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!One prompt per request!

Prompt List:

“Don’t test me.”

“I’m gonna be honest with you. I’m really horny, and you’re really hot. Can we fuck? Like, now?”

“You like that, don’t you?”

“God, you’re perfect.”

“You enjoying the view over there?”

“You can hang out with all the boys”

“I wouldn’t push your buttons so much if you’d pay attention to me.”

“Don’t be bashful. You know you want to.”

“I’m the one in charge here, silly girl/boy.”

“I’m trying to drive here!”

“Don’t talk, just spread your fucking legs”

“Get on your hands and knees and crawl to me.”

“I’ll meet you in the changing rooms.”

“Keep quiet.”

“Yes, yes, you own me.”

“Do you like touching the bruises I leave on your skin?”

“Well, well. My night just got better.”

“Come sit on my lap like a good pet.”

“Does this get you hard/wet?”

“You like how I bend over for you, huh?”

“That’s gross! Unless you’re up for it?”

“Finally! I thought I was going to cum from riding my fingers before you got here.“

“What’s wrong, did I finally fuck your brains out?”

NO okay but LISTEN!

Anyone who knows me knows that all I wanted from this finale was a fucking Scerek hug. I would’ve been satisfied with just a simple “it’s good you’re back” pat on the back.


For like that one moment, no one else existed but Derek Hale to Scott McCall!


  • <p> <b>Before you start watching a new tv series:</b> oh good this show only has 12 episodes it won't take that long to watch<p/><b>After you watched the tv series:</b> oH GOD WHY ARE THERE ONLY 12 EPISODES I NEED MORE DONT DO THIS TO ME<p/></p>

Sterek Baseball AU-

Derek Hale was a free agent at the end of the season, and moved from the cold streets of Boston, Massachusetts to the warm sunny city of Los Angeles, California. Not only did he find himself with a team who didn’t tease him for his pre-pitch dance, but he found himself falling hard for a mouthy first baseman by the name of Stilinski.

“Out for two fucking games.” Derek scowled when Stiles sat down, “For catching a goddamn ball and getting my face hit.” He sighed, “And look at the form on that idiot. Does he not know how to pitch?” He paused for a moment, rubbing his face for a moment, “That was douchey. Sorry.”

Stiles laughed then patted his leg sympathetically. “Don’t worry, we all know he sucks. And it’s only for two games, dude. We’ll be fine since they have me on first base.” He smirked to himself and wiggled proudly in hopes of making Derek cheer up a little.

Derek laughed a little, giving Stiles’s knee a nudge with his own. “Lucky we’ve got you or we’d be fucked.” He laughed again, a bit of a flush rising to his cheeks. Luckily his face was still sort of red from where he’d been hit, so the flush wasn’t that noticeable.

“I’m glad you agree,” he laughed, glancing at him. “Damn, he got you good. You can see the redness through your manly lumberjack stubble." 

written with the lovely prettyashale


Requested by @fuckkoffcourtney : if you take requests, could you do an imagine where maybe the reader is stiles’ older sister in senior year and he’s a junior and the pack including her is at lunch together and her phone rings and lydia is like “you still call your dad “daddy”?“ and reader answers it and says “yes derek?” and the whole table cHOKEs and it’s just really funny??? thanks so much!

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@vixenwinchesters Mmkay, I enjoyed writing this one. Requests are always open!

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You were Stiles’ older sister. He had introduced you to Derek, who was your boyfriend now. You knew about the supernatural, as you had seen Derek shift on numerous occasions. Class was pretty boring today, so you had messaged Derek, telling him how bored you were. You had just come out of class and had gotten your food when your phone rang. It was laying flat on the table and everyone could see the word, ‘Daddy’, as the contact. The whole table erupted into a fit of laughter, and Lydia gasped out, “You still call your dad ‘Daddy’?” You stared them down as you answered the phone.

“Yes, Derek?” You said. They all went quiet and you raised an eyebrow. Some of them were halfway through chewing food and they had frozen, mid chew. You grinned, and went off to talk to Derek real quick.

You finished the call rather quick and made your way back to the table.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me…” Stiles said in shock.

Lydia was the first to joke about it. “Ooh, kinky.” She said giggling.

“Don’t act like you don’t have yours.” You said, and she shut right up. Stiles stared at the both of you. Scott was just sitting there, shaking his head that was in his hands. Isaac was just staring along with Stiles. Done with lunch and school, you waved good-bye to your brother and friends, and got out of school.

“Thank you so much for coming and picking me up babe,” You said, and leaned over in the car to kiss Derek on the cheek.

“It’s no problem. I wanted to see my babygirl anyways.” He replied, and grinned cheekily at you.

