly see that it is 13 years old. What a coincidence! Lord Phantomhive is 13 years old! Oh, so I guess that if my young master wanted to engage in a consensual relationship with an older man, he would be able to, without it being considered as pedophiliac, right? And furthermore, it also means that you should stick your nose in other matters more important than a harmless ship between two fictional characters, wouldn’t you agree with me? Being informed is a beautiful thing indeed, you should try it sometime.

Friendly reminder that this is the Internet, and people who ship my young master and I are in no way doing harm to anyone at all. If you manage to find one real life case where there has been a pedofiliac relationship caused by someone shipping Lord Phantomhive with me, then I promise you I will close this blog. Not hypothetical cases, you have to bring me cold, hard proof that someone has been hurt physically or psychologically because of the Sebaciel ship.

Why not just let everyone do as they please as long as they’re not harming anyone? Is your life really that boring that you feel the need to censor every little thing that you dislike? If you do not like the fact that my master and I fuck nearly every night except when Grell decides to rudely drop by or Bard sets the kitchen on fire, then please switch to another blog or just come with actual arguments.

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Well, my darling anon, this has been quite pleasant. Feel free to drop by again, that would be just lovely! Just one more thing, in the future, when you decide to confront the Phantomhive butler, just remember we at the manor are experts at roasting, and I may be a lowly butler, but you, my dear, just got served.

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