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Kinks (Taehyung/Reader)

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Prompt: Hello! I was wondering if you could please do a Taehyung/Reader where you’re both having a lazy day and you’re watching TV on the bed. The remote falls but you’re too lazy to get up so you stretch across, and he goes “just get up lazy ass” or something and spanks your butt playfully, but you moan- which leads him to (correctly) believe you have a spanking kink ;)) which leads to some kinky smut afterwards!! Thank you so much <3

Genre: smut

Words: 3.5k+

Author: Admin Meyg

Summary: Wednesday was your favorite day for multiple reasons. 

Tags: Spanking, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Face Sitting/Riding, 69 position, etc.

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This might be a little dark but what if you have complications during your pregnancy. Like one day you experience horrible pains way before your due date. Bucky's away on mission so it's up to Steve & Sam to get you to the hospital. They're horrified but remain calm when they he see blood. They get you to the hospital in time but the baby HAS to be delivered. Through an amazing NICU, your preemie's gonna be ok. And that's how Bucky decides on the name Steven Samuel Barnes, godson of Steve & Sam

no dark is good, I love me some angst. 

the name got me omg my heart 

Daddy Wednesday™

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Prompt: Dad!Dex! But i mean, like, young dad. Like him having a kid but also going to Samwell? Maybe his parents take care of his baby while he's at school cuz he's the first to graduate highschool, let alone get accepted to Uni, and a few rough years now are going to better him and his kid and family in the long run. Just, uptight Dex because there's a reason bigger than him.

This.  Was.  So.  FUN!  I literally adored writing this!!!  Thank you so much!  I hope you enjoy it!  I know this wasn’t exactly what you asked for, but I actually know a couple who will be working their way through their degrees with a baby sometime soon, so I kind of used them as inspiration.  :)

Here goes!

“Okay, yeah, tell her I love her okay?  Yeah, 2:30pm on Wednesday, I’ll be there.” Dex hung up with a little smile on his face.  

“Got a hot date?”  Holster asked, a smirk on his face as he nudged Dex’s side gently.  “At 2:30pm?  Must be serious!  Going out for coffee?”
“None of your business.”  Dex frowned, putting his phone in his pocket.

“Dude, sorry.  Talking about your mom then or what?”  Holster asked.

“Seriously, it’s none of your business.”  Dex turned and left the house quickly.

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This is probably the moment where if I had a life coach they would strongly advise me not to blog, but lucky for me, and sadly for you, I do not, and thus… here I am *insert jazz hands here.*

I’ve been quiet on the Internet lately because I have had nothing to write about. Nothing. For example, the above photo is my Sunday night, my life at this moment in time. Shall we voyage through the numbers? Oh you, as if you had a say.

  1. I was watching The Mindy Project, but something went awry with the signal, and thus I flipped open my laptop to lock in a blog post. THIS blog post. I also just hit season two of Breaking Bad…. so far? meh. But I’ll trudge on. (TV related: I hate how I don’t have cable and can’t watch the Australian Open… blah. But I’ve downloaded The Bachelor, - I really don’t like Juan Pablo, but seem to be a lone solider on this point.)
  2. I painted my nails tonight, Essie’s “Midnight Cami.” From certain angles it looks black, but really it’s a sexy, deep, royal blue. I’m also really proud of myself for painting my nails before approximately 3.2 seconds before bed time. They’re still drying and I’m typing this post soooo slowly to protect them.  (Also, had I told my younger self I’d one day love dark nails, there is no way I would have believed it - my, oh my how fashions change.)
  3. I told myself I could have one handful of those chocolate blueberries. I held true to my word, but my handful was sooooo big, I now feel gross.
  4. That’s my stupid expensive day planner. Do I use it? Ummmm…. sometimes. I go through phases, so my consensus with it is: not worth it.
  5. I GOT A PLANT! Goal: do not kill my plant. It was $13.
  6. Knitting! Did you guys seem my Instagram (username: LizClaire_ ) pic last night? The baby hats/booties make me so excited for March 7th (my sister’s due date)
  7. Because my apartment is so old, I don’t control the heat and it is always FREEZING. Blah. That means I’ve always got the knitted blanket and socks my mom made for me on.

See? My life coach would have advised against such a mundane post, but whatever.  This is how I roll. 

Weekends seem really short these days, probably because I was unemployed for ages, so Sundays and Wednesdays were one and the same, but whoa - two days? that’s it?! (Sometimes I really wish I was like a bear. Why? So that I could store up sleep, of course. Sigh, that be so great. I’d be so prepared then for these current months, living off all the sleep I had stored up.)

Yesterday I went into the office and did some work. I didn’t really have to, but wanted to - I’m finding one of the projects I’m working on so cool & interesting, that I find myself naturally just thinking about it/doing it. 

On Tuesday I’m joining and starting the Half Marathon Clinic - I’m excited for this. Excited for a routine.  Oh! And… (surprise surprise) I want to lose weight, so I was browsing CrossFits in Toronto and came across a 16 week program, which got me sooooo excited/motivated! And then, get this, it was $5,999!!!!!! Ummm, what? For a 16 week CrossFit program? that’s bananas.

OkCupid is, well, still happening.  It’s so weird, though. I find it makes people so disposable, it’s rather sad. I’m talking to two guys right now, but my motivation level to respond properly to messages is approximately one out of a million.

I have also started casually dating Pintrest. We spend most nights together. It’s delightful. He shows me all the yellow and grey chevron cushions I could buy, and helps me admire curtains, as I’m totally in the market for them.

Oh, and would you look at that, my TV decided to bring Mindy back to me. Bless her heart. And on that note, May the odds [this coming week] be ever in your favor.