Lake House

Originally posted by stilessderek

Stiles x Reader

Warnings: sex, 18+ gif under cut

Every summer since you could remember your family travelled up to the woods to a lake house that you always had to share with the Stilinski’s. It was big enough for both your families but it wasn’t big enough for you and Stiles to avid each other.

The start of every holiday would bring the two of you a short relief from seeing each other, only to be forced to spend the summer together. When you were younger your parents hating, each other was a phase that you’d grow out of.

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Chinese Takeout-(Stiles Stilinski)

Originally posted by thealpha

Characters: Allison Argent, Kira Yukimura, Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Coach Finstock, Stiles Stilinski and (Y/N)

Warnings: none?

Pairing: hint at Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 1243

Summary: Stiles, out of nowhere, involves you in the tradition that takes place every lacrosse match Beacon Hills plays.

Stiles Stilinski. The schools weird kid with an endless supply of sarcasm. Stiles, who’s both a naturally smart kid like his dad and on the lacrosse team. Stiles Stilinski, the guy who I have a raging crush on for 3 agonizing years. 

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prompt #7, #8 (Jordan Parrish)

7.“I heard you’re a player, so let’s play a game.” 8.“please put me down, it’s just a sprained ankle.”

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

“we’ve been circling the same area for about an hour now. The nemeton doesn’t want to be found.” Jordan said crossing his arms over his chest.

“well i’m not the one carrying a bunch of dead bodies out here so excuse me if I can’t find it.” I said sitting down on the forest floor.

Jordan joined me shortly looking at his hands. I instantly felt bad, he didn’t know that he was doing this either, and I wasn’t exactly helping with my accusatory tone.

“do you think I want to be doing this?” He said playing with his fingers.

“I know, I’m sorry I said that Jordan, and I’m sorry for dragging you out here this was a waste of time.” I said standing up and wiping off my butt.

Jordan followed suit.

“not a total waste I mean I got to spend time with you.” Jordan said grabbing my hand and lacing my fingers with his own.

“you know you’re pretty boy charm isn’t going to work on me.” I said letting go of his hand.

“pretty boy charm, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He said laughing.

This gave me an idea. Jordan has been teaching me self defense ever since I got attacked by Tracy Stewart.

I heard you’re a player, so let’s play a game.” I said smirking.

“a game, what kind of game?” Jordan asked stepping closer to me.

“fight me. fight me and if I win you can’t leave until you find the nemeton.” I said putting my fists up.

“what if I win? what do I get?” He asked stepping even closer.

“what do you want?” I asked feeling my face heat up from how close he was.

“a kiss.” He whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine.

I was a little distracted with my thoughts so I was caught off guard when Jordan pushed me, making me fall on my butt.

“hey you cheated!” I said pushing my self back up.

“no I’m just motivated to win.” He smirked putting his hands back up.

I lunged at him trying to catch his arm but he blocked me. He went in for a jab but I ducked.

“you’re not winning that easily.” I said ducking again as he threw another jab.

“I didn’t expect it to be easy.” He said grabbing my arm.

I twisted out of his grip trying to trip him. He got hold of my arm and twisted me around so he was behind me and had me trapped against his body.

Originally posted by sahppire

I could feel him breathing down my neck making me extremely nervous. He won and I was about to kiss him. I turned around but Jordan wasn’t standing in front of me, it was the hell hound. He pushed me to the side causing me to twist my ankle.

“Parrish!” I said watching him walk away.

He started walking straight through the tree line. I struggled to get up, but I eventually did and followed him. He stopped sitting down on the tree trunk of the nemeton. Bodies were scattered all over it. I let go of the tree I was using to support myself and fell down looking at all the bodies.

“y/n!” Jordan called running over to me now that he was back to himself.

“Jordan, don’t turn around.” I said putting my hand on his cheek.

Of course he didn’t listen to me and turned around anyways seeing all the bodies.

“I’m doing all this.” He started turning back to me. “and I hurt you.” He said looking down at my ankle that was a little purple now.

I grabbed the tree standing up.

“Jordan you’re a hell hound you protect the secrets of the supernatural it’s what you do, you’re not killing anyone, that isn’t you, and don’t worry about me i’m okay. Jordan we fight the bad guys okay, you’re not one of them. Let’s get out of here.” I said grabbing his arm to pull him away from the nemeton.

Jordan picks me up walking me back to his patrol car.

“Jordan, please put me down, it’s just a sprained ankle.”

“a sprained ankle that I caused.” He said his grip around me getting tighter.

“actually, if we’re speaking technically, the hell hound did this not you.”

