you got a bad eye

  • Licht enters the room looking disheveled: Sorry I was doing things.
  • Hyde, entering the room also looking disheveled: HE PUSHED ME DOWN THE FUCKING STAIRS!!
Peter Parker Imagine

Requested: @love-superwholocked-bypercy

Imagine: Can you please write one where Peter is called in as Spider-Man to handle a hostage situation at a bank with some first time robbers, and the reader is there and she and Peter start bickering like a married couple when he realizes what’s happening. And then the robbers are trying to shut them up and they both yell at them. Also the hostages and the police are like wtf? Sorry it’s so specific but I had a dream about it 😂😂

A/N: hehehe, this imagine made me smile :)

Warning: None

For the past week, you’ve been avoiding and ignoring Peter because he’s been annoying you about the last mission you’ve had with him. When you went with him, you got a black eye from a punch one of the bad guys threw at you. You still completed the mission, but Peter was absolutely outraged with you getting punched in the face. Although he cared about your black eye, it seemed that he cared a little to much.

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“You know, Connor, one of these days you’ll have to deal with your own problems instead of whining to me.”

“Talk about sisterly love, Indie.”

India laughed at that. “All right. What’s got you down?”

Sighing, Connor leaned back against the old ratty cushions of the cafe sofa. “It’s… hard to explain. Elijah and I were doing so well and then suddenly… nothing. It’s like he just woke up one morning and decided he didn’t like me anymore. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong, but I hate it. I hate not being able to make him happy.”

India watched him out of big, wondrous eyes. “Gee, you’ve really got it bad. When did he start acting like this?”

“Probably a couple of weeks back, by now. I can’t believe I let it stagnate for this long, Indie, but I’ve been busy. I shouldn’t have been, though. I made a promise to myself that Elijah would be my first in everything, but I didn’t.” Connor sighed heavily and scrubbed his hands over his face, prompting India to tilt her head owlishly, blinking behind the lenses of her glasses.

“Have you talked to him about it?”


India groaned, then, pressing the heels of her palms to her eyes in exasperation. “Why do you never talk about things! Communication, Connor! It’s so important, especially with people like Elijah. They need communication. Now go and talk to him before I shove your head so far up your backside you -,”

“Indie!” Connor interrupted hastily. “Okay! I’ll talk to him.”

Breaking News: I learned how to draw lips. Also Fluffy hair got 10x the poof and does she have another eye?? The answer may surprise you, More at unreasonable times to be up.

Anthony ‘sure we’ll take this case immediately no we don’t need time to prepare’ Lockwood

Shu Headcanon (Best Friend Edition)

You had your friend over to study and was excited. It was the first time she had been here and even though you were on edge about the other brothers you really wanted her to meet Shu.
You both sat around the desk, looking at the study books.
‘So what’s he like? Is this his room?’ She asked looking around.
'It was.. we share it now.’ You grin.
'He likes music.’ She observed his instruments and books.
'Yeah..’ You remember him playing for you. You turn to mush instantly thinking about him.
She sees this and rolls her eyes.
'Seriously?! You have got it bad missy!’
'I can’t help it, he’s just and I just..’
'Can’t talk?’ She giggled. 'I’m interested.. he must do something that really melts you?’
You bite your lip, 'His kisses..’
She raises an eyebrow amused.,
You blush suddenly. 'And..other things.’
'Other things? Meaning sex?’ She concluded.
'Well yes. But no. I mean.. like how he kisses my neck.. it’s so.. teasing and it get me so..’
She sighs, 'You need a thesaurus girl. Do you think any guy could get you like that? Maybe that’s your sweet spot?’
You shake your head.
'Nope. Absolutely not!’
'But you’ve only done these things with Shu! Maybe… maybe we should test it?’
You gasp, 'What?!’
'Yeah! Come on!! On the bed!’ She jumped up ready.
You shake your head. 'No.. that’s.. it’s silly.. ’
'No it’s not! Let’s try? If it doesn’t work then you know for sure Shu is the hottest man that makes you melt!’
You blush but think about it. You guess it’s a fair test and lay on the bed.
'Good, now close your eyes, imagine a random guy you’ve never seen before..’ she leaned over you as you close your eyes.
You make up a fake guy in your head and you feel very slow kisses along your neck. You feel strange, it’s nice but compared to Shu’s kisses you haven’t moaned yet…
You gasp at feeling a warm tongue trail from your neck to your jaw.
Your heart skips when you hear the familiar creak of the bedroom door.
You flush red at Shu seeing you laying like this with your best friend licking and kissing your neck.
His eyebrows raise.
' was a test!’ You stutter.
You friend sits up slightly embarrassed.
'Oh hello! You must be Shu!’ She smiled.
He didn’t say a word but glared at you both.
'We was just seeing exactly how you turn her on..’ Your friend explained simply.
She didn’t seem that bothered by it.
Shu sighed and threw his jacket on the nearest chair.
Your eyes widen as he comes to you, bending over, you feel his lips and warm kisses along your neck, you gasp and grab his arm.
His tongue expertly makes a slow trail and he stops at a spot on your neck just beneath your ear. His fangs graze your skin and he nibbled there earning breathless moans from you.
'Ah! So it is just Shu?!’ Your friend giggled.


