you got me interested now

I don’t know how to fully enjoy any of these moments without wondering if it’s the last.
—  Jay Asher, What Light

 Why don’t we just leave? Lets just go

                  “ What do you mean ‘go?’ We can’t just- 

                                                                     “ Why not? You scared Byers? 

                  “ Not all of us can drop everything and leave, Harrington. 

                                                                    “ The world isn’t gonna fall apart
                                                                    just because you stop holding it up
                                                                    for a while. You know that, right? 

 You shouldn’t have to anyway.
You don’t have to be Atlas, Jon. 

                 … Alright. Lets do this. Let’s runaway. 

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He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

Because I’ve been so excited about the recent Person of Interest season finale, I decided to revisit my older paintings of Reese and Finch - they are among, if not actually, my favorite portraits I’ve ever done, and deserved some touchup and refinement. This show has come so far and raises such interesting questions - it’s a privilege to paint these characters (and hopefully I’ll do more this year during the hiatus!)

You can buy prints and products of “He Who Fights Monsters” and “The Abyss Gazes Back” at my Society6 shop!


I had ‘bad girl’ Charlotte Pudding sketches stored in my hard drive for so long  I was about to give up on finishing them until the latest OP chapter.  I mean she was just so SUSPICIOUS when she made such nice convenient promises to the strawhats that she never seem to keep??? Drawing out a ‘safe’ map for Luffy and the gang? Puh-lease, when things are that easy in enemy territory, there’s something fishy going on. 

Thanks Oda. You almost got me. But now things are finally getting interesting again. 

anonymous asked:

So I've been following you for a while now and you've got me interested in witchcraft. My problem is idk where or how to start. The only thing that comes up when I search modern witch craft is Wicca and I'm not sure about it. Any pointers on how and where to start? Also, love your blog 😋

-pauses the Voltron content- OK TIME FOR A SHORT LESSON ON WITCHCRAFT!

First things first, modern witchcraft does not equal Wicca! Some people do count themselves as Wiccan today and try to hold others to their rules, or just do their thing, it’s a valid path, but not all modern magic is Wiccan. I’m not Wiccan, I’m something called eclectic. Eclectic witches are kind of all over the place, they do their own brand of magic.

Honestly? Tumblr search is awesome is you look up witchcraft. You’ll find posts on every type imaginable. Some blogs I would recommend if you’re unsure are 






and myself *wink wonk* @broomclosetedalix 

Start with those and find the pages on different types of witchcraft. Start small, make a few sigils, google up on crystals and different tools, have some tea. Tea is good. Tea is awesome, cause you can please whatever you think lives in your home (faeries, spirits) and make the house smell good and your hands warm, and it tastes good!

Make some moonwater would be the next step I took, I suppose. Leave water in jars out on the full moon (Jars are big in witchcraft too, heads up. it’s a running joke). 

Honestly though? Do what feels right. If it feels right and good to you, do it! (again, unless it’s murder) So good luck and my best wishes are with you!


This is what I’ve doing all day. :’D

smol is no longer me, They have their own story.

I said I would draw Hazy, so I drew Hazy.

…..might’ve Gotten a little carried away.

Hazy belongs to @gremist

and CommandFell!Temmie belongs to @undertale-cat

Smol is mine :’D