“It doesn't matter we’re back at the car.” He said sitting me down on the trunk so he could open my car door.

He was very down, and I felt my heart ache for him.

“Jordan come here.”

He walked over standing in between my legs. I put my arms around his shoulders.

“you don’t think you’re the bad guy right?” I questioned rubbing his shoulders.

“I don’t even know who I am anymore y/n” He admitted putting his arms around me and pulling me to his chest.

He buried his face in my neck. I felt something wet and hot and realized he was crying. I lifted his head so he was looking at me.

“Jordan I know exactly who you are. You’re a deputy to the Sherriff’s department, you care about people and their feelings, you’re willing to risk your life to save others. You’re extremely good at fighting, in fact I think I owe you something.” I said pulling his face down to mine.

His breathing got heavier as my lips were practically on his. I captured his lips with mine kissing him slowly and passionately. He immediately kissed back pulling me closer to him. I could feel my cheeks burning with desire as I kissed him. He slowly pulled away resting his forehead on mine.

“should we play another game?” He smirked kissing my nose.

“if the outcome is this, than hell yeah.” I said putting my lips back on his.

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Seriously though Jordan Parrish does not get enough recognition either! Look how handsome he is! I’m glad somebody requested him! Question for you all, would you like me to make a new prompt list to chose from?

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Gahhh Sterek back in action , I cannot believe. I didn't know you watch teen wolf or read sterek. What are your favorite sterek fics??

I quit in the beginning of season 5 because I got bored and the show turned to shit, but this used to be my go-to fic fandom before I discovered the really good HL fics, so I have quite an extensive list. LET’S GO.

Sterek Fic Rec

Gravity’s Got Nothing On You (read all this author’s fics, they’re my #1)

Except What Has Been Forgotten (nothing like a good old amnesia AU, also one of my favourite authors))

The Company I Keep (uni AU, kill me)

Accidentally We Fall (scottmcniceass WHERE THEY STARTED, THE O.G. people, but also read their  HOGWARTS AU)

The Road To Self Actualization Is Littered With F-Bombs (undercover pretend boyfriend AU, we’re all winning here)

Some Rules Are Made With All Intentions To Break (QUIDDITCH HOGWARTS AU, LETS GO)

According To Plans

The ETA From You To Me (this was one of the first I read, it got turned into a book and deleted but it’s back online apparently <3)

Bones Straining Under The Weight (Derek is a food blogger, you didn’t know you needed this but you do)

On Building An IKEA Den For An Alpha Werewolf (domestic cuteness with a stubborn alpha) 

Say Something (this was exactly the pack fic I needed after season two)

Not Your Disney Romance (a pretend boyfriend AU, a uni AU and a coffeeshop AU all in one, this is IT)

By Any Other Name

Electricity In The Contact 

Come Fly With Me (Or Don’t)

The Noble Tie That Binds

Werewolf Love Songs Vol. 1 

Fling - Dylan O’Brien

“No, we can’t do girls night tomorrow, I have a meeting Sunday morning I’ll actually need sleep for.” You sigh into your phone. You and your girlfriends were supposed to have a girls night complete with face masks, the latest gossip and a sleepover tonight, but it looks like both your friends are ditching. 

“Tonight just won’t work for me.. I’m going out with that guy I told you about.” Your best friend tells your through the phone.

“The mailman?” You frown even though she can’t see.

“No, God no.” She replies with pure disgust in her voice. “Last week, he took me to some shady old bar. He wouldn’t keep his hands off of me, literally everyone inside was staring at me.”

“Did him anyways?” 

“Well, yes.” She confesses. “I mean, after that horrible date I deserved to have some fun.” 

“Sure.” You mutter, a small smile playing on your lips, not at all certain you approve of her choices. 

“Tonight I’m going out with Adrian, the guy I met at the movies. He’s taking me to a fancy restaurant, I’m gonna make him order some fancy champagne.” Your best friend continues. “Sorry to ditch you but champagne sounds lots better than ice cream and pizza at your place.”

“Great.” You mumble, looking down at your shopping cart filled with tubs of ice cream, microwave popcorn, oven French fries and just about every choice of face mask the store offers. “Wasn’t gonna have pizza.” You even got cashews, which seemed appropriate since you’re basically adults now.

“Whatever, point is, we have these Friday nights every month, it’s not that big of a deal if we skip it just this once.” 

It is a big deal actually. Friday nights have been a tradition since college, when you first parted your ways.You rarely see your friends anymore since everyone is so caught up at work or with school. Friday night once a month is the only time you have together, but apparently it means more to you than it does to your friends. “Have fun with Adrian.” 