Slumping down on the court he suppressed the bitterness of today’s practice match. Much to his dislike he fought and lost against Shuutoku; against Midorima. A vibrant laugh was lurking in the depths of his throat, ready to escape any moment.

Sweat trickled down the tip of his nose, pooling itself into a puddle on the ground, causing Kagami to reveal a lopsided grin.

“Not bad four-eyes, you got stronger. Gonna beat you up next time.”

  • Camila: Wanna know a secret? A good woman is always be sassy, classy, and bad assy. You got all three down, girl… eyes. I didn’t mean it kinky, but I’m okay with that. I’m sending you my “I’m okay with it” face because you’re in Ohio and you need to be saved.
  • Camila: [img attch]
  • Camila: Yaaaas 🙌 Mermaid life! U da best.
  • Lili: Put that on my grave.
  • Lili: Well, if you're massaging my knuckles, you're basically groping my hands!
  • Lili: Always.

Ashton looking up at you like this as you quickly sat up from the bed, breathing heavily as tears stung your eyes. You were having a bad dream, one where Ashton got killed right before your eyes. The last thing you saw in your dream were piercing green eyes peeking out from underneath their hoodie. The look alone was terrifying.

“Y/N?” Ashton would uncertainly question, furrowing his eyebrows as he reached over and pulled your shaky body to his warm chest. “What happened?”

“You died in my dream. The killer’s face was terrifying, Ash,” you choked out, bursting into tears again. The dream felt so damn real, and for a second you thought he had actually died.

“Aww, baby,” he hummed, running his fingers through your hair and kissing the top of your head. “You’re alright now, I hope…”

You slowly nodded, feeling your breathing level out as you laid against his bare torso. The weight of exhaustion pushed your shoulders down as you felt yourself drift off back to sleep.

“I love you,” you murmured, yawning before you felt your eyes slip close and the feeling of his hands in your hair fading away.

Before you fell asleep, however, you heard him reply, “I love you way much more than you think, Y/N.”

  • Angie teaches Peggy about the joy of SOCK SLIDING so they steal socks from Howard’s supply and then slide all over the house, falling into each other and laughing helplessly
  • Peggy invites Angie’s entire family over for Fourth of July. Her brothers run wild and her sisters delight in Peggy (and they totally know that look in Angel’s eyes, alora, sis, you got it bad.)
    • When the fireworks sound, Angie finds Peggy alone with a few tears in her eyes, Angie knows it’s Steve’s birthday, and just settles a brandy next to her and stays quiet.
  • Helping each other with makeup and clothes in the morning. “Pegs, how does this lip color look?” “Are you sure this skirt fits properly, Angie?”
  • Staying up late, curling together in each others bed, and waking up in the same position.
  • Angie trying to make cookies one day and just burning them all to dust and when Peggy gets home she laughs so hard she can’t breathe and then they make more but eat half the dough raw.
  • Angie becomes really, really proficient in first aid, including stitching up wounds and Mother Mary, if her Mama knew that’s what her sewing lessons would come to.
  • Angie getting her big break and taking Peggy as her date to all the galas. So they come home at four in the morning, leaning on each other and so very drunk and giggling.
  • Angie and Peggy shoving back the furniture, turning up the radio and swinging each other around for hours.

    Goodbye                                                       Father.