you got caged


(6:37) “We don’t know that Mariah is attracted to Shades. Mariah knows how to play Shades, and Mariah never stays lonesome all night, if you catch my drift. So…she might have plans for Shades. Let’s just put it that way.”


Imagine Fighting Crime With Daredevil

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“I had him on the ropes!” you glared at Daredevil, your partner, as he threw a box to knock the goon you were fighting unconscious.

“He had a gun,” Matt noted. Yes, you knew what you two were doing was dangerous, but you weren’t the one nearly getting killed and having to go to Claire on a near-nightly basis. In retaliation (and a little bit of defense of your pride), you took a hard step forward and punched through the wall.

“And I have THAT!” you snarked, running at another goon and taking him to the ground with ease.

“Lucky strike,” Matt grunted. You sighed. And Luke called Jessica the hardest hero in Hell’s Kitchen to get a compliment out of. (Which, she probably was, but Matt was a whole different nut.)

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What was my fav part of King’s Cage you ask?

Well, it might have been all the times Mare spit on people and chapter 22 and 25.

JK it was totally that time that Mare and Cal worked together to smash Samson merandus head into the pavement of Caesar Square like it was a melon. That just *wipes away a proud tear* that just really did it for me.


Claire Temple in Marvel’s Luke Cage | S01E05

“The world isn’t the world anymore, mija. Aliens coming out of the sky. People with silver hammers. Green monsters. […] All I know is everything happens for a reason. And now, somehow, you’re a part of it. What do you call that?”

“The worst luck in the world.”

“It’s called fate.”

  • I feel like Cassie must've been embarrassed every time she went to the principal's office, I mean...
  • At the principal's office -
  • Principal: You see... It's just that she-
  • Sonya: All she did was punch them.
  • Principal: Well, yes... But she started a fight. Against school-
  • Johnny: I don't think you know our family.
  • Principal: Well, I still have to expel her-
  • Sonya: I will have a sniper on you if you do.
  • Johnny: I'll gladly punch you in the nuts.
  • Principal: I-...
  • Sonya: Just for a fight... You're gonna expel her?
  • Principal: ... Well she then yelled out "You got Caged" and tried to kill them.
  • Sonya and Johnny: AWWWW...she tried to do her first FATALITY!
  • Principal: ... What is wrong with this family?
  • Cassie: -hides behind her chair and tries to forget she's there.-
  • Yep. That's how that would play out.

Ever seen the Lin Kuei with loaded guns?

Day 10 SFW: Sharing Covers for @kyluxpositivityweek

Yoooo….i totally miss the mark on this one ;w;! One hour late only because I wanted this to be a big final bang and this drawing took a bit longer then the others

On the left side you got “Myspace Kylux AU” from @horatiosroom.

In the center you got “Matt x Techie AU” from…i still don’t know who created this ;w;!

On the right side you got “Caged AU” from @kylogetrekt

They are all sharing a big red blanket because it’s nice to share :’D!

Please expect more Caged AU from me especially Hugs cuz he’s just one awesome possum c:! (I’m totally not done drawing Kylux so i apologize in advanced.)