“Will definitely do.” Your friend giggles before you end the phone call.
Continuing to roam the isles, you decide to keep the oven fries and the ice cream, then move onto the candy isle. Eating away your feelings won’t do any good, but it’s not like you have something better to do now.

“Uh sorry.” 

You look up into a pair of slightly familiar brown eyes. “Shit.” You mumble when you realize you rammed your cart into him. “I’m so sorry.” You quickly apologize to the guy you seem to run into every time you shop your groceries. Not quite as literally as tonight, though. 

“That’s okay. Hi.” He smiles, “If I knew I was gonna run into you, I would have dressed a little nicer.” He chuckles looking down at his sweats, which makes you laugh because you’re wearing a ratty old tee shirt that reaches your thighs with a legging that may or may not have a hole that seductively reveals your dotted underwear. 

The guy moves his gaze to your cart. “Did you get dumped, too?” 

“By my friends, yeah.” You nod and roll your eyes. “It’s fine, I’m just gonna go home and –“ You stop your ramblings. “You got dumped?” 

“Yeah.” He nods. That’s when you realize you never did catch his name, which, by default, makes this awkward now that you’ve cut the topic of heartbreak. Especially since you’ve talked plenty times before (never much deeper than ‘Stalking me now, huh?’, ‘Fancy spotting you here again.’, and ‘We should carpool, probably.’), it has been going on for at least two years now.

“You should have a look at this.” He says as he hands you a magazine.
You frown as you flip through the pages, not exactly sure what you’re looking for until you spot a pair of brown eyes exactly like the ones focussed on you.

“You’re in a magazine?” Quickly scanning the pages, you catch that his name is Dylan. Which he told you before, but totally slipped your mind. 

“Next page.” Dylan says. “You probably want to read that.” He points out the picture at the bottom of the page, which makes you frown even more because it’s a picture of you. 

“What is this?” 

“Read it.” Dylan says, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his sweatpants. 

‘Dylan O’Brien… Teen Wolf actor… famous girlfriend Britt Robertson… cheating scandal.” 

“Oh no.” You mutter once it all adds up. “I’m so sorry, when did they even take those?” 

“Must have been last week. There’s about a dozen other articles out there, assuming you’re an actress as well.” Dylan sighs. “Britt’s freaking out. Remember that time she came in with me and the cashier just assumed we were shopping together.” 

You nod. “Right. Shit of course she would think this is a thing.” 

“It’s not just about this, though.” He shrugs. 

“I’m sorry.” 

“Not at all your fault.” Dylan shakes his head. “I’m sorry you’re all over everywhere right now.” 

“Yeah I kinda didn’t realize you’re an actor..” You mumble, quite embarrassed. 

Dylan laughs. “I know. I like that.” 

“I should have known.” 

“Now you’ve got something to do tonight,” he smiles. “There’s six seasons of Teen Wolf so you should be good for a while.” 

You laugh. “Yeah, thanks for the reference.” 

“Of course you could also go for a movie, just not one Britt and I are in together, that’s kind of awkward now.” He mutters. 

The both of you fall back into a comfortable pace, roaming the isles and filling up the cart. You don’t know how it happened that Dylan is now putting his groceries with yours, but neither one of you comment on it. 

He grabs hold of a few other magazines that feature the rumor, looking quite satisfied as he puts them in the cart. “We probably should get exchange these for - er - not melted ones.” Dylan chuckles as he puts the tubs of ice cream back in the freezer and switches them out for new ones. 

At the register Dylan takes it as his job to bag the items. When you go to pay he actually starts to laugh at you. “What? I throw a shitload of stuff into your cart and you wanna pay?” He raises his brows. 

“It’s fine.” You shrug. 

“Here’s my card.” He chuckles as he swipes it. “You’re too kind.” 

“I could have paid for that.” You say on your way out of the store. 

“You have like three things!” Dylan laughs again. 

“Still.” You shrug. 

“You deserve a free tub of ice cream on a Friday night.” He smiles as you walk out into the parking lot.

“Alright.” You roll your eyes, grinning. “Thanks.” 

Dylans smile fades away easily though as he notices someone flashing their camera. “Guess you’ll have an even bigger photo all over internet tomorrow.” He mutters. 

“Do they really follow you around everywhere?” You frown. 

“Since they figured out who hides behind the beard, yes.” 

“That’s horrible.” 

“That’s life.” Dylan shrugs. “Let’s give them something to talk about.” You shoot him a look of confusion, but before you can ask Dylan his lips are on yours. He’s got one hand on the small of your back, holding onto the shopping cart with the other. 

