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I got tagged by @imouto-zeppeli THANKIESS BRUH <3<3<3

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soon to be dancing queen young and sweet only 17

what are you talented at?
helping others with their personal problems also i art 

whats a big goal you’re working towards (or have already achieved)?
i want to graduate but atm i’m working on surviving my exam week and after that finishing my school year!

whats your aesthetic?
sunsets and ORGANIZATION!!! and bus trips and travelling and sea turtles

do you collect anything?
turtle plushies and empty notebooks

what are the topics you bring up the most? 
jjba and high school musical and ME and my hair and also i gossip a lot

any pet peeves?
opinions no one cares about, when someone nitpicks about things (like if someone sings something wrong etc)

any good advice to give?
you HAVE TIME!!! Some people don’t find their passion until they’re 40 or 50 or 60 years old. People also change and you should remember that the most important person is YOU

3 songs you’d recommend?
Overwhelming by Jon Bellion (my vibes nowadays because of my partner)
Little Game by Benny (all about gender roles, the music video is good af)
Bleed Out by Blue October (my vibes when i used to be in a toxic friendship)

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