When you break apart there’s even more people flashing their cameras. Dylan smiles, quite accomplished with what he just did. “Now as for that movie, your place or mine?”

6x10 Alternate Ending

Submitted by: Jenna

Description: This is how I wanted 6x10 to end. I like to think I filled in the parts they didn’t show. Mostly Stydia after they reunite. Hope you enjoy!Starting scene from 6x10: Stiles, Lydia and the Sheriff just killed ghost rider Claudia in the school hallway.

Rating: K+

Genre: Missing scene, Romance

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Theo Duty

Theo x Reader

Warning(s): Fluff and Flirting

Summary: You’re stuck on Theo duty and he won’t let you sleep.

“Move over.” You looked at the shirtless boy and narrowed your eyes.

“No.” You pulled the covers over your eyes and he scoffed.

“No?” you groaned and sat up glaring at the boy. Once the dread doctors were defeated Theo needed a place to stay and no one was jumping to volunteer. Unfortunately, you missed that pack’s meeting so you got stuck on Theo duty.

“Theo this is a twin size bed and evidently that doesn’t mean twins can fit on the bed. One person is it’s limit so go sleep on the couch or outside by a tree.” you harshly whispered. He softly laughed grinning at you. You had a little history with Theo. Okay, it wasn’t really history. Theo and you kissed once. Once. It was at a party and you were drunk but now he was like a puppy. He was brazen, egotistical, and attractive but whenever he opened his mouth, you wanted to punch him. He was a former bad guy but, was still super hot.

“What is that I smell, is that arousal?” he said and narrowed your eyes before plopping back to the pillow.

“Stop barking up my tree, Wolf boy.” You groaned causing another round of laughter as he laid on next to you. You shuffled away as far as you could go on the small bed. He was overbearing.

“Frustration and Arousal isn’t a healthy combination Y/N. Maybe I can help you with that.” Your cheeks turned red and turned to face him. Your faces were inches apart and you pushed him off the bed. But having his inhuman reflexes he grabbed your waist pulling you down with him.

“I hate you.” you growled as you hit the ground landing on top of him and he smirked.

“You love me.” He said confidently and you sat up straddling him.

“No, I don’t.”

“Well I love you.” you got off of him and rolled your eyes.

“Whatever, Raeken. I need some shut eye. So shut your mouth so I can close my eyes.”

A/N: I wanted to make little imagines of Theo and and the other boys. Requests are open. 


Derek: “I have no clue how you deal with them. I mean look at them Ethan and Benny are like carbon copies of Stiles and Scott. Who knows how bad the four of them could be together.” 
Sarah: “Hey, at least your Erica and my Erica are getting along. After they got over the werewolf/vampire thing. It’s freaky how much they’re alike and I don’t know if that’s good or bad.”
Derek: “I’m honestly just waiting to see how much Rory can annoy Isaac before Isaac strangles him.”
Sarah: “Yeah, Rory has that effect on people. Luckily they have you and me to keep them in place or who knows where these dorks would be without us.”    

The Crush

Originally posted by wolfiehunters

Requested by Anon.

Request: can i have one where y/n left beacon hills before s5 (theo) but she comes back in 6b and everyones really excited to see her because she’s really smart and insanely nice and theo meets and gets a crush on her 

I pulled up to Scott’s house. I had really missed all of my friends, but I had to move. My parents thought that it would be best after everything that had been happening in this weird town. But Scott had called and they needed my help, so of course I came. I couldn’t leave my friends stranded. My parents know and didn’t want me to come, but I’m an adult now. I can make my own choices. 

I got out of the car, and made my way to the front door. My fist laid three loud knocks on the wooden door. I heard running feet, and somebody messing with the handle. When the door was swung open, Lydia stood there, the biggest smile on her face. “Y/N!”

“Lydia!” We wrapped our arms around each other and laughed. “I missed you!”

“I missed you too!” 

“What no hug for me?” I heard. Stiles stood there with his arms wide open and a side frown on his face. 

“Of course you get a hug!” And I let go of Lydia and ran towards Stiles. I had missed them all so much. 

Theo POV

There were three loud knocks on the door, and Lydia jumped up, dropping the book she was reading. She bolted to the door, and had trouble with the lock at first, but eventually turned it. When she opened the door, her face lit up. “Y/N!” 

“Lydia!” They hugged each other tightly. Stiles stood up and asked, “What no hug for me?” And he opened his arms.

“Of course you get a hug!” And she jumped into his arms. 

It wasn’t until they pulled apart that I finally got a good look at the girl. She was gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful. I didn’t know that I was staring until she was standing right in front of me. 

“Hi. I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Y/N.” She held out her hand. 

“Theo.” And I shook her hand. 

“Ah, yes. I’ve heard about you.” She nodded her head. 

She was going to be the death of me.

Prompt// Brett Talbot

Prompt: “ Is that a gun or are you happy to see me?”

Warning: none


Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

I wake up to the smell of breakfast, which is unusual because i have to use every bribe in the book to even get him to take the dog out. He must really want something.

“Brett!” I call out. There wasnt a response so i decided to look for him.

Ooo, he made bacon, omletes, smoothies, and pancakes all my favorites! He really wants something and im going to figure it out, one way or another. Then mr. I need somthing pressed himself against me.

“Good morning beautiful.” He whispers in my ear causing my heart to flutter. No he wont get to me not today!

“Is that a gun or are you happy to see me?”

“ Darling, im always happy to see you.” He calls.

Yup, he got to me.

“Meet me in the room in 10.” i whisper as sprint up the stairs knowing he can hear me.

Hopeless (Part 2)

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Request : a few, sort of 

Summary : I do not​ know what crap I’ve written, bare with me.

words : 863

Warning :  I really don’t know where I was going with it I just wrote what I thought gelled together the best.

Hopefully you aren’t very disappointed.





“I’ll see you after chem?” Stiles asked when he was dropping you off to your class. “you really don’t have to drop me to class all the time, Stiles” you say chuckling. It’s very sweet of him but you really didn’t want him to go out of his way to drop you off. “My Econ class is right there” he points at a random door. “Have fun studying at the janitor’s closet” you say calling him out. He scratches the back of his head sheepishly. “See you” you laugh at him and nod. You walk to your desk and settle down.   You see Liam walk into class you smile and wave, he waves back but he seemed a little off.

“What’s wrong? You forgot your assignment again?” You ask and he shakes his head. He waves a file in front of your face before sitting in the desk beside you.  “We need to talk about something” he says. It urges your curiosity and you say “About what?” you raise an eyebrow leaning towards his desk. The teacher walks in right at the moment and you lean back into your seat not wanting to get in trouble.

After class, you gather all your things and Liam starts speaking again. “Are you and Stiles a thing now?” he asks and you stop on your tracks. “What?” you chuckle. “What makes you think that?” you ask. “Don’t lie to me” he says following you out of class. “Why does it bother you even if we were?” You question. It was obvious that he was with Hayden.

“Look” you start running your free hand through your hair. “He’s helping me with things” you say. It was true. Stiles was helping out with a lot of research in the beastiary and getting over Liam, sort of. He’s been helping around a lot. “What things?” he presses. “It’s none of your business, Liam” you snap. he huffs, he’s definitely upset. “Well, I’m sorry” he says and walks off. “Liam, Liam, that’s not what I meant” You turn around. “LIAM!” you call out but he keeps walking. You groan and go to your next class.

You obviously told Stiles about your Liam encounter. You were in Stiles bedroom. You were doing your homework together. He was at his desk and you were on his bed. “I’m tired of this situation really” you say to him referring to Liam. “You don’t want us to be a thing? I’m hurt, wounded” Stiles said dramatically, joking around. “Oh no, that’s not what I meant, I’m forever yours,” you joke along. He laughs and you join in. “Maybe you should tell him how you feel once and for all, enough of the hiding (y/n), I can see how much it hurts you,” he says. “I don’t want to ruin my friendship with him” you say.

“hiding is only harming the friendship, isn’t it?” he asked and you nod.

You sit up, “okay, I’ll tell him” you say taking a deep breath.


You had texted Liam about meeting up and he invited you over. You went over played a video game, then the dreadful time arrived. He said those words you really didn’t want to face. “Didn’t you have to talk to me about something?” he asked and you immediately took a deep breath. “yeah. It’s about um-“ you almost thought about lying but you knew he would find out, “I had something to confess” you say, you look up at his eyes gathering every ounce of courage you had in your body. He raises an eyebrow. “go ahead” he urges. You fidget with the controller you had in your hand.

“Ever since I’ve known you, I’ve had a crush on you” you say breathing heavily. It feels great to get it out of your system but you’re still scared of how he’ll react.

“oh” you hear him say.

That’s it? You confess this huge secret and he says oh? Disappointing. “Do you- um- Did you want us to be- something more?” he asks almost choking on his spit, you could hear it, it was that bad. You were completely shocked at what the situation was and you wanted to dig a hole and die in it. “For a while- yeah” you nod slowly. You didn’t make any sort of eye contact with him. “I’m sorry if I made things weird,” you apologize looking down at your lap. “No, you didn’t, I- um- I’m sorry (y/n),” he says and you knew what was coming. Rejection.


You were walking back in the dark, trying to contain your tears. You went straight to Stiles, to probably yell at him about how bad of an idea it was. He would obviously choose Hayden, you thought. You rang the bell at the Stilinksi Residence and Stiles opened the door. “feels good to get it off of my chest” you start. “but it’s upsetting to know he won’t choose me” you say as the tears slowly begin to fall, the ones that already brimmed your eyes when you got here. Stiles put his arms around you to comfort you. “You’ll be fine, I promise” he says softly.

 I’m sorry if this is disappointing. I don’t want to disrespect Hayden as a character and isn’t this a little more realistic anyway. PART 3?

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prompt #16, #18 (Brett Talbot)

16.“I’m either going out for ice cream or to commit a heinous crime, I’ll decide in the car.” 18.“what’s our exit strategy?” “our what?” “oh god, this is how I die.” “please like I’d ever let that happen.” Requested by @naepoohxd

Thank you for requesting Brett because he’s my favorite, so it makes me happy when people are as obsessed with Brett as I am!

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I flinched as another arrow flew past almost hitting the boy I was crushing on. Ever since Liam introduced us, there was something about him that just peaked my interest. I know what they say about a wolf and a fox, but it seemed to work out well for my sister.

“Brett this way!” I screamed, waving my arms at him so he’d see me.

He looked up at me flashing his amber colored beta eyes. Another arrow came this time almost hitting me. It was pouring rain and I could barely see anything. I focused my kitsune hearing as another arrow came. I unsheathed my belt which was really my katana and sliced the arrow in two. Brett and his sister were now in front of me.

“this way.” I called through the rain and took off running.

Brett and his sister were following and so were the assassins. Brett’s sister stumbled falling down. Brett turned around to pick her up. The assassins were closing in on us now.

“Brett go to the animal clinic, Satomi and the others are already there.” I screamed unsheathing my katana again.

“what about you? I’m not leaving you.” Brett said grabbing my arms. 

“go, get your sister to safety, I’ll be right there.” I said pushing him in the direction of the animal clinic.

He looked at me with guilt in his eyes before taking off. The assassins were now in front of me. They fired arrows but I blocked them all.

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The one assassin came at me but I quickly tackled him and kicked the other two down. Once they were all down I ran back to the animal clinic.

“y/n!” my sister Kira said running over to hug me.

I wrapped my arms around her taking in her warmth. My eyes wandered until I found Brett hugging on to Satomi and his sister. It broke my heart. All these innocent Beacon Hills students being hunted mercifully.

“you saved me.” Brett’s sister said running over and hugging me.

I put my arms around her tiny frame and squeezed back.

“are you okay, I shouldn’t have left you.” Brett said checking my body for any wounds.

“Brett i’m fine.” I said grabbing his hands.

He looked up at me giving me his smile that he reserved for only some people.

“we owe you one.” Brett said hugging me.

I took the moment to just admire this feeling. I inhaled his intoxicating scent that drove the fox inside of me crazy.

“Kira, y/n do you want to go home with them and make sure they get back okay?” Scott asked kissing Kira’s forehead.

Kira and I shook our heads and followed Satomi and her pack. Kira took the front while I stayed at the back with Brett and his sister.

“why are they doing this brother?” Brett’s sister said in a tiny voice.

Brett sighed looking at his little sister.

“Because they’re bad people, but don’t worry I won’t let them hurt you.” I said smiling at the young girl.

Brett grabbed my hand giving it  a squeeze. I’m sure he could hear my heart beat race at his touch. Finally we had gotten back to Satomi’s place, thankfully with no incidents.

“thank you girls you have no idea how much it means to us.” Satomi said taking Brett’s sister upstairs.

Brett rubbed his neck awkwardly as he looked at me and then Kira. I elbowed Kira a little bit hoping she’d get the hint.

“oh right, uh I’ll just uh wait outside.” Kira said walking out the door.

I watched her leave. Brett caught me off guard picking me up and holding me against the wall so I could reach his lips. In a split second his lips were on mine. It was a feeling of pure bliss.  

Brett pulled away to catch his breathe. He backed away setting me back on the ground.

“sorry.” He said rubbing his neck again nervously.

“i’m not.” I said smiling at him.

“where are you off to next?” He asked lacing his fingers with mine.

“well i’m either going out for ice cream or to commit a heinous crime, i’ll decide in the car.” I smirked poking his cheek.

“well whatever you’re doing you might need this.” Brett said going over to his lacrosse bag and pulling out his Devenford Prep sweatshirt handing it to me.

“thanks.” I said putting it on over my wet clothes.

I was about to kiss him goodbye when Kira ran back in.

“Scott’s got a plan to catch the benefactor.” She said her breathing ragged.

“alright let’s go then.” I said turning back to Brett.

“I’m going with you.” Brett said grabbing a dry jacket.

“Brett please, people just tried to kill you for money stay here where it’s safe.”

“y/n I’m not letting you do this alone, especially not after that.” He said pointing the wall where we were just making out.

“we have to go.” Kira said walking back out.

“I’m going with you.” Brett said grabbing my hand and walking out the door.

Stiles picked us up in his jeep and explained the plan to us. Kira tried to protest but Scott was already going through with it. I wrapped my arms around her until we arrived at the hospital. We walked in where everyone else was. Kira saw Scott and started to cry. He really looked dead.

“what’s he doing here?” Liam asked glaring at Brett.

“He’s an extra set of claws, so be thankful.” I snapped maybe a little too aggressively.

“alright, it’s in place, the benefactor should be on their way.” Stiles said looking up from the numerous computer screens.

what’s our exit strategy?” I asked Stiles noticing the lights start to flicker, meaning the benefactor wasn’t the only one coming.

“our what?” Stiles asked completely dumbfounded.

“you know our exit strategy, in case this whole thing goes south, what are we going to do to save Scott and ourselves.” I said glaring at Stiles.

I honestly did like Stiles but sometimes his plans sucked, and he didn’t think them through all the way.

oh god, this is how I die.” I said noticing the Berserkers coming up on the monitor.

please like I’d ever that happen.” Brett said from beside me, putting his hand on my lower back.

“Liam and I will take the roof you and Brett take the corridor, we can’t let Kate or the berserkers get to Scott.” Kira panicked unsheathing her katana.

I followed her motion unsheathing mine and leading Brett down the corridor.

“I don’t think they’re here.” Brett said before a berserker threw him into a wall.

“Brett!” I screamed before running at the berserker.

I swung my sword connecting with the bone armor of the berserker but I wasn’t strong enough to knock it down. In one swipe of it’s arm I was hurtling down the hall into the wall. I could hear a crack and honestly didn’t want to know where it came from. Brett stood up completely wolfed out now. He charged at the berserker swiping at it with his claws. The berserker went down but quickly got back up. It grabbed Brett by his throat putting him up against the wall. I quickly ran over swinging my sword at it. The berserker dropped Brett an turned it’s attention back to me before disappearing completely.

“y/n” Brett said running over to me.

I embraced him kissing his lips gently.

“are you okay?” He asked cupping my cheeks with his hands.

“thanks to you.” I said bringing my hand up to put on his.

“I guess we make a pretty good team then huh?” He said kissing my nose.

“I guess so.” I said kissing his lips once more.

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So got carried away with this one because I really do love Brett Talbot I mean just look at him!

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Who wouldn’t be in love with this? Anyways requests are open! Also side not it means so much to me when you guys say how much you love my writing, like seriously it makes my day! xoxoxo

I Wouldn't Leave You

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Requested by Anon.

Request: can i have one where y/n has to comfort brett after he confesses that he’s scared she’ll leave him for liam? a lot of fluff please! thank you! xx             

The lacrosse game came to an end with Devenford as the winners. Even though I was a Beacon Hills High student, I wasn’t complaining because my boyfriend, Brett, was on that team. But, one of my best friends, Liam, seemed a little down at the loss, so I decided to go down and cheer him up. 

“Hey, Liam!” I sang. “You did great out there.” 

“But we still lost.” He replied looking down. 

I grabbed his face in my hands, forcing him to look at me, and said, “It’s not about winning or losing! It’s about having fun!” 

“You sound like a soccer mom who’s trying to cheer up her child.“ He laughed, pulling my hands away from his face. I looked over to the Devenford team, and Brett staring at us. 

“I’m gonna go congratulate Brett on the win.” I said. 

“Yeah yeah. Leaving me for the boyfriend.” He said. “Go on.” 

I smiled at him and walked over to Brett, “Hey, congrats on the win. You were amazing!” 

“Thanks. So, we’re still on for later right?”  He asks.

“Of course! Why wouldn’t we be?”

“I don’t know. I thought you might wanna spend time with Liam and cheer him up.” 

“I can always do that later.”

“You can always hang out with me later.”

“What’s gotten into you?” I ask.

“Nothing. I-I’m just scared you’re going to leave me for Liam.” He replied, looking down. 

I laughed. “Are you serious? Come on Brett! I would never leave you for him, no offense to Liam, of course. Besides, he’s got a thing for Hayden.” 


“Yeah. I’m with you Brett.”

“Good. I love you.”

“And I love you.”